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Newport Lutheran Church Cemetery
Wisconsin Dells, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.597331, -89.698721

State Highway 16 & Peterson Rd
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

Published: September 30, 2016
Total records: 960


Newport Lutheran Church Cemetery was established in 1849. It is located in Newport Township, Columbia County, WI, Highway 16 at Peterson Road between Portage and Wisconsin Dells.

Cemetery Records

Tombstone transcription by Portage River Crossing Environmental Charter school, 7th & 8th grade students, Sept. 2005--with help from Ray & Hazel Rogers. Thank you to Sexton Paul Gregerson for allowing me to look over the church record books. Transcribed names are alphabetized. Typed and organized by Anna Mae Axness. Some Veteran info from Betty Cook's files.

??, Karen
, Plot 1--20, unmarked grave
Aannerod, Olaf, b. 05-03-1802, d. 02-27-1880, ---stone is very hard to read, on Andrews tall stone
Abraham, Olson Kammerfos, d. 12-01-1876, maybe in 1--15, unmarked grave
Abrahamson, Abraham Sigval, d. 03-02-1873, 5yr, unmarked grave
Abrahamson, Edward, Plot 1--15, unmarked grave
Anchor, Agnes C. (Stacy J.), b. 1906, d. 04-02-1992, Plot 1--25, ---d/o August Anderson
Anchor, Stacy J. (Agnes C.), b. 1909, d. 08-30-1978, Plot 1--25, ---age 69yr old
Andersdatter, Guri Tomine, d. 10-16-1864, Plot 1--??, 19wk, unmarked grave
Andersdtr, Johanna, b. Newport, d. 01-03-1869, Plot 1--??, 3da, unmarked grave
Andersen, Elsie Dorthea (Rudolph M), b. 1910, d. 12-04-1980, --- age 70yr old, nee Michaelsen, see obit
Andersen, Hans O. (Mathilda), b. 1864, d. 1934, Plot 2--21, ---Father, maybe Anderson, b. Denmark
Andersen, Henry O. (Esther Christensen), b. 04-21-1892, d. 09-07-1972, Sm.Add., ---WW I, Pvt US Army, Wisconsin, see obit
Andersen, Mathilda (Hans O.), b. 1866, d. 02-24-1937, Plot 2--21, ---Mother, maybe Anderson, b. Denmark
Andersen, Olie D., b. 1814, d. 11-14-1905, ---maybe Anderson, b. Denmark
Andersen, Rudolph Mike (Elsie Dorthea Michaelsen), b. 1904, d. 04-13-1973, ---age 69yr old, see obit
Anderson, Adolph Sylvester, d. 10-02-1891, ---s/o Anderson, very old hard to read stone, 8mo
Anderson, Alfred S., b. 01-09-1907, d. 02-10-1907, ---last name assumed, could be Peterson
Anderson, Alice---infant, Plot 1--21, ---d/o Paul Anderson
Anderson, Andrew (Mary Hanson), b. 1859, d. 01-11-1940, Plot 1--4, ---Father, b. Newport, 80yr 15da old
Anderson, Andrew H., b. 1863, d. 02-02-1923, Plot 1--21, ---Son, s/o Paul & Ingeborg Anderson
Anderson, Andrew Robert--infant, b. 11-07-1996, d. 11-07-1996, Plot 4--28, ---s/o Robert H. & Laurie Anderson
Anderson, Andrew Sr. (Anne), b. 04-25-1825, d. 05-11-1904, Plot 1--23, ---b. Norway
Anderson, Anna Osterholt, d. 05-21-1874, 41yr, unmarked grave
Anderson, Anne (Andrew), b. 02-09-1841, d. 08-18-1915, Plot 1--23, ---on stone with Andrew Anderson
Anderson, Anne P. (Peder), b. 01-01-1826, d. 01-24-1898, Plot 1--5, ---Mother, b. Norway
Anderson, August W. (Jennie O.), b. 1869, d. 09-17-1953, Plot 4--9, ---age 83+yrs
Anderson, Bennie (Emma A.), b. 1887, d. 04-29-1953, ---age 65yr, hanged by rope
Anderson, Betsy "Bessie" (Christian), b. 1853, d. 03-14-1936, Plot 4--15, ---Mother
Anderson, Brad, d. 02-26-1962, ---"Our Baby, " 18hr old, s/o Leroy
Anderson, Business Peter O. lot, d. 09-29-1867, Plot 1--??, 2wk, Lars?, unmarked grave
Anderson, Carl N. (Nettie A.), b. 1890, d. 09-24-1990
Anderson, Carol G. (Russel S.), b. 05-09-1918, d. 07-21-2014, ---(m)12-17-1938, d/o Ole & Emma Gregerson
Anderson, Christian (Bessie), b. 1856, d. 04-03-1927, Plot 4--21, ---Father, b. Denmark
Anderson, Clifford Gustave (Gertrude C. "Peggy" Schwab), b. 11-09-1923, d. 03-02-1998, Plot 2--6, ---WW II, MOMM2 US Navy, s/o Henry & Hazel Grossman Anderson
Anderson, Cora, b. 1893, d. 08-05-1914, Plot 1--4, ---on stone with Mother and Father Andrew
Anderson, David Chester, b. 09-15-1942, d. 04-24-1943, Plot 1--2, ---s/o Harry & Lillian Anderson, b. Newport
Anderson, Donald Arnold (Stella A.), b. 06-12-1935, d. 05-05-2002, Plot 1--9, ---Korea, SP3 US Army, Husband
Anderson, Edith M. (2nd w/o Robert), b. 08-19-1924, d. 09-28-2001, Plot 1--23, ---d/o Ole & Emma Gregerson
Anderson, Emma A. (Bennie), b. 06-02-1894, d. 07-08-1992, Plot 4--28N½, ---Nee Mielke
Anderson, Esther lot, d. 01-00-1964, Plot 1--??, 3 mo, unmarked grave
Anderson, Fern M. (1st w/o Robert L), b. 1917, d. 01-05-1966, Plot 2--23, ---Nee Hammon, 48yr 28da old
Anderson, Fred I. (Mayme O.Nelson), b. 1886, d. 07-18-1974, ---age 88yr old, see obit
Anderson, Gertrude C. "Peggy" (Clifford Gustave), b. 1925, d. 2006, Plot 2--6, --nee Schwab
Anderson, Gladys, b. 1901, d. 02-23-1992, Plot 1--25N½, ---d/o August Anderson
Anderson, Gordon L. (Lola E.), b. 03-03-1915, d. 05-21-1988, Plot 1--10, ---s/o Theodore & Marie Peterson Anderson
Anderson, Harry (Lillian I.), b. 02-04-1903, d. 09-26-1978, ---Father, 75yr old, obit says wife's name is Stella
Anderson, Hazel A. (Henry O.), b. 1900, d. 03-23-1993, Plot 2--6
Anderson, Helen, b. 09-24-1877, d. 03-21-1901, Plot 2--2, ---Nee Lewis
Anderson, Henry O (Hazel A.), b. 1889, d. 05-01-1980, ---WW I, 90yr old
Anderson, Infant Son, d. 1922, ---s/o Fred I. & Mayme O. Anderson
Anderson, Infant s/o Ole & Martha, Plot 1--23, unmarked grave
Anderson, Ingeborg (Paul), b. 1835, d. 01-09-1917, Plot 1--13 or maybe 1--21, ---age 82yr old, Mother
Anderson, Ingrid Marie, b. 08-19-1970, d. 12-26-2011, d/o Robert & Edith Gregerson Anderson, see obit
Anderson, Jennie Olette (August W.), b. 1876, d. 04-28-1952, Plot 4--9, ---Nee Knuteson, 75yr old
Anderson, Jorgen, d. 11-06-1866, Plot 2--8, 12hr., unmarked grave
Anderson, Joseph Paul lot, d. 02-00-1864, Plot 1--??, 6wk, unmarked grave
Anderson, Josephine I. (Norris), b. 1901, d. 09-01-1994, Plot 4--27, ---d/o Ole & Julia Helley
Anderson, Judy Ann, b. 1942, d. 11-12-1942, Plot 1, --9, ---4mo old, b. Newport, stone hard to read, d/o Raymond W.& Shirley N.Anderson
Anderson, Karen Marie, b. 12-06-1939, pictures, d/o Russell & Carol Anderson
Anderson, Kathryn E., b. 03-06-1951, pictures, sister on stone with Shawn W.Anderson
Anderson, Lafayette, b. 1858, d. 1886, Plot 1--21, ---s/o Paul & Ingeborg Anderson
Anderson, Lillian I. (Harry), b. 06-20-1906, d. 05-25-1957, Plot 2--1S½, ---Mother
Anderson, Lola Emily (Gordon L.), b. 1921, d. 07-28-1986, Plot 1--9N½, ---d/o Paul Hill
Anderson, Mainert Henry (Leona), b. 02-02-1922, d. 06-17-2013, WW II, US Army, PFC, s/o Henry & Hazel Grossman Anderson, see obit, wife is buried in Calvary Cemetery, see obit
Anderson, Marie E. (Theodore), b. 1884, d. 05-19-1940, Plot 1--23, ---Mother, Nee Mollie Peterson
Anderson, Mary E., b. 1908, d. 01-09-1937, Plot 1--9, ---Mother, Nee Leege?
Anderson, Mary Hanson (Andrew), b. 1862, d. 03-27-1930, Plot 1--4, ---Mother
Anderson, Mary Jane, b. 1933, d. 1933, Plot 4--27, ---b. Newport
Anderson, Mayme O. (Fred I.), b. 1888, d. 05-24-1974, ---nee Nelson, age 85yr old
Anderson, Mildred, b. 1903, d. 1905, ---Infant
Anderson, Myrle Hermann, b. 06-11-1909, d. 05-17-1984, Plot 3--7, ---b. Tilden WI, d. Baraboo WI
Anderson, Nettie A. (Carl N.), b. 1894, d. 10-10-1975, ---Nee Lueck, 81yr
Anderson, Norris (Josephine I.), b. 05-07-1901, d. 07-11-1985, Plot 4--27, ---age 84yr old
Anderson, Paul (Ingeborg), b. 10-13-1818, d. 10-03-1882, Plot 1--21, ---Father, Nettland farm name, 64yr old
Anderson, Peder (Anne), b. 04-19-1819, d. 01-14-1894, Plot 1--5, ---Father, 74+yr old, Stomne
Anderson, Raymond Wilmer (Shirley N.), b. 07-31-1917, d. 01-10-1987, Plot 1--9, ---(m)10-12-1940, s/o Theodore & Marie
Anderson, Robert Leonard (Fern M.), b. 07-31-1917, d. 10-30-1996, Plot 1--23, ---Triplet s/o Thoedore & Marie
Anderson, Russel Stanley (Carol G.), b. 1917, d. 05-10-1977, ---(m)12-17-1938
Anderson, Shawn W., b. 08-15-1948, Brother, on stone with Kathryn E.Anderson
Anderson, Shirley N. (Raymond W.), b. 05-25-1922, d. 07-27-2008, Plot 1--9, ---(m)10-12-1940, so Charles & Hazel Pollock Domske, see obit
Anderson, Stella A. (Donald A.), b. 09-27-1936, Plot 1--9, ---Wife, Ch: Mary Ann & Jean
Anderson, Sylvester--infant, Plot 1--23, s/o Thomas & Carrie Anderson, unmarked grave
Anderson, Teman/Timan, b. 1878, d. 05-14-1903, Plot 1--21, ---s/o Paul & Ingeborg Anderson, dates on stone are 1878-1902
Anderson, Terrell Lee, b. 05-14-1947, d. 04-03-1991, Plot 3--10, ---Vietnam, SSGT US Air Force, s/o Virginia & William Anderson, cremation
Anderson, Theodore (Marie E.), b. 1878, d. 08-21-1954, Plot 1--23, ---Father
Anderson, Tori, Plot 1--13, unmarked grave
Anderson, Virginia M. (William N.), b. 02-26-1923, d. 09-11-1994, Plot 3--10, ---d/o William & Helen Peterson Poppie
Anderson, Vivian Katheryn (Wallace), b. 1918, d. 09-11-1963, Plot 4--13, ---nee Oeftger
Anderson, Wallace B. (Vivian K.Oeftger), b. 09-08-1919, d. 07-20-2002, Plot 5--13, ---s/o Carl & Nettie Anderson
Anderson, William N. (Virginia M.), b. 08-29-1922, Plot 3--10, ---"Billie"
Anderson, or Nelson, ---Mother and Baby, no dates, double entry
Anderson/Peterson stone, ---Peder, Anne & Alfred Anderson, Peter Peterson
Andrews, Caroline--Mrs., b. 1851, d. 05-24-1914, Plot 2--14
Andrews, Isaac, b. 1879, d. 10-02-1923, Plot 2--14
Andrews, Karen O. Underud, d. 02-04-1896, 87 3/4yr, unmarked grave
Andrews, Martin, b. 1850, d. 02-02-1940, Plot 2--14, ---b. Newport, 89yr 9mo old, fire
Andrews, Ole Underrud, d. 02-00-1889, 86yr, unmarked grave
Apeland, Ingeborg Torjesdatter (Ole), b. 11-14-1814, d. 01-15-1886, Plot 2--8, ---Immigrated Kristeansand Stif Norway 04-22-1852
Apeland, Kare Thorine, b. 02-22-1851, d. 07-01-1854, Plot 2--8, ---age 3yr old
Apeland, Ole Jenson (Ingeborg T.), b. 01-02-1809, d. 12-07-1895, Plot 2--8, ---Immigrated Kristeansand Stif Norway 04-22-1852
Apland, Kari Olsdatter, b. Norway, d. 07-01-1854?, Plot 2--12, 3½yr, unmarked grave
Armson, Alice M. (Ralph W.), b. 06-22-1938, ---(m)06-28-1958, son Karl Andus Armson
Armson, Englebret/Engelbrert N., b. 1851, d. 03-01-1932, Plot 1--1, ---Uncle, b.Newport
Armson, Mary (Ole), b. 01-07-1825, d. 10-30-1893, Plot 1--1, ---Book says d.10-30-1896
Armson, Ole (Mary), b. 01-25-1815, d. 11-22-1879, Plot 1--1, ---Book says b. 06-17-1815
Armson, Ralph W. (Alice M.), b. 07-09-1935, ---(m)06-28-1958, son Karl Andus Armson
Aslaksdatter, Bertha Christena, d. 07-12-1865, Plot 1--17, 34yr, Ole Olson lot, unmarked grave
Auck, Gary H., b. 10-19-1950, d. 06-20-1975, Plot 2--?, ---Vietnam, SA US Navy, s/o Leon Auck, obit
Auck, Larry, b. 1951, d. 03-20-1953, Plot 2--7S½, ---on stone with Marvin Auck, s/o Leon G.& Lydia Auck
Auck, LeRoy Harold (Vicki L.Barton), b. 02-17-1942, d. 04-09-2004, Plot 3--47, ---Vietnam, Sgt US Army, Bronze Star, s/o Leon & Lydia Auck, see obit
Auck, Leon Gottlieb (Lydia Sullivan), b. 01-26-1915, d. 12-01-2000, Plot 2--6
Auck, Lydia Sullivan (Leon Gottlieb), b. 11-05-1917, d. 09-26-1995, Plot 2--6, ---see obit
Auck, Marvin, b. 1937, d. 09-00-1954, Plot 2--7S½, ---on stone with Larry Auck, 16yr old, s/o Leon & Lydia Auck, see obit
Auck, Rosa (Carl L.Sr.), b. 05-21-1894, d. 11-01-1961, Sm.Add., ---obit says nee Auck and married Siedscklag, see Rosa Auck Siedschlag
Auck, Vicki L.Barton (LeRoy Harold), b. 1960
Austin, Marlea Marie (#1James Piekarski, #2Jerry Austin), b. 02-17-1944, d. 09-11-2015, (m)June 1970, d/o Gerald &I Florence Anderson Oeftger, see obit
Backhaus, Carl John (Karen Garlock), b. 06-14-1945, d. 06-25-2015, (m)1975, s/o Preston & Ruth Backhaus, is he buried here? His parents are here
Backhaus, Preston (Ruth), b. 1913, d. 09-17-1998, Plot 3--11
Backhaus, Ruth (Preston), b. 1916, d. 11-12-1998, Plot 3--11
Baker, Agnes Hansen-Mrs., b. 1890, d. 07-23-1915, Plot 1--12, ---see obit
Baker, Victor, b. 08-27-1887, d. 12-12-1906, Plot 1--12, ---no dates on stone
Baldwin, Paul E.Jr. (Marlene Schwarzel), b. 12-13-1923, d. 04-17-2007, --WW II, Korea, Vietnam, US Navy & SFC US Army, b.Connecticut, s/o Paul E.& Helen Hanford Baldwin Sr., (m)05-21-1953, see obit
Barrier, Frances Mae (Frank), b. 10-20-1920, d. 01-30-2012, (m)02-1946, d/o Fred & Mayme Nelson Anderson, see obit, stone?
