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St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
Lewiston, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.594458, -89.567430

State Highway 127
Lewiston, WI 53901

Published: September 22, 2016
Total records: 259


St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery is located in Lewiston Township, Columbia County, WI, Hwy 127, West of Portage, next to St. Paul's Lutheran Church.

Cemetery Records

Copied here by Anna Mae Axness from the Cemetery Association records furnished by Velma Wakershauser, 2005. Some of the death dates may be burial dates.

Anderson, A. W.
, Plot 35S---stone here but he is buried elswhere
Anderson, August, b. 01-16-1860, d. 11-03-1909, Plot 12N---49yr old
Anderson, Baby, d. 1913, Plot 35S---maybe child of A.W.
Anderson, Jennie, b. 12-22-1858, d. 03-18-1882, Plot 12N---d/o John M. & Katherine Anderson
Anderson, Jens F. (Ragnhild C.), b. 04-21-1844, d. 01-07-1923, Plot 25S
Anderson, John M. (Katherine), b. 09-03-1829, d. 01-19-1908, Plot 12N
Anderson, Katherine (John M.), b. 06-15-1831, d. 01-21-1908, Plot 12N
Anderson, Mari, d. 1879, Plot 33S---56yr old
Anderson, Nels-single, 80yr old, d. 01-21-1934, Plot 16S---no stone, Pete Johnson's half brother, see obit
Anderson, Ragnhild Christine (Jens F.), b. 03-29-1850, d. 04-07-1922, Plot 25S---"Nellie", nee Gjertson, see obit
Arverson, Anders, d. 02-11-1881, Plot 10N---maybe no stone
Barnes, Larry L. (Marleen Seiler), d. 11-22-1996, Plot 9AS
Bartels, Bernard "Barney" W. (2nd h/o Mary Cooper), b. 1919, d. 12-16-1998, Plot 11AS---(m)06-28-1968, 79yr old
Bartels, Mary (#1Leo Hill, #2Bernard "Barney" W. Bartels), b. 09-11-1927, d. 01-19-2009, Plot 11AS---(m2)06-28-1968, d/o Ivan & Francis Fuller Cooper, see obit
Burmeister, John Edward, d. 1980, Plot 52S---Infant son, metal marker
Christensen, Christen, b. 10-23-1813, d. 06-11-1892, Plot 10S
Christensen, Christian, b. 10-??-1840, d. 12-22-1897, Plot 10S
Christensen, Herman, b. 1872, d. 01-12-1944, Plot 10S---funeral date, see obit
Christensen, Ida, b. 03-23-1835, d. 11-21-1904, Plot 10S
Christiansen, Anna Kristine, d. 1886, Plot 1S
Christianson, Hans, b. 1866, d. 02-28-1956, Plot 27S---90yr old, see obit
Christianson, Jorgen, d. 1881, Plot 1S
Christianson, Mina, d. 1902, Plot 27S
Christianson, Peder, d. 1875, Plot 27S
Christianson, Rasmus, d. 1895, Plot 27S
Clark, Ethel M.
