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St. Patrick's Cemetery
Doylestown, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.427113, -89.151743

Bruce St. & Park St.
Doylestown, WI 53960

Published: October 1, 2016
Total records: 928


St. Patrick's Cemetery is located in Doylestown, Otsego Township, Columbia County, Wisconsin.

Cemetery Records

Records located at Rectory, recorded by Lucy & Robert Wright 07-22-1986. Updated by tombstone transcription in 2006 by Hazel & Ray Rogers. Much additional information, dates and map location from Carol Thran, Deb Arvidson & Lori Oehlert. A special thank you to Carol for sharing all her family records. Much of the information is from other records, not data found in the cemetery. Copied & organized by Anna Mae Axness..

Agnew Family Stone
, Plot 10-129--Evelyn A, Delos, Charlotte, Alexander
Agnew, Alexander J. (Charlotte Condon), b. 1892, d. 06-29-1974, Plot 10-129--see obit
Agnew, Charlotte V. (Alexander J.), b. 1886, d. 04-14-1976, Plot 10-129--see obit, nee Condon
Agnew, Clifford Francis "Cliff" (Lois B. Messner), b. 05-26-1927, d. 04-05-2013, Plot 10-130--(m)10-30-1948, s/o Alexander & Charlotte Condon Agnew, see obit
Agnew, Delos T. (Agnes), b. 1919, d. 07-08-1962, Plot 10-129--s/o Alexander & Charlotte Condon Agnew, obit says wife's name is Lanita M.McQueen, see Lanita obit
Agnew, Elizabeth J., b. 04-02-1920, d. 04-21-2008, Plot 24-401--d/o William & Margaret Condon Agnew, on stone with Grace A. Agnew, see obit
Agnew, Evelyn A., b. 05-19-1924, d. 01-30-2012, Plot 10-129--d/o Alexander & Charlotte Condon Agnew, see obit
Agnew, Grace A., b. 08-13-1916, d. 09-09-2008, Plot 24-401--d/o William & Margaret Condon Agnew, on stone with Elizabeth J. Agnew, see obit
Agnew, Hannah Frances, b. 04-29-1982, d. 11-28-1982, Plot 26-420--Infant d/o Thomas & Margaret Agnew
Agnew, Lanita, location?
Agnew, Lois Bessie (Clifford Francis), b. 02-06-1926, d. 04-26-2002, Plot 10-130--(m)10-30-1948, d/o Arthur & Elizabeth Heffron Messner, see obit
Anderson, Mary E., d. 01-10-1883, Plot 16-249--age 24yr 10mo 10da, d/o M.& S. Anderson
Arnold, Allie/Alice (1st w/o Frank J.), b. 1891, d. 03-13-1969, Plot 14-207--Nee Kehoe, on stone with Genevieve Arnold, see obit
Arnold, Frank J. (Marie Kehoe), b. 04-24-1889, d. 01-07-1972, Plot 16-236--see obit
Arnold, Genevieve, b. 09-22-1912, d. 10-09-1980, Plot 14-207--on stone with Alice Arnold, d/o Frank & Alice/Allie Arnold
Arnold, Marie K. (2nd w/o Frank J.), b. 03-10-1897, d. 07-09-1992, Plot 16-236--see obit
Ashley, Donna M. Pruitt (William Paul), b. 06-14-1946, (m)06-14-1980
Ashley, William Paul (Donna Pruitt), b. 08-22-1945 , d. 12-26-2007, Vietnam, ADJ3 US Navy, Amer. Leg, (m)06-14-1980, s/o Delbert "Happy" & Mae Goecks Ashley, see obit
Baerwolf, Leonard W. (Ella Mae Drzonekon), b. 04-06-1933, d. 12-05-2011, Korea, (m)11-05-1960, s/o William & Sadie Alme Baerwolf, see obit
Bankers, Martin J. (Mary B. Kehoe)-obit says d. 02-12-1966, b. 02-02-1885, d. 02-01-1966, Plot 13-167--Veteran from Veteran's list, (m)11-05-1924, s/o Anton & Delia Bankers,
Bankers, Mary B. (Martin J.), b. 02-16-1906, d. 11-03-2000, Plot 13-167--(m)11-05-1924, d/o William J.& Catherine Barnett Kehoe, obit
Barnett, Ann Marie, d. 06-22-1970, Plot 08-97--d/o Jon & Betty Barnett, d.at birth, see obit
Barnett, Ann (William), b. 1826, d. 04-28-1923, Plot 13-171--age 97yr old, d/o Michael & Margaret Kane Kane
Barnett, Bridget (Edward), b. 1845, d. 05-11-1895, Plot 11-143--d/o John & Ann Johnson Connors, 50y old
Barnett, Bridgetta Anna, b. 10-05-1913, d. 02-22-2007, location?--d/o John E.& Sadie R.Heleniak Barnett, see obit
Barnett, Dorothy A. Walters (Frank E.), b. 1910, d. 09-06-1979, Plot 09-101--see obit
Barnett, Dorothy I. Sauer (#1Leo John, #2Vangen), b. 1919, d. 06-18-1995, Plot 08-98--see Dorothy Vangen, see obit for Dorothy Vangen
Barnett, Eddie, d. 11-20-1881, Plot 11-143--Infant s/o Edward & Bridget Barnett
Barnett, Edward (Bridget), b. 05-00-1840, d. 06-20-1908, Plot 11-143--s/o William & Julia Griffin Barnett, 67y old
Barnett, Frank E. (Dorothy A. Walters), b. 1910, d. 05-24-1971, Plot 09-101--s/o John E. & Sadie Barnett, see obit
Barnett, John E. (Sadie), b. 04-13-1870, d. 1927, Plot 02-12--Father, s/o Edward & Bridget Connors Barnett
Barnett, John F. (Vera J.), b. 05-02-1892, d. 03-00-1965, Plot 20-332--on stone with Vera J.& William Barnett
Barnett, Julia (William), d. 08-30-1889, Plot 10-122--age 95yr old, Nee Griffin
Barnett, Leo John (1st h/o Dorothy I.), b. 1912, d. 1954, Plot 08-98--s/o John E& Sadie Barnett
Barnett, Margaret (William R.), b. 11-18-1879, d. 01-07-1911, Plot 05-44
Barnett, Marilyn K. (Richard E.), b. 03-04-1941, (m)11-22-1963, Nee Sheldon
Barnett, Mary, b. 05-24-1875, d. 05-28-1878, Plot 11-143--age 3yr old, d/o Edward & Bridget Barnett
Barnett, Richard E. (Marilyn K.), b. 11-08-1941, (m)11-22-1963
Barnett, SadieHeleniak (John E.), b. 1892, d. 10-09-1967, Plot 02-12--Mother, see obit
Barnett, Sarah Ann Kehoe (William J.), d. 08-11-1924, 68yr, see obit
Barnett, Stephanie Lynn, d. 08-02-1977, Plot 20-319--d/o Jacquelyn Barnett
Barnett, Travis S. (Jennifer Casperson), b. 11-27-1978, d. 02-23-2013, (m)09-28-2012, s/o Jacquelyn Barnett, see obit
Barnett, Vera J. (John F.), b. 02-01-1907, d. 01-00-1974, Plot 20-332--on stone with William & John F. Barnett, ssdi shows d.1971
Barnett, William, b. 1928, Plot 20-332--s/o Vera & John Barnett, on stone with Vera J. & John F. Barnett
Barnett, William R. (Margaret Schion), b. 05-10-1868, d. 01-28-1937, Plot 05-44--see obit
Barnett, William (Ann), b. 1835, d. 03-06-1882, Plot 13-172--age 47yr, born Yougal Co Waterford Ireland, s/o William & Julia Griffin Barnett
Barnett, William (Julia), d. 04-29-1882, Plot 10-122--age 85yr old
Barnett, William (Sarah Ann Kehoe), b. 1856, d. 12-12-1919, s/o John & Honora, see obit & death certificate
Barraclough, Bridget Ann, d. 12-28-1932, d.at birth, d/o Casper & Catherine, see obit
Barraclough, Catherine Kehoe (Casper), b. 09-28-1904, d. 12-28-1932, Plot 14-200&201--two stones, Nee kehoe, RNA, WRC, on stone with Thomas & Bridget Kehoe, see obit
Baw, Eva Seidlinger (2nd w/o John), b. 09-16-1844, d. 11-12-1923, Plot 09-111--see obit
Baw, Frances, b. 04-13-1874, d. 09-21-1874, Plot 09-111--d/o John& Eva Schermann Seidlinger Baw
Baw, Frances (1st w/o John), d. 03-25-1873, Plot 09-111--age 40yr old, Nee Hillerbrand
Baw, John (Eva & Frances), b. 12-31-1824, d. 01-13-1915, Plot 09-111--s/o Michael & Mary Baw
Baw, Sarah Kehoe (1st w/o W. J.), b. 06-18-1878, d. 10-31-1919, Plot 16-253--d/o Tom & Elizabeth Conlin Kehoe
Baw, Theresa M. Kelly (2nd w/o William J.), b. 1895, d. 01-12-1983, Plot 16-251--see obit
Baw, Veronica E., b. 11-26-1912, d. 11-26-1912, Plot 16-252--d/o W.J. & S.C. Baw
Baw, William J. (#1Sarah Kehoe, #2Theresa M. Kelly), b. 1886, d. 02-14-1984, Plot 16-251--see obit, s/o John & Eva Schermann Seidlinger Baw
Baxter, Claude J. (Mary J.), b. 1882, d. 08-15-1966, Plot 23-379--see obit
Baxter, Mary J. (Claude J.), b. 1896, d. 04-12-1964, Plot 23-379--see obit
Beckman, Jean Marie (Roy A. Jr.), b. 1933, d. 02-25-2012, Plot 24-408--(m)09-08-1956, d/o George &I Cecilia Schnuck, see obit
Beckman, Roy A. Jr. (Jean M. Schnuck), b. 12-11-1930, d. 04-04-1991, Plot 24-408--Korea, Ssgt US Air Force, (m)09-08-1956
Biselx, Jovit G. (Phelomene), b. 09-10-1843, d. 04-27-1883, Plot 17-266--Father
Biselx, Mary Ellen, b. 04-05-1897, d. 02-04-1971, Plot 17-266--d/o Jovit G. & Phelomene Biselx
Biselx, Phelomene (Jovit G.), b. 09-08-1841, d. 12-08-1935, Plot 17-266--Mother
Boomsma, Helen M. (John H.), b. 04-14-1925, Plot 24-406--d/o George & Clara Neuman
Boomsma, John H. (Helen M.), b. 07-16-1921, d. 11-20-1991, Plot 24-406--s/o Nick & Josie Boomsma
Boushon, Joseph "Joe", b. 09-07-1890, d. 01-15-1967, Plot 06-64--s/o Heinrich A.& Louise Niles Boushon, brother to William Boushon
Boushon, William C., b. 08-04-1889, d. 11-26-1988, Plot 06-67--s/o Heinrich A.& Louise C.Niles Boushon, brother to Joe Boushon
Breen Family Plot, Plot 01-09--Mary/Catherine/John/Anna/Nellie/Margaret/Josie
Breen, Anna, b. 07-26-1866, d. 05-26-1941, Plot 09-114--d/o Michael & Mary Doherty Breen
Breen, Anna-Miss, d. 11-16-1920, Plot 01-09--no dates on stone, d/o John & Catherine Breen, 59yr old, see obit
Breen, Catherine (John), b. 01-06-1840, d. 03-27-1908, Plot 01-09--Mother, Nee Hill
Breen, Edward M. (Mary E. Kehoe), b. 1876, d. 10-17-1955, Plot 12-164--Father, funeral date, see obit
Breen, Ellen Slattery (Patrick), b. 1859, d. 1889, Plot 14-190--Mother
Breen, Harry, b. 1889, d. 10-05-1946, Plot 14-189--s/o Patrick & Ellen Breen, see obit
Breen, John J., b. 01-28-1871, d. 12-13-1952, Plot 10-114--s/o Michael & Mary Doherty Breen
Breen, John (Catherine), b. 06-24-1832, d. 08-22-1918, Plot 01-09--Father
Breen, Josie, d. no dates, Plot 01-09--small stone, d/o John & Catherine Breen
Breen, Margaret, d. 08-17-1942, Plot 01-09--small stone, d/o John & Catherine Hill Breen, no dates on stone, see obit
Breen, Mary, b. 08-13-1865, d. no dates, Plot 01-09--small stone, d/o John & Catherine Breen
Breen, Mary E. Kehoe (Edward M.), b. 1883, d. 12-03-1936, Plot 12-164--Mother, see obit
Breen, Mary (Michael), b. 04-20-1833, d. 08-20-1916, Plot 10-114--d/o Michael F.& Mary McMahon Doherty, Mother
Breen, Michael E., b. 04-04-1873, d. 02-17-1956, Plot 10-114--s/o Michael & Mary Doherty Breen
Breen, Michael (Mary), b. 07-15-1822, d. 01-15-1874, Plot 10-114--Father
Breen, Nellie, d. no dates, Plot 01-09--small stone, d/o John & Catherine Breen
Breen, Patrick F., b. 01-13-1869, d. 10-08-1951, Plot 10-114--s/o Michael & Mary Doherty Breen
Breen, Patrick (Ellen Slattery), b. 1858, d. 10-28-1938, Plot 14-191--Father, see obit
Brickwell, Infant daughter, d. 05-04-1949, Plot 21-353--d/o John & Mary McDonald Brickwell
Brickwell, John E. (Mary E. McDonald), b. 10-26-1911, d. 11-11-1976, Plot 21-354--WW II, US Army, (m)08-10-1948
Brickwell, Mary E. McDonald (John E.), b. 02-06-1928, d. 03-01-2005, (m)08-10-1948, d/o William Myron & Pearl Elizabeth Miller McDonald, wife & mother, see obit
Brown, Brynlee AnnMarie, b. 01-23-2015, d. 02-14-2015, d/o Jeffrey Brown & Kaylee Vick, see obit
Burns, Mary J., Broken stone, see obituary index
Burns, Mary Kehoe (Peter), b. 04-00-1842, d. 01-31-1907, Plot 18-285--d/o Michael & Mary Kehoe
Burns, Patrick--1yr 3mo 19da old, d. 02-19-1868, old broken stone hard to read, s/o Peter & Mary Kehoe Burns
Burns, Peter, d. 04-03-1885, Plot 08-89--age 53yr old, hard to read stone
Byrnes, Ann (Patrick), d. no dates, Plot 18-290--native of Co Carlo Ireland, in memory of
Byrnes, Patrick (Ann), d. no dates, Plot 18-290--native of Co Carlo Ireland, in memory of
Byrnes, Peter, b. 13-00-1831, d. no dates, Plot 18-290--brother of Patrick, in memory of
Callaghan, Catharine (James), d. 01-02-1912, Plot 17-260--Age 76yr old
Callaghan, James (Catharine), d. 01-09-1898 , Plot 17-260--age 55yr old, Co I, 57 Reg NY Vol Inf
Casey, Hanora (Patrick), d. 09-16-1874, Plot 10-116--age 70yr old
Casey, Harriet, d. 04-04-1888, Plot 16-244--age 15Yr old On stone with Mary Roach
Casey, Helen, d. 05-30-1916, Plot 16-243--age 84yr old
Casey, Patrick (Hanora), d. 09-23-1874, Plot 10-116--age 77yr old
Chatfield, Julia E., b. 04-29-1841, d. 01-15-1909, Plot 06-55--d/o Christopher & Bridget Dowdall, next to Dowdall
Collins, Eileen M. (1st w/o Wilfred), b. 1921, d. 11-18-1965, Plot 15-231--Nee McKennon, see obit
Collins, Esther (2nd w/o Wilfred), b. 1917, Plot 21-347--Nee Jacobson
Collins, James (Marie Kehoe), b. 03-20-1895, d. 10-25-1961, Plot 21-346--see obit
Collins, Wilfred (#1Eileen M, #2Esther Jacobson, b. 1920, d. 11-07-1988, Plot 21-347--s/o James, see obit
Conery or Connery, spelled both ways in the same family
Conery, Francis H. --8mo 12da old, b. 07-12-1882, d. 04-06-1883, Plot 19-246--s/o Patrick & Eliza McMahon Conery
Conery, Mary/Marie Elizabeth, d. 10-30-1948, obit says St.Patrick's Cem.-Doylestown, Death certificate does not list a cemetery, 79yr old
