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Pacific Cemetery
Pacific, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.500698, -89.409575

State Highway 16 & Dunning Rd
Pacific, WI 53954

Published: October 1, 2016
Total records: 732


Pacific Cemetery is located in Pacific Township, Columbia County, Wisconsin, near the intersection of US Hwy 51 & State Rd 16 south of Portage. Cemetery is on the west side of 51 & north of the power plant. Cemetery was deeded 03-05-1860.

Cemetery Records

Transcription and 2004 update by Barb & Daniel Ferguson, Betty Cook & Sexton Russ Shaw. Typed by Anna Mae Axness, 2005. Many death dates are burial dates, Some information from other sources.

Aellig, Abraham Godfrey (Myrtle I.)
, b. 02-16-1909, d. 12-28-1969, Lot L133, s/o Christ & ?
Aellig, Myrtle I. (Abraham Godfrey), b. 03-20-1913, d. 06-26-2003, Lot L133, Nee Abel, first husband Wolgram, d/o Edward & Orpha Abel
Aldridge, Cordie E. Cox (James D. "Jim"), b. 05-11-1915, d. 05-14-1998, Lot L110, (m)10-12-1940, ch: Jay, Steve, John
Aldridge, James D. "Jim" (Cordie E. Cox), b. 03-04-1914, d. 03-04-1993, Lot L110, --(m)10-12-1940, ch:Jay/Steve/John, see obit
Angell, Christine Marie (James W. -div.), b. 10-17-1956, d. 01-00-2005, Lot L230, d/o John & Carol Flickner, (m)04-22-1978, divorced, 48y old, buried 02-01-2005, see obit
Angell, Ryan "Bubba" Roy, b. 02-10-1989, d. 12-19-2008, from obit, s/o Christine Angell
Arians, Pernly A., b. 1941, Lot L228
Arians, Robert C., b. 1941, d. 07-10-1992, Lot L228, --see obit
Ashley, Arlyne Marie (James A.), b. 01-09-1919, d. 10-03-1975, Lot L118
Ashley, James A. "Al" (Arlyne Marie), b. 07-29-1915, d. 06-28-1998, Lot L118, --WW II, obit says wife is Bonnie P.Yakish
Atkinson, Opal E. Lewis (2nd w/o Royden J.), b. 03-12-1911, d. 06-04-1983, Lot L109, --Lewis Keifer Plot, see obit
Atkinson, Royden J. Sr. (#1Mabel d. 1977, #2Opal E. Lewis d. 1983), b. 01-04-1908, d. 11-08-1983, Lot L109, Lewis Keifer Plot, see obit
Babcock, Edward (Ida Augusta Rohrbeck), b. 01-20-1870, d. 11-10-1933, Lot L032, --s/o John Edgar & Anna Busch Babcock, see obit
Babcock, Florence A. (Ralph L.), b. 1901, d. 05-17-1969, Lot L009, cremated
Babcock, Ida Augusta (Edward), b. 03-02-1875, d. 10-27-1954, Lot L032, d/o Julius & Augusta Rohrbeck
Babcock, infant son/of Lester Babcock, b. 1927, d. 1929, from Bob & Lucy Wrights accounts of 1991
Babcock, Irma Violet, b. 03-26-1901, d. 04-08-1901, Lot L032, d/o Edward & Ida Babcock, 13da old
Babcock, Lavina M., b. 1908, d. 03-30-1932, Lot L107, Daniel R. Gray plot
Babcock, Lester Daniel--infant 2mo., d. 10-31-1927, Lot L107, Daniel H. Gray plot, s/o Lester Babcock, obit
Babcock, Luella I. Gray (#1Paul A. Jr. Wruck, #2William Babcock), b. 1902, d. 09-06-1983, Lot L105, --Nee Gray, 1st husband is Paul Wruck, 2nd husband Wm. "Bill" Babcock, info from Carol Barton
Babcock, no name--baby, Lot L033, c/o Richard Babcock, no stone
Babcock, no name--baby, Lot L033, c/o Richard Babcock, no stone
Babcock, Ralph L. (Florence A.), b. 1902, d. 01-12-1983, Lot L009, cremated
Babcock, Rosetta May--infant, d. 08-10-1929, Lot L107, funeral date, d/o Lester Babcock, obit
Baker, Clara Wilhelmina (Frank Herman), b. 01-12-1894, d. 07-07-1975, Lot L028, d/o John Krinke & Louise Eber
Baker, Dolores---infant, d. 04-19-1932, Lot L028, d/o Frank H.& Clara W. Baker
Baker, Edward Willard, b. 07-30-1923, d. 08-31-2000, Lot L028, WW II, Tec 5 US Army
Baker, Frank Herman (Clara Wilhelmina), b. 03-06-1894, d. 03-10-1978, Lot L028, --Age 84y old, see obit for d.date
Barber, Anna W. (Fred K.)-see obit, b. 10-03-1893, d. 08-15-1968, Lot L068, d/o August Frank& Mary Schutte, 74yr
Barber, Fred K. (Anna W.), b. 10-11-1884, d. 01-25-1971, Lot L068, s/o Coleman & Nancy J. Mosbarger, 86y
Bartholic, Harry A. Jr. ---friend (no relation) of the Porters, b. 12-11-1930, d. 06-02-2005, Lot L141, Korea, A1C US Air Force, cremated 2005, Cleveland Ohio, buried in Porter's lot
Bates, Abraham (Elizabeth), b. 09-05-1818, d. 05-13-1903, Lot L058
Bates, Agnes (2nd w/o William), b. 10-29-1832, d. 09-18-1910, Lot L046, Mother
Bates, Elizabeth (1st w/oWilliam), d. 11-04-1859, Lot L046, age 31yr 11da, d. 11-11 or 11-04-1859?
Bates, Elizabeth (Abraham), b. 01-09-1824, d. 10-25-1903, Lot L058
Bates, Hannah C. (William H.), b. 1872, d. 05-09-1951, Lot L026
Bates, Michael W., b. 1855, d. 05-18-1921, Lot L098, Joseph C. Topham plot
Bates, Willard H. (Ethel Adella Obert), b. 12-04-1895, d. 02-28-1939, Lot L026, --WW I, WI Corp US Army
Bates, William H. (Hannah C. Otto)-see obit, b. 04-13-1873, d. 11-01-1932, Lot L026, --s/o Wm.&Agnes Duff Bates, 59y6m18d
Bates, William (Agnes), d. 03-26-1891, Lot L046, Father, 70yr 8mo 1da old
Beaver, Anna E. (#1Michael Beaver, #2Albert Siede), b. 01-15-1902, d. 05-23-1989, Lot L124, --nee Hartman or Hartung? See Anna E Siede, see obit for Anna E.Siede
Beaver, Michael (RubyDawn&Anna E.), b. 03-08-1898, d. 07-16-1960, Lot L124, s/o John & Sarah Ashca..Beaver
Beaver, Ruby Dawn (1st w/o Michael), b. 07-29-1898, d. 09-25-1955, Lot L124, d/o Jas Murray & Ava Graves
Becraft, Howard D. (Uva I.), b. 1928, Lot L238, (m)02-25-1954
Becraft, Uva I. (Howard D.), b. 05-26-1937, d. 04-09-2002, Lot L238, (m)02-25-1954, d/o Carl & Ada Anderson, 64y
Bentley, Amos Daniel (Mary E.), b. 10-15-1834, d. 04-21-1908, Lot L094, no stone, s/o Wm. &Marie Mollette/Marlette Bentley, 74y
Bentley, Maria/Mira (William), d. 01-12-1879, Lot L094, Age 88yr old
Bentley, Martha E. --not married, b. 04-23-1875, d. 02-07-1897, Lot L094, age 21y 9m 14d old, d/o A.D. & M.E.
Bentley, Mary E. (Amos Daniel), b. 09-01-1844, d. 06-28-1917, Lot L094, no stone, nee Thompson, 72y9m7d old
Bentley, William (Maria), d. 08-23-1874, Lot L094, age 84yr old
Bilkey, John Joseph "Joe"-single, b. 08-16-1916, d. 03-01-1986, Lot L042, WW II, TSgt US Army, s/oWm.&Rose, obit
Bilkey, Rose Marie Reeder (William A.), b. 03-04-1882, d. 09-05-1949, Lot L042, age 67y6m1d old, see obit
Bilkey, William A. (Rose Marie Reeder), b. 04-16-1874, d. 08-07-1944, Lot L042, s/o Ferd.Bilkey & Bertha Gumz, see obit
Blackburn, Alvin J., b. 06-30-1960, d. 06-30-1960, Lot L107, s/o Alvin & Kathleen McCarthy
Blackburn, Alvin J., b. 1935, Lot L233
Blackburn, Barbara S. ---no stone, b. 07-06-1961, d. 07-06-1961, Lot L004, d/o Alvin & Kathleen McCarthy
Blackburn, David Ernest, b. 02-14-1959, d. 02-16-1959, Lot L107, s/o Alvin & Kathleen McCarthy
Blackburn, Donald A., b. 02-03-1958, d. 12-09-2015, Lot L234, --s/o Alvin & Kathleen McCarthy Blackburn, see obit
Blackburn, Kathleen M., b. 1935, Lot L234
Blackburn, Richie A. -s/o Richard, d. 1960, Lot L107, no stone, in Daniel H. Gray Plot
Boggs, Clarella Wheeler (Denver C.), b. 10-11-1930, Lot L110, (m)12-06-1951
Boggs, Denver C. (Clarella Wheeler), b. 03-16-1919, d. 08-03-1986, Lot L110, --WW II, US Army Inf., (m)12-06-1951 s/o John & Edith Thompkins Boggs, see obit
Branton, Herbert George (Myrtle Adele Tomlinson), b. 04-27-1911, d. 05-01-1987, Lot L119, --s/o Chas&Ada Phelps, cremated, see obit
Branton, Kenneth L. (#1Lorraine Patchin & #2Susan Constance), b. 01-08-1934, d. 03-13-2011, Korea, US Army, s/o Herbert G.& Myrtle A.Tomlinson Branton, see obit
Branton, Myrtle Adele (Herbert George), b. 09-27-1915, d. 01-29-1991, Lot L119, d/o Frank Tomlinson & Maude Fu.
Broesch, Clayton L. (Mildred F. Smith), b. 11-30-1922, d. 09-14-2008, WW II, PFC, U.S. Army, (m)06-09-1947, s/o Jacob & Caroline Krinke Broesch, see obit
Broesch, Jacob Jake, b. 06-24-1890, d. 05-15-1973, Lot L023, in T.H.& Gertrude Cutsforth plot, 82y old
Broesch, Mildred F. (Clayton L.), b. 10-20-1926, d. 09-07-2013, (m)06-09-1947, nee Smith, see obit
Brown, Michael S. --4y3m old, b. 06-04-1947, d. 09-19-1951, Lot L116, s/oAlbert Brown&Bernice Elaine Severson
Bryington, Adam E. ---baby, b. 09-22-1994, d. 04-23-1995, Lot L244
Bull, A. A. (Martha J.), d. 07-29-1893, Lot L088, Father, 89y 5m 21d old
Bull, Benjamin Franklin (Sarah Porter), b. 1836, d. 01-15-1913, Lot L092, Civil War, WI Co E 42 Reg, (m)1857, s/o A.A.Bull, see obit
Bull, Frankie, b. 12-15-1882, d. 04-29-1883, Lot L091, s/o Benjamin Franklin & Sarah L. Porter Bull, 4m 4d old
Bull, Guy A. ---buried Rocky Run Cem. -see obituary, b. 1871, d. 06-30-1969, s/o Benjamin Franklin & Sarah L. Porter Bull
Bull, Hettie LoVina, b. 06-23-1859, d. 02-11-1871, Lot L091, d/o Benjamin Franklin & Sarah L. Porter Bull, 11y 2m old
Bull, John S. (Mary B.), d. 01-13-1902, Lot L088?, see obit index
Bull, lorenzo B., s/o Benjamin Franklin & Sarah L. Porter Bull
Bull, Martha J. (A. A.), d. 05-29-1889, Lot L088, Mother, 79y 4m 8d old
Bull, Mary B. (John S.), d. 04-30-1854, Lot L088, age 20y 11m 21d old
Bull, Milton John or John Milton, b. 07-07-1873, d. 10-07-1955, Lot L092, s/o Benjamine F.& Sarah L. Bull, see obit
Bull, Mina/Nina? Winifred, b. 03-24-1866, d. 02-28-1867, Lot L091, d/o Benjamin & Sarah Bull, 11m 4d
Bull, Minnie M., d. 06-26-1890, Lot L091, d/o Benjamin & Sarah Bull, 22y 9m
Bull, Sarah L (Benjamin Franklin), b. 1837, d. 01-11-1913, Lot L092, --(m)1857, d/o Amasa Porter, ch: zella/guy/milton/lorenc/frank, see obit
Bull, Zella E. --Miss, b. 1862, d. 11-26-1941, Lot L092, d/o Benjamin F.& Sarah Bull, 78y old
Bump, Charles W., d. 07-21-1856, Lot L049, s/o Phoebe & Moses Bump, 2yr old
Bump, Cyrus G., b. 1842, d. 02-22-1865, Lot L049, s/o Phoebe & Moses Bump, 18y 6m; Civil War, Co I, 36 Reg WI
Bump, Moses (Phoebe Daggett), b. 01-24-1811, d. 03-09-1887, Lot L049, 76y 1m 13d; b. Rutland Vt, s/o Edward
Bump, Myrtle I. -Miss, b. 1887, d. 06-30-1921, Lot L123, --d/o Lincoln & Sarah Bump, see obit
Bump, Phoebe Daggett (Moses), b. 02-04-1813, d. 04-15-1906, Lot L049, (m)01-01-1834, d/o Langdon
Bump, Simon L., b. 06-24-1813, d. 09-23-1889, Lot L036, Veteran, age 76y old
Bushee, Mary H. Enright (Patrick), b. 1914, d. 11-08-1983, Lot L135, --see obit
Calkins, Anna Mae (1st w/o George), b. 10-06-1887, d. 04-23-1926, Lot L073, d/o herb Sewell& Anna Bates
Calkins, Beatrice Viola (2nd w/o George), b. 10-26-1886, d. 04-14-1978, Lot L073 , d/o Chas J.Chapel & Calista Si...