Dreyer, Anna A. (William Albert), b. 1882, d. 12-30-1979, Plot 6S---Mother, see obit
Dreyer, Caroline M. Wakershauser (John W.), b. 1894, d. 09-15-1945, Plot 5S---Mother, see obit
Dreyer, Delores T. (Richard), b. 1932, d. 08-24-1991, Plot 3S--see obit
Dreyer, Infant son, d. 1928, Plot 5S---s/o John W. & Caroline M. Dreyer
Dreyer, John W. (Caroline M.), b. 1889, d. 05-06-1955, Plot 5S---Father
Dreyer, Richard H. "Buster" (Delores), b. 1926, d. 09-01-1999, Plot 3S---"Buster", obit says wife is Charlotte
Dreyer, Wallace W., b. 1913, d. 10-02-1932, Plot 6S---s/o William & Anna Dreyer, see obit
Dreyer, William Albert (Anna), b. 1881, d. 11-09-1960, Plot 6S---Father, see obit
Edgerton, Jessie L. (Minna Ida), b. 1900, d. 01-09-1961, Plot 10AS---see obit
Edgerton, Minna Ida (Jessie L.), b. 1901, d. 01-14-1978, Plot 10AS---see obit
Emkow, Forrest (Marla Wakershauser), d. 11-05-1995, Plot 11S---see obit
Gerstenkorn, Barbara L. Vesly (Robert Paul), b. 07-23-1940
Gerstenkorn, Robert Paul (Barbara L. Vesely), b. 02-16-1941, d. 10-02-1999, ?---Dad
Graff, Donald Lee (Wanda Grossmann), b. 02-22-1944, d. 01-26-1999, Plot 52SN½---Pfc US Army
Grossman, Margaret Minnie Bertha Messeer (Reuben F.), d. 05-11-1985, Plot 8S---w/o Reuben Grossman, see obit
Grossman, Reuben (Margaret Minnie Bertha), b. 1904, d. 09-16-1968, Plot 8S---see obit
Grossmann, Alice E. (Earl F.), d. 03-09-1999, Plot 7S---Nee Cummings, (m)12-01-1923
Grossmann, Chester W. (Wilma Augusta Mae Wakershauser), b. 04-17-1917, d. 06-03-1989, Plot 52SN½---see obit
Grossmann, Earl F. (Alice E.)--see obit, d. 06-05-1992, Plot 7S---s/o Frank & Lula Grossmann, (m)12-01-1923
Grossmann, Frank Robert (Lula R. Anderson), b. 1878, d. 05-23-1938, Plot 7S
Grossmann, Lula R. Anderson (Frank Robert), b. 1881, d. 01-24-1960, Plot 7S---Lula Rebecca
Grossmann, Marjorie Lillian Margaret (Sgt Gordon Earl), b. 07-06-1922, d. 10-19-2010, Women's Army Aux. Corps, Army Air Corps, WAC Army, (m)04-06-1947, d/o Jay Barnea & Ida Frances Jordan Whitmore, see obit
Grossmann, Wilma Augusta Mae Wakershauser (Chester W.), b. 10-12-1918, d. 05-27-1997, Plot 52SN½
Halvorson, Henry Martinus, d. 1879, Plot 9S
Hanson, Anna Olson (Lars), b. 1857, d. 10-02-1925, Plot 22S---Mother
Hanson, Eavin/Even Magnus (Hilda Paulson), b. 1845, d. 03-31-1924, Plot 13N---Father, see obit
Hanson, Else Maline, d. 1874, Plot 13N
Hanson, Evelyn P. (Martin Edward), b. 1893, d. 12-16-1975, Plot 22S---see obit
Hanson, Herman Adolph, d. 1882, Plot 13N
Hanson, Hilda (Aevin M.), b. 1859, d. 08-00-1955, Plot 13N---Mother, see obit
Hanson, Ida Amalie, d. 1881, Plot 13N
Hanson, Lars (Anna), b. 1857, d. 06-08-1920, Plot 22S---Father
Hanson, Martin Edward (Evelyn P.), b. 1884, d. 1960, Plot 22S
Hanson, Soren, d. 1896, Plot 3S---no stone
Harvey, Laura, b. 06-21-1869, d. 01-18-1902, Plot 18S---on the Larson lot, 32yr old, see Laura Larson
Hinds, Daniel Robert (Jeanne C. Dreyer), b. 07-01-1962, d. 04-27-2004, Plot 3S---(m)10-24-1978, s/o Bob & Dee Hinds, see obit
Hinds, Jeanne C. Dreyer (Daniel Robert), b. 04-21-1960, Plot 3S
Hollendyke, Dawn Marie, b. 10-??-1955, d. 11-19-1955, Plot 8S---granddchild of Reuben Grossman, obit
Hoppe, Charlotte H. (John "Jack" E.), b. 03-20-1922, d. 01-08-2012, ?--(m)01-30-1947, d/o Hilda & Christ Seivert
Hoppe, Dennis Edward (Edith K. Sutton), b. 12-02-1947, d. 03-07-2001, Plot 54S---"Raven", (m)06-08-1968, s/o John & Charlotte Hoppe
Hoppe, Edith K. Sutton (Dennis Edward), b. 10-10-1947, Plot 54S---"Englander", (m)06-08-1968
Hoppe, John "Jack" E. (Charlotte H.), b. 01-30-1923, d. 12-22-2010, ?--- WW II, US Army 10th Inf, (m)01-30-1947, s/o Harry & Emma Heller Hoppe, see obit
Horning, Ellen Maline, b. 06-16-1871, d. 06-16-1874, Plot 34S---or d.06-16-1871?