Conery, Peter--9yr 1mo old, d. 06-23-1877, Plot 19-246--s/o Patrick & Eliza McMahon Conery
Conery, Rosana--17yr 15da old, b. 1853, d. 02-09-1881, Plot 19-246--d/o Patrick & Eliza McMahon Conery
Conlin, Nora May-Miss, b. 05-14-1853, d. 06-29-1922, Plot 13-170--On Lizzie Kehoe stone, d/o James & Anna Galligher Conllin, see obit
Conner Family Stone, Plot 11-144--E.J, M.J, John, Johanna
Conner, E. J., d. 01-29-1890, Plot 11-144--age 82yr old, maybe June
Conner, Johanna (John), d. 05-03-1882, Plot 11-144--age 46yr old
Conner, John (Johanna), d. 09-27-1874, Plot 11-144--age 43yr old
Conner, M. J., d. 05-16-1892, Plot 11-144--age 31yr old
Connery or Conery, spelled both ways in the same family
Connery, John-spelled on stone, d. 03-29-1893, Plot 02-15--age 30yr old, s/o Thomas & Mary Connery, on stone with Morris Connery
Connery, Mary (Thomas), d. 03-08-1902, Plot 21-342--age 72yr old
Connery, Maurice, d. 10-19-1870, Plot 02-14--Native of Parish of Grange, Ireland, 74yrs old
Connery, Morris? Son, d. 01-26-1874, Plot 02-15--age 16yr old, s/o Thomas & Mary Connery, on stone with John Connery
Connery, Thomas (Mary), d. 04-21-1898, Plot 21-342--age 72yr, s/o Patrick & Eliza McMahon Connery
Connery-McCray Family Stone, Plot 21-342--Thomas & Mary Connery, Charles & Nora McCray
Connors, Agnes (Bernard J.), b. 1924, Plot 24-416
Connors, Bernard J. (Agnes), b. 1917, d. 07-19-2000, Plot 24-416--s/o Frank & Bridgetta Doherty Connors, obit
Connors, Bridgetta (Frank J.), b. 07-13-1889, d. 12-25-1966, Plot 04-31--d/o Patrick F. & Anna B.Kirley Doherty
Connors, Catherine (James), d. 01-16-1904, Plot 10-118--age 73yr old
Connors, Edward, d. 06-23-1874, Plot 10-118--age 9yr, s/o James & Catherine Connors
Connors, Eileen Ann--infant, Plot 04-31--d/o Frank J. & Bridgetta Doherty Connors
Connors, Elizabeth, b. 09-20-1861, d. 03-01-1908, Plot 10-128
Connors, Ellen Slattery (James), b. 1855, d. 02-03-1937, see obit and death certificate
Connors, Francis Patrick--infant, Plot 04-31--s/o Frank J. & Bridgetta Doherty Connors
Connors, Frank J. (Bridgetta), b. 05-12-1893, d. 03-00-1964, Plot 04-31
Connors, Genevieve Mary--infant, Plot 04-31--d/o Frank J. & Bridgetta Doherty Connors
Connors, James (Catherine), d. 01-22-1873, Plot 10-118--age 47yr old
Connors, John B., b. 1952, d. 01-09-1994, Plot 25-416--s/o Bernard J. & Agnes Connors
Connors, Katie, d. 01-10-1883, Plot 10-118--age 23yr, d/o James & Catherine Connors
Connors, Marcella Agnes--infant, Plot 04-31--d/o Frank J. & Bridgetta Doherty Connors
Connors, Robert James--infant, Plot 04-31--s/o Frank J. & Bridgetta Doherty Connors
Coogan, Etta Murray-Mrs., d. 01-25-1929, 71yr, see obit & death certificate
Cowgill, Dennis N., b. 09-03-1881, d. 08-15-1905, Plot 22-368
Cowgill, Ellen (A.), b. 1845, d. 1927, Plot 22-367--Nee Noonen
Cowgill, Joseph F. (Viola Stressbuch), b. 1908, d. 1940, Plot 10-121--next to Timothy & Mary Cowgill, July or Aug. for 1940
Cowgill, Mary F. Barnett (Timothy W.), b. 07-00-1883, d. 05-25-1966, Plot 10-120--see obit, d/o Edward & Bridget Connors Barnett
Cowgill, Robert L., b. 02-17-1880, d. 01-06-1931, Plot 22-369--s/o Abram & Ellen Noonan Cowgill
Cowgill, Timothy W. (Mary F.), b. 09-07-1873, d. 01-08-1960, Plot 10-120--s/o Abram & Ellen Noonan Cowgill
Crinion, James J., b. 1881, d. 1909, Plot 02-17--s/o James & Mary Ann McMahon Crinion
Crinion, James (Mary Ann McMahon), b. 02-02-1832, d. 02-25-1923, Plot 01-05--s/o Patrick & Ann Dillon Crinion, see obit
Crinion, Mary Ann (James), b. 1839, d. 08-11-1899, Plot 01-05--d/o Edward & Rose Kirley McMahon
Crinion, Mary Ann--17yr old, b. 1879, d. 05-05-1896, Plot 01-06--d/o James & Mary Ann McMahon Crinion
Cummings, James (Mary), d. 02-11-1870, Plot 08-90--57yr, native of Sorren Co Wexford Ireland
Dahl, Albert F. "Flick" (Sadie Dugan), b. 04-08-1899, d. 02-13-1980, Plot 23-378--s/o Charles & Christina Kumm Dahl, obit
Dahl, Sadie (Albert F.), b. 12-17-1903, d. 05-12-1983, Plot 23-378--d/o Patrick & Mary Ann Kehoe Dugan
Daley, Mary T. (M. H.), d. 03-09-1905, Plot 07-78--age 52yr old
Dalton, Della C., b. 07-16-1911, d. 08-03-1911, Plot 15A-224--d/o Joseph Daniel & Mary Jane Quinn Dalton
Dalton, Dorothy, b. 06-26-1912, d. 02-06-1914, Plot 15A-225--next to Gerald B. & Della C. Dalton, d/o Joseph Daniel & Mary Jane Quinn Dalton
Dalton, Gerald B., b. 03-25-1910, d. 03-26-1910, Plot 15A-223--s/o Joseph Daniel & Mary Jane Quinn Dalton
Dehnert family stone, Plot 17-270--Mary, Veronica, Virgil
Dehnert, Mary, b. 07-21-1891, d. 11-00-1975, Plot 17-270--Nee Kirley
Dehnert, Veronica, b. 09-02-1914, d. 01-09-1935, Plot 17-270--d/o Richard & Mary Kirley Dehnert
Dehnert, Virgil Joseph, b. 1929, d. 09-27-1929, Plot 17-270--s/o Richard & Mary Kirley Dehnert, see obit
Derr, Andrew A., b. 10-13-1975, d. 07-09-2012, s/o Roger & Susan Yaroch Derr
Doerr, Barbara P., b. 10-01-1950, d. 05-27-1997, Plot 18-278--on stone with Kathryn Doyle& Carol K. Poblocki
Doherty, Alice Margaret, b. 05-19-1891, d. 04-04-1953, Plot 06-52--d/o Patrick Francis & Anna B.Kirley Doherty
Doherty, Alice (Patrick), b. 06-23-1823, d. 01-13-1892, Plot 16-248--d/o William & Bridget Keenan McMahon
Doherty, Amanda Jane (J. Roger), b. 07-02-1921, Plot 21-351--(m)08-08-1942, d/o Warren & Alice B.Allen
Doherty, Anna B. (P. F.), b. 06-16-1859, d. 05-30-1918, Plot 06-52--d/o Owen & Bridget Keenan Kirley
Doherty, Bridget Elizabeth (John K.), b. 06-19-1899, d. 10-01-1988, Plot 06-53--d/o William & Susanna McMahon Kennedy, obit
Doherty, Ellen M. (Patrick O.), b. 1885, d. 1942, Plot 05-45--Nee ConnorsMother
Doherty, Ellen (Thomas O.), b. 01-06-1839, d. 11-07-1893, Plot 18-291
Doherty, Genevieve M. (William A.), b. 06-06-1889, d. 01-15-1969, Plot 03-26--Nee Hutchinson, American Legion Auxiliary
Doherty, James P., b. 04-28-1883, d. 07-19-1908, Plot 06-52--s/o P.F.& Anna B. Kirley Doherty
Doherty, James Roger (Amanda Jane Allen), b. 11-28-1920, d. 07-04-2010, Plot 21-351--WW II, Sgt Field Artillery Observation, (m)08-08-1942, s/o William A.& Genevieve Hutchinsen Doherty, see obit
Doherty, Jan Marie-Our Baby, b. 10-26-1956, d. 10-00-1956, Plot 06-52--d/o Joseph F.& Joanne M. Esser Doherty
Doherty, Jeremy J., b. 1987, d. 11-20-1991, Plot 23-395--s/o Jerome F.& Rhonda R.Novenski Doherty, see obit
Doherty, Jerome F. (Rhonda R.), b. 1955, Plot 23-395--s/o Joseph F.& Joanne M.Esser Doherty
Doherty, Joanne M. (Joseph Francis), b. 01-23-1933, d. 10-02-2014, Plot 24-400--(m)09-11-1954, d/o Joseph & Ida Esser, obit
Doherty, John K. (B. Elizabeth Kennedy), b. 08-13-1898, d. 03-07-1985, Plot 06-53--s/o Patrick Francis & Anna B.Kirley Doherty, obit
Doherty, Joseph Aaron, b. 03-11-1923, d. 01-10-1945, Plot 03-25/26--WW II, Wisc 2nd Lieut, Air Corp, s/o William & Genevieve Hutchinsen Doherty
Doherty, Joseph Francis (Joanne M.), b. 02-16-1929, d. 06-06-1996, Plot 24-400--Korea, Cpl US Army, "Joe", (m)09-11-1954, s/o Frank/Francis & Mary Loretta Hughes Doherty
Doherty, Joseph L. "Joe" (Nancy J. Peterson), b. 08-27-1961, d. 07-17-2001, Plot 24-399--(m)09-15-1984, s/o Joseph F.& Joanne M. Esser Doherty
Doherty, Martha L. (William Byron), b. 1918, d. 12-19-2000, Plot 20-333--Nee Deja, buried in Madison WI
Doherty, Nancy J. (Joseph L. "Joe"), b. 05-18-1963, Plot 24-399--(m)09-15-1984, Nee Peterson
Doherty, Patrick E. (Anna B. Kirley), b. 12-19-1852, d. 01-08-1929, Plot 06-52--s/o Patrick Owen & Alice McMahon Doherty, see obit
Doherty, Patrick J., b. 1910, d. 1911, Plot 05-45--s/o Patrick O. & Ellen Mary Connors Doherty
Doherty, Patrick O. (Alice), b. 03-02-1819, d. 07-20-1868, Plot 16-248--age 49y4m18d, s/o Francis & Mary McMahon Doherty
Doherty, Patrick O. (Ellen M.), b. 10-13-1881, d. 09-30-1964, Plot 05-45--s/o Patrick F.& Anna B.Kirley Doherty, Father
Doherty, Rhonda R. (Jerome F.), b. 1958, Plot 23-395--d/o Roger & Marlene Novenskie
Doherty, Rose Ann (1st w/oThomas F.), b. 1828, d. 06-30-1892, Plot 15-217--d/o William & Bridget Keenan McMahon, 64yr old
Doherty, Thomas F. (Rose Ann), b. 1830, d. 02-14-1904, Plot 15-217--age 74yr, native of Co Monaghan Parish Donamoyne Ireland, s/o Francis & Mary McMahon Doherty
Doherty, Thomas O. (Ellen), b. 06-11-1828, d. 08-29-1910, Plot 18-291
Doherty, William A. (Genevieve M.), b. 01-03-1886, d. 10-06-1973, Plot 03-26--s/o Patrick & Anna B.Kirley Doherty
Doherty, William Byron (Martha L.)-obit, b. 03-02-1915, d. 01-26-1970, Plot 20-333--WW II, s/o William A.& Genevieve Hutchinsen Doherty
Donohue Family Stone, four small stones, Patrick Donohue, Earl Donohue, Katharine & James E. Frawley
Donohue, Earl, b. 01-03-1896, d. 10-30-1918, Plot 21-341--Veteran from Veteran's list, s/o Patrick & Catherine Donohue
Donohue, Patrick (Katherine) maybe this is Patrick Frawley, b. 1864, d. 1899, Plot 21-341--see Katherine Frawley for her 2nd husband
Donovan, Ellen (John), d. 12-18-1887, Plot 18-288--age 58yr old
Donovan, James R., b. 1867, d. 04-00-1937, Plot 18-289--see obit
Donovan, Jerry, d. 12-16-1893, Plot 18-288--age 40yr, on stone with John & Ellen Donovan
Donovan, John (Ellen), d. 03-08-1894, Plot 18-288--age 80yr, native of Co Couth Ireland
Dowdall, Bridget (Christopher), d. 05-15-1898, Plot 06-56--age 86yr, see Chatfield
Dowdall, Christopher (Bridget), d. 04-29-1882, Plot 06-56--age 77yr, see Chatfield
Doyle, Catherine O'Connor (William J.), b. 1860, d. 09-24-1938, Plot 18-280--Mother, see obit
Doyle, Eliza B. (Thomas), d. 04-01-1881, Plot 17-261--age 45yr old
Doyle, Mary (Vincent), b. 07-00-1845, d. 1937, Plot 06-50--d/o William Kehoe, stone dates 1845-1937, obit reads b.07-04-1840 and d.10-03-1932
Doyle, Thomas (Eliza B.), d. 01-09-1893, Plot 17-261--age 65yr old
Doyle, Vincent (Mary), b. 08-00-1843, d. 10-21-1911, Plot 06-50--Father, s/o Joseph & Betsey Starr Doyle
Doyle, William J. (Catherine O'Connor), b. 1865, d. 10-00-1953, Plot 18-280--Father, s/o Vincent & Mary Kehoe Doyle, see obit
Drzonek, Earl L. (Margaret Ann Wylesky), b. 03-02-1938, d. 03-12-1997, Plot 06-62--Veteran, Pfc US Marine Corps, two stones, (m)06-16-1960, s/o Louis & Sarah Hepp Drzonek
Drzonek, Margaret Ann (Earl L.), b. 07-01-1942, Plot 06-62--"Honey", d/o Vincent & Anna Malowski Wylesky, (m)06-16-1960, RNA
Drzonek, Tina Marie, b. 04-16-1967, d. 05-30-1967, Plot 21-348--no stone, d/o Raymond Sr.& Nancy Kehoe Drzonek, buried on top of Thomas Joseph Kehoe
Dugan, Catherine, d. 08-15-1864, Plot 07-84--, 1yr 1mo 12da old, d/o Denis & Mary J.Dugan
Dugan, Dennis, b. 1893, d. 1895, Plot 20-329--s/o John & Mary Dugan
Dugan, Infant, b. 05-21-1902, d. 05-21-1902, Plot 21-343--c/o Michael & Minnie Dugan
Dugan, John (Mary), b. 06-00-1871, d. 11-19-1935, Plot 20-329--s/o Dennis & Mary Jane Dugan
Dugan, Mary Ann Kehoe (Patrick), b. 1872, d. 01-11-1951, Plot 18-295--, Mother, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth Conlin Kehoe, see obit
Dugan, Mary J. (Denis), d. 05-02-1874, Plot 07-84--d/o Patrick & Mary Noonen, 32yr old
Dugan, Mary (John), b. 1872, d. 1935, Plot 20-329
Dugan, Patrick (Mary Ann Kehoe), b. 1867, d. 12-2?-1924, Plot 18-294--s/o Dennis & Mary Jane Dugan
Dugan, William F., b. 01-07-1893, d. 06-24-1964, Plot 18-295--, s/o Patrick & Mary Kehoe Dugan, see obit
Dugan-Noonen Family Stone, Plot 07-84--Patrick, Pheby& Mary Noonen/Noonan, Mary J.& Catharine Dugan
Duscheck, Doris A. (Walter), b. 09-24-1919, d. 07-22-1996, Plot 23-383--d/o Henry & Nettie Quinn Warncke
Duscheck, Walter (Doris A.), b. 04-25-1915, d. 01-18-2009, Plot 23-383--s/o Lawrence & Alma Hessel Dusheck
Ehrhardt, Adeline M. (Herman "Dag"), b. 12-07-1895, d. 04-15-1933, Plot 08-96--d/o Edward F.& Mary "Mayme" Frawley McMahon, (m)11-29-1916
Ehrhardt, Herman "Dag" (Adeline M.), b. 1892, d. 03-29-1967, Plot 08-96--no stone
Ehrhardt, Joyce Marie, b. 03-30-1933, d. 03-30-1933, Plot 08-96--no stone, d/o Herman & Adeline McMahon Ehrhardt
Eilert, Henry J. (Mary A.), b. 12-01-1872, d. 02-05-1931, Plot 19-311--Veteran from Veteran's list
Eilert, Mary A. (Henry J.), b. 02-00-1873, Plot 19-311--d/o Thomas & Julia Kehoe Kerman
Eilert-Kirnan Family Stone, d. no dates, Plot 19-311--Gertrude A/Julia M/Mother/Father/Mary A/Henry J.