Calkins, Clarissa (Cyrus C.), b. 05-27-1833, d. 07-06-1906, Lot L076, d/o Thomas Jefferson & Nancy Nichols Bartow, Mother, data confirmed by Laura Luepke
Calkins, Cyrus C. (Clarissa), b. 05-28-1825, d. 09-30-1872, Lot L076, Father
Calkins, Eddie, b. 07-00-1885, d. 03-31-1885, Lot L066, s/o Jefferson&Katie M.Bump, stone?
Calkins, Eddie, b. 07-22-1881, d. 04-07-1883, Lot L076, Cyrus Calkins plot
Calkins, Ernest Ray (Sarah E.), b. 1876, d. 10-02-1937, Lot L066, --see obit
Calkins, Fred J. (Mary Davis & Ida F.), d. 07-27-1913, 54y 1m 1d old
Calkins, Fred Jay (Grace H. Luther), b. 01-12-1880, d. 11-10-1941, Lot L138, s/o Jefferson J.&Margaret Bump, 61y
Calkins, George Robert (Anna May), b. 04-17-1882, d. 12-31-1976, Lot L073, also h/o Beatrice Chapel Stark
Calkins, Grace H. Luther (Fred J.), b. 1885, d. 06-19-1951, Lot L138, --see obit
Calkins, Ida F. (1st w/o Fred J), d. 09-04-1892, Age 22y 5m old
Calkins, Jefferson J. (Marrietta Elizabeth), b. 03-13-1892, d. 09-20-1956, Lot L065, s/o Jefferson&Katie Bump, 64y6m old
Calkins, Jefferson Joshua (Katie M. Bump), b. 12-11-1854, d. 08-20-1941, Lot L066, --s/o Cyrus & Clarissa Calkins, see obit
Calkins, Jerusha (w/o Joshua), d. 03-15-1878, Lot L065, age 75y 5m 12d old
Calkins, Joshua (h/o Jerusha), d. 05-03-1857, Lot L065, age 57y old
Calkins, Katie May (Jefferson Joshua), b. 05-05-1854, d. 03-10-1923, Lot L066, d/o Simon Bump
Calkins, Lester Ray, b. 1914, d. 09-19-1957, Lot L073
Calkins, Marrietta Elizabeth (Jefferson J.), b. 06-17-1897, d. 03-28-1985, Lot L065, d/o Wm. Bates & Hanna
Calkins, Mary (2nd w/o Fred J.), b. 1875, d. 1952, Nee Davis
Calkins, Sarah E. (Ernest Ray), b. 1879, d. 10-04-1962, Lot L066, --see obit
Calverley, Ann/Annie (Stephen), d. 02-23-1889, Lot L067, d/o ??Slinger, 64yr old
Calverley, Lizzie, d. 10-18-1881, Lot L067, d/o Stephen & Ann Alverley, 16yr old
Caverley, Stephen (Ann/Annie), b. 03-05-1820, d. 04-11-1903, Lot L067, b. Yorkshire England, 83y1m6d old
Chapel, Adelia (George Williams), d. 08-12-1966, Lot L012, no stone, no death record, d.Racine, see obit
Chapel, George William (Adelia), d. 09-03-1937, Lot L012, no stone, d.Racine, see obit
Chapel, Iola A. Chandler (William D.), b. 02-09-1857, d. 01-28-1933, Lot L012, d/o Wm.Chandler & ??Wescott, 75y11m , obit
Chapel, William D. (Iola A. Chandler), b. 1857, d. 02-28-1939, Lot L012, --s/o George& Mary Watkins Chapel, see obit
Christopherson, Edna B. Sloggy (1st w/o Warner S.), b. 05-10-1902, d. 09-03-1939, Lot L113, Mother, (m)06-26-1929, see obit
Christopherson, Edna M. Pflaum (2nd w/o Warner S.), b. 1905, d. 12-15-1993, Lot L113, --see obit
Christopherson, Warner S. (#1Edna B. Sloggy, #2Edna M. Pflaum), b. 1906, d. 01-05-2003, Lot L113, --see obit
Coapman, Alice F. (Rev. Verne E.), b. 02-23-1898, d. 12-07-1992, Lot L045, Nee Lyon
Coapman, Anson (Marinda Calkins), d. 01-10-1896, Lot L055, age 63y 2d old, Father, s/o John
Coapman, Eda F. (1st w/o Fred J.), d. 09-04-1892, Lot L054, age 22yr 5m old
Coapman, Fred J. (Eda F. & Mary Davis), b. 06-26-1859, d. 07-27-1913, Lot L054, age 54y1m1d old, s/o Anson& Marin
Coapman, Marinda Calkins (Anson), b. 10-27-1838, d. 09-02-1903, Lot L055, Mother, d/o Joshua & Jerusha Calkins
Coapman, Mary Davis (2nd w/o Fred J.), b. 02-06-1875, d. 04-22-1952, Lot L054, --RNA, d/o Newt & Amanda Luther Davis, obit
Coapman, Verne E. -Rev. (Alice F. Lyon), b. 1891, d. 09-22-1965, Lot L045, --in Henry Jennings plot, see obit
Colt, Dennis Allen, b. 01-26-1958, d. 02-13-1992, Lot L234, Vietnam US Navy, in Henry F. Colt plot, s/o Henry F.& Mary M.Colt, obit
Colt, Gregory L., b. 12-21-1956, d. 11-30-2015, US Navy, s/o Henry F. & Mary Pletzer Colt, is he buried here with his parents? See obit
Colt, Henry Forest (Mary Margaret), d. 03-03-2001, (m)08-27-1955, maybe buried in Pacific Cemetery, he has a plot here
Colt, Mary Margaret (Henry Forest), b. 07-23-1936, d. 01-20-2009, (m)08-27-1955, d/o Raymond & Vera Maxwell Pletzer, cemetery not listed, see obit
Coulter, Bessie A. (Harry S.), b. 11-11-1883, d. 01-21-1954, Lot L121, d/o Jas Webster & Darah Davis, see obit and death certificate
Coulter, Harry S. (Bessie A.), b. 1891, d. 02-03-1979, Lot L121, --s/o Hugh Coulter, see obit for dates
Coutant, Reginald J., b. 10-16-1923, d. 04-03-1951, Lot L104, WW II, Korea, Wis CPL 7 CAV (Infantry) 1 CAV Div (Infantry) BSM-PH, KIA, buried 10-05-1951,
Crawford, Alice Marie Coon (John H.), b. 12-12-1909, d. 08-15-1947, Lot L116, --d/o Chas & Maude Coon, 38y old, see obit
Crawford, John H. (Alice Marie), b. 1905, Lot L116, ch:mary/marcia/margot/john/jas.
Cross, Leonora/Lenora Lum (Liberty), b. 1856, d. 11-23-1944, Lot L149, --Mother, 88yr old, see obit and death cert.
Cross, Liberty (Ella Millard), d. 01-17-1928, 79yr old, see obit & death certificate, Ella is buried in Hastie cemetery
Cross, Liberty (Leonora/Lenora Lum), b. 1846, d. 09-02-1913, Lot L149, Father
Cross, Lori, b. 1945, Lot L145
Cross, Lyle M. (Violet Louise), b. 1918, d. 07-22-1968, Lot L145, --(m)06-22-1939, see obit
Cross, Violet Louise (Lyle M.), b. 02-14-1918, d. 10-12-2012, Lot L145, (m)06-22-1939, d/o Charles & Anna Breisemeister Kent, see obit
Cross, Virginia Elaine, b. 04-18-1921, d. 09-23-1921, Lot L145
Cutsforth, Lot L021, Joseph Cutsforth plot, no stone
Cutsforth, Alonza F., d. 03-30-1880, Lot L008, s/o Watson & Mary Cutsforth, 14y6m1d
Cutsforth, Ana Edna, b. 02-17-1866, d. 06-25-1910, Lot L017, d/o Henry W.& Elizabeth, 44y4m8d old
Cutsforth, Ann E., d. 07-20-1893, Lot L017, d/o Henry W. & Elizabeth D, 19yr7m9d
Cutsforth, Charles J., d. 08-10-1873, Lot L015, s/o Joseph & M. Cutsforth, 2y3m21d old
Cutsforth, Diana (Joseph), d. 09-17-1874, Lot L008, age 79y 7m 14d old
Cutsforth, Elizabeth D. (Henry W.), b. 08-12-1847, d. 01-23-1937, Lot L017, d/o Joseph, 90yr old, b. 1846 or 1847?
Cutsforth, Henry, d. 05-00-1920, see obit, Co I Tank Corps of Janesville, s/o William
Cutsforth, Henry W. (Elizabeth D.), b. 07-01-1838, d. 04-11-1906, Lot L017, s/o Joseph & Dianna, 67y9m11d old
Cutsforth, Ida M. E., b. 01-31-1870, d. 07-25-1902, Lot L019, Check Ida M. E. Youngs for duplicate
Cutsforth, Joseph (M.), d. 11-04-1875, Lot L015, age 59y 10m 12d old
Cutsforth, Joseph (Dianna), Lot L008, is this correct?
