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Patton Cemetery
Clio, Roane County, West Virginia

Lat: 38° 33' 48"N, Lon: 81° 18' 27"W

Contributed by Reggie Watson, Jun 13, 2008, last edited Jun 27, 2008 [reggiewatson@neo.rr.com]. Total records = 40.

Located south of Clio about 1.5 miles on the east side of County Hwy 23 beside 450 Clio Road.

This reading is compiled mainly from pictures taken by me and compared with reading from Roane County, WV Cemetery Book Vol. IV. This cemetery is still active and in fair condition. I've been told certain family members are buried there, though I haven't been able to find their headstone, so there may be unmarked graves not accounted for in my reading.

Per WPA reading of Mar 26, 1940, this cemetery was established in 1907 as a community burial ground. Earliest stone dated 1923. Marked graves, 7, unmarked graves, 39.

I walked and transcribed this cemetery on Jun 07, 2008.
- Reggie Watson

Armstead, Benjamin F., b. Dec 28, 1848, d. Dec 30, 1925, h/o Frances Ellen Naylor, s/o James Miller & Jeanetta Ellen Davis Armstead
Armstead, Birdie T., b. Jan 1, 1908, d. Feb 27, 1908, s/o Silas Preston & Amanda Susan Lowe Armstead
Armstead, Charles Danial, b. Aug 23, 1884, d. Dec 29, 1945, s/o Thomas Jefferson & Cytha Prudence Parker Armstead, h/o Laura Drennen
Armstead, Della C. Abbott, b. 1894, d. 1939, w/o James Weaver Armstead
Armstead, Dewey W., b. Feb 4, 1912, d. Jul 21, 1913, s/o Silas Preston & Amanda Susan Lowe Armstead
Armstead, Donald Alan, b. Jun 21, 1955, d. Jul 20, 1979, s/o Curtis Chalres & Belva Jean Armstead
Armstead, Eugene E., b. 1918, d. 1968, s/o Charles Daniel & Laura Drennen Armstead
Armstead, James W., b. 1883, d. 1963, h/o Della C. Abbott
Armstead, Jesse Lee, b. Aug 13, 1906, d. Jan 5, 1946, s/o Charles Daniel & Laura Drennen Armstead
Armstead, John G., b. Apr 8, 1936, d. Jul 21, 1978, s/o James Weaver & Della C. Armstead
Armstead, Laura A. Drennen, b. May 18, 1886, d. Feb 6, 1953, w/o Charles Daniel Armstead, d/o William Penn & Elizabeth Angeline Townsend Drennen
Armstead, Mary Rosalee, b. Jul 9, 1950, d. Jul 9, 1950, d/o Ward & Edith Armstead
Armstead, Wilton Daniel, b. Feb 15, 1947, d. Mar 11, 1947, twin son of George & Cora Armstead
Davis, Anna Mae, b. 1895, d. 1971, w/o William Armstrong Davis
Davis, William Armstrong, b. 1894, d. 1972, h/o Anna Mae
Jett, Carmes Lee, b. Jun 11, 1932, d. Jan 23, 1935, w/o Luster Elmis & Eulah Edna Armstead Jett
Jett, Eulah Edna Armstead, b. Jun 9, 1912, d. Feb 17, 1938, w/o Luster Elmis Jett, d/o Chalres Daniel & Laura Drennen Armstead
Jett, Luster Elmis, b. 1903, d. 1938, h/o Eulah Edna Armstead s/o Garfield & Alice Orma Jett
Jones, Gregory Owen, b. Apr 23, 1963, d. Jun 30, 1964
Noel, Maudie Susan Lowe, b. Sep 28, 1888, d. Jun 22, 1962, w/o James Mandville Noel, d/o James Buchanan & Lucretia H. Drake Lowe
Patton, Harry Vincin, b. May 15, 1915, d. May 8, 1971, WV Pvt CO C 814 ENGINEERS WWII, s/o Silas Vincen & Nellie Mae Crihfield Patton
Patton, Henry Earl, b. Apr 29, 1924, d. Sep 5, 1982, Pvt US Army
Patton, Irene Taylor, b. Sep 14, 1914, d. Jul 18, 1988, w/o Robert Early Patton, d/o John Lewis & Mary Estaline Dalton Taylor
Patton, Jasper Newton, b. May 14, 1892, d. Oct 31, 1938, s/o VanBuren & Jeanetta E. Armstead Patton
Patton, John Miller, b. 1883, d. 1969, s/o VanBuren & Jeanetta E. Armstead Patton
Patton, Lula Eva Abbott, b. 1889, d. 1928, w/o John Miller Patton, d/o James Henry & Mary Margaret Susan Drennen Abbott
Patton, Nellie Mae Crihfield, b. 1897, d. 1989, w/o Silas V. Patton, d/o Joseph Wesley & Martha A. Payne Crihfield
Patton, Nellie Mae, b. 1897, d. 1989
Patton, Robert Early, b. Jan 4, 1911, d. Aug 25, 1998, US Army WWII, h/o Irene Taylor, s/o John Miller & Lula Eva Abbott Patton
Patton, Shirley Dan, b. Nov 15, 1937, d. Feb 25, 1981
Patton, Silas Vincin, b. 1890, d. 1979, h/o Nellie M.Crihfield, s/o Van Buren & Jeanetta E. Armstead Patton
Seabolt, Carl Edward, b. 1913, d. 1989
Seabolt, Sarah Zetta Criner, b. 1894, d. 1971, w/o Lonnie Seabolt, d/o George Hillery & Virginia Belle Nichols Criner
Short, Daimy C. Armstead, b. 1905, d. 1978, w/o James E. Short, d/o Silas Preston & Amanda Susan Lowe Armstead
Short, David G., b. 1956, d. 1991
Short, James E., b. 1897, d. 1975, h/o Daimy C. Armstead, s/o James McComas & Mary Ellen McCune Short
Short, Janet W., b. 1941, d. 2004
Short, Jeffery R., b. May 22, 1959, d. Jun 28, 1994
Short, Lannie E., b. Dec 11, 1927, d. Jun 22, 2006, h/o Sylvania M. Criner, s/o James E. & Daimy C. Armstead Short
Young, Ruby C. Short, b. Dec 8, 1937, d. Nov 30, 2003, w/o Roger Jimmy Young, d/o James E. & Daimy C. Armstead Short
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