Fagan, Charles F. (1st h/o Ila May Shotwell), b. 11-27-1916, d. 08-27-1956, Plot 14-183--s/o Albert & Josephine Rogers Fagan, see obit
Fagan, Ila May (#1Charles F. Fagen, #2Hjalmer Erickson), b. 10-12-1918, d. 03-25-2003, Plot 14-183--d/o Thomas & Florence Drury Shotwell, Shotwell, she is buried in Bonnet Prairie Cemetery with Hjalmer, see obit for Ila M.Erickson
Farrington, Michael L. --infant, d. 09-30-1967, Plot 26-423--s/o Walter & Pat Farrington
Farrington, Patricia M. (1st w/o Walter), b. 1943, d. 1998, Plot 24-404--Mother of Two
Fenske, Donald H. (Hazel R. Barnett), b. 11-03-1924, Plot 09-100--(m)08-27-1966
Fenske, Hazel Rose (Donald H.), b. 01-13-1916, d. 06-30-2001, Plot 09-100--(m)08-27-1966, d/o John E.& Sarah Heleniak Barnett, see obit
Finegan, Annie M., b. 08-24-1882, d. 12-30-1913, Plot 11-149 & 152, two stones, d/o Dennis & Mary Ann Hanratty Finegan
Finegan, Dennis (Mary Ann), b. 06-21-1842, d. 01-06-1907, Plot 11-149--s/o John & Mary Finegan
Finegan, John H. "Johnie", b. 06-13-1874, d. 09-06-1887, Plot 11-149 & 150, two stones, s/o Dennis & Mary Ann Hanratty Finegan
Finegan, John (Mary), d. 02-07-1886, Plot 17-262--age 80yr old
Finegan, Mary Ann (Dennis), b. 03-13-1846, d. 11-03-1932, Plot 11-149--d/o Arthur & Ann McMahon Hanratty
Finegan, Mary (John), d. 10-04-1889, Plot 17-262--age 85yr old
Fink Family Stone, Plot 23-396--Clement J, Katherine, Mary
Fink, Clement Joseph (Katherine Niesz), b. 07-10-1911, d. 04-05-1999, Plot 23-396--WW II, TEC 4 US Army, (m)05-20-1950, see obit
Fink, Katherine/Catherine M. Niesz (Clement Joseph), b. 12-04-1920, d. 05-30-2005, Plot 23-396--(m)05-20-1950, d/o Michael & Anna Grams Niesz, see obit
Fink, Mary, b. 1953, Plot 23-396
Finley, Daniel (Mary), b. 01-12-1837, d. 02-16-1923, Plot 13-178
Finley, Edward (Nathalin Buchholz), b. 1878, d. 07-16-1928, see obit
Finley, John, d. 03-31-1926, d.MT, see obit
Finley, Joseph, b. 06-20-1878, d. 05-21-1901, Plot 13-178--s/o Daniel & Mary Finley
Finley, Mary (Daniel), b. 11-22-1840, d. 03-27-1905, Plot 13-178
Fischer-Wylesky, Anna R. (#1Vincent L. Sr. Wylesky, #2LeRoy Fischer), b. 1911, d. 05-04-2001, Plot 06-63--(m1)1930, (m2)1955, d/o Frank & Tofelia Malowski, RNA, see Cambria Cemetery, see obit for Fischer and Wylesky
Flannery, Margaret Slattery (Francis), b. 1877, d. 03-23-1940, Plot 22-374--Mother, see obit for Margaret(Francis) Flannery
Forkes, Anna J. (John W. Sr.), b. 1884, d. 12-26-1965, Plot 22-360--see obit
Forkes, John G., b. 10-30-1908, d. 09-27-1979, Plot 22-359--s/o John & Anna Forkes
Forkes, John W. (Anna J.), b. 1877, d. 1951, Plot 22-360
Frawley, Anna Lee (Thomas Lee), b. 03-00-1879, d. 1921, Plot 14-198--d/o James & Margaret Casey Frawley
Frawley, Annie (Patrick)-aka Julie Ann, b. 04-00-1852, d. 1919, Plot 19-303--d/o Patrick & Catherine Kehoe, Near Hyson Stone
Frawley, Bridget, b. 1852, d. 05-11-1930, Plot 19-307--d/o Jeremiah & Johanna Frawley, see obit
Frawley, Ellen--Miss, b. 1855, d. 04-10-1939, Plot 19-305--d/o Jeremiah & Johanna Breen Frawley
Frawley, James E. (2nd h/o Katherine), b. 10-00-1868, d. 05-02-1944, Plot 21-341--small stone next to large Donohue stone, Father, s/o James & Margaret Casey Frawley
Frawley, James (Margaret Casey), b. 05-00-1844, d. 1920, Plot 14-198--s/o Jeremiah & Johanna Breen Frawley
Frawley, Jeremiah (Johanna), b. 03-07-1818, d. 12-04-1894, Plot 19-306--78yr old, native of Co Limerick Ireland, s/o Patrick & Ellen Buckly Frawley
Frawley, Johanna (Jeremiah), b. 1820, d. 03-31-1904, Plot 19-306--84yr old, native of Co Kerry Ireland, aka Mary Johanna Breen
Frawley, Johnie--1yr 8mo old, b. 12-00-1879, d. 07-20-1881, Plot 14-199--s/o James & Margaret Casey Frawley
Frawley, Katharine (#1Patrick Donohue, #2James E. Frawley), b. 1866, d. 1956, Plot 21-341--small stone next to large Donohue stone, Mother, first husband was Patrick Donohue
Frawley, Margaret Casey (James), b. 08-00-1847, d. 1921, Plot 14-198--Nee Casey
Frawley, Mary, b. 1849, d. 09-25-1863, Plot 19-306--age 14yr, d/o Jeremiah& Johanna Frawley
Frawley, Patrick (Annie), b. 01-06-1850, d. 04-19-1908, Plot 19-303--native of Co Limerick IRE, near Hyson Stone, d/o Jeremiah & Johanna Breen Frawley
Frawley, Patrick (Katharine), b. 1864, d. 1899, Plot 1st husband of Katharine Frawley
Frawley, Patrick--5yr 5mo 5da old, b. 03-11-1873, d. 08-16-1878, Plot 14-199--s/o James & Margaret Casey Frawley
Frawley, William J., b. 08-27-1874, d. 02-14-1929, Plot 10-115--s/o James & Margaret Casey Frawley, see obit
Frawley-Donohue Family Stone--Frawley is not written on this stone, Plot 21-341--four small stones, Patrick & Earl Frawley, Katharine & James E. Frawley
Fromholz, Mary Mulvaney (Peter Paul), b. 1890, d. 10-00-1957, Plot 14-186--see obit
Fromholz, Paul Peter (#1Mrs. Pauline Plovey, #2Mrs. Minnine Brandenburg), b. 1851, d. 03-25-1931, Plot 14-187--see obit
Fromholz, Peter Paul (Mary Mulvaney), b. 1888, d. 10-30-1972, Plot 14-186--s/o Paul Peter Fromholz, see obit
Fromholz, Robert, b. 1919, d. 01-17-1978, Plot 14-185--s/o Peter & Mary Fromholz, see obit
Geier, Arthur P. (Muriel A. Oates), b. 11-06-1910, d. 06-16-1975, Plot 16-234--(m)11-02-1934, see obit
Geier, Muriel A. Oates (Arthur P.), b. 06-17-1914, d. 06-27-1990, Plot 16-234--(m)11-02-1934
Gillan, Wm., b. 1819, d. 01-06-1877, Plot 08-93--age 58yr old, hard to read 2006
Gillon, Catherine McGuckin (John B.), b. 1857, d. 02-07-1939, Plot 07-83--see obit
Gillon, John B. (Catherine McGuckin), b. 1854, d. 02-24-1926, Plot 08-92--see obit
Goecks, Agnes L. (Paul M.), b. 07-14-1884, d. 02-14-1965, Plot 18-276--d/o Edward & Mary Jane Riley Kehoe
Goecks, Paul M. (Agnes L.), b. 01-25-1882, d. 09-05-1972, Plot 18-276--s/o Charles & Louise Kleist Goecks
Grady Family Stone, Plot 20-330--Thomas/Julia/John E./William M.
Grady Family Stone, Plot 21-337--Michael, Annie, Margaret C, Mary E.
Grady Family Stone, Plot 23-382--James T, A.Lorraine, Peggy A, Emmett J.
Grady, A. Lorraine Gaffney (James T.), b. 1912, d. 08-28-1987, Plot 23-382--see obit
Grady, Anna E., b. 04-09-1898, d. 12-22-1993, Plot 21-339--d/o Thomas & Julia Barnett Grady, see obit
Grady, Annie (Michael), b. 01-00-1859, d. 04-09-1932, Plot 21-338--Mother, d/o James & Mary Finegan Kirley, obit
Grady, David, d. 04-26-1896, Plot 03-24--age 87yr old, native of Co Kerry Ireland, on stone with John & Mary Grady
Grady, Emmett J. (Peggy A.), b. 02-29-1948, Plot 23-382--s/o James T.& A.Lorraine Gaffney Grady, next to Peggy A. on back of family stone
Grady, J. Ellen "Ella" -Miss, b. 1904, d. 03-25-2001, Plot 21-340--d/o Thomas & Julia Barnett Grady, see obit
Grady, James T. (A. Lorraine Gaffney), b. 09-26-1908, d. 01-29-1982, Plot 23-382--s/o Thomas & Julia Barnett Grady, see obit
Grady, John E., b. 07-17-1900, d. 09-06-1978, Plot 20-331--s/o Thomas & Julia Barnett Grady, see obit
Grady, John (Mary), d. 12-18-1871, Plot 03-24--age 60yr old, native of Co Kerry Ireland
Grady, Julia (Thomas), b. 08-07-1872, d. 05-10-1963, Plot 20-331--d/o Edward & Bridget Connors Barnett, Mother
Grady, Margaret C. "Maggie"-Miss, b. 09-08-1891, d. 11-18-1973, Plot 21-338--d/o Michael & Annie Kirley Grady, see obit
Grady, Mary E. -Miss, b. 06-05-1889, d. 06-00-1982, Plot 21-338--d/o Michael & Annie Kirley Grady, see obit
Grady, Mary (John), d. 06-17-1864, Plot 03-24--age old, native of Co Clare Ireland, Nee Kane
Grady, Michael (Annie Kirley), b. 03-00-1859, d. 08-01-1930, Plot 21-338--Father, s/o John & Mary Kane Grady, obit
Grady, Peggy A. (Emmett J.), Plot 23-382--next to Emmett J. on back of family stone
Grady, Thomas (Julia), b. 04-00-1862, d. 1933, Plot 20-331--Father, s/o John & Mary Kane Grady
Grady, William M., b. 08-17-1914, d. 12-29-1914, Plot 20-331--s/o Thomas & Julia Barnett Grady
Guenther, Arthur H. (Martina K. Hames), b. 12-31-1917, d. 07-12-1997, Plot 02-18--WW II, Ssgt US Army Air Corps, Father
Guenther, Gordon V. --two stones, b. 1951, d. 1954, Plot 02-18 & 10-119--s/o Arthur H. & Martina Guenther
Guenther, Martina K. (Arthur H.), b. 06-21-1919, d. 02-23-2001, Plot 02-18--d/o Anton & Mary Reisch Hames, Mother, see obit
Hanratty, Ann (Arthur), b. 1813, d. 03-07-1878, Plot 11-151--age 60yr, erected by Mary Ann Finegan in memory of her beloved Mother Analine of Co.Monaghan Ireland, d/o William & Bridget Keenan McMahon
Hanratty, Arthur (Ann), b. 09-00-1804, d. 09-26-1870, Plot 11-151--b.County Monaghn Ireland
Hearity, Anna Tressa (Daniel), b. 09-08-1860, d. 03-02-1894, Plot 19-308
Hearity, Bridget (John), d. 11-06-1897, Plot 13-177--age 81yr old
Hearity, Daniel/David (Anna Tressa Kehoe), b. 03-16-1856, d. 07-28-1932, Plot 19-308--b. Cleveland Ohio, d. Redfield S.Dakota, obit
Hearity, James E., b. 1883, d. 1946, Plot 19-308--s/o Daniel & Anna Hearity
Hearity, John (Bridget), d. 12-05-1882, Plot 13-177--age 65yr old
Heimlich, Bob (Kathleen), b. 07-21-1928, d. 10-20-2004, Plot 24-413--(m)02-19-1949
Heimlich, Kathleen (Bob), b. 07-17-1929, d. 10-11-2006, Plot 24-413--(m)02-19-1949, d/o Martin & Mary Kehoe Bankers, see obit
Heleniak, Frank (Rosalie), b. 1860, d. 04-19-1924, Plot 03-29--Father, see obit
Heleniak, Rosalie (Frank), b. 1863, d. 1949, Plot 03-29
Heleniak, Stanley, b. 1902, d. 03-01-1967, Plot 03-30--s/o Frank & Rosalie Heleniak, see obit
Hemling, Daniel J., b. 02-20-1955, Plot 24-398--s/o Donald J.& Mary R. Roche Hemling
Hemling, David William "Stub", b. 05-11-1957, d. 04-04-1995, Plot 24-397--s/o Donald J. & Mary R. Roche Hemling, see obit
Hemling, Donald J. ( (Mary Roberta), b. 06-01-1930, d. 05-28-2009, Plot 24-398--U.S.Army Veteran, Father, (m)05-08-1954, s/o Wm.& Lillian Birkenstock Hemling
Hemling, John Patrick, d. 02-28-1956, infant s/o Donald J.& Mary R.Hemling, is he also listed as Daniel J. Hemling? From Donald's obit
Hemling, Mary Roberta (Donald J.), b. 10-19-1930, Plot 24-398--d/o Robert & Mary Ellen Gorman Roche, Mother
Hemling, Steven R., b. 09-30-1958, Plot 24-398--s/o Donald J.& Mary R. Roche Hemling
Hendrickson, August (Jeanette), b. 05-24-1907, d. 02-23-1979, Plot 21-238--s/o August & Alma Halverson Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Donald "Don" (Lois Slattery), b. 09-04-1922, d. 07-22-2012, (m)06-03-1950, s/o Henry & Josephine Hyne Hendrickson, see obit
Hendrickson, Jeanette (August), b. 07-11-1907, d. 04-28-1991, Plot 21-238--d/oFred & Dorothy Quinn Paulson, 1st w/o Joe Kirley
Homman, Lawrence C. (Margaret M. Uebersetzig), b. 01-19-1923, d. 12-24-1987, Plot 24-405--(m)03-09-1943
Homman, Margaret M. (Lawrence C.), b. 09-08-1921, d. 10-20-2003, Plot 24-405--(m)03-09-1943, d/o Victor & Rosella Keller Uebersetzig, see obit
Hoyt, Margaret B. Krusel (#1Arthur E. Krusel, #2James Hoyt), b. 02-21-1931, d. 04-28-2011, Plot 22-361--(m1)05-26-1959, (m2)12-02-1978, d/o Otto & Anna Reible Moehrle, see obit for Margaret Hoyt
Hyson, Bridget, b. 1866, d. 1913, Plot 19-301--Nee Malone
Hyson, Mary Malone (Thomas), b. 1858, d. 12-21-1926, Plot 19-301--on Hyson-Malone Stone, see obit
Hyson, Thomas F., b. 05-06-1890, d. 10-23-1977, Plot 23-388
Hyson, Thomas (Mary Malone), b. 1858, d. 05-28-1917, Plot 19-301--on Hyson-Malone Stone, funeral date, obit
Jardin, Adam B. (Eleanor R.), b. 04-17-1902, d. 10-25-1996, Plot 19-317
Jardin, Eleanor R. (Adam B.), b. 09-01-1900, d. 03-00-1996, Plot 19-317--Nee Scheafer
Johnson, Cornel (Harriet T. Slattery), b. 11-19-1897, d. 04-02-1977, Plot 21-355--s/o Olaf & Sena Johnson, see obit
Johnson, Harriet T. (Cornel), b. 11-15-1898, d. 12-24-1981, Plot 21-355--d/o Timothy & Mary Ann Quinn Slattery
Jones, Agnes McCormick (Thomas H.), b. 1871, d. 12-31-1935, Plot 06-76--between Row 6 & row 7, see obit
Jones, Thomas H. (Agnes McCormick), b. 1873, d. 09-24-1946, Plot 06-77--between Row 6 & row 7, funeral date, obit
Kane, James, d. 02-13-1878, Plot 13-172--age 55yr, nativeof Kilarny Co Clare Ireland
Kaufmann, Charles J., b. 03-17-1867, d. 04-07-1895, Plot 09-110
Kehoe Family Stone, Plot 221-349--mary/laura/john/william/gretta/julia
Kehoe Family Stone, Ettie & Maggie Kehoe, and Lizzie Prindiville
Kehoe Family Stone, J.M, Margaret, Laura, Mary A.
Kehoe Family Stone, Patrick/Mary/Nora R/Mary Tressa/Elizabeth/William
Kehoe Family Stone, Thomas, Maria, Thomas J, Julia Ann, John R.