Cutsforth, Laura, b. 09-17-1899, d. 03-20-1906, Lot L017, d/o May & Wm. Wood Cutsforth
Cutsforth, Lillian A. ---Miss, b. 01-14-1881, d. 01-26-1937, Lot L019, d/o Henry & Elizabeth Cutsforth
Cutsforth, M. (Joseph), Lot L015
Cutsforth, May (William Wood), b. 06-22-1875, d. 01-05-1902, Lot L017
Cutsforth, Merle G., b. 02-17-1890, d. 04-19-1892, Lot L023, d/o T.H. & G.A. Cutsforth
Cutsforth, Thomas, d. 04-22-1871, s/o J. & E.S. Cutsforth
Cutsforth, Unknown, d. no dates, Lot L010, Father, in Henry Cutsforth plot
Cutsforth, Unknown, d. no dates, Lot L010, Mother, In Henry Cutsforth plot
Cutsforth, Watson D. (Mary), d. 04-22-1878, Lot L008, from obit index--51yr old
Cutsforth, William H., d. 05-00-1920, Lot L011, Veteran, Deeded to Mrs. E.E. Hall, No stone
Davison, Larry Wayne, b. 1941, d. 07-25-1944, Lot L083, in Gerbitz plot, s/o Lyle Davison, see obit
Dolajeck, Julius D. (Lois I. Sanborn), b. 07-04-1888, d. 03-08-1963, Lot L137, (m)1915
Dolajeck, Lois I. Sanborn (Julius D.), b. 11-14-1894, d. 01-17-1984, Lot L137, d/o Ira & Minnie Price Sanborn
Dotson, Roxanne R. ---cremated, b. 09-02-1956, d. 12-10-2001, Lot L127, d/o Albert & Rosemary Janisch Young
Dow, Benjamin S. (Lydia L. King), b. 11-23-1794, d. 03-05-1865, Lot L050, age 70y old, b. Danville VT, War of 1812
Dow, Carry E., d. no dates, Lot L050, d/o Benjamin Jr. & S. Dow
Dow, Lafayette (Louisa C.), b. 07-24-1824, d. 06-04-1901, Lot L051, age 77y old
Dow, Louisa C. (Lafayette), b. 04-10-1827, d. 11-10-1908, Lot L051
Dow, Lydia L. (Benjamin S.), b. 1798, d. 10-04-1868, Lot L050, Nee King, b. Rutland Vt, 70y old
Dow, Martha J., b. 12-20-1863, d. 02-26-1878, Lot L051, d/o Lafayette & Louisa Dow
Dow, William P., d. 08-26-1865, Lot L050, age 22yr old, b. Yorkshire NY, Civil War, Co D 10 WI Inf
Drake, George (Estella Porter), d. 09-26-1941, 80yr old, see obit & death certificate
Drake, Lastella Porter (#1William Cummings, #2George Drake), b. 10-29-1857, d. 06-08-1946, Lot L064, --Nee Porter, stone illegible, see obit & death certificate
Drosen, Frances Elizabeth Koebler (#1Vernon Dewsnap, #2Alex Drosen), d. 11-13-1996, Lot L143, d. Wyocena Town, no stone, 83Y old, see obit
Drosen, Vernon Melvin, d. 11-18-1998, Lot L143, cremated, no stone
Dunham, Chester H., b. 1892, d. 1911, Lot L131
Dunham, Edna-Miss, d. 12-28-1941, Lot L131, Stones? See obit, funeral date
Dunham, Ellen Mary or Mary Ellen Wilson (Henry), d. 11-27-1941, Lot L131, Stones? See obit
Dunham, Henry J. (Mary Ellen), d. 03-29--1930, Lot L131, Stone? s/o Joseph, see obit
Dunham, Joseph (Marinda M.), Lot L078, Civil War???
Dunham, Marinda M. (Joseph), b. 08-26-1838, d. 10-26-1898, Lot L078, Mother
Dunham, Simon L., b. 10-09-1869, d. 10-01-1870, Lot L078, s/o Joseph & Marinda M. Dunham
Dunham, William, b. 07-24-1789, d. 01-24-1877, Lot L078, War 1812
Dunning, Geneva E. (Glen), b. 1903, d. 10-04-1976, Lot L104, --Nee Coutant? See obit
Ebert, Caroline, b. 1881, d. 10-03-1973, Lot L029, --In August Wruck plot
Ebert, Harlan Jr. (Sharon Barrett), b. 12-10-1951, d. 06-27-1996, Lot L204, --see ssdi
Estabrook, Elizabeth A. (Harry W.), b. 1880, d. 02-15-1963, Lot L086, --see obit
Estabrook, Harry W. (Elizabeth A.), b. 1880, d. 05-00-1959, Lot L086, --see obit
Estabrook, Manley W., b. 1924, d. 12-12-1995, Lot L086, in Harry Estabrook plot, see obit
Estabrook, Sadie, b. 1884, d. 1914, Lot L086, Nee Porter, Mother
Falk, Ida Gerbitz-Mrs., b. 1890, d. 08-11-1971, Lot LO83, --in Gerbitz plot, see obit
Ferguson, Barbara Lee (Daniel Earl), b. 10-15-1945, Lot L137, Nee Janisch, first husband Jer Erickson
Ferguson, Daniel Earl (Barbara Lee), b. 01-15-1939, Lot L137, Cold War, Sgt E5 US Army
Finkenstein, Oscar, b. 1877, d. 10-14-1946, Lot L007
Flower, Adilla A. (James E.), b. 04-07-1856, d. 10-16-1899, Lot L080, Mother
Flower, B. FFranklin (Sarah J.), b. 08-02-1819, d. 12-21-1889, Lot L079, Father
Flower, Calvin, d. 12-23-1891, Lot L068, age 21d, S/o Wesley Scott & Ida E.
Flower, Chester, d. 12-20-1891, Lot L068, age 18d, s/o Wesley Scott & Ida E.
Flower, Chester B., d. 02-16-1863, Lot L079, age 20y old, Civil War, Pvt 23 Reg WI Vol, Youngs Point LA
Flower, Frank E. (Maud G. Calkins), b. 1882, d. 09-25-1932, Lot L079, --see obit
Flower, Gerald L. "Grumpy", b. 09-25-1921, d. 01-12-1984, Lot L079, --WW II, US Army, s/o Frank & Maude Calkins Flower
Flower, Gordon F., Lot L079, no stone
Flower, James, b. 02-24-1884, d. 08-21-1884, Lot L080, s/o James E. & Adilla A. Flower
Flower, James E. (Adilla A.), b. 02-09-1855, d. 12-29-1913, Lot L080, Father, in James F/E Flower plot
Flower, Maude G. (Frank E.), b. 1886, d. 08-20-1965, Lot L079, --see obit
Flower, Sarah J. (B. F.), b. 02-02-1821, d. 08-06-1899, Lot L079, Mother, Nee Kanouse
Forbush, Emeline (G. H.), b. 06-11-1841, d. 08-26-1905, Lot L123, Nee Bump
Forbush, George H. (Emeline), b. 01-11-1839, d. 03-03-1904, Lot L123, Father
Franklin, Thomas, d. 08-25-1884, Lot L035, Father 68yr old
Franklin, Thomas, Lot L035, Thom Franklin plot, Co D 19th Mich Inf
Gauden, Patrica A. (James Edward Jr.), b. 01-25-1940, d. 11-19-1998, Lot L227, d/o Robert & Vera Bennett Montgomery (m)11-14-1962
Gay, Hazel E. Porter (John Briggs), b. 1889, d. 10-14-1985, Lot L151, --see obit
Gay, John Briggs Jr., d. 05-29-1924, Lot L151, infant s/o John Briggs & Hazel Porter Gay, do dates on stone, see obit
Gay, John Briggs (Hazel Porter), b. 05-04-1889, d. 03-05-1967, Lot L151, WW I, Wis 1st Lt US Army
Gerbitz, Frank Emil (Ida McQueen), b. 1871, d. 08-05-1929, Lot L083, --see obit
Gerbitz, Steven Duane, d. 04-29-1958, Lot L083, --infant s/o Howard Gerbitz, see obit
Gerbitz, Theresa/Tressie Ione, b. 1914, d. 01-01-1915, Lot L083, d/o Frank E. Gerbitz, 1mo old, see obit
Gierman, John E., b. 06-30-1902, d. 01-12-1995, from obit
Gloyd, Arlene Ethel "Aileen" -Miss, b. 1917, d. 01-03-1932, Lot L024, --d/o Claude E. & Louella Pugh Gloyd, see obit
Gloyd, Claude E. (Louella Pugh), b. 1882, d. 08-31--1951, Lot L024, --Father, see obit
Gloyd, Louella Pugh (Claude E.), b. 1885, d. 02-01-1967, Lot L024, Mother, maybe Pugh is 1st husband?
Gloyd, Robert William, d. 01-02-1932, Lot L077, in D.B. Tompkins Plot
Graack, Ernest J. (#1Ruth E. Weede, #2 Betty Jerome Chvojicek), b. 05-15-1916, d. 03-20-2004, Lot L120, or L254?--cremated, WW II, US Army, (m2)10-12-1991, s/o John C. & Emilie Heinze Graack
Graack, Ruth E. Wedde (1st w/o Ernest J.), b. 1911, d. 06-02-1987, Lot L120, --see obit
Gray, Lot L022, In Jesse Gray Plot, no stone
Gray, Anna Mae Fox (#1Charles Wruck, #2Robert Gray), d. 08-11-1983, Lot L105, --no stone, see obit
Gray, Annie Laurie Franklin (Thaddeus E. Sr.), b. 1874, d. 07-18-1947, Lot L114, --see obit
Gray, Baby Boy, d. 12-25-1922, Lot L107, no stone, 2mo old, s/o Dan Gray, see obit
Gray, Baby Peter, d. 07-05-1954, Lot L107, no stone, date? s/o Daniel Gray, see obit
Gray, Carrie C. (Thomas M.), b. 1881, d. 09-00-1959, Lot L027, --see obit
Gray, Daniel R. Sr., b. 1882, d. 06-03-1953, Lot L107, --burial date, see obit
Gray, David, d. 01-24-1949, Lot L105, twin s/o Robert &
Gray, David E. (Marcella M.), b. 12-26-1930, d. 04-04-1978, Lot L122, --Korea, EON 2 US Navy, s/o Togo Gray
Gray, Dennis B., b. 05-05-1862, d. 12-15-1892, Lot L097, s/o Ephriam C. & Mary Ann Gray
Gray, Donald, d. 01-24-1949, Lot L105, twin s/o Robert &
Gray, Edward, b. 1947, d. 1951, Lot L004, in Sidney Gray plot
Gray, Edward A. (2nd h/o Hazel M), b. 08-01-1906, d. 09-25-1967, Lot L107, WW II, Pvt 379 MP ESC Guard CO
Gray, Ephraim C. (Mary Ann), b. 12-18-1822, d. 03-12-1915, Lot L097,
Gray, Gerald L. (#1Dawn Roach, #2Mary Ellen Hamele, #2Salliann), b. 03-14-1934, d. 05-20-1989, Lot L115, --Korea & Vietnam, AVCM US Navy, see obit
Gray, Hazel M. (??McCarthy & Edward A.), b. 09-25-1904, d. 10-19-1977, Lot L107, Nee Simerson
Gray, Howard Michael, b. 1958, d. 02-02-1981, Lot L004, --s/o Sidney Gray, see obit
Gray, Infant, Lot L034, c/o William H.& Matilda H. Gray
Gray, James N. (Susan C. Whitehouse)--spelled Gray on military stone, b. 03-15-1896, d. 09-22-1946, Lot L114, WW I, WI Sgt QM Corps, s/o Thaddeus, see obit
Gray, Julia Aleta-Miss, b. 1898, d. 02-02-1921, Lot L114, --d/o T.E.Gray, see obit
Gray, Laura M. (Togo E.), b. 03-22-1906, d. 11-22-1990, Lot L122
Gray, Lorraine L. (Sterling E.), b. 04-24-1936, Lot L196, Nee Pratt, (m)10-08-1954
Gray, Marcella M. (David E.), b. 1932, d. 11-19-1980, Lot L122
Gray, Mary Ann (Ephraim C.), b. 09-10-1823, d. 03-20-1905, Lot L097
Gray, Mary Ellen Hamele (2nd w/o Gerald L.), b. 1938, d. 09-20-1981, Lot L115, --see obit
Gray, Matilda H. (William H.), b. 1852, d. 1904, Lot L034
Gray, Robert E. (2nd h/o Anna Mae Fox), b. 1903, d. 02-09-1960, Lot L105, --see obit, 56y old
Gray, Ronald Thomas, b. 1909, d. 09-16-1939, Lot L027, s/o Thomas M. & Carrie C. Gray, see obit
Gray, Rosetta Holcomb (Dan), b. 05-08-1882, d. 08-21-1922, Lot L107, --see obit
Gray, Sidney E. Sr., d. 01-03-1999, Lot L004, --WW II, US Army, no stone, see obit
Gray, Sterling D. Jr., b. 05-25-1967, d. 09-03-1995, Lot L196, --s/o Sterling Gray, see obit
Gray, Sterling E. (Lorraine I. Pratt), b. 03-16-1932, Lot L196, (m)10-08-1954
Gray, Susan C. Whitehouse (James N.), b. 1902, d. 1985, Lot L114, spelling of last name??grey or gray?
