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Fort Crawford Cemetery
Prairie du Chien, Crawford County, Wisconsin

413 S. Beaumont Rd.
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821
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Total records = 32

Soldiers Lot

Listed below are burial records of the Soldiers Lot, which is administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These records of burials were provided to this website by the VA on July 2000. These records may not represent the complete burials, only those on file with the VA. Reports of any errors should be directed to them.

* Records with an asterisk at the end indicates those that have not been verified as accurate by the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs. Please visit "The National Cemetery Administration Records Verification Project " for details on what this means. To report an error, please visit the Veterans Affairs website, click on "Contact the VA" and follow the instructions.

Adams, Leonard, d. 08/23/1865, PVT 44TH WIS, Plot: EXACT, *
Allen, James, d. 07/20/1865, PVT A 31ST WIS INFANTRY CIVIL WAR, Wy 5339071, Plot: 7, *
Ash, Benjamin M, d. 06/29/1848, Died At Ft Atkinson, Plot: 15, *
Ast, Benj M, d. 06/29/1848, 217226, *
Bennell, Frank, d. 12/16/1864, PVT 3RD MINN, Exact Grave Location Unknown, *
Caldwell, Robt W, d. 07/31/1844, Plot: L 16, *
Case, Perry L, d. 07/09/1865, PVT 1ST MINN HEAVY ART, July 9 1865, Plot: EXACT, *
Clay, William, d. 07/23/1865, PVT 1ST WISC CAV, Plot: EXACT, *
Crabe, Randolph, d. 07/08/1865, PVT 35TH WIS, Plot: EXACT, *
Criswell, Geo B, d. 11/14/1864, PVT G 6TH MINN INF CW, Plot: 9, *
Dailey, A S, d. 11/13/1864, PVT C 6TH MINN INF CIV WAR, Plot: 16 OR 6, *
Deanborn, Chas G, d. 04/01/1845, Plot: H 5, *
Elwes, Alfred Henry, d. 07/27/1840, Plot: I 4, *
Fenze, John, CO G 6TH MINN INF, Plot: 8, *
Foot, Ann T, d. 10/06/1832, Oct 6 1832/Name Is Lyman Also, Plot: C 2, *
Gardenier, Letitia, d. 10/15/1841, Oct 15 1841, Plot: K 17, *
Gardinier, Letita, Plot: 17, *
Gardinier, Lotitia, Plot: NONE SHOWN, *
Griswell, George B, CO B, 6TH MINN INF, Plot: 9, *
Gwin, Thlean, Plot: 12, *
Gywn, Thean, d. 06/05/1838, Plot: 13, *
Henze, John, d. 12/08/1864, PVT CO F 6 MINN INF CIV WAR, Plot: 8, *
Lacey, Edgar M, d. 04/02/1839, CAPT 5TH REGT INF, Plot: 11, *
Lacy, Edgar M, d. 04/02/1889, CPL 5TH US INF, Plot: R, *
Mackenzie, John, d. 09/26/1828, 1LT 1 US INF, Plot: B 7, *
May, John O, d. 11/08/1864, PVT 3RD MIN, *
Morgan, Willoughby, d. 04/04/1832, COL 1ST INF USA, Plot: 3, *
Morgan, Wiloughby, d. 04/04/1832, COL 1 US INF, Plot: D 3, *
Oliver, Martin, d. 01/31/1865, PVT 7TH MINN, *
Robert, W C, d. 07/31/1844, Plot: 16, *
Street, Thomas P, Plot: A, *
Streeter, Thomas P, Plot: 10, *


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