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Portage Prairie Cemetery
Cambria, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.589530, -89.127941

Inglehart Rd
Cambria, WI 53923

Published: October 4, 2016
Total records: 86


Portage Prairie Cemetery is located in Scott Township, Section 24, Columbia County, Wisconsin. Take State Rd 33 to Inglehart Rd, north on Inglehart. Cemetery is on West side of Inglehart Rd, just past Friesland Rd. Last burial was in 1972. This is an old Welsh cemetery. The stones are very old and hard to read.

Cemetery Records

Tombstone transcription by Monna Aldrich in August 1982. Betty Cook's files. Copied and alphabetized by Anna Mae Axness.

Daniel, John (Susanah)
, d. 11-eg-1858, 77yr old
Daniel, Susanah (John), d. 19-ey-1868, 80yr old
Davies, Ann (Robert), b. 09-06-1816, d. 10-16-1892
Davies, Elizabeth (James T.), d. 10-21-1868, 48yr old
Davies, James T. (Elizabeth), d. 08-16-1880, 70yr old-date from obit. Index
Davies, Robert (Ann), b. 02-26-1818, d. 11-02-1899
Davies, T. R., d. 02-11-1894, 67yr old
Davis, James T., d. 06-03-1870, 18yr 1mo 13da old
Evans, Elizabeth (John G.), d. 01-24-1892, 71yr old
Evans, John G. (Elizabeth), d. 06-04-1894, 70yr old
Griffith, Thomas John (Dorothy M., b. 05-01-1890, d. 07-27-1972, WW I, Wis Pvt US Army, last person to be buried in this cemetery
Griffiths, Ann (John R.), b. 02-23-1848, d. 05-14-1919
Griffiths, Catherine (William D.), d. 03-31-1906, 79yr 11mo 5da old
Griffiths, David W. (Jane), b. 02-20-1847, d. 12-22-1913, GAR
Griffiths, Dorothy Mae (Thomas J.), b. 1887, d. 01-19-1972, no last name on stone, see ssdi, see obit
Griffiths, Jane Ellen-Miss, b. 1901, d. 07-22-1943, d/o Robert Griffiths, see obit
Griffiths, Jane (David W.), b. 04-20-1850, d. 04-18-1893,
Griffiths, John R. (Ann), b. 01-22-1850, d. 10-05-1926, see death certificate
Griffiths, Robert J., b. 06-13-1874, d. 07-05-1896, s/o John R. & Ann Griffiths
Griffiths, William D. (Catherine), d. 08-16-1893, 61yr 1mo 12da old
Hughes, Cathrina Jane, d. 12-29-1861, 3yr 4mo old d/o R.E.& C. Hughes
Hughes, Eleanor (Hugh J.), d. 11-15-1865, 34yr 6mo old
Hughes, Ellinor, d. 12-20-1862, 1yr 10mo old, d/o R.E.& C. Hughes
Hughes, Even (Jane), d. 05-20-1860, broken stone
Hughes, Hugh (Eleanor), d. 09-29-1870, 70yr old, Gynt O. Lanfairfegnan Sir Caernarpon
Hughes, Jane (Even), broken stone
Hughes, Magdaline, b. 03-24-1823, d. 10-11-1908
Hughes, Mary Hellen, d. 06-27-1863, 13yr 7mo old, d/o W.J. & M. Hughes
Hughes, Ruth, d. 09-02-1861, 1yr 1mo old, d/o H.F. & M. Hughes
Jones, Abel, d. 03-07-1908, 37yr 10mo 24da old, s/o John P. & Elin Jones
Jones, Daniel (Elizabeth), d. 07-20-1886, 71yr 12da old
Jones, Elin (John P.), d. 11-27-1857, 27da old, long lingo in Welsh.
Jones, Elizabeth (Daniel), d. 05-01-1892, 81yr old
Jones, Elizabeth (Evan), b. 11-13-1827, d. 12-28-1906
Jones, Ellen W. Simon (Griffith W, ), b. 1859, d. 11-00-1941, see obit
Jones, Enogh, d. 04-20-1906, 42yr 3mo 23da old, s/o John P. & Elin Jones
Jones, Evan (Elizabeth), b. 03-29-1826, d. 07-29-1916
Jones, Griffith (Ellen W.), 01-30-1902, 39 yr old
