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St. Patrick's Cemetery
Lodi, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.337137, -89.517353

County Road J
Lodi, WI 53555

Published: September 24, 2016
Total records: 893


St. Patrick's Cemetery was established in 1890. Located in Lodi Township, Columbia County, Wisconsin, on County Road J, south of County Road V, north of Wells Rd. East of Lodi.

Cemetery Records

May 1993 transcription by Betty Cook, 2006 updated by Barb Ferguson and Anna Mae Axness. Thanks to the church for the maps in 2006. Pictures in 2011 by Joan Ryan.

Acker, Stephanie Ann
, d. 03-23-1976, N-, infant d/o Steve & Debbie Acker, see obit
Anderson, Patricia, b. 11-30-1924, d. 09-27-1983, N-see ssdi
Angell, Donald Gene (1st h/o Yvonne Marie LaSee), b. 02-24-1935, d. 10-03-1991, N--, Korea, Tsgt US Air Forces, (m)09-05-1953, K of C
Angell, Yvonne Marie (#1Donald Gene Angell, #2Darvin Eugene Peterson), b. 1935, N--(m1)09-05-1953, (m2)01-06-1996, "Bonnie", d/o Henry & F.Pearl LaSee,
Bachmayer, Adam, b. 1856, d. 1901, O--appears to be in Hornung lot
Bachmeyer, Norbert, b. 03-04-1904, d. 06-23-1914, O-, s/o J. & M. Bachmeyer, Bachmeier in obit
Bachmeyer, Unknown, b. 1882, d. 1945, O-, Mother
Bachmeyer, Unknown, b. 1879, d. 1953, O-, Father
Ballweg, Adolph, b. 01-04-1909, d. 10-31-1999, N-, brother to Lawrence Ballweg, same stone
Ballweg, Lawrence, b. 12-26-1909, d. 06-13-1999, N-, brother to Adolph Ballweg, same stone
Bannen, Bernard R. -M. D. (Billie R. Thompson), b. 05-19-1925, d. 06-08-1971, O--see obit
Bannen, Billie R. (Bernard R. -M. D.), b. 1928, O-nee Thompson
Barber, Peter J. (Sophia M.), b. 02-14-1926, d. 04-25-2004, N-, WW II, MM2 US Navy, (m)05-31-1984, s/o Joseph & Mary Savone Barber, see obit
Barber, Sophia M. (Peter J.), b. 12-06-1932, d. 12-13-2013, Plot 127-D, N-, (m)05-31-1984, Nee Okulski
Bender, Betty, b. 1926, d. 1989, N-, d/o Buford J. & Johanna J. Bender
Bender, Buford J. (Johanna J.), b. 1893, d. 08-03-1961, N-see obit
Bender, Johanna J. (Buford J.), b. 1897, d. 02-01-1969, N-, American Legion Auxiliary, obit says Josephine J.Lynch
Bender, LaVern J., b. 01-01-1928, d. 06-09-1976, N-, WW II & Korea, Cpl US Army, s/o Buford J. & Johanna J.Bender
Benesh, Caroline Treinen (James), b. 1887, d. 1980, O-see obit
Benesh, James (Caroline Treinen), b. 1877, d. 1955, O-
Benesh, Marcella Kurt (Paul V.), b. 05-15-1922, d. 08-29-2014, Plot 20-B, N-(m)10-22-1942, d/o William & Elizabeth Hauser Kurt, see obit
Benesh, Paul V. (Marcella Kurt), b. 07-10-1915, d. 01-18-2008, N-(m)10-22-1942, s/o James & Caroline Treinen Benesh, see obit
Benson, David John, b. 11-05-1963, d. 10-08-1964, West Fence line-, 11mo 3da old, drowning, obit
Benson, Richard T., b. 02-17-1943, d. 05-06-1994, O-, Grandfather, Father, "Rocky"
Benzmiller, Florence I. Buchanan (Harry B.), b. 12-02-1901, d. 05-13-1965, O-, American Legion Auxiliary, Women's Relief Corp, see obit
Benzmiller, Frank X. (Katharine B.), b. 01-31-1867, d. 03-08-1948, O-
Benzmiller, Harry B. (Florence I.), b. 02-18-1896, d. 01-30-1965, O--, WW I, Wis Cpl Btry C 331 Field Arty, Am.Legion
Benzmiller, Helen E. (#1Henry F. Benzmiller, #2Ted G. Bachtle), b. 03-01-1912, d. 02-16-2009, O--, (m1)11-09-1935, (m2)11-27-1958, d/o Walter & Louise Corrigan McDonald, see obit for Helen Bachtle
Benzmiller, Henry F. (1st h/o Helen E. McDonald), b. 1900, d. 10-24-1950, O-
Benzmiller, Katharine B. (Frank X.), b. 11-12-1872, d. 12-20-1959, O-
Benzmiller, Robert F., b. 1921, d. 1925, O-, s/o Harry B. & Florence I.Benzmiller
Benzmiller, Walter A., b. 09-07-1897, d. 05-21-1976, O-, WW I, Pvt US Army
Bertschy, John A. (Marguerite P.), b. 1910, d. 1959, O-, on Benjamin Posta Stone
Bertschy, Marguerite P. (John A.), b. 07-01-1913, d. 08-27-1993, O-, on Benjamin Posta Stone, dates from ssdi
Bingham, Patricia P., b. 05-18-1942, d. 04-01-1994, N-, grandmother, mother
Bird, David Clifford (Deborah L.), b. 03-09-1956, N-, (m)06-17-1978, Father
Bird, Deborah Lynne (David C.), b. 06-08-1956, N-, (m)06-17-1978, Mother
Bird, Mary Lynne, b. 08-11-1986, d. 10-17-2002, N-, d/o David & Deborah Bird, d.ILL, see obit
Bladl, Charles W. (Ruth M.), b. 09-14-1919, d. 12-02-1994, N-, WW II, Pvt 1Cl US Army, (m)02-23-1946
Bladl, Ruth M. (Charles W.), b. 12-18-1922, d. 08-06-2008, N-, (m)02-23-1946, d/o Henry & Helen Knapp Marotz, see obit
Blank, James H., b. 07-05-1943, N-, s/o Clara M. Markgraf, on stone with mother
Bohaty, Denise, d. 11-03-2014, Plot 79-E
Bohaty, Joseph J. Jr. (Adeline), b. 1917, d. 03-17-1969, N-, Father, see obit
Boshell, Christopher William, b. 01-21-1991, d. 03-01-1991, N-Baby section, s/o Anthony & Lisa Boshell
Bradley, Anna E. (William Vernon), b. 06-21-1909, d. 07-24-1989, N-
Bradley, William Vernon (Anna E.), b. 10-25-1912, d. 10-11-1999, N-
Breit, Marie (W. J.), b. 1883, d. 11-00-1950, O-, Nee Whalen, see obit
Breit, Mary A. (W. J.), b. 1872, d. 1923, O-, Nee Wartner
Breunig, Audrey M. Kalscheur (Ivan H.), b. 07-28-1941, from pictures, (m)05-22-1962
Breunig, Ella M. (William F.), b. 1879, d. 12-26-1968, O-, WRC, Mother, see obit for d.date
Breunig, Ivan H. (Audrey M. Kalscheur), b. 02-08-1938, d. 09-30-2007, (m)05-22-1962, s/o Sylvian & Lillian Nolden Breunig, see obit, K of C
Breunig, Raymond M., b. 1906, d. 11-03-1964, O-see obit
Breunig, William F. (Ella M.), b. 1875, d. 10-12-1950, O-, Father, see obit
Briggs, Gabriel, b. 2008, d. 2008, from pictures, metal marker
Brimmer, Lester C. (Loretta A. Fitzgerald), b. 03-12-1908, d. 05-02-2004, N-, (m)02-02-1937, s/o Frank & Lenora Johnson Brimmer, see obit
Brimmer, Loretta A. (Lester C.), b. 07-14-1915, d. 03-07-2003, N-, (m)02-02-1937, d/o James & Gertrude Ganser Fitzgerald, see obit
Brisky, James F. (Marie E.), b. 02-13-1903, d. 04-17-1986, O-
Brisky, Marie E. (James F.), b. 1905, d. 06-09-1962, O-, Nee Steiskal, see obit
Brisky, Virginia Marie (Craig), b. 10-12-1960, d. 12-15-2013, Plot 142-D, (m)05-30-1981, d/o Melvin & Jane Eckstein Schwartz, see obit
Brown, Bernice A. "Bernie" (Kenneth L.), b. 04-26-1923, d. 07-02-2006, N-, (m)09-03-1954, d/o William & Mathilda Sabel Kohlmann, see obit
Brown, Jean E. (Paul A.), b. 1904, d. 1993, N-
Brown, Kenneth L. (Bernice A.), b. 05-08-1926, d. 09-17-1996, N-, WW II & Korea, Cpl US Air Force, (m)09-03-1954
Brown, Paul A. (Jean E.), b. 1905, d. 1989, N-, K of C
Buchanan, Donald R. (Helen W. Greiber), b. 11-18-1920, d. 01-14-1981, N-, (m)04-11-1944, Donald Richard Buchanan, see obit
Buchanan, Forrest E. (Marian E. Ligneel), b. 10-13-1917, d. 07-31-2007, WW II, TEC 5 US Army, (m)12-20-1945, "Frosty", see obit, an error in obit on marriage date.
Buchanan, Gerald "Jerry" Lee, b. 08-19-1950, d. 08-21-1950, West Fence line-, s/o Don & Helen Buchanan
Buchanan, Helen W. (Donald R.), b. 05-13-1922, d. 08-08-2010, N-, (m)04-11-1944, d/o Alfred & Julia Roos Greiber, see obit
Buchanan, Marian E. Lignee (Forrest E.), b. 09-18-1929, pictures, (m)12-20-1945
Buckley, George J. (Margaret K.), b. 05-01-1928, N-
Buckley, Joan Marie, b. 11-07-1946, d. 11-25-1946, O-, infant d/o Robert & Evelyn Buckley
Buckley, Margaret K. (George J.), b. 02-20-1924, N-
Burns, John R. (Patricia A.), b. 03-14-1935, pictures, (m)07-09-1958?
Burns, Patricia A. (John R.), b. 05-06-1948, pictures, (m)07-09-1958?
