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Lower Buffalo Cemetery
Wellsburg, Brooke County, West Virginia

Lat: 40° 14' 37"N, Lon: 80° 31' 46"W

Contributed by Gary Caldwell, Jul 09, 2010, last edited Dec 07, 2010 [caldwell.gary@gmail.com]. Total records = 135.

Directions: From Washington, PA follow Jefferson Ave west to the intersection of PA Route 18N and PA 844 West, continue on PA-844 for 5.8 mi, continue on Wellsburg Streets (WV-27) for 0.20 mi, turn Left on WV-88 for 1.11 mi, bear right on McAdoo Ridge Rd (CR-24) for 1 mi, cemetery is on the left.

The Lower Buffalo Cemetery was originally established in 1795 at the junction of Beall Ridge Road and McAdoo road near the Pennsylvania State Line in what was then part of Virginia, but is now in Brooke County, West Virginia. The DAR shows the earliest burial as 1791.

The cemetery is entirely surrounded by an old stone fence several feet high and several feet in thickness, most of the stone being five and six feet in length. The DAR data notes that the graveyard is beautifully kept, located in a slanting woods with a solid stone fence around it with steps of stone and a white marble slab on the front wall with "Lower Buffalo Graveyard" on it. There had been no interments for some years. Many of the old sandstone tombstones are noted as being down and unreadable.

When the Lower Buffalo Presbyterian Church was moved to Independence, Pa, many of the graves in the original cemetery were moved to the new cemetery at Independence.

This data was collected by the DAR and found in the genealogy section of the Washington PA library. The data is from 1936 but the burial records are likely complete.

