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Ohio Cemetery
Rio, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.447958, -89.246045

Cemetery Rd
Rio, WI 53960

Published: September 29, 2016
Total records: 1,718

Surnames O-Z

Copied from a 1980's list at the Portage Public Library donated by Barb Ferguson. Updated tombstone transcription in 2006 by Portage Jr.Hi River Crossing students, Ray & Hazel Rogers, Barb Ferguson and Anna Mae Axness. A special thank you to Jim Dott for furnishing the Plat maps in 2006. Updated in 2010 from tombstone pictures by Char Sauer. Updated from the books & Sexton Bob Adams in 2011 & 2015. Project coordinated and typed by Anna Mae Axness. Some Veteran data from Betty Cook's files. Some information from Lester Ludwig research.

Oehlert, Bertha A. (Walter E.)
, b. 07-13-1912, d. 09-27-2010, Plot 5--66, --(m)06-10-1932, d/o Edward & Bertha Braun Yohn, see obit
Oehlert, Walter E. (Bertha A. Yohn), b. 1897, d. 12-23-1976, Plot 5--66, --(m)06-10-1932, see obit
Olin, Edgar W., b. 07-18-1834, d. 10-31-1857, Plot 1--44
Olin, Hannah M., b. 10-16-1825, d. 12-31-1856, Plot 1--44
Olin, Mother, b. 03-30-1796, d. 05-15-1886, Plot 1--44, --Mother
Olson, Alfred, b. 1898, d. 1930, Plot 2--173
Olson, Anna (Anton), b. 1866, d. 1933, Plot 2--173, --Mother
Olson, Anna (Martin), b. 1851, d. 1928, Plot 1--20
Olson, Anton (Anna), b. 1870, d. 1936, Plot 2--173, --Father
Olson, Carl Oscar (Opal L.), b. 1905, d. 02-05-1996, Plot 4--9/36, --(m)12-15-1931, see obit
Olson, Chris (Grace Mae), b. 1889, d. 05-30-1967, Plot 4--59, --see obit
Olson, Grace Mae/May (Chris), b. 1889, d. 1962, Plot 4--59, --died Nov or Dec., see obit
Olson, Martin (Anna), b. 1851, d. 1893, Plot 1--20
Olson, Opal L. (Carl Oscar), b. 08-15-1910, d. 12-21-1985, Plot 4--9/36, --d/o George & Grace Kearney Buzzell, (m)12-15-1931, information from obituary
Olson, Son, b. 04-13-1895, d. 06-16-1905, Plot 1--20?, --s/o H. & A. Olson
Ommen, Reemt Aberham, d. 01-23-1876, Plot 2--184
Ormsby, Harriet (George), d. 09-12-1874, Plot 1--83, --Age 18y 11mo 8d, dug up stone in 2010
Ormsby, Malinda, d. 09-21-1887, Plot 1--83, --Age 53yr 7mo 21da, w/o Samuel? Dug up buried stone in 2010
Osterholt, Wanda S. (William M.), b. 1911, d. 01-26-1998, Plot 5--105, --nee Paradowski, see obit
Osterholt, William M. (Wanda S.), b. 1904, d. 02-09-1992, Plot 5--105, --see obit
Otting, Robyn, Plot 5--96
Owen, Daniel Morgan, b. 08-29-1931, d. 04-27-1975, Plot 4--34, --Korea, Cpl US Army
Owen, Esther L. (Silas E.), b. 1896, d. 05-01-1968, Plot 4--34, --see obit
Owen, Silas E. (Esther L.), b. 1895, d. 01-11-1966, Plot 4--34, --WW I, see obit
Owen, Unknown, b. 1874, d. 1953, section 3 or 4, --one name on stone
Palmer, Ann Baird (Robert C.), b. 02-25-1832, d. 05-29-1921, Plot 1--3, --(m)04-25-1847, stone hard to read, see Rio obit index, Nee Vanderhoef, info per L.Ludwig
Palmer, Chloe (Oliver S.), b. 10-20-1791, d. 07-14-1857, Plot 1--54, --Age 66yr10mo14da, d/o Robert & Abigail Collins Palmer, b.NY, info from Lester Ludwig
Palmer, Darius, b. 01-00-1822, d. 08-01-1861, Plot 1--54, --s/o Oliver S. & Chloe Palmer, 38yr 7mo old, dates from Lester Ludwig
Palmer, Elizabeth (Frederick H.), b. 11-22-1859, d. 05-19-1925, Plot 2--171, --(m)09-09-1891, d/o Luke & Catherine Martin, Mother, info from Lester Ludwig
Palmer, Frederick H. (Elizabeth), b. 03-10-1859, d. 12-13-1938, Plot 2--171, --(m)09-09-1891, s/o Robert & Ann Palmer, Father, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Palmer, Frederick M., d. 09-29-1857, Plot 1--43, --s/o E.E. & H.Palmer, 4yr 7mo 10da old
Palmer, George, d. 07-24-1865, Plot 1--93, --s/o I.& M. Palmer, 11yr 9mo 3da old
Palmer, Harry L., b. 10-08-1892, d. 02-01-1974, Plot 2--171, --s/o Fred H. & Elizabeth Martin Palmer, b.England, d.Springvale, unmarried, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Palmer, Henry E. (Lucy), b. 05-06-1857, d. 07-16-1887, Plot 1--3, --s/o Robert & Ann Palmer, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records & obit, d.Ashland
Palmer, Israel, d. 06-01-1880, Plot 1--93, --Brother, husband, father, 37y 5m 6d old
Palmer, James R., b. 09-08-1863, d. 11-17-1864, Plot 1--54, --s/o Roswell & Loretta M.Pease Palmer, 14mo 9da old, dates from Lester Ludwig
Palmer, Loretta M. Pease (Roswell), b. 08-08-1827, d. 10-30-1878, Plot 1--54, -(m)09-04-1847, Age 51yr 2mo 22da, thanks to Mike Jobbins for some of this data, buried stone hard to read, d/o Samuel & Olivia Pease, more info from Lester Ludwig & Col.Cty Death Records
Palmer, Lydia Ann (James H.), d. 06-06-1863, Plot 1--97?--erected by husband James, 18y8m19d old
Palmer, Mary Jane (Gideon who is the s/o Timothy & Abigail Palmer), b. 03-26-1846, d. 01-18-1892, Plot 1--107, --old hard to read stone, (m)06-05-1870, d/o Alfred Wakeman, info from Lester Ludwig
Palmer, Mehetable (David), d. 01-31-1865, Plot 1--86, --Age 67yr
Palmer, Oliver S. (Chloe), b. 1789, s/o Nathaniel Palmer, b.NY, D.Otsego, We think he is buried in Ohio cem but cannot find record, info from Lester Ludwig
Palmer, Robert C. (Ann Baird), b. 10-18-1816, d. 02-28-1880, Plot 1--3, --(m)04-25-1847, s/o Oliver S.& Chloe Palmer, info from Lester Ludwig
Palmer, Roswell C. (Loretta M. Pease), b. 01-08-1821, d. 03-30-1881, (m)09-04-1847, Age 80yr, s/o Oliver S. & Chloe Palmer, b.NY, d.Otsego, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty.Death Records, buried next to his wife
Parker, Alva Ruth, b. 1912, d. 10-19-1978, Plot 1--17, --WRC Wis., see obit
Parker, Doris Ione, d. 1906, Plot 1--17, --last name assumed
Parker, Edward Brown (Stella E. Gaskill), b. 09-25-1861, d. 06-05-1940, Plot 1--14, --Father, see obit
Parker, Edward W., b. 09-18-1886, d. 12-01-1961, Plot 1--14, --WW I, ILL Mech Sup Co 37 Inf
Parker, Emma-Mrs., b. 10-14-1880, d. 07-23-1971, Plot 3--29, --Nee Sigurson, see obit
Parker, Estelle M., b. 08-25-1913, d. 09-06-1991, Plot 1--14, --WW II, 1st Lt US Army
Parker, Keith L., Plot 1--17, --Mason
Parker, Lizzie M. Walker (Miles A.), b. 1876, d. 08-22-1938, Plot 1--17, --WRC, see obit
Parker, Maysel, b. 05-28-1917, d. 08-14-1917, Plot 1--61 or 62
Parker, Miles A. (Lizzie M.), b. 1874, d. 01-00-1959, Plot 1--17, --Mason, see obit
Parker, Stella Elmina (Edward B.), b. 1868, d. 12-05-1943, Plot 1--14, --Mother, d/o William & Jane Gaskill, see obit
Parker, Thomas W. -Dr., b. 12-03-1921, d. 12-13-2006, Plot 3--29, --WW II, MSgt US Army
Parks, Catherine, b. 1799, d. 01-09-1880, Plot 1--125, --Stone half buried, see obit index
Parks, James (Jane), d. 01-13-1903, Plot 1--125, --Age 73yr 11mo 14da
Parks, Jane (James), d. 05-02-1889, Plot 1--125, --Age 60yr 1mo 20da
Paulson, A. Ralph, b. 04-21-1906, d. 05-21-2001, Plot 2--204, --s/o William & Anna Hansen Paulson, son, see obit
Paulson, Anna (William), b. 1871, d. 1917, Plot 2--204
Paulson, Harvey R. (Henrietta Davidson), b. 10-23-1899, d. 12-04-2003, Plot 2--204, --(m)04-07-1934, s/o William & Anna Paulson, see obit
Paulson, Henrietta Davidson (Harvey R.), b. 1901, d. 11-26-1974, Plot 2--204, --(m)04-07-1934, Womens Relief Corp, see obit
Paulson, Maynard, b. 05-17-1904, d. 06-09-1991, Plot 2--204, --WW II, US army, s/o William & Anna Paulson
Paulson, William (Anna), b. 1873, d. 04-22-1971, Plot 2--204, --see obit
Peck, Anna Margaret Engel (1st w/o Ralph D.), b. 1878, d. 04-06-1937, Plot 2--226, --(m)12-22-1902, see obit
Peck, Florence Elizabeth, b. 1891, d. 1916, Plot 2--198
Peck, Luther Hoyt (Sarah E.), b. 1851, d. 1934, E1/4, --Civil War, Capt Co M 3rd WI Inf
Peck, Ralph D. (#1Anna Margaret Engel, #2Anna Krause Engel), b. 1877, d. 11-07-1958, Plot 2--226, --(m1)12-22-1902, (m2)1941, see obit
Peck, Ruth Hoyt, b. 1897, d. 04-25-1924, Plot 2--198, --s/o Luther Peck, see obit
Peck, Sarah Elizabeth (Luther H.), b. 1857, d. 12-04-1955, E1/4, --Nee Battyor Barry?, couldn't find stone in 2006, see obit
Petersen, Marion C. (Soaren C.), b. 1894, d. 04-04-1978, Plot 4--66, --American Legion Auxiliary, see obit
Petersen, Soaren C. (Marion C.), b. 07-12-1894, d. 03-20-1963, Plot 4--66, --WW I, Wis Mech Co A TO MG BN
Peterson, Carl H. "Moogan" (Esther I. hanson), b. 05-17-1906, d. 09-21-1996, Plot 5--2, --(m)08-23-1934, s/o Hans & Emma Gullickson Peterson, b.MN, d.Wyocen, info from L. Ludwig
Peterson, Clarence "Pete" (Avis Erdman), b. 05-17-1906, d. 02-07-2005, Plot 5--2, --(m)10-09-1929, s/o Hans & Ingeborg Gullickson Peterson, see obit