Kehoe, Bridget (3rd w/o Thomas F.), b. 07-29-1869, d. 01-04-1928, Plot 14-200--d/o John & Mary McShane Mallon
Kehoe, Bridget (John), b. 06-13-1843, d. 09-19-1878, Plot 11-153--d/o James & Anna Galligher Conlin, 35yr 3mo 6da old, Mother
Kehoe, Catherine H. (William J.), b. 01-15-1878, d. 05-31-1970, Plot 11B-159--d/o Edward & Bridget Connors Barnett
Kehoe, Catherine/Kathryn, b. 1908, d. 03-21-1919, Plot 11B-158--d/o William J.& Catherine H.Kehoe, obit
Kehoe, Cathrine A. (M.), b. 05-03-1853, d. 11-05-1884, Plot 08-94--d/o Richard & Mary Twomey
Kehoe, Cory A., b. 10-09-1980, d. 08-28-2006, Plot 21-357A--s/o Norman & Jean Kehoe Vick, see obit
Kehoe, Edward P. -see obit, b. 05-01-1910, d. 02-06-1980, Plot 11B-160--s/o William & Catherine Barnett Kehoe
Kehoe, Elizabeth (James), b. 03-03-1871, d. 09-13-1896, Plot 20-327
Kehoe, Erwin T. (Geraldine E. "Gerry"), b. 12-14-1925, d. 02-09-1999, Plot 20-325--WW II, Cpl US Marine Corps, (m)09-22-1947, s/o John & Irene McMahon Kehoe
Kehoe, Ettie, d. 08-06-1893, Plot 19-309--d/o E.& C. Kehoe, 28yr 1mo 9da old
Kehoe, Florence, b. 04-16-1893, d. 04-24-1975, Plot 15-212--d/o Thomas & Bridget Mallon Kehoe
Kehoe, Francis T., b. 06-25-1895, d. 01-29-1923, Plot 14-202--WW I, Wis Pvt 53 Inf 6th Div, s/o Thomas & Bridget Kehoe, see obit in 1923
Kehoe, Geraldine Elizabeth "Gerry" (Erwin T.), b. 09-22-1927, d. 02-23-1998, Plot 20-325--d/o Albert & Alice Yonkee Seier, (m)09-22-1947
Kehoe, Irene (John), b. 09-24-1904, d. 04-21-1984, Plot 14-208--d/o Edward F.& Mary Frawley McMahon
Kehoe, James (Elizabeth), b. 1867, d. 1949, Plot 20-327 & 328--s/o John & Bridget Conlin Kehoe
Kehoe, John (Irene McMahon), b. 08-29-1897, d. 03-20-1976, Plot 14-208--s/o Thomas & Bridget Mallon Kehoe, obit
Kehoe, John E. (Frances Brien), b. 1876, d. 03-25-1930, Plot 01-10--Father, s/o Michael Jr. & Catherine Twomey Kehoe, see obit
Kehoe, John Michael (Margaret Grady), b. 04-10-1845, d. 01-03-1931, Veteran from Veteran's list, from death certificate, s/o Mike/Michael & Mary Mariah Kehoe, buried in Doylestown, b.Ireland
Kehoe, John R., d. 12-30-1906, Plot 20-326--s/o Patrilck & Catherine (1st wife) Kehoe, 45yr 5mo 24da old
Kehoe, John (Bridget), d. 02-25-1880, Plot 11-153--age 39yr 6mo old, Father
Kehoe, Johnie, d. 06-13-1877, Plot 11-153--age 3da old, s/o John & Bridget Kehoe
Kehoe, Johnnie, d. 06-22-1910, where buried?
Kehoe, John--two death certificates on file showing different dates., b. 04-14-1843 04-14-1848, d. 09-14-1909 09-18-1909, from death certificate, s/o Gerald & Mary Kelley Kehoe, b. Cty Carlow Ireland
Kehoe, Julia Ann-Miss, b. 1864, d. 07-23-1953, Plot 20-326--d/o Thomas & Marie Fitzpatrick Kehoe, see obit & death certificate
Kehoe, Laura, b. 05-26-1884, d. 04-20-1908, Plot 21-350--d/o John M. & Margaret Kehoe
Kehoe, Lizzie (1st w/o Thomas F.), d. 07-15-1878, Plot 13-170--d/o John & Anna Conlin Kehoe, 27yr old
Kehoe, M. (Cathrine A.), b. 06-09-1847, d. 04-17-1882, Plot 08-94
Kehoe, Maggie, d. 05-16-1882, Plot 19-309--age 22yr 30 da old, d/o E.& C. Kehoe
Kehoe, Margaret Grady (John Michael), b. 10-05-1860, d. 03-25-1909, Plot 21-350--d/o John Grady, (m)abt 1884
Kehoe, Margaret Gretta, b. 06-00-1892, d. 02-05-1913, near family stone #349, d/o John Michael & Margaret Grady Kehoe
Kehoe, Maria (Thomas), d. 05-24-1910, Plot 20-326--age 89yr old, native of Kildare Co Ireland
Kehoe, Mary A., b. 12-12-1883, d. 05-24-1911, Plot 21-350--d/o John M. & Margaret Kehoe
Kehoe, Mary E. (1st w/o Edward M.), b. 09-02-1850, d. 02-27-1876, Plot 16-248--d/o Patrick & Alice McMahon Doherty, on stone with Patrick & Alice Doherty, 25yr 5mo 22da old
Kehoe, Mary Jane (E. W.), b. 10-24-1848, d. 08-26-1894, Plot 18-282--Nee Riley, 45yr 10m 2da old
Kehoe, Mary Murray (Patrick), b. 05-22-1849, d. 08-29-1915, Plot 10-113--see obit
Kehoe, Mary Tressa (William), b. 04-22-1876, d. 10-28-1896, Plot 20-327
Kehoe, Mary (Michael), d. 10-09-1890, Plot 18-284--age 84yr old
Kehoe, Mary (Patrick), d. 04-10-1911, Plot 20-327
Kehoe, Mary (William), b. 1815, d. 12-28-1895, Location? 76yr old, Inscription, death certificate says she is 80yr old
Kehoe, Michael (Mary), b. 1815, d. 04-19-1891, Plot 18-284--age 79yr old
Kehoe, Michael (Pheba), b. 01-00-1872, d. 02-00-1957, Plot 21-344--on stone with Peter & Pheba Kehoe, obit
Kehoe, Nora R. (Thomas F.), b. 06-26-1883, d. 08-07-1903, Plot 20-327--on stone with Patrick & Mary Kehoe
Kehoe, Patrick (Mary Murray), b. 05-14-1848, d. 04-30-1932, Plot 10-113--see obit
Kehoe, Patrick (Mary), d. 04-22-1925, Plot 20-327
Kehoe, Peter R. (Pheba), b. 03-00-1874, d. 03-20-1953, Plot 21-344--on stone with Michael Kehoe, see obit
Kehoe, Pheba (Peter R.)or (Michael), b. 05-00-1872, d. 1933, Plot 21-344--d/o Dennis & Mary Noonen Dugan, on stone with Michael Kehoe
Kehoe, Raymond T., b. 06-20-1911, d. 02-24-1972, Plot 18-286--s/o Wm. & Anna(Glynn/Kirley) Kehoe
Kehoe, Robert John "Bob", b. 02-23-1950, d. 07-19-2014, s/o Erwin & Geraldine Seier Kehoe, see obit
Kehoe, Thomas F. (Bridget, Mary, Nora), b. 03-17-1850, d. 02-13-1911, Plot 14-200--s/o Michael & Mariah Kehoe
Kehoe, Thomas J., d. 07-00-1964, d.Denver, buried here according to obit
Kehoe, Thomas J. (Julia Ann), b. 1862, d. 1940, Plot 20-326
Kehoe, Thomas Joseph, b. 02-22-1951, d. 01-31-1954, Plot 21-348--s/o Ervin & Geraldine Seier Kehoe, dates from Lori Oehlert, Tina Marie Drzonek is buried on top of Thomas Joseph
Kehoe, Thomas (Maria), d. 10-04-1899, Plot 20-326--age 78y old, native of Carlow Ireland
Kehoe, William (Mary Thressa), b. 02-13-1877, d. 06-22-1899, Plot 20-327
Kehoe, William J., b. 08-22-1887, d. 04-17-1916, Plot 18-281
Kehoe, William J., b. 1867, d. 1913, Plot 18-287--Father
Kehoe, William J. (Catherine H.), b. 1879, d. 11-30-1958, Plot 11B-159--alias "Patsy's Bill"
Kehoe, William J. K., b. 08-22-1897, d. 04-17-1960, location?
Kehoe, William "Buffalo Bill" C., b. 04-00-1874, d. 06-04-1948, Plot 13-170--s/o Thomas & Lizzie Conlin Kehoe, see obit
Kehoe, William (Mary), d. 05-02-1896, Plot 12-166--age 78yr old
Kennedy, Bridget (Jas.), d. 03-02-1913, Plot 04-33--Nee Gilligan, 103yr old
Kennedy, Earl W., b. 05-24-1897, d. 08-11-1981, Plot 01-04--WW I, US Army, s/o William & Susanna McMahon Kennedy
Kennedy, Jas. (Bridget), d. 05-11-1888, Plot 04-33--age 76yr old
Kennedy, John J. (Ann Reilly), b. 09-09-1890, d. 07-08-1947, Plot 01-02--WW I, s/o Wm.& Susanna McMahon Kennedy
Kennedy, Leo J. (Louise H.), b. 02-23-1895, d. 10-27-1976, Plot 15A-232--s/o Wm.& Susanna McMahon Kennedy
Kennedy, Louise H. (Leo J.), b. 07-14-1898, d. 07-17-1986, Plot 15A-232--d/o August & Augusta Hein Leistikow
Kennedy, Lyle J. (Clara Belle Neuman), b. 06-15-1930, d. 04-19-2014, Plot 15A-233--(m)1949, s/o Leo J.& Louise H. Leistikow Kennedy, see obit
Kennedy, Margaret-Miss, b. 1847, d. 06-00-1932, obit says this cemetery, but she is not on the list
Kennedy, Michael Francis, b. 1858, d. 01-10-1941, obit says this cemetery but he is not on the list
Kennedy, Susanna (William D.), b. 03-24-1866, d. 02-20-1956, Plot 01-03--d/o John & Ellizabeth Starr McMahon
Kennedy, William D. (Susanna), b. 04-03-1866, d. 02-11-1908, Plot 01-03--s/o James & Bridget Gilligan Kennedy
Kirley, Agnes L. (Edward H.), b. 06-17-1889, d. 03-05-1985, Plot 15-210--d/o John B. & Mary Ann Gerard Salzman, RNA
Kirley, Alice (2nd w/o Owen E.), b. 03-25-1843, d. 04-28-1923, Plot 07-80--d/o James & Ann Kirley McMahon
Kirley, Anna (3rd w/o Wm. J.), b. 1879, d. 11-14-1935, Plot 10-126--Nee Glynn, (m#1)Pat Slattery, (m#2)William Kehoe, (m#3)William Kirley
Kirley, Annie (1st w/o Wm. J.), b. 06-05-1880, d. 08-20-1906, Plot 10-127--d/o Edward & Bridget Connors Barnett
Kirley, Arthur B. (Martha McMahon), b. 10-27-1879, d. 02-03-1956, Plot 05-48--s/o Owen E.& Alice McMahon Kirley, obit
Kirley, Arthur W. "Bubber", b. 02-23-1910, d. 06-27-1970, Plot 06-49--WW II, Wis Pfc Co B 9 MED BN, VFW, s/o Arthur B.& Martha McMahon Kirley
Kirley, Bridget (1st w/o Owen E.), b. 1834, d. 02-07-1868, Plot 07-80--Nee Keenan, 34yr old
Kirley, Daniel J. (Delia V. Slattery)-obit, b. 09-01-1883, d. 04-16-1952, Plot 22-376--s/o Patrick F.& Mary T. McMahon Kirley
Kirley, Daniel J. (Dorothy & Jean Eroen), b. 10-03-1912, d. 11-27-1971, Plot 22-377--s/o Daniel J.& Delia V. Slattery Kirley, on stone with Edward H. Kirley, see obit
Kirley, Delia V. (Daniel J.), b. 1883, d. 1957, Plot 22-376--Nee Slattery
Kirley, Edward H., b. 10-03-1912, d. 02-15-1963, Plot 22-377--s/o Daniel J.& Delia V.Slattery Kirley, on stone with Daniel J. Kirley
Kirley, Edward H. (Agnes L. Salzman), b. 08-02-1885, d. 05-22-1962, Plot 15-210--s/o Patrick F.& Mary T.McMahon Kirley, obit
Kirley, Elizabeth F. -Miss, b. 1860, d. 03-15-1936, Plot 06-51--d/o James & Mary Finegan Kirley, see obit
Kirley, Emma (2nd w/o Wm. J.), b. 09-27-1874, d. 05-28-1924, Plot 10-127--d/o Daniel & Mary Shea Slattery
Kirley, Eugene, b. 1862, d. 1864, Plot 06-51--s/o James & Mary Finegan Kirley
Kirley, Frances A., b. 10-17-1895, d. 05-29-1966, Plot 15-210--d/o Patrick F. & Mary T. McMahon Kirley
Kirley, Frank, b. 11-15-1855, d. 02-21-1920, Plot 07-80--s/o Owen & Bridget Keenan Kirley
Kirley, Harry E. (Loretta Mallon), b. 05-06-1908, d. 01-31-1989, Plot 15-209--s/o John & Anna F. Barron Kirley, see obit
Kirley, James, b. 09-26-1863, d. 12-19-1943, Plot 07-79--s/o Owen & Bridget Keenan Kirley, on stone with Peter H.Kirley
Kirley, James W., b. 09-05-1896, d. 10-25-1952, Plot 19-310--WW I, Wis Pfc 265 MIL Police, PH
Kirley, James (Mary), b. 1822, d. 1890, Plot 06-51--on stone with Mary, Eugene, Thomas & Owen Kirley, obit says b.1825
Kirley, John Bernard "Brunie" (Viola N. Sunde)-see obit, b. 06-14-1904, d. 09-24-1980, Plot 17-268--(m)04-25-1934, s/o A.B.& Martha Kirley
Kirley, John F. (Viola M. .), b. 07-01-1880, d. 05-14-1949, Plot 22-364--s/o Michael & Margaret Murrey Kirley
Kirley, John J. (Mary J. Kirley), b. 08-00-1857, d. 12-29-1931, Plot 06-51--s/o James & Mary Finegan Kirley, see obit
Kirley, Joseph, b. 06-06-1935, d. 06-06-1935, Plot 17-269--s/o John B.& Viola N.Sunde Kirley
Kirley, Joseph E. (Jeanette Pawson)--s/o William & Annie Barnett Kirley, b. 09-11-1906 26yr old?, d. 08-10-1932 09-10-1932?, Plot 16-239--Jeanette is 1st wife of Joseph Kirley, see Jeanette Hendrickson, Father, see Daily Register article in paper dated 09-12-2008, see obit
Kirley, Julia (P. J.), b. 1865, d. 1906, Plot 22-370--small stone next to large Riley stone
Kirley, Katherine Kehoe (Peter), b. 1844, d. 03-17-1904, Plot 13-169--age 60yr, native of Co Monahan Ireland
Kirley, Lawrence (Rose), b. 1829, d. 12-15-1906, Plot 21-345--b.Monohan Co Ireland, Parish of Dunimine, Immigrated to America 1850, s/o Daniel & Mary
Kirley, Loretta M. (Harry E.), b. 10-25-1908, d. 04-22-1992, Plot 15-209--d/o Dennis & Catherine Kehoe Mallon
Kirley, Marie, b. 05-24-1893, d. 02-21-1905, Plot 15-211--d/o Patrick F. & Mary T.McMahon Kirley
Kirley, Martha (Arthur B.), b. 10-01-1882, d. 03-13-1912, Plot 05-48--d/o John & Elizabeth Starr McMahon
Kirley, Mary J. (John J.), b. 1862, d. 01-19-1903, Plot 06-51--d/o Patrick & Anne Gartland Kirley
Kirley, Mary T. (Patrick F.), b. 1865, d. 01-16-1931, Plot 15-211--d/o Hugh P.& Mary Crinion McMahon
Kirley, Mary (James), b. 1825, d. 1908, Plot 06-51--Nee Finegan, obit says b.1827, on stone with James, Eugene, Thomas, & Owen Kirley
Kirley, Mary--3yr old, b. 1873, d. 03-10-1876, Plot 11B-157--d/o Michael & Margaret Murrey Kirley
Kirley, Maurice P. (Margaret), b. 07-29-1923, d. 02-22-1979, Plot 23-389--Veteran from Veteran's list, Father, s/o Edward H. & Agnes L.Salzman Kirley
Kirley, Michael, b. 12-00-1831, d. 12-17-1902, Plot 11B-157--s/o Patrick & Nancy Ann McMahon Kirley
Kirley, Michael Jr., b. 01-11-1879, d. 05-12-1942, Plot 11B-154--s/o Michael & Margaret Murrey Kirley
Kirley, Owen, b. 1812, d. 1897, Plot 06-51--s/o James Owen, on stone with James, Mary, Eugene, & Thomas Kirley
Kirley, Owen E. (Alice & Bridget), b. 1826, d. 01-29-1914, Plot 07-80--s/o Patrick & Nancy Ann McMahon Kirley
Kirley, P. J. (Julia), d. no dates, Plot 22-370--large stone
Kirley, Patrick, b. 1857, d. 07-05-1906, Plot 07-80--s/o Owen & Bridget Keenan Kirley, 49yr old
Kirley, Patrick F. (Mary T. McMahon), b. 04-06-1862, d. 10-21-1923, Plot 15-211--s/o Peter & Katherine Kehoe Kirley, obit
Kirley, Peter H., b. 1861, d. 09-06-1944, Plot 07-79--s/o Owen & Bridget Keenan Kirley, on stone with James Kirley
Kirley, Peter (Katherine Kehoe), b. 05-00-1834, d. 08-07-1904, Plot 13-169--native of Co Monahan Ireland, s/o Philip & Nancy Bishop Kirley, 70yr old
Kirley, Philip, d. 05-29-1887, Plot 13-169--18yr old, s/o Peter & Katherine Kirley
Kirley, Rose (Lawrence), b. 03-11-1831, d. 01-01-1903, Plot 21-345--Nee Keenan, b.Monohan Co Ireland, Immigrated to America 1851
Kirley, Thomas, b. 1865, d. 1867, Plot 06-51--s/o James & Mary Finegan Kirley, on stone with James, mary, Eugene & Owen Kirley
Kirley, Thomas, b. 1869, d. 12-27-1893, Plot 11B-157--s/o Michael & Margaret Murrey Kirley
Kirley, Thomas (Loretta Kehoe), b. 1868, d. 09-21-1938, s/o James & Mary Kirley, stone? see obit
Kirley, Viola M. (John F.), b. 10-17-1896, d. 12-03-1966, Plot 22-364--d/o James & Anna M.Seidlinger Anthony
Kirley, Viola Normanda (John Bernard "Brunie"), b. 08-30-1912, d. 08-17-2011, Plot 17-268-- (m)04-25-1934, d/o Ole & Clara Peterson Sunde, see obit
Kirley, William E. (Mabelle), b. 1885, d. 02-17-1975, Plot 05-38--s/o Michael & Margaret Murret Kirley, obit
Kirley, Wm. J. (Annie, Emma, Anna), b. 06-20-1875, d. 09-19-1958, Plot 10-127--s/o Owen E.& Alice McMahon Kirley
Kirnan, Julia M, b. 07-00-1844, d. 11-18-1919, Plot 19-311--no dates on stone, d/o Michael & Mary Kehoe
Kirnan-Eilert family stone, d. no dates, Plot 19-311--Gertrude A/Julia M/Mother/Father/Mary A/Henry J.