Isaacson, Johannes, d. 1880, Plot 20N
Isaacson, Katherine Eliza, d. 1874, Plot 46S
Isaacson, Marie Kristine, d. 1876, Plot 26S
Isaacson, Sina Katrine, d. 1889, Plot 20N
Jackson Family Stone, Plot 6N---Hans, Eline, Caroline, 2 infants, Anne Svenson
Jackson, Eline Dahle (Hans), b. 1865, d. 02-04-1943, Plot 6N--- see obit
Jackson, Emma M. -Miss, b. 10-09-1900, d. 06-25-1975, Plot 7N---"Emma", Emma M. is on stone & obit
Jackson, Hans (Eline Hanson), b. 1856, d. 05-08-1939, Plot 6N---Jertson became Jackson in 1943, obit
Jackson/Jertson, ---Jertson was changed to Jackson Nov. 30, 1943
Jensen, Christ Ludwig, b. 1860, d. 1886, Plot 1S---on Christ & Dorothea Larson stone
Jenson, Wilhelm Oscar, d. 1876, Plot 12S---3 yr old
Jertsen Family Stone, Plot 7N---Anders, Martha, Sven
Jertsen, Andres/Anders (Martha), b. 01-16-1821, d. 01-01-1903, Plot 7N---Veteran from Veteran's list
Jertsen, Martha (Andres/Anders), b. 09-17-1820, d. 04-07-1905, Plot 7N
Jertsen, Sven, b. 09-26-1846, d. 01-06-1909, Plot 7N
Jertson, Albin H., d. 10-10-1891, Plot 6N---1yr old, Jertson/Jackson
Jertson, Caroline and two infants, b. 1859, d. 10-25-1891, Plot 6N---Obit Index--see Mrs. Hans Jertson
Jertson, Hans, b. 1816, d. 1877, Plot 33S---
Jertson, Herman H. (Unnie), b. 06-01-1885, d. 07-26-1900, Plot 32S
Jertson, Malchi, d. 11-07-1889, Plot 6N---9mo old
Jertson, Unnie (Herman H.), b. 06-23-1856, d. 01-07-1901, Plot 32S
Jertson/Jackson, ---Jertson was changed to Jackson Nov. 30, 1943
Johannison, Borl, d. 1876, Plot 12S--99 1/3 yr old
Johanson, Peder, d. 1895, Plot 12S
Johnson, Agnes Jensen (Christ), b. 1887, d. 07-18-1932, Plot 2S---see obit
Johnson, Christ (Agnes Jensen), b. 1878, d. 01-08-1982, Plot 2S---100+ yr old, see obit
Johnson, Elmer (Lucille Audrey Bolgrin), b. 02-25-1919, d. 07-25-2001, Plot 2N---s/o Christ & Agnes Johnson, see obit
Johnson, Inez Ann---infant, b. Apr. 1969, d. 04-29-1969, Plot 2N---d/o Elmer & Lucille Johnson
Johnson, John W., d. 06-22-1949, ?---from stone
Johnson, Lucille Audrey Bolgrin (Elmer), b. 06-27-1924, d. 06-22-1997, Plot 2N---see obit
Johnson, William E., b. 02-13-1912, d. 07-24-2010, s/o Christian & Agnes Johnson, see obit
Kassner, Jacob Brandon, b. 11-20-1985, d. 02-06-1986, Plot 23N---s/o Kurt Kassner, grandson of Carlton
Kittleson, Hans, b. 1816, d. 1874, Plot 30S
Koenig, August (Louise), b. 1868, d. 01-17-1933, Plot 3AW