Baumgartner, Cynthia Jo Erickson (Harvey), b. 07-28-1952, d. 01-14-2004, Sm.Add, --(m)1976, see Cyndee Jo Erickson, d/o Irvin & Marcell J. McGowan Erickson, see obit
Belton, Gertrude E. (Grover Edward), b. 09-21-1906, d. 06-22-2003, ---d/o Hans O.Sr. & Emma Kettleson Helland, see obit, stone?
Belton, Grover E. (Gertrude E.Helland), b. 1893, d. 09-17-1972, ---age 79yr old, see obit, stone?
Berg, Anna (Eric), b. 1872, d. 12-31-1936, Plot 4--7, ---b. Newport, 67yr 6m 26d old
Berg, Annie/Andrea Gunhild (Peter), b. 1870, d. 02-21-1945, Plot 4--10, ---Wife, nee Knutson, 75y 5m 9d old
Berg, Eric (Anna), b. 1863, d. 11-15-1946, Plot 4--7, ---82yr 4mo old
Berg, Jens Helmer, d. 11-26-1895, 14mo, unmarked grave
Berg, Peter/Peder (Annie), b. 04-19-1871, d. 06-25-1918, Plot 4--15, ---Husband
Berlin, Elaine A. (LeRoy), b. 03-13-1930, d. 08-16-1954, Plot 5--4N½, ---Nee Halverson
Beruldson, Knud Nilson, d. 01-31-1890, 66yr , unmarked grave
Billings, Ruth Marie, b. 10-27-1911, d. 04-14-1918
Bjorgaas, Johan Johnson-Rev., b. 11-05-1856, d. 02-11-1884, Plot 2--13
Blockhaus, Karl Korlinson, d. 11-24-1887, 7yr, unmarked grave
Blockhus, Marie Eversdtr, d. 12-31-1889, 56 3/4yr, unmarked grave
Blockhus, Ole Nilson, b. Norway, d. 03-27-1898, 74yr, unmarked grave
Bogh, Edmund Arne (Marjorie Ruth), b. 1908, d. 02-22-1985, Plot 2--3N½, ---s/o Niels & Maren Bogh, (m)1932
Bogh, Helen C. (Laurence Jens), b. 1909, d. 06-13-1997, Plot 3--4, ---Mom, (m)10-12-1940, Nee Anderson
Bogh, Laurence Jens (Helen C.), b. 08-29-1914, d. 11-26-2000, Plot 3--4, ---Dad, (m)10-12-1940, s/o Neils & Maren Bogh
Bogh, Maren (Niels), b. 1883, d. 04-25-1956, Plot 5--5N½, ---Mother
Bogh, Marjorie Ruth (Edmund Arne), b. 1909, d. 06-15-1951, Plot 2--3, ---Nee Zeitz, (m)1932
Bogh, Marvin, b. 1919, d. 1935, Plot 5--5N½, ---b.Wisconsin
Bogh, Niels (Maren Jorgensen), b. 1880, d. 02-10-1950, Plot 5--5N½, ---Father, 69y 10m 3d old, see obit
Borgen, Emilie, b. 1863, d. 10-24-1888, ---age 26yr old
Borgen, Susanne, b. 1862, d. 04-23-1895, ---Mother, 32yr old
Borgen, Wilhelm Ferdanand, b. 1889, d. 04-01-1890, ---age 7mo old
Borkowski, Gloria J. (Joseph Frank), b. 12-26-1937, ---(m)02-16-1947, d/o Edmund A.& Marjorie R.Bogh
Borkowski, Joseph Frank (Gloria Bogh), b. 02-26-1930, d. 09-16-2010, ---(m)02-16-1957, s/o Jospeh & Hedwiga Szablewski Borkowski, see obit & stone
Brown, Mathilda Amanda (William C), b. 1891, d. 02-20-1962, Plot 5--2, ---Mother, 70yr old
Brown, William Carl (Mathilda A.), b. 1882, d. 1934, Plot 5--2, ---Father
Brownell, Laura, b. 1896, d. 09-24-1927, ---Nee Nordbloom?
Brunn, Elizabeth A. (Herbert H.), b. 07-10-1938, pictures, (m)03-19-1961
Brunn, Herbert H. (Elizabeth A.), b. 01-22-1935, pictures, (m)03-19-1961
Busness, Peder Olson, b. Norway, d. 11-05-1916, Plot 5--2???, d. Wyocena, unmarked grave
Busness, Peter, Plot 5--2, is this Peder Olson Busness, d.1916?, unmarked grave
Carlson, Andrew, b. 1891, d. 01-21-1961, ---age 69yr old
Christensdr, Annie/Anne, b. Norway, d. 10-18-1869, Plot 1--??, 11mo, unmarked grave
Christensdr, Karren, b. Norway, d. 08-14-1870, Plot 1--??, 59yr, unmarked grave
Christensen, Aste/Aasla, d. 05-03-1889, Plot 4--25 73½yr, disinterred, book 2 pg 66, unmarked grave
Christensen, George A. (Gladys M.), b. 02-12-1894, d. 02-08-1975, Plot 5--5, ---WW I, Sgt US Army, George Alvin, 80yr
Christensen, Gladys M. (George A.), b. 04-29-1900, d. 09-25-1982, Plot 5--5S½, ---age 82yr old
Christenson, Mrs. Martha, d. 12-17-1917, unmarked grave
Christianson, Bertha-Nee Ingebretson, b. 08-01-1835, d. 05-27-1897, Plot 5--1, ---Next to Anders Englebretson, Mother Berthe Englebretson on stone
Christianson, Knute, b. 08-25-1843, d. 11-04-1906, Plot 4--15, ---b. Norway, Killed by train, 61yr old
Christianson, Martha, Plot 4--15 repeated above Sep. 1872 maybe, unmarked grave
Christopharson, Ann Maria (Nels), b. 12-12-1818, d. 04-09-1894, Plot 1--11
Christopharson, Bell (Ole), b. 02-19-1857, d. 09-18-1907, Plot 1--11
Christopharson, Nels (Ann Maria), b. 02-13-1809, d. 03-31-1893, Plot 1--11
Christopharson, Ole (Bell), b. 01-04-1861, d. 03-12-1914, Plot 1--11, ---b. Norway
Christopharson, Sebina, b. 10-12-1857, d. 12-21-1894, Plot 2--17, ---Mother
Christopherson, Clarra, b. 04-30-1878, d. 11-10-1882, Plot 2--17, ---on stone with Oscar, next to Sebina
Christopherson, Nels (Vannetta Liessman), b. 1876, d. 06-02-1960, Plot 1--11, ---farm name Vosje, see obit
Christopherson, Oscar C., b. 1883, d. 10-31-1970, ---age 87yr old
Christopherson, Oscar, b. 12-29-1880, d. 11-18-1882, Plot 2--17, ---on Stone with Clarra, next to Sebina
Christopherson, Osmund Nilsen, b. 1839, d. 04-06-1876, Plot 1--11, ---GAR
Christopherson, Tena, b. 1887, d. 09-26-1975, ---age 88yr old
Christopherson, Theodore-NOT PETERSON, d. 06-11-1871, ---hard to read old stone, b.Norway, 23yr old
Christopherson, Vannetta Cecilia, b. 08-22-1899, d. 07-08-1986, Plot 2--17, ---w/o Nels, d/o Fred & Wilhemina Liessmann
Conway, Hilda Martha (Bernard), b. 09-02-1892, d. 06-25-1986, Plot 4--2, ---d/o Howard & Martha Olson
Coon, Sarah/Siverene (Harvey), d. 03-10-1890, Plot 1--4, ---Nee Hanson, 27yr old,
Crenshaw, Ira Dempsey, b. 11-29-1936, d. 04-01-1994, Plot 2--8, ---PFC US Army, "In Memory Of", cremated
Crum, Sandra Sue (Thomas Roger), b. 07-05-1954, d. 02-28-2009, (m)02-28-1976, d/o Peter & Bernadine Spatz, see obit and stone
Crum, Thomas Roger (Sandra Sue), b. 1954, (m)02-28-1976, CH: Thomas, Terri, Tonya, Timothy
Crum, William Taylor "The Duck", b. 03-01-1944, d. 03-06-2000, Plot 4--6, ---Lions Past President, "Bill", "The Duck"
Dahl, Alven Burdick, b. 06-12-1830, d. 06-27-1894, Plot 1--21, ---on stone with W.David Dahl
Dahl, David, Plot 1--21, unmarked grave
Dahl, Nora, b. 1889, d. 01-05-1909, Plot 4--26, ---on stone with Mamie Nelson
Dahl, W.David, b. 12-28-1892, d. 04-07-1894, Plot 1--21, ---on stone with Alvin B. Dahl
Davis, Anna L.Hewson (Robert M.), b. 1929, pictures, (m)05-31-1948
Davis, Michael Thomas--infant, b. 11-06-1987, d. 11-19-1987, ---s/o LaVern Davis, see obit
Davis, Robert M. "Bob" (Anna L. Hewson), b. 08-13-1928, d. 10-29-2010, (m)05-31-1948, s/o Floyd & Hazel White Davis, see obit
Dominick, Bernieta (Henry Andrew), b. 1930, ---Nee Erickson
Dominick, Henry Andrew (Bernieta), b. 05-18-1919, d. 12-04-2001, Plot 1--17, ---WW II, Pfc US Army Air Force
Dorow, Henry M. "Hank" (Lucille M.Erickson), b. 04-26-1920, d. 07-18-2001, Plot 3--13, ---(m)01-29-1944, s/o Edward H. & Marion Prouty Dorow, 6 children +b.dates on stone back, see obit
Dorow, Lucille M. (Henry M.), b. 06-11-1924, d. 03-24-2009, Plot 3--13, ---(m)01-29-1944, d/o Eric & Anna Thompson Erickson, 6 children +b.dates on stone back, obit
Edson, Edward Oliver, d. 03-23-1887, Plot 1--2, 12yr 7mo 13d, s/o O.& T. Edson, unmarked grave
Edson, Edward Olson, d. 02-09-1872, Plot 1--2, ---s/o O.& T. Edson, 6yr 2mo 19da old
Edson, Ole Everson (Thora), d. 02-23-1887, Plot 1--2, ---age 56yr old--hard to read
Edson, Thore Johansdr (Ole), d. 06-04-1879, Plot 1--2, ---maybe 47yr 5mo 14da old or 17yr?