Peterson, Esther I. Hanson (Carl H.), b. 1916, d. 02-22-1968, Plot 5--2, --(m)08-23-1934, info per L.Ludwig, see obit
Peterson, George N. (Maxine M. Glover), b. 1913, d. 03-21-1992, Plot 1--13, --(m)06-10-1943, see obit
Peterson, Harold (Lillian Leona Erdman), b. 07-06-1904, d. 03-02-1987, Plot 5--28, --WW II, Pfc US Army, (m)04-18-1944, obit
Peterson, Ingeborg Emma-Mrs., b. 09-03-1869, d. 01-14-1953, Plot 3--9/16, --Mother, see obit
Peterson, John William (Mary L. Donner), b. 05-24-1950, d. 08-13-2002, Plot 1--13, --(m)10-17-1980, s/o George N. & Maxine Glover Peterson, see obit
Peterson, Lillian Leona (Harold), b. 05-04-1915, d. 05-25-2011, Plot 5--28, --(m)04-18-1944, d/o Emil & Augusta Weishoff Erdman, see obit
Peterson, Martin A., b. 10-04-1890, d. 10-27-1977, Plot 3--9/16, --WW I, US Army
Peterson, Mary L. (John William), b. 03-22-1959, Plot 1--13, --Nee Donner, "Murphy", (m)10-17-1980
Peterson, Maxine M. Glover (George N.), b. 07-19-1919, d. 04-27-2002, Plot 1--13, --(m)06-10-1943, see obit & ssdi
Peterson, Nellie, b. 07-27-1906, d. 01-17-1908, Plot 1--13, , --d/o Nils G.& N. Peterson, see boit index, spelled Petersen on stone
Peterson, Nils Gerhard (Tonetta "Nettie" Olson), b. 05-18-1873, d. 04-27-1949, Plot 1--13, --burial date, (m)03-09-1895, see obit
Peterson, Oscar C. (Etta Giehl), b. 1893, d. 03-02-1984, Plot 3--9/16, --see obit
Peterson, Tonetta Olson (Nils Gerhard), b. 1872, d. 1950, Plot 1--13, --(m)03-09-1895
Phelps, Alice (George M.), b. 09-17-1879, d. 03-29-1902, Plot 1--161
Phelps, Edith C. Collilns (George M.), b. 1876, d. 10-11-1967, Plot 3--65, --see obit
Phelps, Eliza (Milo), b. 05-14-1831, d. 04-09-1882, Plot 1--146, --d/o Titus & Ruth Culver, infor per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Phelps, George M. (Edith Collins), b. 1871, d. 02-27-1965, Plot 3--65, --see obit
Phelps, Gertrude Marie, b. 06-26-1898, d. 05-15-1899, Plot 1--146, --d/o Milo & Martha Phelps, 1yr old, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Phelps, Lela, b. 1897, d. 1936, Plot 1--146, --daughter, in Phelps lot, Nee Miller I think
Phelps, Martha (Milo), b. 1858, d. 1901, Plot 1--146, --d/o Lyman Moulster, data from obit index & Lester Ludwig
Phelps, Milo (#1Eliza Culver, #2Martha "Mattie" Moulster), b. 02-17-1831, d. 05-26-1922, Plot 1--146, --s/o Milo & Wealthy Kellogg Phelps, (m1)1850, (m2)10-16-1895, data from obit & Lester Ludwig
Phelps, Wealthy, b. 1794, d. 1885, Plot 1--146, --Mother
Pinck, Alma R. (Paul J.), b. 1875, d. 1964, Plot 1--28?, --Eastern Star
Pinck, Paul J. (Alma R.), b. 1881, d. 1956, Plot 1--28?, --Mason
Porter, Albert L. (Lynn E.), b. 10-28-1940, Plot 5--52
Porter, Hildegard, b. 06-01-1932, d. 01-25-1992, Plot 5--52
Porter, Lynn E. (Albert L.), b. 03-31-1944, Plot 5--52
Pratt, Gladys Coulter (Ross), b. 1894, d. 04-15-1983, Plot 5--19, --(m)02-26-1920, Mother, see obit
Pratt, Ross (Gladys Coulter), b. 08-12-1888, d. 11-18-1971, Plot 5--19, --WW I, WI Pvt Btry A 123 FLD Arty, (m)02-26-1920, see obit
Pribbenow, Bonnie G. (Erwin H.), b. 08-15-1950, Plot 5--22, --(m)08-12-1978
Pribbenow, Edna M. (Harry J.), b. 1913, Plot 5--15
Pribbenow, Erwin H. (Bonnie G.), b. 09-10-1934, d. 01-23-2003, Plot 5--22, --(m)08-12-1978, s/o Harry & Edna Severson Pribbenow, see obit
Pribbenow, Harry J. (Edna M.), b. 1909, d. 03-27-1970, Plot 5--15, --see obit
Price, Alma Angelia Palmer (Amos Sr.), b. 01-19-1855, d. 07-11-1946, (m)01-09-1873, no stone, d/o Robert & Ann Palmer, see death certificate & obituary
Price, Amos Sr. (Alma Angelia Palmer), b. 02-04-1851, d. 12-22-1930, (m)01-09-1873, no stone, see obituary, from L. Ludwig
Price, Ann Eliza (Thomas), b. 06-13-1844, d. 03-14-1915, Plot 1--104, --Mother
Price, Blanche Clare, b. 1902, d. 06-21-1992, Plot 2--193, --d/o J.Stewart & Elizabeth Price, see obit
Price, Brenda L. (Nathan B.), b. 12-20-1973, Plot 5--75, --(m)10-11-1997?
Price, Carol Catherine Colwell (Wayne Bridges), b. 06-20-1924, d. 07-10-2004, Plot 5--87, --WW II, PHM 3 US Navy, WAVES, (m)12-16-1941, d/o George & Gertrude Colwell, see obit
Price, Doris A. Skare (Kenneth John), b. 11-15-1942, d. 07-03-1999, Plot 2--193, --(m)06-15-1962
Price, E. Clay, b. 08-17-1897, d. 07-01-1909, Plot 1--111
Price, Eda Otilda "Tillie" Grimsby (Llewellyn), b. 1898, d. 01-19-1988, Plot 3--42/55 area, --see obit for Tillie & ssdi for Tillie
Price, Elizabeth Cowley (John Stewart), b. 1868, d. 02-08-1949, Plot 2--193, --Mother, see obit
Price, Ellen Helene Siegel (Elmore Elseworth), b. 01-15-1872, d. 10-15-1948, Plot 1--111, --Mother, see obit
Price, Elmore E. (Ellen H.), b. 01-20-1865, d. 03-24-1935, Plot 1--111, --Father
Price, Infant Son, b. 02-11-1901, d. 02-13-1901, Plot 1--111, --s/o Elmore E. & Ellen H. Price
Price, J. Stewart (Elizabeth), b. 1867, d. 1943, Plot 2--193, --Father
Price, John S. (Victoria Christopher), b. 1904, d. 12-31-1986, Plot 4--48, --Father, see obit
Price, Kenneth John (Doris A. Skare), b. 03-11-1938, d. 07-20-2012, Plot 2--193, --US Air Force, (m)06-15-1962, s/o John & Victoria Christopher Price, see obit
Price, Maurice A., b. 1901, d. 1920, Plot 2--193, --s/o J.Stewart & Elizabeth Price
Price, Maurice Cleighton (Sandra J.), b. 10-28-1928, d. 01-22-1978, Plot 5--65, --WW II
Price, Nathan B. (Brenda Peterson), b. 01-17-1965, d. 12-12-2006, Plot 5--75, --, --s/o Ken & Doris Skare Price, see obit
Price, Oren R., b. 10-11-1888, d. 10-10-1898, 9y 11m 8d old, s/o Amos & Alma Price, b.Springvale, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Rec's
Price, Roscoe C., b. 03-07-1896, d. 10-02-1945, Plot 1--111, --WW I
Price, Sandra J. (M. Cleighton), b. 07-25-1943, d. 06-19-1980, Plot 5--65
Price, Thomas (Ann Eliza), d. 04-07-1891, Plot 1--104, --Age 55yr, Father
Price, Victoria Christopher (John S.), b. 1912, d. 03-00-1959, Plot 4--48, --Mother, see obit
Price, Wayne B. (Carol Catherine Colwell), b. 07-12-1924, d. 10-07-1986, Plot 5--87, --WW II, RM2, US Navy, (m)12-16-1941, see obit
Pritchard, Mary, b. 1849, d. 1937, Plot 2--169 or 178?, --Nee Perry
Pulver, Alvin Duane, b. 10-17-1928, d. 05-30-2000, Plot 5--109, --s/o Dewey & Pearl Waters Pulver, obit
Pulver, Anna (Byron), b. 1910, d. 07-02-1962, Plot 4--30, --d/o Leonard & Mary Benzine Jacobson, suicide, info from Lester Ludwig
Pulver, Bessie/Brita (Charles Guy), b. 01-03-1868, d. 11-27-1955, Plot 1--59, --(m)06-05-1888, b.Lowville, d/o Anon C.& Rhoda/Randi Johnson Wilson, info from L.Ludwig, see obit
Pulver, Byron (Anna Jacobson), b. 09-12-1905, d. 07-05-1997, Plot 4--30, --full dates from Lester Ludwig
Pulver, Charles Guy (Bessie/Brita), b. 08-27-1866, d. 04-15-1931, Plot 1--59, --(m)06-05-1888, b.Fountain Prairie, per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Pulver, Delbert Ludell "Deb" (Gladys H. Wiesshoff), b. 01-15-1922, d. 11-09-2000, Plot 5--118/119, --WW II, PFC US Marine Corps, (m)06-22-1944, s/o Dewey & Pearl Waters Pulver, obit
Pulver, Dewey Ronald (Pearl Ethel), b. 07-00-1898, d. 11-23-1988, Plot 5--109, --s/o Guy & Bessie Wilson Pulver
Pulver, Gladys H. (Delbert Ludell), b. 03-10-1926, d. 12-31-2012, Plot 5--118/119, --(m)06-22-1944, d/o William & Daisy Pugh Wiesshoff, see obit
Pulver, Homer Wilson (Minnie Louise Genrich), b. 01-28-1889, d. 01-17-1947, Plot 3--5, --(m)09-29-1914, s/o Charles Guy & Bessie Wilson Pulver, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Pulver, Pearl Ethel (Dewey Ronald), b. 02-06-1899, d. 04-07-1996, Plot 5--109, --(m)10-20-1920, d/o John & Jane Waters, info per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Pulver, Vernon C. "Bones", b. 03-27-1930, Plot 5--109
Pulver, Wilhelmine "Minnie" Louise (#1Homer Wilson Pulver, #2 William Jack Allen), b. 1888, d. 06-14-1976, Plot 3--5, --(m)09-29-1914, Nee Genrich, info per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Purcell, Cecil M. (Roderick N.), b. 1907, d. 1988, Plot 2--189, --Nee Benton, d.AZ
Purcell, Kennedy P., b. 1909, d. 03-07-1974, Plot 2--189, --s/o Ralph A. & Margaret Scott Purcell, obit
Purcell, Margaret Scott (Ralph A.), b. 1879, d. 02-06-1971, Plot 2--189, --mother, see obit
Purcell, Ralph Arnold (Margaret), b. 1880, d. 05-00-1955, Plot 2--189, --father, see obit
Purcell, Roderick N. (Cecil M.), b. 1911, d. 1982, Plot 2--189, --s/o Ralph A. & Margaret Scott Purcell, d.AZ.