Koenig, Bert E., b. 1904, d. 03-06-1956, Plot 3AW---s/o August & Louise Koenig, see obit
Koenig, Emil--s/o August & Louise, b. 1907, d. 1942, Died in naval action, buried in North Atlantic, WW II
Koenig, Louise (August), b. 1887, d. 10-10-1972, Plot 3AW
Koenig, Ross A., b. 08-02-1912, d. 10-25-1992, Plot 3AW---see obit
Larsen, Christopher (Dorothe B.), b. 1853, d. 02-00-1922, Plot 1S---see obit
Larsen, Dorothe B. (Christ), b. 1854, d. 12-19-1936, Plot 1S---is this Tena?, see obit for Tena Larsen
Larson, Gunder, b. 12-05-1838, d. 03-28-1908, Plot 18S
Larson, Gustave (Emma), b. 1873, d. 03-24-1948, Plot 19S---Mrs. Larson is buried in Wyocena, see obit
Larson, Howard Donald, b. 02-12-1912, d. 09-21-1990, Plot 19S
Larson, Laura, b. 06-21-1869, d. 01-18-1901, Plot 18S---on the Larson lot, 32yr old, see Laura Harvey
Larson, Mabel S. -Miss, d. 01-04-1928, Plot 18S---see obit
Larson, Mary, d. 1913, Plot 18S---64yr old
Larson, Peder Eik, b. 08-20-1815, d. 01-18-1883, Plot 15S
Lewis Family Stone, Plot 15S--Peter, Peter P, Gure
Lewis, Alfred Gerhard, d. 1893, Plot 15S---11mo old
Lewis, Elias Pederson, d. 06-10-1862, Plot 15S---Co D. 15th Wis Inf, Civil War, 17yr old, s/o Elias Lewis
Lewis, Gure, b. 01-18-1819, d. 09-06-1899, Plot 15S
Lewis, Peter, b. 08-20-1815, d. 01-18-1882, Plot 15s
Lewis, Peter P., b. 05-26-1848, d. 03-19-1877, Plot 15S
Lovesey, Eva E., b. 1916, d. 04-27-1993, Plot 4N---d/o Thomas & Mary Hanson Lovesey
Lovesey, Mary (Thomas), b. 1886, d. 03-19-1959, Plot 4N
Lovesey, Ruth Elizabeth, d. 1912, Plot 22S
Lovesey, Thomas Whithorne (Mary Hanson), b. 1880, d. 05-28-1931, Plot 4N---see obit
Madson, Tina, d. 03-17-1890, Plot 6N---18yr old
Masten, Clyde Harry Sr. (Ruby E. Johnson), b. 06-04-1921, d. 10-16-2001, Plot 2S---(m)07-25-1942
Masten, Ruby Elizabeth (Clyde Harry Sr.), b. 08-09-1923, d. 11-21-2013, Plot 2S---(m)07-25-1942, d/o Christian & Agnes Johnson, see obit
McCartan, Helen A. Lovesey (John Charles), b. 04-17-1920, d. 01-25-2013, d/o Thomas & Mary Hanson Lovesey, spelled Lovesy in her obit
McCarton, Thomas John, d. 05-28-1931, Plot 22S---Infant
Miller, Emma Mary (James Peter), b. 1883, d. 1959, Plot 28S
Miller, James Peter (Emma Mary Mielke), b. 1875, d. 10-28-1936, Plot 28S---see obit
Miller, Nils C., b. 1842, d. 1905, Plot 28S---67yr old
Miller, Walter W., b. 1904, d. 07-27-1964, Plot 28S---see obit