Bushnell, Clarence Maurice (Mary Virginia Bertz), b. 12-14-1922, d. 07-01-2013, Plot 123-A, WW II, US Army Air Corps, (m)06-08-1946, s/o Samuel C.& Florence Sax Bushnell, see obit
Bushnell, Mary Virginia Bertz (Clarence Maurice), b. 05-07-1924, d. 02-07-2009, (m)06-08-1946, Am.Leg, Aux, d/o Reuben & Cecilia O'Reilly Bertz, see obit for Virginia Bushnell
Butzen, James T. (Sadie A. Brown), b. 1914, d. 02-11-2003, O-WW II, US Air Force, (m)02-05-1945, s/o Thomas F.& Olga Barthel Butzen, see obit
Butzen, Mary Jean, b. 1949, d. 1993, O- d/o James T. & Sadie A. Butzen
Butzen, Sadie A. Brown (James T.), b. 1923, d. 02-18-1994, O-, (m)02-05-1945, American Legion Auxiliary
Butzen, Thomas James (Cindy S.), b. 11-08-1951, d. 12-30-1990, O-, Vietnam, SP4 US Army, s/o James T.& Sadie A. Bown Butzen, See obit
Byrns, Catherine (Lewis), d. 05-20-1905, O-, 75yr old
Byrns, Daniel D. (Ellen Moen), b. 12-20-1868, d. 04-13-1956, O-
Byrns, Donovan Daniel, b. 11-07-1910, d. 12-03-1910, O-, s/o Daniel D. & Ellen Moen Byrns
Byrns, Elizabeth, d. 01-23-1900, O-, 28yr 8mo 20da old, d/o L.& K. Byrns
Byrns, Ellen (Daniel D.), b. 11-15-1875, d. 10-26-1932, O-, Nee Moen
Byrns, Ellen (Lewis P.), b. 05-14-1862, d. 05-17-1956, O-, Nee Ryan
Byrns, Elmer D., b. 12-23-1894, d. 01-30-1978, N-, WW I, Pfc US Army
Byrns, Florence P. Ganzer (Lewis P.), b. 1898, d. 12-22-1978, N--see obit
Byrns, John, d. 03-11-1901, O-, 40yr 9mo 5da old
Byrns, John E., b. 07-07-1893, d. 07-26-1895, O-, s/o John & C. Byrns
Byrns, Lewis P. (Ellen Ryan), b. 09-16-1862, d. 07-14-1959, O-
Byrns, Lewis P. (Florence P. Ganzer), b. 1892, d. 04-11-1987, N-see obit
Byrns, Lewis (Catherine), d. 11-27-1881, O-, 60yr old, buried Roxbury
Byrns, Lillian M., b. 1897, d. 1988, N-
Byrns, Lois E--Dr., b. 06-11-1917, d. 02-27-2002, O-
Byrns, Robert, d. 09-29-1924, O-, s/o Lewis & Florence Byrns
Callaway, Doris T. (Willard B.), b. 1934, N-, (m)06-26-1952, Nee Thelen
Callaway, Michael W., b. 02-08-1958, d. 01-14-2011, Plot 90-C, N-, s/o Willard "Bill" & Doris Thelen Callaway, on Terry's grave
Callaway, Terry Anne, b. 06-30-1956, d. 02-20-1996, N-, d/o Willard B.& Doris Thelen Callaway
Callaway, Willard B. (Doris T.), b. 04-21-1931, d. 05-27-1991, N-, Korea, Sfc US Army, (m)06-26-1952
Carberry, Marcella M. (Robert F.), b. 1907, d. 1998, N-, Nee Kanter
Carberry, Robert F. (Marcella K.), b. 06-09-1904, d. 01-22-1986, N-, (m)Marcella Kanter
Cavanaugh, Bridget (John), d. 11-04-1901, O-, 79yr old, native CO Mayo Ireland, Mother
Cavanaugh, John (Bridget), d. 02-25-1876, O-, GAR, Co H, 23 Reg, 67y old, native CO Mayo Ireland, Father
Checkai, James, d. 1958, West Fence Line, Infant
Christian, Allan Thomas, b. 07-25-1952, d. 08-11-1952, O-, s/o L.A. & M.A. Christian
Chval, Erna (2nd w/o John F.), b. 1885, d. 12-00-1959, O-, Nee Verna Wood, see obit
Chval, John F. -Dr. (#1Marie, #2Erna Wood), b. 1876, d. 08-00-1958, O-, Father, see obit
Chval, Marie (1st w/o John F.), b. 1888, d. 1911, O-
Clark, Edward F. (Kathleen L.), b. 04-25-1943, d. 07-21-2004, N-, (m)10-03-1980
Clark, Jean L. (Thomas J.), b. 1926, N-, (m)10-19-1946
Clark, Kathleen L. (Edward F.), b. 03-10-1961, N-, (m)10-03-1980
Clark, Thomas J. (Jean L.), b. 1924, N-, (m)10-19-1946
Cline, Anna L. (George A.), b. 1886, d. 1980, O-, Mother
Cline, Barbara A. (James E.), b. 1855, d. 1944, O-
Cline, Emmaline M. Ascher (Norbert P.), b. 12-19-1920, d. 04-15-1987, N--see obit
Cline, George A. (Anna L.), b. 1886, d. 1944, O- Father
Cline, James E. (Barbara A.), b. 1851, d. 1921, O-
Cline, James F. (Lorraine O.), b. 04-23-1945, d. 04-25-1999, N-
Cline, James N., d. 06-12-1901, O-, s/o James E.& Barbara A. Cline, 12y10m24d old
Cline, Jerry L., b. 05-22-1947, d. 06-09-1981, N--s/o Norbert Cline, see obit
Cline, Kay E. (Norman J.), b. 07-03-1942, N-
Cline, Lorraine O. (James F.), b. 02-14-1946, N-
Cline, Norbert P. (Emmaline M.), b. 01-20-1916, d. 03-25-1984, N-
Cline, Norman J. (Kay E.), b. 11-17-1940, d. 09-03-1993, N-, Vietnam, SP4 US Army
Cline, Ruth E. -Miss, b. 1913, d. 10-27-1977, 0-, d/o George A. & Anna L.Cline, see obit
Cole, Tressa H., b. 1898, d. 1990, O-
Coyle, Edward Martin (Luella F.), b. 09-21-1920, d. 12-14-1992, N-, WW II, Pfc US Marine Corps, K of C
Coyle, Luella F. (Edward Martin), b. 1921, d. 09-26-1983, N-, Am.Leg. Auxiliary, nee Schwoerer, see obit
Crary, Alice A. (Clyde Sr.), b. 12-25-1904, d. 04-30-2001, N--d/o George & Agnes McAvoy Hosfeld, see obit
Crary, Clyde A. Sr. (Alice A. Hosfeld), b. 1904, d. 06-17-1974, N--see obit
Cyburt, Edward J., b. 02-27-1918, d. 01-22-2003, O-, WW II, Pfc Us Army PH
Dalton, Earle J. (Geraldine L. Eder), b. 11-27-1896, d. 11-28-1967, N-, WW I, Wis Cpl CO F 128 Inf 32 Div, see obit
Dalton, Geraldine L. (Earle J.), b. 12-13-1902, d. 01-14-1979, N-
Davis, Hilda E. Wartner, b. 1894, d. 11-04-1970, O-, sister of Leonard A. Wartner, see obit
Debevec, Ralph J. (Delores Zack), b. 1927, d. 10-28-1975, N--see obit
Dettman, Henry O. (Theresa), b. 1883, d. 02-26-1977, N--see obit
Dettman, Joseph L., b. 08-30-1922, d. 07-17-2015, s/o Henry & Theresa Neumaier Dettman, see obit
Dettman, Theresa Neumaier (Henry O.), b. 1883, d. 01-10-1977, N--see obit
Dierdorff, Beverly J. "Bev" (Jerome L.), b. 05-03-1945, d. 07-28-2005, N-, d/o Lloyd & Imo York McKenzie, (m)07-12-1975
Dierdorff, Jerome L. (Beverly J.), b. 10-22-1940, N-, (m)07-12-1975
Dobija, Bernard, b. 1943, d. 2000, N-, s/o Stephen & Genevieve Dobija
Dobija, Dennis Stephen, b. 05-19-1945, d. 05-30-2015, Plot 70-C, s/o Genevieve & Stephen Dobija, see obit
Dobija, Genevieve F. (Stephen J.), b. 02-11-1919, d. 12-07-2005, N-, d/o George & Frances Slemp, info from obit
Dobija, Stephen J. (Genevieve F.), b. 04-15-1917, d. 08-23-1997, N-, dates from SSDI
Doeseckle, Etheldra M. (Robert E.), b. 1917, d. 02-02-2010, N--, nee Schumann, d.ILL, see obit
Doeseckle, Michael Joseph, b. 1958, d. 1981, N-, Son
Doeseckle, Robert E. (Etheldra M.), b. 01-07-1915, d. 01-21-2010, N--, WW II, US Army, PH, d.ILL, see obit
Dohm, Dolores E. (Donald M.), b. 1929, N-, (m)06-15-1948
Dohm, Donald M. (Dolores E.), b. 1924, d. 1984, N-, (m)06-15-1948
Dohm, Jennifer Louese, b. 12-16-1976, d. 01-28-1990, N-, d/o James & Linda Dohm
Dolson, Harvey A. (Loza E.), b. 1916, d. 1986, O-(m)08-1939
Dolson, Lee Michael, d. 03-30-1974, N-, infant s/o Joe & Diane Dolson
Dolson, Loza E. (Harvey A.)-obit, b. 05-20-1920, d. 08-07-2011, Plot 8-A, O-(m)08-1939, d/o Hugh & Catherine Skelton Carberry
Dominick, Raymond H., b. 03-06-1915, d. 05-11-2003, N--see obit
Dorn, Patsy M., b. 10-06-1940, d. 04-02-2000, O-, d/o Reginald J.& Mareta E. McIntyre
Downer, Mary P. (Raymond), b. 12-25-1924, d. 09-07-2015, (m)09-08-1945, d/o Frank & Leokadia Szultek Kurkerewicz, see obit
Downer, Raymond S. "Ray" (Mary P. Kurkerewicz), b. 08-21-1923, d. 10-16-2011, Plot 69-C, WW II, US Coast Guard, (m)09-08-1945, s/o Adolph & Josephine Downer, see obit
Dunn, Kathryn A. Dugan (1st w/o Thomas J. Sr.), b. 1919, d. 1989, O-, (m)09-12-1942, "Honee"
Dunn, Thomas J. Sr. (#1Kathryn A. Dugan, #2Marjorie Carter), b. 09-25-1915, d. 12-08-2006, O--WW II, US Navy 2nd Lt, (m1)09-12-1942, "Tom", s/o Edward & Mary Walsh Dunn, see obit
Eagan Family stone, N-, Charlotte A, Jack W, Ryan patrick, Susan J., Michael J., Infant Daughter
Eagan, Charlotte A. (Jack W.), b. 12-19-1919, d. 11-11-1995, N-
Eagan, Infant Daughter, d. 09-16-1973, N-, on Eagan family stone
Eagan, Jack W. (Charlotte A.), b. 05-22-1918, d. 03-06-1998, N-, WW II
Eagan, Lorraine E. (#1Romie H. Schneider, #2Jack Eagan), b. 08-17-1918, d. 06-04-2006, N--, d.Florida, maybe nee Lemon, see Lorraine Schneider, see obit for Lorraine Eagan, see ssdi dates
Eagan, Michael J. (Susan J.), b. 09-08-1946, N-, (m)10-10-1970
Eagan, Ryan Patrick, b. 09-05-1980, d. 11-05-1998, N-, on Eagan family stone
Eagan, Susan J. (Michael J.), b. 10-24-1949, N-, (m)10-10-1970
Eckardt, Anna (Alvin)--see obit, b. 01-11-1913, d. 04-15-2008, N-, (m)1933, d/o Stephen & Josephine Chuma Kordik
Eckardt, Carol Ann "Annie", b. 1947, N-, d/o Anna Eckardt, married name Randall, on stone with Ann Kordik Eckardt
Eckstein, Edna C. Zins (Mathias S.), b. 1904, d. 1992, O-see obit
Eckstein, Mathias S. "Math" (Edna C. Zina), b. 1905, d. 3-10-1966, O-see obit
Eckstein, Nicholas (Theresa), b. 1871, d. 1945, O-, Father
Eckstein, Theresa (Nicholas), b. 1869, d. 1938, O-, Mother
Eder, Teresa M. -Mrs., b. 09-17-1881, d. 01-22-1958, O-, "Our beloved mother"
Eichman, Marie A. -Mrs., b. 03-26-1883, d. 11-22-1965, O-see obit
Elsing, Bernadine (Harlow "Bill"), b. 01-19-1929, d. 10-08-1981, N-, Nee Bender, dates from SSDI, see obit
Elsing, Harlow "Bill" (Bernadine Bender), b. 12-22-1927, d. 04-16-2005, N-, s/o Ben & Emma Soelle Elsing
Elsing, Kelly Jo, b. 10-09-1968, d. 10-10-1968, N-, "Our Baby", d/o Harlow Elsing, see obit
Elsing, Robert J., b. 1958, d. 02-12-1977, N-, s/o Harlow & Bernadine Elsing, see obit
Erlmeier, Sebastian, b. 01-19-1858, d. 03-15-1955, O-
Everson, Sylvester C., b. 1888, d. 1943, O-
Everson, Sylvester Earl, b. 1917, d. 07-16-1975, O--see obit
Fentress, Frank L. (Mary Ellen Farrell), b. 1920, d. 04-03-2006, N-, WW II, (m)01-19-1946, see obit
Fentress, Mary Ellen Farrell (Frank L.), b. 1923, d. 10-18-1980, N-, (m)01-19-1946, see obit
Fisk, Agatha V. (Lloyd G.), b. 02-18-1922, N-, (m)04-14-1942
Fisk, Carol Margaret, b. 05-09-1953, d. 01-05-2011, Plot 50-A, O-, d/o Henry & Elizabeth Brunner Jeske, see obit
Fisk, Harold Hugh (Margaret K.), b. 02-06-1923, d. 01-01-1966, O-see obit
Fisk, Ivan, b. 1953, d. 1954, O-, s/o H.Hugh & Margaret Fisk
Fisk, Lloyd G. (Agatha V.), b. 01-13-1915, d. 01-01-1984, N-, WW II, Tsgt US Army, (m)04-14-1942
Fisk, Margaret K. (Harold Hugh), ?-, is she buried here? No stone
Fisk, Mark L., b. 08-26-1958, d. 02-03-2002, N-
Fitzgerald, Anna (Mike), b. 1883, d. 07-00-1960, O-, WRC, RNA, see obit
Fitzgerald, Donald, b. 03-03-1911, d. 10-14-1940, O-, Father
Fitzgerald, Gertrude A. (James L.), b. 1882, d. 07-05-1978, O--see obit
Fitzgerald, Ineata R. "Ted" Slivinski (Leo J.), b. 1913, d. 09-14-1988, O--see obit
Fitzgerald, James L. (Gertrude A. Ganser), b. 1883, d. 03-27-1968, O-WW II, see obit
Fitzgerald, John (Mary A.), b. 1853, d. 06-07-1924, O-, Father, see obit
Fitzgerald, Joseph Michael, b. 06-11-1957, d. 11-26-2004, N--, s/o Louis & Joy Hulbert Fitzgerald, see obit
Fitzgerald, Joy F. Hulbert (Louis F.), b. 06-05-1918, d. 03-27-1992, N-, WW II, Ssgt US Army, (m)06-21-1947
Fitzgerald, Leo J. (Ineata R. "Ted" Slivinski), b. 1910, d. 07-08-1973, O-see obit
Fitzgerald, Louis F. (Joy Hulbert), b. 06-12-1913, d. 01-02-2007, N-, WW II, TSGT, US Army Corps of Enginneers, VFW, (m)06-21-1947, s/o James & Gertrude Ganser Fitzgerald, see obit
Fitzgerald, Mary A. (J.), b. 1857, d. 12-11-1903, O-, Mother, 46yr 8mo 7da old
Fitzgerald, Michael F., b. 1881, d. 05-17-1966, O-see obit
Fitzgerald, Robert W., b. 1919, O-, s/o James L. & Gertrude A. Fitzgerald?
Fitzsimmons, Ellen (John), b. 1870, d. 1947, O-
Fitzsimmons, John (Ellen), b. 1861, d. 1941, O-
Fitzsimmons, Kate (Michael L.), b. 06-30-1860, d. 10-27-1929, O-, Nee Byrns, Mother
Fitzsimmons, Michael L. (Kate), b. 04-28-1855, d. 12-22-1933, O-, Father
Fleming, James, b. 1892, d. 1892, O-, s/o John H. & Katharine Fleming
Fleming, John H. (Katharine), b. 1855, d. 1912, O-, Father
Fleming, John V., b. 1882, d. 1968, O-, s/o John H. & Katharine Fleming?