Koepke, Katherine/Kathryn Doyle, b. 01-29-1898, d. 09-00-1990, Plot 18-278--on stone with Carol K. Poblocki & Barbara Doerr, spelled Koepke in ssdi, Koebke on stone
Koepke, Kathleen M., b. 1923, d. 1925, Plot 18-279--d/o G.A. & K.M. Koepke, spelled Koebke on stone
Kovalaske Family Stone, Plot 23-393-- Jacelyn S, Jordon J, Kenneth D.
Kovalaske, Beth Adelia, b. 1964, d. 06-29-1971, Plot 17-273--d/o Charles & Mae M.Kovalaske, obit
Kovalaske, Charles K. (Mae Margaret), b. 09-04-1923, d. 06-08-1999, Plot 17-273--(m)07-1949
Kovalaske, Jacelyn S. (Kenneth D.), b. 1965, d. 02-01-1991, Plot 23-393--d/o Dennis John & Barbara Lockwood
Kovalaske, Jordon Marie, b. unborn, d. 02-01-1991, Plot 23-393--s/o Kenneth & Jacelyn Lockwood Kovalaske
Kovalaske, Kenneth D. (Jacelyn S.), b. 1957, Plot 23-393--s/o Charles & Mae Kovalaske
Kovalaske, Mae Margaret (#1Charles K. Kovalaske, #2 Rodney Sommers), b. 07-30-1930, d. 01-17-2009, Plot 17-273--d/o Arnold & Adelia Kohn Soldner, (m1)07-1949, (m2)06-1993, see Mae M.Sommers, see obit
Krueger, Charles (Julia Ann), b. 05-01-1882, d. 05-12-1958, Plot 15-213--Father, s/o Charles & Bertha Haber Korn Krueger
Krueger, Julia Ann (Charles), b. 04-07-1900, d. 05-22-1947, Plot 15-213--d/o Thomas & Bridget Mallon Kehoe, Mother
Krusel, Arthur E. (Margaret B. Moehrle), b. 01-01-1919, d. 04-08-1972, Plot 22-361--s/o Martin & Lena Krusel, see obit
Krusel, John A., b. 02-02-1961, d. 08-28-2011, s/o Arthur E. & Margaret Moehrle Krusel, see obit
Krusel, Margaret B. (#1Arthur E. Krusel, #2James Hoyt), b. 02-21-1931, d. 04-28-2011, Plot 22-361--(m1)05-26-1959, (m2)12-02-1978, d/o Otto & Anna Reible Moehrle, see obit for Margaret Hoyt
Krusel, Roger R., b. 03-31-1970, d. 03-17-1993, Plot 22-362--s/o Arthur E. & Margaret Krusel
Lackey, Allie/Allen G. (Essie B. Freeman), b. 07-09-1888, d. 03-00-1973, Plot 13-176--on stone with Essie B. Lackey, see obit
Lackey, Essie B. (Allie G.), b. 1888, d. 1951, Plot 13-176--on stone with Allie G. Lackey
Ladwig, Allen Francis, b. 09-23-1943, d. 09-27-1964, Plot 11-134--Wis Pfc US Army, s/o George F.& Winifred A.Kirley Ladwig
Ladwig, George F. (Winifred A. Kirley), b. 03-28-1897, d. 02-10-1988, Plot 24-409--s/o Frank & Anna Stange Ladwig, obit
Ladwig, Winifred A. (George F.), b. 02-23-1910, d. 11-10-1993, Plot 24-409--d/o A.B.& Martha McMahon Kirley
Langsdorf, Betty J. (Donald J.), b. 03-07-1928, Plot 24-407--(m)10-28-1950, d/o Theodore & Mary Berghammer Diehlmann, mother
Langsdorf, Catherine A., b. 02-21-1952, Plot 24-407--d/o Donald J. & Betty J.Diehlmann Langsdorf
Langsdorf, Catherine (John), b. 09-22-1870, d. 03-24-1946, Plot 11-137--Mother, d/o John P.& Harriett Welter Quinn, John is buried at St. Stephens Cemetery
Langsdorf, Donald J. (Betty J. Diehlmann), b. 01-06-1928, d. 08-09-2010, Plot 24-407--US Army, (m)10-28-1950, Father, s/o George & E.Lillian Yonkee Langsdorf
Langsdorf, E. Lillian (George M.), b. 02-13-1899, d. 10-24-1986, Plot 17-257--d/o Albert & Elizabeth Kehoe Yonkee, obit
Langsdorf, Ella Rose (Walter A.), b. 01-16-1903, d. 04-05-1978, Plot 16-240--d/o Fred & Dorothy Quinn Pawson, divorced
Langsdorf, Frances A. (Harvey F.), b. 08-12-1907, d. 07-07-1997, Plot 18-298--d/o Wm.J. & Catherine Barnett Kehoe
Langsdorf, George M. (E. Lillian), b. 02-01-1900, d. 07-11-1962, Plot 17-257--s/o John & Catherine Quinn Langsdorf
Langsdorf, Harold, b. 07-25-1921, d. 09-23-1921, location?--no stone, s/o Walter & Ella Pawson Langsdorf, another infant son died in infancy, see LaVerne's obit
Langsdorf, Harvey F. (Frances A.), b. 03-04-1910, d. 07-11-1995, Plot 18-298--s/o John & Catherine Quinn Langsdorf, obit
Langsdorf, LaVern W., b. 1922, d. 09-00-1937, Plot 11-138--s/o Walter & Ella Pawson Langsdorf, train accident, see obit
Langsdorf, Loraine Marie, b. 05-23-1924, d. 03-25-1930, Plot 11-139--d/o Walter & Ella Pawson Langsdorf, obit
Langsdorf, Marion H., b. 09-28-1926, d. 02-06-2010, from obit, d/o Leo & Elizabeth Leistiko Kennedy(Married & divorced from Merlyn Langsdorf--info from Carol Thran
Langsdorf, Merlyn William, b. 06-16-1923, d. 02-11-1996, Plot 16-255--WW II, AOM3 US Navy, s/o George & E.Lillian Yonkee Langsdorf
Langsdorf, Mervin/Marvin, b. 12-03-1926, d. 03-04-1930, location?--no stone, per death certificate, s/o Walter & Ella Rose Pawson Langsdorf
Langsdorf, Oscar J. (Xina A. Wollenburg), b. 03-30-1904, d. 02-19-1981, Plot 18-297--s/o John & Catherine Quinn Langsdorf, see obit
Langsdorf, Walter A. (Ella Rose), b. 07-20-1901, d. 03-04-1971, Plot 18-296--WW II, Wis Pvt Co C 361 Inf, s/o John & Catherine Quinn Langsdorf, divorced
Langsdorf, Xina A. (Oscar J.), b. 07-01-1903, d. 09-06-1977, location?--no stone, Nee Wollenburg
Larson, Cecelia M., b. 08-27-1920, d. 05-29-1991, Plot 23-385--American Legion Auxiliary
Liebl, Alois Sr. (Mary), b. 02-23-1899, d. 09-00-1977, Plot 20-320
Liebl, Alois "Ole" Jr., b. 1935, d. 07-18-1984, Plot 20-321--s/o Alois Sr. & Mary Liebl, see obit
Liebl, Mary (Alois Sr.), b. 11-14-1906, d. 09-22-2006, Plot 20-320
Little, Charles W. (Rachel Emma Purves), b. 06-04-1911, d. 04-30-1989, Plot 20-322--(m)06-27-1942, see obit
Little, Rachel Emma (Charles W.), b. 01-13-1916, d. 06-27-2009, Plot 20-322--(m)06-27-1942, d/o Arthur & Eva Bush Purves
Lockwood, Barbara Jean Kivlin (Dennis John), b. 05-21-1939, d. 04-24-2015, Plot 23-394--(m)02-06-1960, d/o Stanley George & Mildred Helen Johnson Kivlin, see obit
Lockwood, Dennis John (Barbara J. Kivlin), b. 07-22-1939, d. 07-02-1999, Plot 23-394--US Army, PFC, (m)02-06-1960, aka John Dennis, see obit for John Lockwood
Logan, John (Eliza McMahon), b. 1865, d. 1900, Plot 11-141
Luther, Jason Allen (Michele L. Anderson), b. 08-11-1970, d. 01-16-2005, (m)09-16-2000, s/o Glen & Sandy Boomsma Luther, see obit
Luther, Michele L. Anderson (Jason A.), b. 01-18-1974, (m)09-16-2000
Lynch, Leo T., b. 06-26-1917, d. 01-29-1933, Plot 11-136--s/o Thomas J. & Ruth Kennedy Lynch
Lynch, Michael Robert (Rebekah Sparacio), b. 05-28-1967, d. 09-19-2004, Plot 11-131--Persian Gulf War, Pfc US Army, (m)09-04-1999, s/o Robert & Bonnie Lein Lynch, see obit
Lynch, Robert W. (Bonnie J. Lien), b. 02-22-1941, d. 05-10-2015, US Army, (m)06-06-1964, s/o William & Eleanor Lynch, see obit
Lynch, Ruth L. (Thomas J.), b. 01-19-1893, d. 09-24-1975, Plot 11-135--d/o William & Susanna McMahon Kennedy
Lynch, Thomas J. (Ruth L.), b. 12-23-1891, d. 09-29-1973, Plot 11-135
Mallon, Catherine F. (Dennis J.), b. 09-26-1880, d. 02-01-1972, Plot 11B-161--Nee Kehoe
Mallon, Dean R., b. 11-29-1939, d. 12-19-1981, Plot 23-390--s/o John P. & Fern H.Sommerfield Mallon
Mallon, Dennis James (Catherine F. Kehoe), b. 04-03-1876, d. 05-12-1947, Plot 11B-161--s/o John & Mary McShane Mallon, see obit
Mallon, Estella "Stell" (William), b. 03-01-1893, d. 10-09-1967, Plot 14-204--RNA, d/o Oliver & Marie Field
Mallon, Fern H. (John P.), b. 12-31-1908, d. 05-19-2006, Plot 23-391--d/o Herman & Clara Achterberg Sommerfield, (m)01-15-1930, info from obit
Mallon, Helen Mary (Patrick "Pat" John), b. 01-19-1915, d. 03-30-2010, Plot 12-162--(m)10-11-1941, d/o William R.& Margaret Condon Agnew, see obit
Mallon, Henry B. (Loretta "Ette"), b. 05-09-1879, d. 11-04-1964, Plot 12-163--on stone with Richard J. & Loretta Mallon, s/o John & Mary McShane Mallon, see obit
Mallon, John P. (Fern H.), b. 06-09-1907, d. 11-04-1992, Plot 23-392--(m)01-15-1930, s/o Dennis & Catherine
Mallon, John (Kathryn), b. 01-18-1865, d. 12-00-1953, Plot 14-206--s/o John & Mary McShane Mallon
Mallon, Kathryn Kehoe (John), b. 1859, d. 01-12-1941, Plot 14-205--see obit
Mallon, Leo "Bud" (Myrtle Mae), b. 03-16-1918, d. 01-17-2012, Plot 22-363--WW II, US Army, (m)09-09-1947, s/o William & Estella Field Mallon, see obit
Mallon, Loretta "Etta" (Henry B.), b. 05-25-1886, d. 12-29-1967, Plot 12-163--Nee Kehoe, on stone with Henry B. & Richard J. Mallon, American Legion Auxiliary, d/o Patrick & Mary Kehoe, see obit
Mallon, Margaret J. (William Dennis), b. 08-13-1925, d. 01-12-2003, Plot 24-402--09-15-1951, d/o William & Margaret Condon Agnew, see obit
Mallon, Myrtle Mae (#1Royce Roundy, #2Leo "Bud" Mallon), b. 01-28-1916, d. 02-10-2014, Plot 22-363--(m2)09-09-1947, d/o Ernest & Mary Lee Matthews, see obit
Mallon, Oliver "Patsy" (Patricia), b. 12-01-1928, d. 10-11-1980, Plot 23-381--s/o William & Estella Field Mallon
Mallon, Patrick "Pat" John (Helen Mary Agnew), b. 04-25-1912, d. 01-24-1984, Plot 12-162--(m)10-11-1941, s/o Henry & Loretta "Etta" Kehoe Mallon, see obit
Mallon, Richard Joseph, b. 09-29-1915, d. 10-25-1944, Plot 12-162--WW II, Wis Pfc 60 Inf 9 Inf Div, two stones s/o Henry B. & Loretta Kehoe Mallon, all on same stone. See obit
Mallon, William Dennis (Margaret J. Agnew), b. 1926, Plot 24-402--(m)09-15-1951, s/o Henry & Loretta Kehoe Mallon
Mallon, William J. (Estella "Stelle" Field), b. 1891, d. 08-23-1935, Plot 14-203--s/o John & Kathryn Mallon, see obit
Malone, Bridget, b. 1866, d. 1913, Plot 19-301--on Hyson Stone, sister to Mary Hyson
Marot, Victor J., b. 04-15-1866, d. 1970, Plot 18-277
Marshall, Mary K. (Stan), b. 08-08-1948, d. 04-22-2007, location?--(m)08-13-1966, d/o Edward A.& Veronica Berbrich Neary, see Cambria Cemetery, see obit
Mathews, Ernest, b. 1884, d. 08-00-1956, Plot 13-181--see obit
McCormick, Agnes M. (James F.), b. 11-22-1921, Plot 23-392--(m)11-29-1941, d/o John & Viola Anthony Kirley
McCormick, Bernard F., b. 07-09-1921, d. 04-19-1953, Plot 04-32--WW II, Wis Cpl 451 AAA BN CAC, s/o Bernard & Etta Kirley McCormick
McCormick, Bernard "Barney" (Etta Kirley), b. 1854, d. 09-02-1940, Plot 11B-156--Father, s/o Peter & Mary McCormick, see obit
McCormick, Elizabeth-Miss, b. 1852, d. 03-29-1927, Plot 06-73--d/o Peter R. & Mary Ann McCormick, obit
McCormick, Etta (Bernard), b. 1883, d. 01-05-1949, Plot 11B-155--d/o Michael & Margaret Murrey Kirley, Mother, see obit
McCormick, Frances, b. 07-12-1874, d. 07-22-1874, Plot 09-112--age 10da, d/o Peter & Mary McCormick
McCormick, James, d. 04-16-1890, Plot 09-112--age 30yr, s/o Peter & Mary McCormick
McCormick, James F. (Agnes M. Kirley), b. 03-14-1915, d. 11-21-1983, Plot 23-392-- (m)11-29-1941, s/o Joseph H.& Mary A.Kirley McCormick, see obit
McCormick, Joseph H. (Mary A.), b. 09-12-1869, d. 1954, Plot 08-91--s/o Peter & Mary McCormick
McCormick, Katie-dates hard to read, date confirmed by Carol Thran, d. 05-29-1863, Plot 09-112--age 1y9m12d, d/o Peter & Mary McCormick
McCormick, Kenneth D., d. 03-17-1966, Plot 08-95--infant s/o Wm. & Sharon Rickter McCormick
McCormick, Maggie, b. 11-00-1866, d. 10-16-1885, Plot 09-112--age 18y11m21d, d/o Peter& Mary McCormick
McCormick, Mary A. (Joseph H.), b. 11-09-1881, d. 11-10-1977, Plot 08-91--d/o Owen & Alice McMahon Kirley, "Mollie"
McCormick, Mary Ann-Miss--see obit, b. 04-00-1859, d. 02-04-1933, Plot 06-74--next to Peter R. & Elizabeth McCormick
McCormick, Mary (Peter), d. 07-08-1887, Plot 09-112--age 38yr old
McCormick, Peter R., b. 1861, d. 02-04-1943, Plot 06-75--next to Elizabeth & Mary Ann McCormick
McCormick, Peter (Mary), b. 04-00-1825, d. 05-09-1914, Plot 09-112--age 88yr old
McCormick, Richard, d. 08-06-1860, Plot 09-112--age 3y3m12d, s/o Peter & Mary McCormick
McCray, Charles (Nora), b. 08-09-1852, d. 03-28-1936, Plot 21-342
McCray, Edward A. (Verna L.), b. 06-25-1893, d. 06-11-1964, Plot 15A-228 & 229, --WW I, Wis Pvt HQ Co 331 Field Arty, two stones