Moravek, Alice H. (Raymond Ignatius), b. 1913, d. 10-17-1984, Plot 23N
Moravek, Raymond Ignatius (Alice H.), b. 1908, d. 06-02-1990, Plot 23N
Nicholaison, Halvor OG Kone, d. 1878, Plot 9S
Nicholas, Bertha M. -Mrs., b. 1874, d. 09-06-1962, Plot 36S---Mother, see obit
Nielson, Hannah, d. 1911, Plot 16S---no stone, Pete Johnson's mom
Nilson, Baby, d. 1884, Plot 24N
Nilson, Katie, d. 1884, Plot 24N---no dates on stone
Nilson, Nils P., d. 1894, Plot 16S---no stone
Northcutt, Baby, d. 03-02-1929, Plot 3AW---c/o Ada Koenig
Olsen, Julian, b. 10-00-1835, d. 11-00-1881, Sister, "In Memory of"
Olson, Anders, b. 04-17-1817, d. 06-24-1893, Plot 25S---on the Anderson stone
Olson, Evadine E. Rasmussen, b. 02-21-1922, d. 02-24-2002, Plot 10N---see obit, 80yr old
Olson, Karen, b. 11-20-1808, d. 02-15-1901, Plot 25S---on stone with Anders Olson
Olson, Nels, b. 11-23-1835, d. 05-03-1913, Plot 29S
Olson, Vickie Ann-baby, see obit, b. 1943, d. 09-20-1943, Plot 11N---d/o John Olson, Grdch/o Jens Rasmussen
Pederson, Peder Eik, b. 05-26-1848, d. 03-19-1877, Plot 15S---Soldier, 27yr old
Peterson, John, d. 03-07-1907, Plot 3N---At rest, no dates on stone
Peterson, Mildred Loraine---infant, d. 1924, Plot 41S---d/o Sam, see obit
Rasmussen, Anna K. (Simon), b. 1838, d. 1916, Plot 1N---Burial date 01-12-1917
Rasmussen, Anna (Simon Peter), b. 1863, d. 02-25-1910, Plot 23S---46yr old
Rasmussen, Christen (Maren), b. 1831, d. 03-25-1913, Plot 13S---82yr old
Rasmussen, Christian R., d. 04-24-1927, Plot 17S---87yr old
Rasmussen, Christiana Peterson (Christian), b. 1837, d. 02-18-1921, Plot 17S---83yr old, see obit
Rasmussen, Ella M. (Peter Jens), b. 1893, d. 07-08-1956, Plot 11N---63yr old
Rasmussen, Elsie Marie, b. 1859, d. 1952, Plot 13S---93yr old
Rasmussen, Esther Christina (Peter Jens), b. 1881, d. 03-09-1918, Plot 11N---37yr old, see obit
Rasmussen, Ida Mae, b. 1883, d. 09-30-1967, Plot 13S---84yr old
Rasmussen, Infant, d. 1916, Plot 11N---3 hours old, c/o Jens
Rasmussen, John--buried 1921, b. 1897, d. 12-09-1918, Plot 23S---WW I, Sgt Co F 128th Inf, s/o S.Peter & Anna, maybe d.11-10-1918, see obit
Rasmussen, Maren (Christen), b. 1832, d. 10-13-1924, Plot 13S---92yr old
Rasmussen, Otto Christian, d. 05-15-1953, Plot 17S---77yr old
Rasmussen, Peter Jens (two wives), b. 1869, d. 11-11-1955, Plot 11N---85yr old, (2 wives--Esther C. & Ella M.)
