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Cemeteries Flooded by the Falls Dam

Falls Dam is located in the upper Neuse River just upstream of the village of Falls in Wake County, NC, and about 10 miles north of Raleigh, NC.

The main body of the lake is in Wake and Durham counties, but some of the embayments extend into Granville County. The Falls Project was authorized for flood control, water supply, water quality, recreation and other purposes as listed further below.

Falls Dam is an earthen structure having a top elevation of 291.5 feet, msl and an overall length of 1,915 feet. The height above the stream bed is 92.5 feet. Falls Lake extends 28 miles up the Neuse River to just above the confluence of the Eno and Flat Rivers. At the top of the conservation pool at elevation 251.5 feet, msl, the length of the shore line is about 175 miles, and the lake covers an area of 12,410 acres.

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