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Circle Cemetery
Barneveld, Iowa County, Wisconsin

circle cemetery
Circle Cemetery

GPS: 43.066293, -89.879443

5354 Meadowvale Rd
Barneveld, WI 53507

Published: September 16, 2016
Total records: 42

Circle Cemetery is part of the larger Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, a non-profit international Nature Spirituality resource center and legally recognized Nature Spirituality church, founded in 1974.


Circle Cemetery, established in 1995, is one of the first Green cemeteries to be established in the United States.

At 20 acres in size, Circle Cemetery is the final resting place of Pagan practitioners of a variety of forms of Nature religion, plus those of other faiths and philosophies that honor Nature in a sacred way.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from Circle Sanctuary on September 16, 2016.

Adler, Margot
(1946-2014) of New York, Pagan elder, priestess, author, radio journalist (ridge)
Alba, De-Anna (1952-2012) of California, Circle Minister, author, singer and entrepreneur (ridge)
Birnbaum, Jerome (1935-2005) of Utah & New York, US Army veteran (ridge)
Criswell, Morgan Marie (1999-1999) of Colorado (ridge)
Donohue, Patricia (1932-2002) of Wisconsin, Community member (ridge)
Erickson, Eric (1956-2009) of Wisconsin, US Marines veteran (ridge)
Gainer, Joel (1948-2009) of Wisconsin, US Army veteran (ridge)
Galioto, Kristeforo Roassario (1969-2010) of Iowa, Italian American & GLBTQ activist (ridge)
Gleason, Michael (1951-2012) of Massachusetts, Alexandrian Wiccan priest, Pagan elder, writer (ridge)
Grover, Marge (1920-2011) of Indiana, Pagan elder, priestess, founder of Temple of Eldar (ridge)
Hale, Thomas F. (1956-1995) of North Carolina, Circle Sanctuary Community member & archaeological advisor (ridge)
Hall, Peggy (1969-2013) of Wisconsin, Circle Sanctuary Community member (burying ground)
Johnson, Charles Harry (1956-2014) of Wisconsin, Celtic bard, singer, songwriter, musician (burying ground)
Koslow, Jeffrey (1947-2003) of Ohio, US Army veteran (ridge)
Kunz, Patricia Ann (1947-2004) of California, women's spirituality activist (ridge)
Lange, Lois (1941-2013) of Wisconsin (prairie)
Light, Deborah Ann (1935-2015) of New York & Florida, Circle Sanctuary advisor & benefactor, Pagan elder & priestess (ridge)
Meadors, Sandy (1943-2013) of Indiana, Pagan elder, priestess, founder of Temple of Eldar & Wyrd House (ridge)
Micewicz, Francis Allan (1946-2012) of New Jersey (ridge)
Mudrick, Oren Jasper Knight (2012-2012) of Wisconsin, still born infant (burying ground)
Naanes, Ronald Lee (1939-2007) of Indiana, US Navy veteran (ridge)
Nelson, Raymond J. (1945-1991) of Illinois, Pagan elder, actor, puppeteer, theater owner, King Richard at Renaissance Faires (ridge)
Parsons, Bruce (1947-2010) of Wisconsin, US Navy veteran (ridge, prairie)
Patz, Allen Ray (1949-2009) of South Carolina & Michigan, US Army National Guard veteran (ridge)
Pepin, Gordon (1951-2012) of Wisconsin, Circle and PSG Community member (ridge)
Presser, Dennis W (1958-2013) of Wisconsin, US Army & National Guard Veteran, Circle Sanctuary and PSG Community Member (ridge)
Roth, Patty (1953-2015) of Wisconsin, founder of Mimosa Community Bookstore (burying ground)
Rosa, Mark (1950-2011) of Wisconsin, harpsichord maker & musician (burying ground)
Selby, Llynda (1950-2000) of California (ridge)
Shooltz, Melissa Margaret Lawrence (1986-2016) of Michigan (prairie)
Soderberg, Peter Bruner (1954-2014) of Illinois, Pagan priest, singer, ritualist (ridge)
Stewart, Patrick (1970-2005) of Nevada, US Army National Guard & US Army veteran, killed in action (ridge)
Villanueva, Gloria (1938-2008) of Wisconsin, Circle Sanctuary minister, Mexican American curandera (ridge)
Voelcker, Angela J. (1967-2015) of Pennsylvania, Lover of animals and Nature (ridge)
Warren, Spencer (1951-2016) of Wisconsin, environmentalist and educator (burying ground)
Weinstein, Marion (1939-2009) of New York, author & priestess, stand-up Witch comedian & teacher (ridge)
Wichman, Julie (1963-2012) of Wisconsin, PSG Community member, author & editor (ridge)
Wilhoyt, Rodney "Boo" (1960-2014) of Illinois, lover of Nature (prairie)
Wilkey, A Douglas (1935-2003) of Kentucky, US Air Force veteran (ridge)
Wilson, James (1978-2005) of Wisconsin (ridge)
Wunsch, Chris Adam (1960-1993) of Wisconsin, actor, artist, writer, theater director (ridge)
Yugo, Nancy (1946-2011) of Wisconsin, folk dancer, folk singer (burying ground)

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