Einertson, Ole, b. 06-30-1818, d. 01-12-1895, Plot 1--9, ---age 76yr old
Ellerson/Ellefson, Anna, d. 01-30-1873, Plot 1--2, ---age 75yr old, next to John Ellerson
Ellerson/Ellefson, John, d. 10-28-1875, Plot 1--2, ---age 8yr, hard to read, next to Anna Ellerson
Ellis, Mary Ellen (Rodger J.), b. 04-06-1939, d. 01-19-2012, (m)10-21-1961, d/o Clyde & Myrtle Ingrebretson Sturdevant, see obit
Ellis, Rodger James (Mary Ellen), b. 11-04-1931, d. 11-01-2012, US Army, PFC, (m)10-21-1961, s/o Claude & Rose Brickwell Ellis, see obit
Englebretson Berthe (Anders), b. 08-01-1835, d. 05-27-1897, Plot 5--1, --Mother, next to Anders Englebretson, see Berthe Christianson
Englebretson, Anders (Berthe), b. 03-26-1822, d. 01-12-1907, Plot 5--1, ---Next to Berthe Englebretson, Father
Englebretson, Clarence M (Dorothea), b. 1898, d. 12-16-1977, Plot 5--1, ---age 79yr old
Englebretson, Dorothea L. (Clarence), b. 1910, d. 08-14-1999, Plot 5--1, ---Dorothea Loraine Mueller,
Englebretson, Duane Hans, b. 07-07-1943, d. 12-10-1996, Plot 5--1, ---s/o Clarence & Dorothea Englebretson
Englebretson, Hans E. (Mary J.), b. 03-10-1858, d. 05-23-1934, Plot 5--1, ---b.Norway
Englebretson, Harrison E., b. 10-25-1888, d. 06-25-1922, Plot 5--1
Englebretson, Jenny/Jennie, b. 07-17-1866, d. 05-02-1959, Plot 5--1, ---b. Drumnen Norway
Englebretson, Mary J. (Hans E.), b. 02-04-1863, d. 07-22-1903, Plot 5--1
Englebretson, Percy, b. 04-08-1895, d. 09-09-1897, Plot 5--1, ---s/o Hans E. & Mary Englebretson
Ericksdatter, Ingeborg, b. Norway, d. 08-12-1856, Plot 2--12, 82yr , unmarked grave
Ericksdatter, Mari, d. 08-28-1854, Plot 2--12, 6wk, unmarked grave
Erickson, Anna V. (Erick H.), b. 01-16-1893, d. 01-10-1985, Plot 1--16
Erickson, Arnold Emery (Carol J.), b. 02-02-1919, d. 12-17-1985, Plot 3--18, ---(m)02-03-1962, eight children, s/o Eric & Anne Erickson
Erickson, Baby boy, b. stillborn, d. 03-09-1955, c/o Mr/Mrs. Irwin Erickson, unmarked grave
Erickson, Carol J. (Arnold Emery), b. 09-18-1938, Plot 3--18, ---(m)02-03-1962, eight children
Erickson, Carrie, d. 02-22-1927, Plot 1--16, unmarked grave
Erickson, Cyndee Jo, b. 07-28-1952, d. 01-13-2004, Sm.Add., ---d/o Irvin M. & Marcella J. Erickson, see Cythia Jo Baumgartner
Erickson, Erick H. (Anna V.), b. 10-07-1875, d. 06-22-1948, Plot 1--16, ---age 72yr old
Erickson, Halvor/Holver (Martha), b. 06-26-1845, d. 04-14-1922, Plot 1--16, ---Father, b. Norway
Erickson, Infant Son, d. 11-30-1953, ---s/o Irvin & Marcella Erickson
Erickson, Infant girl-stillborn, d. 08-12-1953, Plot 1--17, ---d/o K. & Elnora Erickson
Erickson, Irvin M. (Marcella J.), b. 10-23-1925, d. 10-27-2008, Sm.Add., ---WW II, US Army, (m)10-1951, s/o Erick & Anna Thompson Erickson, see obit
Erickson, Jacob, b. 1887, d. 09-14-1889, ---stone is 1887-1887. on stone with Theodore J.
Erickson, Lois B., b. 02-15-1931, d. 09-13-1996, ---Nee Monson, Cremation
Erickson, Marcella J. (Irvin M.), b. 06-13-1932, Sm.Add., ---Nee McGowan
Erickson, Martha (Halvor), b. 1852, d. 1935, Plot 1--16, ---Mother, b. Newport
Erickson, Nicholai/Nicolai, b. 1882, d. 10-02-1905, Plot 1--16, ---age 23yr old
Erickson, Osmund, b. 1878, d. 01-11-1948, Plot 1--16, --s/o Halvor Erickson, 69yr old, see obit
Erickson, Son, d. 08-17-1916, Premature birth, unmarked grave
Erickson, Theodore Jacob, b. 1890, d. 1890, ---maybe d.09-1889, stone is 1890-1890, on stone with Jacob Erickson
Erikson, Theo Jackobsa, d. 09-29-1889, 13wk, unmarked grave
Evenson, Christian (Ingeborg), b. 1820, d. 04-28-1883, Plot 2--19, ---age 63yr old
Evenson, Ingeborg (Christian), b. 1830, d. 03-22-1918, Plot 2--19
Everson, Adelbert W. (Ethel S.), b. 1908, d. 10-04-1997, Plot 1--6, ---(M)10-07-1935, Mason, stone hard to read
Everson, Ethel Sena (Adelbert W.), b. 08-14-1911, d. 08-01-2003, Plot 1--6, ---(m)10-07-1935, d/o Oscar & Jane Knuteson Nelson, Eastern Star, stone hard to read, see obit
Fadness, Lillian, b. 12-28-1862, d. 06-01-1947, Plot 1--18, ---Mother, 84yr old
Fallet, Giuldbrant L. (on stone), b. 05-22-1834, d. 12-06-1883, Plot 1--10, ---in books as Randine Hendrika Larson, next to Fallet & Larson stones, see Randine Larson.
Fallet, Randine Hendrika (Giuldbrant L.Fallet), b. 05-22-1834, d. 12-06-1883, Plot 1--10, ---in books as Randine Hendrika Larson, next to Fallet & Larson stones, see Larson.
Finstad, Lars, d. 1849, South, unmarked grave
Firari, Barbara Andersen (Harold A.), b. 1930, d. 10-20-2012, ---divorced, d/o Mike & Elsie Anderson, spelled Andreasen on stone, see obit
Firari, James Harold (Sheryl Greene)-see obit, d. 06-06-2014, Plot 55yr, (m)09-06-1980, s/o Harold & Barbara Andersen Firari, his mother is buried here. Is he buried here?
Fish, Adelaide C. (Henry Carl), b. 1899, d. 06-16-1986, Plot 3--2, ---Mother
Fish, Henry Carl (Adelaide C.), b. 05-17-1900, d. 12-11-1987, Plot 3--3, ---Father, s/o Bert & Kate Smith Fish
Fisher, Wendi Lynn, b. 05-23-1967, d. 10-18-2009, d/o Clarke & Bonita Anderson Petersen, see obit
Fitzgerald, Laura A., b. 03-20-1859, d. 04-21-1912, Plot 4--24, ---d/o John & Sophia Hanson
Fossen, Hans Osoldsen/Aasolson, b. 1797, d. 04-29-1881, Plot 1--14, ---on stone with Ranei Hansdatter & Oline Marie
Fulmer, Claire Marcella (Albert "Red"), b. 05-04-1919, d. 10-11-2004, Plot 2--12, ---WW II, Ens US Navy RN, d/o Orvill & Cora Stomner, d.South Carolina, see obit
Gabris, Albert "Al" R. (Marie Klabunde), b. 09-17-1933, d. 10-22-2013, (m)06-05-1954, s/o Rudolph & Loretta Breezer Gabris, see obit
Gabris, Marie A. (Albert R.), b. 11-04-1932, (m)06-05-1954, nee Klabunde
Gabris, Sharon Marie, b. 02-25-1957, d. 11-11-1961, Plot 1--7N½, ---Daughter, 4yr old, d/o Albert & Marie
Geeslin, Daniel Thane, b. 06-14-1955, d. 10-11-1969, Plot 3--2, ---Beloved son and brother, 14yr old, s/o Shirlee & Billie Geeslin
Geeslin, Olga (Shirlee T. "Shot"), b. 1901, d. 04-19-1969, Plot 3--2, ---Nee Olga Johanna Anderson, 67yr old
Geeslin, Shirlee Edward "Shot" (Billie Johnson), b. 08-21-1924, d. 07-02-1993, Plot 3--2, ---WW II, (m)1945
Geeslin, Shirlee T. "Shot" (Olga), b. 08-29-1895, d. 12-22-1983, Plot 3--2, ---WW I, US Army, obit says wife's name is Frieda Carlson
Gerike, Clara (Rev. Henry), b. 1885, d. 03-02-1959, Sm.Add., ---age 73yr old
Gerike, Emily Elizabeth, b. 07-29-1907, d. 12-22-2004, Plot 3--1, ---d/o John & Vickie Abbs Gerike, sister of Joshua and Aaron, see obit
Gerike, Henry-Rev. (Clara), b. 1877, d. 07-13-1952, Sm.Add., ---age 73yr old
Gerike, Irene D., b. 1915, d. 07-16-1986, Plot 3--1, ---d/o Rev & Mrs. H. Gerike, 70yr old
Gerike, Winfred Arno, b. 1924, d. 04-04-1959, Sm.Add., ---age 34yr old
Gibbs, Henry, d. 08-21-1961, Plot 1--19, is this Henry Unknown on stone?, unmarked grave
Grabowski, Albert T. (Myrtle), b. 04-17-1895, d. 01-03-1975, ---WW I, 79yr old
Grabowski, Harold R., b. 1925, d. 12-27-1925, Plot 4--34, ---s/o Albert & Myrtle Grabowski
Grabowski, Myrtle (Albert), b. 1898, d. 03-19-1971, Plot 4--25, ---age 72yr old
Gregerson, Alice June, b. 06-06-1913, d. 08-14-2001, Plot 1--24
Gregerson, Anna Helena (Jens L.), b. 11-09-1881, d. 10-13-1960, Plot 1--24N½, ---Nee Nelson
Gregerson, Carl E. (Emma C.), b. 1877, d. 07-09-1942, Plot 4--13, ---age 65yr old
Gregerson, Emma C. (Carl E.), b. 1871, d. 11-14-1924, Plot 4--13
Gregerson, Emma Gaalaas (Ole), b. 1886, d. 04-26-1969, Plot 4--17, ---age 82yr old, see obit
Gregerson, Engebor/Ingeborg (Ole), b. 03-27-1848, d. 12-22-1936, Plot 5--8, ---Mother, farm Apeland, b. Norway
Gregerson, Gertrude A. (Gordon E.), b. 01-03-1929, Plot 3--17, ---Nee Wharry
Gregerson, Glenn Leo, b. 04-10-1915, d. 04-29-1915, ---s/o Jens & Anna Gregerson
Gregerson, Gordon E. (Gertrude A.), b. 10-03-1920, d. 11-30-1995, Plot 3--17, ---s/o Ole & Emma Gaalaas Gregerson
Gregerson, Grace G., b. 08-28-1918, d. 07-16-1998, Plot 1--24, ---d/o Jens & Anne Hellen Nelson Gregerson
Gregerson, Greger M., b. 11-19-1888, d. 01-04-1913, ---son
Gregerson, Gregor Martinus, b. 06-02-1870, d. 08-04-1883, Plot 5--8, ---s/o Ole & Engebor Gregerson, train accident
Gregerson, Hilda Louise, d. 10-00-1908, Plot 4--13, ---infant d/o Carl & Emma Gregerson
Gregerson, Jens L. (Anna H.), b. 09-15-1874, d. 09-19-1940, Plot 1--24, ---b.Newport, 66y 3da old
Gregerson, Karen Mildred (Olaf T.), b. 01-27-1920, d. 03-09-2014, Plot 4--26, ---(m)1946, d/o Oscar & Karen Anderson Nordby, Ch: Linda Karen, Karen Ann, see obit
Gregerson, Olaf T. (Karen Mildred), b. 09-19-1912, d. 12-18-1994, Plot 4--26, ---WW II, SA12 US Navy, s/o Ole & Emma
Gregerson, Ole (Emma), b. 1872, d. 10-18-1962, Plot 4--17
Gregerson, Ole (Engebor), b. 11-14-1832, d. 08-21-1901, Plot 5--8, ---Father, b. Norway
Gregerson, Oliver Melvin, b. 11-28-1903, d. 06-06-1985, Plot 1--24N½, ---s/o Jens & Anna Gregerson
Gregerson, Stella Eleanora, b. 03-24-1902, d. 11-02-1996, Plot 1--24, ---d/o Jens & Anna Nelson Gregerson
Grieves, Bernice T. (Donald A.), b. 02-19-1930, Plot 3--8, ---(m)07-21-1951, Children: Erick, Grant & Kari
Grieves, Bonnie Rae, d. 11-10-1985, Plot 3--8, ---infant d/o Grant & Chris Grieves, 5hr old
Grieves, Donald A. (Bernice T.), b. 08-21-1926, Plot 3--8, ---(m)07-21-1951, Children: Erick, Grant & Kari
Grieves, Infant daughter, b. 10-06-1953, d. 10-07-1953, Plot 1--17, ---d/o Donald & Bernice Grieves