Raabe, Edward E. (Martha H.), b. 1901, d. 12-00-1958, Plot 1--15, --see obit
Raabe, Emil (Ida Bertha Borde), b. 1870, d. 04-08-1940, Plot 1--15, --see obit
Raabe, Ervin/Irwin A. (Maide), b. 1902, d. 06-00-1955, Plot 4--89, --see obit
Raabe, Ida Bertha Borde (Emil), b. 1873, d. 01-22-1944, Plot 1--15, --Mother, see obit
Raabe, Martha H. (Edward E.), b. 1906, d. 1949, Plot 1--15
Raley, Barbara Louise (Dennis), b. 05-26-1952, d. 04-05-2009, (m)02-20-1971, d/o Robert & Delila Lange, see obit
Raley, Dennis (Barbara), b. 05-16-1952, from pics, (m)02-20-1971
Raley, Timothy Robert, d. 04-30-1977, Plot 1--74, --Infant, s/o Dennis & Barbara Raley
Rapa, Robert L. (3rd h/o Sylvia Austin), b. 08-09-1918, d. 03-07-1992, Plot 3--28, --on stone with Kenneth L. Austin
Rapa, Sylvia A. (#1Orrie Austin, #2Delbert Tomlinson, #3Robert Rapa), b. 08-03-1918, d. 08-07-2006, --d/o Ray & Meta Monteufel Austin, see obit
Rarick, George H. (Mary Scott), b. 1858, d. 1944, Plot 1--102
Rarick, Isaac (Sarah), d. 02-16-1892, Plot 1--102, --Age 70yr 6mo 4da, info from Obit Index
Rarick, Lloyd D., b. 06-03-1893, d. 11-01-1913, Plot 1--102, --s/o George H. & Mary Scott Rarick
Rarick, Margaret, b. 1852, d. 1939, Plot 1--102
Rarick, Mary (George H.), b. 1859, d. 1936, Plot 1--102, --Nee Scott
Rarick, Sarah (Isaac), d. 02-22-1892, Plot 1--102, --Age 76yr3mo18da, d.date from obit index
Redetzke, Hilda E., b. 1898, d. 11-10-1978, Plot 3--9, --American Legion Auxiliary, see obit
Reierson, Anna (Oliver H.), b. 1890, d. 1955, Plot 4--19, --there is also a stone for her in 1--19
Reierson, Oliver H. "Ollie" (Anna), b. 1879, d. 08-28-1966, Plot 4--19, --stone says 1880-1965, ssdi 1879-1966, there is also a stone for him in 1--19, see obit
Riddle, Evalina Josephine (Gordon J.), b. 08-27-1926, Plot 5--93, --Nee Langer, (m)05-24-1948
Riddle, Gordon J. (Evalina Josephine Langer), b. 12-18-1921, d. 11-04-2006, Plot 5--93, --(m)05-24-1948, s/o Alonzo & Alta Hook Riddle
Rio Train Wreck, unknowns, d. 10-27-1886, Plot 1--152, --numbers unknown for sure
Risgaard, Ernest H. (Florence M. Bennett), b. 05-29-1909, d. 04-17-1995, Plot 5--44, --(m)09-11-1935, s/o Niels D.& Minnie Lanzendorf Risgaard, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Risgaard, Florence M. Bennett (Ernest H.), b. 05-01-1911, d. 06-20-1989, Plot 5--44, --(m)09-11-1935, see obit
Risgaard, Helen M. (Robert N.), b. 12-15-1942, from pics, (m)10-09-1965
Risgaard, Richard Alan, d. 03-18-1970, Plot 5--22, --infant s/o Robert N & Helen M.Risgaard
Risgaard, Robert N. (Helen M.), b. 03-10-1942, from pics, (m)10-09-1965, s/o Ernest H. & Florence Bennett Risgarrd
Ritter, Eugene L. (Jeann Elizabeth), Plot 5--109
Ritter, Jeann Elizabeth (Eugene L.), b. 04-20-1923, d. 09-20-2010, Plot 5--109, --(m)07-20-1957, d/o Dewey & Pearl Sheridan Waters Pulver, see obit, b.date from L.Ludwig
Ritter, Ruth M. (William), b. 12-06-1904, d. 12-21-1994, Plot 4--27, --see obit
Ritter, William (Ruth M. Hurst), b. 1895, d. 11-13-1976, Plot 4--27, --see obit
Robbins, Burnam F. (Emma J.), b. 1885, d. 09-00-1958, Plot 4--53, --Father, see obit
Robbins, Daniel (Mercy A.), d. 05-30-1883, Plot 1--124
Robbins, Edwin (Hattie E.), b. 12-31-1853, d. 01-21-1914, section 1 or 4, maybe 1--18
Robbins, Emma J. (Burnam F.), b. 1887, d. 06-06-1983, Plot 4--53, --Nee Johnson, Mother, obit says Emma J.Erickson Robbins
Robbins, Glenn B., b. 05-26-1913, d. 03-02-1984, Plot 4--53, --WW II, US Army
Robbins, Hattie E. (Edwin), b. 1857, d. 1950, sect. 1 or 4, maybe 1--18, --Nee Winters, mother
Robbins, June N. Steiger (Verne F.), b. 1924, d. 07-01-1984, Plot 4--7, --see obit
Robbins, Mercy A. (Daniel), b. 02-14-1835, d. 01-25-1920, Plot 1--124
Robbins, Verne F. (June N.), b. 1920, d. 05-19-1999, Plot 4--7, --WW II
Robertson, Carroll D., b. 01-08-1898, d. 12-08-1977, Plot 1--162, --WW I, US Navy
Robertson, David, b. 1839, d. 1908, Plot 1--162
Robertson, Emily, b. 1854, d. 1929, Plot 1--162
Robertson, Esther, b. 1899, d. 2001, Plot 1--162
Robertson, John Fulton (Nettie Thompson), b. 1874, d. 08-27-1934, Plot 1--162, --see obit
Robertson, Nettie (John), b. 1876, d. 06-16-1964, Plot 1--162, --see obit
Rodberg, Alfred J. (Florence E. Helmer), b. 07-08-1925, d. 09-29-2006, Plot 5--62, --WW II, US Army, (m)02-17-1946, s/o John & Mina Evenson Rodberg, see obit
Rodberg, Florence E. (Alfred J.), b. 03-31-1923, d. 05-21-2006, Plot 5--62, --(m)02-17-1946, d/o Fred & Gertrude Miller Helmer
Roelke, Eliza, b. 1888, d. 1972, Plot 1--74
Rogers, Charles, d. 04-26-1896, Plot 53yr old, s/o Ephraim & Delila Rogers, b.ILL, d.Springvale, suicide, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Rohrbeck, Mysel Jeanette Ketchum (2nd w/o Alva L.), b. 09-27-1920, d. 09-21-1985, obit & death certificate says she is buried here, not on list
Romens, Audrey J. Semmens (#1Lynn G. Colwell, #2Sy Romens), b. 08-08-1915, d. 06-17-1995, Plot 4--31, --see obit for Audrey Romens
Rounds, Ellen Matilda (Daniel), d. 08-22-1899, Plot 1--23, --Age 70yr, stone is half buried
Rudd, Daphne Letcher (Teddy R.), b. 1914, d. 08-31-1991, Plot 4--25, --ashes, see obit
Rudd, Teddy R. (Daphne), b. 1905, d. 1970, Plot 4--25
Rutschi, Johan, d. 05-05-1921, Plot 1--91 area
Sage, Daniel, d. 1897, Plot 1--107, --Civil War, two entries
Sage, Dan'l--old hard to read stone, Daniel T. Sage, b. 10-20-1795, d. 11-10-1884, Plot 1--107, --Civil War, 80y 11m 20d, see obit index, dates & full name from Betty Cook's list
Salisbury, Alfaretta (Alonzo B.), b. 09-21-1856, d. 07-26-1930, Plot 1--33
Salisbury, Alonzo B. (Alfaretta), b. 08-12-1852, d. 09-17-1908, Plot 1--33
Salisbury, Anna M. Scott (Clarence L.), b. 1883, d. 07-09-1972, Plot 2--189, --see obit
Salisbury, Charles, b. 1866, d. 1917, Plot 4--87 area
Salisbury, Clarence L. (Anna N Scott), b. 07-11-1883, d. 01-21-1943, Plot 2--189, --(m)04-05-1911, s/o George & Nancy J.Salisbury, info from Lester Ludwig
Salisbury, George L. (Nancy J.), b. 10-17-1854, d. 01-10-1898, Plot 1--22 or 1--7?, --Age 43yr 2mo 23da, Father, s/o William & Amanda Salisbury, b.Wyocena, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Salisbury, Nancy Jane Ferris (George L.), b. 1863, d. 05-27-1942, Plot 1--22 or 1--7?, --Mother, d/o Alexander Ferris
Salisbury, Willie, b. 06-22-1889, d. 08-21-1890, Plot 1yr old, s/o Leon & Annie Salisbury, b.Wyocena, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty.Death Record
Sandberg, Gerald (Judy), Plot 5--130
Sandberg, Judy (Gerald), Plot 5--130
Sande, Christen J., b. 11-12-1876, d. 08-04-1907, Plot 1--70, --or Sunde?