Gray, Thaddeus E. Jr., b. 1903, d. 10-28-1924, Lot L114
Gray, Thaddeus Eli Sr. (Annie L. Franklin), b. 1874, d. 09-01-1936, Lot L114, --see obit
Gray, Thomas Maryon (Carrie C.), b. 1879, d. 01-24-1953, Lot L027, --see obit
Gray, Togo E. (Laura M. Amdrews), b. 06-01-1905, d. 01-01-1991, Lot L122, --see obit
Gray, Togo Glenn, b. 1953, d. 09-01-1968, Lot L105, --s/o Anna Mae Prieve, see obit
Gray, William H. (#1Matilda H. Weir, #2Martha Rozinski), b. 1861, d. 09-08-1932, Lot L034, --see obit
Grey, Lyle James--infant, b. 03-13-1950, d. 03-15-1950, Lot L114, s/o L.& P. Grey
Grimes, John R. (2nd h/o Martha M.), b. 07-24-1916, d. 12-03-1982, Lot L117, --WW II, Sgt, US Army, (m)08-06-1955
Grimes, Martha M. (#1Ulrich Stadler, #2John R. Grimes), b. 02-26-1917, d. 10-01-2002, Lot L117, --Nee Swaenepoel, (m1)03-12-30, (m2)08-06-1955, see obit
Grippen, Ann (L. A. Daggett in Plot 1), d. 10-11-1918, Lot L001, age 53y 3m 16d old
Hamilton, Celia L. Gray (1st w/o Vernon E.), b. 1909, d. 05-24-1934, Lot L106, --see obit
Hamilton, Earl R., b. 10-19-1899, d. 07-22-1969, Lot L128, WW II, Pvt 108 Eng 33rd Inf Div
Hamilton, George Wilbur, b. 05-17-1901, d. 10-20-1968, Lot L128, WW II, ILL Pvt US Army
Hamilton, Laura I. (2nd w/o Vernon), b. 05--07-1911, d. 04-01-1999, Lot L106, --also w/o Robert E. Gray, d/o Pelic & Hattie Breneman Cross
Hamilton, Vernon E. (#1Celia L. Gray, #2Laura), b. 1904, d. 12-12-1972, Lot L106, --obit says wife's name is Laura
Hamilton, Vernon Jr. --baby, d. 05-13-1925, Lot L106, s/o Vernon & Celia Hamilton
Hansen, Charles, d. 09-08-1979, Lot L089, --no stone, see obit, 83yr old
Hansen, Christian (Maren Christianson), b. 1851, d. 07-07-1939, Lot L089, --no stone, no dates, see obituary for details
Hansen, Female (Chris), d. 12-15-1934, Lot L089, --no stone, see obit
Hansen, George M., d. 12-26-1982, Lot L089--no stone, see obit
Hansen, Mary A. -Miss, d. 09-20-1969, Lot L089, --no stone, see obit
Heinze, Albert R. (Lillian D.), b. 1882, d. 04-22-1958, Lot L129, obit
Heinze, Carrie Nellie Dempsey (Leopold F.), b. 1859, d. 04-01-1930, Lot L069, Mother, see obit
Heinze, Ella (Walter), b. 1895, d. 07-27-1948, Lot L001, in Dagget plot
Heinze, Florence-Miss, b. 1887, d. 02-20-1956, Lot L069, --d/o Leopold F. & Carrie N. Heinze
Heinze, George E., b. 1889, d. 1907, Lot L069, s/o Leopold F. & Carrie N. Heinze
Heinze, Howard A., b. 04-06-1925, d. 08-23-1996, Lot L129
Heinze, Leopold F. (Carrie N.), b. 1856, d. 09-25-1935, Lot L069, --Father, see obit
Heinze, Lillian Dorette (Albert R.), b. 1891, d. 04-16-1958, Lot L129, Nee Janisch, burial date, see obit
Heinze, Lyle J., b. 10-20-1919, d. 08-31-1992, Lot L129, --see obit
Heinze, Milton C. (Ethyl), b. 05-13-1901, d. 08-08-1973, Lot L129, s/o Leopold, WW II, Sgt Army Air Force
Heinze, Walter (Ella), b. 1897, d. 02-14-1978, Lot L001, in Dagget plot
Hendrix, Henry T. --friend (no relation) to the Porters, b. 1926, d. 1998, Lot L141, Cremated 1998, Cleveland Ohio, buried in Porter's lot
Herndon, Chester S. (Madeline R.), b. 1925, d. 08-08-1976, Lot L118, --2nd h/o Madeline R. Janisch Brown, see obit
Herndon, Madeline R. (Chester S.), b. 05-14-1922, d. 12-14-1991, Lot L118, Nee Janisch, 1st husband Ben Brown
Hite, Charles F., b. 1914, d. 02-07-1983, Lot L005, --see obit
Hoffman, Adam B. (Jane A.), b. 1854, d. 01-16-1933, Lot L077, in D.S. Tomkins plot, see obit
Hoffman, Jane A. Holmes (#1Riley Calkins, #2Daniel B. Thompson, #3Adam B.), b. 03-23-1837, d. 05-02-1922, Lot L077, in D.S.Tomkins plot, brither to James Holmes, see obit
Holcomb, George W., b. 08-28-1878, d. 06-04-1957, Lot L007
Holden, Henrietta F. "Sis" North (#1James Michael Wilson, #2William Holden), b. 1920, d. 02-05-1990, Lot L003--divorced from Wilson, see obit
Holmes, James H. (Elpha Lawrence), b. 06-08-1839, d. 03-16-1922, Lot L061, s/o Joshua, 82y old, Civil War???maybe, obit
Holmes, Jane A. (Joshua H.), b. 1802, d. 11-12-1874, Lot L061, Mother
Holmes, Joshua, d. 1862, Lot L061, is he buried here? Is he Civil War?
Holmes, Joshua H. (Jane A.), b. 1807, d. 1900, Lot L061, Father
Holmes, Sarah L. "Cleha" (James H.), b. 06-16-1847, d. 11-20-1892, Lot L052, d/o John W. & Sarah Lawrence
Horton, Adelia I. (Elvin W.), b. 10-11-1918, d. 10-02-2000, Lot L136, (m)08-27-1940, d/o Julius & Lois Dolajeck,
Horton, Anna (1st w/o Elmer), b. 1892, d. 12-03-1940, Lot L108, --see obit
Horton, Elmer (#1Anna, #2Jessie Wilmer), b. 1890, d. 09-22-1961, Lot L108, --see obit
Horton, Elvin W. (Adelia I.), b. 12-06-1914, d. 05-09-1983, Lot L136, (m)08-27-1940, s/o Elmer & Anna Sloggy Horton
Horton, Martha O. (Morris C.), b. 01-16-1916, d. 02-18-1976, Lot L125, Nee Cummings, also w/o Steele
Horton, Morris C. (Martha O.), b. 02-18-1918, d. 10-17-1970, Lot L125, WW II, Wis SSgt 819 Engrs BN
Hoyt, Enoch, d. 04-03-1865, Lot L064, age 66y 7m 1d old
Hurst, Donna Mae---infant, b. 05-31-1938, d. 06-11-1938, Lot L013, d/o William G. & Mata M. Hurst
Hurst, Mata M. Thompson (William G.), b. 06-11-1912, d. 07-13-1986, Lot L013, Mother, see obit
Hurst, William G. (Mata M.), b. 1906, d. 07-15-1967, Lot L013, --Father, see ssdi & obit
Husbrook, Frank, b. 11-06-18??, d. 0-26-1914, from Obit & Death Cert, s/o Mahlon Husbrook, Odd Fellow, 72yr old
Husbrook, Loyal, b. 08-02-1808, d. 06-27-1904, from obit & death cert, s/o Daniel Husbrook, Nephew of Frank S. Husbrook
Husbrook, Loyal, d. 11-25-1892, from obit & death cert, s/o Frank S. Husbrook, drowned
Husbrook, Mahlon, d. 04-29-1863, Lot L100, s/o F.S. & E. Husbrook, 1m 3d old, in Frank Hasbrook plot, spelling of last name???
Ingraham, Harry B. (Mary Ann), b. 06-11-1899, d. 11-12-1980, Lot L014, --Father, WW I, US Navy, obit says wife's name is Irma
Ingraham, Mary Ann, d. 02-24-1943, Lot L014, d/o Harry B. & Mary Ann
Ingraham, Mary Ann (Harry B.), b. 06-11-1898, d. 11-20-1968, Lot L014, Nee Lueshel, Mother
Janisch, Amy L. (Joseph Wm.), b. 1904, d. 07-01-1965, Lot L128, Nee Everson, 60y old, Auxiliary, see obit
Janisch, Evelyn Mae (Melvin J.), b. 03-22-1924, d. 08-14-1998, Lot L119, Nee Tyler
Janisch, Evelyn May (William Arthur), b. 04-07-1926, Lot L108, Nee Dolajeck, Mother, (m)10-21-1944
Janisch, Harry James (Ida Mae), b. 08-26-1927, d. 02-19-2010, Lot L129, USAF, (m)10-07-1950, s/o Joseph & Amy Everson Janisch, see obit
Janisch, Ida Mae Tyke (Harry James), b. 10-23-1933, d. 01-10-1997, Lot L129, --(m)10-07-1950, d/o Emil & Mildred Abegglen, 63y old
Janisch, Joseph Wm. (Amy L.), b. 1893, d. 06-13-1973, Lot L128
Janisch, Larry Dean--infant, b. 11-28-1947, d. 11-29-1947, Lot L108, s/o Wm. A.& Evelyn Janisch
Janisch, Melvin L. (Evelyn M. Tyler), b. 12-14-1920, d. 05-13-1972, Lot L119, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, SFC Co C 4 BN 3 Brigade
Janisch, William Arthur (Evelyn Dolajeck), b. 04-03-1926, d. 09-11-1998, Lot L108, --(m)10-21-1944, s/o Joseph & Amy Janisch, Father, see obit
Jellings, Michelle K., b. 02-28-1976, d. 01-30-1997, Lot L109, cremated, buried above Grandma
Jennings, Henry (Rebecca Bisbee), d. 06-21-1892, Lot L045, Father, 75y 6m 23d old
Jennings, Ora Patchin (Robert), b. 1856, d. 04-13-1949, Lot L081, --see obit
Jennings, Rebecca Bisbee (Henry), b. 01-22-1827, d. 09-12-1915, Lot L045, Mother, see obit
Jennings, Robert (Ora), b. 1855, d. 02-04-1934, Lot L081
Jessup, Henry W. (Mary Elizabeth Bates), b. 12-28-1834, d. 01-14-1918, Lot L072, children: Will and Flora
Jessup, Mary Elizabeth Bates (Henry W.), b. 1857, d. 02-02-1935, Lot L072
Jevens, Dora, b. 1851, d. 1865, Lot L063, daughter
Jevens, Ella Mae Woodman (Sterling R.), b. 1867, d. 10-23-1935, Lot L030, --Mother, see obit
Jevens, Elwood, b. 1855, d. 1867, Lot L063, son
Jevens, John W. --in Sam Jevens Plot, d. 04-24-1865, Lot L063, Civil War, Co F 44th WI Inf
Jevens, Leslie L., b. 01-15-1892, d. 07-23-1956, Lot L030, s/o Sterling R. & Ella Mae Jevens, WW I, Pvt 161 Depot Brigade
Jevens, Samuel, b. 1816, d. 1880, Lot L063, Father, in Samuel Jevens plot
Jevens, Sterling Rossiter (Ella Mae Woodman), b. 1861, d. 10-29-1947, Lot L030, Father, see obit
Jevens, Susan, b. 1820, d. 1892, Lot L063, Mother
Kaschinske, Annie, b. 11-06-1900, d. 07-02-1901, Lot L084
Kaschinske, Jacob (Louisa Ebert), b. 02-28-1865, d. 11-05-1918, Lot L084, Father, (m)11-17-1898, see obit
Kaschinske, Louisa Ebert (Jacob), b. 01-13-1878, d. 07-12-1915, Lot L084, (m)11-17-1898, d/o Wm. Ebert, see obit
Kaschinske, Robert E. --Pastor, b. 1907, d. 08-11-1995, Lot L084, d. SaginawMI, in Jacob Kaschinske plot
Kellogg, Celia M. (T. L.), d. 08-20-1919, 43yr, see obit & death certificate
Kellogg, Ellsworth L., b. 1867, d. 08-16-1947, Lot L122, in Elza Kellogg Plot, see obit
Kershaw, Alfred (Margaret Calverly), b. 04-08-1842, d. 01-13-1925, Lot L060, also h/o Marie Sowards, 82y 9m 4d old