Grieves, Raymond T., b. 1904, d. 01-09-1977, Plot 3--8, ---Father
Grieves, Scott Dennison, b. 07-19-1958, d. 07-20-1958, Plot 1--17, ---s/o Donald Grieves
Gunderson, Anders, b. Newport, d. 03-25-1867, Plot 1--25, 15da, unmarked grave
Hagen, And. P., b. stillborn, d. 03-10-1874, stillborn, c/o And P., unmarked grave
Hagen, And. P., b. stillborn, d. 04-06-1873, buried 4-6-1873, c/o Andrew Hagen, unmarked grave
Hagen, Helen Ivensdtr, b. 1828, d. 1887, Plot 1--20, ---See Helene Iversdtr Ingebretson
Hagen, Iver Ingebretson, b. 1827, d. 12-18-1919, Plot 1--20, ---maybe last name is Ingebretson in books
Halversdatter, Anne Josephine, d. 05-03-1863, 1yr, unmarked grave
Halversen, Juri, d. 07-06-1895, 80½yr, unmarked grave
Halverson, Elias, d. 06-01-1875, 14yr, unmarked grave
Halverson, Elida H., b. 12-26-1894, d. 09-03-1952, Plot 2--13N½, ---age 57+yr old
Halverson, George Orven (Ragna B.), b. 05-31-1893, d. 07-04-1964, Plot 5--4N½
Halverson, Gunhild (Ole), b. 1819, d. 1914, Plot 1--8, ---Mother
Halverson, Hellen M.Olesdtr, d. 09-20-1876, Plot 1--8, ---d/o Ole & C. Halverson, 10yr old
Halverson, Lars, b. Norway, d. 10-16-1855, Plot 2--12, 42yr, unmarked grave
Halverson, Nicholi, b. Norway, d. 01-02-1854, Plot 2--12, 47yr , unmarked grave
Halverson, Ole (Gunhild), b. 1812, d. 05-31-1894, Plot 1--8, ---Father, 82yr old
Halverson, Ragna B. (George O.), b. 09-25-1904, d. 09-09-1989, Plot 5-4N½, ---Nee Brecke
Halverson, Stuart Edmund, b. 01-06-1898, d. 01-26-1990, Plot 1--13N½, ---WW II, US Army, s/o Hans & Sarah Anderson Halverson
Halvorson/Halverson, Anna, b. 08-28-1860, d. 06-01-1928, Plot 1--13, ---on stone with Hans Halvorson
Halvorson/Halverson, Hans, b. 10-20-1844, d. 01-11-1934, Plot 1--13, ---on stone with Anna Halvorson, b. Norway
Hansdatter, Karen, b. Norway, d. 11-15-1855, Plot 2--12, 35½yr, unmarked grave
Hansdatter, Oline Marie, b. 11-28-1841, d. 11-08-1853, Plot 1--14, ---on stone with Ranei Hansdatter & Hans Fossen, b. Norway, 12yr old
Hansdatter, Ranei/Randi, b. 10-00-1839, d. 11-08-1853, Plot 1--14, ---on stone with Oline Marie & Hans Fossen, b.Norway, 14yr old
Hansen, Alma Haralson (George O.), b. 1895, d. 09-05-1951, Plot 4--21, ---on stone with Harold Haralson
Hansen, George O. (Alma Haralson), b. 10-19-1893, d. 10-05-1983, Plot 4--21, ---WW I, US Army
Hansen, Harry Elemer--on stone, b. 1899, d. 12-15-1917, Plot 1--12, ---spelled Hanson in the books
Hansen, Isaac, b. 05-27-1833, d. 06-11-1901, Plot 2--6, ---spelled Hanson in the books, 68yr old
Hansen, Iver (Kari), b. 04-07-1793, d. 10-15-1879, ---spelled Hanson in books, d.11-15-1879/book
Hansen, Jennie B., b. 05-07-1863, d. 05-15-1945, Plot 1--12, ---Children, Victor & Agnes Baker, & Harry
Hansen, Kari (Iver), b. 12-26-1796, d. 08-02-1881, ---age 85yr old, Hagen stone
Hanson, Andrew, b. 1869, d. 01-07-1941, Plot 4--1, ---b.Wisconsin, 71yr 10mo 20da old
Hanson, Anne (Isaac), --no dates on stone, "Anne wife of Isaac Hanson"
Hanson, Anne Isaacsdtr, d. 01-13-1883, ---no dates on stone, dates from books, 53yr old
Hanson, Gustav B., b. 09-16-1857, d. 08-15-1905, Plot 2--18
Hanson, H.J.C.-maybe H.J.G., d. 12-21-1884, Plot 2--18, ---Odd Fellow, 67yr old, obituary index data
Hanson, Halvor, d. 06-06-1871, Plot 2--12, ---age 24yr1mo24da, moved here 07-06-1890, very hard to read in 2015
Hanson, Hans Jacob, b. Illinois, d. 03-11-1942, Plot 2--14, 76yr , unmarked grave
Hanson, Hans, b. 03-15-1859, d. 02-24-1909, Plot 1--4
Hanson, Hans, b. 09-20-1849, d. 04-25-1913, ---b.Norway
Hanson, Herman, Plot 4--24, unmarked grave
Hanson, Herman, d. 01-16-1918, Plot 1--1, unmarked grave
Hanson, Inger (Martin), b. 07-16-1828, d. 05-19-1899, Plot 1--4, ---age 71yr old
Hanson, John Herman (Sophia), b. 02-26-1861, d. 04-04-1912, Plot 4--24
Hanson, John, b. 1860, d. 05-05-1928, Plot 1--4, ---on stone with Ole Hanson
Hanson, Lillian J. "Lillie", b. 1884, d. 12-24-1964, Plot 2--6, ---age 80yr old
Hanson, Martin (Inger), b. 09-06-1829, d. 08-02-1909, Plot 1--4, ---b. Norway
Hanson, Ole, b. 1865, d. 1930, Plot 1--4, ---on stone with John Hanson, b.Newport
Hanson, Sophia (John Herman), b. 03-11-1871, d. 10-12-1910, Plot 4--24
Hanson, Thomas, b. 12-08-1893, d. 08-12-1958, Plot 2--6, ---WW I, Wis Pvt Co C 331 Field Arty, suicide
Hanson, Tone, b. 1852, d. 10-15-1938, Plot 2--6, ---b.Norway
Haraldson, Anna Marie Samuelsdtr (J.), d. 04-03-1877, ---age 39yr 8m 7da old, wife
Haralson, Arthur, b. 11-27-1889, d. 07-23-1946, Plot 2--9, ---WW I, Wis. Pfc 163 Dep Brig, wooden box
Haralson, Emma Jenson, d. 02-21-1932, Plot 2--9, 81yr, unmarked grave
Haralson, Hartwig C., b. 12-19-1862, d. 06-15-1925
Haralson, Helen, b. 1881, d. 1887, Is this 6yr old Inger Hellene who died 12-16-1887? On stone with Jens Haralson
Haralson, Helmer (Susan Kowalski), b. 1889, d. 06-26-1953, Plot 4--23, ---Husband, 63yr old, see obit
Haralson, Jens M., b. 1873, d. 07-16-1936, Plot 2--9, ---b. Newport
Haralson, Jens, b. 1834, d. 08-28-1915, ---On stone with Helen Haralson, Father
Haralson, Susan (Helmer), b. 1895, d. 10-12-1958, Plot 4--23N½
Haralson/Haroldson, Harald D., b. 1883, d. 1934, Plot 4--21, ---on stone with Alma Haralson Hansen
Haralson/Haroldson, Kirsten L., b. 1865, d. 05-10-1939, Plot 9---2, ---b. Newport
Hartwig, Theo Tallakson, d. 08-10-1881, 7mo, unmarked grave
Haverman/Haberman, Baby, d. 02-27-1929, Plot 4--26 or 4--20, unmarked grave
Heiman, William Peter, b. 09-25-1893, d. 04-29-1957, Plot 5--2, ---WW I, Wis.Pvt Btry C 331 Field Arty, suicide
Helgestad, Mathis Olson, d. 12-19-1892, 67yr, unmarked grave
Helland, Alice C., b. 04-21-1911, d. 12-01-2002, Plot 4--6, ---see obit
Helland, Alice, b. 11-28-1866, d. 03-20-1905, Plot 1--21
Helland, Emma O. (Hans O.), b. 1875, d. 08-04-1961, Plot 4--6, ---Mother
Helland, Hans O. (Emma O.), b. 1864, d. 09-02-1938, Plot 4--6, ---Father
Helley, Carrie Erickson (Harry), b. 12-16-1880, d. 02-20-1927, Plot 1--16, ---Mother
Helley, Dale N., b. 06-06-1906, d. 12-22-1992, Plot 3--14, ---WW II, TEC 5 US Army
Helley, Harry (Carrie Erickson), b. 1875, d. 05-27-1955, Plot 1--16S½, ---Father, 80yr old
Helley, Herbert Henry, b. 1898, d. 12-02-1954, Plot 4--27S½, ---s/o Julia E.& Ole H. Helley, 56yr old
Helley, Julia Erikson (Ole H.), b. 1877, d. 11-00-1952, Plot 4--27S½, ---Mother, see obit
Helley, Ole H. (Julia E.), b. 1867, d. 03-23-1934, Plot 4--27, ---Father, funeral date, see obit
Helley, Omer J., b. 1903, d. 07-01-1986, Plot 2--?, ---age 83yr old
Helley, Vera M., b. 06-28-1915, d. 07-29-1983, ---Mother, buried in Spring Grove cemetery, has a stone here
Hendrickson/Hendreksen, Karen M., d. 03-15-1871, Plot 2--18, ---w/o Ole R.V.II, 57yr 5mo 20da old
Henrickson, Ole, d. 05-10-1867, Plot 2--18, ---O II, 76yr 8mo old, d.06-01-1867 in book
Herheim, Alma V. (Obert K. "Obie"), b. 03-25-1931, d. 10-19-2014, --(m)09-21-1951, d/o Norman & Verna Thompson, wife, mother, grandmother, see obit
Herheim, Obert K. (Alma V.Thompson), b. 05-09-1922, d. 01-28-2014, --WW II, TEC 5 US Army, (m)09-21-1951, s/o John & Josephine Herheim, see obit
Hill, Eva G. (Paul Max), b. 1893, d. 12-30-1972, Sm.Add., ---Nee Mente, 79yr old
Hill, Marjorie Marie (Melvin Henry), b. 09-20-1924, d. 08-22-2002, Plot 3--15
Hill, Melvin Henry (Marjorie Marie), b. 10-24-1928, d. 05-13-2010, s/o Paul & Eva Noyce Hill, see obit
Hill, Paul Max (Eva G.), b. 1887, d. 02-12-1950, Plot 2--9S½, ---age 62yr old
Hill, Phyllis E. (Robert M.), b. 02-06-1927, d. 05-10-1997, Plot 3--14
Hill, Robert M. (Phyllis E.), b. 08-22-1923, d. 05-10-1983, Plot 3--14, ---s/o Paul Hill
Hogan, Alma, b. 1891, d. 04-01-1951, Plot 2--7, ---Nee Stomner, 59+yr old
Holden, Twila A., b. 11-16-1908, d. 02-03-1989, Plot 3--12, ---dates from ssdi
Holtan, Jens Pederson, b. 11-12-1831, d. 04-25-1903, hard to read, on stone with Ragnild & Toril Holtan
Holtan, Peder Jenson Holtane, b. 1803, d. 01-22-1892, ---Old hard to read stone, 88½yr old
Holtan, Ragnild, b. 11-00-1831, d. 01-27-1910, ---on stone with Jens & Toril Holtan
Holtan, Toril Knudsdatter, b. 1804, d. 12-15-1893, ---on stone with Jens & Ragnild Holtan, Mother, stone 1804-1894
Holtan, Torild Knudsdr, d. 12-15-1893, 89 3/4yr, unmarked grave
Holtane, Knud Nicolisen, d. 10-10-1872, 27yr old, maybe 10-16-1872?, unmarked grave
Holtane, Kristen Jensen, d. 10-27-1884, 78½yr, unmarked grave
Holton, Emmet, b. 05-08-1871, d. 08-20-1919, ---Spelled this way on stone-Holton, next to Holtan
Holverson, Infant, d. 10-05-1870, 4wk, unmarked grave
Holverson, Lars, b. Norway, d. 09-30-1856, 42yr, unmarked grave
Holverson, Nilsmund, d. 07-21-1871, 4yr , unmarked grave
Holverson/Halverson, Knut/Knud O., b. 05-23-1842, d. 02-20-1893, Plot 1--8, ---Hard to read, book confirms d.1893
Holvorson, Aase Kathrina (H.O.), b. 10-20-1839, d. 09-07-1870, Plot 1--?, ---on stone with Jens Carl M. Holvorson, see stone
Holvorson, Jens Carl M., b. 09-07-1870, d. 10-07-1870, Plot 1--?, ---on stone with Aase Kathrina Holvorson, 4wks, s/o H.O.& A.K.Holvorson
Horning, Gertrude M., b. 1851, d. 02-16-1936, Plot 5--5S½, ---age 85yr 15da old
Hotan, Asjer Knudson, d. 04-23-1890, unmarked grave
Hubbell, Glen, b. 1909, d. 1916, Plot 5--9
Hubbell, Olinda, b. 1882, d. 1910, Plot 5--9
Hubbell, Stanley, b. 1910, d. 1910, Plot 5--9