Sanden, Harold (Viona E. Borde), b. 03-19-1906, d. 11-17-1987, Plot 4--75, --info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Sanden, Infant son, d. 10-09-1962, Plot 4--75, --s/o G. & J. Sanden
Sanden, Viona E. Borde (Harold), b. 09-24-1909, d. 10-02-2001, Plot 4--75, --info from Lester Ludwig
Sardeson, Marion Odessa (#1Walter Halvorson, #2Gordon Sardeson), b. 02-11-1919, d. 10-07-2015, (m1)03-27-1940, (m2)01-08-1998, d/o John & Ruth Hendrickson, see obit
Sardeson, Marion Odessa (#1Walter T. Halvorson, #2Gordon Sardeson), b. 02-11-1919, d. 10-07-2015, Plot 5--83, --(m1)03-27-1940, (m2)01-08-1998, d/o John & Ruth Hendrickson, see obit for Marion Sardeson
Sather, Unknown, E1/4, --Civil War, couldn't find stone in 2006
Sauer, Matthew Jr. & Tobias-twins, d. 06-27-1998, Plot 5--118/119, --on Delbert & Gladys Pulver's grave, Great grandson of Delbert & Gladys Pulver
Schloesser, Harlan V., b. 08-07-1915, d. 12-18-1987, Plot 5--86, --WW II, Sgt US Army PH, brother to Raymond C. Schloesser
Schloesser, Raymond C., b. 1929, d. 04-06-1983, Plot 5--86, --Brother to Harlan V. Schloesser, see obit
Schluckebier, George D. (Sandra A.), b. 1950, Plot 5--50
Schluckebier, George W. (Violet Rose Walencyck), b. 07-04-1916, d. 09-21-1995, Plot 5--50, --WW II, MOMM3 US Navy, (m)11-23-1940, Mason, see obit
Schluckebier, Sandra A. (Geroge D.), b. 02-18-1947, d. 10-06-1989, Plot 5--50, --Racine WI., see obit
Schluckebier, Violet Rose (George W.), b. 01-12-1923, d. 05-31-2009, Plot 5--50, --(m)11-23-1940, d/o John & Helen Kohnke Waleuczyck, see obit
Schmidt, Anna M. (Reinard "Ray" M.), b. 10-27-1902, d. 11-17-1959, Plot 4--69, --Nee Selje, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Schmidt, Reinard M. (#1Anna M. Selje, #2Hilda Melantine, #3Mary Christianson), b. 1895, d. 07-01-1973, Plot 4--69, --WW I, see obit
Schmidtke, Agnes (Edward), b. 1895, d. 07-07-1935, Plot 2--231?, -- see obit, 40yr old
Schmidtke, Edward (Agnes), b. 1890, d. 1963, Plot 2--231?
Schneberger, Clarence O. (Marie A. Hon), b. 1905, d. 07-15-1989, Plot 5--68, --see obit
Schneberger, Marie A. (Clarence O.), b. 1910, d. 04-10-1995, Plot 5--68, --see obit
Schrader, Arnold E. (Ruth E.), b. 1919, d. 04-30-2002, Plot 5--93
Schrader, Ruth E. (Arnold E.), b. 1924, d. 03-06-1987, Plot 5--93
Schreiber, Frank G. (Maysel J. Ketchum), b. 1914, d. 07-16-1975, Plot 5--40, --see obit
Schreiber, Maysel J. (1st Frank G.), b. 09-27-1920, d. 09-21-1985, Plot 5--40, --2nd husband Al Rohrbeck (m)12-11-1976, d/o Ralph & mabel Weffald Ketchum
Schwabland, John (Margaret), d. 05-12-1888, Plot 1--122, --Civil War, 72yr 3mo old
Schwabland, Margaret (John), b. 02-25-1815, d. 09-27-1899, Plot 1--122, --Age 84yr 6mo, b.Germany, d.Rio, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Scott, Annie B. (Kennedy), b. 02-27-1846, d. 03-03-1888, Plot 1--97, --(m)10-03-1867, d/o Daniel & Mary Shaw Buchanan, b. Scotland, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records, obit
Scott, Barbara, b. 01-08-1956, d. 03-17-2012, Plot 5--131
Scott, Caroline C. (Samuel), d. 06-23-1899, Plot 1--98, --Age 66yr 3mo 14da, Mother
Scott, Frances (James T.), b. 02-14-1836, d. 04-18-1922, Plot 1--97, --Nee Menter, (m)10-21-1865, obit says Sarah Frances Monk, see obit
Scott, James T. (Frances Menter), b. 10-14-1838, d. 01-11-1933, Plot 1--97, --Veteran, (m)10-21-1865, s/o William & Jane Kennedy Scott, b.Ireland, d.ND, info per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Scott, Jane (William), b. 07-05-1805, d. 02-03-1882, Plot 1--97, --old stone tipped off base laying down 2010
Scott, Jennie, from pics, d/o S.& C.C.Scott
Scott, John P. (Sarah), d. 05-27-1878, Plot 1--41?, --75yr 1mo 12da old, see obit index
Scott, Joshua, b. 07-00-1831, d. 06-20-1906, Plot 1--96/97, --Civil War
Scott, Kennedy (Annie B.), b. 11-16-1842, d. 07-17-1915, Plot 1--97, --(m)10-03-1867
Scott, Mabel D. Quamme (Ralph M.), b. 1900, d. 06-29-1987, Plot 2--231, --Eastern Star, see obit
Scott, Mary I., b. 1862, d. 1944, Plot 1--108, --Nee Hall, on stone with Freddie Hall
Scott, Ralph M. (Mabel D. Quamme), b. 1903, d. 09-23-1982, Plot 2--231, --Mason and Eastern Star, see obit
Scott, Samuel (Caroline C.), b. 05-14-1826, d. 07-19-1896, Plot 1--98, --Age 70yr 2mo 6da, Father, (m)12-31-1852, s/o William & Jane Scott, b.Ireland, d.Springvale, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Scott, Sarah (John P.), d. 07-08-1878, Plot 1--41?, --Age 78yr 7mo
Scott, William (Jane), d. 09-22-1877, Plot 1--97, --Age 74yr 2mo 11da, inscription, s/o Andrew Scott, b.Ireland, d.Springvale, per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Scribner, J. S., d. 10-20-1859, Plot 1--83, --Age 30yr 1 or 7mo 4da, buried stone
Seemann, Gustav A. (Leonora I.), b. 07-02-1894, d. 03-17-1974, Plot 4--64, --WW I
Seemann, Leonora I. Blanksheim (#1Claude Long, #2Gustav A. Seemann), b. 1900, d. 06-08-1967, Plot 4--64, --see obit
Segerson, Bessie (Hans), b. 12-07-1877, d. 12-27-1955, Plot 2--178
Segerson, Hans (Bessie), b. 05-14-1867, d. 04-21-1913, Plot 2--178
Segurson, Infant Son, from pics, s/o O.S.& Nina Segurson, buried stone
Selheim, Christina (John), b. 1871, d. 1917, Plot 1--115
Selheim, John (Christina), b. 06-29-1886, d. 07-06-1913, Plot 1--115
Selheim, Willie Alexander, d. 1902, Plot 1--115, --s/o John & Christina Selheim
Selje, Hans O. (Ida Gnolden)-see obit, b. 06-01-1900, d. 12-18-1988, Plot 3--60/61, --s/o Sjur & Ida Selje, info from L.Ludwig
Selje, Ida L. (Sjur O.), b. 09-17-1880, d. 02-06-1970, Plot 3--60/61, --Mother, see obit
Selje, Maye E. -Miss--see obit, b. 03-27-1910, d. 05-07-1983, Plot 3--60/61, --d/o Sjur & Ida Selje, info from L.Ludwig
Selje, Oscar C., b. 03-28-1905, d. 08-13-1976, Plot 3--60/61, --s/o Sjur & Ida Selje, info from L.Ludwig
Selje, Sjur O. (Ida L.), b. 08-03-1871, d. 12-00-1953, Plot 3--60/61, --b.Norway, info from Lester Ludwig & obit
Semonson, Albert H., b. 1896, d. 1914, Plot 2--201, --s/o Ole S. & Sena Semonson
Semonson, Beverly J. Hamilton (Olaf N.), b. 1926, d. 12-13-1989, Plot 5--49, --(m)10-14-1944, see obit
Semonson, Dianne M. (Ralph N.), b. 03-28-1945, Plot 5--106
Semonson, Infant son, Plot 2--201, --s/o Ole S. & Sena Semonson
Semonson, Karen O. (Semon), b. 1889, d. 1948, Plot 2--227, --Mother
Semonson, Olaf N. "Ole" (Beverly J. Hamilton), b. 1921, d. 01-05-1985, Plot 5--49, --(m)10-14-1944, see obit
Semonson, Ole (Sena), b. 1860, d. 1942, Plot 2--201
Semonson, Ralph N. (Dianne M.), b. 06-16-1945, d. 11-09-1990, Plot 5--106
Semonson, Semon (Karen O.), b. 1889, d. 1933, Plot 2--227, --Father, s/o Ole & Sena Semonson
Semonson, Sena (Ole), b. 1864, d. 09-00-1950, Plot 2--201, --see obit
Semonson, Tillie Louise-Miss, b. 12-23-1897, d. 09-09-1931, Plot 2--201, --d/o Ole & Sena Semonson, b.Otsego, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records, see obit
Settlers, Early---Wife & Daughter, Plot 1--84?--rock pile marking an Early Settlers Grave
Severson, Arnold J. (Esther A. Walthers), b. 03-19-1903, d. 10-16-1980, Plot 3--36/37, --"Arnie", per Lester Ludwig, see obit
Severson, Carrie (Sever B.), b. 1877, d. 02-26-1961, Plot 3--36/37, --(m)06-19-1901, Nee Johnson, full date per L.Ludwig
Severson, Ella M. (Hans B.), b. 1874, d. 11-04-1962, Plot 4--86, --Mother, full date from Lester Ludwig & obit
Severson, Esther A. Walthers (Arnold J.), b. 09-30-1909, d. 01-10-2002, Plot 3--36/37, --b.Kingston, info from Lester Ludwig
Severson, Hans B. (Ella M.), b. 1877, d. 1957, Plot 4--86, --Father
Severson, Lewis B. (Lorraine J. Maas), b. 09-18-1918, d. 10-31-2003, Plot 4--51, --WW II, TEC 4, US Army, "Benny", (m)12-08-1942, s/o Hans & Ella Severson, see obit
Severson, Lorraine J. (Lewis B.), b. 02-05-1920, d. 04-25-2000, Plot 4--51, --d/o Dr.William C.& Mary Jeanette Hammond Maas, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Severson, Milan A. (Wanda J. Price), b. 12-12-1930, Plot 5--91, --(m)03-31-1951