McCray, Nora (Charles H.), d. 01-30-1908, Plot 21-342--Nee Connery?? 48yr old
McCray, Verna L. (Edward A.), b. 12-15-1898, d. 01-15-2000, Plot 15A-229
McDonald Family Stone, Plot 14-196--Michael, Alice, John, Dorothy, Catherine
McDonald, Alice, b. 1854, d. 1872, Plot 14-196--d/o Michael & Catherine Quinn McDonald
McDonald, Catharine (Michael), b. 02-18-1829, d. 03-15-1914, Plot 14-196--d/o John & Dorothy Sherlock Quinn
McDonald, Dorothy, b. 03-31-1867, d. 1872, Plot 14-196--d/o Michael & Catherine Quinn McDonald
McDonald, John, b. 12-12-1858, d. 1880, Plot 14-196--s/o Michael & Catherine Quinn McDonald
McDonald, Lucy Amelia (Dr. Robert J.), b. 06-28-1879, d. 12-24-1939, Plot 02-13--d/o John & Mary Gerard Salzman
McDonald, Michael (Catharine), b. 1827, d. 03-04-1910, Plot 14-196--s/o Edward & ??McDonald
McDonald, Pearl E. (William M.), b. 05-19-1897, d. 05-27-1996, Plot 21-352--d/o John & Josephine Kohl Miller
McDonald, Robert J. -Dr. (Lucy Amelia Salzman), b. 05-29-1871, d. 08-17-1940, Plot 02-13--s/o Michael & Catherine Quinn McDonald, see obit
McDonald, William M. (Pearl E.), b. 09-02-1888, d. 03-05-1955, Plot 21-352--s/o Michael & Henrietta O'Brion McDonald
McGuckin, Ann (James), d. 06-13-1898, Plot 07-82--age 72yr old, mother
McGuckin, James (Ann), d. 12-21-1866, Plot 07-82--age 44yr old, father
McMahon, Agnes (Edward J.), d. 02-15-1941, 81yr old, obit says buried here, not on list
McMahon, Ann (James), b. 1813, d. 06-10-1851, Plot 13-173 & 175--Nee Kirley, 38yr old, two stones, buried at sea
McMahon, Ann (Philip), b. 1834, d. 12-00-1917, Plot 03-21--Nee Murphy, see obit
McMahon, Anna (Hugh J.), b. 1862, d. 02-20-1937, Plot 07-81--d/o James & Ann McGuckin
McMahon, Annie M. Kirley (Anthony), b. 05-15-1859, d. 11-07-1935 , Plot 13-168--d/o Peter & Katherine Kehoe Kirley, stone says d.1936, obituary in a newspaper dated 11-24-1935, Death certificate says b.05-15-1864 & died 11-07-1935
McMahon, Annie--29yr 10mo 10da old, b. 02-28-1853, d. 01-10-1883, Plot 04-35--d/o William E.& Catherine Keenan McMahon
McMahon, Anthony (Annie Kirley), b. 01-14-1861, d. 08-01-1927, Plot 13-168--s/o Hugh P.& Mary Crinion McMahon, obit
McMahon, Ard/Ardie (Mary), b. 1804, d. 12-27-1878, Plot 14-197--spelled Ardie in obit index, s/o Edward & Catherine O'Neil McMahon, d.date from Zoe Lappin
McMahon, Bridget, b. 1875, d. 06-25-1875, Plot 03-21A--d/o Philip & Ann Murphy McMahon
McMahon, Bridget (Roger), b. 1836, d. 09-15-1880, Plot 15-216--d/o Francis & Mary McMahon Doherty, 44yr old, native of Parish Donamine Co Monaghan Ireland
McMahon, Bridgetta (1st w/o Wm A.), b. 10-05-1879, d. 06-17-1909, Plot 06-54--d/o Thomas & Catherine Donahue Cleary
McMahon, Cathrine (William E.), b. 1814, d. 01-13-1890, Plot 04-35--Nee Keenan, 76yr old
McMahon, Edward, b. 1854, d. 05-06-1870, Plot 04-35--s/o William & Cathrine Keenan McMahon, 16yr 3mo 9da old
McMahon, Edward (2nd wife Rose Ann "Rosey"), b. 05-18-1786, d. 06-18-1869, Plot 03-23--age 83yr 1mo old, erected by Hugh, Philip & John, first wife is Catherine
McMahon, Elizabeth A. (John E.), b. 08-13-1846, d. 04-17-1925, Plot 01-07--d/o Damien & Susannah Barnard Starr
McMahon, Ella (2nd w/o Wm A.), b. 03-03-1881, d. 11-11-1947, Plot 06-54--Nee Tracy
McMahon, Florence Margaret-Miss, b. 08-26-1906, d. 11-22-1925, Plot 06-54--d/o William A.& Bridgetta Cleary McMahon
McMahon, Hugh, b. 04-27-1805, d. 08-27-1886, Plot 13-174 & 175--aka Hugh Williams, On Williams stone, 81y old, Native of County Moneghan Ireland, s/o William & Bridget Keenan McMahon
McMahon, Hugh H., b. 08-14-1881, d. 09-15-1881, Plot 01-07--s/o John E. & Elizabeth A. Starr McMahon
McMahon, Hugh J. (Anna), b. 06-02-1860, d. 03-24-1927, Plot 07-81--s/o James P.& Mary McVeigh McMahon
McMahon, Hugh W., b. 05-09-1841, d. 04-27-1916, Plot 13-175--aka Hugh W. William, s/o James M.& Nancy Ann McMahon
McMahon, Hugh (Mary), b. 04-05-1825, d. 04-04-1908, Plot 03-22--s/o Edward & Rose Ann Kirley McMahon
McMahon, James, b. 03-29-1854, d. 07-02-1875, Plot 08-88--s/o James P.& Mary McVeigh McMahon, 21yr3mo4da old
McMahon, James P. (Mary), b. 07-26-1821, d. 03-19-1882, Plot 08-86--native of Co Armagh Ireland, s/o Peter & Rose McMahon, 60yr 7mo 24da old
McMahon, James (Ann), b. 1803, d. 04-02-1873, Plot 13-173& 175--s/o Wm.& Bridget Keenan McMahon, native of Monaghan Co Ireland, 70yrs old
McMahon, John E., b. 04-24-1876, d. 05-20-1898, Plot 01-07--s/o John E. & Elizabeth A.Starr McMahon
McMahon, John E. (Elizabeth A.), b. 03-27-1840, d. 09-28-1914, Plot 01-07--GAR, s/o Edward & Rose Ann Kirley McMahon
McMahon, John H., d. 04-06-1955, see obit & death certificate, 89yr old
McMahon, Mary Ann, b. 1874, d. 12-30-1933, Plot 03-20--d/o Philip & Ann Murphy McMahon, see obit
McMahon, Mary (2nd w/o Roger)--see Mary McMahon in St. Mary's in Portage, d. 03-26-1913, Plot 13-178--age 98yr, Nee Finley/Grady, Mrs. Grady also, on Daniel & Mary Finley Stone
McMahon, Mary (Ard or Ardie), b. 1798, d. 1888, Plot 14-197
McMahon, Mary (Hugh), b. 12-25-1824, d. 08-25-1912, Plot 03-22--d/o Patrick & Ann Dillion Crinion
McMahon, Mary (James P.), b. 1822, d. 08-31-1872, Plot 08-87--Nee McVeigh, 50yr old, native of Colloville Co Armagh Ireland
McMahon, Mary/Mayme (Edward F.), b. 02-21-1872, d. 11-27-1947, Plot 19-302--d/o Patrick & Julie Ann/Annie Kehoe Frawley, Mother, on Hyson Family stone
McMahon, Orville J., b. 05-27-1908, d. 03-06-1930, Plot 19-304--s/o Edward & Mary Frawley McMahon, maybe b.05-29-1908
McMahon, Patrick, b. 1821, d. 09-12-1872, Plot 04-34--age 51yr, native of Ireland, s/o Edward & Catherine O'Neil McMahon
McMahon, Peter, b. 1872, d. 11-27-1945, Plot 03-28--s/o Philip & Ann Murphy McMahon
McMahon, Philip (Ann), b. 1824, d. 08-03-1910, Plot 03-21--s/o Edward & Rose Ann Kirley McMahon
McMahon, Roger (Bridget), b. 1814, d. 04-18-1884, Plot 15-216--s/o William & Bridget Keenan McMahon, 70yr old, native of Monaghan Co Ireland
McMahon, Rose Ann "Rosey" (Edward), b. 06-00-1798, d. 06-02-1871, Plot 03-23--Nee Kirley, 73yr old, 2nd w/o Edward
McMahon, William A. (#1Bridgetta Cleary, #2Ella Tracy)--see obit, b. 06-09-1875, d. 10-24-1948, Plot 06-54--Veteran from Veteran's list, Sp.Am.War flag holder, s/o Hugh & Mary Crinion McMahon
McMahon, William E. (Catherine), b. 1805, d. 11-18-1889, Plot 04-35--s/o Edward & 1st wife Catherine O'Neil McMahon
McMahon-Williams Family stone, Hugh W.Williams, James/Ann & Hugh McMahon
McManman, Edward J. (Anna Burns), b. 1870, d. 04-24-1939, see obit, not on list
McManus, Barbara McCray-Mrs., b. 01-15-1929, d. 05-00-1974, Plot 15A-229--d/o Edward A.& Verna L. McCray, see obit
Merrick, Alice B. (George), b. 08-09-1880, d. 12-07-1971, widow, see obit & death certificate
Miller, Adlida May, d. 12-21-1881, Plot 15A-220--age 8yr 1mo, d/o Jacob & Barbara Miller
Miller, Amelia (Val), d. 03-14-1881, Plot 11A-147--age 74yr old
Miller, Barbara (Jacob), b. 07-14-1842, d. 07-04-1897, Plot 15A-220
Miller, Bernard J. (Clarice E. Gaumitz), b. 12-02-1924, d. 08-25-2005, Plot 17-271--(m)08-06-1949, s/o John & Mary Ellen Biel Miller
Miller, Clarice E. Gaumitz (Bernard J.), b. 1927, Plot 17-271
Miller, Doris M. (Harold L. "Happy"), b. 1924, Plot 19-318--Nee Jardin, (m)04-12-1947
Miller, Frank C., d. 10-24-1881, Plot 11A-146--age 34yr old, s/o V.& A. Miller
Miller, George W., b. 03-30-1868, d. 06-07-1928, Plot 15A-220--next to Jacob & Barbara Miller
Miller, Harold L. "Happy" (Doris M.), b. 10-12-1916, d. 11-04-2007, Plot 19-318--WW II, US Army 45th Inf Div, (m)04-12-1947, s/o John & Mary Ellen Biel Miller, see obit
Miller, Jacob (Barbara), b. 10-25-1840, d. 03-04-1916, Plot 15A-220
Miller, John (Mary Ellen Biel), b. 02-20-1886, d. 01-20-1970, Plot 09-103--see obit
Miller, Mary Ellen (John), b. 1892, d. 1958, Plot 09-103--Nee Biel
Miller, Valentine "Val" (Amelia), d. 04-18-1876, Plot 11A-148--age 72yr 2mo 4da old
Miller, William J., b. 1843, d. 1876, Plot 11A-145--s/o Valentine & Amelia Mallon Miller
Mongoven, Barbara Pederson- -next to A. B. & Martha Kirley, b. 03-17-1930, Plot 05-47--next to Martha Ann Pederson, d/o W.W.& Alice Kirley Pederson, Grdd/Martha & A.B. Kirley
Montague, Bridgett (John), b. 02-02-1819, d. 06-13-1890, Plot 05-43--age 71yr 3mo 22da old
Montague, John (Bridgett), d. 02-17-1880, Plot 05-43--age 58yr 1mo 2da, b.Co Derry Ireland
Montague, Thomas J., d. 04-16-1878, Plot 05-43--age 18yr 4m 14d, s/o John& Bridget Montague
Mulvaney, Elizabeth M. (Frank P.), b. 1887, d. 04-05-1970, Plot 03-27--d/o ?? and Etta Coogan
Mulvaney, Ellen Dugan (William M.), b. 1863, d. 11-11-1942, Plot 12-165--Mother
Mulvaney, Frank P. (Elizabeth M.), b. 11-00-1889, d. 10-24-1940, Plot 03-27--s/o William Ellen Dugan Mulvaney, found Nov. 1, 1940, see obit
Mulvaney, William M. (Ellen Dugan), b. 08-00-1861, d. 06-09-1952, Plot 12-165--Father, s/o William & Mary Mulvaney, obit
Mulvaney, Willie, b. 07-05-1887, d. 09-10-1887, Plot 12-165--s/o William & Ellen Dugan Mulvaney
Murphy, John, b. 06-00-1880, d. 1906, Plot 05-42--on stone with Peter Murphy, s/o Peter & Catherine Murphy
Murphy, Peter, d. 03-27-1912, Plot 05-42--age 76yr old, on stone with John Murphy
Neary, Edward A. (Veronica R.), b. 10-22-1918, d. 11-02-1974, Plot 18-274--WW II, TEC 4 US Army, (m)01-12-1946
Neary, Veronica R. (Edward A.), b. 02-05-1925, d. 01-25-2014, Plot 18-274--(m)01-12-1946, d/o Anthony & Kathryn Klang Berberich, see obit
Neesam, Glenda Kay, b. 08-05-1947, d. 04-09-1949, Plot 19-314--d/o Glenn & Katherine Mallon Neesam
Neesam, Glenn F. (Katherine V.), b. 01-18-1914, d. 09-01-1998, Plot 19-313--(m)10-25-1941, s/o Melvin W.& Nellie Huggett Neesam
Neesam, Katherine V. (Glenn F.), b. 08-18-1917, Plot 19-313--(m)10-25-1941, d/o Henry & Loretta Kehoe Mallon
Neesam, Melvin H. "Bud" (Ruth L. Oleke), b. 06-20-1943, d. 04-06-1969, Plot 19-312--s/o Glenn & Katherine Mallon Neesam
Neesam, Ruth L. (Melvin H. "Bud"), Plot 19-312--Nee Oelke
Nettesheim, Adam Michael, b. 06-06-1979, d. 06-08-1981, Plot 26-421--s/o Ed & Mary Trebitowski Nettesheim
Nettesheim, Edward R. "Ed" (Mary K. Trebitowski), b. 12-07-1955, d. 04-23-2006, Plot 25-418--(m)01-13-1979, s/o Omer & Florence Heger Nettesheim, see obit
Nettesheim, Mary K. (Edward R. "Ed"), b. 08-14-1956, Plot 25-418--(m)01-13-1979, nee Trebitowski
Noonen, Mary (Patrick), d. 08-24-1890, Plot 07-84--age 93y, Native of Kinmare Co Kerry Ireland
Noonen, Patrick (Mary), d. 12-23-1897, Plot 07-84--age 94y, Native of Kinmare Co Kerry Ireland
Noonen, Pheby, d. 02-16-1869, Plot 07-84--age 20yr 5mo, d/o Patrick & Mary Noonen
Noonen-Dugan Family stone, Plot 07-84--Patrick, Pheby & Mary Noonen, MaryJ. & Catharine Dugan
Odwyer, David (Dorothy), d. 04-29-1871, Plot 07-78--age 57yr , Native Co Carlow Ireland
Odwyer, Dorothy (David), d. 12-30-1880, Plot 07-78--age 56y10m9d, Bathvilly Co Carlow Ireland
Oehlert, Arnold W. (Mae K. Goecks Ashley), b. 07-19-1930, d. 12-26-2011, Plot 18-275--Korea, US Army, (m)09-05-1959, s/o Walter & Bertha Yohn Oehlert, see obit
Oehlert, Mae K. (Arnold W.), b. 02-25-1919, d. 11-19-1998, Plot 18-275--(m)09-05-1959, Nee Goecks, 1st husband Delbert Ashley, Ameican Leg Aux
Oliver, Agnes (John), b. 1866, d. 1952, Plot 03-19
Oliver, John (Agnes), b. 1871, d. 1941, Plot 03-19
Olrick, Anna Bush (George), b. 07-00-1867, d. 01-00-1956, Plot 10-125--Nee Bushke, see obit
Olrick, George (Anna Bush), b. 11-00-1865, d. 01-00-1940, Plot 10-124--see obit