Kershaw, Alois G., b. 05-28-1894, d. 08-13-1895, Lot L074, s/o George & Nellie A. Kershaw
Kershaw, Alva A., b. 05-21-1901, d. 08-28-1902, Lot L074, s/o George & Nellie A. Kershaw
Kershaw, Charlotte, b. 03-12-1887, d. 06-09-1913, Lot L074, d/o George & Nellie A. Kershaw
Kershaw, Ellowyn C. (Roger R.), b. 1928, Lot L120, NeeKopplin, (m)11-13-1951, Ch:Bryon/Barb
Kershaw, George (Nellie A. Mason), b. 01-08-1853, d. 11-16-1924, Lot L074
Kershaw, Herbert Ain (Sara E.), b. 1897, d. 02-25-1971, Lot L020, WW I
Kershaw, Ida C. (Stephen Frank), b. 1872, d. 11-04-1952, Lot L060, Nee Townsend, (m)08-18-1812
Kershaw, Isaac (Mary), b. 10-04-1820, d. 08-25-1901, Lot L075, b. England, Father
Kershaw, Leslie M---infant, b. 1872, d. 1873, Lot L060, s/o Alfred & Margaret Calverly Kershaw
Kershaw, Margaret (Alfred), b. 1847, d. 1874, Lot L060, Nee Calverly
Kershaw, Mary (Isaac), b. 05-04-1820, d. 03-26-1904, Lot L075, Mother
Kershaw, Nellie Ann Mason (George), b. 1866, d. 03-06-1954, Lot L074, --see obit
Kershaw, Roger R. (Ellowyn C.), b. 1927, Lot L120, (m)11-13-1951, Ch: Bryon & Barb
Kershaw, Sara E. Murray (Herbert Ain), b. 1904, d. 04-05-1961, Lot L020, --burial date, see obit
Kershaw, Stephen Frank (Ida C. Townsend)), b. 12-27-1869, d. 04-21-1926, Lot L060, age 56y 3m 21 da old, see obit
Kiefer, Jeanette A. (Lewis H.), b. 04-05-1937, Lot L109, 2nd husband is Dr. Elliott
Kiefer, Lewis H. (Jeanette A.), b. 06-24-1933, d. 09-25-1978, Lot L109, Korea, US Army
King, Luella (George), d. 08-16-1948, Lot L044, no stone
Kitchen, Arden W. Sr. (Frances), b. 1906, d. 05-04-1973, Lot L128, --Nee Hamilton, see obit
Kleist, Earl Leslie (Margaret E. Janisch), b. 06-17-1932, d. 09-14-1980, Lot L109, --Korea, US Army, 1st h/o Margaret
Kleist, Margaret E. Janisch#1 (Earl Leslie, #2Duane Ostrander)--cremated,, b. 10-17-1938, d. 02-12-2007, Lot L109, (m)01-31-1959, see Margaret Ostrander, see obit and stone for Margaret Ostrander
Koebler, Frances E., b. 1913, d. 1996, Lot L143, mother of Clifford & Chas. Dewsnap
Kok, Judy A. Gray, d. 01-22-1988, 36yr, obit says she is buried here, not on list
Kummerfeldt, Fred Ernest (#1Maria Poniatowski, #2Frieda Behnke), b. 1902, d. 09-29-1955, Lot L144, --see obit
Kummerfeldt, Frieda L. Behnke (2nd w/o Fred Ernest), b. 1908, d. 12-04-1967, Lot L144, --see husband's obit
Kummerfeldt, Maria (1st w/o Fred), b. 1900, d. 10-23-1951, Lot L144, --see obit
Lafler, Caroline Broesch (Robert), b. 1897, d. 02-23-1955, Lot L023, in T.H. & Gertrude Cutsforth plot, see obit
Lang, Mae R. Woodard (Earl), b. 1897, d. 04-22-1949, Lot L033, Nee Powell, see obit
Larson, Wilbur Donald (Marcia Crawford), b. 1932, d. 06-07-1956, Lot L116, --Father, in John Crawford plot, see obit
Lawrence, Albert K., b. 06-18-1842, d. 07-05-1862, Lot L052, s/o John W. & Sarah Lawrence
Lawrence, C. (Sarah H.), b. 1835, d. 1914, Lot L040, In Charles Lawrence plot
Lawrence, John W. (Sarah), b. 09-13-1806, d. 07-28-1877, Lot L052, Father
Lawrence, Luther C., b. 09-26-1837, d. 07-05-1862, Lot L052, s/o John W. & Sarah Lawrence
Lawrence, Sarah B. (John W.), b. 10-19-1812, d. 03-27-1891, Lot L052, in J.W. Lawrence plot
Lawrence, Sarah H. (C.), b. 1836, d. 1901, Lot L040
Lewark, Aubrey Fern (Lucille Betty), b. 05-28-1895, d. 12-18-1961, Lot L002--WW I, Wgnr BTRY D 4th TM BN CAC Indiana, see obit
Lewark, Betty Lucile, d. 06-22-1912, d.or b. date?
Maas, Ruth (William)-see obit, b. 1913, d. 05-28-1988, Lot L110, --Florence Ruth Doherty, (m)02-01-1935
Maas, William A. (Florence Ruth Doherty), b. 08-03-1908, d. 06-29-2006, Lot L110, --(m)02-01-1935, s/o August & Hannah Anderson Maas, see obit
Mason, Cyrus C. (Mary A. Bates), b. 1868, d. 04-27-1945, Lot L020, --see obit
Mason, Mary Agnes Bates (Cyrus C.), b. 1864, d. 12-22-1940, Lot L020, --see obit
Mayer, Florence B. (Paul), b. 1898, d. 02-17-1985, Lot L112, --see obit
Mayer, Paul (Florence Sloggy), b. 07-26-1896, d. 12-27-1965, Lot L112, WW I, Wis Cpl US Army, see obit
McCormick, Edson C. (Lucille G.), b. 1925, Lot L128, cremation, buried in Arizona
McCormick, Lucille G. Janisch (Edson C.), b. 07-15-1924, d. 02-24-1983, Lot L128, d/o Joseph & Amy Everson Janisch, 58y
McCredie, Sarah, b. 07-12-1830, d. 05-17-1898, Lot L046
McQueen, Arnold Eugene (Rose Minnie), b. 01-29-1921, d. 08-03-2001, Lot L140, s/o Eugene & Ethel Cross McQueen
McQueen, Darrel Dean, d. 11-25-1944, Lot L140 , --s/o Arnold McQueen, 7mo old, burial date, see obit
McQueen, Florence P. Jerome (Hulbert D.), b. 1856, d. 04-28--1936, Lot L145, --see obit
McQueen, Hulbert Duane (Florence P. Jerome), b. 09-23-1839, d. 06-09-1925, Lot L145, GAR, Veteran, some sort of flag holder, see obit
McQueen, Margie/Lemarga M. -see obit, b. 03-31-1928, d. 08-24-1932, Lot L149, In Liberty Cross plot, d/o Eugene McQueen
McQueen, Rosalie Ann---child, d. 04-01-1945, Lot L140
McQueen, Rose Minnie (Arnold Eugene), b. 02-14-1918, d. 04-04-2005, Lot L140, (m)11-18-1939, twin sis Violet, nee Kent
McQueen, Rosemary Ann---child, d. 03-27-1945, Lot L140, --d/o Arnold McQueen, 2 hr.old, see obit
McWilliams, Michele Christine, b. 01-05-1966, d. 08-16-2010, d/o Pat & Mike McWilliams, d.Ky, see obit
Melvig, Vernon R., b. 04-23-1922, d. 11-10-1998, Lot L143, WW II, SSgt US Army Air Forces
Mille, June M. (Donald R.), b. 06-06-1947, d. 09-09-2014, (m)09-18-1965, d/o Victor & Nellie Hamilton Phelps, is she buried here? Her parents are here. See obit
Miller, Marvel Lucille (Roy D.), b. 08-13-1926, d. 10-01-2010, Lot L208, --Grandma, d/o Frank & Maude Fuller Tomlinson
Miller, Roy D. (Marvel Lucille Tomlinson), b. 04-27-1925, d. 08-22-2001, Lot L208, --WW II, Pfc US Army, see obit
Mitchell, William G. "Billy" (Patricia McWilliams), b. 08-18-1946, d. 09-27-2007, from obit, s/o Helen M.Mitchell & Gordon(Catherine)Mitchell, (m)10-15-1986
Muhlenbeck, Gilbert O. "Joe" (Beverly Peterson), b. 08-04-1942, d. 10-24-2008, from obit, (m)12-18-1966, s/o Howard & Frances Steffen Muhlenbeck
Murray, Charles W. (Mamie Meyers), b. 12-08-1872, d. 02-17-1948, Lot L139, s/o Wm & Mary Bump Murray, Father
Murray, Dorothy M. Scholes (William J.), b. 1916, d. 09-13-1999, Lot L139, --cremated
Murray, Mary Bump (William W.), d. 03-22-1903, Lot L139, age 52y 11m 12d old
Murray, Sarah-Miss, d. 08-18-1916, 29yr, d/o William, see obit & death certificate
Murray, William J. (Dorothy M. Scholes), b. 1906, d. 04-10-1972, Lot L139, --see obit
Murray, William W. (Mary Bump), b. 11-03-1846, d. 07-17-1929, Lot L139
Nelson, Axel Julius, b. 1878, d. 04-05-1953, Lot L027, --see obit
Nickel, Charles, Lot L018, deeded to Chas Nickel, no stone
Nielsen, Clarence E. (2nd h/o Frances A. Hamilton), b. 1909, d. 10-16-1987, Lot L135, --see obit
Nielsen, DeVane Albert, b. 1906, d. 09-29--1978, Lot L119, --see obit
Nielsen, Ferne E., b. 1911, d. 08-23-2003, Lot L119, cremation
Nielsen, Frances A. Hamilton (#1Arden Kitchen, #2Clarence E. Nielsen), b. 1910, d. 02-07-1997, Lot L135, --see obit
Nielsen, Irene M. -Miss, b. 1919, d. 04-08-1997, Lot L119
Nielsen, Lena Marie-Mrs., b. 1881, d. 04-20-1976, Lot L119, --d.Columbus WI, 95yr old, see obit
Ohnesorge, Bernice H. "Bernie" (Armin E.), b. 04-18-1928, d. 04-11-2008, (m)01-17-1971, 2nd w/o Armin, d/o Dr. Benjamin & Hazel Dike, see obit
Ohnesorge, Delores (1st w/o Armin), b. 1932, d. 07-14-1965, Lot L117, --see obit
Ostrander, Duane L. (Margaret E.), b. 11-18-1942, (m)12-13-1985, see stone
Ostrander, Jacquelyn J. "Jackie", b. 12-05-1972, d. 06-11-1999, Lot L184, d/o Duane & Linda Loomis Ostrander
Ostrander, Margaret E. (Duane L.)--ashes,, b. 10-17-1938, d. 02-12-2007, (m)12-13-1985, 1st husband Earl Kleist d.1980, d/o Joseph & Amy Everson Janisch, see obit and stone
Packard, Infant daughter, d. 10-19-1948, Lot L139, d/o Levi Packard, see obit
Pate, Anna Elizabeth (Sam J.), b. 1890, d. 02-11-1963, Lot L124, see obit
Pate, Donald James, b. 02-05-1926, d. 10-01-1994, Lot L124, WW II & Korea, Sfc US Army, PH
Pate, John C. (Patricia Ann Kiggens), b. 1929, d. 05-23-1991, Lot L195, --(m)01-31-1959, ch: see Patricia, obit
Pate, Patricia Ann Kiggens (John C.), b. 1938, d. 12-26-1996, Lot L195, ch:margaret/patricia/michael/john/scot, see obituary
Pate, Robert S., b. 1924, d. 11-07-1991, Lot L124, --see obit
Pate, Samuel J. Sr. (Anna), b. 1885, d. 02-26-1965, Lot L124, --see obit
Pate, Scott M., b. 12-28-1973, d. 11-09-1994, Lot L195
Pegg, George, d. 05-00-1929, Lot L130, Willett plot, 69yr old, see obit for date
Pegg, Johnathan (Mary), d. 04-09-1881, Lot L130, Willett plot?, obit index info
Pegg, Maybe MaryWillett Pegg (Johathan), b. 03-25-1816, d. 04-08-1906, Lot L062, in Jonathan Pegg plot, one stone
Pegg, Sarah, d. no dates, Lot L130, Mother? Check last name
Pegg, William, d. 09-15-????, Lot L130, Willett plot?