Huber, Lisa, b. 1847, d. 1930, Plot 4--4, ---b.Hedemaken Norway
Ingebretson, Anna (Ole), b. 1812, d. 01-30-1883, Plot 1--3, ---Anna Olson
Ingebretson, Emil (Mary), b. 05-03-1858, d. 08-04-1927, Plot 1--20
Ingebretson, Helene Iversdtr, b. 03-10-1828, d. 07-21-1887, Plot 1--20, ---d/o Iver & Kari Hansen, 59yr old, see Helen Hagen
Ingebretson, Henry John Hagen, b. 08-08-1856, d. 10-24-1921, Plot 1--20, ---between Peterson & Ingebretson, no last name on stone, only "Henry"
Ingebretson, Ivan (Frances), b. 1899, d. 01-23-1970, ---age 70yr old, see obit
Ingebretson, Lars, b. Newport, d. 09-11-1870, Plot 1--??, 1da, unmarked grave
Ingebretson, Lars, d. 11-05-1865, Plot 1--??, 11wk, Chris Anderson lot, unmarked grave
Ingebretson, Mary (Emil), b. 1876, d. 05-21-1966, Plot 1--20, ---age 90+yr old
Ingebretson, Ole (Anna), b. 1801, d. 11-04-1878, Plot 1--3
Ingrebretson, Peden, old stone
Iver, Plot 1--20, unmarked grave
Jackson, Helen Mildred, d. 05-13-1947, Plot 2--?, ---age 51yr old
Jacobsdr, Inger Karina Sundalen, b. Newport, d. 01-26-1867, 1yr 4mo, unmarked grave
Jacobson, Johan, d. 05-28-1853, Plot 2--12, 14da March or May?, unmarked grave
Jacobson, Karen, d. 02-11-1853, Plot 2--12, 5yr , unmarked grave
Jacobson, Ole Sundalen, d. 11-00-1863, Plot 1--9?, 3yr or 13yr?, unmarked grave
Jantz, Arlene Ione (LeRoy A.), b. 04-07-1915, d. 03-11-2003, Plot 4--11, ---(m)1952, d/o William & Anne Stomner Lueck, see obit
Jantz, LeRoy Albert (Arlene I.Lueck), b. 1912, d. 04-22-1953, Plot 4--11, ---(m)1952, see obit
Jensdatter, Anne Helene/Hellene, b. Newport, d. 09-17-1871, 3yr, unmarked grave
Jensdatter, Mari, d. 05-19-1863, 13½yr, unmarked grave
Jensen, Helen (Theodore), b. 1886, d. 02-01-1966, Plot 4--5
Jensen, Hilda Caroline, b. 11-08-1888, d. 02-12-1902, ---age 14yr old
Jensen, Jens (Mary Knutson), b. 09-10-1853, d. 11-06-1924, ---Father, see obit
Jensen, Marie J.--Mrs., b. 11-06-1860, d. 07-27-1905, ---on Jensen stone with Henry C. Marcus
Jensen, Stanley Oliver, d. 08-06-2003, Plot 4--5, unmarked grave
Jensen, Theodore (Helen), b. 1872, d. 12-20-1960, ---age 88+yr old
Jensen/Jenson, Nora Torrine, b. 01-28-1885, d. 04-13-1911, ---Her picture on stone
Jensen/Jenson, Oscar J., b. 1880, d. 02-26-1944, Plot 4--10, ---age 63+yr old
Jenson, Anna C., b. 1869, d. 1937, Plot 4--9, ---Wife, Nee Helley
Jenson, Anna L. (Lasse), b. 1819, d. 01-16-1889, Plot 1--25, ---age 70yr old
Jenson, Anne Marie Osmundsdr, d. 05-02-1875, Plot 1--9, 7wk, unmarked grave
Jenson, Child of Mr/Mrs. Theo Jenson, d. 04-08-1915, unmarked grave
Jenson, Einert, b. 1867, d. 12-06-1945, Plot 1--9, ---age 78+yr old
Jenson, Hans Leonard, b. 02-17-1902, d. 09-20-1909, Plot 4--16, ---age died date in book is 10-04-1909
Jenson, Infant s/o Theo, d. 1914, Plot 4--5, unmarked grave
Jenson, Jens Lassesen, d. 04-17-1875, Plot 1--9 3yr, unmarked grave
Jenson, Julia Juri Nicholisdatter, d. 09-15-1863, Plot 1--9, 29yr, w/o Osmund Jenson, unmarked grave
Jenson, Lasse (Anna L.), b. 1815, d. 01-06-1882, Plot 1--25, ---age 66yr old
Jenson, Martha, b. 1847, d. 03-17-1936, Plot 1--9, ---b. Norway
Jenson, Mildred, b. 09-07-1913, d. 05-16-1923, Plot 4--5 d/o Theo Jenson, unmarked grave
Jenson, Nels/Nils L., b. 08-22-1848, d. 05-13-1903, Plot 1--25, ---b.Norway, death date in book is 05-06-1903
Jenson, Nikoli Osmundson, d. 10-08-1863, Plot 1--9, 5yr, s/o Osmund Jenson, unmarked grave
Jenson, Oscar, d. 1944, Plot 4--10 Date is questionable, 13 or 63yr old, unmarked grave
Jenson, Osmund, b. 1823, d. 01-29-1909, Plot 1--9, ---b. Norway, 85yr old
Jenson, Peter/Peder L., b. 01-17-1854, d. 10-01-1909, Plot 4--16, ---b.Norway, death date in book is 09-30-1909
Johannesen, Anna, d. 07-10-1889, 86yr, unmarked grave
Johnson, Emely (George), b. 05-04-1833, d. 09-10-1907, Plot 2--13
Johnson, George/Jorgen (Emely), b. 11-11-1827, d. 01-27-1908, Plot 2--13
Johnson, Gustav, b. 09-11-1869, d. 10-30-1901, Plot 2--13, ---death date in book is 10-30-1910
Johnson, Harold A. (Shirley Mae), b. 09-26-1930, Plot 5--2, ---(m)10-24-1959, children: Lori, Shelly, Nancy
Johnson, Inegeborg--Mrs., b. Norway, d. 09-13-1907, could this be Emaly Johnson on stone?, unmarked grave
Johnson, John, b. 11-05-1856, d. 02-11-1884, Plot 2--13, ---on stone with Gustav
Johnson, Julius-single, b. 1873, d. 03-07-1962, Plot 2--?, ---age 88yr old, see obit
Johnson, Lars, d. 07-23-1863, 30da, unmarked grave
Johnson, Lars, d. 09-04-1864, 4mo, unmarked grave
Johnson, Mary, b. 1864, d. 1933, Plot 2--13
Johnson, Shirley Mae (Harold A.), b. 01-01-1931, d. 06-08-2001, Plot 5--2, ---(m)10-24-1959, Nee Peterson
Johnson, Sylvester, b. 1876, d. 11-28-1956, Plot 2--13, ---age 79yr old, s/o George Johnson, see obit
Jones, Anna Marie/Mary Ann (Anton), b. 1885, d. 05-17-1963, Plot 2--4, ---age 77yr old
Jones, Anton (Anna Marie/Mary Ann), b. 1876, d. 04-14-1954, Plot 2--4, ---age 77yr old
Jones, Infant d/o A.& M. Jones, d. 1904, Plot 2--4, unmarked grave
Jones, Infant s/o Anton, Plot 4--26, unmarked grave
Jones, Lenard/Leonard, b. 1914, d. 1934, Plot 2--4, ---hard to read, b. Newport
Jones, Lorraine Olson, b. 02-24-1921, d. 10-26-2010, ---d/o Isaac & Anna Anderson Olson, see obit
Jorgensen, Laura Karolin, d. 10-20-1887, Plot 2--18 5mo, d/o S.& E. --see unknown, unmarked grave
Jorgensen, Marie Nilsdtr, b. 07-12-1843, d. 05-20-1867, Plot 1--?, ---age 24yr, b.Norway, book date is 03-20-1867
Jorgenson, Jorgen Julius, b. Newport, d. 08-22-1867, Plot 1--17, 8½yr, Blockhouse Ole Nelson lot, unmarked grave
Julson, Andrew P., b. 1874, d. 02-00-1933, Plot 4--17, ---see obit
Julson, Caroline "Kari" (Ole), b. 01-15-1841, d. 12-19-1918, Plot 5--6, ---Mother
Julson, Dena Marie/Mari, b. 1869, d. 03-27-1883, Plot 1--19, ---Daughter, 13yr old, maybe Dina
Julson, George P. (Helen), b. 1840, d. 12-15-1924, Plot 1--19, ---Father, 84yr old
Julson, Hans G., b. 1871, d. 04-03-1946, Plot 1--19, ---s/o George & Helen Julson?, wooden box
Julson, Helen (George P.), b. 1841, d. 01-22-1926, Plot 1--19, ---Mother
Julson, Julius Nels (Kristine O.), b. 1882, d. 05-29-1954, Plot 1--19, ---Husband, 71yr old
Julson, Julius--N.J.on family stone, b. 06-28-1872, d. 01-09-1908, Plot 5--6, ---s/o Ole & Caroline Julson
Julson, Kristine/Christina O. (Julius), b. 1893, d. 06-26-1952, Plot 1--1, ---Wife, 59+yr old
Julson, Mary (Andrew), b. 05-14-1886, d. 07-12-1920, Plot 5--8, ---Nee Gregreson
Julson, Nora E., b. 1880, d. 06-10-1965, Plot 1--19, ---d/o George & Helen Julson?, 85yr old
Julson, Ole (Caroline), b. 01-05-1834, d. 02-27-1911, Plot 5--6, ---Father, b.Norway, 77yr old
Julson, Peter J. Lovlen, d. 12-00-1876, Plot 1--19, ---age 71yr old, Lovlen is farm name
Julson, Peter O., b. 1865, d. 06-12-1946, Plot 5--6, ---age 81+yr old
Kingsley, Mrs. Dan, North, unmarked grave
Kingsley, Mrs. Edw., unmarked grave
Kingsley, Mrs., d. 1849, North, unmarked grave
Kirkebbe, Jurie Halverson, Plot 1--18, unmarked grave
Kittelson/Kittleson, Albert, b. 1862, d. 1921, Plot 2--15
Kittelson/Kittleson, Anna, b. 06-22-1867, d. 02-02-1913, Plot 2--15, ---w/o Cornelia E, very hard to read, maybe d.02-02-1893
Kittelson/Kittleson, Augusta, b. 07-24-1871, d. 05-05-1906, Plot 2--15
Kittelson/Kittleson, Cornelia E., b. 06-02-1869, d. 07-07-1903, Plot 2--15, ---h/o Anna, very hard to read, maybe b.02-02-1862 and d.08-07-1903
Kittelson/Kittleson, Kittle, b. 1827, d. 06-00-1871, Plot 2--15, ---b.Norway
Kittelson/Kittleson, Marie Ingeborg, b. 1834, d. 03-02-1884, Plot 2--15, ---GAR--misplaced flag holder? 50yr old
Kittelson/Kittleson, Ole, b. 09-01-1859, d. 01-22-1912, Plot 2--15
Kittelson/Kittleson, Thomas, b. 1836, d. 02-13-1888, Plot 2--15, ---age 53yr, also spelled Thorbjorn & Tjibjorn
Kittleson, Aanlang Tormane, d. 02-02-1893, 26yr, unmarked grave
Kittleson, Stillborn, b. stillborn, d. 03-30-1877, stillborn, unmarked grave
Kittleson, Tjorbjorsdr, b. stillborn, d. 07-18-1878, unmarked grave
Kittleson, Tov, b. Norway, d. 05-21-1851, Plot 2--12, 57yr , unmarked grave
Knudson, Jens, b. 09-23-1813, d. 10-17-1883, ---on stone with M.K.G, 70yr old
Knudson, Marcus Vaas, d. 08-26-1876, 62yr, unmarked grave
Knutson, Adolph, b. 10-10-1890, d. 04-21-1956, Plot 4--10, ---WW I, Wisc Sgt Co F 128 Infantry, 65yr
Korneliusdr, Mette Arrestene, d. 03-10-1880, 70yr, unmarked grave
Korth, Dennis E. (Janice C.), b. 12-21-1941, pictures
Korth, Janice C. (Dennis E.), b. 11-10-1943, pictures
Krestoforson, Pedor Jakob, d. 08-23-1887, 26yr , unmarked grave
Kristensdatter, Kristence Louise, d. 05-10-1865, Plot 1--??, 72yr, Ole Arntson lot, or 3-14-1965?, unmarked grave
Kristensdr, Martha Versterdal, d. 09-11-1873, Plot 4--15?? 3mo, unmarked grave
Kristensen/Christenson, Ole, d. 07-04-1891, Plot 4--25, 77 3/4yr, moved here, unmarked grave
Kristenson, Ole Kristian, d. 09-28-1870, 9mo, unmarked grave
Kristinesdtr, Martha Martin Osterholt, b. Newport, d. 07-23-1874, 5½yr, unmarked grave
Lansverk, Mrs. Anna Olson, d. 02-24-1915, nee Fossen, is this Anna Mattson?, unmarked grave
Larsdatter, Johanna, b. 1789, d. 04-10-1870, Plot 1--12, ---age 81yr old, b.Norway
Larsen, Anne Karine H., b. 05-08-1874, d. 03-13-1882, Plot 2--3, ---age 8yr old
Larsen, Family Stone, ---Kirsti/Halvor/Henry/Pauline/Kirsten M/Anne K.
