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Oak Hill Cemetery (Springdale Cemetery)
Springdale Township, Dane County, Wisconsin

Lat: 42°57'53"N, Lon: 89°37'39"W
Springdale Twp, Sec 26

Contributed by Larry Ketchum, Jun 08, 2003 [xgkids@maqs.net]. Total records = 50.

Springdale Township, Dane County, Wisconsin. Take US 18/151 west of Verona to the CTH J exit; go south 1.6 miles on CTH J to CTH G. Cemetery is in the southwest corner of the intersection.

The following sign was erected near the front of the cemetery in 1996 by the Dane County Historical Society:

"Highland Clearances and 300% hikes in farm rent prompted many Scottish farmers to sail to America in the mid-1800s. Some displaced Scots settled in Springdale and Verona Townships on both sides of the Military Ridge. This rural community known as Scots Lane established a Presbyterian Church, a post office, and the Henderson and McPherson/McGregor schools. Nearby 100 families had settled here by 1870, some of whom rest in this early 'Scottish Cemetery'.

Members of the community were prominent in state and county government, including County Board Chairmen James McPherson and Frank Stewart; State Legislators Thomas and John Stewart and Joseph Henderson; State Senator and Secretary of State John S. Donald, the 'Father of Wisconsin's Good Roads Law'.

In later years, Neighboring Swiss, German and Norwegian Families acquired many of these farms. Few Scottish descendants remain on the home sod."

I walked and transcribed from all existing headstones on Jun 07, 2003. The historical sign was transcribed by Geoffrey Ketchum.