Severson, Sever B. (Carrie Johnson), b. 04-22-1875, d. 02-24-1955, Plot 3--36/37, --(m)06-19-1901, s/o Botolf & Barbara Lie Severson, see obit
Severson, Wanda J. Price (Milan A.), b. 11-13-1931, d. 02-08-2005, Plot 5--91, --(m)03-31-1951, d/o Thomas & Flossie Bridges Price, see obit
Shaw, B. H., d. 07-16-1916, Plot 38yr, see obit
Shew, Bert, b. 1873, d. 02-00-1948, Plot 2--214, --see obit
Shew, Bert--Mrs., b. 1877, d. 1916, Plot 2--214, --Mother
Shew, Claude H. (Esther L. Boehm), b. 1899, d. 11-05-1981, Plot 5--21, --WW I, see obit
Shew, Esther L. Boehm (Claude H.), b. 1900, d. 06-28-1991, Plot 5--21, --see obit
Shew, Geneva A. (Gilbert E.), b. 1890, d. 07-17-1958, Plot 4--49, --American Legion Auxiliary, see obit
Shew, Gilbert E. "Gib" (Geneva A. Johnson), b. 11-07-1896, d. 09-12-1981, Plot 4--49, --WW I, US Army, see obit
Shew, Roy M., b. 1902, d. 1915, Plot 2--214
Shriver, Cecil F. (Mabel H. Johnson), b. 10-29-1905, d. 02-20-1955, Plot 3--57 or 64 area, --WW II, WI Sgt Co D 347 Engr GS Reg BSM
Shriver, Glen A. (Vera M.), b. 1916, d. 12-29-1989, Plot 5--90, --(m)05-03-1939, see obit
Shriver, Mabel H. Johnson (Cecil F.), b. 12-07-1900, d. 12-31-1986, Plot 3--57 or 64 area, --see obit
Shriver, Mattie L. Kincade (Robert J.), b. 1910, d. 07-06-1988, Plot 5--89, --(m)06-08-1935, see obit
Shriver, Robert J. (Lola), b. 1879, d. 06-00-1955, Plot 3--13, --see obit
Shriver, Robert J. (Mattie L.), b. 1908, d. 1985, Plot 5--89, --(m)06-08-1935
Shriver, Vera M. Swanson (Glen A.), b. 1910, d. 11-27-1985, Plot 5--90, --(m)05-03-1939, see obit
Shults, Langrave (Mary C. Hutchinson), b. 07-22-1845, d. 08-11-1929, Plot 2--192, --Hutchinson/Shults Stone, (m)07-10-1872,
Shults, Mary Cornelia Hutchinson (Langrave), b. 06-17-1851, d. 05-13-1937, Plot 2--192, --Hutchinson/Shults Stone, (m)07-10-1872, see obit
Shults, Sena-Miss, d. 04-15-1932, Plot 2--192, --Hutchinson/Shults Stone, see obit
Shurtliff, Jason (Urvilla C.), b. , d. 02-16-1896, Plot 1--154, --Age 79yr
Shurtliff, Urvilla/Arvilla C. (Jason), d. 05-05-1888, Plot 1--154, --Age 61yr 8mo 5da
Siegel, Curtis H., b. 03-29-1881, d. 12-10-1940, Plot 1--111 or 1--118
Sigurson, Nina J. (Ole), b. 1879, d. 10-27-1975, Plot 3--29, --see obit
Sigurson, Ole (Nina), b. 1874, d. 1947, Plot 3--29
Sines, Annie (Samuel), b. 1877, d. 06-00-1960, Plot 2--167, --see obit
Sines, Gertrude May (Henry), b. 03-30-1916, d. 02-26-2009, Plot 5--73, --(m)04-01-1939, d/o Albert & Katherine Lucas Wardle, see obit
Sines, Henry (Gertrude May Wardle), b. 04-24-1902, d. 03-28-1969, Plot 5--73, --(m)04-01-1939, see obit
Sines, Josephine, b. 08-20-1897, d. 04-29-1915, Plot 2--167
Sines, Samuel, b. 1855, d. 04-23-1937, Plot 2--167, --on stone with Annie Sines, funeral date
Slinger, Alice J. "Allie" Hartley (Harry Temp), b. 1881, d. 05-10-1982, Plot 1--155 in that area of E1/4, --, see obit
Slinger, Harry Temp (Alice J. Hartley), b. 1879, d. 1946, Plot 1--155 in that area of E1/4, --is this Temp Slinger who died Oct. 1946? See obit for Temp Slinger
Smith, Barbara Ann-Miss, b. 1937, d. 09-06-1987, Plot 5--23, --see obit
Smith, Deanne L. (Larry Earl), b. 06-01-1947, Plot 5--137, --Nee Bornfleth
Smith, Larry Earl (Deanne L. Bornfleth), b. 09-21-1947, d. 03-27-2002, Plot 5--137, --Vietnam, US Army, (m)02-16-1985, s/o Harry Smith & Helen Hamby Delaney, see obit
Smith, Louis--a twin, d. 05-11-1925, Plot 1--10 or 4--85, --s/o D.R. & M.J. Smith
Smith, Louise, --a twin, d. 05-11-1925, Plot 1--10 or 4--85, --d/o D.R. & M.J. Smith
Smith, Lyle Kenneth (Nona S. Boutwell)-see obit, b. 10-08-1904, d. 04-19-1983, Plot 5--23, --(m)02-27-1935, dates from Lester Ludwig
Smith, Nona S. (Lyle Kenneth), b. 07-09-1905, d. 03-06-2003, Plot 5--23, --(m)02-27-1935, Nee Boutwell, d.Pardeeville, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Smith, Paul H. (Ruby M.), b. 1898, d. 05-28-1968, Plot 5--4, --(m)02-27-1935, see obit
Smith, Ruby Mae (Paul H.), b. 1908, d. 12-21-1999, Plot 5--4, --Nee Cowley (m)02-27-1935, see obit
Smythe, Mary M., b. 1873, d. 1921, Plot 1--152
Sockrider, Michael Kent, d. 10-14-1976, Plot 5--6or 7, --infant s/o Robert & Jane Sockrider
Spaulding, Amelia (Charles C.), b. 09-25-1847, d. 07-19-1939, Plot 1--136, --Womens Relief Corp-1883, Mother, d/o Denison & Juliette Dunning
Spaulding, Charles C., b. 05-06-1902, d. 04-04-1903, Plot 1--87
Spaulding, Charles C. (Amelia), b. 07-20-1840, d. 10-27-1903, Plot 1--136, --Civil War, 1Sgt Co B 7th Rgt WI Vol Inf, Iron Brig
Spaulding, Clifford, b. 05-19-1874, d. 08-29-1887, Plot 1--136, --s/o Charles C.& Amelia Spauldingm info from Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Spaulding, Clifford, b. 05-01-1885, d. 08-02-1887, Plot 1--141 area, --tree stone, s/o C.C Spaulding, 1y 8m 10da old
Spaulding, E. J., b. 1869, d. 1918, Plot 1--87
Spaulding, Isaac (Mary Ann Doud/Dowd), E1/4, --d.before 1894, see wife's obit
Spaulding, Mary Ann Doud/Dowd (Isaac), d. 04-22-1894, Plot 1--57, --couldn't find stone in 2006, it's under a tree and it is seen in 2009 but no dates, 82yr, see obituary index
Spencer, Charles, b. 06-20-1840, d. 10-27-1903, Plot 1--46, --Civil War, Cpl Co C 1st Reg WI Hvy arty
Sporle, Carla J. (#1John Sullivan & #2Paul Sporle), b. 02-25-1950, d. 09-22-2008, (m2)07-18-1995, d/o Eldred W. & Donna Larson Ketchum, see obit
Spring, Arlouine (Fred J.), b. 05-05-1899, d. 07-11-1970, Plot 1--111, -- Nee Price
Spring, Fred J. (Arlouine), b. 02-05-1897, d. 04-01-1958, Plot 1--111
Stankiewicz, William A., b. 1951, d. 08-31-1973, Plot 5--27, --s/o William, see obit
Staveness, Obert J. (Opal C. Shew), b. 02-09-1909, d. 12-18-1988, Plot 5--72, --b.Norway, (m)07-21-1941, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Staveness, Opal C. (Obert J.), b. 05-21-1911, d. 03-10-1996, Plot 5--72, --(m)07-21-1941, d/o Gilbert & Beneva Johnson Shew, American Legion Auxiliary, info from L.Ludwig, see obit
Stevens, Katherine A., b. 12-15-1880, d. 04-19-1901, Plot 1--near Budd in E1/4, --erected by her brother
Stewart Family stone, Plot 1--128 area, --from pics, Joseph W, Calista, Stella, S.Denslow, Charlotte M, Cynthia E.
Stewart, Calista (Joseph W.), b. 03-30-1815 03-16-1815, d. 12-22-1901, Plot 1--128, --Mother, (m)11-05-1832 or 11-20-1831, d/o Ebenezer & Ann Squires, b.NY, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Stewart, Charlotte M., b. 04-08-1848, d. 08-09-1917, Plot 1--128, --d/o Joseph W.Stewart, info per L.Ludwig
Stewart, Clayton G., d. infant, Plot 1--113, --small stone, s/o James Carlton & Francis O.Palmer Stewart
Stewart, Cynthia E. -Miss, b. 08-15-1855, d. 07-12-1922, Plot 1--128, --stone date is b.1856, 1855 from L.L.& obit
Stewart, Darwin, d. 10-23-1927, 81yr old, d.MN, see obit
Stewart, Darwin H. (Elizabeth V.), b. 1846, d. 1930, Plot 1--112
Stewart, Elizabeth V. (Darwin H.), b. 04-26-1844, d. 09-22-1903, Plot 1--112, --stone says w/o D.S.Stewart, Obituary says w/o H.B.Stewart
Stewart, Frances O. (James Carlton), b. 10-08-1848, d. 04-26-1919, Plot 1--113, --Mother, (m)12-05-1878, d/o Roswell & Loretta Pease Palmer, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records, d.IA
Stewart, James, abt 35yr old, d. 06-04-1916, found date, run over by train Lyndon St. see obit
Stewart, James Carlton (Frances O. Palmer), b. 10-11-1836, d. 11-07-1913, Plot 1--113, --see obit, Father, (m)12-05-1878, s/o J.W.Stewart & Calista Stewart, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Stewart, James Ray, b. 03-26-1883, d. 12-06-1907, Plot 1--113, --s/o James C. & Frances O. Stewart
Stewart, Joseph W. (Calista Squires), b. 1809, d. 11-27-1879, Plot 1--128, --(m)11-05-1832, Father, dates from Lester Ludwig
Stewart, Sardius Denslow, b. 07-20-1853, d. 07-25-1913, Plot 1--128, --single, dates from L.L. & Col.Cty D.Rec's
Stewart, Stella, b. 02-08-1851, d. 1901, Plot 1--128, --s/o Joseph W. & Calista Stewart
Stewart, Stilson, b. 1872, Plot 1--113, --one date
Stewart, Unknown, b. 1881, d. 1916, Plot 1--113, --maybe James Stewart?
