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Moore Cemetery
Sumerco, Lincoln County, West Virginia

Lat: 38° 13' 50"N, Lon: 81° 54' 30"W

Contact: PO Box 10175, Charleston, WV 25375

Submitted by Lisa L Luther, Feb 21, 2005 [charleywest@hotmail.com]. Total records = 33.

Directions: At the Sumerco end of Laurel Fork (Summit Ridge), follow the road until Fire Tower Road is visible going upward on the right. Take Fire Tower Road and drive to the very top of the hill. The road should take you to the main gate of the Moore Cemetery. In wet conditions a 4x4 is required.

The inscriptions listed here are abbreviated versions of the actual text on the headstones. All military markers will be noted with � beside the name. Three headstones were completely illegible.

I walked and read this cemetery in Oct of 2004.

- Lisa L. Luther
??, ??, 1834, d. 1965
Adkins, Baby, d. 05/13/1969
Bragg, Wilbur, 1904, d. 1985
Chapman, Arnold Clifford, 04/02/1905, d. 04/17/1970
Clagg, Emma Beatrice Rust, 1912, d. 1989
Coleman, Elizabeth Loftis, 1865, d. 1950
Harless, �William Ben, 10/15/1921, d. 04/04/1991
Harless, Lucy Jane, 1919, d. 1978
Haynes, Virginia, 1923, d. 2000
Hedrick, Lella Dunlap, 03/25/1908, d. 07/02/1994
Hunt, �William H., 02/16/1914, d. 11/23/1988
Kirk, �Earl E., 1900, d. 1975
Kirk, Josephine, 1904, d. 1975
Lester, Viola Dunlap, 1884, d. 1965
Loftis, �Emil J., 07/06/1935, d. 12/02/1982
Loftis, Alvin, 1884, d. 1970
Loftis, Earl, 09/11/1908, d. 02/26/1990
Loftis, Judith A., 08/01/1934, d. no date
Loftis, Nola M., 07/26/1915, d. 03/17/1996
Loftis, Oval R., 12/19/1930, d. 04/07/1997
McClure, Alice, 05/05/1852, d. 03/25/1940
McClure, G. B., 02/13/1850, d. 05/11/1925 *
McCormick, �Bernard, 03/20/1917, d. 11/05/1966
McCormick, Beatrice U., 05/10/1895, d. 11/27/1978
McCormick, John A., 08/15/1893, d. 03/20/1975
Montcastle, Edith M., 1920, d. 1991
Pauley, Thomas, 1869, d. 1954 *
Perkins, Inez, 10/25/1903, d. 03/19/1980
Saul, Kayla, d. 06/09/1992
Tyler, Betty Woodrum, 01/08/1955, d. 10/19/2003
Tyler, Chuck, 07/19/1952, d. no date
Woodrum, Boyd B., 06/20/1927, d. 08/25/1992
Woodrum, Reba Fern, 12/21/1932, d. no date

Moore Cemetery Notes:

McClure, G. B., This is the oldest legible headstone in the Moore Cemetery
Pauley, Thomas, This marker was beautiful - even the notes and musical staff were engraved!
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