Phelps, Nellie M. (Victor R.), b. 06-29-1915, d. 02-23-2007, Lot L134, --(m)03-30-1937, d/o George & Ellen Brophey Hamilton, see obit
Phelps, Victor R. (Nellie M. Hamilton), b. 1900, d. 05-01-1977, Lot L134, --(m)03-30-1937
Polnow, Bertha H. (Fred J.), b. 1890, d. 05-28-1953, Lot L056
Polnow, Floris Anna Emilie, b. 1908, d. 01-20-1926, Lot L056, --d/o Fred Polnow, see obit
Polnow, Fredrick J. (Bertha H.), b. 1886, d. 05-13-1963, Lot L056, --see obit
Porter, Alexander Frank (Glenda I.), b. 1889, d. 07-02-1974, Lot L085, --Father, maybe Frank Alexander, wife's obit
Porter, Alexander (Zerviah Phelps), b. 12-14-1757, d. 04-24-1833, Lot L151, age 76yr, Revolutionary War, There is also a stone in the Fort Winnebago Cemetery for him. See Register-Democrat 08-02-1924
Porter, Almon F. "Bud" Sr. (Eleanore M. Manson), b. 02-03-1913, d. 04-21-2007, (m)04-05-1937, s/o Alexander & Glenda Thompson Porter, Mason-32nd degree, Eastern Star, Zor Shriner, see obit
Porter, Almon Frances (Eliza J. & Jullemma Gray), b. 10-08-1868, d. 08-08-1936, Lot L097, Ch: Alta & Almon, see obit
Porter, Almon R. (Clarice H. Grimsby), b. 03-01-1897, d. 01-26-1977, Lot L116, --WW I, US Army, see obit
Porter, Almon (Martha Butler), b. 09-30-1920, d. 09-24-1946, Lot L116 , s/o Almon Sr.& Alorus Grimsby Porter
Porter, Amasa A. (Eliza Weatherlow), b. 1804, d. 1872, Lot L090, Amasa & Samuel Porter plot
Porter, Amasa F., b. 01-22-1850, d. 08-15-1853, Lot L090, s/o Samuel W. & Eunice C. Porter
Porter, Ann Eliza Boies (2nd w/o John Lorenzo), b. 10-01-1826, d. 10-26-1902, Lot L146, d/o Marv & Polly Patterson Boies
Porter, Anna M. (w/o William Ray), Lot L 096, is this lot correct?
Porter, Artemesia Bates (1st w/o John Lorenzo), d. 11-21-1851, Lot L146, (m)11-01-1849, age 21y 2m 15d old
Porter, Arthur Amasa (Mary A. Rhynesmith), b. 07-15-1857, d. 02-05-1946, Lot L147, s/o John L.& Ann Boise, 88y old, see obit
Porter, Arthur Roy, b. 1938, Lot L147
Porter, Barbara E. "Bunny" (Merlin R.), b. 12-10-1929, d. 06-10-1994, Lot L121, --(m)07-28-1948, d/o Harry & Gertrude Neath Owens, see obit
Porter, Charles Orlo (Viola Belle Thompson), b. 1859, d. 04-00-1923, Lot L097, --s/o E.A.Porter, see obit
Porter, Clarice H. Grimsby (Almon R.), b. 07-17-1903, d. 02-17-1977, Lot L116, American Legion Auxiliary, see obit
Porter, DeWitt D. (Sarah Ann Merwin), b. 1850, d. 08-00-1919, Lot L146, --see obit
Porter, Edith E., d. 02-18-1900, Lot L096, d/o William R. & A. M. Porter, 8m 2d old
Porter, Eleanore M. (Almon Sr. "Bud"), b. 04-30-1916, d. 06-05-2004, Lot L231, (m)04-05-1937, nee Manson, see obit
Porter, Eliza J. (Almon F.), b. 1866, d. 1909, Lot L097
Porter, Eliza (Amasa), b. 1803, d. 1873, Lot L090, Nee Weatherl
Porter, Erastus Aalexander (Maria S. Bump), b. 08-21-1834, d. 01-20-1903, Lot L097--(m)12-25-1856, CH: Orlo, Almond F., William, Eliza Lida Jones, info from A.A.Porter book from 1933, thanks to Charles Manley
Porter, Eunice C. (Samuel W.), b. 08-20-1826, d. 12-29-1892, Lot L090
Porter, F. F., b. 1862, d. 1946, Lot L146
Porter, Frank Edwin (Lina McNutt), b. 02-25-1887, d. 09-21-1939, Lot L146, s/o DeWitt D.& Sarah Ann Merwin Porter, obit
Porter, Gladys Boies, b. 1894, d. 04-25-1977, Lot L146, --see obit
Porter, Glenda Irma (Alexander Frank), b. 1890, d. 03-31-1942, Lot L085, Nee Thompson, Mother, see obit
Porter, Horace Boise, d. no dates, Lot L147
Porter, John Leslie, b. 1882, d. 1883, Lot L146, s/o D.D.& Sarah Ann Porter, 6m old
Porter, John Lorenzo (#1/Artemesia Bates, #2Ann Eliza Boies), b. 1828, d. 1897, Lot L146, --(m1)11-01-1849, (m2)055-12-1854, s/o Amasa Porter, see obit
Porter, John Robert, b. 1937, Lot L147
Porter, Julemma Adelia9Almon F.), b. 06-24-1863, d. 11-02-1946, Lot L096, d/o Eli & Sara King Gray, ch:sadie/ethyle/laura
Porter, Kathryn Singrin (Rod), b. 1913, d. 05-23-2002, Lot L147, d/o Wm. & Cath. Gantenbein Singrin
Porter, L. L., b. 1859, d. 1940, Lot L146
Porter, Lovina Z., b. 1834, d. 1951, Lot L090, d/o Amasa & Eliza Weatherl Porter
Porter, Maria S. (E. A.), b. 1838, d. 09-00-1905, Lot L097, Nee Bump, 68yr old, ch: eliz/co/af
Porter, Martha L., b. 12-22-1851, d. 12-11-1854, Lot L090, d/o Samuel W. & Eunice C. Porter
Porter, Mary A. (A. A.), b. 04-13-1862, d. 01-10-1954, Lot L096, d/o Jn Rhynesmith&Elmira Harvey, 91y
Porter, Mary Ethel---Miss, b. 1881, d. 01-23-1941, Lot L146, d/o DeWitt D.& Sarah Ann Merwin Porter
Porter, Merlin (#1Barbara Owens, #2Fran Kaschub), b. 02-03-1930, d. 03-24-2012, Lot L121, Korea, (m1)07-28-1948, (m2)08-02-1997, s/o Almon & Clarice Grimsby Porter
Porter, Milton, d. no dates, Lot L096
Porter, Myrtle Mary (Frank), b. 1903, d. 12-23-1958, Lot L085, --Nee Fleisner, burial date, see obit
Porter, Phebe E., b. 1862, d. 1862, Lot L097
Porter, Roderick Arthur (Kathyrn Singrin), b. 1910, Lot L147
Porter, Samuel W. (Eunice C.), b. 03-19-1827, d. 12-06-1889, Lot L090, Civil War
Porter, Sarah Ann Bush (DeWitt D.), b. 1853, d. 08-25-1932, Lot L146, d/o Edwin Merwin, 79y3m1d old, see obit
Porter, Theodore A., b. 1877, d. 1877, Lot L097
Porter, Viola Belle Thompson (Charles O.), b. 03-30-1881, d. 06-14-1940, Lot L097, --see obit
Porter, Wayne Dennis, d. 03-18-1952, Lot L085, stillborn
Porter, William Ray (A. M.), b. 1874, d. 01-01-1901, Lot L096, s/o E.& Maria Porter, 26y 6m 15d old
Porter, Zerviah (Alexander), b. 1762, d. 12-12-1841, Lot L151, Nee Phelps, 79yr old
Powell, Ernest D., b. 1916, d. 1953, Lot L033
Powell, Ernest D., b. 1916, d. 11-25-1953, Lot L082, no stone, buried in L33?
Powell, Myrtle Irene---baby, d. 07-01-1919, Lot L085, no stone, in Irvin Powell plot, 1mo old, d/o Ernest, see obit
Pratt, Harvey William (Mans), b. 1933, d. 10-13-1958, Lot L137, Korea, no stone, d.W.VA, see obit
Pratt, Lillian C. Kleist (Walter J. Sr.), b. 01-10-1871, d. 06-14-1955, Lot L137, --see obit
Pratt, Otis A., b. 1903, d. 08-23-1965, Lot L131, in Clarence Macellino plot
Pratt, Walter J. (Lillian C.), b. 03-12-1872, d. 07-25-1949, Lot L137, Spanish American War, Pvt 21 Inf Wis
Prellwitz, Richard Kenneth (Eunice Tidmore), b. 12-14-1930, d. 01-08-1998, Lot L229, s/o George & Elaine Samuelson Prellwitz
Pugh, Louella Gloyd (Robert Pugh), b. 1885, d. 02-01-1967, Lot L024, Mother, maybe Pugh is 1st husband and Claude E.Gloyd is 2nd husband? See obit for Louella Gloyd Pugh
Pugh, Louella Gloyd (Robert), d. 01-28-1967, two husbands-Robert Pugh and Claude Gloyd, see obit for Louella Pugh
Punswick, Erling Bud (Ivanell O. Grundy), b. 05-07-1920, d. 12-21-2000, Lot L233, WW II PFC US Army
Punswick, Ivanell "Ivy" O. (Erling Bud), b. 1926, d. 11-18-1999, Lot L233, --nee Grundy, see obit
Purves, Elaine (Glen A.), b. 06-14-1931, d. 11-15-2008, (m)11-05-1948, d/o Walter Wolfgram & Myrtle Abel Aellig, see obit
Purves, Glen A. (Elaine), b. 06-12-1918, d. 12-25-1992, Lot L134, WW II, SSgt US Army, (m)11-05-1948
Purves, Susan Ann, b. 05-20-1949, d. 11-22-1971, Lot L134, d/o Glen & Elaine Purves
Race, Mary Janet (Raymond J.), b. 07-24-1924, d. 09-22-1993, Lot L127, Mother
Race, Raymond J. (Mary Janet), b. 04-04-1902, d. 08-09-1975, Lot L127, Father
Raith, Roxane S., b. 1956, d. 1996, Lot L109
Ramsay, Bryce H. (Gladys E. Ziehm), b. 1909, d. 11-00-1962, Lot L133, see obit
Ramsay, Flora (Hugh), b. 10-03-1877, d. 08-28-1961, Lot L072, Nee Jessup
Ramsay, Gladys Elizabeth (Bryce H.), b. 1907, d. 06-14-1984, Lot L133, --Nee Ziehm, see obit
Ramsay, Hugh L. (Flora Jessup), b. 09-05-1877, d. 04-01-1944, Lot L072
Reick, Alfred R. (Evelyn), b. 1903, d. 05-31-1963, Lot L150, --see obit
Reick, Charles A. ---not married, b. 11-04-1928, d. 03-10-1958, Lot L031, s/o Alfred R.& Florence Jellings Reick
Reick, Darlene M. (Douglas), b. 08-06-1942, d. 01-27-1973, Lot L150
Reick, Florence E. (Alfred R.), b. 1910, d. 10-03-1933, Lot L031, d/o Chas. & Ettie McQueen Jellings, see obit
Reick, Gerald Alfred, d. 11-26-1944, Lot L149, no stone, in Liberty Cross plot
Reick, Infant--buried with mother, b. 1933, d. 10-03-1933, Lot L031, c/o Alfred R. & Florence Jellings Reick
Rhinesmith or Ryhnesmith, spelled both ways
Rhinesmith, Elmira (John L.), b. '04-26-1835, d. 05-28-1873, Lot L059, Nee Harvey, Mother
Rhinesmith, Frank L., b. 1860, d. 04-03-1931, Lot L059, --see obit
Rhinesmith, George W. -single, d. 04-01-1938, Lot L059, --no stone, 68yr old, obit says d.03-27-1938
Rhinesmith, John A., b. 06-18-1871, d. 10-24-1901, Lot L059, s/o John L. & Elmira Harvey Rhinesmith
Rhinesmith, John L. (Elmira Harvey), b. 10-18-1832, d. 07-18-1916, Lot L059, Father
Rich, Dorothy Bessie (Joseph T.), b. 05-24-1899, d. 05-13-1984, Lot L041, Nee McKenzie, see obit
Rich, Herman Fredrick (Gertrude Lucas), b. 02-02-1862, d. 05-22-1937, Lot L041, s/o Fredk & Caroline Klabunde Rich, 75y, obit
Rich, Joseph T. (Dorothy B.), b. 01-15-1898, d. 04-19-1973, Lot L041, --WWI, S2 US Navy Wis, see obit
Rich, Pearl Mae (Armand), b. 1924, d. 06-20-1977, Lot L120, no stone, in Armand Rich plot, see obit