Stewart, Unknown, b. 07-07-1868, from pics, can't read
Stoddard, Anna B. (Salmacius B.), b. 07-19-1854, d. 07-06-1930, Plot 1--32
Stoddard, Salmacius B. (Anna B.), b. 03-25-1827, d. 03-08-1909, Plot 1--32, --Civil War
Stokes, Bertie Mae, Plot 1--99, --d/o William & Martha Jane Stokes, stone hard to read, dates are under ground
Stokes, Martha Jane (William), b. 10-00-1840, d. 09-12-1908, Plot 1--99, --see obit index
Stokes, William (Martha Jane), b. 08-00-1833, d. 06-29-1914, Plot 1--99, --see obit index
Stoltenberg, Anna M. Nelson (#1Arthur G. Nintzel, #2Otto Stoltenberg), b. 03-07-1903, d. 11-22-1987, Plot 2--170, --see Anna M.Nintzel, see ssdi, some info from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Storandt, Dorothy M. (Walter E.), b. 09-06-1919, d. 10-09-2004, Plot 5--110, --nee Temple or Templin
Storandt, Robert H., b. 08-22-1948, d. 01-25-2003, s/o Walter E.& Dorothy Temple Storandt, obit says he is buried here, see obit
Storandt, Walter E. (Dorothy M. Temple), b. 05-07-1920, d. 05-09-1988, Plot 5--110, --full dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Stowell, Tara Lynn (William), b. 07-26-1970, d. 11-22-2006, (m)1994, d/o John & Carla Ketchum Sullivan Sporle, see obit
Strauss, Anna C. (1st w/o Walter C.), b. 1891, d. 06-04-1955, Plot 1--5, --on stone with Meta A. & Walter C. Strauss, (m)06-24-1920, d/o Hans & Olive Jurgerson, see obit
Strauss, Blaine Thomas, b. 06-27-1958, d. 04-06-2005, Plot 4--90, --Vietnam, BT3 US Navy, s/o Richard Arthur & Uvonne Utesch Strauss
Strauss, Blair LaMont, b. 1967, d. 06-20-1968, Plot 1--5, --s/o Richard A.& Uvonne Utesch Strauss, obit
Strauss, Charles Walter (Ruth Alice Fenner), b. 04-13-1922, d. 11-30-2013, Plot 4--46/91?--WW II, US Navy, (m)09-06-1947, s/o Walter & Anna Jurgerson Strauss, see obit
Strauss, Meta Anna Blankshien 2nd w/o (Walter C.), b. 10-12-1905, d. 05-20-1982, Plot 1--5, --on stone with Walter C. & Anna Strauss, (m)June 1957, d/o Herman Blankshein & Anna Klawes, see obit
Strauss, Richard Arthur (Uvonne Arlene), b. 07-08-1924, d. 07-02-2010, Plot 4--47, --WW II, US Navy, "Dick", (m)07-15-1947, s/o Walter & Anna Jurgenson Strauss, 32nd Mason, obit
Strauss, Ruth A. Fenner (Charles W.), b. 09-11-1923, d. 01-02-1986, Plot 4--46/91?--(m)09-06-1947
Strauss, Uvonne A. (Richard A.), b. 1925, Plot 4--47, --"Bonnie", (m)07-15-1947
Strauss, Walter C. (#1Anna, #2Meta Blankscheim), b. 1896, d. 07-23-1969, Plot 1--5, --on stone with Meta A. & Anna Strauss, (m1)06-24-1920, (m2)June 1957, d.FL, obit
Stroebel, Alma E. Sahm (Victor L.), b. 09-23-1901, d. 06-07-1987, Plot 5--42, --dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Stroebel, Victor L. (Alma E. Sahm), b. 03-12-1908, d. 09-05-1974, Plot 5--42, --an old time printing machine on stone, dates from Lester ludwig, see obit
Strong, Florence E. (James W.), b. 07-29-1846, d. 08-18-1877, Plot 35yr old, per L. Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Rec
Strong, Lucy Ann, b. 05-16-1835, d. 06-09-1895, 60yr old, d/o James R.& Lucy Strong, b.NY, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Struble, Maud, b. 05-07-1882, d. 12-29-1946, Plot 1--33, --Nee Salisbury
Sugden, Beverly R. (Harlan Neil), b. 12-04-1942, Plot 4--85
Sugden, Harlan Neil (Beverly R.), b. 12-28-1930, d. 07-04-2003, Plot 4--85, --Korea, US Marine Corps, s/o Warren O. & lMinnie B.Huseth Sugden, see obit
Sugden, Minnie B. (Warren Oliver.), b. 01-10-1904, d. 12-29-1987, Plot 4--52, --Nee Huseth, Eastern Star, dates from Lester Ludwig
Sugden, Susan, d. 1956, Plot 4--85, --d/o Harlan & Beverly Sugden
Sugden, Warren Oliver (Minnie B. Hiseth), b. 07-06-1903, d. 10-04-1984, Plot 4--52, --Mason, dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Sunde, Lorene M. (Walter W.), b. 10-08-1919, d. 05-10-2011, Plot 5--59, --(m)07-15-1939, d/o Herman & Neva Kuehn Bahr, Eastern Star, see obit
Sunde, Walter W. "Dynamite" (Lorene M. Bahr), b. 06-06-1915, d. 04-11-2003, Plot 5--59, --(m)07-15-1939, s/o Ole & Clara Peterson Sunde, 32 Degree Scottish Rite, see obit
Sutfin, Cecil W. (Elaine Justine Kaiser), b. 03-14-1921, d. 08-19-2008, Plot 5--107, --s/o William Harris & Edna Reeves Sutfin, see obit
Sutfin, Elaine J. Kaiser (Cecil W.), b. 1923, d. 1991, Plot 5--107
Sutfin, Glenda W. (Gordon W.), b. 1944, Plot 5--116
Sutfin, Gordon W. (Glenda W.), b. 1943, Plot 5--116
Tarpley, Doris Jeannette (Philip L.), b. 10-01-1924, d. 08-20-2010, Plot 5--6, --(m)09-25-1945, d/o Earl & Alice Cummings Grossmann, see obit
Tarpley, Philip L. (Doris Jeannette), b. 1923, Plot 5--6, --(m)09-25-1945
Taylor, Effie Jane (2nd w/o Flint A.), b. 10-16-1855, d. 11-07-1911, Plot 2--166, --Nee Ritter,
Taylor, Elizabeth J. (3rd w/o Flint A.), b. 09-19-1859, d. 09-08-1931, Plot 2--166, --(m)01-02-1913, d/o Alexander & Carlina Coyne, see obit
Taylor, Esther M., d. 09-18-1993, 78yr, see obit
Taylor, Flint A. (Hattie, Effie, #3Elizabeth J. Coyne), b. 05-12-1856, d. 10-23-1931, Plot 2--166, --(m3)01-02-1913
Taylor, Hattie (1st w/o Flint A.), b. 01-01-1864, d. 11-07-1884, Plot 2--166, --Nee James
Taylor, Reginald (Esther Skinner), b. 06-09-1903, d. 02-03-1973, Plot 2--166, --dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Taylor, Ruth W. (Warren C.), b. 03-20-1843, d. 09-20-1917, Plot 1--64
Taylor, Victor C., b. 12-22-1883, d. 11-02-1902, Plot 1--64, --adopted s/o Warren C. & Ruth W. Taylor
Taylor, Warren C. (Ruth W.), b. 12-25-1839, d. 12-39-1914, Plot 1--64, --Veteran
Teeter, Priscilla Mae Heft "Puss" (Robert R.), b. 07-13-1932, d. 10-25-2011, (m)08-25-1951, d/o Gordon & Hazel Heft, twin of Patricia, see obit
Teeter, Robert Rodney (Priscilla M. Heft), b. 01-18-1933, d. 03-10-2015, US Army, (m)08-25-1951, s/o Rodney & Mary Klaila Teeter, see obit
Teeter, Tina (Benjamin), b. 1883, d. 12-00-1957, Plot 2--203 or 199?--see obit
Thompson, Annie L., b. 06-06-1918, d. 12-28-1920, Plot 2--223, --d/o Charles D.& Elizabeth T. Thompson
Thompson, Charles D. (Elizabeth T.), b. 1886, d. 05-31-1966, Plot 2--223, --see obit
Thompson, Elizabeth T. (Charles D.), b. 1885, d. 11-00-1954, Plot 2--223, --nee Brickwell, see obit
Thompson, George B. (Iva B.), b. 1883, d. 12-07-1978, Plot 5--30, --(m)1921, see obit for death date
Thompson, Hattie Paulina (James L.), b. 1881, d. 06-00-1957, Plot 2--223, --see obit
Thompson, Henrietta M. Pratt (LeRoy E.), b. 1932, Plot 5-18/19 area, --from pics, (m)08-18-1950
Thompson, Iva B. (2nd George B.), b. 09-09-1897, d. 01-12-1986, Plot 5--30, --1st husband Douglas R. Kellogg, d/o John E.& Alta Davis Connery, see obit
Thompson, James L. (Hattie P.), b. 1884, d. 02-14-1967, Plot 2--223, --see obit
Thompson, Kenneth A., b. 12-06-1913, d. 05-19-1999, Plot 5--30-- WW II, TEC 4 US Army
Thompson, LeRoy E. (Henrietta M. Pratt), b. 03-12-1927, d. 03-19-2005, Plot 5--18/19, --Korea, CPL US Army, Rio Fire Dept, (m)08-18-1950, s/o Lester & Eleanor Coenen Thompson, see obit
Thompson, Lettie (Ole), b. 04-03-1857, d. 07-22-1912, Plot 1--21
Thompson, Louise (L.), d. 01-06-1892, Plot 1--103, --Age 87or37yr 8mo 6da
Thompson, Ole (Lettie), b. 08-06-1854, d. 02-19-1903, Plot 1--21
Tifft, Amanda A. (Levi B.), b. 05-05-1827, d. 03-18-1913, Plot 1--75, --Mother
Tifft, Annie Melinda Carney (Byron L.), b. 1858, d. 07-02-1926, Plot 1--76?--Mother, see obit
Tifft, Arabelle, b. 09-11-1863, d. 03-19-1889, Plot 1--75, --d/o Levi B. & Amanda A. Tifft, 26y 6m 8da, b.Lowville, info per L.Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Tifft, B. Ray (Cora E.), b. 1891, d. 04-20-1964, Plot 3--8, --see obit
Tifft, Byron L. (Annie M. Carney), b. 1855, d. 11-14-1934, Plot 1--76?--Father, see obit
Tifft, Cora E. (B. Ray), b. 1890, d. 1951, Plot 3--8
Tifft, Emery L. (Inga Meta), b. 1879, d. 1964, Plot 1--46
Tifft, Francis/Franklin N., b. 09-12-1856, d. 10-11-1877, Plot 1--75, --s/o Levi B. & Amanda A. Tifft, 21yr 1mo, farmer in Lowville, per L.L.from Col.Cty Death rec.