Rasmussen, Rasmine Katrine, b. 1863, d. 04-06-1885, Plot 13S---22yr old
Rasmussen, Simon Peter (Anna), b. 1864, d. 02-26-1940, Plot 23S---76yr old
Rasmussen, Simon (Anna K.), b. 1835, d. 03-31-1884, Plot 1N---48yr old
Riley, Edward J. (Laura S.), b. 02-24-1908, d. 06-20-1993, Plot 2AS---s/o Martha & George Riley
Riley, Laura S. Johnson (Edward J.), b. 01-16-1910, d. 06-09-1992, Plot 2AS---see obit
Rockwell, Donald R. "Don" (Patricia A.), b. 08-19-1940, d. 08-13-2006, Plot 2AS---(m)11-25-1961, s/o Richard & Tessie McElhose Rockwell, see obit
Rockwell, Patricia A. (Donald R. "Don"), b. 06-06-1943, d. 04-17-2006, Plot 2AS---(m)11-25-1961, Nee Riley, foster child of Edward & Laura Riley, d.AZ. See obit
Sansvark, Julianne, b. 10-10-1855, d. 11-27-1881, Plot 9N---sister in Peter Tennison plot
Schultz, Cenea (Herman L.), b. 1872, d. 09-23-1952, Plot 4S
Schultz, Gladys L., b. 1914, d. 02-06-1968, Plot 24S---d/o Gustave & Hannah Schultz
Schultz, Griffey Wilbert, b. 1911, d. 1912, Plot 21S---s/o William & Josephine Schultz
Schultz, Gustave C. (Hannah G. Simonson), b. 1882, d. 08-05-1940, Plot 24S--- see obit
Schultz, Hannah G. (Gustave C.), b. 1885, d. 12-02-1971, Plot 24S
Schultz, Herman L. (Cenea), b. 1876, d. 12-12-1956, Plot 4S
Schultz, Josephine (William Carl), b. 1876, d. 12-28-1938, Plot 21S---Mother, see obit
Schultz, William Carl (Josephine), b. 1884, d. 02-00-1946, Plot 21S---Father, see obit
Schutz, Harold J. (Marion), b. 1900, d. 08-24-1971, Plot 22N---see obit
Schutz, Marian (Harold J.), b. 12-09-1917, d. 10-20-2014, Plot 22N, ---d/o Elmer & Bertha McPherson Prindle, see obit
Seiler, Dorothy Mae, b. 1937, d. 08-19-1938, Plot 9AS---d/o Arthur & Helen Elizabeth Seiler, see obit
Seiler, Gary (Eillen Sullivan), b. 06-26-1955, d. 05-30-2002, Plot 20S---46yr old, metal marker, see obit
Seiler, Helen Elizabeth Lentz (Arthur C.), b. 1911, d. 04-28-2001, Plot 9AS---ex w/o Arthur, 89yr old, Mother of Dorothy Mae, see obit
Seivert, Christ (Hilda Eagen), b. 1869, d. 01-07-1927, Plot 43S
Seivert, George H., b. 05-23-1913, d. 03-28-1987, Plot 43S---s/o Christ & Hilda, 43yr old
Seivert, Hilda (Christ), b. 1885, d. 01-13-1978, Plot 43S
Seivert, Owen G., b. 03-14-1916, d. 01-15-1975, Plot 43S---WW II, 977 Coast Art Corps, s/o Christ & Hilda Seivert, see obit
Simonson, Amelia A. (Jacob Ole), b. 1878, d. 10-21-1959, Plot 36S---
Simonson, Ann Marie-Miss, b. 08-13-1962, d. 08-16-2005, Plot 37S---d/o Beverly Ann Seiler & Marvin Luther Simonson, 43yr old, see obit