- Gary Caldwell

Adams, David, d. 12 Sep 1814, age: 94yr
Adams, John L., d. Aug 1836, age: 22yr
Aljoe, Amelia, d. 29 Aug 1841, age: 15yr, daughter of S&J
Aljoe, John, d. 27 May 1830, age: 23yr
Aljoe, Samuel, d. 8 Dec 1831
Armstrong, Lyddia Palmer, b. 11 Oct 1835, d. 3 Oct 1856, wife of W.E., note says "of Ken"
Baker, Edward P., b. 18 Jul 1863, d. 30 Dec 1885
Balston, Eleanor, d. 21 Oct 1829, age: 52yr
Balston, John, d. 10 ??? 1825, age: 59yr
Balston, William, d. 11 Dec 1820, age: 1yr
Beard, Esther, d. 3 Nov 1794, age: 63yr
Beard, Mary, d. 23 Nov 1803, age: 70yr
Beard, William, d. 27 Apr 1864, age: 73yr
Bines, Margaret, d. 27 Dec ????, wife of Robert
Boyd, James, b. 1782, d. 1880
Boyd, Jenima, d. 5 Jun 1877, age: 64yr, wife of James
Boyd, Mary Buchanan, d. 17 Jan 1857, age: 75yr, wife of James
Boyd, Nancy, d. 22 Jan 1865, age: 36yr, wife of Robert
Boyd, Synthia, d. 17 May 1861, age: 58yr, wife of James
Brown, Tabitha, d. 2 May 1848, age: 37yr
Buchanan, John, d. 3 Jul 1795, age: 65yr
Buchanan, Margaret, d. 12 Nov 1842, age: 56yr
Buchanan, Mary, d. 10 Jul 1791, age: 52yr, wife of William
Buchanan, Mary, d. Apr 1823, age: 72yr, wife of John
Buchanan, Robert, d. 27 Jan 1837, age: 22yr
Buchanan, Thomas, d. 5 Mar 1857, age: 71yr
Buchanan, William, d. Jan 1814, age: 75yr
Burns, Rebecca, d. 10 Apr 1851, age: 49yr, wife of James
Carter, Martha, b. 17 Nov 1795, d. 30 Jan 1877, wife of Richard
Carter, Richard, b. 18 Jun 1792, d. 20 Oct 1873
Crawford, John, d. 1824, age: 21yr
Crawford, Mary, d. 1854, age: 71yr, wife of John
Crouch, David C., b. 28 May 1818, d. 10 Jul 1880
Crouch, Eliza Jane, b. 25 Nov 1811, d. 18 Nov 1879, wife of David
Culbertson, John, b. 13 Feb 1786, d. 8 Oct 1851
Culbertson, Margaret Jane, b. 1819, d. 29 Jun 1848, wife of Humphry Madon
Culbertson, Martha, d. 15 Dec 1823, age: 46yr, wife of John
Cunningham, Rebecca, d. Jan 1856, age: 74yr, wife of Robert
Cunningham, Robert, d. 4 Jul 1857, age: 87yr
Cuthbertson, John (Dr), d. 27 Sep 1827, age: 63yr
Cuthbertson, Sarah, d. 25 Mar 1836, age: 75yr
Cuthbertson, Sarah, d. 7 Jan 1807, date of death is also shown as 10 Jan 1807
Donnelly, Thomas, d. 22 Apr 1862, age: 82yr
George, James, d. 12 Oct 1819
George, William, d. 4 Jul 1845, age: 21yr
Henry, Hannah, d. 17 Nov 1811, age: 78yr
Henry, James, d. 21 Oct 1831, age: 63yr
Henry, Jane, d. 20 Jul 1807, age: 82yr
Henry, Robert, d. May 1804, age: 76yr
Henry, Sarah, d. 22 Mar 1822, age: 44yr
Henry, Sarah, d. Feb 1808, age: 79yr
Hervey, Henery, d. 9 Jul 1805, age: 64yr
Hervey, Margaret, d. 29 Jul 1852, wife of Robert
Hervey, William, Sr, d. 4 May 1846, age: 76yr
Irwin, Jane, d. 25 Oct 1870, age: 77yr, wife of William
Irwin, William, d. 26 May 1861, age: 82yr
Johnson, Mary, d. 29 Oct 1844, age: 59yr, wife of John, last name also shown as Johnston
Johnston, John, d. 7 Oct 1846, age: 57yr, last name also shown as Johnson
Leetch, Catherine, d. 12 Dec 1851, age: 71yr, wife of Daniel
Leetch, Daniel, d. 1 Mar 1857, age: 86yr
Leetch, Henry, b. 1812, d. 9 Oct 1882
Leetch, Martha Darsey, b. 1802, d. 1889
Leetch, Michael, d. 25 Aug 1873, age: 70yr
Liggett, Adaline, d. 3 May 1853, age: 31yr, wife of William. Day is typed over and 3 is best guess
Liggett, Mary, d. 28 Aug 1829, age: 72yr, wife of John
Liggett, Nancy Jane, d. 9 Apr 1862, age: 31yr, wife of William
Liggett, Sarah Jane, d. 9 Jun 1875, age: 25yr
Marks, Alexander, d. 14 Apr 1815, age: 56yr
Marks, James, d. 6 Nov 1837, age: 33yr
Marks, John, d. 4 Aug 1819, age: 27yr
Marks, Mary, d. 24 Dec 1830, age: 67yr