Fleming, Katharine (John H.), b. 1854, d. 1892, O--Mother
Forbeck, Sharon R., b. 12-17-1954, d. 06-07-1999, O-, in the Hackle lot, mother & grandmother
Fryman, David G. (Mary E.), b. 09-08-1927, d. 01-15-1993, N- WW II, US Navy, (m)07-14-1954
Fryman, Mary E. (David G.), b. 03-25-1929, N-, (m)07-14-1954
Fullam, James, b. 1832, d. 10-07-1855, O-, born CO Westmeath Ireland
Gallagher, Alfred "Al" (Dorothy Seidl), b. 11-24-1928, d. 03-22-2012, Plot 117-A, N-, US Army, (m)06-18-1955, s/o Clyde A. Rosemary Brady Gallagher, see obit
Gallagher, Dorothy (Alfred "Al"), b. 1928, N-, (m)06-18-1955, nee Seidl
Gallagher, Edna B. "Happy" (Thomas Elisha), b. 02-22-1932, d. 05-10-2012, Plot 49-C, (m)12-26-1950, d/o Jerry & Anna Mae Wetherall, see obit
Gallagher, Thomas Elisha (Edna B. "Happy"), b. 11-05-1923, d. 01-14-1971, N-, WW II, Wis SM3 US Navy Reserve, (m)12-26-1950, see obit
Gamer, Ann C. (Milton J.), b. 10-14-1917, d. 01-24-1998, N-, (m)02-09-1946
Gamer, Milton J. (Ann C.), b. 04-03-1914, d. 01-01-1999, N-, WW I, Pfc US Army, (m)02-09-1946
Ganser, Adam (Josephine Herbrandt), b. 1858, d. 11-00-1955, O-, Father, see obit
Ganser, Agnes, b. 08-19-1892, d. 02-12-1906, O-, d/o Josephine & Adam Ganser
Ganser, Agnes S. Ripp (Clarence P.), b. 1928, N-, (m)05-17-1949
Ganser, Clarence P. (Agnes S. Ripp), b. 08-13-1927, d. 06-25-2005, N-, (m)05-17-1949, s/o Oscar& Eleanor Maerz Ganser, see obit
Ganser, Eleanor C. (Oscar C.), b. 1907, d. 1993, N-, (m)08-24-1926, Nee Maerz,
Ganser, Josephine (Adam), b. 1862, d. 1932, O-, Mother
Ganser, LaVern Peter (Marion B. Schuetz), b. 04-08-1930, d. 05-15-2005, N-, Korea, PVT US Army, (m)06-20-1953, s/o Oscar & Eleanor Maerz Ganser, info from obit
Ganser, Leo, b. 07-26-1903, d. 08-14-1903, O-, s/o Josephine & Adam Ganser
Ganser, Lucy, O-, Last name assumed, small stone next to Agnes & Leo, maybe d/o Josephine & Adam Ganser?
Ganser, Marion B. (LaVern P.), b. 02-24-1935, d. 01-24-2006, N-, d/o Elmore & Viola Lund Schuetz, (m)06-20-1953
Ganser, Oscar C. (Eleanor C.), b. 1903, d. 1987, N-, (m)08-24-1926
Gehling, Shirley M. Stelter (Vernon W.), b. 1936, (m)08-27-1957
Gehling, Vernon W. (Shirley M. Stelter), b. 03-27-1935, d. 07-03-2013, Plot 145-A, Korea, US Marine Corps, (m)08-27-1957, s/o Anthony & Viola Vrenderburg Gehling, see obit
Gilles, Evelyn M. (Martin H.), b. 06-19-1924, d. 11-06-1998, N-Nee Schmitt, (m)06-10-1948
Gilles, Martin H. (Evelyn M. Schmitt), b. 02-18-1925, d. 06-24-2008, N-(m)06-10-1948, s/o Francis & Mary Dorn Gilles, see obit
Graves, Jesse Chester (Margaret Agnes Mahoney), b. 1854, d. 03-27-1939, O-, Father, see obit
Graves, Margaret (Jesse C.), b. 1861, d. 1920, O-, Mother
Greiber, Florence F. (Raphael "Ralph" M.), b. 05-25-1912, d. 04-26-2004, N--(m)07-26-1939, d/o Charles & Anna Neuman Kroncke, see obit
Greiber, Raphael "Ralph" M. (Florence F.), b. 1912, d. 12-13-1987, N--(m)07-26-1939, K of C
Gross, George E. (Helga K. Mulcahy), b. 02-23-1950, d. 06-04-2010, s/o Margaret & George P.Gross, see obit
Haag, Amy Sue, d. 04-02-1971, N-
Haase, Catherine Whalen (Otto), b. 1903, d. 08-30-1933, O-, Mother, Am.Leg.Aux, see obit
Haase, Donald Patrick---see obit, b. 1927, d. 06-00-1927, O-, baby next to Catherine Hasse, s/o Otto Haase
Haase, Infant daughter, d. 08-30-1933, O-, d/o Catherine & Otto Haase, see obit
Haberli, James J. (Mary P.), b. 07-29-1935, pictures, (m)06-18-1960, "Jim"
Haberli, Mary P. (James J.), b. 11-08-1937, pictures, (m)06-18-1960, "Pat"
Haberman, Emma, b. 08-09-1879, d. 07-28-1964, O-, In the Hackle plot, d/o Thomas& Margaret Hackl?
Hackl, Margaret (Thomas), b. 02-06-1855, d. 03-25-1936, O-
Hackl, Thomas (Margaret), b. 12-21-1850, d. 05-23-1917, O-
Hahn, Donald William "Bugar" Sr. (Marva), b. 12-12-1943, d. 09-02-2011, Plot 122-A, pictures, (m)04-24-1965, s/o Lyman Sr.& Laurine Cline Hahn, see obit & record book
Hahn, Laurine F. (Lyman F.), b. 10-27-1917, d. 10-29-2008, N--, (m)06-22-1939, d/o Frank & Clara Pulvermacher Cline, see obit
Hahn, Lyman F. (Laurine F.), b. 1911, d. 05-29-1989, N-, (m)06-22-1939
Hahn, Marva J. (Donald W.), b. 01-03-1948, pictures, (m)04-24-1965, nee Reuter
Hanneman, Kathy, b. 04-13-1957, d. 06-20-1957, West Fence Line-d/o H.V. & B.A. Hanneman
Hanneman, Lester P. (Marion M. Lentz), b. 1902, d. 06-27-1965, N-, Father, see obit
Hanneman, Marion M. Lentz (Lester P.), b. 1910, d. 1992, N-, Mother, see obit
Hare, Carol M., b. 1933, d. 1973, N-
Harris, Albert Lincoln "Al" (Louise Suter), b. 02-12-1925, d. 04-06-2011, Plot 121-A, m)07-10-1946, s/o John & Mary Mason Harris, see obit
Hart, Edward (Mary), b. 1859, d. 1932, O-, Father
Hart, Mary (Edward), b. 1868, d. 08-00-1951, O-, Mother, see obit
Hartwig, Clarence B., b. 03-14-1920, d. 03-16-1998, N-, WW II, Sgt US Army
Haupt, Robin--obit says her ashes will be laid to rest with her two grandmas, b. 05-14-1965, d. 11-09-2014, d/o Jim & Hollie Dolson Haupt, this is a memorial stone, see obit, name on back of Harvey & Loza Dolson stone
Heft, Frank (Gertrude), b. 1867, d. 1948, O-
Heft, Gertrude (Frank), b. 1871, d. 05-00-1939, O-, American Legion Auxiliary, see obit
Heft, Lillian J. Oien (Raymond), b. 12-02-1904, d. 08-11-1972, O-see obit
Heft, Raymond P. (Lillian Oien), b. 01-13-1896, d. 01-08-1968, O-, WW I, Wis Pfc CO A 1068 Inf, s/o Frank & Gertrude Heft, see obit
Hein, John (Susan C. Palm), b. 1875, d. 12-26-1968, O--see obit
Hein, Susan C. Palm (John M.), b. 1877, d. 12-00-1952, O-see obit
Hellenbrand, Alfred A. (Marian A. Brisky), b. 01-27-1926, d. 05-31-1993, N-, K of C
Hellenbrand, Dale R., b. 07-09-1957, d. 11-25-2005, N-, s/o Alfred A. & Marian A.Brisky Hellenbrand, obit
Hellenbrand, Darell R., b. 06-18-1955, d. 09-02-2013, Plot 100-E, N--, s/o Alfred A.& Marian A.Brisky Hellenbrand, obit
Hellenbrand, David W., b. 07-21-1952, d. 10-31-1991, N-, s/o Alfred A. & Marian A.Brisky Hellenbrand
Hellenbrand, Frances A. (John J.), b. 07-02-1905, d. 01-16-1992, N-
Hellenbrand, John J. (Frances A. Wipperfurth), b. 08-22-1898, d. 10-06-1965, N-see obit
Hellenbrand, John Roman, b. 09-03-1962, d. 07-28-2009, s/o Roman C.& Nancy M.Hellenbrand, pictures, obit
Hellenbrand, Marian A. (Alfred A.), b. 05-11-1930, d. 09-16-2002, N--, Nee Brisky
Hellenbrand, Nancy M. (Roman C.), b. 10-18-1938, d. 04-16-2014, Plot 166-B, (m)02-09-1957, d/o Reginald & Mareta McIntyre, obit
Hellenbrand, Roman C. (Nancy M.), b. 1938, (m)02-09-1957
Helwig, Anna Truth, b. 1907, d. 2000, N-
Hilliker, Margaret J. "Peg" (Jerry), b. 04-16-1938, d. 11-13-2008, (m)1963, d/o Albert "Casey" & Esther Fahnel Riley, see obit
Hochstein, Amelia Seiler (John M.), b. 03-21-1903, d. 03-20-1991, N-, American Legion Auxiliary
Hochstein, Arnold E. (Margaret D.), b. 1930, d. 12-06-1994, N-, (m)11-13-1958
Hochstein, Arthur (Catherine), b. 12-03-1925, d. 07-22-1998, N-, K of C
Hochstein, Carol Ann, b. 12-25-1965, d. 10-03-1966, N-, "Our Baby", d/o Arnold E.& Margaret D.Hochstein
Hochstein, Catherine (Arthur), b. 10-02-1927, N-
Hochstein, Donald J. -see obit, b. 06-06-1950, d. 10-20-1956, West Fence Line & on parents stone--, s/o Arthur & Catherine Hochstein
Hochstein, John M. (Amelia Seiler), b. 09-26-1896, d. 02-26-1977, N-, WW I, US Army, see obit
Hochstein, Margaret D. (Arnold E.), b. 02-21-1936, d. 03-16-2011, Plot 99-D, N-, (m)11-13-1958, d/o Walter & Caroline Fridegar, see obit
Holak, Edward (Marie O.), b. 1913, d. 1987, N-, (m)01-15-1942, K of C.