Tifft, Inga Meta (Emery L.), b. 1885, d. 1938, Plot 1--46
Tifft, Levi B. (Amanda A.), b. 03-25-1827, d. 05-13-1903, Plot 1--75, --Father
Tillotson, Edith, b. 03-14-1889, d. 03-31-1890, Plot 1--67, --d/o Charles & Maude Tillotson, 1yr old, b.MN, info per L.Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Rec.
Tomkins, Elizabeth Louise, b. 09-07-1886, d. 06-03-1899, Plot 12yr 9m4da old, d/o Frank & Elizabeth Tompkins, b.Hampden, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Tomlinson, Delbert C. (2nd h/o Sylvia L. Austin), b. 05-11-1923, d. 05-31-1979, Plot 3--21/28, --s/o Milo b. & Nettie Tomlinson, dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit
Tomlinson, Sylvia L. (#1Orrie Austin, #2Delbert C. Tomlinson, #3Robert Rapa), b. 08-03-1918, d. 08-07-2006, Plot 3--21/28, --d/o Ray l& Meta Monteufel Austin, dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit for Sylvia A.Rapa
Tompkins, Viola M., b. 1892, d. 1965, Plot 2--180, --WW I
Topping, Anne M. Barfknecht (James Fayette), b. 08-31-1905, d. 05-02-2002, Plot 5--24, --(m)10-18-1927, d/o Fritz & Ernestine Pinnow Barfknecht, see obit
Topping, James Fayette (Anne M. Barfknecht), b. 1901, d. 12-11-1973, Plot 5--24, --(m)10-18-1927, see obit
Tracy, Heather Marie, b. 08-21-1987, d. 01-20-2005, Plot 5--80, --d/o Robert & Lynette Buechel Tracy, obit
Tracy, Lynette (Robert), Plot 5--80
Tracy, Robert (Lynette), Plot 5--80
Tucker, Guy F. (Irene Johnson), b. 1898, d. 01-24-1970, Plot 3--64 or 57?--WW I, see obit
Tucker, Irene J. (Guy F.), b. 1900, d. 01-22-1992, Plot 3--64 or 57?---see obit
Tweeten, Martin Arthur, b. 01-18-1927, d. 03-17-2002, Plot 5--5 or 6, --on stone with Arline F.Bradley
Twilt, Carol E. O'Dell (Hendrik "Hank"), b. 07-01-1939, (m)08-10-1973
Twilt, Hendrik "Hank" (Carol E. O'Dell), b. 05-12-1934, d. 06-12-2012, NATO FORCE 1952-1954, (m)08-10-1973, s/o Cornelius Twilt, see obit
Unknown, H. James, Plot 1--66, --s/o Wm. & Cornelious? Old stone
Unknown, Lexie, d. 08-05-1979, from pics
Unknown, N. N. D. D., Plot 1--74, --old buried hard to read stone, 75yr old
Unknown, Roddentha A., Plot 1--86, --d/o N.A. & M.A., near Palmer & Fisk
Unknown, Sarah, d. 03-16-1873, Plot 1--40, --age 2yr old, between Lees & Weyant, buried stone
Unknown, Unknown, d. 02-28-187?, from pics, 2y 2mo old
Unknown, Unreadable, d. 03-12-1861, Plot 1--41 area
Unknown, Unreadable, many like this throughout the cemetery. Old ones
Unknown, Unreadable, broken, Plot 1--45, --two stones near Charlotte & Oliver Noble
Upham, Nina Ruth-Miss, b. 1923, d. 03-21-1957, Plot 3--47, --d/o Frances Upham, see obit
Upham, Susan Francis Frith (Zura E.), b. 01-09-1878, d. 08-30-1972, Plot 3--47, --(m)07-15-1908, info from Lester Ludwig, see obit & death certificate, widow
Upham, Zura E. (Susan Francis Frith), b. 09-29-1879, d. 05-12-1943, Plot 3--47, --(m)07-15-1908, s/o P.E.Upham & Harriet Van Schaick, info from Lester Ludwig, I think P.E.Upham should read Edwin P.Upham-Anna Mae
Van Aernam, Abram, b. 09-12-1807, d. 01-27-1868, Plot 1--35, --Mason
Van Aernam, Addie (Charles A.), b. 1867, d. 02-00-1953, Plot 1--55, --Nee Ferris, see obit
Van Aernam, Alfred E. (Eva), b. 1853, d. 07-00-1940, Plot 1--35, --see obit
Van Aernam, Baby son, d. 10-08-1887, Plot 1--35, --no dates on stone, 8 mo old, s/o A.E.& E. Van Aernam, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Van Aernam, Charles A. (Addie), b. 1862, d. 03-04-1942, Plot 1--55, --see obit
Van Aernam, Eva (Alfred E.), b. 1854, d. 1901, Plot 1--35, --Nee Rice
Van Aernam, Judson A., d. 08-21-1857, Plot 1--35, --s/o A. & H.F. Van Aernam
Vander Molen, Ada L. M. Blankschein (Albert I.), b. 1909, d. 1990, Plot 3--59
Vander Molen, Albert I. (Ada L. M. Blankschein), b. 1907, d. 07-00-1953, Plot 3--59, --see obit
Vanderhoef, Clara A. (James F. Sr.), b. 02-26-1932, d. 07-11-2012, Plot 4--21, --(m)10-07-1950, d/o Roy & Ula Zole Nichols Blystone, see obit
Vanderhoef, Cora May (William Henry), b. 1875, d. 1935, Plot 1--24, --(m)09-08-1897, d/o Alfred C.Jennings & Arvilla C.Thompson, b.Springvale, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Vanderhoef, Cornelious (Sarah Astile), d. 05-12-1875, Plot 1--24, --(m)03-24-1847, Age 45yr 15da, Mason
Vanderhoef, Emma V. (Guy Alfred), b. 07-17-1900, d. 12-12-1977, Plot 4--67, --full dates from Lester Ludwig
Vanderhoef, Guy Alfred (Emma V.), b. 09-24-1898, d. 01-12-1963, Plot 4--67, --dates from Lester Ludwig
Vanderhoef, Infant, d. 10-31-1956, Plot 1--24
Vanderhoef, James F. Sr. (Clara A. Blystone), b. 02-01-1928, d. 04-09-2000, Plot 4--21, --Korea, Sgt US Army, (m)10-07-1950, s/o Guy A. & Emma V.Cripps Vanderhoef, see obit
Vanderhoef, Sarah (Cornelious), b. 07-15-1829, d. 08-22-1896, Plot 1--24, --Age 67yr 1mo 17da, d/o William & Sarah Astell, b.England, d.Springvale, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Vanderhoef, Stanley Roy, b. 02-02-1960, d. 11-02-2000, Plot 4--21, --s/o James F.& Clara Vanderhoef
Vanderhoef, William Henry (Cora Mae Jennings), b. 06-12-1857, d. 11-19-1939, Plot 1--24, --(m)09-08-1897, s/o Cornelius & Sarah Vanderhoef, b.Springvale, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Vandre, Edwin W. (Minnie H.), b. 1908, d. 05-22-1972, Plot 5--17, --Decot infant on this stone, see obit
Vandre, Minnie H. (Edwin W.), b. 1911, d. 12-14-1992, Plot 5--17, --Decot infant on this stone
Vestrem, Anna Marie Johnson Stromer (Samuel), b. 1862, d. 11-00-1928, Plot 2--210, --Mother, see obit
Vestrem, Samuel (Anna M.), b. 1869, d. 1943, Plot 2--210, --Father
Vick, Frank J. (Lucille Lyster), b. 1898, d. 12-28-1977, Plot 4--65/72, --funeral date, see obit
Vick, Lena A. (Martin William), b. 1901, d. 12-13-1960, Plot 4--65/72, --see obit
Vick, Martin William (Lena A. Pomplum), b. 01-12-1900, d. 11-01-1984, Plot 4--65/72, --full dates from Lester Ludwig, see obit
VonAhsen, Barbara J. (Virgil V.), b. 12-24-1932, Plot 5--87, --(m)10-23-1954, Nee Jackovich
VonAhsen, Virgil V. (Barbara Jackovich), b. 08-15-1931, d. 02-27-2010, Plot 5--87, --Korea, U.S.Army, (m)10-23-1954, s/o William & Anna Newkirk VonAhnsen, see obit
Walker, Charles L. (Emma), b. 1897, d. 06-25-1977, Plot 2--213?--see obit
Walker, Charles (Mary E.), b. 11-21-1834, d. 02-16-1902, Plot 1--41, --GAR, Sgt Co B 7th Reg WI Vol Inf Iron Brig, Father, (m)11-21-1865
Walker, Clara A. (Marion C.), b. 1864, d. 1930, Plot 2--188, --Mother
Walker, Dorothy E. (#1 Marland V. Walker & #2 Cecil Hendricks), b. 12-30-1934, d. 07-02-2009, Plot 5--88, -- (m2)07-09-1983, d/o Clarence & Clara Krier Nordness, see obit for Dorothy Hendricks
Walker, Emma Lohberger (Charles L.), b. 1898, d. 04-23-1976, Plot 2--213?--see obit
Walker, Franklin H. (Jessie S.), b. 1871, d. 04-04-1934, Plot 1--132?--see obit
Walker, Gladys, b. 09-24-1895, d. 12-15-1901, Plot 1--132?--d/o F.H. & J.M. Walker
Walker, Harry B. (Nellie M. Crow), b. 1899, d. 01-18-1987, Plot 4--29, --see obit
Walker, Jessie S. (Franklin H.), b. 1875, d. 11-00-1961, Plot 1--132?--see obit
Walker, Marion C. (Clara A.), b. 1866, d. 1944, Plot 2--188
Walker, Marland V. (1st h/o Dorothy E. Nordness), b. 1931, d. 05-14-1982, Plot 5--88, --Korea, see obit
Walker, Mary E. (Charles), b. 04-20-1843, d. 12-27-1916, Plot 1--41, --Mother, (m)11-21-1865, Nee Scott, b.England, d.Chicago, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Walker, Nellie M. Crowe (Harry B.), b. 1901, d. 11-15-1989, Plot 4--29, --see obit
Walker, Norris J. (Violet Skinner), b. 1904, d. 01-15-1944, Plot 2--188, --see obit
Walker, Orin Francis, b. 1902, d. 04-20-1925, Plot 2--188, --s/o Marion C.Walker, see obit
Walker, Warren, b. 1906, d. 1906, Plot 2--188
Wall, Donald L. (Edna L.), b. 1917, d. 12-22-1979, Plot 5--29, --see obit
Wall, Edna L. Anderson (Donald L.), b. 1916, d. 12-11-1988, Plot 5--29, --see obit
Walsh, Opal, b. 11-20-1900, d. 04-13-1978, Plot 1--74, --Nee Stevens
Walters, Herbert F. "Herb" (Lucille F. Denure), b. 07-05-1907, d. 05-23-2000, Plot 5--113, --Veteran
Walters, Lucille F. (Herbert F.), b. 07-27-1913, d. 04-03-2000, Plot 5--113, --d/o Guy & May Edna Berkvam Denure, info from Lester Ludwig
Walters, Patricia M. (Robert Earl), b. 07-04-1935, d. 02-12-1982, Plot 5--113
Walters, Robert Earl (Patricia M.), b. 10-08-1933, d. 04-30-1994, Plot 5--113, --Capt US Marine Corp
Waters, Jane E. (John J.), b. 04-12-1858, d. 09-14-1908, Plot 1--95, --Mother
Waters, John J. (Jane E.), b. 01-30-1858, d. 11-09-1942, Plot 1--95, --Father
Webb, Jane (M. W.), d. 02-23-1870, 66yr old, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty.Death Records
Webber, Catherine (Michael), d. 07-15-1893, Plot 1--157, --Age 75yr
Webber, Michael (Catherine), d. 12-02-1898, Plot 1--157, --Age 80yr, b.Germany
Weichmann, Evan, b. 07-06-1934, Plot 3--73
Weichmann, Jean, b. 06-24-1917, Plot 3--73
Wendt, Dorothy M. (Walter C.), b. 10-05-1912, d. 01-03-2006, Plot 5--84, --d/o Melvin & Nellie Hugget Neesam, (m)04-27-1935, dates & info from obituary
Wendt, Walter C. (Dorothy M. Neesam), b. 1912, d. 02-01-1985, Plot 5--84, --(m)04-27-1935, see obit
Westrem, Samuel Elas Erickson (Anna Marie Stromer), b. 01-12-1860, d. 04-14-1930, see obit
Wetlaufer, Mary T. (Wayne W.), b. 04-27-1926, d. 01-14-2002, Plot 5--104, --WW II, Nee Bell, see obit
Wetlaufer, Wayne W. (Mary T.), b. 07-18-1913, d. 11-05-1998, Plot 5--104, --WW II, TEC 5 US Army, Pharmacist?