Simonson, Annis M. Stevens (Leonard), b. 04-17-1912, d. 03-04-1980, Plot 5N---d/o Frank & Bertha Stevens, see obit
Simonson, Beverly A. (Marvin L.), b. 1940, d. 05-10-1995, Plot 37S---nee Seiler
Simonson, Carol J. (Jerold R.), b. 1942, Plot 51S
Simonson, Chester, b. 12-27-1928, d. 02-25-2006, Plot 37S---Veteran served in Germany, s/o Roy & Lillian Nelson Simonson, see obit
Simonson, Clarence J. (Pauline A.), b. 1902, d. 07-10-1969, Plot 35S
Simonson, Connie (Ella Augusta Kluth), d. 09-05-1987, Plot 34S---s/o Amelia & Jacob, 77yr old
Simonson, Ella Augusta (Connie), d. 09-13-1991, Plot 34S---s/o Amelia & Jacob Simonson
Simonson, Gunder (Serene), b. 1857, d. 1913, Plot 14S
Simonson, Infant, d. 1917, Plot 34S---no dates on stone, c/o Jacob & Amelia
Simonson, Jacob Ole (Amelia A.), b. 1867, d. 01-26-1945, Plot 36S
Simonson, Jerold Ray (Carol J. Russell), b. 07-29-1938, d. 03-31-1989, Plot 51S---see obit
Simonson, Leonard W. (Lillie), b. 1896, d. 09-24-1966, Plot 53S---Father, obit says wife's name is Annis, obit
Simonson, Leora Ada Russell (Raymond J.), b. 1901, d. 11-07-1953, Plot 43S---see obit
Simonson, LeRoy R. (Patricia D.), b. 1933
Simonson, Lillian (Roy), b. 09-01-1898, d. 01-31-1993, Plot 37S
Simonson, Lillie (Leonard W.), b. 1895, d. 07-10-1960, Plot 53S---Mother
Simonson, Lowell Jacob (Laura Baumann), b. 1900, d. 07-17-1949, Plot 42S---Father, see obit
Simonson, Margie Ben--Mr., b. 04-08-1905, d. 04-24-1979, Plot 36S---WW II, US Army, s/o Jacob & Amelia
Simonson, Marvin L. (Beverly A.), b. 1933, Plot 37S
Simonson, Oscar-see obit index, b. 1886, d. 1907, Plot 14S---s/o Gunder & Serene Simonson, 21yr old
Simonson, Patricia Dorothea (LeRoy), b. 1931, d. 05-16-1997, Plot 34S---nee Evans
Simonson, Pauline A. (Clarence J.), b. 1902, d. 01-06-1981, Plot 35S---"Lena"
Simonson, Pearl Burlett, d. 1901, Plot 14S---Infant d/o Gunder & Serene Simonson, 3 mo.
Simonson, Perry, b. 1907, d. 02-00-1922, Plot 34S---s/o Jacob & Amelia, see obit
Simonson, Raymond J. (Leora A. Russell), b. 1898, d. 03-21-1981, Plot 44S---see obit
Simonson, Roy L. (Lillian), b. 1896, d. 03-12-1964, Plot 37S
Simonson, Serene (Gunder), b. 1858, d. 1901, Plot 14S---Auserina "Serene"
Simonson, Stella Mae--infant, d. 05-19-1944, Plot 44S---d/o Raymond J. & Leora A. Simonson
Simonson, Violet, b. 1920, d. 1920, Plot 37S---d/o Roy & Lillian Simonson, obit says 2yr.