Larsen, Halvor, b. 10-03-1833, d. 02-08-1925, Plot 2--3
Larsen, Henry H., b. 01-16-1881, d. 05-07-1882, Plot 2--3, ---age 1yr 4mo old
Larsen, Kirsten M.Hellene, b. 02-19-1876, d. 09-26-1876, Plot 2--3, ---age 7mo old,
Larsen, Kirsti Pedersdtr, b. 04-07-1842, d. 04-07-1888, Plot 2--3, ---book death date is 01-07-1888
Larsen, Pauline Halvorsdtr, b. 09-18-1869, d. 01-28-1872, Plot 2--3
Larson, Anna Mattsen, b. 11-22-1855, d. 11-19-1943, ---age 87+yr old
Larson, Anne Pedersdr, b. Norway, d. 08-12-1868, Plot 1--??, 25yr, unmarked grave
Larson, Edon/Oden L., b. 01-30-1860, d. 03-29-1912, Plot 1--10
Larson, Ella O., b. 1876, d. 1933, Plot 5--4, ---Mother
Larson, Emelie, b. 1867, d. 06-05-1951, Plot 4--19, ---age 85+yr old
Larson, Gerhard M., b. 1891, d. 05-01-1965, Plot 1--10
Larson, Gilbert, b. 04-08-1834, d. 06-25-1920, ---age 86yr old, Father
Larson, Gulbrand, Plot 1--10, unmarked grave
Larson, Henry Rudolph--Fallet/Faldet, d. 11-30-1893, Plot 1--10 7¼yr, maybe d. 12-30-1893?, unmarked grave
Larson, Henry, Plot 1--10, unmarked grave
Larson, Josephine Emila, d. 12-10-1879, 5wk, unmarked grave
Larson, Lars H., b. 05-05-1863, d. 06-26-1917, ---Suicide
Larson, Martha Lee, b. 06-17-1896, d. 05-26-1927, ---foot stone, no dates, dates from book.
Larson, Peter, b. 1872, d. 1933, Plot 4--19
Larson, Randine Hendrika (Giuldbrant L.Fallet), b. 05-22-1834, d. 12-06-1883, Plot 1--10, ---next to Fallet & Larson, no last name on stone, last name is from the books. See Fallet
Larson, c/o Halvor, b. stillborn, d. 10-10-1879, stillborn, unmarked grave
Larson, c/o Halvor, b. stillborn, d. 11-00-1884, stillborn, unmarked grave
Learmonth, Clayton W.Sr. (Nina S.), b. 1895, d. 01-24-1986, Plot 2--18S½, ---Clayton Warren Sr.
Learmonth, Nina S. (Clayton W.Sr.), b. 1900, d. 02-05-1992, Plot 2-18S½, ---Nee Nina Severine Jensen
Lee, Carl Isidor (Mary Augusta), b. 1891, d. 04-11-1947, Plot 4--4, ---age 57yr old
Lee, Johanna Jensdtr, b. 1819, d. 05-13-1890, ---age 70yr old
Lee, Karine (Olaus), b. 1864, d. 02-15-1939, Plot 4--4, ---Mother, 74yr 11mo old, nee Ingebretson
Lee, Mary Augusta (Carl Isidor), b. 1889, d. 04-08-1976, Plot 4--4, ---age 87yr old
Lee, Olaus (Karine), b. 1859, d. 05-25-1939, Plot 4--4, ---Father, b.Norway
Leistikow, Margaret E. (Merton W.), b. 09-25-1926, d. 12-23-2012, Plot 3--13, ---(m)06-09-1945, d/o John & Mary Hoffman Latzl, see obit
Leistikow, Merton W. (Margaret E.), b. 1916, d. 12-26-1997, Plot 3--13, ---(m)06-09-1945
Lewis, Earl A., b. 07-14-1895, d. 01-24-1972, ---age 76yr old
Lewis, Elias Peterson, b. 07-11-1862, d. 07-04-1927, Plot 4--5S½, ---age 64yr old, stone dates 1863-1927
Lewis, Elvina (Lars P.), b. 1855, d. 03-15-1939, Plot 2--2, ---Mother
Lewis, Ingeborg Emma, b. 1867, d. 03-04-1947, Plot 4--5S½, ---age 79yr old
Lewis, Joseph Peter (Phena), b. 1875, d. 10-27-1948, Plot 2--2, ---Father, 73+yr old
Lewis, Lars P. (Elvina), b. 02-22-1840, d. 06-16-1917, Plot 2--2, ---GAR, PVT Co F 1st Wis HV Arty, Father
Lewis, Oskar Julius Larson Erik, d. 01-27-1885, 7wk, unmarked grave
Lewis, Phena (Joseph Peter), b. 1883, d. 06-28-1964, Plot 2--2, ---Mother
Lewis, Thelma, b. 06-26-1911, d. 07-31-1994, Plot 2--14, ---d/o Theodore & Hannah Tofson
Lindergreen, Belva Henrietta (Carl R.), b. 1907, d. 03-11-1959, Plot 4--24, ---age 51yr old, Belva T.Lindergreen on stone
Lindergreen, Carl R. (Belva Henrietta), b. 1909, d. 06-08-1965, Plot 4--24
Lueck, Anna Strommer (William), b. 1886, d. 04-00-1930, Plot 4--11, ---spelled Leuck in book, see obit index
Lueck, Evelyn Mae (Kenneth W.), b. 04-08-1923, d. 09-22-2001, Plot 3--3, ---(m)06-20-1942, d/o Lee Sorth & Ada May Foat Brown, see ssdi
Lueck, James Stephen, b. 11-02-1948, d. 06-01-1969, Plot 3--3, ---s/o Kenneth Lueck, 20yr old
Lueck, Karol Alice Olive, b. 1916, d. 02-12-1966, Plot 4--11, ---age 49yr old
Lueck, Kenneth R. (Miriam M.Kurz), b. 1943, pictures, KFD
Lueck, Kenneth W. (Evelyn Mae), b. 12-25-1916, d. 07-03-1991, Plot 3--3, ---WW II, SSGT US Army, (m)06-20-1942, s/o William & Anna Stomner Lueck
Lueck, Miriam M.Kurz (Kenneth R.), b. 1944, pictures
Lueck, William (Anna Stomner), b. 1885, d. 12-24-1979, Plot 4--11, ---see obit
Lueck, William Michael, b. 12-11-1946, d. 10-14-2013, Vietnam, US Navy, PH, s/o Kenneth & Evelyn Brown Lueck, see obit
Lunda, Albert, d. 11-06-1912, unmarked grave
Lunde, Clara Lena (James Carlyle), b. 1906, d. 03-25-1999, Plot 2--2, ---Nee Leege
Lunde, Emil Muir/Meier, d. 02-25-1893, 11yr, unmarked grave
Lunde, Hans, d. 01-20-1948, Plot 5--7, 75yr, unmarked grave
Lunde, James Carlyle (Clara Lena), b. 1898, d. 04-19-1965, Plot 2--2, ---66yr old
Lunde, James Christopher (Mary Andrews), b. 1874, d. 01-17-1939, Plot 2--2, ---see obit
Lunde, Lena, b. 11-16-1853, d. 05-10-1907, Plot 5--7, ---b. Bergen Norway
Lunde, Mary Andrews (James C.), b. 1875, d. 03-09-1975, Plot 2--2, ---age 100yr old
Lunde, Nels, b. Norway, d. 11-20-1934, Plot 5--7, 90yr 6mo 2da, unmarked grave
Lunde, Sandra, d. 02-13-1913, unmarked grave
M.K.G., b. 1810?, d. 1884?, ---Unreadable, on stone with Jens Knudson
Mackesey, Evelyn Melba (Leo), b. 03-26-1914, d. 09-21-1996, Plot 4--17, ---d/o Ole & Emma Gregerson
Mann, Veronica "Roni" L. (Lyle), b. 06-10-1942, d. 03-29-2014, d/o Hilmer "Hilly" & Marie Wimann Raimer, see obit
Marcus, Henry C., b. 11-08-1860, d. 01-01-1904, ---on Jensen stone with Marie J. Jensen
Martinsdatter, Anna, d. 08-00-1857, Plot 2--12, 9yr, unmarked grave
Martinsdatter, Elene, d. 11-01-1853, Plot 2--12, 6mo, unmarked grave
Mathiason, Ole, d. 04-18-1866, Plot 2--16, ---age 61yr 21da old, next to Kari Mathison
Mathison, Kari Olsen-looks like Kabe, d. 01-17-1895, Plot 2--16, ---age 90yr 2mo old, next to Ole Mathiason
Mathisson, Mrs. Ole, d. 02-01-1917, d. Wyocena, unmarked grave
Mattiason, Kari, d. 11-08-1882, Plot 2--16, unmarked grave
Mattissen, Anne (Mattis), b. 12-19-1814, d. 01-17-1905, Plot 2--16, ---on stone with Mattis Mattissen, 91yr, b.Norway
Mattissen, Mattis (Anne), b. 09-08-1826, d. 12-19-1882, Plot 2--16, ---on stone with Anne Mattissen
Mattson, Anna, Ole, & Pearl, Plot 2--16, --family stone
Mattson, Anna, b. 1865, d. 1915, ---Is this Anna Olson Lansverk, Nee Fossen?
Mattson, Ole, b. 02-08-1850, d. 12-15-1911, Plot 2--16, ---Mattson/Mathiasson
Mattson, Pearl, b. 05-24-1896, d. 09-19-1926, Plot 2--16, ---Mattson/Mattison
Maves, Beverly J. (Wilbur Herbert), b. 1928, Plot 3--18, ---Nee Svoboda
Maves, Wilbur Herbert (Beverly J.), b. 05-31-1922, d. 01-08-2005, Plot 3--18, ---WW II, PFC US Army, s/o Charles & Anna Maves
Melvin, Nicholine J., d. 01-15-1884, 45yr, unmarked grave
Meyer, Fredrick William (Ida), b. 1878, d. 07-03-1949, Plot 2--14, ---Father, 71+yr old
Meyer, Ida (Fredrick William), b. 1881, d. 06-05-1965, Plot 2--14, ---Nee Schumann, Mother
Meyers, Jerome P. (Ruth R.Anderson), b. 06-30-1948, d. 08-30-2014, (m)04-02-1977, s/o Vern & Irene Meyers, see obit
Meyers, Ruth R. (Jerome P., b. 10-24-1947, (m)04-02-1977, d/o Russell & Carol Anderson
Miller, Karl James (Lottie A.Tofson), b. 06-26-1888, d. 09-25-1969, ---death in book 09-14-1969, 81yr old
Miller, Lottie A.Tofson (Karl James), b. 04-19-1886, d. 06-10-1965, Plot 2--11, ---see obit, maybe d.06-12-1965
Moore, Joyce Schaefer, b. 12-14-1899, d. 10-31-1987, Plot 2--12a, ---d/o Christian & Augusta Evenson Stomner
Morgan, Hilda M., b. 05-11-1906, d. 05-03-1994, Plot 2--4
Morke, Gunhild Ostensdr, d. 12-12-1875, Plot 1--10 70yr, unmarked grave
Morke, Knud Olson, d. 10-19-1882, Plot 1--10 75yr, unmarked grave
Mostad, Kjersti Hoversdtr, d. 06-21-1889, Plot 2--3, 1mo 5da, unmarked grave
Nelson, Ada Nicholina, b. 1894, d. 07-31-1969, ---d/o Albert D. & Julia J. Nelson, 75yr old
Nelson, Albert David (Julia J.), b. 1863, d. 02-09-1948, Plot 2--1, ---Father, 84yr old
Nelson, Anna Maria (Ole), b. 07-24-1826, d. 12-26-1892, Plot 1--24 or 1--26
Nelson, Carrie/Kari A., b. 08-10-1853, d. 05-04-1905, Plot 1--26, ---death date in book is 05-11-1905
Nelson, Elsie E. (William O.), b. 1903, d. 01-04-1985, Plot 4--5N½, ---d/o William Hillman
Nelson, Gena (Peter T.)--Mother, b. 1858, d. 1924, Plot 1--15, ---Is this Mary Guina Nelson d. 05-03-1924?
