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Roxbury-Dane Cemetery
Dane County, Wisconsin

Submitted by Kathy Waddell, May 27, 2006 [kaffe03@yahoo.com]. Total records = 18.

This cemetery is .4 of a mile west of Bitney Road on County Y, south side of the road. It about 1/4 mile east of the township line of Roxbury-Dane, and 3.7 miles south of Hwy 60 on County Y.

This is a small, well kept cemetery. No current burials. Remnants of broken and now missing stones. There are no signs indicating who takes care of the cemetery and no signs showing the name of the cemetery.

Judging from the listings, it could be the Hanneman Family Cemetery.

Emily Fichter and I visited this cemetery on Jul 09, 2005.

- Kathy Waddell

b. = born
bro/o = brother of
d/o = daughter of
d. = died
s/o = son of
s/w = shares plot or stone

Goldspohn, Louise, b. 1855, d. 1864, s/w Wilhelmine Wilson
H??, Maria, stone buried & unreadable, d/o Martin & Ema
Hanneman, August F., b. Apr 10, 1843, d. Nov 23, 1922, bro/o Henry, s/w August Hanneman
Hanneman, August F., b. Jun 20, 1870, d. Jan 30, 1891, s/o Henry & Caroline, s/w August Hanneman
Hanneman, August, b. Aug 27, 1804, d. Jun 14, 1875, s/w Wilhelmine Trayeser
Hanneman, Carl F., b. May 3, 1882, d. Apr 27, 1897, s/o Henry & Caroline, s/w August Hanneman
Hanneman, Carolina D., b. Sep 16, 1849, d. Oct 29, 1909, wife, s/w August Hanneman
Hanneman, Clara G., b. Jan 28, 1895, d. Apr 14, 1895, d/o Henry & Caroline, s/w August Hanneman
Hanneman, Henry, b. Mar 18, 1846, d. Sep 22, 1920, s/w August Hanneman
Henneman, Christina, b. May 8, 1802, d. Apr 7, 1884, wife, s/w August Hanneman
Kohlmann, Caroline, d. Jul 12, 1895, 56y 1m 12d, s/w Henry Kohlmann
Kohlmann, Henry, d. Mar 04 30, 1896, 69y 10m 8d
Kohlmann, Louise, d. Apr 12, 1892, 24y 10m 12d, s/w Henry Kohlmann
Miller, George Elmer, b. 1869, d. 1870, s/w Margaret Miller
Miller, Margaret, b. Margaret, b. 1861, d. 1867, d/o Frederick & Maria
Miller, Odelia, b. 1863, d. 1864, s/w Margaret Miller
Trayeser, Wilhelmine, b. Dec 17, 1836, d. Dec 27, 1875, w/o Jacob, s/w August Hanneman
Wilson, Wilhelmine (?) Kohlmann, b. 1801, d. 1873, s/w Louise Goldspohn

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