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Schofield Cemetery
Poynette, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.417051, -89.400308

US 51 & Thompson Rd
Poynette, WI 53955

Published: September 15, 2016
Total records: 183


Schofield Cemetery was established in 1850. It is located in Dekorra Township, Colulmbia County, Wisconsin, two miles north of Poynette on US 51, east side of road.

Cemetery Records

By Mr. & Mrs. Donald Jellings, copied by Anna Mae Axness. Information from 1979 list by Betty Patterson & Marilyn Bailey found in Betty Cook's files & Ruth Chadwick.

Ackerman, Anson
, d. 09-31-1859, 36da old, s/o Greenleaf & Maria Ackerman
Ackerman, Anson A., d. 03-09-1854, 1yr 18da old, s/o Anson & Maria A.Ackerman
Ackerman, Anson (Marie A.)
Ackerman, George S., d. 03-27-1863, 5yr 26da old, s/o Greenleaf & Maria Ackerman
Ackerman, Greenleaf, Veteran
Ackerman, Greenleaf G., d. 08-16-1863, 4mo 20da old, s/o Greenleaf & Marie Ackerman
Ackerman, Hannah, d. 08-13-1851, 1yr 11mo 2da old, d/o Anson & Maria A.
Ackerman, Harriet, d. 12-12-1851, 4wk old, d/o Anson & Maria A.Ackerman
Ackerman, Lois (Robert), d. 08-29-1852
Ackerman, Maria
Ackerman, Maria A. (Anson)
Ackerman, Mark, d. 10-05-1855, s/o Robert & Hannah Ackerman
Ackerman, Robert, b. 1797, d. 1850, War of 1812, PVT NY Militia
Allen, Maria J., d. 09-03-1860, 6mo 18da old, d/o J.C. & L.L. Allen
Armstrong, Huldah (#1Nelson H. Fish, #2William Armstrong), b. 07-08-1836, d. 01-28-1921, see obit
Blood, Marietta (E.), b. 08-14-1815, d. 05-03-1867
Bull, Axie (John)--Achsah, d. 03-28-1900, 54yr 8mo old, first name from death certificate
Bull, William
Campbell, James, d. 09-27-1874, 70yr old
Carr, Freddie, d. 07-30-1862, 19mo old, s/o A.M. & Alice Carr
Carr, Ida May, d. 08-30-1858, 1yr 4mo old, d/o A.M. & Alice Carr
Cartwright Family information, additional info furnished by Carrie Berg from Seattle
Cartwright, Arvilla, b. 1858, d. 1863, on stone with Deborah Cartwright
Cartwright, Ben F., b. 05-01-1872, d. 04-22-1932, second stone says 1873-1932
Cartwright, Charles G., b. 08-31-1859, d. 01-16-1885, 26y4m16d old, s/o Philander & Sarah E. Cartwright
Cartwright, Deborah, b. 1783, d. 1872, on stone with Arvilla Cartwright
Cartwright, Edward, b. 0722-1861, d. 10-24-1944, see obit & death Certificate, single, s/o Thomas & Nancy Clark Cartwright
Cartwright, Georgiana, b. 1877, d. 04-11-1878, 7mo 11da old, d/o Philander & Sarah E.Cartwright, George on stone
Cartwright, John Nelson, b. 07-20-1862, d. 11-22-1909, s/o Philander & Sarah E.Cartwright
Cartwright, Mina Olive R, b. 11-02-1864, d. 05-02-1895, 22yr 6mo old, d/o Philander & Sarah E.Cartwright
Cartwright, Nancy Clark (Thomas), b. 1828, d. 1878
Cartwright, Philander "Little", b. 07-00-1883, d. 10-24-1883, 3mo old, s/o Philander & Sarah E. Cartwright
Cartwright, Philander (Sarah E), b. 05-31-1839, d. 11-16-1883, 47yr 6mo 11da old, (m)12-12-1858
Cartwright, Sarah E. (Philander), b. 01-08-1843, d. 05-20-1924, Nee Sarah Elizabeth Carman, (m)12-12-1858
Cartwright, Sarah E. (Wm. Blow?), b. 1869, d. 12-25-1887, 18yr 2mo 5da old , d/o Philander & Sarah E.Cartwright