Holak, Marie O. (Edward), b. 1919, d. 1996, N- (m)01-15-1942
Hoppe, Stephen B. (Veronica F. Dantinne), b. 06-23-1927, d. 11-24-2002, N--(m)0717-1954, s/o Joseph & Agnes Matykowski Hoppe, see obit
Hoppe, Veronica F. (Stephen B.), b. 1934, N--(m)07-17-1954, "Ronnie"
Hornung, Adam (Kunigunda), b. 1862, d. 1937, O-, Father
Hornung, Frank X., b. 1899, d. 1993, O-, s/o Adam & Kunigunda Hornung
Hornung, George J., b. 01-14-1897, d. 11-15-1975, O-, WW I, Pvt US Army
Hornung, John J., b. 1901, d. 02-14-1980, O-, s/o Adam & Kunigunda Hornung, see obit
Hornung, Kunigunda (Adam), b. 1863, d. 1947, O-, Mother
Horstkamp, Erika (Klaus), b. 09-14-1942, N-, (m)01-08-1963, German Inscription
Horstkamp, Klaus (Erika), b. 09-21-1940, d. 12-22-2001, N-, (m)01-08-1963, German Inscription
Horton, Helen Clara, b. 02-17-1920, d. 10-22-2000, O-
Howard, Frank G., b. 10-05-1894, d. 02-01-1953, O-, WW I, Wis Pvt Co 6 Reception Center
Hummel, Catherine (Herman), b. 1868, d. 1945, O-, Mother
Hummel, Herman (Catherine), b. 1858, d. 1937, O-, Father
Hyatt, Joan L. (John J.), b. 1943, N-, (m)02-23-1963, Nee Hamilton
Hyatt, John J. (Joan L. Hamilton), b. 07-04-1942, d. 12-15-2006, N--US Army, (m)02-23-1963s/o Gilbert & Louise Gander Hyatt, see obit
Hyatt, Thomas P., b. 08-06-1964, d. 04-12-1993, N-, s/o John J. & Joan L.Hamilton Hyatt
Ireland, Blanche Hart (Donovan E.), b. 12-19-1915, d. 10-11-2013, Plot 119-B, N-(m)10-23-1946, d/o Joseph & Maude Shillinglaw Hart, see obit
Ireland, Donovan E. (Blanche Hart), b. 08-12-1913, d. 07-22-2005, N-, WW II, SSGT, US Army, (m)10-23-1946, s/o Edward & Bessie Murphy Ireland, info from obit
Ireland, Martin J., b. 1952, N-, on stone with Donovan E. & Blanche H. Ireland
Ireland, William H., b. 1947, N-, on stone with Donovan E. & Blanche H. Ireland
Jesman, Clara, d. 11-13-1892, O-, d/o Joseph W.& Ellen Jesman, 18yr2mo13da old
Jesman, Ellen (Joseph W.), b. 1847, d. 1922, O-
Jesman, Joseph W. (Ellen), b. 1853, d. 1920, O-
Jessup, Alice M. (William H.), b. 1881, d. 09-09-1939, O-, Mother, see obit
Jessup, William H. (Alice M.), b. 1876, d. 10-13-1944, O-, Father, see obit
Jimieson, John N. (Sherry L.), b. 1946, d. 1987, N-, (m)11-28-1970
Jimieson, Sherry L. (John N.), b. 1948, N-
Jones, Mary T., b. 03-03-1911, d. 08-10-2003, N-, Mother
Karls, Diane M. Pape (William F.), b. 06-14-1936, (m)08-04-1956
Karls, Infant, d. 11-15-1978, N-, d/o John R. & Sharon M. Karls
Karls, William F. (Diane M. Pape), b. 04-29-1927, d. 02-22-2009, (m)08-04-1956, s/o Frank & Molly Kurt Karls, pictures, see obit
Kavalauskas, Albina B. "Albie" (Peter P.), b. 05-08-1915, d. 11-10-2007, N--(m)01-14-1938, d/o Peter & Martha Petrauskas Sheris, see obit
Kavalauskas, Peter P. (Albina B.), b. 1914, d. 1992, N--(m)01-14-1938
Kearney, John Kenneth "Ken" (Rosemary Anne Ryan), b. 01-25-1931, d. 09-22-2013, Plot 107-C, O-, Korea, US Army, (m)04-21-1951, s/o Frank & Pinkey Belle Metcalf Kearney, see obit
Kearney, Rosemary Anne Ryan (John Kenneth "Ken"), b. 01-05-1933, d. 12-07-2010, pictures, (m)04-21-1951, d/o Tom & Gertrude Knuteson Ryan, see obit
Kehoe, Ellen (John), b. 05-01-1845, d. 07-09-1936, O-, Nee O'Keefe, Mother
Kehoe, Gerald, b. 1869, d. 1935, O-, s/o John & Ellen O'Keefe Kehoe
Kehoe, John (Ellen), b. 04-14-1843, d. 09-14-1909, O-, GAR, PVT, CO K 23rd WIS Inf, b.Co Carlow Ireland
Keichinger, Clarice W. (Harold L.), b. 11-08-1915, d. 07-23-1996, N-, (m)11-24-1937
Keichinger, Harold L. (Clarice W.), b. 12-18-1913, d. 01-11-1988, N-, (m)11-24-1937
Kelley, David D, b. 04-11-1954, d. 02-05-2009, from obit, s/o Ralph & Lola Hohneke Kelley, funeral at St.Pat's in Lodi
Kelley, John L. (Mary Ann), b. 10-06-1923, d. 01-23-1985, N-
Kelley, Lola M. Hohneke (Ralph D.), b. 10-12-1934, d. 11-29-2015, (m)11-29-1952, d/o Edward & Zelda Hohneke, see obit
Kelley, Mary Ann (John L.), b. 03-04-1930, d. 01-14-2000, N-
Kelley, Ralph D. (Lola M. Hohneke), b. 04-07-1926, d. 08-26-2007, pictures, WW II, Korea, SFC US Army, s/o Theodore & Margaret Fink Kelley, (m)11-29-1952, see obit
Kelly, Ann M. (John J.), b. 10-21-1905, d. 01-19-2000, N--see ssdi
Kelly, John J. (Ann M.), b. 1906, d. 2000, N-
Kenworthy, Peter Alan (Shelly McKenna), b. 06-05-1954, d. 07-04-2003, N--(m)05-18-1985, s/o James A.& Joy Anne Bowers Kenworthy, see obit
Kessenich, Donna M. Treinen (Joseph L.), b. 12-07-1928, pictures, (m)08-11-1949
Kessenich, Joseph Leo (Donna M. Treinen), b. 07-22-1926, d. 08-30-2015, WW II, Army, (m)08-11-1949, s/o Joseph M. & Catherine Kurth Kessenich, see obit
Kippley, Edi (Lloyd N.), b. 05-10-1943, pictures
Kippley, Lloyd N. (Edi), b. 08-14-1941, pictures
Kirschner, John, b. 1871, d. 1941, West fence line-
Kjorlie, Melvin T. (Tharsilla/Tharisalla A. Ruhrman), b. 1898, d. 10-25-1967, N-see obit
Kjorlie, Tharsilla A. (Melvin T.), b. 1902, d. 1967, N-
Klements, Frank Jr., b. 04-00-1910, d. 05-00-1910, O-, s/o Frank & Mary Klements
Klements, Frank (Mary), b. 1866, d. 1941, O-
Klements, Mary (Frank), b. 1865, d. 09-00-1951, O-see obit
Knerzer, Carol Josephine (Milton D.), b. 12-25-1922, d. 12-04-1986, N-, Nee Shillinglaw, (m)05-01-1941
Knerzer, Milton D. (Carol Josephine Shillinglaw), b. 03-13-1915, d. 05-18-2006, N--WW II, PFC US Army, Am.Legion, (m)05-01-1941, s/o Engle & Katherine Johnson Knerzer, see obit
Knudson, Donald Winlfred (Joan Dorothy), b. 02-16-1925, d. 07-31-1986, N-, WW II, US Army, see obit
Knudson, Joan D. (Donald W.), b. 1927, N-
Koch, Anna S. (John L.), b. 1900, d. 12-22-1974, N--see obit
Koch, John L. (Anna S.), b. 1900, d. 05-22-1977, N--see obit
Koenig, John (Maria M.), b. 09-21-1905, d. 04-22-1988, N-
Koenig, Maria M. (John), b. 10-19-1911, d. 16-17-1988, N-, Nee Stampfel
Kokesh, Albert A. (Helen Glazman), b. 04-09-1897, d. 06-13-1951, O-, WW I, Wis Pvt 147 Engrs, see obit
Kolba, Ann (George), b. 1914, d. 1992, N-
Kolba, George (Ann), b. 1911, d. 1989, N-
Kolba, John (Mary Marecak), b. 1879, d. 09-17-1972, N-see obit
Kolba, Mary Marecak (John), b. 1887, d. 1982, N-
Kowalewski, Eleanor L. (Joseph), b. 1909, d. 09-11-1977, O-, Mother, see obit
Krainik, Mary, b. 06-17-1875, d. 09-10-1913, O-
Kruchten, Christina (Math J.), b. 1892, d. 1970, N-
Kruchten, Irene M. Haas (John W.), b. 1901, d. 1983, N-John Orcholski on this stone also
Kruchten, John W. (Irene M. Haas), b. 1894, d. 02-13-1965, N-see obit
Kruchten, Math J. (Christina Statz), b. 1887, d. 07-01-1964, N-see obit
Krueger, Dorothy M. (Lawrence E.), b. 05-05-1924, d. 02-16-1993, N-
Krueger, Lawrence E. (Dorothy M.), b. 01-07-1921, d. 05-04-2000, N-, WW II, MM2 US Navy, "Butch"
Kuehn, Evelyn M. (#1Maynard J. Kueh, #2Edward C. Thompson), b. 1911, d. 01-07-1981, N--see Eveyln Thompson, see obit for Evelyn Thompson
Kuehn, Kerry D., b. 09-02-1947, d. 05-09-1988, N--, Vietnam, Cpl US Marine Corps
Kuehn, Maynard J. (Evelyn M. Bull), b. 1907, d. 10-22-1965, N-see obit
Kuehn, Rosemary T. Gallagher (Merle J.), b. 1920, d. 08-15-1967, N-see obit
Kuntze, Agnes M., b. 1912, d. 1989, N-
Kurrasch, Albert J. (Anna E.), b. 1868, d. 01-17-1939, O-see obit
Kurrasch, Anna E. (Albert J.), b. 1867, d. 1941, O-
Kurrasch, Lee Joseph, b. 06-03-1896, d. 09-09-1945, O-, WW I, Wis Pvt 161 Depot Brig
Kurt, Travis R., d. 08-21-1990, O-, infant, s/o Keith & Karen Kurt, in Reginold J. McIntyre lot
Kurt, Tressa Smith (2nd w/o John J.), b. 1889, d. 1991, O-, Nee Smith, sister of Frank Smith?
LaBelle, Donovan R. (Flora B. Reuter), b. 09-13-1917, d. 06-05-2007, N--WW II, SGT US Army, (m)02-20-1939, s/o Albert Ray & Nellie Mae Bitney LaBelle, see obit
LaBelle, Flora B. (Donovan R.), b. 1917, d. 07-10-1969, N--, (m)02-20-1939, d/o Adelbert B.& Sarah Breunig Reuter, see obit
LaBuwi, Herbert Joseph (Margaret), b. 1910, d. 10-02-1989, O-, d.date from SSDI
LaBuwi, Margaret Clare (Herbert Joseph), b. 1911, d. 01-30-1977, O-, Nee Ryan, see obit
LaFave, Bernadine (Gary), b. 1944, N-
LaFave, Gary (Bernadine), b. 1940, N-
Lamberty, Anna (Hubert), b. 1860, d. 01-00-1936, O-see obit
Lamberty, Cecilia V., b. 05-27-1894, d. 03-18-1918, O-, d/o Hubert & Anna Lamberty
Lamberty, Hubert (Anna), b. 1856, d. 1945, O-
Lamberty, John, b. 1902, d. 1934, O-
Lamberty, Marie T. (Matt), b. 1899, d. 11-10-1983, O-obit says Miss Marie Lamberty
Lamberty, Matthias "Matt" H. (Marie), b. 1904, d. 02-02-1993, O-see obit
Lamberty, William J., b. 1888, d. 12-13-1962, O-see obit
LaMere, Ernest (Clara), b. 03-18-1898, d. 05-01-1976, see obit & death certficate
LaMere, Leo J. (M. Leona), b. 1911, d. 1988, N-, (m)09-25-1940, K of C,
LaMere, M. Leona (Leo J.), b. 12-09-1920, d. 04-20-2011, Plot 46-A, N--(m)09-25-1940, d/o Joseph & Margaret Connely Farrell, see obit
Lantz, Frank (Magdalena), b. 1844, d. 1934, O-, Father
Lantz, Magdalena (Frank), b. 1852, d. 1934, O-, Mother
Lantz, Susan, b. 12-23-1871, d. 03-10-1910, O-, Mother
LaReau, Edward, b. 1932, d. 03-00-1942, O-, s/o Rene F. & Pauline A. LaReau, see obit
LaReau, Pauline A. (#1Rene F. LaReau, #2Henry Williams), b. 1910, d. 12-13-1983, O--see obit for Pauline Williams
LaReau, Rene F. (Pauline A.), b. 1903, d. 07-29-1965, O-see obit
Latham, Doyle E. (Judith A.), b. 1941, d. 1993, N-, "USANG"-United States Army or Air National Guard, (m)10-19-1961
Latham, Judith A. (Doyle E.), b. 1942, N-, Nee Coyle (m)10-19-1961
Lawson, Shirley F. (Thomas F.), b. 04-19-1942, N-
Lawson, Thomas F. (Shirley F.), b. 03-10-1940, d. 03-19-1993, N-, Veteran
Leatherberry, Diane M. (Gary), b. 03-03-1950, d. 01-13-2015, Plot 46-C, (m)09-12-1970, d/o Leo & Leona LaMere, see obit
Leavy, Ann (James), b. 11-16-1814, d. 10-23-1893, O-, b.Co Westmeath Ireland, Mother, Nee Fullam?
Leavy, James (Ann), b. 1799, d. 10-21-1855, O-, b.Co Longford Ireland, Father
Leavy, Thomas, b. 10-23-1839, d. 01-24-1912, O-, s/o James & Ann Leavy?
Lemke, Karen R. (Steven R.), b. 12-08-1954, d. 01-05-1995, N-, (m)10-01-1988
Lemke, Steven R. (Karen R.), b. 08-05-1953, N-, (m)10-01-1988
Ligneel, George J., b. 1927, d. 1945, O-, s/o Victor J. & Mary K. Ligneel
Ligneel, Mary K. (Victor J.), b. 1900, d. 1981, O-, Mother
Ligneel, Victor J. (Mary K. Juris), b. 1884, d. 07-13-1962, O-, Father, see obit
Lirios, Remedios P. "Remy" (Secundino "Dino" F.), b. 03-31-1928, d. 04-25-2015, Plot 150-B, (m)09-08-1954, d/o Fabian & Irene Songco de la Paz
Lirios, Secundino "Dino" (Remedios P. "Remy"), b. 05-21-1925, d. 11-11-2011, Plot 150-A, (m)09-08-1954, s/o Juan & Paula Faustino Lirios, see obit
Lochner, Alex P. (Amelda E. Paepke), b. 05-12-1925, d. 07-23-2006, N--, (m)05-12-1949, s/o August & Aurelia Breunig Lochner, 4th degree KC, see obit
Lochner, Amelda E. Paepke (Alex P.), b. 10-06-1930, (m)05-12-1949
Lochner, Henry G. (Mary L.), b. 08-05-1922, d. 03-29-1995, N-, WW II, Pfc US Army Air Corps, (m)05-06-1947
Lochner, Joyce I. Ness (Raymond O.), b. 1926, d. 1997, N-
Lochner, Mary L. (Henry G.), b. 01-04-1926, N-, Nee Schroeder, (m)05-06-1947
Lochner, Raymond O. (Joyce I. Ness), b. 1924, d. 03-08-1974, N-see obit
Loff Family stone, N-, Amos P, Marie V, Frances, Karen M.