Ridgeway, Donald Rush (Donna J, Wheeler), b. 11-15-1931, d. 03-21-2000, Lot L232, Korea, RD2 US Navy, 68y old, see obit
Ridgeway, Donna J. Wheeler (Donald Rush), b. 05-04-1929, d. 09-22-2015, Lot L232--d/o Stanley & Florence Jevens Wheeler, see obit
Roberts, Baby, d. 06-27-1945, Lot L006, c/o R.M. Roberts, no stone
Roberts, Baby, d. 06-27-1945, Lot L006, c/o R.M. Roberts, no stone
Roberts, R. M., Lot L006, no stone
Rohrbeck, Augusta G. Glasnapp (Julius H.), b. 1845, d. 05-08-1928, Lot L025, Mother, see obit
Rohrbeck, Baby, Lot L982, in Henry W. Rohrbeck plot
Rohrbeck, Harriett Lavina Franklin (Julius A.), b. 1878, d. 02-08-1934, Lot L115, Mother, "Hattie", see obit
Rohrbeck, Julius A. (Harriett L.), b. 1878, d. 05-08-1964, Lot L115, Father, see obit
Rohrbeck, Julius H. (Augusta G. Glassnapp), b. 1845, d. 11-08-1930, Lot L025, Father, see obit
Rohrbeck, Kenneth Franklin, b. 07-03-1906, d. 10-31-1907, Lot L115, s/o Julius A. & Harriett L. Rohrbeck
Rohrbeck, Leila J. (Julius), b. 1883, d. 03-28-1972, Lot L068, --see obit
Rohrbeck, Regina (William F.), b. 1882, d. 03-03-1973, Lot L025
Rohrbeck, Robert Ervin, b. 1917, d. 07-15-1939, Lot L115, s/o Julius A. & Harriett L. Rohrbeck, see obit
Rohrbeck, Russell, b. 04-15-1912, d. 08-28-1912, Lot L115, s/o Julius A. & Harriett L. Rohrbeck
Rohrbeck, William F. (Regina), b. 1876, d. 03-13-1967, Lot L025, s/o Julius H. & August G. Rohrbeck, see obit
Roller, Duane R. (Patricia A.), b. 08-17-1951, Lot L189, (m)04-02-1994
Roller, Patricia A. (Duane R.), b. 09-08-1968, d. 07-01-1994, Lot L189, --Nee McWilliams, ch: Jessica & Cryst, obit
Scherbert, Anna Elizabeth (William Carl), b. 1867, d. 01-03-1921, Lot L071, --nee Wruck, see obit
Scherbert, Harry E., b. 1903, d. 1908, Lot L071
Scherbert, Louis F., b. 12-27-1887, d. 06-27-1901, Lot L071
Scherbert, William Carl (Anne Elizabeth Wruck), b. 1859, d. 10-19-1950, Lot L071, --burial date, see obit
Schutz, Dorothy R. (James A.), b. 1925, Lot L175
Schutz, James A. (Dorothy R.), b. 06-01-1916, d. 10-31-1994, Lot L175, WW II, Tec 4 US Army
Seekins, Cyntha, b. 1839, d. 1904, Lot L093
Seekins, Earl, b. 1895, d. 1966, Lot L093, no stone
Seekins, John (Pearl), b. 1896, d. 1961, Lot L093, WW I
Seekins, Josephine, b. 1904, d. 1908, Lot L093
Seekins, Judson---child, d. 01-16-1946, Lot L093, in Mrs. D.M. Dey Seekins plot, no stone
Seekins, Pearl (John), b. 1895, d. 01-23-1966, Lot L005
Selbach, Bonnie Jean, d. 07-11-1995, 32yr, see obit
Selbach, Cynthia M., b. 07-26-1958, d. 10-09-1992, Lot L142
Selbach, Erma A. (Gustave A.), b. 1915, d. 11-24-1961, Lot L142, see obit
Selbach, Gustave A. (Erma A.), b. 1913, d. 1995, Lot L142
Selbach, Minnie Fredrica (Gustave A.), b. 06-03-1943, d. 08-09-1992, Lot L142, no stone
Sellers, Daniel Mark, b. 1959, d. 07-01-1987, Lot L005, --see obit
Sewell, Herbert W. (Anna), b. 1862, d. 03-08-1943, Lot L098
Sewell, S. Anna (Herbert W.), b. 1864, d. 1935, Lot L098
Siede, Albert H. (2nd h/o Anna Eliza Beaver), b. 09-20-1902, d. 09-02-1970, Lot L126, see obit
Siede, Anna Eliza Hartung Beaver (#1Michael Beaver, #2Albert H. Siede), b. 01-15-1902, d. 05-23-1989, Lot L126, --d/o John&Barb Hartman or Hartung, see obit for Anna Siede, see Anna Beaver
Simerson, Norman L. (Vera Pearl), b. 04-29-1910, d. 07-18-1994, Lot L111, (m)12-15-1936
Simerson, Roselea A., d. 06-02-1938, Lot L083, in Gerbitz plot, 2mo old, d/o Vera/Norman
Simerson, Vera Pearl. (Norma L.), b. 04-29-1918, d. 03-11-1998, Lot L111, nee Gerbitz, d/o Frank & Ida
Simpson, Hattie C. (Moses), d. 07-24-1893, Lot L048, Nee Mason, Mother, 20y 11m 27d old
Simpson, Moses (#1Hattie G. Mason, #2Alice M. Higgs), b. 1861, d. 02-26-1937, Lot L048, Father, see obit
Sines, Nora I. (Vernon), b. 01-01-1910, d. 03-16-2001, Lot L140, d/o Oscar & Emma Fenske Winnie
Sines, Samuel (1st h/o Velma Evadine Lafler), b. 1904, d. 12-18-1981, Lot L132, --(m)07-08-1933
Sines, Velma Evadine Lafler (#1Samuel Sines, #2John Cavanaugh), b. 07-16-1915, d. 08-17-2008, Lot L132, d/o Robert & Beatrice Powell Lafler, VFW Auxiliary, RNA, see obit for Velma Cavanaugh
Sines, Vernon A. (Nora Winnie Brown), b. 04-18-1913, d. 12-29-1999, Lot L140, --WW II, Pfc US Army, in Ross plot, see obit
Sloggy, Addison (Florence), b. 1892, d. 10-07-1975, Lot L113, ch: myrle/fern/wayne, see obit
Sloggy, Carol J. (Wayne), b. 1935, d. 05-18-1994, Lot L112
Sloggy, Florence (Addison), b. 1902, d. 12-06-1962, Lot L113, --children: myrle/fern/wayne, see obit
Sloggy, Louise (Rufus), b. 1873, d. 08-08-1950, Lot L113, --burial date
Sloggy, Rufus (Louise Boldt), b. 1856, d. 11-12-1945, Lot L113, Father, see obit
Sloggy, Wayne (Carol J.), b. 1932, Lot L112
Smith, Lot L039, Richmond Smith plot, no stones
Smith, Annie F. (D. G.), b. 08-14-1858, d. 03-29-1918, Lot L053
Smith, D. G. (Annie F.), d. 03-31-1898, Lot L053, deeded to Dan Smith, no stone
Smith, Edward E. -single, d. 06-07-1925, Lot L047, age 80y 5m old, See obit & death certificate, s/o Griffin & Elizabeth Bull Smith
Smith, Griffin (Sarah), d. 09-14-1877, Lot L047, age 71y 8m old
Smith, Jack W., b. 03-28-1919, d. 11-18-1953, Lot L002, s/o William W. & Laura C. Smith
Smith, Laura Clara Robbins (William W.), b. 01-07-1890, d. 03-22-1949, Lot L002, --see obit
Smith, Leslie R., d. 08-05-1881, Lot L053, s/o D.G.& A. Smith, 3m 22d old
Smith, Lewis B., b. 1848, d. 1917, Lot L038
Smith, Louie J., d. 05-25-1894, Lot L053, s/o D.G.& A. Smith, 15y 3m 27d old
Smith, Mary Adeline (Edward E.), b. 10-29-1843, d. 02-24-1915, Lot L047, age 71y 3m old
Smith, Norma J. (William C.), b. 06-19-1927, d. 12-06-1994, Lot L103, Nee Pike
Smith, Richard/Richmond A. (Ricky), d. 07-22-1936, 96yr old, see obit & death certificate
Smith, Sarah (Griffin), d. 05-28-1883, Lot L047, age 79y 3m old
Smith, Seph, d. 09-06-1930, 90yr, s/o Edward, d.Milwaukee, see obit
Smith, Terry L., b. 10-10-1946, d. 01-13-2010, from obit, s/o William C.& Norma J.Pike Smith
Smith, William "Butch", b. 1942, d. 2001, Lot L103
Smith, William C. (Norma June Pike), b. 09-20-1918, d. 08-19-1988, Lot L103, --WW II, Pfc US Army, see obit
Smith, William Jr., b. 08-10-1933, d. 08-10-1999, Lot L002, s/o Wm. & Laura Robbin Smith, Korea, SP3 US Army
Smith, William W. (Laura C.), b. 10-30-1889, d. 07-11-1978, Lot L002
Stickler, Dale Louis (Jean M.), b. 02-19-1938, d. 07-15-1991, Lot L209, (m)01-24-1959, US Marine Corps
Stickler, Jean M. (Dale Louis), b. 1939, Lot L209, (m)01-24-1959
Thompson, Dorothea, b. 1890, d. 06-21-1986, Lot L025, d/o Julius A Rohrbeck, 96y old, cremate
Thouvenell, Franklin Ellsworth, b. 06-04-1923, d. 08-23-1927, Lot L148, s/o m/mrs. Joe N.Thouvenell, see obit
Thouvenell, Harlan Dwight, b. 1936, d. 03-16-1941, Lot L148, --burial date, s/o Joseph Thouvenell, see obit
Thouvenell, Joseph N. (Kathryn), b. 07-17-1870, d. 10-15-1955, Lot L148, --see obit
Thouvenell, Woodrow Calvin, b. 1925, d. 01-16-1929, Lot L148, --s/o Joseph N.Thouvenell, see obit
Tomlinson, Beverly Dawn (Clair E. "Tom"), b. 07-22-1927, d. 07-13-2011, Lot L118, -(m)06-08-1945, d/o Michael & Ruby Murray Beaver, see obit
Tomlinson, Clair E. "Tom" (Beverly Dawn Beaver), b. 06-25-1920, d. 06-22-2003, Lot L118, --WW II, US Army, (m)06-08-1945, s/o Frank & Maud Fuller Tomlinson
Tompkins, D. B., d. 06-08-1895, Lot L077, 88yr old
Tool Shed, Lot L099
Topham, Amanda M. (Joseph G.), b. 1859, d. 04-22-1930, Lot L098, Nee Bates, Mother
Topham, Chas Elmer (Eleanore A.), b. 08-20-1914, d. 02-26-2001, Lot L141, s/o Elmer & Ethel Stroud Topham
Topham, Eleanore A. (Chas Elmer), b. 05-21-1921, d. 10-17-1998, Lot L141, d/o Clyde & Lola Corning Langley
Topham, Elmer L. (Ethel I.), b. 1882, d. 09-24-1977, Lot L141, in Charles Topham plot, 95y old, see obit
Topham, Ethel I. (Elmer L.), b. 1884, d. 05-15-1960, Lot L141, in Charles Topham plot, see obit
Topham, Joseph C. (Amanda M. Bates), b. 07-27-1856, d. 02-18-1942, Lot L098, s/o Chas & Mary Topham, Father, see obit
Topham, Margaret Luella Bates (Spencer Eugene), b. 1867, d. 08-14-1948, Lot L044, Mother, see obit for Luella Topham
Topham, Mary Ann (C. H.), d. 10-20-1888, Lot L016, deeded to Chas Topham, 51y 5m old
Topham, Spencer Eugene (Margaret Luella Bates), b. 1862, d. 12-04-1934, Lot L044, Father, see obit
Trimble, Jean Rae, b. 04-08-1947, d. 04-22-1996, Lot L208, d/o Roy & Marvel Tomlinson Miller, 49yr
Tunison, Anna Lulu Topham (Wallace), b. 1886, d. 07-29-1932, Lot L098, --see obit
Tuttle, Frank Bird (Lovinnie Porter), b. 1879, d. 02-28-1955, Lot L146, --see obit
Tuttle, LoVinnie Porter (Frank Bird), b. 1878, d. 06-21-1963, Lot L146, --see obit
Ugalde, Kelly Elizabeth Ebert (Carlos), b. 09-18-1979, d. 03-20-2014, d/o Harlan & Sharon Barrett Ebert, see obit
Unknown, Lot L101, no stones
Unknown, Lot L102, no stones
Unknown, Annie--maybe Franklin?, Lot L035, sm stone marked Annie
Unknown, maybe Charles O. Porter?, Lot L097, between 97&98 sm stone mkd C.O.P.?
