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Motorcycle Cremation Urns

by SteveWednesday, April 18, 2007

A company called, "Final Ride Products" decided that just because you died doesn't mean you can't ride anymore.

They offer a special urn designed to be mounted to a motorcycle. Now your cremains can enjoy the freedom of the ride practically forever as long as people are willing to pass the urn down from generation to generation.

Final Ride Products, Motorcycle urns
The moto-memorial product is the creation of Steve Radz, who claims to have come up with the idea after waking up in bed...

In February 2002, Radz was working in Bosnia as a master mechanic when he woke up one day about 2 in the morning and sat up in bed. "I had the great realization," he said.

"I just saw in front of me a motorcycle tubular cremation urn. I invented the product from my mind. I drew it up on paper, and I had one made. The design hasn't changed much from the one I drew years ago."

And it doesn't have to hold ashes either. In fact Radz has a tube mounted on the forks of his Harley-Davidson containing a few of his brother's personal items: a lock of his white hair, a coin from his unit in Vietnam, a 173rd Airborne combat patch and his parachute wings. "In Memory of Monk" is inscribed on the gold cap.

Visit Final Ride Products online at:
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