Nelson, Hans Martin, d. 10-23-1945, Plot 1--24S½, 83yr+, wooden box, unmarked grave
Nelson, Harry Kingsley, b. 1893, d. 08-31-1893, Plot 1--26
Nelson, Helen A. (Ole C.), b. 1867, d. 08-30-1952, Plot 4--20, ---Mother, 85+yr old
Nelson, Helena Kingsley, b. 1856, d. 07-21-1893, ---age 37yr old
Nelson, Jane Trena (Oscar), b. 1885, d. 08-07-1961, Plot 2--4, ---age 76yr old
Nelson, Janet V.Lenz (Jens Orville), b. 04-27-1938, Plot 2--20
Nelson, Jens Orville (Janet V.Lenz), b. 05-30-1930, d. 05-18-2003, Plot 2--20, ---Korea, PSG US Army, s/o Jens & Laura J.Rihn Nelson, see obit
Nelson, Jens Richard (Laura J.Rihn), b. 1896, d. 01-15-1963, Sm.Add., ---age 67yr old
Nelson, Julia J. (Albert David), b. 1865, d. 12-29-1935, Plot 2--1, ---Mother, b.Newport, 70yr 10mo 9da old
Nelson, Laura Johanna (Jens Richard), b. 1894, d. 10-15-1969, Sm.Add., ---nee Rihn, see obit
Nelson, Mamie/Mayme Violet, b. 1903, d. 03-07-1907, ---Nee Uldrickson, on stone with Nora Dahl
Nelson, Margaret J. "Peggy" (Vernon), b. 1925, d. 12-13-1981, Plot 2--4S½, ---age 56yr old
Nelson, Nels O. (Sina), b. 1850, d. 01-31-1930, Plot 1--26, ---b. Thoten Norway
Nelson, Ole C. (Helen A.), b. 05-05-1860, d. 10-07-1921, ---Father, "Uldrickson"
Nelson, Ole C. B., b. 1869, d. 07-17-1950, Plot 1--26
Nelson, Ole, d. 1891, Plot 2--4, s/o Ole & Hellen Nelson, unmarked grave
Nelson, Oscar (Jane T.), b. 1886, d. 02-27-1960, Plot 2--4, ---age 74yr old
Nelson, Peter T. (Gena), b. 1847, d. 01-02-1919, Plot 1--15, ---Father
Nelson, Raymond William (Helen McCarthy), b. 10-16-1922, d. 01-13-2000, Plot 3--1, ---WW II, Pfc US Army, Husband & Father, s/o Jens R. & Laura J. Rihn Nelson, see obit
Nelson, Sina (Nels O.), b. 1862, d. 03-21-1919, Plot 1--26
Nelson, Son, d. 08-31-1893, ---s/o Helen & O.C. Nelson
Nelson, Tennie, b. 06-05-1894, d. 09-14-1966, Plot 1--15, ---WW I, Wis Pvt 676 Co MTC
Nelson, Vernon E. (Margaret J.), b. 1921, d. 03-17-1993, Plot 2--4
Nelson, William O. (Elsie E.), b. 1900, d. 04-11-1969, Plot 4--5, ---age 68yr old
Nelson, or Anderson, ---Mother and Baby, double entry, no dates
Nettland, Amos Paul (Rosa Hill), b. 1872, d. 01-14-1943, Plot 1--1, ---Father, 70+yr old
Nettland, Rosa Hill (Amos Paul), b. 1871, d. 09-24-1948, Plot 1--1, ---Mother, 75+yr old
Neumeister, Anton E. (Gertrude J.), b. 1875, d. 11-18-1954, Plot 2--19, ---Anton Edward
Neumeister, Gertrude J. (Anton E.), b. 1878, d. 09-28-1950, Plot 2--19, ---age 73+yr old
Nilsdatter, Mari, b. 10-22-1805, d. 11-13-1870, Plot 1--11, ---age 65yr 22da old
Nilsdatter, Ragnild, d. 08-00-1864, 61yr, unmarked grave
Nilsen, Ingeborg, d. 05-19-1895, 61yr, unmarked grave
Nilsen, Karine M., b. 10-01-1854, d. 10-06-1876, Plot 1--24, ---is this Martinsdtr?
Nilsen, Maria M., b. 04-00-1838, d. 12-00-1889, ---?/o Martin Nilsen, is this w/o Martin?
Nilson, Anton G., b. 06-14-1836, d. 01-08-1908, ---b.Norway
Nordblom/Nordbloom, Johan (Marie), b. 1852, d. 07-28-1898, Plot 5--9, ---Father, John Norblom on stone
Nordblom/Nordbloom, John, b. 12-05-1853, d. 07-28-1895, Plot 5--9, ---on stone with Sophia Norblom/Norbloom, John Nordbloom on stone
Nordblom/Nordbloom, Marie (John), b. 1856, d. 07-26-1906, Plot 5--9, ---Mother, Ingi Marie, Marie Norblom on stone
Nordblom/Nordbloom, Oscar, b. 1888, d. 09-23-1962, ---age 74yr old, Oscar Norblom on stone
Nordblom/Nordbloom, Sophia, b. 07-11-1881, d. 08-22-1905, Plot 5--9, ---on stone with John Nordbloom, drowned, Sophia Norblom on 1st stone, Nordbloom 2nd stone
Oeftger, Florence Hilda Anderson (Gerald J.), b. 02-18-1918, d. 01-14-2005, Plot 4--22, ---(m)Dec.1940, d/o Carl & Nettie Leuck Anderson, see obit
Oeftger, Gerald J. (Florence Hilda Anderson), b. 08-09-1916, d. 04-25-1976, Plot 4--22, ---(m)Dec.1940, 59yr old, see obit
Oleson, Gunheld (Knut), d. 08-28-1871, Plot 1--10, ---Osthensdatter, very hard to read
Olsdatter, Jerimia, b. Norway, d. 05-10-1866, Plot 1--??, 11yr, unmarked grave
Olsen, Melinda Rya, b. 04-07-1859, d. 02-25-1895, Plot 1--12, ---on stone with Erik O. & Bertha Rya
Olson, Adolph K. (Hattie Wandgerin), b. 1880, d. 08-14-1959, Plot 1--2, ---Husband, 78yr old, see obit
Olson, Alfred, b. 09-22-1894, d. 05-23-1975, ---age 80yr old
Olson, Alice F., b. 01-03-1912, d. 05-15-2011, pictures
Olson, Anna E., b. 1894, d. 1981
Olson, Arne Odegaardew, d. 10-13-1872, 73yr , unmarked grave
Olson, Bertha J. (Tollef), b. 10-02-1854, d. 05-19-1910, Plot 1--3, ---b.Norway
Olson, Betsey (1st w/o Ole Olson Ekre), b. 1834, d. 1864, Plot 1--6
Olson, Carl M. (Cora Rosenow), b. 1883, d. 07-03-1954, Plot 1--25, ---age 71yr old
Olson, Carrie (Theodore), b. 1881, d. 01-26-1947, Plot 4--12N½, ---Mother, 64+yr old
Olson, Christen "Christ", d. 09-09-1903, ---b.Norway, 59yr 1mo 4da old, Children: Annie, Ole Christian, Martha, Martha Helen
Olson, Cora Rosenow (Carl M.), b. 1890, d. 02-24-1962, Plot 1--25, ---age 71yr old
Olson, Guri, b. 1794, d. 1865, Plot 1--6
Olson, Howard (Martha), b. 06-09-1867, d. 11-27-1946, Plot 4--2, ---b.Norway, Father, 79yr old
Olson, Isaac A., b. 1886, d. 03-18-1948, Plot 2--21
Olson, Johanna Adella, b. 06-15-1877, d. 06-15-1877, ---Tollefsdtr, on stone with Bertha J.Olson
Olson, Kermit Olando, b. 07-01-1909, d. 01-09-1960, Plot 4--12N½, ---WW II, Wis Cpl 1346 Base Unit AAF
Olson, Knud, Plot 1--10, unmarked grave
Olson, Lesa/Lisa (2nd w/o Ole Olson Ekre ), b. 1839, d. 09-25-1878, Plot 1--6, ---Hendricksdtr, 36yr old
Olson, Martha (Howard), b. 1864, d. 02-19-1915, Plot 4--2, ---Nee Larson, Mother
Olson, Ole Andreas, b. 03-29-1864, d. 01-12-1887, Plot 1--17?, ---age 22yr old
Olson, Ole Ekre (#1Betsey, #2Lesa), b. 1830, d. 12-15-1905, ---age 76yr old
Olson, Ole/Olaf Chr., b. 06-27-1871, d. 05-16-1898, ---birth date in book is 06-26-1871
Olson, Ole, Plot 1--17, unmarked grave
Olson, Ole, b. 1873, d. 03-24-1879, Plot 1--6, ---s/o Ole & Lesa Olson, 6yr old, on stone with infant ole Olson
Olson, Ole, d. 12-26-1888, ---age 55yr 6mo 26da old
Olson, Ole, d. no dates, Plot 1--6, ---Infant s/o Ole & Betsey Olson, on stone with Ole 1873-1879
Olson, Peder, b. 01-25-1819, d. 10-01-1902, ---Husband, 84yr old
Olson, Peder, b. 1850, d. 06-00-1873, Plot 1--3, ---Next to Ole Ingebretson, 23yr old
Olson, Raymond T., b. 1923, d. 07-24-1939, Plot 2--21, ---b.Wisconsin
Olson, Tellof--male, d. 12-14-1929, Plot 1--3, 79yr old, unmarked grave
Olson, Theodore Otto (Carrie), b. 1878, d. 05-17-1955, Plot 4--12N½, ---Father
Olson, Thomas Bernhard, d. 08-06-1919, Plot 1--3, ---age 28yr old, small stone next to Olson, no last name on stone, last name is in the book
Olson, Vinnetta Ruth, b. 02-22-1924, d. 03-30-1925, Plot 1--3, ---d/o Isaac Olson
Olson, family stone, ---Ole, Betsey, Lesa, Ole, Ole, Guri
Opdal, Christopher Olson, d. 02-15-1895, 78yr, unmarked grave
Orton, Mary P., b. 1877, d. 11-06-1957, Plot 5--3, ---age 80yr old
Osby, Anne E. and Baby, b. 1833, d. 1874, ---I think this is Anne Andersdtr Osterholt
Osmundson, Nicolai, d. 03-31-1876, Plot 1--9 6yr 7mo, unmarked grave
Pedersdatter, Anne/Annie, d. 07-11-1862, 8yr, unmarked grave
Pedersdatter, Karrine, b. Newport, d. 01-19-1870, Plot 1--??, 2hr, unmarked grave
Pederson, Martin, b. Newport, d. 01-17-1854, Plot 2--12, 3wks, unmarked grave
Pederson, Niels/Nils, d. 09-22-1849, Plot 2--12, 3yr , unmarked grave
Pederson, Stillborn, b. stillborn, d. 1888, stillborn, unmarked grave
Peersdatter, Mari, b. Norway, d. 07-23-1854, Plot 2--12, 30yr, unmarked grave
Petersen, Alexander John--infant, d. 04-11-1998, Plot 3--10, ---grtgrdson/o Bill & Virginia Anderson
Peterson, Adolph, b. 04-03-1888, d. 05-07-1889, Plot 1--5, ---age 1yr old
Peterson, Alfred Sylvester, d. 09-01-1907, ---infant s/o P.A.