- Larry Ketchum

Adamson, Anne W., b. 1821, d. 1868
Adamson, Robert E., b. 1862, d. 1931
Adamson, Thomas, b. 1822, d. 1901, GAR flag holder
Beard, Byron, b. 1843, d. 1910, s/w Elizabeth & Christina Beard
Beard, Christina, d. 26 Feb 1874, age: 22y 5m, Wife of Byron Beard, s/w Elizabeth & Byron Beard
Beard, Elizabeth, d. 8 Jul 1919, age: 89y 11m 2d, Wife of Byron Beard, s/w Byron & Christina Beard
Beard, James P., d. 31 Oct 1885, age: 72y 10m 18d, s/w Saloma Beard
Beard, John F., b. 1874, d. 1935
Beard, Saloma, d. 19 Sep 1891, age: 78y 5m 18d, Wife of J.P. Beard, s/w James P. Beard
Berglund, William B., b. 15 Jul 1920, d. 8 Apr 1999, MM3 US Navy WWII
Darrow, Mary L., b. 15 Aug 1933, d. no date, s/w Robert L. Darrow
Darrow, Robert L., b. 2 Feb 1930, d. 30 Mar 2001, SGT US Marine Corps Korea, s/w Mary L. Darrow
Fridono, Frank, Jr. (Fratantuono), b. 8 Mar 1932, d. 17 Jun 2002, May 9, 1952 (married), s/w Mary Fridono
Fridono, Mary 'Jackie' , b. 21 Aug 1933, d. no date, nee Chapman, s/w Frank Fridono, Jr.
Gausmann, Frederick, b. Mar 1811, d. Feb 1886
Halena, Arlene V., b. 29 May 1931, d. no date, s/w Wallace M. Halena
Halena, Wallace M., b. 21 Dec 1920, d. 20 Sep 2002, s/w Arlene V. Halena
Henderson, Andrew, b. 23 Sep 1816 Perth Shire, Scotland, d. 19 Jan 1900
Henderson, Cathren Miller, d. 25 Feb 18?, age: 16y, erected Jul ?
Henderson, William J., b. 8 Sep 1882, d. 29 Jun 1883, Son of J.R. & Maggie Henderson
Kollath, Ernestine, b. 5 Aug 1831, d. 3 Feb 1883, s/w Herman, Leopold, & Johann Kollath
Kollath, Herman, d. 1 Feb 1862, age: 11M, Kinder von Johann & Ernestine Kollath, s/w Leopold, Johann, & Ernestine Kollath
Kollath, Johann C.L., b. 25 Jan 1830, d. 15 Feb 1882, s/w Herman, Leopold, & Ernestine Kollath
Kollath, Leopold, b. , d. 1870, age: 2T, Kinder von Johann & Ernestine Kollath, s/w Herman, Johann, & Ernestine Kollath
Lehnherr, Cole Allen, b. 10 Aug 2000, d. 23 Aug 2000
Lester, Daniel B., d. 15 May 1862, broken stone leaning against a tree
Lin, Weiran (Sam), b. 1949, d. 1997, Here lies a red guard of the Chinese Cultural Revolution 1966-1969
Mayersak, Frank G., b. 10 Oct 1904, d. 25 Nov 1995, s/w Verna K. Mayersak
Mayersak, Verna K. (Bugel), b. 3 Feb 1907, d. no date, s/w Frank G. Mayersak
McLay, James, b. ?, d. 31 Oct 1887
Messersmith, Elmer, b. 3 Mar 1886, d. 25 Dec 1891, s/w Samuel, Henry, Mary, George, Lydia, & Emma Messersmith
Messersmith, Emma, b. 28 Nov 1881, d. no date, s/w Samuel, Henry, Mary, George, Lydia, & Elmer Messersmith
Messersmith, George, b. 19 Aug 1876, d. no date, s/w Samuel, Henry, Mary, Lydia, Emma, & Elmer Messersmith
Messersmith, Henry, b. 4 Jan 1852, d. 15 Aug 1885, s/w Samuel, Mary, George, Lydia, Emma, & Elmer Messersmith
Messersmith, Lydia, b. 29 Aug 1877, d. no date, s/w Samuel, Henry, Mary, George, Emma, & Elmer Messersmith
Messersmith, Mary, b. 16 Oct 1851, d. 10 Jan 1905, His wife (Henry), s/w Samuel, Henry, George, Lydia, Emma, & Elmer Messersmith
Messersmith, Samuel, b. 3 Aug 1884, d. 7 Mar 1900, s/w Henry, Mary, George, Lydia, Emma, & Elmer Messersmith
Miles, Florence A., d. 31 Jan 1857, age: 11m 11d, Daughter of T.B. & C. Miles
Miles, Sarah J., d. 20 May 1887, age: 33y 8m, Dau. of T.B. & C. Miles
Niehus, Caroline, b. 10 Jul 1821, d. 1 Sep 1898, s/w Henry H. & Charlotte L. Regge
Rashford, Lavina C., b. 1871, d. 1936
Regge, Charlotte L., b. 22 Jan 1849, d. 22 Jun 1922, Also two infant children, s/w Henry H. Regge & Caroline Niehus
Regge, Henry H., b. 27 Mar 1842, d. 17 Jun 1910, Also two infant children, s/w Charlotte L. Regge & Caroline Niehus
Robinson, Hattie, b. 1878, d. 1952
Sherwood, Ingrid Landmark, b. 2 Jun 1994, d. no date, Daughter of David & Libby
Stapelmann, Gordon John, b. 3 Jun 1949, d. 9 Jun 1997, SGT US Air Force Vietnam
Weise, Hermann, d. 28 Sep 1874, age: 21J 7M, s/w Johann, Wilhelmine, & Wilhelm, Weise
Weise, Johann, d. 1 Oct 1864, age: 2M, s/w Wilhelmine, Wilhelm, & Hermann Weise
Weise, Wilhelm, d. 10 Oct 1879, age: 59J 11M, s/w Johann, Wilhelmine, & Hermann Weise
Weise, Wilhelmine, b. 1825, d. 1895, Wife of Wilhelm, s/w Wilhelmine, Wilhelm, & Hermann Weise

2 broken unreadable stone flush to ground
??, David B., b. , d. , partially buried stone
??, Dianna, b. ??, d. ??, Wife of Calvin ? , unreadable stone
??, Wilhelm, d. ? Jan 18?, broken stone leaning against a tree

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