Olrick, Irine--1yr 1mo 27da old, d. 02-18-1897, Plot 10-123--d/o George & Anna Bushke Olrick
O'Neil, Hanora, b. 1838, d. 1871, Plot 10-117
O'Neil, Michael, b. 1841, d. 1869, Plot 10-117
O'Neil, Simon, b. 1841, d. 1877, Plot 10-117
Osgood, Katherine "Katie" Baw (William), b. 1875, d. 07-21-1917, Plot 09-104--, see obit
Osgood, William (Katherine), b. 1862, d. 1914, Plot 09-104
Overchuck, Mary (Paul N.), b. 02-26-1896, d. 01-18-1994, Plot 19-315
Overchuck, Paul N. (Mary), b. 11-05-1896, d. 04-08-1968, Plot 19-315
Patrick, Martha (Samuel), b. 1895, d. 08-11-1963, Plot 14-182--mother to Ruth & Gene, see obit
Peck, Arthur A. (Mary E.), b. 1891, d. 06-26-1964, Plot 16-245--s/o Charles & Emma Peck, see obit
Peck, Mary E. (Arthur A.), b. 1890, d. 04-19-1967, Plot 16-245--see obit
Peck, William E., b. 1919, d. 1942, Plot 16-245--s/o Arthur A. & Mary E. Peck
Pederson, Martha Ann-- -next to A. B. & Martha Kirley, b. 04-19-1933, d. 08-31-1999, Plot 05-46--Persian Gulf War, Lt.Col USAF, Medal, d/o Wm. W.& Alice Kirly Pederson, grdd/ Martha & A.B. Kirley
Poblocki, Carol K., b. 1925, d. 1925, Plot 18-278--on stone with Kathryn Doyle Koepke & Barbara P. Doerr
Prindiville, Lizzie, d. 06-19-1887, Plot 19-309--d/o Edward & Catherine Kehoe, 25yr 7mo 7da
Prokop, John, d. 12-05-1938, Plot 11-142
Provot, Bernice (Robert V.), b. 06-20-1902, d. 07-18-1988, Plot 24-414--d/o Thomas & Bridget Mallon Kehoe, RNA
Provot, Elisabeth (Valentine), b. 06-04-1868, d. 01-21-1951, Plot 05-40--d/o John & Harriet Welter Quinn
Provot, Francis J. "Sandy" (Mary L.), b. 06-10-1899, d. 10-14-1971, Plot 18-293--s/o Valentine & Elisabeth Quinn Provot, obit says wife's name is Leona Kehoe
Provot, Harold, b. 1922, d. 08-29-1929, Plot 18-292--s/o Francis J. & Mary L.Yonkee Provot, obit
Provot, Margaret K. (William G.), b. 06-21-1910, d. 01-12-1972, Plot 05-39--d/o Etta Kirley McCormick
Provot, Mary Leona Yonkee (Francis J.), b. 10-23-1901, d. 07-30-1983, Plot 18-293--d/o Albert & Elizabeth Kehoe Yonkee, obit
Provot, Robert V. (Bernice Kehoe), b. 11-15-1901, d. 12-06-1988, Plot 24-414--s/o Valentine & Elisabeth Quinn Provot, see obit
Provot, Valentine (Elisabeth), b. 03-30-1869, d. 08-04-1962, Plot 05-40--b.St.Avold France
Provot, Wayne J., b. 08-04-1928, d. 06-03-1982, Plot 24-415--US Navy, WW II flag holder? s/o Robert V. & Bernice Kehoe Provot, see obit
Provot, William G. (Margaret K.), b. 02-23-1908, d. 05-13-1990, Plot 05-39--s/o Valentine & Elisabeth Quinn Provot, obit
Quinn Family Stone, James M, Nora J, John, Willie, Raymond
Quinn Family Stone, John, Harriet, Julia, Nellie, Martin
Quinn, Catherine, b. 09-22-1870, d. 03-24-1946, location?--d/o John & Harriet Welter Quinn, no dates on stone
Quinn, Eliza, d. no dates, Plot 05-40--d/o John & Harriet Welter Quinn
Quinn, Ellen B., b. 10-19-1876, d. 05-04-1895, location?--d/o John & Harriet Welter Quinn, no dates on stone
Quinn, Harriet (John), b. 07-01-1838, d. 03-16-1922, Plot 15A-218--Nee Welter, 83yr old, wife
Quinn, James M. (Nora J.), b. 08-22-1859, d. 10-09-1903, Plot 15A-222--s/o John & Harriet Welter Quinn
Quinn, John, b. 06-24-1885, d. 05-04-1921, Plot 15A-222--s/o James M. & Nora/Hanora J.Dugan Quinn
Quinn, John P. (Mary), b. 06-20-1857, d. 04-05-1909, Plot 16-241--Father, s/o John & Harriet Welter Quinn
Quinn, John (Harriet), b. 02-16-1835, d. 06-02-1901, Plot 15A-218--s/o John & Dora Quinn, 57yr old
Quinn, Julia, b. 02-04-1875, d. 07-06-1882, Plot 15A-218--d/o John & Harriet Welter Quinn, 7yr old
Quinn, Laura, b. 03-09-1900, d. 01-15-1918, Plot 16-242--d/o John P. & Mary Dugan Quinn
Quinn, Martin, b. 09-08-1862, d. 08-04-1866, Plot 15A-218--s/o John & Harriet Welter Quinn, 4yr 10mo
Quinn, Mary (John P.), b. 07-24-1867, d. 07-12-1915, Plot 16-241--d/o Dennis & Mary Norman Dugan, Mother
Quinn, Nellie, b. 11-04-1877, d. 05-04-1896, Plot 15A-218--d/o John & Harriet Welter Quinn, 18yr 6mo
Quinn, Nora J. Hanora (James Martin), b. 11-17-1860, d. 04-02-1929, Plot 15A-222--d/o Dennis & Mary Noonan Dugan, obit
Quinn, Raymond, b. 03-07-1897, d. 03-08-1897, Plot 15A-222--s/o James M. & Nora/Hanora J.Dugan Quinn
Quinn, Willie, b. 04-03-1892, d. 04-20-1892, Plot 15A-222--s/o James M. & Nora/Hanora J.Dugan Quinn
Raabe, Evelyn (George E.), b. 10-12-1911, d. 06-00-1993, Plot 21-356--d/o Frank & Elizabeth Coogen Mulvaney
Raabe, George E. (Evelyn Mulvanney), b. 10-14-1906, d. 01-25-1975, Plot 21-356--s/o Henry & Amelia Krinke Raabe, see obit
Raabe, Marie S. (Wilbert E.), b. 1914, d. 01-02-1963, Plot 13-180--Mother, d/o Arthur & Mary Peck, see obit
Raabe, Wilbert E. (Marie S.), b. 07-19-1891, d. 09-15-1969, Plot 13-180--Father, s/o Henry & Amelia Krinke Raabe
Raether, Gerald A. (Geraldine M.), b. 01-02-1928, d. 06-16-1974, Plot 23-384--WW II, TEC 5 US Army
Raether, Geraldine M. (Gerald A.), b. 08-03-1923, d. 09-22-1996, Plot 23-384
Rataczak, Russell E. Jr. "Russ", b. 01-27-1947, d. 12-20-2014, US Navy, s/o Russell & Arlene Lytle Rataczak, funeral was at St.Pat's, is he buried here too? See obit
Riley, Edward (Elizabeth), b. 1820, d. 06-09-1860, Plot 18-282--age 40yr old
Riley, Elizabeth (Edward), d. 03-14-1904, Plot 18-282--age 82yr old
Riley, James, d. 02-27-1883, Plot 08-85--age 44yr 11mo 18da old
Riley, Joseph T. (Mildren C.), b. 12-12-1903, d. 08-17-1966, Plot 23-380--s/o William & Jennie Riley, see obit
Riley, Mildren C. (Joseph T.)-see obit, b. 02-10-1912, d. 11-29-1986, Plot 23-380--d/o William & Estella Field Mallon, RNA
Riley, Rose E., d. 10-03-1872, Plot 08-85--1yr 2mo 22da old, d/o James & Mary Riley
Riley, William J., d. 04-03-1882, Plot 08-85--age 12y 9m 21d, s/o James& Mary Riley
Roache, Mary, d. 12-08-1879, Plot 16-244--age 87yr old, b. Parish Co Cork Ireland, on stone with Harriet Casey
Roche Family Stone, John, Rev.Robert J, Eliza Q, Margret E, Julia H, Ellen E, John P, John F.
Roche, Carol Jean (Donald J.), b. 05-23-1937, d. 03-04-1999, Plot 22-358--, (m)04-18-1964, Mom, d/o Lester & Lucille Gunnelson Wodill
Roche, Dennis J. (Katherine), b. 1873, d. 1931, Plot 09-105
Roche, Donald J. (Carol Jean Woodill), b. 08-27-1927, d. 10-18-2012, Plot 22-358--Korea, US Army, Dad, (m)04-18-1964, s/o Robert H.& Mary Ellen Roche, see obit
Roche, Eliza Quinn (John), b. 07-16-1826, d. 07-13-1914, Plot 01-08--d/o John & Dora O'Shaunessey Quinn, Native of Kilanerin Parish Ireland
Roche, Ellen E., b. 02-06-1898, d. 03-04-2004, Plot 01-08--d/o John P. & Julia Hayes Roche, see obit
Roche, John C., b. 02-14-1939, d. 08-29-1960, Plot 21-334--s/o Robert H.& Mary Ellen Gorman Roche
Roche, John F., b. 01-31-1895, d. 04-22-1991, Plot 01-08--s/o John P. & Julia Hayes Roche, K of C
Roche, John Patrick (Julia Hayes), b. 04-04-1861, d. 11-05-1950, Plot 01-08--s/o John & Eliza Quinn Roche, K of C, obit
Roche, John (Eliza Quinn), b. 06-24-1824, d. 03-07-1905, Plot 01-08--Native of Ballin Clare Co Wexford Ireland
Roche, Julia (John P.), b. 10-05-1862, d. 05-20-1960, Plot 01-08--Nee Hayes
Roche, Katherine (Dennis J.), b. 12-12-1873, d. 04-05-1904, Plot 09-105--s/o John & Katherine Breen
Roche, Lucille Mary--infant, d. 12-15-1971, Plot 21-336--d/o Donald & Carol Jean Wodill Roche, obit
Roche, Margaret E., b. 03-10-1858, d. 01-13-1957, Plot 01-08--d/o John & Eliza Quinn Roche
Roche, Mary Ellen Gorman (Robert H.), b. 03-01-1895, d. 04-04-1989, Plot 21-334--d/o Christopher & Elizabeth Miller Gorman
Roche, Robert Eugene "Gene" (Donna Kirch), b. 02-12-1929, d. 04-19-2015, (m)09-06-1952, s/o Robert & Mary Ellen Gorman Roche, is he buried here, his parents are here, see obit
Roche, Robert H. (Mary Ellen Gorman), b. 10-01-1891, d. 02-04-1981, Plot 21-334--s/o John P.& Julia Hayes Roche, K of C
Roche, Robert J. -Rev. Father, b. 12-19-1855, d. 07-23-1922, Plot 01-08--Ordained 06-27-1880, s/o John & Eliza Quinn Roche
Roche, Robert Lester, b. 10-29-1966, d. 11-06-1966, Plot 21-335--s/o Donald & Carol Jean Wodill Roche
Rosinsky, Louis J., b. 04-10-1885, d. 05-00-1979, Plot 23-386
Rourke, Julia (Patrick), b. 02-00-1833, d. 05-18-1895, Plot 02-16--d/o John & Dora Quinn, 63yr old
Rourke, Patrick (Julia), b. 02-00-1833, d. 04-17-1899, Plot 02-16--b.Ireland, 83yr old
Rozinski, John T. (Pearl M.), b. 1888, d. 08-28-1961, Plot 09-102--see obit
Rozinski, Pearl M. (John T.), b. 1900, d. 1959, Plot 09-102
Rozowski, Paul H. (Susanne), b. 01-16-1932, d. 07-00-1976, Plot 16-235
Rozowski, Susanne Geier (Paul H.), b. 03-23-1936, d. 10-00-1965, Plot 16-235--see obit
Ryan, Alice (Dan), b. 08-16-1877, d. 05-20-1902, Plot 03-21--d/o Philip & Ann Murphy McMahon, obit dates are b.08-16-1879 and d.05-28-1902
Ryan, Johanna (John), d. no dates, Plot 22-375
Ryan, John (Johanna), d. no dates, Plot 22-375--maybe GAR
Sammons, Ervin K. (Joan D.), b. 12-07-1922, d. 04-02-1992, Plot 24-403--WW II, US Army, 1st wife Emma Babe Zuelsdorf
Sammons, Joan D. (Ervin K.), b. 1932, Plot 24-403--d/o Arthur & Ellen Cross Yonkee, 1st husband Ralph Roske
Schion, Infant son, b. 06-06-1884, d. 06-06-1884, Plot 16-250--s/o Timothy & Julia Schion
Schion, Julia (Timothy), b. 1839, d. 11-30-1925, Plot 16-250
Schion, Michael, b. 12-03-1865, d. 01-28-1881, Plot 16-250--s/o Timothy & Julia Schion
Schion, Timothy (Julia), b. 1826, d. 03-07-1903, Plot 16-250
Schmid, Florentine C. -Rev. Father, b. 01-16-1873, d. 03-11-1924, Plot 01-11--Ordained 06-28-1898, see obit
Schmitt, Henry J. "Red" (Josephine Kirley), b. 06-19-1936, d. 01-13-2007, location?--US Army, (m)05-04-1963, s/o Reynold & Marcella Derr Schmitt, see obit
Schmitt, Josephine F. (Henry J.), b. 10-08-1927, (m)05-04-1963, Nee Kirley
Schoenecker, Gertrude A., is this Gertrude A. who is on the Kirnan-Eilert stone?
Schraufnagel, Alex H. (#1Myrtle Marie Randall, #2Eleanor K. Mielke), b. 07-21-1922, d. 11-12-1998, Plot 11-133--s/o Alois & Elizabeth Schraufnagel, Alex has two stones in separate locations, see obit
Schraufnagel, Alex H. (#2Eleanor K.), b. 07-21-1922, d. 11-12-1998, Plot 17-272--s/o Alois & Elizabeth Schraufnagel, Alex has two stones in separate locations
Schraufnagel, Eleanor K. (Alex H.), b. 1940, Plot 17-272-- 2nd w/o Alex H. Schraufnagel, d/o Russell H.& Florence DeGroff Mielke
Schraufnagel, Myrtle M. Randall (Alex H.), b. 1927, d. 02-27-1969, Plot 11-133--1st w/o Alex H. Schraufnagel, see obit
Seier, Alice M. Yonkee. -Mrs., b. 09-15-1905, d. 10-11-1974, Plot 17-259--d/o Albert & Elizabeth Kehoe Yonkee, Mother, see obit
Seier, Clarence R. (#1Lucille F. Piechekoski, #2Magdalen A. Worzalla), b. 09-04-1907, d. 05-12-1981, Plot 23-387--s/o Frederick & Lena Matz Seier, see obit
Seier, Gordon F. (#1Bernice Heyer, #2Lorraine Lindquist), b. 03-27-1926, d. 05-03-2005, Plot 17-259--(m1)1984, (m2)Jan.1993, s/o Albert & Alice Yonkee Seier
Seier, Magdalen A. (#1Nick Worzella, #2Clarence R. Seier), b. 05-17-1905, d. 03-19-1977, Plot 23-387--see obit
Seire, Carl F. (Irene M. Warmke), b. 09-11-1903, d. 09-20-1986, Plot 15A-230--WW II, it is spelled Seire on stone and in ssdi., s/o Frederick & Lena Matz Seire, see obit
Seire, Irene M. Warmke (Carl F.), b. 09-16-1903, d. 11-12-1995, Plot 15A-230--d/o George & Clara Warmke, it is spelled Seire on stone and in ssdi. see obit
Sheridan, James, b. 1855, d. 1928, Plot 11-140
Sherlock, Bridget A. -Miss--see obit, b. 02-03-1849, d. 01-02-1925, Plot 15A-219--d/o Matthew & Dorothy Quinn Sherlock
Sherlock, Dorothy "Dor" (Matthew), b. 1808, d. 1875, Plot 15A-219--native of Tomklye Co Wexford Ireland, 1st husband is John Quinn who died in Ireland.