Marks, Matilda, d. 6 Oct 1825, age: 19yr
Marks, Thomas, d. 3 Jan 1821, age: 21yr
McBroom, Andrew, d. 15 Apr 1856, age: 51yr
McBroom, David, d. 18 Dec 1836, age: 16yr
McBroom, Jane, d. 18 Apr 1839, age: 29yr
McBroom, Margaret, d. 1834, age: 25yr
McBroom, Margaret, d. 9 Aug 1889, age: 76yr
McBroom, Nancy, d. 17 Jan 1862, age: 82yr, wife of Robert
McBroom, Nancy, d. 8 Sep 1863, age: 51yr
McBroom, Nannie J., b. 7 Feb 1852, d. 23 Jun 1889
McBroom, Rachel, d. 25 Dec 1868, age: 23yr, daughter
McBroom, Rebecca, b. 1816, d. 1896, wife of Robert
McBroom, Robert, b. 1817, d. 1899
McBroom, Robert, d. 10 Aug 1853, age: 87yr
McBroom, Sallie E., d. 13 Jan 1880, age: 24yr
McCamenan, Abigal, d. 18 Nov 1889, age: 84yr
McCamenan, John, d. 8 Mar 1874, age: 76yr
McCamenan, Mary, d. 10 Jun 1857, age: 60yr
McCamenan, William, d. 11 Dec 1872, age: 77yr
McConaughy, James K., b. 14 Jun 1807, d. 21 May 1883
McConaughy, James W., b. 1 Sep 1848, d. 3 Nov 1867, son of James K.
McConaughy, Lizzie, b. 17 Jun 1816, d. 10 Jan 1865
McCormick, Mary, d. 22 May 1861, age: 32yr, wife of W.P.
McCormick, Nancy, d. 22 Feb 1846
Moore, Jane Williamson, d. 10 Apr 1860, age: 75yr, wife of John
Moore, Samuel, d. 11 Aug 1867, age: 58yr, a Mason
Mulhollan, James, d. 9 Apr 1826, age: 67yr
Mulhollan, Jane, d. 1837, age: 77yr, wife of James
Mulhollan, Jane, d. Nov 1837, age: 77yr, wife of James
Mulhollan, John, d. 14 Jun 1849, age: 52yr
Mulhollan, John, d. 29 May 1830, age: 79yr
Mulhollon, John, d. 15 Jun 1840, age: 52yr
Palmer, James, b. 28 Nov 1798, d. 6 Apr 1879
Palmer, Sabrina, b. 10 Mar 1810, d. 22 Jan 1857, wife of James
Palmer, Samuel, d. 15 Oct 1822, age: 81yr
Parkinson, George, d. 22 Sep 1844, age: 59yr
Parkinson, Margaret, d. 6 May 1837, age: 73yr, wife of Thomas
Parkinson, Thomas, d. 30 Sep 1807, age: 65yr
Patterson, John Ewing, d. 24 Jun 1829, age: 26yr, Alumnus of Jefferson College, erected in honor of the distinguished worth and as a tribute of respect to the memory of John Ewing Patterson
Perrine, Mary, d. Sep 1844, age: 26yr, wife of Stephen
Potter, Jane, d. Feb 1861, age: 65yr
Shaw, Eleanor, d. 1816, age: 66yr
Shaw, Guian, no dates, age: 24yr
Shaw, Phoebe, d. 1838, age: 45yr
Stephen, Juliann, d. 1 Dec 1832, age: 44yr
Stevenson, Rebecca Patterson, d. Sep 1815, age: 20yr
Stewart, Mary, d. 28 Aug 1829, age: 72yr, wife of John
Waugh, Ann M., d. 22 Feb 1876, age: 33yr
Waugh, Caroline, b. 18 Mar 1835, d. 20 Nov 1858, wife of James
Waugh, James, b. 12 Jul 1833, d. 2 Aug 1878
Waugh, Maria, d. 29 Jul 1846, age: 38yr, wife of David
Waugh, Richard, d. 20 Oct 1863, age: 32yr, son of R&E
Waugh, Richard, d. 22 Dec 1844, age: 48yr
Waugh, William, d. 1 Dec 1832, age: 44yr
White, Elizabeth Marks, d. 3 May 1859, age: 65yr, wife of Hugh
White, Hugh, d. 13 Jul 1864, age: 62yr
Williamson, George, d. 4 Jul 1845, age: 21yr, son of T&S
Wilson, Adam R., d. 12 Sep 1853, Last name is typed over and may be Silson
Wilson, Emeline G., no dates, daughter of James and Michiel. Last name is typed over and may be Silson
Wilson, James, Sr, b. 25 Nov 1803, d. 6 Apr 1891, Last name is typed over and may be Silson
Wilson, Jane P., d. 20 Aug 1853, daughter of James and Michiel. Last name is typed over and may be Silson
Wilson, Michiel, d. 10 Jan 1861, age: 50yr, Last name is typed over and may be Silson
Young, Mary, d. 1855, age: 55yr, Flat Stone
Young, William, d. 3 Mar 1826, age: 24yr

Beard, ??, no dates, Gathered Home
Sm???, ??, unreadable, age: 24yr, consort of Thomas


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