Stevens, Bertha C. (Frank), b. 1878, d. 10-03-1962, Plot 5N---
Stevens, Frank (Bertha C.), b. 1875, d. 10-08-1954, Plot 5N
Stokset, Elias, d. 1885, Plot 24N
Stowers, Blanche Stevens (Wilbur "Ben"), b. 1905, d. 04-18-1927, Plot 5N---d/o Frank & Bertha Stevens, see obit
Stowers, Robert Stevens, b. 1927, d. 04-30-1927, Plot 5N---s/o Blanche & Wilbur Stowers, 3wk old, see obit
Svenson, Anne, b. 1834, d. 1887, ?---information from stone
Swendson, Andrea, b. 1834, d. 12-17-1886, Plot 6N---52yr old
Tenneson, Alma Nelson (Guttorm), b. 1858, d. 10-01-1939, Plot 26N---Mother, see obit
Tenneson, Carl, b. 1884, d. 1902, Plot 26N---s/o Guttorm & Alma Tenneson, 17yr old
Tenneson, Guttorm (Alma), b. 10-18-1847, d. 02-08-1899, Plot 26N---Father
Tenneson, Herman A. (Rose), b. 1895, d. 08-18-1931, Plot 26N---s/o Guttorm & Alma Tennison, 37yr old, see obit
Tennison, Anna Jertson (Asbjorn), b. 1853, d. 06-17-1936, Plot 8N---see obit
Tennison, Asbjorn (Anna), b. 1850, d. 04-30-1896, Plot 8N
Tennison, Cornelia (1st w/o Peter), b. 09-27-1851, d. 04-15-1881, Plot 9N---and Baby Julia Ann
Tennison, Infant son, b. 08-31-1914, d. 09-02-1914, Plot 23N---s/o E.& M. Tennison
Tennison, Julia Ann--baby, d. 1881, Plot 9N
Tennison, Peter (Ragnild O.), b. 08-16-1842, d. 03-16-1924, Plot 9N---GAR, Co G 18th Wis Vol Inf, also wife Cornelia-see obit
Tennison, Ragnild O. (2nd w/o Peter?), b. 07-15-1819, d. 07-02-1901, Plot 9N---"Nellie S.", maybe not a wife, maybe mother?
Thompson, Ferne Leona (George V.), b. 1912, d. 12-08-1999, Plot 14N---Nee Grossmann
Thompson, George Vail (Ferne Leona Grossmann), b. 08-09-1909, d. 09-17-1988, Plot 14N---see obit
Torkelson, Joren (Lars), b. 11-23-1857, d. 05-08-1916, Plot 21N---"Julie"
Torkelson, Lars (Joren), b. 09-17-1852, d. 07-30-1937, Plot 21N--- see obit
Wakershauser, Baby of John, d. 1921, Plot 38S
Wakershauser, Delores, d. 1922, Plot 38S---is this Dorothy Marie, d/o John who died 12-25-1922 and is buried in this cemetery? Infant, see obit
Wakershauser, Edward J. (Laurena A.), b. 1920, d. 06-22-1979, Plot 11S
Wakershauser, Edwin (Mamie), b. 1888, d. 10-20-1960, Plot 31S
Wakershauser, Infant, d. 1946, Plot 11S---c/o Edward, no dates on stone
Wakershauser, Laurena A. (Edward J.), b. 1927
Wakershauser, Lawrence Edward, d. 1946, Plot 11S---infant s/o Edward & Laurena
Wakershauser, Mamie (Edwin), b. 1895, d. 08-04-1965, Plot 31S
Wakershauser, Richard R. (Velma M.), b. 09-10-1923, d. 03-23-1995, Plot 11S---WW II, Pfc US Army Paratrooper
Wakershauser, Velma M. (Richard R.), b. 01-20-1923, d. 11-10-2014, (m)08-04-1945, d/o John & Maude Monroe Phipps, see obit
Weiland, Edgar H. (Irene E. Gustaveson), b. 1900, d. 03-26-1978, Plot 26S---see obit
Weiland, Irene Edna Gustaveson (Edgar H.), b. 1905, d. 08-12-2000, Plot 26S---see obit
Zunker, Elmer F. (Vera M. A.), b. 1909, d. 07-29-1972, Plot 8N---(m)03-25-1940, see obit
Zunker, Vera M. A. (Elmer F.), b. 1918, d. 08-18-1990, Plot 8N---(m)03-25-1940, 2nd husband Bacon

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