Sherlock, John, d. 06-02-1901, location?--age 57yr old
Sherlock, Matthew (Dorothy "Dora"), b. 1820, d. 1894, Plot 15A-219--native of Irmagh Co Wexford Ireland
Shine, Hannorah, b. 1805, d. 12-06-1887, Plot 15-214--hard to read dates in 2006, stone is buried in a lilac bush in 2006 and sinking
Slattery Family Stone, Michael, Mary, Robert, Celia, Cornelius
Slattery, Anna M. (Sylvester M.), b. 11-15-1893, d. 02-03-1977, Plot 19-299--d/o Patrick F. & Anna B.Kirley Doherty
Slattery, Celia, b. 1880, d. 1938, Plot 22-373--d/o Michael & Mary Slattery
Slattery, Cornelius, b. 1875, d. 11-11-1947, Plot 22-373--s/o Michael & Mary Slattery, see obit
Slattery, Daniel Bernard (Rozella J.), b. 08-06-1893, d. 06-24-1951, Plot 06-60--s/o Timothy & Mary Ann Quinn Slattery
Slattery, Daniel (Mary), b. 1823, d. 05-24-1887, Plot 09-106--age 64yr old
Slattery, Donald P. (Genevieve Cass), b. 11-11-1925, d. 01-10-2014, (m)09-24-1983, s/o Sylvester & Anna Doherty Slattery, see obit
Slattery, Eileen Frances, b. 04-22-1929, d. 04-04-2007, location?--d/o Daniel Bernard & Rozella Jane Gorman Slattery, see obit
Slattery, Father, Plot 22-373,
Slattery, Genevieve I. (Donald P.), b. 02-09-1931, d. 03-15-2014, (m)09-24-1983, d/o Ralph M.& Dorothea L. Williams Cass, see obit
Slattery, Glenn Alban, b. 09-26-1930, d. 03-21-1993, Plot 06-60--s/o Daniel B.& Rozella J.Slattery, see obit
Slattery, Inez Corelin, b. 03-01-1876, d. 08-30-1882, Plot 09-106--d/o Daniel & Mary Shea Slattery
Slattery, John F. (Mary E.), b. 12-20-1894, d. 12-08-1971, Plot 14-192 & 193--WW I, Wis Pfc Co B 4 Engineers, s/o Timothy & Mary Ann Quinn Slattery, two stones
Slattery, Margaret (Francis), b. 1876, d. 03-23-1939, Plot 22-374--Mother, see obit for Margaret(Francis) Flannery
Slattery, Mary Ann (Timothy), b. 09-08-1864, d. 10-15-1936, Plot 05-41--d/o John P.& Harriet Welter Quinn
Slattery, Mary E. Collins (John F.), b. 08-26-1888, d. 03-09-1987, Plot 14-192--see obit
Slattery, Mary (Daniel), b. 1830, d. 10-31-1908, Plot 09-106--Nee Shea, 78yr old
Slattery, Mary (Michael), b. 05-00-1844, d. 1919, Plot 22-374
Slattery, Michael (Mary), b. 09-15-1832, d. 10-09-1914, Plot 22-373
Slattery, Patrick F. (Anna Glynn), b. 07-09-1863, d. 01-06-1908, Plot 22-372--s/o Michael & Mary Slattery
Slattery, Robert, b. 1878, d. 1917, Plot 22-373--s/o Michael & Mary Slattery
Slattery, Robert J., b. 07-11-1901, d. 05-21-1988, Plot 21-357--s/o Timothy & Mary Ann Quinn Slattery
Slattery, Rozella J. (Daniel Bernard)-see obit, b. 05-13-1893, d. 11-05-1989, Plot 06-60--d/o Christopher & Elizabeth Miller Gorman
Slattery, Sylvester M. (Anna M.), b. 10-04-1900, d. 10-18-1962, Plot 19-299--s/o Patrick & Anna Glynn Slattery
Slattery, Timothy R. (Mary Ann), b. 01-20-1864, d. 04-24-1948, Plot 05-41--s/o Daniel & Mary Shea Slattery, see obit
Slattery, William, b. 01-25-1897, d. 12-14-1912, Plot 05-41--s/o Timothy & Mary Ann Quinn Slattery
Sommers, Mae Margaret (#1Charles K. Kovalaske, #2 Rodney Sommers), b. 07-30-1930, d. 01-17-2009, Plot 17-273--(m1)07-1949, (m2)06-1993, d/o Arnold & Adelia Kohn Soldner, see Mae M.Kovalaske, see obit
Sosinsky, Albert (Mary Cecil), b. 1883, d. 1941, Plot 13-179--Veteran
Sosinsky, Mary "Cecil" Luxen (Albert), b. 1891, d. 02-21-1969, Plot 13-179--see obit
Stofflet, Mary Aice Kehoe (Stanley H.), b. 02-17-1923, Plot 01-01--(m)04-18-1942, d/o John & Irene McMahon Kehoe
Stofflet, Richard J., b. 12-28-1947, d. 06-19-2011, s/o Stanley H.& Mary Alice Kehoe Stofflet, see obit
Stofflet, Stanley H. (Mary Alice Kehoe), b. 10-25-1922, d. 01-10-2007, Plot 01-01--WW II, Pfc US Army, (m)04-18-1942, s/o Orrin & Delia Warber Stofflet Sr., see obit
Sullivan Family corrections, Jim Sullivan added some corrections in 2008. Thanks
Sullivan Family stone, Plot 17-264--Margaret, Ellen, D. for Daniel
Sullivan, D. (Margaret)-O. on stone is wrong, b. 06-14-1835, d. 06-04-1897, Plot 17-264--age 62y, s/o Cornelius & Ellen Kenny Sullivan
Sullivan, David, b. 10-10-1871, d. 03-08-1952, Plot 16-247--brother of Kate Sullivan, s/o David & Margaret Crinion Sullivan
Sullivan, Ellen Kenny, d. 03-03-1883, Plot 17-264--age 85yr old, native of Co Cork Ireland, on stone with Margaret & D.Sullivan
Sullivan, Kate, b. 1869, d. 1951, Plot 16-247--sister of David Sullivan, d/o David & Margaret Crinion Sullivan
Sullivan, Margaret, b. 1873, d. 08-06-1918, Plot 17-265--d/o David & Margaret Crinion Sullivan
Sullivan, Margaret (D.), d. 03-16-1890, Plot 17-264--age 50y 7m, d/o Patrick & Ann Dillon Crinion
Sullivan, Mary, b. 1869, d. 1918, Plot 17-263--daughter, next to D.& Margaret Sullivan
Sullivan, Nellie, b. 1865, d. 1948, Plot 17-263--daughter, next to D.& Margaret Sullivan
Sunde, Ann (Temon), b. 04-10-1920, d. 02-25-2003, Plot 22-365--(m)09-11-1943, d/o John & Viola Anthony Kirley, see obit
Sunde, Temon V. (Ann Kirley), b. 01-02-1917, d. 04-16-1969, Plot 22-365--(m)09-11-1943, s/o Ollie & Clara Peterson Sunde, see obit
Sunde, Terrance Joseph, d. 1948, Plot 22-366--s/o Temon & Ann Kirley Sunde
Taylor, Adeline M. (Merritt P.), b. 09-07-1913, d. 03-29-2007, Plot 16-237--(m)11-29-1939, d/o John & Mary Ellen Biel Miller, see obit
Taylor, Merritt P. (Adeline M. Miller), b. 08-02-1915, d. 03-30-2002, Plot 16-237--(m)11-29-1939, s/o George & Olive Taylor, see obit
Thein, John Michael, d. 04-29-1874, Plot 09-109--age 60yr 6mo old, on Traut stone
Thompson, Eleanora S. (Lester L.), b. 1906, d. 01-07-1971, Plot 11-132--nee Coenen, see obit
Thompson, Julia Mae Kehoe-divorced, b. 04-30-1901, d. 05-21-1975, see obit & death certificate
Thompson, Lester L. (Eleanora S.), b. 01-02-1906, d. 02-00-1977, Plot 11-132--see obit
Thran, Carol J. (Bill), b. 01-25-1941, d. 08-03-2015, (m)03-10-1959, d/o George & Winifred Kirley Ladwig, is she buried here, her parents are here
Tobey, Frank C., b. 11-21-1888, d. 12-20-1889, Plot 06-57--s/o Frank & Alice McMahon Tobey, 1y 1mo old
Tracy, A. Josephine (Michael L.), b. 05-16-1886, d. 12-15-1976, Plot 06-58--RNA, nee Johnson, see obit
Tracy, Edward J. (Myrtle), b. 05-16-1886, d. 12-15-1970, Plot 15A-221--s/o Michael & A.Josephine Tracy, see obit
Tracy, George, b. 05-15-1928, d. 05-15-1928, Plot 06-59--s/o Michael L.& A.Josephine Tracy
Tracy, Infant, d. no dates, Plot 04-36--c/o Thomas & Mary Ann Tracy
Tracy, John, b. 1868, d. 1883, Plot 04-36--s/o Thomas & Mary Ann Tracy
Tracy, Mary, b. 1876, d. 1945, Plot 04-36--d/o Thomas & Mary Ann Tracy
Tracy, Mary Ann (Thomas Sr.), b. 1847, d. 04-17-1938, Plot 04-36--Nee McIneary, Mother, see obit
Tracy, Michael L. (A. Josephine), b. 1878, d. 05-08-1962, Plot 06-58--s/o Thomas & Mary Ann Tracy, see obit
Tracy, Myrtle (Edward J.), b. 1891, d. 10-24-1962, Plot 15A-221--see obit
Tracy, Thomas (Mary Ann), b. 1837, d. 1912, Plot 04-36--Father stone
Traut, Esther (John M.), b. 1865, d. 1948, Plot 09-107
Traut, Ferdinand (Mary), d. 10-01-1897, Plot 09-109--age 70yr 1mo 11da old
Traut, John M. (Esther), b. 1862, d. 1914, Plot 09-108--s/o Ferdinand & Mary Traut
Traut, Mary (Ferdinand), d. 12-30-1906, Plot 09-109--age 78yr 1mo 30da old
Twomey, Emma J. (William R.), b. 10-00-1862, d. 1954, Plot 06-68--d/o Richard & Mary Twomey
Twomey, Ethel V., b. 08-31-1901, d. 10-06-1995, Plot 06-72--d/o William & Emma Twomey
Twomey, Hannah Jane, b. 03-21-1866, d. 07-29-1873, Plot 06-71--d/o Richard & Mary Twomey
Twomey, Lila May, b. 09-07-1895, d. 11-28-1898, Plot 06-70--d/o William R. & Emma J. Twomey
Twomey, Mary (Richard), b. 05-20-1829, d. 12-15-1895, Plot 06-71
Twomey, Richard (Mary), b. 04-15-1825, d. 11-04-1912, Plot 06-71
Twomey, William R. (Emma J.), b. 1864, d. 1935, Plot 06-69--s/o Richard & Mary Twomey
Ulrich, Frances, d. 12-26-1878, Plot 14-195--age 77yr old, stone broken, unreadable in 2006
Unknown, Unknown--between Roger McMahon & Hannorah Shine, d. 09-26-1878, Plot 15-215--age 60y, native of Co Kerry Kilmar Ireland, broken stone, top msising, in 2006 it read 09-26-1878
Van Heukelon, Rose A. (Cornelius), b. 09-07-1866, d. 10-02-1890, Plot 01-06--d/o James & Mary Ann McMahon Crinion, 24yr 25 da old
Vangen, Donald C. (1st h/o Lucille R.), b. 01-21-1928, d. 12-07-1956, Plot 04-37
Vangen, Dorothy I. Sauer (#1Leo John Barnett, #2Hans K. Vangen), b. 12-26-1919, d. 06-18-1995, Plot 08-99--VFW Ladies Auxiliary, see Dorothy Barnett, see obit for Dorothy Vangen
Vangen, Hans K. (2nd h/o Dorothy I. Sauer), b. 10-02-1916, d. 10-10-1995, Plot 08-99--WW II, TEC 5 US Army, see obit
Vangen, Lucille R. Doherty (#1Donald C. Vangen, #2Clifford Vinge), b. 10-17-1931, d. 01-04-2008, Plot 04-37--(m1)1951, (m2)1983--Clifford died 02-01-2000, d/o John K.& B.Elizabeth Kennedy Doherty, see obit, see Sping Prairie Cemetery for Lucille Vinge
Warmke, Alma M. (Urban F.), b. 12-10-1904, d. 02-08-1955, Plot 17-267--d/o Frederick & Carlone Metz Seier
Warmke, Clara M. (George M.), b. 1884, d. 05-01-1943, Plot 14-184--Mother, Nee Jesberger, see obit index
Warmke, Florence M. (Wallace Waterworth), b. 1911, d. 1995, Plot 14-184--d/o George & Clara Warmke
Warmke, George M. (Clara M. Jesberger), b. 1874, d. 08-20-1940, Plot 14-184--Father, see obit
Warmke, Raymond G., b. 08-05-1918, d. 01-02-1964, Plot 14-184--s/o George M. & Clara M. Warmke
Warmke, Urban F. (Alma M. Seire), b. 1906, d. 06-19-1942, Plot 17-267--s/o George & Clara Warmke, train accident
Warncke, John Vernon, b. 10-18-1908, d. 11-12-1933, Plot 15A-226--s/o Henry & Nettie Quinn Warncke, obit
Warncke, Nettie Quinn (Henry), b. 08-17-1882, d. 03-10-1937, Plot 15A-226--d/o John P.& Harriet Quinn, see obit
Waterworth, Florence M. Warnke (Wallace), d. 12-25-1995, 84yr, see obit
Welch, Thomas M. "Tom" (Violet Baures), b. 02-07-1922, d. 12-16-2011, WW II, US Navy, (m)04-16-1947, s/o Thomas & Pearl Knoble Welch, see obit
Williams, Edward Michael (Lottie), d. 08-00-1938, 70yr, see obit, not on list
Williams, George (Margaret), b. 03-01-1838, Plot 22-371--Native of Parish of Glenflesk Co Kerry Ireland
Williams, Hugh Wellington-see obit, b. 05-09-1841, d. 04-27-1916, Plot 13-175--aka Hugh W.McMahon, s/o James M. McMahon & Nancy Ann, see Hugh McMahon
Williams, Margaret (George), b. 1834, d. 10-21-1902, Plot 22-371--native of Parish of Barrodux Co Kerry Ireland
Wolf, Anthony E. (Priscilla K. Weisner), b. 10-18-1901, d. 03-25-1984, Plot 24-412--"Tony", see obit
Wolf, Carl V. Sr., b. 02-10-1969, d. 10-19-2004, Plot 24-410--s/o Paul & Eleanor Mielke/Schraufnagel Wolf, car accident, see obit
Wolf, Paul P. "Da Wolf" (Eleanor Mielke-divorced), b. 09-18-1931, d. 10-19-2004, Plot 24-410--so Anton & Priscilla Wolf, car accident, see obit
Wolf, Priscilla K. Weisner (Anton "Tony"), b. 04-20-1912, d. 12-14-1983, Plot 24-412--see obit
Wylesky, Agnes--see obit, b. 1943, d. 09-00-1945, location?--d/o Vincent & Anna Malowski Wylesky
Wylesky, Anna M. (#1James Anthony, #2William C. Wylesky), b. 1877, d. 06-12-1960, Plot 06-65--RNA, d/o Jow & Margaret Seidlinger, see obit
Wylesky, Anna R. (#1Vincent L. Sr. Wylesky, #2LeRoy Fischer), b. 1911, d. 05-04-2001, Plot 06-63--(m1)1930, (m2)1955, d/o Frank & Tofelia Malowski, RNA, see Cambria Cemetery, see obit for Fischer and Wylesky
Wylesky, Casper John, b. 10-08-1906, d. 08-31-1975, Plot 06-66--s/o William & Anna Wylesky, see obit
Wylesky, Gertrude E. (Vincent F.), b. 1931, Plot 06-61--d/o William & Ella Krinke Schloesser
Wylesky, Vicki Lynn, b. 1952, d. 07-23-1970, Plot 06-61--d/o Vincent F.& Gertrude Schoesser Wylesky
Wylesky, Vincent F. (Gertrude E. Schlesser), b. 12-27-1930, d. 06-04-1988, Plot 06-61--s/o Vincent L. & Anna R.Malowski Wylesky, see obit
Wylesky, Vincent L. Sr. (1st h/o Anna R. Malowski), b. 1908, d. 04-13-1952, Plot 06-63--s/o William C.& Anna M.Anthony Wylesky, (m)1930
Wylesky, William C. "Willy", b. 10-08-1940, d. 10-13-2006, s/o Vincent & Anna Malowski Wylesky, RNA, info from obit. He was cremated. Not buried in 2006.
Wylesky, William C. (Anna M.), b. 1871, d. 1936, Plot 06-65
Yaroch Family Stone, Plot 20-324--Randall W, Linda R, Michael E, Daniel C.
Yaroch, Daniel C. --infant, d. 03-09-1979, Plot 20-324--s/o Randall W. & Linda R.Little Yaroch
Yaroch, Della H. (Elroy A.), b. 08-13-1924, d. 04-07-1983, Plot 20-323--Nee Leistiko, (m)05-18-1946
Yaroch, Elroy A. (Della H. Leistiko), b. 10-11-1922, d. 06-25-1980, Plot 20-323--WW II, Tsgt US Army PH POW, (m)05-18-1946, see obit
Yaroch, Linda R. (Randall W.), b. 12-27-1952, Plot 20-324--Mother, (m)04-08-1972, d/o Charles & Rachael Little
Yaroch, Michael E., b. 12-06-1975, d. 04-22-2001, Plot 20-324--s/o Randall W. & Linda R.Little Yaroch, car accident, see obit
Yaroch, Randall W. (Linda R.), b. 02-13-1949, Plot 20-324--(m)04-08-1972, father, s/o Elroy & Della Leistiko Yaroch
Yonkee, Albert W. (Esther A.), b. 12-13-1907, d. 02-03-1974, Plot 17-256--s/o Albert C.& Lizzie Kehoe Yonkee
Yonkee, Arthur F. (Ellen J. Closs), b. 11-02-1896, d. 04-04-1968, Plot 16-254--WW I, Wis Pvt 6 Co 161 Depot Brigade, s/o Albert C.& Lizzie Kehoe Yonkee, see obit
Yonkee, Ellen J. Closs (Arthur F.), b. 08-29-1906, d. 07-09-1989, Plot 16-254--see obit
Yonkee, Esther A. (Albert W.), b. 1912, d. 04-22-1981, Plot 17-256--d/o Fred & Amanda Stegner, see obit
Yonkee, Joseph Edward (Mabel F.), b. 09-27-1909, d. 01-03-1974, Plot 18-283--s/o Albert C.& Lizzie Kehoe Yonkee, see obit
Yonkee, Mabel Frances (Joseph E.), b. 1911, d. 04-24-1936, Plot 18-283--d/o Ernest & Mary Matthews, obit d.03-31-1936, see obit
Yonkee, Ronald J. (Lois Kreier), b. 03-22-1936, d. 10-24-1991, Plot 18-283--s/o Joseph E.& Mabel F.Matthews Yonkee, husband & father
Yonkie, Albert Charles (Elizabeth "Lizzie" Kehoe)--Father, b. 04-00-1872, d. 08-00-1927, Plot 17-258--aka Yonkee, s/o Henry & Wilhelimina Yonkee
Yonkie, Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Albert C.), b. 08-10-1875, d. 12-01-1959, Plot 17-258--Mother, RNA, aka Yonkee, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth Conlin Kehoe
Zavala, Eustaquia, b. 09-19-1976, d. 09-21-1976, Plot 26-422--d/o Herminio & Eustaquia Zavala
Zavala, Jose Juan, b. 06-15-1967, d. 08-02-1967, Plot 26-424--s/o Dionisio & Maria Zavala
Zavala, Josefina, d. 08-11-1983, Plot 26-419--d/o Roberto & Josefina Zavala
Ziomek, Dorothy I. (Ted), b. 11-02-1929, d. 05-01-2008, d.Texas, 80yr old, see obit
Ziomek, Ted (Dorothy I.), b. 01-01-1927, d. 03-25-2001, Plot 19-316--WW II, Cpl US Army, see obit

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