Loff, Amos P. "Swede" (Marie V.), b. 1906, d. 04-18-1991, N-, (m)06-23-1937
Loff, Frances, b. 1914, d. 1996, N-, Nee Mulcahy
Loff, Karen M., b. 03-20-1947, d. 08-03-2007, N-d/o Amos & Marie Mulcahy Loff, see obit
Loff, Marie V. (Amos P. "Swede"), b. 08-14-1910, d. 02-11-2006, N--, (m)06-23-1937, d/o Thomas & Lena Felber Mulcahy, see obit
Lonergan, M. Janet (Ralph J.), b. 06-08-1930, N-, (m)09-10-1949, Nee Grota
Lonergan, Ralph J. (M. Janet Grota), b. 04-01-1926, d. 04-03-2004, N-, WW II, Cpl US Army Air Force, (m)09-10-1949, s/o Ralph J.& Frances Danek Lonergan Sr, see obit
Lund, Margaret B., b. 11-02-1937, d. 12-22-1991, N-
Lund, Roy, d. 10-30-2013, Plot 72-C
Lynch, John, b. 08-27-1893, d. 03-15-1934, West fence line-, WW I, Mass. Pvt 26 inf 1st div
Mabis, Donald A. (Viola A. Ripp), b. 1929, d. 1987, N-, Korea, Pfc US Army, s/o Adolph & Olive Mabis
Mabis, Viola A. (Donald A.), b. 1930, d. 07-23-2015, N-d/o John & Elizabeth Ripp, see obit
Maden, Nathaniel Joseph Kjorlie, d. 10-14-1991, N-Baby section
Maerz, Delores, b. 06-11-1929, d. 06-06-1935, West fence line-, d/o Christina & Peter Maerz
Mahana, Margaret, b. 1819, d. 1895, O-, on Jesman Stone
Maier, Margaret J. (Peter M.), b. 1913, d. 1997, N-
Maier, Peter M. (Margaret J.), b. 1907, d. 1991, N-
Maney, Lillian Ingham (Thomas R.), b. 1893, d. 11-25-1976, N--see obit
Maney, Thomas R. (Lillian Ingham), b. 1890, d. 10-28-1962, N--see obit
Markgraf, Clara M. (Clarence), b. 10-08-1916, d. 04-25-2006, N-, d/o Michael & Jenny Vaubel Donnermeyer, see obit (m)08-16-1956, Mother, on stone with James H.Blank
Markgraf, Clarence (Clara M.), b. 07-27-1908, d. 04-13-2002, N-, (m)08-16-1956, is he buried here? Not on stone
Martin, Charlotte M. (Edward C.), b. 1908, d. 1992, N-, Mother
Martin, Edward C. (Charlotte M.), b. 1904, d. 1984, N-, Father
Martin, Jerome E. "Jerry", b. 02-05-1935, d. 01-25-1995, N-
Matusek, Andrew Frank, d. 08-25-1999, N-Baby section, infant s/o Frank & Debbie Matusek
May, Donald J. (Eileen E.), b. 03-03-1923, d. 05-31-2015, Plot 61-A, N-WW II, US Army, (m)08-09-1947, s/o Matthew & Mary Schneeweis May, see obit
May, Eileen E. (Donald J.), b. 09-03-1927, d. 09-22-1991, N-, (m)08-09-1947, Nee Bebow
May, Ryan Michael, b. 08-08-1980, d. 08-01-2001, N--see stone & ssdi.
Mayfield, Francis "Frank" (Muriel K. Wolfe), b. 1917, d. 01-04-2002, N-(m)07-16-1940
Mayfield, Muriel K. (Francis "Frank"), b. 01-05-1922, d. 05-02-2008, N--(m)07-16-1940, d/o Orville & Ottilia Patzner Wolfe, see obit
McAuley, Daniel (Sarah Jane Hagen)), b. 1831, d. 1917, O-, Father footstone, no first name, see obit for names
McAuley, Harriet, b. 1877, d. 1960, O-, sister of Margaret McAuley?, on same stone
McAuley, Margaret, b. 1868, d. 1955, O-, sister of Harriet McAuley?, on same stone
McAuley, Sarah Jane Hagen (Daniel), b. 1843, d. 1910, O-, Mother footstone, no first name, see obit for names
McCartney, Jerry D., b. 04-19-1934, d. 01-02-1993, O-, Korea
McConvill, Anna/Annie (John), b. 1862, d. 02-15-1933, O-Sister to Frank Whalen, see obit
Mcconvill, Baby, b. 1906, d. 1906, O-, c/o John & Anna McConvill
McConvill, Bernadette "Etta"-Miss, b. 1886, d. 08-14-1967, O-see obit
McConvill, Bernard (Frances), d. 04-26-1904, O-, 69yr old, father
McConvill, Frances (Bernard), d. 01-30-1928, O-, 84yr old, mother
McConvill, John (Anna), b. 1869, d. 12-00-1949, O-see obit
McConvill, Margaret, b. 1880, d. 10-14-1968, O-see obit
McConvill, Sarah A., d. 10-02-1867, O-, d/o Bernard & Frances McConvill, 1yr 11da old
McCracken, Eva A. (Larry A.), b. 1937, O--(m)06-20-1959
McCracken, Larry A. (Eva A.), b. 1935, O--(m)06-20-1959
McDunn, Maurice Edward, b. 02-11-1958, d. 11-20-1958, N-
McGowan, Catherine (John), b. 1862, d. 1935, O-, Mother
McGowan, Clara G., d. 12-23-1943, West fence line-
McGowan, Edward J. "Bunny", b. 1951, d. 12-19-1968, N--see obit
McGowan, Elizabeth Lillian Rose "Betty" (Thomas J.), b. 06-30-1914, d. 01-30-2002, N--d/o Ewald & Elzabeth Faubel Schubring
McGowan, Gladys (Robert P.), b. 1905, d. 12-20-1964, O-see obit
McGowan, James (Mary J.), b. 02-09-1867, d. 03-11-1941, O-
McGowan, John (Catherine), b. 1864, d. 1930, O-, Father
McGowan, Mary, b. 08-27-1870, d. 06-06-1905, O-, Nee Moen?
McGowan, Mary C., b. 08-17-1904, d. 03-25-1917, O-, d/o James & Mary J.McGowan
McGowan, Mary J (James), b. 06-11-1864, d. 02-09-1924, O-
McGowan, Robert, b. 11-14-1877, d. 05-20-1952, see obit & death certificate
McGowan, Robert Christopher, b. 1901, d. 09-00-1956, O-see obit
McGowan, Robert P. (Gladys), b. 1900, d. 10-10-1972, O-obit says wife's name is Veronica
McGowan, Robert (Sarah McQuade), b. 1838/1840, d. 10-10-1916, O-, Father, see obit
McGowan, Sarah J., b. 09-08-1897, d. 12-27-1918, O-, d/o James & Mary J. McGowan
McGowan, Sarah McQuade (Robert), b. 10-06-1933, d. 04-20-1916, O-d/o John & Mary McQuade, Mother, see obit
McGowan, Thomas J. Sr., b. 1895, d. 08-00-1963, N-see obit
McIntyre, Dianne Florence (Gerald E.), b. 12-10-1945, d. 12-15-2011, Plot 164-B, (m)07-18-1964, d/o Ernest & Viola Johnson, pictures, see obit
McIntyre, Gerald E. "Jerry" (Dianne Florence Johnson), b. 01-10-1946, d. 11-24-2010, (m)07-18-1964, s/o James & Josephine Maier McIntyre, see obit
McIntyre, James W. (Josephine E. ?), b. 07-13-1907, d. 06-28-1956, N-, WW II, WI S2 US Navy Reserve
McIntyre, John E., b. 1936, d. 07-05-1953, O-, s/o Reginold J. & Mareta E.McIntyre, see obit
McIntyre, Josephine E. (James W.), b. 07-25-1911, d. 11-01-2004, N-, grandmother, mother, wife, d/o Wolfgang & Penelope Esser Maier, see obit
McIntyre, Mareta E. (Reginald J.), b. 07-22-1917, d. 04-14-1985, O-, d/o Mrs. Freida Swanson
McIntyre, Reginald J. (Mareta E.), b. 1905, d. 1971, O-
McKenna, Fred B. (Bonnie Evans), b. 03-13-1923, d. 06-10-1978, N-, WW II, TEC5 US Army, see obit
McQuade, James, b. 1872, d. 1930, O-
McQuaid, Anna (James), b. 06-10-1839, d. 01-13-1899, O-, Mother
McQuaid, James (Anna), b. 1822, d. 1922, O-see obit in March 1922 newspaper
Meade, Gale R. (Victoria M.), b. 1927, d. 1988, O-, WW II, (m)10-20-1945
Meade, Victoria M. (Gale R.), b. 08-18-1926, d. 04-06-2014, Plot 89-B, O, --(m)10-20-1945, d/o Victor & Mary Ligneel, obit
Michel, Elilzabeth (William), b. 1880, d. 1927, O-, RNA, mother
Michel, F. William (Verna M. Cooper), b. 07-17-1908, d. 01-10-2003, O-, (m)03-16-1934, s/o William & Elizabeth Michel, see obit
Michel, Verna M. (F. William), b. 08-20-1913, d. 12-25-2007, O--(m)03-16-1934, d/o Earl & Bertha Raemisch Cooper, obit says Verna C. Michel, see obit
Michel, William (Elizabeth), b. 1871, d. 1934, O-, Father
Michels, Arlene L. (Paul Raymond), b. 10-14-1934, N-
Michels, John M. "Jack", b. 08-09-1955, d. 06-13-2003, N-, s/o Paul R. & Arlene L.Hellenbrand Michels
Michels, Paul Jr., d. 09-24-1956, West fence line-
Michels, Paul Raymond (Arlene L.), b. 02-03-1929, d. 06-10-1992, N-, Korea, Cpl US Army, K of C
Miller, Albert C. (Grace H.), b. 1917, d. 1995, N-
Miller, Bernadette F. O'Connor (Simon), b. 1913, d. 08-18-1975, N-, American Legion Auxiliary, see obit
Miller, Betty J. (Peter J.), b. 12-18-1942, pictures, (m)03-07-1960
Miller, Dale E., b. 02-24-1964, d. 05-30-2006, O-, s/o Peter & Betty Scheuerell Miller
Miller, Gilbert G. (Theresia), b. 1899, d. 08-17-1964, N-see obit
Miller, Grace H. (Albert C.), b. 1921, N-
Miller, Joseph F. (Lucille M.), b. 04-19-1923, d. 08-17-1992, N-, WW II, Pfc US Army
Miller, Lucille M. (Joseph F.), b. 1926, d. 04-17-1976, N--see obit
Miller, Peter J. (Betty J.), b. 12-24-1940, pictures, (m)03-07-1960
Miller, Simon P. (2nd h/o Marian G. Saager Reynolds), b. 05-15-1910, d. 11-10-1993, N-, WW II, Cpl US Marine Corps, (m)12-00-1976
Miller, Theresia (Gilbert), b. 1900, d. 04-18-1978, N--see obit
Mitchell, Adeline M. (John M.), b. 1919, N-, "Dolly"
Mitchell, Eleanor A. (Harley R.), b. 08-08-1918, d. 04-18-2002, O--see ssdi for dates
Mitchell, Harley R. (Eleanor A.), b. 1911, d. 1991, O-
Mitchell, John M. (Adeline M.), b. 1912, d. 1999, N-
Moen, Den. E. (John David?), b. 12-13-1871, d. 09-26-1918, O-
Moen, John David (Den. E. ?), b. 04-07-1873, d. 06-30-1921, O-, WW I, Maj. US Army
Molony, Anna M. (Robert James), b. 1916, d. 2005, O-, (m)04-21-1944, d/o Albert & Francis Leonard Mayson, see obit
Molony, Catherine (Thomas J.), b. 1855, d. 1936, O-, Mother
Molony, Dorothy J. (Thomas F.), b. 10-01-1924, N-
Molony, John J. (Louise M.), b. 1891, d. 11-06-1947, O-, Father, see obit
Molony, Louise M. (John J.), b. 1889, d. 06-04-1969, O-, Mother, see obit
Molony, Mary E., b. 1930, d. 1931, O-, d/o John J. & Louise M.Molony?