Jones, Hugh, d. 09-23-1872, 3mo 6da old, s/o John P. & Elin Jones
Jones, Jane P., d. 12-10-1890, 38yr 3mo 20da old, d/o John P. & Elin Jones
Jones, John D., b. 06-04-1861, d. 05-04-1952, see obit and death certificate
Jones, John M., d. 03-03-1879, 28yr 4mo 29da s/o Daniel M. & Elizabeth Jones
Jones, John P. (Elin), 03-16-1900, 77yr 11mo 2da old, can't read dates in 2006
Jones, Margred (J. P.), d. 10-14-1872, 35yr 6mo old, d/o Robert & Ann Evans
Jones, Mary E., d. 08-26-1857, 1yr 4mo old d/o Daniel M.& Elizabeth Jones
Jones, Mary (Robert), d. 07-08-1881, 70yr 10mo old
Jones, Robert (Mary), d. 10-22-1878, 72yr 4mo old
Jones, William, d. 04-02-1886, 21yr old, on stone with Willie Jones
Jones, Willie J., d. 06-04-1892, 1yr 18da old, on stone with William Jones
Morris, Mary, b. 03-20-1836, d. 12-01-1915, on stone with Ellen Price
Morris, William, d. 01-06-1849, 32yr old, on stone with Rees D.Price
Owen, Evan, d. 09-03-1864, 3mo old, d/o William & Margaret Owen
Owen, Hugh, d. 01-13-1866, 12yr old, s/o William & Margaret Owen
Owen, Margaret (William), d. 09-04-1866, 42yr old
Owen, Mary, d. 02-02-1866, 17yr old, d/o William & Margaret Owen
Owen, Robert, d. 04-13-1875, 82yr old, b. Anglesey North Wales
Owen, William H., d. 10-19-1886, 36yr old, s/o William & Margaret Owen
Owen, William (Margaret), d. 10-21-1895, 72yr 4mo 17da old
Price, Ellen, d. 08-13-1886, 75yr old, on stone with Mary Morris
Price, Rees D., d. 09-20-1874, 63yr old, on stone with William Morris
Pugh Family Stone, Catharine, Hugh E, Jane
Pugh, Catharine, b. 1848, d. 1870, next to Hugh E. & Jane Pugh
Pugh, Dav. (Laura), d. 10-11-1887, 66yr old
Pugh, Hugh E. (next to Jane), b. 1811, 1858, Buried at Emmett, Dodge Co Wis.
Pugh, Jane (next to Hugh E.), b. 1818, d. 1888
Pugh, Laura, b. 06-26-1890, d. 06-28-1890, d/o R.O. & L.A. Pugh
Pugh, Laura (Dav.), b. 1823, d. 1902, b. Meuionwdd (or Merrionwdd) shire
Richards, Joseph L., b. 1845, d. 11-29-1884, 39yr 9mo 25da old, stone in Randolph cemetery, buried here
Roberts, Ann (William R.), d. 10-16-1888, 71yr old
Roberts, Jane (Robert O.), b. 1837, d. 1921
Roberts, John, b. 04-24-1876, d. 05-26-1917, s/o Robert O. & Jane Owens
Roberts, Mary Ellen, d. 01-04-1870, 1yr 10mo old, d/o Robert O. & Jane Roberts
Roberts, Owen E., d. 01-27-1890, 84yr 5mo 14da old
Roberts, Robert O. (Jane), 02-10-1904, 67yr old
Roberts, William R. (Ann), d. 05-26-1888, 77yr 5mo 13da old
Simon, Hannah (I.), b. 09-00-1830, d. 03-25-1895
Simon, Llewelyn (Nancy), b. 05-07-1861, d. 11-20-1893
Stone, broken, laying down
Thomas, Joseph, d. 07-11-1868,
Williams, Ann Owens (Hugh), d. 03-16-1862, 64yr old, b. Llangyii Caernarvon shire N. Wales
Williams, Hugh (Ann Owens), b. 10-06-1789, d. 11-06-1874
Williams, Mary Ann, d. 04-18-1851, 4yr 2mo old d/o Mary & Morris Williams
Williams, Mary (Morris), d. 04-30-1879, 55yr 7mo old
Williams, Morris (Mary), d. 03-05-1889, 65yr 3 mo old
Wooster, Helen Anna--infant, d. 03-19-1862, 4wk old d/o Helen & G.P. Wooster
Wooster, Helen Williams (G. P.), d. 02-23-1862, 35yr old

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