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What is RSS?

RSS is a protocol to syndicate content across the Internet. It's typically used to notify people of new content. Websites use RSS to store information about new articles, new photos and videos. You can view this information through an "RSS Feed Reader" or "Newsreader" software, as well as on My Yahoo and Google Desktop.

Interment.net uses RSS to notify people about new cemetery transcriptions and new articles on our blog.

Our RSS Feeds

We have two RSS Feeds...

New Cemeteries - a newsfeed of all new cemetery transcriptions published on Interment (daily)

Cemetery Blog - news and articles from our blog (weekly)

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You can also have our RSS Feeds delivered to your e-mail, where you can easily read about our newest cemetery transcriptions and articles.

If you don't know how to set up RSS Feed Reader software, this is the best option for you. We do all the work in translating the computer gibberish into English.

Visit our "Subscribe Via E-mail" page.


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