Cartwright, Thomas (Nancy Clark), b. 1822, d. 06-23-1894, Veteran, d.date from obit index
Cole, Susan E., d. 02-01-1860, 11mo 11da old, d/o A.B.& M.M. Cole
Comstock, Aaron (Clara), d. 03-04-1878, 87yr old
Comstock, Clara (Aaron), d. 03-00-1868, 61yr old
Cook, Solomon, d. 10-14-1860, 43yr old, (see Henry Hall), on stone with Christopher Randall
Cosad, Rachel Martha, d. 04-02-1864, 5yr 4mo 3da old, d/o J. & M.I. Cosad
Cutsforth, Wm. Fredrick, d. 06-06-1874, 16yr 9mo 15da old, s/o Thomas & Sarah Cutsforth
Davis, Eliza (L.), d. 12-25-1894, 74yr 9mo 6da old
Davis, Luther R., d. 04-18-1862, 64yr 8mo 4da old, maybe d.1867 and 60yr.old
Earley, Charles (Lucy M.), d. 01-23-1892, Civil war, Co C 42 Reg Wisc Vol Inf, 67yr old
Earley, Lucy M. (Chas.), d. 03-29-1882, 58yr 9mo old
Earley, Silar/Silas, d. 04-11-1856, 19mo 1da old, s/o C. L.M. Early
Fish, Asahel, b. 03-01-1791, d. 06-28-1889, Civil War, b.Winsor VT, 40yr of his life to the ministry, on stone with Mary Fish
Fish, Chloe, b. 06-29-1796, d. 12-04-1885, on stone with Royal Fish
Fish, Elias S., d. 03-12-1857, 3yr old, s/o Jesse & Mary Fish
Fish, Female, b. 02-16-1882, d. 06-30-1882, d/o Nathaniel & Sarah Weigh Fish, see death certificate
Fish, Harvey, 2yr old, s/o Nelson H.& Huldah Fish
Fish, Huldah (#1Nelson H. Fish, #2William Armstrong), b. 07-08-1836, d. 01-28-1921, see obit
Fish, Jesse T., d. 10-10-1853, 1yr 9mo old, s/o Jesse & Mary Fish, d.1863?
Fish, Lucy Rodgers (Samuel), b. 1829, d. 1906, mother
Fish, Mary, b. 09-22-1798, d. 05-31-1882, b. Danville VT, on stone with Asahel Fish
Fish, Mary E., b. 1857, d. 1868, maybe d.1866
Fish, Nelson H. (1st h/o Huldah), b. 06-13-1831, d. 10-03-1861
Fish, Roxalana, 2mo old, d/o Nelson H.& Huldah Fish
Fish, Royal, b. 04-02-1796, d. 06-08-1860, on stone with Chloe Fish
Fish, Samuel (Lucy Rodgers), b. 1823, d. 1867
Hall, (see Cook, Solomon), d. 10-14-1860, 43yr old
Hall, Christopher Randall, d. 03-01-1856, 48yr old
Hall, Elijah (Lola Hall), b. 1842, d. 1926, Death certificate shows an Elijah died 05-01-1926, see obit in 05-24-1926 paper
Hall, George H., d. 04-15-1866, 33yr old, Veteran Civil War
Hall, Henry
Hall, James, d. 07-04-1890, 18yr old, s/o E.& L. Hall
Hall, Johnnie, d. 07-04-1890, 8yr 9mo 15da old, s/o E.& L. Hall
Hall, Lois V. (Elijah), b. 04-18-1845, d. 11-16-1904
Hall, Mary S. (Henry), d. 04-09-1899, 84yr old
Hartman, Gustavus C., d. 08-24-1869, Civil War, 29yr 3mo old
Hartman, Joseph, d. 11-18-1880, 64yr old
Hartman, Tilghman H., d. 03-19-1868, Civil War, 25yr 4mo 2da old
Higley, Alice C., d. 09-18-1859, 1yr 4mo 15da old, d/o E.M. & S.A. Higley
Hovey, Elmer
Hovey, Maude E. (Elmer), d. 06-14-1901, 22yr 7mo 12da old
Hutchinson, Burtie, d. 01-01-1871, 1yr 1mo old, s/o J.& P. Hutchinson
Hutchinson, Fanny (Hiram E.), b. 1805, d. 1879, nee Saunders
Hutchinson, Hiram E. (Fanny), b. 1806, d. 1878,
Hutchinson, James F., d. 10-13-1859, 1yr 1mo 2da old s/o Horace & Mary Hutchinson
Hutchinson, Jesse, d. 05-10-1875, 77yr old
Hutchinson, Sylvia Ann, d. 07-16-1855, 7yr 15da old, d/o Horace & Mary Hutchinson