Weyant, Daniel J. H., b. 05-05-1860, d. 07-08-1862, Plot 1--40
Weyant, Grant, b. 11-25-1868, d. 09-16-1879, Plot 1--40
Weyant, John J. (Sarah E.), b. 01-18-1827, d. 09-01-1910, Plot 1--40
Weyant, Rocksey Lenney, b. 01-17-1858, d. 07-14-1862, Plot 1--40
Weyant, Sarah E. (John J.), b. 08-03-1837, d. 08-13-1911, Plot 1--40
Wheel, John (Mary Good), b. 08-05-1815, d. 07-14-1887, Plot 1--96, --(m)02-13-1856, Age 71yr 11mo 9da, Father, b.South Wales, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Wheel, Mary Good (John), b. 06-06-1820, d. 06-01-1902, Plot 1--96, --(m)02-13-1856, Mother, 81yr11mo25da old, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Rec's
Wheeler, Mary Martin, b. 1869, d. 1947, Plot 1--19, --Nee Martin
White, Donald L. (Shirley B. James), b. 06-22-1922, d. 01-11-1976, Plot 5--47, --WW II, Pvt US Army, see obit
White, Shirley B. (Donald L.), b. 1925, Plot 5--47
Whitmarsh, Silas, b. 1789, d. 09-26-1857, Plot 1--60 area, --Veteran, wrong flag holder, 68yr old
Wilds, Selmer C. "Sam" (Arlene Zabel), b. 07-18-1920, d. 07-27-2004, Veteran from list, dates from ssdi & obit in Portage newspaper
Wilkinson, Allen, d. 1868, E1/4, --couldn't find stone in 2006, buried in 2010
Wilkinson, Unknown, E1/4, --couldn't find stone in 2006
Wilkinson, Unknown Father, E1/4, --couldn't find stone in 2006, buried in 2010
Willard, Eliza (G. W.), b. 12-23-1811, d. 06-04-1893, Plot 1--26, --b.NH, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Willard, G. W. (Eliza), b. 1809, d. 1878, Plot 1--26
Willard, Henry, b. 1852, d. 1878, Plot 1--26
Williams Family stone, Plot 1-100 area, --Nellie, James S, Nettie, Jessie, Jessie
Williams, Caroline (George), b. 1855, d. 1934, Plot 1--109, --Mother
Williams, Charles, b. 1855, d. 1915, Plot 1--7
Williams, Eleanor, Plot 1--7, --child, with Elmore stone
Williams, Elizabeth, b. 1826, d. 1914, Plot 1--7
Williams, Ella/Ellis E. Depuy (John G.), b. 1864, d. 11-04-1939, Plot 1--100, --see obit
Williams, Elmore, d. 01-29-1861, Plot 1--7, --son, with Eleanor stone, very hard to read laying down stone, 11mo 2wk old
Williams, Emmergene M. Rose (John), b. 04-07-1840, d. 11-02-1906, Plot 1--18, --(m)04-17-1859, d/o John & Margaret M.Petrie Rose, contributed information
Williams, George (Caroline), b. 1851, d. 1934, Plot 1--109, --Father
Williams, Infant son, b. 02-25-1888, d. 02-28-1888, s/o James & Nettie Williams, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Williams, James Davis (Hannah)-wife survives at time of his death, b. 12-15-1822, d. 12-01-1900, Plot 1--7, --b.England, d.Rio, info per Lester Ludwig from Col.Cty Death Records
Williams, James S. (Nellie & Nettie), b. 1853, d. 07-00-1929, Plot 1--100 area, --Mason, see obit
Williams, Jessie, b. 1874, d. 1886, Plot 1--100 area, --data from obit index, maybe s/o James & Nellie Williams, see stone
Williams, Jessie, b. 1891, d. 1895, Plot 1--100 area, --data from obit index, maybe s/o james & Nettie Williams, see stone
Williams, John G. (Ella E.), b. 1865, d. 1938, Plot 1--100
Williams, John (Emmergene M.), b. 09-09-1832, d. 12-12-1913, Plot 1--18, --GAR, Father
Williams, Mark, b. 1867, d. 1924, Plot 1--7
Williams, Nellie (James S.), b. 1851, d. 1875, Plot 1--100 area
Williams, Nettie (James S.), b. 1868, d. 03-02-1950, Plot 1--100 area, --see obit
Williams, Robert L., b. 02-14-1887, d. 03-04-1898, Plot 1--109
Williams, Thomas W. (Vicki L. Goodenough), b. 01-12-1938, d. 06-20-2001, Plot 5--74, --see obit
Williams, Vicki L. Goodenough (Thomas W.), b. 06-08-1953, Plot 5--74
Williams, W., d. 07-07-1850, Plot 1--102, --On Isaac & Sarah Rarick stone, 36yr 8mo old
Williams, W. W., b. 1870, d. 1932, Plot 1--7
Winfield, Samuel, first buried in Ohio Cemetery
Winters, Sarah E., b. 10-19-1815, d. 03-24-1907, section 1--18 maybe
Wismar, Dale (Sharon Lang), b. 05-25-1951, d. 02-26-2012, Vietnam, US Armys/o Floyd & Anna Hefron Erik, see obit
Wohlfeil, Carol A. (Gerald C. Sr.), b. 12-14-1951, d. 02-13-1996, Plot 5--13, --Nee Chase, (m)12-27-1969
Wohlfeil, Gerald C. Sr. (Carol A.), b. 06-03-1938, d. 02-23-2012, Plot 5--13, --US Air Force, (m)12-27-1969, s/o Carl & Meta Wohlfeil, see obit
Wolvin, Alice L. Peck (John A.), b. 1894, d. 07-29-1982, Plot 2--198, --WW II, see obit
Woodford, Celia M., b. 12-20-1857, d. 12-28-1925, Plot 1--121, --d/o William & Lydia Woodford
Woodford, Charles A. (Phebe A.), b. 1846, d. 1918, Plot 2--218
Woodford, Dora E. (Harry W.), b. 1879, d. ;07-19-1962, Plot 2--218, --see obit
Woodford, Harry W. (Dora E.), b. 1886, d. 05-21-1940, Plot 2--218, --see obit
Woodford, Lydia L. (William), d. 11-13-1904, Plot 1--121, --Age 80yr 9mo 25da, Mother
Woodford, Phebe A. (Charles A.), b. 1853, d. 1918, Plot 2--218
Woodford, William (Lydia L.), b. 12-06-1819, d. 08-18-1891, Plot 1--121, --Age 71yr 8mo 12da, Father
Woodhead, Carrie Alice (Charles F.), b. 05-29-1867, d. 05-01-1904, Plot 1--24, --(m)12-19-1888, d/o Cornelius & Sarah Vanderhoef, b.Springvale, d.SD, info per L.Ludwig, see obit
Woods, Windell O. (Patricia Itzen), b. 08-17-1921, d. 06-15-1987, Plot 5--83, --WW II & Korea, Maj USAF, see obit
Wraaman, Sarah Etta Dunlap (W. W.)--d. MN, b. 09-18-1859, d. 03-17-1915, Plot 1--129, --(m)02-03-1878, d/o Nathan Draper & Harriet Dowd Dunlap, 55y5m29d, info per Lester Ludwig
Wylesky, Gloria M. (Joseph F.), b. 08-17-1935, Plot 3--10, --(m)12-12-1953, Nee Griswold
Wylesky, Joseph F. "Joe" (Gloria M. Griswold), b. 09-17-1933, d. 12-05-2005, Plot 3--10, --(m)12-12-1953, see obit
Yonkee, Fred (Margaret), b. 1881, d. 1966, Plot 3--20, --Father
Yonkee, Margaret (Fred), b. 1890, d. 02-00-1947, Plot 3--20, --Mother, see obit
Yonkee, Merna Irene, b. 04-10-1910, d. 12-08-2004, Plot 3--20, --d/o Fred & Margaret Olrick Yonkee, obit
Zechel, Gustav R., b. 1889, d. 1945, Plot 1--10, --s/o Henry B.& Johanna Zechel
Zechel, Henry B. (Johanna), b. 1857, d. 1917, Plot 1--10
Zechel, Johanna (Henry B.), b. 07-04-1865, d. 12-10-1905, Plot 1--10

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