Molony, Robert James (Anna M.), b. 07-25-1918, d. 10-02-2001, O-, WW II, GMI US Navy, (m)04-21-1944
Molony, Thomas F. (Dorothy J.), b. 07-17-1920, d. 04-13-1989, N-, K of C
Molony, Thomas J. (Catherine), b. 1857, d. 1922, O-, Father
Morrissey, Victor, b. 1901, d. 1921, O-
Mulcahy, Charlene, b. 1940, d. 09-00-1955, O-d/o Raymond Mulcahy, see obit
Mulcahy, David A. (Helga R.), b. 10-26-1944, d. 07-25-1979, N-, Father
Mulcahy, Helga R. (David A.), b. 03-08-1941, N-, Mother
Mulcahy, Pearl I. (Raymond S.), b. 1913, d. 1991, O-
Mulcahy, Raymond S. (Pearl I.), b. 1908, d. 1993, O-
Munson, Kendra M. (Richard A.), b. 1941, N-, (m)09-24-1960
Munson, Richard A. (Kendra M.), b. 04-01-1939, d. 12-07-1985, N-, (m)09-24-1960
Munz, Annabelle Marjorie (Louis Norbert), b. 02-13-1931, d. 11-25-2009, N--(m)02-12-1955, d/o Lester Hanneman & Marion Lentz, see obit
Munz, Cletus X. "Bud" (Dorothy A.), b. 09-02-1922, d. 05-02-2009, N-, WW II, U.S.army, VFW, (m)01-27-1944, K of C, s/o Norbert & Marie Kaul Munz, see obit
Munz, Dorothy A. (Cletus X. "Bud"), b. 07-19-1925, d. 12-24-2005, N-, (m)01-27-1944, d/o Levi & Viola "Dolly" Nichols Thistle, see obit
Munz, Francis, d. 11-01-1960, infant s/o Cletus & Dorothy, back side of stone
Munz, Harland, b. 1944, d. 1962, O-, s/o Norbert & Marie Munz
Munz, James L., b. 02-22-1950, d. 04-12-1984, N-, Vietnam, US Air Force, s/o Cletus & Dorothy Munz
Munz, Louis Norbert (Annabelle Marjorie), b. 1927, N-, (m)02-12-1955, K of C
Munz, Marie (Norbert), b. 07-14-1901, d. 05-02-2004, O--d/o Peter & Theresia Pulvermacher Kaul, see obit
Munz, Norbert (Marie), b. 1897, d. 1987, O-, WW I, Sgt US Army, K of C
Munz, Ronald John--see obit, b. 01-08-1953, d. 06-01-2004, N-, Vietnam, Pfc US Army, s/o Cletus & Dorothy Munz
Nelas, Isabella (James), d. 01-24-1891, O-, 82yr old
Nelas, James (Isabella), d. 10-05-1896, O-, 81yr old
Ness, Dolores F. (Robert L.), b. 04-28-1928, pictures, nee Clemens
Ness, Robert "Bob" L. (Dolores F. Clemens), b. 09-05-1927, d. 02-24-2012, Plot 12-A, O-, WW II, US Army, (m)06-29-1950, s/o Thomas & Verna VonWald Ness, see obit
Neumaier, David J. (Nancy A.), b. 03-31-1937, pictures, (m)06-17-1961
Neumaier, Hyldred F. (Norman J.), b. 01-24-1918, d. 08-31-2008, N-, (m)09-01-1936, d/o Frank & Leonora Johnson Brimmer, see obit
Neumaier, John, b. 1877, d. 1955, West fence line-
Neumaier, Nancy A. (David J.), b. 02-25-1941, d. 01-06-2010, (m)06-17-1961, d/o Alger Otto & Zelma Drake Mattke, see obit
Neumaier, Norman J. (Hyldred F.), b. 09-04-1911, d. 01-16-2010, N-, (m)09-01-1936, s/o Joseph & Josephine Stamm Neumaier Jr., see obit
Neumaier, Roland L., b. 07-06-1922, d. 04-20-2008, see obit & ssdi
Niesen, Glen B. (Sarah J.), b. 09-27-1943, pictures, (m)06-12-1965
Niesen, Sarah J. (Glen B.), b. 12-28-1942, pictures, (m)06-12-1965
Nolden, Daniel P. (Mary Ellen J.), b. 1926, d. 1988, N-, K of C
Nolden, Mary Ellen J. (Daniel P.), b. 1929, N-
O'Connell, Daniel Sebastian, b. 1874, d. 1888, O-, Son
O'Connell, Ellen Cecelia, b. 1860, d. 1932, O--daughter
O'Connell, Frances Cecelia, d. 03-13-1873, O-, d/o George S. & Joanna O'Connell, 1yr3mo11da
O'Connell, George S. (Joanna), d. 12-20-1877, O-, 51yr old
O'Connell, Joanna (George S.), b. 1838, d. 1923, O-, Nee Cushing, WRC, mother, obit d.03-00-1921
O'Connell, Mary Elizabeth, b. 1862, d. 1937, O--daughter
O'Connell, William, d. 03-19-1873, O-, s/o George S. & Joanna O'Connell, 6 weeks old
Oien, Gertrude R. Statz (Lloyd M.), b. 1904, d. 03-29-1980, N-see obit
Oien, Lloyd M. (Gertrude R. Statz), b. 1902, d. 11-08-1970, N-see obit
O'Keefe, Father, b. 03-20-1843, d. 10-25-1911, O-
O'Keefe, Hannah-Mrs., b. 07-20-1841, d. 02-24-1914, O-
O'Keefe, Mother, b. 1847, d. 1935, O-
Oleson, Lois Marie, b. 1925, d. 11-00-1925, O-, sister of Raymond L.Oleson, 5mo, see obit
Oleson, Raymond L., b. 1923, d. 1923, O-, brother of Lois M. Oleson
Olsen, Arnold L. "Ole" (Pauline "Polly" J. Clemens), b. 08-08-1923, d. 07-13-2008, O-WW II, Merchant Marines, US Army, (m)01-26-1950, s/o Alf & Nellie Feten Olsen, see obit
Olsen, John A., b. 1954, d. 1992, O-, s/o Arnold & Pauline Olsen
Olsen, Paul G., d. 1952, O-, s/o Arnold & Pauline Olsen
Olsen, Pauline "Polly" J. (Arnold L.), b. 1926, O-Nee Clemens, (m)01-26-1950
Olson, Peggy S. (Randal W.), b. 03-18-1953, N-, (m)05-26-1973, Nee Ennis
Olson, Randal W. (Peggy S.), b. 04-01-1951, d. 10-14-1997, N-, (m)05-26-1973
O'Meara, Ellen, d. 01-26-1941, O-, d/o William & Ruth Byrns O'Meara, New York City
Orcholski, John, b. 1901, d. 06-25-1981, N-, on John & Irene Kruchten stone, maybe 2nd husband of Irene, see obit
Paepke, Conrad (Elizabeth M. Henn), b. 1902, d. 03-23-1976, N-see obit
Paepke, Dean J. (Sadie P.), b. 12-03-1933, d. 05-05-2000, N-, (m)10-01-1955, see ssdi for dates
Paepke, Elizabeth M. (Conrad), b. 1901, d. 1990, N-
Paepke, Sadie P. (Dean J.), b. 1937, N-, (m)10-01-1955
Pape, Frank J. (Victoria C.), b. 1905, d. 1994, N-
Pape, Scott R., b. 06-13-1963, d. 07-18-1983, N-, grds/Herold E. & Lois J. Carncross Ryan
Pape, Thomas L., b. 1942, d. 1987, N-, Vietnam, ADJ3 US Navy, s/o Frank J. & Victoria C. Pape?
Pape, Victoria C. (Frank J.), b. 1914, d. 1988, N-
Pelanek, Anna (Steve), b. 1881, d. 1938, O-
Pelanek, Geraldine M. (Steve D.), b. 09-21-1922, O-, Nee Thurber, (m)11-05-1949
Pelanek, Steve D. (Geraldine M. Thurber), b. 07-09-1918, d. 12-26-2005, O-, s/o Stephen & Anna Sebesta Pelanek, (m)11-05-1949
Pelanek, Steve (Anna), b. 1879, d. 1947, O-
Pelton, Dorothy L. (John George), b. 12-20-1916, d. 07-30-1973, N-, Nee Bender, American Legion Auxiliary
Pelton, John George (Dorothy L.), b. 11-30-1911, d. 03-23-1975, N-, WW II, SF3 US Navy
Perkins, Rita, d. 1949, West fence line-, infant
Perkins, Victor, d. 1956, West fence line-, infant
Pertzborn, Anton J. "Jack" (Clara T. Reisinger), b. 03-19-1922, d. 04-27-2004, N-, (m)06-12-1945, s/o Anton & Josephine Schroeder Pertzborn, see obit
Pertzborn, Clara T. (Anton J. "Jack"), b. 03-04-1926, N-, (m)06-12-1945, Nee Reisinger
Pertzborn, Evelyn P. (Joseph V.), b. 06-10-1927, d. 12-21-2005, N--(m)10-30-1957, d/o John & Wilhelmina Koeppel, see obit
Pertzborn, Joseph V. (Evelyn Koeppel), b. 01-24-1926, d. 03-28-2008, WW II, TEC 5, US Army, (m)10-30-1957, s/o Frank & Clara Ballweg Pertzborn, see obit
Pertzborn, Kevin A., b. 06-01-1975, d. 05-10-2014, Plot 159-A, s/o Jerry & Dorothy Eckstein Pertzborn, see obit
Pierquet, Donald (Beatrice Carpenter), b. 08-06-1928, d. 12-18-2012, Plot 148-C, see obit
Pollock, Budd F. (Roe M.), b. 09-10-1938, d. 10-31-2010, s/o Budd &I Jennie Stratton Pollock, see obit, pictures
Pollock, Rose M. (Budd F.), b. 02-18-1941, pictures
Posta, Anna (Benjamin F.), b. 1875, d. 1962, O-, Mother
Posta, Benjamin F. (Anna), b. 1875, d. 02-04-1940, O-, Father, funeral date, see obit
Powell, Justin Hayward, b. 09-08-1976, d. 11-29-1990, N-
Prem, John B. (Matilda A. Kelley), b. 09-05-1907, d. 08-12-1975, N-, Father, see obit
Prem, John M., b. 01-17-1953, d. 06-16-1970, N-, s/o John B. & Matilda A. Prem
Prem, Mary Jo Theresa, b. 03-20-1959, d. 10-21-1973, N-, d/o John B. & Matilda A. Prem
Prem, Matilda A. Kelley (John B.), b. 04-28-1920, d. 03-05-1997, N-, Mother
Prokop, Helen (William J.), b. 1906, d. 1981, N-
Prokop, William J. (Helen), b. 1911, d. 1986, N-
Prosa, Bernard Charles (Joyce E.), b. 03-31-1933, d. 11-14-1999, N-, Korea, Cpl US Marine Corps
Prosa, Joyce Elaine (Bernard C.), b. 06-20-1942, N-, Mother
Pustaver, Frank J. (Jeanette G.), b. 1902, d. 1979, O-, Father
Pustaver, Jeanette G. (Frank J.), b. 1906, d. 11-22-1977, O-, Mother, see obit
Pustaver, Norma Jean, b. 1928, d. 2000, O-, d/o Frank & Jeanette Pustaver
Quam, Lars (Ruth M.), b. 02-16-1912, d. 12-29-2001, N-, WW II, TEC Sgt US Army, see ssdi for dates
Quam, Ruth M. (Lars), b. 1916, d. 1997, N-, American Legion Auxiliary
Quinn, Bridget Haley (James), b. 1866, d. 11-11-1929, O-, Mother, see obit
Quinn, James F., b. 1876, d. 1918, O-, Woodmen of the World
Quinn, James (Bridge Haley), b. 1843, d. 02-00-1926, O-, GAR, Father, see obit
Quinn, John A. (Marjorie), b. 1886, d. 1944, O-see obit
Quinn, Joseph W., b. 11-13-1876, d. 10-06-1907, O-, Woodmen of the World
Radl, Albert A. (Lula Bell), b. 05-06-1897, d. 01-28-1958, N-, WW I, Wis Pvt Ord Dept, s/o Carl F.& Anna C.Irlmeier Radl
Radl, Anna K. Erlmeier (Carl F.), b. 1862, d. 03-25-1951, O-, Am.Leg Aux, Mother, see obit
Radl, Arthur F. (Marcella Hottmann), b. 03-28-1913, d. 09-20-1985, N-, s/o William & Veronica Radl
Radl, Carl F. (Anna C.), b. 1855, d. 10-27-1939, O-, Father, see obit
Radl, Frieda E. (2nd w/o John A. "Jack"), b. 1913, d. 10-12-2012, Plot 109-D, N-d/o Phyllis Hall, see obit
Radl, John A. "Jack" (#1Lucetta Pruyn, #2Frieda E.), b. 1895, d. 1985, N-, WW I, PFC US Army, Btry C 331 Fld Arty
Radl, Lucetta Pruyn (1st w/o Jack), b. 1903, d. 1921, O-
Radl, Lula Bell Crawley (Albert), b. 1900, d. 09-12-1971, N-, American Legion Auxiliary, see obit
Radl, Marcella A. Hottmann (Arthur F.), b. 12-04-1912, d. 04-06-2000, N--see ssdi for dates
Radl, Veronica P. (William C.), b. 1886, d. 1986, N-, Mother
Radl, William C. (Veronica P.), b. 11-11-1884, d. 07-25-1964, N-, Father, s/o Carl F.& Anna C.Irlmeier Radl, see obit
Rasmussen, Harvey R. (Myrtle O'Kane), b. 1906, d. 12-01-1975, N--, K of C, see obit
Rasmussen, Myrtle (Harvey R.), b. 1899, d. 05-19-1976, N-see obit
Reese, Delores R. "Laurie" (Robert E.), b. 09-07-1929, d. 02-18-2004, N-, (m)08-29-1948, d/o John & Anna Keller Koch, Am.Leg.Aux., see ssdi & obit
Reese, Robert E. (Delores R.), b. 06-16-1925, d. 02-07-1999, N-, WW II, Ssgt US Army, (m)08-29-1948, K of C
Reichow, Kathryn Mary (Mark), b. 05-28-1946, d. 06-17-2008, pictures, d/o Gale & Victoria Ligneel Meade, see obit
Reichow, Mark S. (Kathryn M.), Pictures
Reindl, Gertrude (Wenzel), b. 1837, d. 1915, O-, Nee Steffens
Reindl, Rosey, b. 1864, d. 1935, O-, d/o Wenzel & Gertrude Reindl?