Jellings, Louise M. (Wm. S.), b. 10-04-1868, d. 08-30-1892
Jellings, Maryr---
Johnson, Alfred (Sally), d. 03-18-1865, 77yr 9mo 21da old
Johnson, Sally (Alfred), d. 05-11-1855, 65yr 4mo old
Keebaugh, Isaac, d. 12-20-1860, 57yr 3mo 9da old
Keebaugh, James F., d. 05-16-1876, 6mo old, s/o J.& A. Keebaugh
Keebaugh, John (Pricilla), d. 11-19-1885, 75yr old,
Keebaugh, Lucinda (I.), d. 04-09-1871, 63yr old
Keebaugh, Mary M., d. 10-22-1857, 1mo 22da old, d/o G. & S.E. Keebaugh
Keebaugh, Melvin L., d. 12-20-1865, 5yr 22da old, s/o G & S.E. Keebaugh
Keebaugh, Pricilla (John), d. 01-27-1895, 71yr old,
Keebaugh, Samuel, b. 05-27-1847, d. 06-13-1918, see death certificate & obit, s/o John & Pricilla Rush/Rosh? Keebaugh
King, Sarah E. -Mrs., d. 05-20-1924, see obit
Luther, Alphreda/Alfreda (Jas.), d. 03-31-1860, 34yr 11mo 13da old
Luther, James (Alfreda), d. 03-29-1885, 62yr 5mo 20da old
Luther, Oliver C., d. 06-16-1881, 56yr old
Luther, Roxalana, b. 07-16-1828, d. 11-25-1907, not sure of the last name?
Luther, Willie, d. 10-18-1860, 7mo 7da old, s/o James & Alfreda Luther
Mack, Elizabeth, b. 03-29-1851, d. 02-23-1909
Mack, Isabelle, b. 03-15-1861, d. 07-09-1936
Mack, Margaret, b. 12-29-1821, d. 01-26-1865
Mack, William, b. 12-08-1817, d. 04-20-1906
Marsh, Lovella Luther, b. 05-18-1863, d. 06-18-1891, Stone says Lovilla Luther
Marsh, Robert M., b. 01-19-1829, d. 02-21-1855, 31yr 1m 6d old, b.1824?
McMurphy, C. M.
McMurphy, David, d. 04-01-1851, 56yr 9mo 19da old
McMurphy, David N., d. 07-29-1851, 3yr 2mo 16da old, s/o C.N.& Sarah McMurphy
McMurphy, James W., d. 12-20-1851, 27yr old
McMurphy, Mary E., d. 03-11-1851, 6 mo old, d/o C.L. & C.A. McMurphy, d.1854?
McMurphy, Sarah (C. M.), d. 11-08-1853, 27yr 11mo 18da old, wife
Meadowcroft, George
Meadowcroft, Sarah (George), d. 08-26-1853, 69yr 4mo 16da old
Morse, Almina "Mina" (Franklin P.), b. 02-08-1853, d. 07-22-1926, 1826 death date corrected by Pam Tyler, Mother
Morse, Amos L. (Sarah E.), d. 06-29-1901, 21yr 2mo 2da old
Morse, Andrew J. (Sarah Ann B.), b. 11-27-1850, d. 05-18-1902, Father
Morse, Edward F., d. 04-27-1876, 3yr 4mo 8da old, s/o A.J. & S.A. Morse
Morse, Franklin P. (Almina), b. 11-10-1854, d. 12-21-1915, Father
Morse, Jas. M. (Lucia E.), d. 04-18-1880
Morse, Lucia E. (Jas. M.), d. 06-05-1887, Hard to read dates
Morse, Lucy E., b. 04-03-1882, d. 08-13-1891
Morse, Sarah Ann Buckley, b. 11-19-1848, d. 07-18-1938, wife of Andrew J. Morse, mother
Morse, Sarah E. (Amos L.), d. no date, on stone with Amos L.Morse
Morse, Willie, d. no date, s/o F.& A.Morse, 1yr 11m 14da old
Moulton, A. & E.
Moulton, Mary A., d. 01-27-1880, 13y 9m old, d/o A.& E. Moulton, hard to read date
Northrop, Amy, d. 02-09-1871, 70yr 5mo old, Our Mother
Northrop, Sarah M., d. 09-12-1857, 14yr 2mo 29da old, d/o T.B. & Amy Northrop
Packard, Charles (Sallie Fish), b. 02-14-1838, d. 06-15-1901, 63yr 3mo old, erected by his wife, hard to read stone, information from death certificate
Packard, Edna Lavancia, d. 01-13-1871, 2yr 5mo 2da old, d/o S.J. & R. Packard
Packard, Eliza, d. 11-20-1867, 20yr 5mo 5da old, my wife