Wagner, August (Myrtle Kuphal), b. 1907, d. 03-13-1985, Lot L109, --see obit
Wagner, Evelyn L. McQueen Reick (#1Alfred Reick, #2Melvin Elmer Wagner), b. 04-29-1916, d. 07-21-2001, Lot L150, --(m1)03-13-33, (m2)05-00-1964, d/o George E. & Ethel Cross McQueen, see obit
Wagner, Melvin Elmer (2nd h/o Evelyn L. McQueen Reick), b. 01-30-1914, d. 11-12-2000, Lot L150, age 86y, d.Portage, (m)05-00-1964, see obit
Wagner, Myrtle Kuphal (August), b. 06-06-1920, d. 09-25-2000, Lot L109, --see ssdi for dates
Walker, Charles B., b. 11-21-1919, d. 04-03-1995, Lot L193, age 75y old, d. V.A. Hospital, WW II & Korea, 1st Sgt US Army
Walker, Susan J., b. 1943, Lot L193
Webb, Kathryn Myers (Kenneth B.), b. 05-31-1924, d. 08-04-2004, Lot L209, --(m)11-04-1941, d/o Donald & Edith Mayenschien Myers, see obit
Webb, Kenneth B. (Kathryn Myers), b. 1919, d. 04-17-2006, Lot L209, (m)11-04-1941, s/o Irving & Clara Theyer Webb, see obit
Weeks, Jerusha (Riley), b. 10-06-1843, d. 05-26-1901, Lot L037, Nee Bump, Mother
Weeks, Riley (Jerusha Bump), b. 06-14-1835, d. 08-19-1893, Lot L037, Father
Weisensel, LeRoy M. (#1Janis Schulz, #2Jean Stickler), b. 01-24-1945, d. 01-06-2012, Veteran, s/o LeRoy T.Weisensel & Evelyn Gugel Travers, see obit
Weyant, no name, Lot L088, In A.A. Bull plot, c/o G.M. & R.A.?
Wheeler, Florence E. (Stanley E.), b. 1906, d. 08-10-1972, Lot L030, Nee Jevens
Wheeler, Stanley C. (Florence E. Jevens), b. 1905, d. 05-19-1985, Lot L030--see obit
White, Kay Ellen---infant, d. 06-11-1942, Lot L027, d/o Warren D. White
White, Rosemary Wruck (Allen C.), b. 1926, d. 10-10-1944, Lot L105, --see obit
Willett, Jessie M. -Miss, b. 1891, d. 10-22-1957, Lot L130, s/o John & Mary Willett, see obit
Willett, John Jarvis (Mary Pegg), b. 1861, d. 04-30-1929, Lot L130, --see obit
Willett, Joseph (Rachael), b. 1897, d. 10-15-1958, Lot L130, s/o John & Mary Willett, see obit
Willett, Mary (John "Jarius"), b. 1854, d. 05-00-1928, Lot L130, --see obit
Willett, Rachael (Joseph), b. 1888, d. 06-25-1962, Lot L130, --see obit
Willett, Sarah, Lot L062, Lot 62 or 130? Stone not legible
Willett, Walter Thomas, b. 1894, d. 03-04-1947, Lot L130, s/o John & Mary Willett
Williams, Dale R. (Mary L. Sines), b. 03-12-1931, d. 05-16-1975, Lot L132, (m)02-24-1951, Korea, Cpl US Army
Williams, Edna G., b. 06-14-1912, d. 10-18-1990, Lot L132
Williams, Jack Lynn, b. 07-09-1955, d. 07-12-1955, Lot L132, s/o Mary Sines & Dale R.Williams, see obit
Williams, Mary L. (Dale R.), b. 1935, Lot L132, Nee Sines, (m)02-24-1951, 2nd husband Arlen Myers--info from Carol Barton
Williams, Roger Dale---baby, b. 09-25-1951, d. 09-28-1951, Lot L132, s/o Mary Sines & Dale Williams
Wills, Dallas David "Dale", b. 05-01-1949, d. 11-26-1994, Lot L141, Vietnam, Pfc US Army, see obit
Wills, Dallas M. (#1Nettie Starks-div, #2Laoma Bell Langley, #3 Margaret Tomczak), b. 07-21-1912, d. 02-17-2002, Lot L141, --see obit
Wills, George M. (Monika Kappas), b. 10-06-1943, d. 09-22-2005, Vietnam, SSG US Army, (m)09-11-1965, s/o Dallas & Laoma Langly Wills, see obit
Wills, Joseph E. (#1Juanita Burns, #2Rita C. Bushee, #3Wandalee Jewell), b. 02-10-1939, d. 12-28-2007, Lot L135, US Air Force, VFW, Am.Legion (m1)06-06-1955, (m2)05-15-1965, (m3)05-06-2005, s/o Dallas M.& LaOma Bell Langley Wills
Wills, Laoma B. Langley (2nd w/o Dallas M.), b. 1920, d. 08-11-1977, Lot L141
Wills, Rita C. (Joseph E.), b. 1943, d. 08-05-1993, Lot L135, --see obit
Wilson, James Michael (1st h/o Henrietta North), b. 07-29-1913, d. 01-10-1990, Lot L003, --Divorced, Father
Wilson, Michael J., b. 10-31-1958, d. 11-01-1958, Lot L003, s/o James Michael & Henrietta Wilson
Wolfgram, Bernadine Viola Larson (Carl A.), b. 1910, d. 01-02-1988, Lot L111, --see obit
Wolfgram, Carl A. (Bernadine Viola Larson), b. 1910, d. 12-27-1989, Lot L111, --horse engraved in center CALEB? See obit
Wolfgram, Walter Arthur, b. 1900, d. 01-23-1975, Lot L134, Father, see obit
Woodard, Donald Delbert, d. 10-08-1952, Lot L095, no stone, 8mo old s/o Frank & Anna Woodard, see obit and death certificate, buggy fire, or d. 10-02-1952,
Woodard, Frank, d. 04-00-1908, Lot L095, Bentley plot, deeded to Frank Woodard
Woodard, Frank (Anna), b. 1911, d. 01-30-1969, Lot L033, --see obit
Woodard, Gordon (Mildred), b. 08-06-1907, d. 01-31-1981, Lot L117, --WW II, US Army, see obit
Woodard, Harry D., d. 06-22-1896, Lot L095, age 11m old, deeded to Frank Woodard
Woodard, Mildred P. Dieckow (Gordon), b. 1929, d. 10-27-1981, Lot L117, --see obit
Woodard, Roy--s/o Frank, see obit, b. 1899, d. 03-00-1917, Lot L095, Bentley plot, deeded to Frank Woodard
Woodrow, Hazel K. (Walter S.), b. 1888, d. 10-17-1978, Lot L142, --see obit
Woodrow, Walter S. (Hazel K.), b. 1884, d. 12-10-1970, Lot L142, --see obit
Woodward, Mercy-Mrs., d. 01-01-1955, Lot L095, no stone, see obit
Wruck, August W. (Wilhelmine), b. 09-17-1837, d. 08-21-1907, Lot L070, Father
Wruck, Brian W., b. 04-18-1958, d. 12-03-1998, Lot L105, s/o Sidney & B.Joanne Gray Wruck, 40y
Wruck, Charles William, b. 07-10-1917, d. 10-13-1957, Lot L137, WW II, TSgt 338 Harcft Co
Wruck, Clifton Earl, b. 1904, d. 07-24-1919, Lot L057
Wruck, Eduard, b. 03-03-1858, d. 03-29-1887, Lot L070, s/o A.W. & Wilhelmine Wruck
Wruck, Emil---child, d. no dates, Lot L029, August Wruck plot
Wruck, Laura E. Peterson (Theron B. Lockwood, #2Paul Wruck), b. 1881, d. 12-08-1928, Lot L057, --see obit
Wruck, Linda M. Sell (2nd w/o Sidney P.), b. 1949, Lot L143
Wruck, Luella I. (#1Paul A. Jr. Wruck, #2William Babcock), b. 1902, d. 09-06-1983, Lot L105, --Nee Gray, 2nd husband Wm. "Bill" Babcock, info from Carol Barton, see obit for Luella Babcock
Wruck, Maud Ashley (Paul), d. 04-20-1922, Lot L057, no stone, see obit
Wruck, Mora, d. 1909, Lot L070, August Wruck plot
Wruck, Paul A. Jr. (Luella I. gray), b. 1904, d. 07-24-1966, Lot L105, --see obit
Wruck, Paul Frank (Laura E. Peterson), b. 1882, d. 03-00-1956, Lot L057, --two wives? Obit says wife is Beulah, see obit
Wruck, Sidney P. (#1B. Joanne Gray, #2Linda M. Sell), b. 1932, d. 01-22-1989, Lot L143, --see obit
Wruck, Wilhelmine (August), b. 12-05-1835, d. 02-03-1894, Lot L070, Mother
Yonkee, Albert J. (Virginia Mae Falk), b. 08-23-1927, d. 06-13-1999, Lot L111, WW II, US Army, (m)05-30-1950, obit
Yonkee, Virginia Mae (Albert J.), b. 02-01-1932, d. 08-19-2007, Lot L111, d/o Edward & Ida McQueen Falk, (m)05-30-1950
Young, Albert David (Rose Mary Janisch), b. 1924, d. 02-04-1995, Lot L127, --(m)08-11-1951
Young, Florine O. "Winnie" (Ronald Roy), b. 1913, d. 11-11-2000, Lot L142, d. Dubuque IA, cremated, see obit
Young, Mark--see obit, b. stillborn, d. 12-18-1971, Lot L127, s/o Albert D.& Rose M. Janisch Young
Young, Ronald Roy (Florence O. "Winnie"), b. 1914, d. 11-04-1982, Lot L142, --see obit
Young, Rose Mary (Albert David), b. 03-18-1931, d. 03-09-1988, Lot L127, d/o Joseph & Amy Everson Janisch, obit
Youngs, Davis N. (Ida Mary Elizabeth), b. 07-21-1870, d. 05-18-1952, Lot L019, Henry Cutsforth Plot, 81y9m27d old s/o Parker & Arvilla Wheeler Youngs
Youngs, Ida Mary Elizabeth (Davis N.), b. 01-31-1870, d. 07-25-1902, Lot L019?, Nee Cutsforth
Zabler, Gerald W. (Clementine Skira), b. 05-29-1947, d. 03-18-2005, from obit, (m)08-08-1968, s/o Harvey & Leona Babcock Pohle Zabler, Vietnam, US Army
Zellmer, Hannah (Herman), d. 09-16-1898, Lot L035, Nee Franklin, 59yr old, Mother, no stone
Zellmer, Herman (Hannah), b. 03-23-1845, d. 12-29-1904, Lot L035
Ziehm, Carrie M. T. (Emil), b. 1889, d. 02-26-1926, Lot L043, d/o J.Turner & Mina Cooper, 36y 10m 8d
Ziehm, Earl E. ---not married, b. 04-07-1905, d. 12-21-1979, Lot L133, s/o Emil & Carrie M. Turner Ziehm, 74y
Ziehm, Emil, d. 07-00-1955, see obit, 74yr old
Ziehm, Freddie R., b. 06-11-1913, d. 02-14-1989, Lot L087
Ziehm, Fredrick (Friedericke), b. 11-11-1838, d. 12-28-1901, Lot L087, Father
Ziehm, Friedericke (Fredrick), b. 04-08-1845, d. 12-00-1922, Lot L087, --Mother, see obit
Ziehm, Hazel Ruth-Miss, b. 03-16-1910, d. 03-17-1932, Lot L043, d/o Emil & Carrie Turner Ziehm, 22y old
Ziehm, Paul, d. 11-17-1959, Lot L087, no stone, burial date, see obit

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