Reindl, Wenzel (Gertrude), b. 1829, d. 1916, O-, GAR, Father
Riley, Michael (Sue Diane), d. 11-22-2013, Plot 161-C, s/o Charles & Mary Riley, see obit
Roelke, Donald Orlo "David", d. 07-19-1935, N, --Infant
Roos, Mary Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, b. 12-01-1926, d. 09-30-1977, O--see obit
Rosandick, Jacquelyn Jean (Paul J.), b. 08-28-1932, d. 12-18-2005, d/o Claire & Alma Locke, "Jackie", see pictures & obit
Rosandick, Paul J. (Jacquelyn Locke), b. 07-23-1929, d. 03-05-2009, Korea, U.S.Army, 101st Airborne Div, s/o Steven & Katherine Mazar Rosandick, see obit, "Murph"
Roth, Audrey M. (James H.), b. 07-30-1924, d. 03-26-2010, (m)10-05-1946, d/o Evelyn & Jack Jacobsen, see obit
Roth, James H. (Audrey M. Jacobsen), b. 10-26-1924, d. 02-25-2015, Plot 34-A, WW II, Mast.Sgt Army Air Force, (m)10-05-1946, s/o Joseph & Marion Roth, see obit
Rotzoll, Margaret-Mrs., b. 1884, d. 1921, O-, d/o Mathias & Cathrine Treinen
Rozinski, Martin P., b. 10-14-1890, d. 02-23-1955, West Fence line-, WW I
Rugg, Evelyn D. (James R.), b. 10-22-1920, d. 07-02-1993, N-
Rugg, James R. (Evelyn D.), b. 08-30-1917, d. 12-31-1991, N-, WW II, Cpl US Army Air Corp
Ryan, Anna C. Whalen (Michael J.), b. 1891, d. 1918, O-, Mother
Ryan, Anne R. (Thomas F.), b. 1850, d. 1932, O-, Mother
Ryan, Delbert Francis (Ireta D.), b. 06-17-1923, d. 05-27-1998, O-, WW II, BM2 US Navy, s/o Lawrence & Gertrude Ryan
Ryan, Dennis J. (Mary K.), b. 1872, d. 07-20-1946, O-see obit
Ryan, Donald M. (Josephine B.), b. 03-20-1914, d. 12-29-1998, O-, WW II, Cpt US AAF, K of C, (m)11-03-1942
Ryan, Edward D., b. 1882, d. 01-00-1964, O-see obit
Ryan, Elizabeth (John), d. 06-17-1900, O-, 54yr old
Ryan, Eugene Francis (Mae Horkan), b. 1890, d. 02-28-1978, N--see obit
Ryan, Eunice (Joseph), b. 1889, d. 08-05-1972, O-see obit
Ryan, Eunice-Miss, d. 10-06-1972, 82yr old, d.Ohio, see obit
Ryan, Gertrude Olive (L. Thomas), b. 1894, d. 1948, O-, Mother, nee Knuteson
Ryan, Harry, b. 1874, d. 05-19-1920, O-see obit
Ryan, Herold E. (Lois J. Carncross), b. 1918, d. 02-15-1981, N-, (m)07-30-1938, K of C, see obit
Ryan, Ireta D. (Delbert Francis), b. 06-03-1931, d. 05-29-2011, Plot 93-D, O-, (m)06-10-1950, d/o Wayne & Sadie Patterson Padley, see obit
Ryan, John Wilfred (Violet G.), b. 05-04-1909, d. 12-06-1968, O-
Ryan, John (Elizabeth), d. 10-24-1904, O-, 68yr old
Ryan, Josephine B. (Donald M.), b. 07-08-1917, d. 05-12-2011, Plot 64-D, O-, (m)11-03-1942, d/o Albert & Ethel Weidenborner Burns, see obit
Ryan, Lawrence C. "Bud" (Georgia), b. 11-29-1919, d. 02-22-2004, WW II, US Navy, s/o Lawrence & Gertrude Ryan, see obit & ssdi for dates
Ryan, Lawrence Thomas (Gertrude O.), b. 1897, d. 1970, O-, Father
Ryan, Lois J. (Herold E.), b. 1919, N-, Nee Carncross, (m)07-30-1938
Ryan, Mae Theresa Horkan (Eugene F.), b. 1891, d. 10-12-1966, N-see obit
Ryan, Marie E. (Vincent J.), b. 1923, N-, (m)1949
Ryan, Mark Thomas, b. 03-26-1951, d. 02-12-2014, Plot 93-E, O-, s/o Delbert & Ireta Padley Ryan, see obit
Ryan, Mary Koenig (Dennis J.), b. 1871, d. 09-30-1946, O--see obit and death certificate
Ryan, Michael J. (Anna C.), b. 1886, d. 1946, O-, Father
Ryan, Philip Francis, b. 06-18-1937, d. 08-30-1942, O-, s/o John W.& Violet G. Ryan
Ryan, Teresa Ann Marie, b. 1886, d. 1956, O-
Ryan, Thomas F. (Anne R.), b. 1846, d. 1906, O-, Father
Ryan, Vincent J. (Marie E.), b. 1921, N-, (m)1949
Ryan, Violet G. (John W.), b. 12-05-1912, d. 01-19-1971, O-
Sandine, Betty-Miss, b. 08-03-1918, d. 01-22-1984, O--see obit
Schiffman, Ella Lennehan (John H.), b. 1885, d. 05-25-1967, O-see obit
Schiffman, John H. (Ella), b. 1876, d. 09-28-1968, O-see obit
Schilling, Everett E. (Eva Karls), b. 07-06-1922, d. 06-13-1968, N-, WW II, Wis Pvt US Army, see obit
Schmidt, Genevieve M. (John P.), b. 03-06-1916, d. 06-23-1985, N-
Schmidt, John P. (Genevieve M.), b. 05-06-1909, d. 01-22-1986, N-, WW II, US Army
Schmidt, Marvin J., b. 05-07-1949, d. 10-16-1973, N-, Vietnam, Wis SP4 US Army, s/o John, see obit
Schmitt, Guenter (Sofie), b. 1925, pictures, (m)03-07-1948
Schmitt, Sofie (Guenter), b. 11-10-1924, d. 06-29-2015, Plot 41-B, (m)03-07-1948, d/o Paul & Katherina Thome Schoeneberg, see obit
Schneider, Lorraine E. (#1Romie H, Schneider, #2Jack Eagan), b. 08-17-1918, d. 06-04-2006, N-, "Oma", see obit for Lorraine Eagan, see ssdi dates
Schneider, Romie H. (1st h/o Lorraine E.), b. 1918, d. 1993, N-, WW II, "Opa"
Schneiderbanger, Corrine A. (Peter), b. 1905, d. 1988, N--nee Schoepp, see obit
Schneiderbanger, Peter (Corrine A.), b. 1910, d. 1989, N-
Schoepp, Elsie M., b. 11-08-1906, d. 02-13-1989, O-, next to John & Pauline Schoepp
Schoepp, Eudore E. (Walter E.), b. 1914, d. 1995, N-nee Norton
Schoepp, John F. (Pauline K.), b. 1875, d. 1939, O-
Schoepp, Pauline K. Loeser (John F.), b. 1879, d. 04-25-1966, O-see obit
Schoepp, Walter E. Sr. (Eudore E. Norton), b. 1909, d. 07-24-1966, N-see obit
Schroeder, Evelyn A. (Victor C.), b. 11-25-1923, d. 01-11-2007, N--, d/o Frank W.& Claraa C. Pulvermacher Cline, (m)01-15-1942, see obit
Schroeder, Henry J. (Theresa M. Kruchten), b. 04-26-1924, d. 04-04-2005, N-, (m)05-05-1949, s/o Henry & Lena Keichinger Schroeder, see obit
Schroeder, Theresa M. (Henry J.), b. 03-23-1930, N-, (m)05-05-1949, nee Kruchten
Schroeder, Victor C. (Evelyn A. Cline), b. 07-03-1921, d. 12-11-2002, N-, (m)01-15-1942, s/o Henry J. & Lena Keichinger Schroeder Sr., see obit
Schulgen, Ernest R., b. 1896, d. 1918, O-, WW I, France, US Army, s/o Mary & Mathias
Schulgen, Mary (Mathias), b. 1866, d. 1943, O-, American Legion Auxiliary
Schulgen, Mathias (Mary), b. 1866, d. 1950, O-
Schultz, Loretta (William), b. 1895, d. 06-12-1916, O-, Nee Whalen, see obit
Schwoerer, Edith H. (Walter P.), b. 1913, d. 04-03-1978, N-see obit
Schwoerer, Walter P. (Edith H.), b. 1914, d. 1998, N-
See, Alice M. Niehaus (Daniel J.), b. 08-19-1939, d. 10-27-2004, N-, (m)01-28-1960, d/o Norbert & Mary Bock Niehaus, see obit
See, Daniel J. (Alice M. Niehaus), b. 03-31-1940, d. 10-31-2005, N--, (m)01-28-1960, s/o Michael & Kyra Curtain See, see obit
See, Infant, d. 03-02-1969, N-Baby section, c/o Daniel J. & Alice M. See
Seiler, Clarence J., b. 04-06-1929, d. 04-24-1993, N-, Brother of Delores M. Seiler
Seiler, Delores M., b. 04-22-1940, N-, Sister of Clarence J. Seiler
Sellner Family Stone, N-, Marie L, Sharon A, William F, William F.Jr.
Sellner, Marie L. (William F.), b. 01-28-1926, d. 11-04-1991, N-
Sellner, Sharon A., b. 11-19-1953, N--on stone wtih William F.& Marie L.&Wm.F.Jr.
Sellner, William F. Jr., b. 07-24-1963, N-, s/o William F. & Marie L. Sellner
Sellner, William F. (Marie L.), b. 09-13-1931, N-, K of C
Simon, Dorothy, b. 07-12-1926, d. 09-16-2002, O--, d/o Herman A.& Kunnie Simon, see ssdi for full dates
Simon, Herman A. (Kunnie A.), b. 1884, d. 11-00-1951, O-see obit
Simon, Kunnie (Herman A.), b. 1889, d. 03-04-1970, O-see obit
Slark, James Dean, b. 03-26-1968, d. 03-27-1968, N-, S/o D.& D. Slark
Smerz, Anna (Joseph), b. 1894, d. 09-22-1982, N-see obit
Smerz, Joseph J. or A., b. 08-20-1916, d. 06-09-1993, N-, WW II, Pfc US Army
Smerz, Joseph (Anna), b. 1893, d. 11-29-1961, N-see obit
Smith, Anna R. Malony (Edward P.), b. 1893, d. 10-00-1958, O-, Mother, see obit
Smith, Catherine (Michael D.), b. 1857, d. 1929, O-, Mother
Smith, Dora A. (Ernest V.), b. 1893, d. 03-07-1979, O-, American Legion Auxiliary, see obit
Smith, Edward P. (Anna R.), b. 1888, d. 09-02-1964, O-, Father, see obit
Smith, Ernest V. (Mrs. Dora A. Kurrasch), b. 1898, d. 12-27-1972, O--see obit
Smith, Francis Leonard (Lulu H. Palmer), b. 04-24-1894, d. 10-10-1956, O-, WW I, Wis Pvt CO M 341 Inf 86 Div, see obit
Smith, Frank N., b. 08-26-1891, d. 03-04-1952, O-, WW I, Wis Cpl Signal Corp, brother of or h/o Tressa Kurt?