Packard, Georgie, d. 09-13-1889, 12yr 11mo old, s/o Chas. & Sally Packard
Packard, Sally (Charles), b. 1851, d. 1929
Packard, Solomon, d. 02-14-1878, 71yr old
Palmer, George S., d. 01-20-1868, 21y 4m 18d old
Palmer, John (Sarrey M.), b. 02-24-1813, d. 04-06-1898
Palmer, Nathan, b. 02-02-1813, d. 02-03-1891
Palmer, Sabrey/Sarrey M. (John), b. 10-12-1821, d. 05-26-1858, maybe d.1898
Potter, Stoddard, d. 11-09-1860, 23yr 11mo 13da old
Powers, Hiram Z., d. 08-30-1857, 16yr 24da old, s/o Z. & L. Powers, d.1854?
Powers, Zelotes, d. 01-01-1854, 60yr 8mo old
Quackenbush, Lois M. (G.), d. 04-05-1860, hard to read, 21yr old
Randall, Christopher, d. 03-01-1856, 48yr old, (see Henry Hall), on stone with Solomon Cook
Scofield, Eliza Inez, d/o S.L.& L.I. Scofield, hard to read stone
Scofield, James H., d. 08-23-1850, 19yr 8mo s/o S.R. & M. Scofield, die in Calif.
Scofield, S. R., d. 04-21-1859, 54yr 7mo old
Sines, Ann Eliza, d. 08-23-1864, 1yr 2mo 10da old, d/o Henry M.& M.E. Sines
Sines, Henry M., b. 06-10-1840, d. 10-24-1865, Civil War, Co.A, 49 Reg Wis Vol, d. St. Louis MO, 35y 1m 13d old,
Smith, Isaac, d. 01-21-1851, 27yr 8mo old, s/o Isaac & Lodicy Luther
Smith, Isaac, d. 10-12-1869, 1yr 1mo 12 da old, s/o O.C.& R.Luther
Startin, John M., b. 1920, d. 1920
Stebbins Family stone, Edward P, Jane, Fannie, Tabitha, F.H, Corresta A.
Stebbins, Corresta A., b. 1854, d. 1958
Stebbins, Edward P., b. 1828, d. 1902
Stebbins, Enoch, d. 1870, 3mo old, s/o E.F. Stebbins
Stebbins, F. H., b. 1827, d. 1864
Stebbins, Fannie, b. 1834, d. 1870
Stebbins, Grandmother, d. no date, footstone
Stebbins, Horton, d. no date, footstone
Stebbins, Jane, b. 1836, d. 1861
Stebbins, Jane, d. no date, footstone
Stebbins, Mother & Baby, d. no date, footstone
Stebbins, Tabatha, b. 1796, d. 1867
Stevens, Asa A., d. 03-01-1860, s/o Dr. O.P. & M.L.Stevens
Thompson family stone, James V, Mary Ann, Margaret B, Milton
Thompson, James Vail (Mary Ann), b. 12-02-1840, d. 08-06-1901, see Mary's obit
Thompson, Margaret B., b. 03-28-1820, d. 05-02-1878, on stone with Milton Thompson
Thompson, Mary Ann (James Vail), b. 1845, d. 01-00-1917, see obit
Thompson, Milton, b. 08-06-1837, d. 08-09-1887, maybe 1887-1887, on stone with Margaret B.
Tillotson, Flora, d. 11-05-1857, d/o Stephen & Sarah Tillotson, 5mo old
Tillotson, Sarah E., d. 06-14-1875, 45yr 1mo 2da old
Tillotson, Willie W., d. 09-25-1856, s/o Stephen & Sarah Tillotson, 2yr 2mo 19da old
Waterbury, George B., d. 12-28-1851, 3yr 5da old, s/o Rev.J.W. & W. Waterbury, d.1854?
Waterbury, Harriet, stone buried
Way, George N. (Maria S. Wallace), b. 11-20-1841, d. 12-23-1901, information from Ann Kemnitz
Way, Kirby G., b. 10-09-1873, d. 09-23-1884, 10yr 11mo 14da old, s/o G.& M. Way
Way, Maria S. Wallace (George N.), b. 03-07-1855, d. 01-02-1936, information from Ann Kemnitz
Wheeler, Elizabeth (John), d. 02-28-1882, wife
Wheeler, John M., d. 11-07-1853, Veteran, repaired stone
York, Arvilla A. (Miham), d. 07-11-1895
York, Dennis, d. 06-03-1888, Civil War, 59yr 8mo old
York, Sarah A., d. 12-18-1868, 2yr old, d/o D. & A. York

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