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Iaeger Memorial Cemetery
McDowell County, West Virginia

PO Box 23, Roderfield, WV

Lat: 37° 26' 49"N, Lon: 081° 42' 17"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited May 01, 2006. Total records = 14.

Contributor's Index:

Armstrong, Frank, b. 29 Jan 1927, d. 8 Aug 1956, h/o Eileen, [SR]
Chaffin, James Walter, b. 11/19/1897, d. 5/6/1966, s/o Stanley and Polly Chaffin, [SR]
Chaffin, Polly, b. 2/12/1867, d. 4/24/1951, w/o Stanley Chaffin, [SR]
Chaffins, Brian, b. 29 Apr 1958, d. 6 Dec 2000, s/o Clyde & Vivian Chaffins, h/o Rita, [SR]
Day, Laura Bell Anderson, b. 1870, d. 1952, w/o #1 John Frank Smith #2 Alfred Holland #3 James Day, [KR]
Deskins, Annabelle, b. 10/22/1892, d. 1/21/1957, d/o Matilda Bailey and John Puckett, w/o George F. Deskins, [SR]
Deskins, Edra, b. 18 Mar 1921, d. Mar 1981, w/o George Deskins, Jr, [SR]
Deskins, George F., b. 2/23/1880, d. 11/2/1970, s/o F.M Deskins, [SR]
Deskins, George Jr., b. 15 Apr 1915, d. 25 Mar 1977, s/o George & Annabelle Deskins, h/o Edra, [SR]
Lambert, Floyd, b. 12 Jan 1894, d. 14 Apr 1953, s/o John & Marianna Lambert, h/o Montie, [SR]
Perdieu, Norman, b. 10/2/1881, d.10/30/1957, h/o Rebecca Perdieu, [SR]
Perdieu, Rebecca, b. 1/5/1882, d. 4/27/1971, d/o Lorenzo and Nicatie (Lambert) Trent, [SR]
Trent, Ethel, b. 3 Feb 1898, d. 14 May 1963, d/o Floyd & Laura Lusk, w/o Loranzo, [SR]
Trent, Loranzo, b. 12 Jan 1897, d. 11 Nov 1968, s/o Loranzo & Nicatie Trent, h/o Ethel, [SR]


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