Smith, Ida K. (John F.), b. 1885, d. 1958, O-, Mother
Smith, James F. (Diane C. Meurer), b. 1941, d. 01-30-1981, N--see obit
Smith, John F. (Ida K.), b. 1882, d. 1944, O-, Father
Smith, John (Mary), b. 1823, d. 08-15-1879, O-
Smith, Lulu H. Palmer (Francis Leonard), b. 1895, d. 12-31-1967, O-, American Legion Auxiliary, "Lu", see obit
Smith, Margaret E (Peter F.), b. 1867, d. 1926, O-, Mother
Smith, Margaret E., b. 1905, d. 1913, O-, d/o Peter F. & Margaret E. Smith
Smith, Mary (John), b. 1820, d. 11-04-1898, O-
Smith, Michael D. (Catherine), b. 1854, d. 1936, O-, Father
Smith, Peter F. (Margaret E.), b. 1864, d. 1947, O-, Father
Smith, Rosemary SR. O. S. F., b. 05-15-1923, d. 03-26-2015, Plot 94-D, O-, pictures, Professed 08-12-1943, see obit
Smith, Thomas J., b. 1933, d. 04-00-1954, O-, s/o Edward P. & Anna R. Smith, see obit
Soelle, Annie (Karl/Carl), b. 1894, d. 1988, O-, in Zeman plot, d/o Annie Zeman
Soelle, Frances, b. 1916, d. 1936, O-, in Zeman plot
Soelle, Karl/Carl (Annie), b. 1890, d. 1949, O-, in Zeman plot
Statz, Barbara Jean, d. 06-09-1960, West Fence Line-, "Our Baby"
Steckel, Mildred L. "Millie", b. 12-13-1931, d. 01-09-2006, N-, d/o Stanley & Mary Kouba Stanek, see obit
Steele, Catherine L. (Robert C.), b. 1927, N-
Steele, Michael R., b. 1953, N-, s/o Robert & Catherine Steele
Steele, Robert C. (Catherine L.), b. 10-20-1928, d. 07-07-1998, N-, Korea, Cpl US Army
Stegman, Anna (Peter), b. 1898, d. 07-00-1957, O-see obit
Stegman, Peter (Anna), b. 1890, d. 12-01-1948, O-see obit
Stern, Fred, b. 1889, d. 04-22-1974, N-see obit
Sulhoff, Fred A. Sr. (Helen), b. 1926, d. 1988, N-
Sulhoff, Helen I. (Fred A. Sr.), b. 04-04-1925, d. 02-11-2000, N-
Sutter, Josephine S. (Raymond L.), b. 05-11-1905, d. 01-20-2001, N-, (m)08-03-1940, Wife, nee Smestad, see ssdi
Sutter, Raymond L. (Josephine S.), b. 1901, d. 05-17-1981, N-, (m)08-03-1940, Husband, see obit
Tatro, George P. Jr. (Priscilla L.), b. 03-10-1925, d. 05-25-1984, N-, WW II, US Navy, (m)02-14-1948
Tatro, Priscilla L. (George P. Jr.), b. 1924, d. 1999, N-, (m)02-14-1948
Theel, Lola J. (Robert J.), b. 07-24-1943, N-, (m)04-24-1965
Theel, Robert J. (Lola J.), b. 09-22-1942, N-, Vietnam, (m)04-24-1965, K of C
Thompson, Edward C., b. 1909, d. 1998, N-
Thompson, Edwin M. (Rosalia G.), b. 1898, d. 1984, N-
Thompson, Evelyn M. (#1Maynard J. Kuehn, #2Edward C. Thompson), b. 1911, d. 01-07-1981, N--see Evelyn Kuehn, see obit for Evelyn Thompson
Thompson, George G. (Margaret J. McQuade), b. 1879, d. 1963, O-see obit
Thompson, Helen F., d. no dates, O-, d/o George G. & Margaret J. Thompson
Thompson, Hugh F., d. no dates, O-, s/o George G. & Margaret J. Thompson
Thompson, Margaret Jane McQuade (George G.), b. 1877, d. 04-00-1951, O-see obit
Thompson, Rosalia G. Hein (Edwin M.), b. 1904, d. 12-15-1968, N--see obit
Treinen, Barbara J. (Valentine M.), b. 1894, d. 1974, O-Nee Jansen
Treinen, Bernadine Rose Marx (David D.), b. 02-09-1926, d. 07-21-2002, N--(m)06-16-1948, d/o Werner Meinrod & Alvina Helen Breunig Marx, see obit & ssdi for full dates
Treinen, Bernard F., b. 1924, d. 1946, O-, s/o Valentine M. & Barbara J. Treinen
Treinen, Cathrine Walch (Mathias), b. 1963, d. 1932, O-, Mother, spelling on stone
Treinen, Clarence Mathias (Oral Mae), b. 1903, d. 1944, O-
Treinen, Dale Joseph, b. 1935, d. 1938, O-, s/o Edward L. & Josephine M. Treinen
Treinen, David D. (Bernadine Rose Marx), b. 12-12-1926, d. 12-28-2004, N--(m)06-16-1948, s/o Edward & Josephine Schoepp Treinen, see obit
Treinen, Edward L. (Josephine M.), b. 1894, d. 02-28-1966, O-see obit
Treinen, Jeanne (Valentine), b. 1946, N-, (m)11-14-1964, Mother
Treinen, Joseph A. (Linda E. Cline), b. 10-19-1919, d. 08-29-1982, N--(m)02-11-1941
Treinen, Josephine M. (Edward L.), b. 1897, d. 04-24-1980, O--nee Schoepp, see obit
Treinen, Kevin J., b. 1960, d. 1972, N-, on stone with David D. & Bernadine R.Treinen, s/o David D. & Bernadine R.Treinen
Treinen, Leo W. (Theresa Agnes Esser), b. 01-20-1917, d. 05-01-2011, N--(m)02-17-1942, s/o Valentine & Barbara Jansen Treinen, see obit
Treinen, Linda E. (Joseph A.), b. 02-08-1921, d. 05-04-2006, N--(m)02-11-1941, d/o Frank & Clara Pulvermacher Cline, see obit
Treinen, Mathias (Cathrine), b. 1858, d. 1945, O-, Father
Treinen, Oral Mae Field (Clarence), b. 1909, d. 1946, O-
Treinen, Robert J. "Bob" (Marcia Goode), b. 08-23-1943, d. 10-27-2004, N--s/o Joseph A. & Linda E.Cline
Treinen, Roman E., b. 1914, d. 1979, O-, s/o Valentine M. & Barbara J. Treinen
Treinen, Theresa Agnes (Leo W.), b. 12-30-1923, d. 05-31-2014, Plot 50-A, N--(m)02-17-1942, d/o Math & Adeline Parr Esser, see obit
Treinen, Valentine M. (Barbara), b. 1891, d. 03-31-1978, O--see obit
Treinen, Valentine W. Jr. (Jeanne Volz), b. 1944, d. 1968, N-, (m)11-14-1964, Father, s/o Leo W.& Theresa A.Treinen, see obit
Treinen, Wilfred Leo, d. 05-01-2011, Plot 50-B, see record book
Treinen, William H. "Big Bill", b. 11-27-1944, d. 04-07-2012, Plot 140-A, s/o Joe & Linda Cline Treinen
Vanderpoel, Clara E. (Manley G.), b. 03-28-1898, d. 02-05-2002, N--(m)11-28-1922, d/o John & Frances Gruber Haas, see obit
Vanderpoel, Manley G. (Clara E. Haas), b. 11-23-1894, d. 08-31-1987, N-, WW I, Pvt US Army, (m)11-28-1922
Vitale, James R. (Virginia M.), b. 1936, d. 1992, N-
Vitale, Virginia M. (James R.), b. 1934, d. 1995, N-
Wall, John (Mary), b. 1872, d. 07-01-1939, O-see obit
Wall, Mary (John), b. 1873, d. 1958, O-
Wartner, Andrew, b. 1864, d. 1927, O-
Wartner, Anna (Anton), b. 1837, d. 1925, O-, Mother
Wartner, Anthony N., b. 1916, d. 1955, O-, s/o Anthony & Grace Wartner
Wartner, Anthony (Grace), b. 1866, d. 1935, O--on stone with Grace
Wartner, Anton (Anna), b. 1828, d. 1915, O-, Father
Wartner, Barbara, b. 1874, d. 1959, N-, sister of Martin Wartner
Wartner, Elizabeth (Herman J.), b. 1912, d. 1991, O--nee Selensky
Wartner, Grace (Anthony), b. 1879, d. 1927, O--on stone with Anthony
Wartner, Haver (Rose), d. 05-13-1900, O-, 80yr old, Father
Wartner, Helen B. Mueller (Richard V.), b. 1908, d. 12-06-1962, N-see obit
Wartner, Herman J. (Elizabeth Selensky), b. 1903, d. 11-22-1979, O--"Betty", see obit
Wartner, Jerome J., b. 1932, d. 03-00-1937, O-, s/o Herman J. & Elizabeth Wartner? See obit
Wartner, Johanna (Matthew J.), b. 1868, d. 1940, O-, Mother
Wartner, John M. -single, b. 1897, d. 06-18-1965, O-, on Matthew J. & Johanna Wartner stone, see obit
Wartner, Joseph A., b. 1895, d. 1896, O-, on Matthew J. & Johanna Wartner stone
Wartner, Katherine A. Schmidt (Matthias), b. 1887, d. 09-20-1975, O-, 2nd w/o Matthias F. Wartner, Mother, see obit
Wartner, Leonard A., b. 1909, d. 1945, O-, brother of Hilda E. Davis
Wartner, Martin, b. 1877, d. 11-21-1960, N-, brother of Barbara Wartner, see obit
Wartner, Matthew J. (Johanna), b. 1869, d. 02-00-1952, O-, Father, see obit
Wartner, Matthias F. (two wives), b. 1874, d. 09-00-1956, O-, 1st wife Minnie, 2nd wife Katherine A., Father
Wartner, Minnie (Matthias J.), b. 05-09-1881, d. 04-19-1907, O-, 1st w/o Matthias F. Wartner, Mother
Wartner, Richard V. (Helen B. Mueller), b. 1899, d. 03-11-1971, N--see obit
Wartner, Roman M., b. 1901, d. 04-24-1940, O-, on Matthew J. & Johanna Wartner stone, see obit
Wartner, Rose (Haver), d. 12-31-1925, O-, 86yr old, Mother
Wartner, Rosemary M., b. 06-06-1939, d. 10-29-2004, O-, next to Elizabeth & Herman Wartner
Weber, Elizabeth Byrns (John C.), b. 1902, d. 1998, N-
Weber, John Carl (Elizabeth B.), b. 1904, d. 1965, N-
Weisensel, Billie J. (Vernon J. Sr.), b. 04-06-1945, N-, (m)10-01-1966
Weisensel, Vernon J. Sr. (Billie J.), b. 03-18-1933, d. 07-19-2001, N-, (m)10-01-1966, K of C
Werla, Gladys Rose Reusch (Henry J.), b. 1905, d. 1995, N-
Werla, Henry J. (Gladys RoseReusch), b. 1902, d. 04-12-1980, N--see obit
Werth, Martha, b. 1901, d. 1939, O-, in Matthias F. Wartner Plot
Whalen, Bridget (Frank), b. 1882, d. 11-27-1933, O-, Mother, see obit
Whalen, Frances (Keran F.), d. 10-10-1907, O-, 82yr old, Mother
Whalen, Frank (Bridget), b. 1867, d. 02-15-1933, O-, Father, brother to Annie Whalen McConvill, obit
Whalen, James, b. 1916, d. 06-02-1988, O-, s/o Keran R. & Mary E. Whalen, K of C, see obit
Whalen, John M., b. 1857, d. 1916, O-
Whalen, Joseph, d. 09-16-1861, O-, s/o Keran F. & Frances Whalen, 2yr 6mo old
Whalen, Keran F. (Frances), d. 12-16-1902, O-, 70yr old, Father
Whalen, Keran F. (Marian E. Gallagher), b. 12-09-1905, d. 03-07-1965, O-, WW II, Wis Lt JG US Navy
Whalen, Keran R. (Two wives), b. 1885, d. 05-05-1950, O-, wives are Mary E. & Mary K, Father, see obit
Whalen, Margaret (Thomas), d. 08-16-1903, O-, 47yr old, mother
Whalen, Marian E. Gallagher (Keran F.), b. 01-03-1915, d. 12-17-1972, O-, American Legion Auxiliary, see obit
Whalen, Mary, b. 1900, d. 1904, O-, d/o William & Mary Whalen
Whalen, Mary E. (Keran R.), b. 1889, d. 10-16-1931, O-, 1st w/o Keran R. Whalen, Mother, see obit
Whalen, Mary K. (Keran R.), b. 1889, d. 09-01-1972, O-, 2nd w/o Keran R. Whalen, see obit
Whalen, Mary (William), b. 1874, d. 10-05-1964, O-see obit
Whalen, Thomas (#1Margaret Clear, #2Margaret Crowley), b. 1855, d. 04-20-1939, O-, Father, see obit
Whalen, William (Mary), b. 1865, d. 1934, O--Father
Whalen/Haase Family Stone, O-, Frank & Bridget Whalen, Catherine Haase & Baby Donald Haase
Williams, Pauline A. (#1Rene F. LaReau, #2Henry Williams), b. 1910, d. 12-13-1983, O--see obit for Pauline Williams
Wilson, Mary K. Villeneuve (Robert J.), b. 10-06-1936, N-
Wilson, Robert J. (Mary K. Villeneuve), b. 04-19-1932, d. 05-26-1970, N-, Korea & Vietnam, ILL Msgt US Air Force, see obit
Wilson, William J., b. 08-15-1957, d. 05-24-1994, N-, s/o Robert J. & Mary K. Wilson
Wipperfurth, Eunice C. Meek (Florience J.), b. 12-07-1919, d. 12-03-1990, N-,
Wipperfurth, Florience J. (Eunice C. Meek), b. 11-30-1921, d. 12-07-2015, N-, s/o Edward & Alma Speth Wipperfurth, see obit
Wood, Elizabeth (John), b. 1850, d. 1926, O-, Mother
Wood, John (Elizabeth), b. 1839, d. 1910, O-, GAR, Co H 9 IND Inf, Father
Wopat, Albin C. (Rae Ann Arleen Thompson), b. 1919, d. 01-27-1983, N-, WW II, see obit
Wopat, Ruth Arleen Skarda (Albin C.), b. 1920, d. 09-23-1959, N-see obit
Worthman, Shirley A. (William E.), b. 02-10-1951, Pictures, (m)08-05-1972
Worthman, William E. (Shirley A.), b. 10-24-1947, pictures, Vietnam, (m)08-05-1972
Zeier, Elsie M. Helker (Lawrence J.), b. 1886, d. 07-30-1969, O-, Mother, see obit
Zeier, Lawrence J. (Elsie M.), b. 1886, d. 08-00-1951, O-, Father, see obit
Zeman, Annie, b. 1870, d. 1930, O-is this Anna w/o Adolph who died 03-20-1930?
Zeman, Arnold Joseph (Miriam R. Heames), b. 03-22-1922, d. 02-09-2012, Plot 21-C, O-WW II, US Navy, (m)1944, s/o Charles & Emma Zeman, see obit
Zeman, Bernice M. (Donald J.), b. 02-09-1936, d. 05-17-1992, N-, (m)10-01-1957, "Bernie", Nee Meffert
Zeman, Charles J. (Emma), b. 1892, d. 1989, O-
Zeman, Donald J. (Bernice M.), b. 03-18-1928, N-, (m)10-01-1957, "Zeke"
Zeman, Emma (Charles J.), b. 1898, d. 1985, O-
Zeman, Marie A. (Orlando "Ole" A.), b. 1914, d. 1998, N--nee Wipperfurth
Zeman, Miriam R. (Arnold J.), b. 07-24-1924, d. 11-11-1998, O--(m)1944, nee Heames
Zeman, Orlando "Ole" A. (Marie A. Wipperfurth), b. 03-03-1902, d. 05-03-2002, N-
Zeman, Scott J., b. 12-19-1962, d. 01-28-1990, N-, next to Donald & Bernice Zeman
Zibung, Valentine J. (Eleanor Martin), b. 07-10-1920, d. 11-09-2002, N--(m)1945, s/o Valentine Anthony & Theresa Eberle Zibung, see obit
Zieser, Amanda Faith, d. 05-07-1999, N-Baby section, infant d/o Kevin & Ann Zieser
Zimmerman, Frederick L. (Eunice Meek), b. 1906, d. 05-17-1970, N--see obit
Zulick, Helen (Louis F.), b. 1903, d. 1985, N-
Zulick, Louis F. (Helen), b. 1904, d. 12-17-1972, N--see obit

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