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Saint Mary Visitation Catholic Cemetery
Randolph, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.609700, -89.104392

County Rd E
Randolph, WI 53956

Published: October 4, 2016
Total records: 13


Saint Mary Visitation Catholic Cemetery is located on the south side of County Road E, about 2000 feet west of County Road M. There is a sign erected by the township of Randolph marking the location.

The cemetery was Fenced in by Norman Braaksma who owns the farm surrounding the cemetery. In 1985 the only stone left in this abandoned cemetery is for Amelia Zachareske. It appears that the rest of the stones were moved.

St. Mary's Catholic Church, also known as St. Mary Visitation Catholic Church and Cemetery was located in the Township of Randolph, just west of the intersection of County E and M, on County E. on land donated by John George Fisher and his wife Sophia to Bishop John M Henni, May 6, 1869. A church was built at that site in that year and services were discontinued in 1917. When the congregation disbanded they joined other churches in Randolph and Fox Lake. There was an understanding that the existing burials were to be removed to other cemeteries. In 1918 the building was sold and moved to Friesland where it is now a residence.

There are also historical records showing a German Catholic Church had existed in the Township of Randolph, Secton 8. The only evidence today is that of some gravestone fragments at the location now known as Saint Mary Visitation Catholic Cemetery. Prominent names such as Kovalaski, Warnke, Heidt & Kuhn were members of the congregation. (From the history of Township of Randolph--Paul Schreiber wrote "the church was purchased by the late John Heidt and moved to Friesland and is now owned by Ray G. Alsum")

Cemetery Records

Contributed by Monna Aldrich. Thank you Jay Williams. Typed by Anna Mae Axness, 2005

Fischer, Johann G.
, b. 10-17-1810, d. 03-04-1873
Kowalewski, Bertha, b. 02-24-1891, d. 05-30-1892, d/o A. & V. Kowalewski
Kowalewski, Emma, b. 04-27-1889, d. 11-20-1893, d/o A. & V. Kowalewski
Kowalewski, Herman, b. 04-19-1887, d. 09-04-1887, s/o A. & V. Kowalewski
Kumba, Joseph, b. 08-31-1869, d. 11-21-1880, s/o Ph.& Ph. Kumba
Ricker, Anna, b. 08-30-1876, d. 12-28-1894, d/o Adam & Maria Ricker, 18y 3m 28d old
Ricker, Ferdenand, b. 04-11-1872, d. 01-23-1875, s/o Adam & Maria Ricker, 2y 9m 12d old
Ricker, Theresia, b. 08-04-1862, d. 12-10-1874, d/o Adam & Maria Ricker, 12y 4m 6d old
Schliesmann, Anna M., d. 02-02-1864, 55yr old, fr/v M
Schliesmann, Freddie, b. 01-04-1878, d. 01-14-1878
Schliesmann, Lizzie, b. 10-15-1870, d. 08-11-1877, k/v A.& J.
Schliesmann, Willie A., b. 04-06-1869, d. 04-17-1869
Zachareske, Amelia (A.), d. 10-03-1887, 67y 1m 4d old

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