Peterson, Alma Sophia-Miss, b. 07-21-1908, d. 01-18-2004, Plot 2--5, ---d/o Peter Anton & Kirstin Helene Larsen Peterson, see obit
Peterson, Andrew (Johanna Maria), b. 10-09-1838, d. 03-09-1912, Plot 5--3, ---Father, book death date is 03-09-1914
Peterson, Anna D. (Ole), b. 1854, d. 01-11-1895, Plot 1--8, ---age 42yr old
Peterson, Anna Marie, b. 1828, d. 12-00-1901, Plot 2--5
Peterson, Arnold W.--infant, b. 03-13-1908, d. 04-01-1911, Plot 1--7, ---s/o Julius, no last name on stone, in book
Peterson, Arthur O. (Clara Heiman), b. 1886, d. 02-12-1978, ---age 91yr old, see obit
Peterson, Baby, d. no dates, ---baby of Joseph & Carrie Peterson
Peterson, Betsey (Joseph), b. 1854, d. 10-20-1880, ---Nee Thompson, 26yr old, "Biretta"
Peterson, Carl L., b. 08-26-1891, d. 12-13-1961, Plot 3--1, ---WW I, Wis Cook Co F 128 Infantry, PH
Peterson, Carrie & Baby (Joseph), b. 1868, d. 01-03-1948, Plot 2--5, ---age 79yr old
Peterson, Christena (Martin), b. 04-06-1866, d. 02-24-1927, Plot 1--1, ---Mother, Nee Stena Larson, died Diptheria
Peterson, Clara Heiman (Arthur O.), b. 1899, d. 07-25-1967, ---age 68yr old, see husband's obit
Peterson, Cornelius (Gina), b. 11-12-1860, d. 02-22-1939, Plot 10---2, ---b.Norway
Peterson, Edwin A., b. 1919, d. 1933, Plot 5--3, ---s/o Arthur O. & Clara Peterson, Disinterred Spring Grove WI Dells, reinterred here 06-06-1936
Peterson, Edwin Curtis, d. 12-31-1894, Plot 1--8, ---sm. stone, no last name, book data-8mo old
Peterson, Effie-Miss, b. 1891, d. 07-12-1958, Plot 2--5, ---age 67yr old, see obit
Peterson, Eliza "Liv" (Hans), b. 08-12-1834, d. 02-11-1918, Plot 1--7, ---Lillian Eliza Peterson, Eliza Peterson on stone
Peterson, Gina (Cornelius), b. 05-18-1863, d. 12-08-1937, Plot 2--10, ---age 74yr 6mo 20da old, b.Norway
Peterson, Gjunbjar, b. Norway, d. 05-18-1854, Plot 2--12, 3yr, March or May?, unmarked grave
Peterson, Hans (Lillian Eliza), b. 02-15-1831, d. 08-18-1908, Plot 1--7
Peterson, Harry (Julie Cady), b. 01-12-1887, d. 07-26-1958, Sm.Add., ---age 71yr old
Peterson, Helen (Peter Anton), b. 1877, d. 03-28-1965, Plot 2--5, ---age 87yr old
Peterson, Herbert M. (Janeice H.Sabian), b. 07-09-1916, d. 05-05-1974, Plot 2-6S½, ---WW II, 1st Sgt US Army, 57yr old, see obit
Peterson, Herbert Nicolai--child, d. 01-02-1893, ---small stone, no last name, data from book
Peterson, Herman A. (Ila C.), b. 1885, d. 06-04-1966, Plot 1--1N½, ---age 80yr old
Peterson, Ila C. (Herman A.), b. 1891, d. 12-24-1977, ---age 86yr old
Peterson, Ingaborg, d. 01-08-1908, Plot 4--25, unmarked grave
Peterson, James, b. 1826, d. 1882, ---maybe d.1892
Peterson, Janeice H. (Herbert M.), b. 11-17-1917, d. 02-26-1983, Plot 2--6S½, ---age 65yr old
Peterson, Jens Pederson Helgestad, d. 05-17-1892, Plot 2--5 66yr , unmarked grave
Peterson, Johanna Maria (Andrew), b. 07-31-1848, d. 07-28-1900, Plot 5--3, ---Mother
Peterson, John, b. 11-24-1884, d. 04-05-1973, Plot 3--10, ---WW I, Pvt US Army, 88yr old
Peterson, Joseph (Carrie), b. 1856, d. 04-23-1915, Plot 2--5, ---Father
Peterson, Joyce Katherine (Paul), b. 1919, d. 05-26-1992, Plot 2--5
Peterson, Julie/Julia Cady (Harry), b. 11-02-1894, d. 06-05-1981, Sm.Add., ---age 86yr old
Peterson, Julius H. (Louisa), b. 02-19-1867, d. 11-15-1960, Plot 1--7, ---age 93yr old, see obit
Peterson, Katrine/Kathrine, b. 1858, d. 04-02-1880, Plot 2--5, ---age 22yr old
Peterson, Kenneth H., b. 08-10-1900, d. 03-15-1901, Plot 1--7, ---no last name on stone, book data
Peterson, Lena Olava, d. 1907, d/o Martin, diptheria, unmarked grave
Peterson, Lester, b. 07-02-1904, d. 02-17-1907, ---Brother, s/o Martin, died of Diptheria, Palmer Lester, Lester Peterson on stone
Peterson, Lillian Clarice, b. 03-04-1905, d. 01-22-1907, Plot 1--7, ---no last name on stone, book data, d/o Julius
Peterson, Louisa-Mrs., b. 02-07-1878, d. 09-23-1968, Sm. Add., ---age 90yr old, see obit
Peterson, Louisa, b. 02-26-1900, d. 09-14-1902, ---Sister, Palma Louisa, Louisa Peterson on stone
Peterson, Louisa, b. 1868, d. 1901, Plot 2--5
Peterson, Louise Hilda, b. 06-17-1911, d. 10-19-1995, Plot 1--5
Peterson, Martha Ericksdtr (A.), b. 05-12-1839, d. 10-07-1866, Plot 1--5
Peterson, Martha, b. 03-23-1894, d. 02-13-1907, ---Sister of Lester, d/o Martin
Peterson, Martin (Christina), b. 02-03-1853, d. 07-11-1913, Plot 1--1, ---Father
Peterson, Martin A., b. 1874, d. 1935, Plot 5--3, ---b.Wisconsin
Peterson, Ole (Anna D.), b. 12-28-1850, d. 02-05-1920, Plot 1--8
Peterson, Ole M., b. 1869, d. 11-13-1942, Plot 4--18, ---74yr old, b.Newport
Peterson, Oliver, b. 03-31-1883, d. 04-10-1883, ---on stone with Oscar H.Peterson
Peterson, Oscar H., b. 07-21-1878, d. 01-10-1882, ---on stone with Oliver Peterson
Peterson, Paul (Joyce Katherine), b. 1900, d. 05-10-1977, Plot 2--5N½, ---Paulman Henry, 76yr old
Peterson, Peter Anton (Helen), b. 1870, d. 04-16-1928, Plot 1--5
Peterson, Peter, b. 08-17-1855, d. 04-01-1900, Plot 1--5
Peterson, Ronald Clifford (Mary)-see obit, b. 10-24-1922, d. 12-22-1955, Plot 2--10, ---WW II, Wisc Pfc 3090 QM Refrg Co, 33yr
Peterson, Ruth V., b. 1923, d. 1924, ---d/o Arthur O. & Clara Peterson
Peterson, Stillborn child, d. 1853/1854?, Plot 2--12, stillborn, unmarked grave
Peterson, Walter, Plot 5--3, ---disinterred from Spring Grove, reinterred here 06-06-1936, Is this Edwin A. Peterson?
Petzke, Frieda, b. 1862, d. 04-06-1947, Plot 2--9, ---Mother, 85yr old
Pierce, Albert LeRoy, b. 1918, d. 10-05-1998, Plot 2--7, ---Leroy Pierce on stone
Poos, Cheryl Mae (Joseph), b. 03-11-1959, d. 12-10-2009, Plot 2--15, ---(m)08-16-2008, d/o Peter E.& Bernadine M.Kiehl Spatz, see obit for Cheryl Poos
Raimer, Daniel Leigh (Debra Doerr), b. 03-14-1956, d. 03-29-2004, Plot 3--39, ---(m)06-09-1984, s/o Hilmer & Marie Wimann Raimer, see obit
Raimer, Hilmer Eugene August (Marie Josephine Wimann), b. 02-11-1917, d. 09-06-1998, Plot 3--29, ---(m)1941, "Hilly", 12 children
Raimer, Marie Josephine (Hilmer Eugene), b. 07-16-1923, d. 10-27-2010, Plot 3--29, ---(m)1941, d/o Carl & Anna Wimann, 12 children
Reosalen/Refsdalen, Lars Olson, d. 10-10-1877, Plot 2--6 53yr old, unmarked grave
Rya, Bertha (Erik O./Eric), b. 04-14-1826, d. 12-07-1910, Plot 1--12, ---Wife, Mrs. Bertha Olson Rya
Rya, Erik O./Eric (Bertha), b. 11-11-1821, d. 10-12-1905, Plot 1--12
Sampson, Amy Lucille (David A.), b. 01-10-1945, d. 01-17-2008, (m)1965, d/o Arnold & Florabelle Smith Larson, mom Grandma, Sister, see obit
Sampson, David A. (Amy Lucille Larson), b. 10-22-1929, d. 01-14-2006, Korea, CPL US Army, (m)1965, s/o Thomas Norman & Verna Guildler Thompson, see obit
Schaefer, Alice Josephine (Jacob), b. 1904, d. 11-01-1989, Plot 2--7N½, ---d/o Christian & Augusta Evenson Stomner
Schaefer, Jacob (Alice), b. 1905, d. 03-10-1957, Plot 2--7, ---WW II flag holder, Veteran, from Betty Cook's list, age 51yr old
Schmidt, Allen D. (Janet A.), b. 08-29-1932, pictures, (m)09-05-1953
Schmidt, Janet A. (Allen D.), b. 03-02-1935, pictures, (m)09-05-1953
Scott, Mildred Lillian-Mrs., b. 1899, d. 07-26-1963, Plot 2--4, ---see obit, 63yr old
Shirk, George A. (Helen M.), b. 1893, d. 10-06-1958, Plot 2--18S½
Shirk, Helen M. (George A.), b. 1896, d. 04-07-1988, Plot 2--18S½, ---d/o Ole & Julia Erickson Helley, 91yr
Siedschlag, Rosa (Carl L.Sr.), b. 05-21-1894, d. 11-01-1961, Sm.Add., ---obit says nee Auck and married Siedscklag, see Rosa Auck
Siljedalen, Hans Tovsen, d. 11-18-1892, 85yr , unmarked grave
Silydalen, Ronaug Tovson, d. 05-03-1892, 81yr, unmarked grave
Simonsn, Infant s/o Alfred, Plot 4--26, unmarked grave
Simonson, Infant daughter, d. no dates, ---d/o Mr/Mrs. Alfred Simonson
Smith, James B. (Joy R.), b. 06-19-1940, ---pictures
Smith, Joy R. (James B.), b. 02-25-1950, ---pictures
Smukal, Ewald George-Rev. (Johanna Thraum), b. 1892, d. 09-11-1953, Plot 2--12, ---age 61yr old, see obit
Smukal, Gerhard Gustav (Wilma Christenson), b. 07-15-1922, d. 07-26-1947, Plot 2--12, ---WW II, Wis Pfc 175 Infantry 29 Div, 25yr, s/o Rev.Ewald & Johanna Smukal , twin of Luther
Smukal, Henry Thraum, b. 05-14-1927, d. 05-30-1956, Plot 2--12, ---WW II, Wis. Pfc 4601 Area SVC Unit, 29yr, s/o Rev. Ewald & Johanna Smukal
Smukal, Johanna (Rev. Ewald G.), b. 1895, d. 03-00-1933, Plot 2--12, ---Nee Thraum, moved here from Spring Grove
Smukal, Luther Walter (Mary Jean), b. 07-15-1922, d. 04-10-1992, Plot 2--13, ---WW II, s/o Rev.Ewald & Johanna Smukal, twin of Gerhard
Smukal, Mary Jean (Luther Walter), b. 1927, d. 07-25-1982, Plot 2--13, ---Nee Premo, 55yr old
Soma, Arlie Iver (Evelyn Bessie), b. 07-29-1910, d. 05-05-2006, Plot 1--8, ---s/o Peder & Bertha Stensland Soma
Soma, Evelyn Bessie (Arlie Iver), b. 1914, d. 06-11-2005, Plot 1--8, ---d/o Carl & Nettie Anderson
Soma, Merlin Arlie, b. 05-06-1938, d. 05-06-1938, Plot 1--8, ---Stillborn, s/o Arlie I.& Evelyn B. Soma
Sorenson, d. 09-04-1890, 17yr , unmarked grave
Spatz, Bernadine M.Kiehl (Peter E.), b. 1931, d. 05-29-1997, Plot 2--15, ---Children: Sally, Sandra, Cheryl, Carol
Spatz, Carol J., b. 12-22-1959, Plot 2--15, ---pictures, d/o Peter E.& Bernadine M.Kiehl Spatz
Spatz, Cheryl Mae (Joseph), b. 03-11-1958, d. 12-10-2009, Plot 2--15, ---(m)08-16-2008, d/o Peter E.& Bernadine M.Kiehl Spatz, see obit for Cheryl Poos
Spatz, Child of Mr/Mrs. Peter, b. Premie, d. 1953, Smuckle addition, buried 07-15-1953, unmarked grave
Spatz, Peter E. (Bernadine M.), b. 1928, Plot 2--15, ---Children: Sally, Sandra, Cheryl, Carol
Steiner, Louis Charles (Vivian O.), b. 1902, d. 05-17-1956, Plot 2--5, ---age 53yr old, Mason
Steiner, Margaret L. (Raymond G.), b. 02-26-1911, d. 09-26-1999, Plot 2--16, ---(m)06-25-1949, Nee Margaret Louise Iverson
Steiner, Raymond G. (Margaret I.), b. 02-10-1908, d. 01-31-1992, Plot 2--16, ---(m)06-25-1949, maybe a cremation?
Steiner, Vivian O. (Louis Charles), b. 1896, d. 05-12-1981, Plot 2--18N½, ---age 85yr old
Steiner/Stiner, Infant, b. stillborn, d. 1930, Plot 1--5, b.LaCrosse, unmarked grave
Steward, Violet Anna, b. 1924, d. 10-09-1977, ---age 53yr old
Stomme, Pernille, b. 09-20-1816, d. 06-11-1867, Plot 1--5, ---Gudmundsdatter, 52yr old
Stomner, Anna Mary O., b. 03-02-1816, d. 09-14-1895, ---age 80½yr old, in book listed as Mary O, on stone with Ole O.Stomner
Stomner, Augusta (Christ O.), b. 02-28-1861, d. 09-11-1908, ---nee Evenson, b.Norway
Stomner, Charles T. (Dorothy W.), b. 07-14-1917, d. 05-01-1990, Plot 2--12, ---s/o Orville & Cora Stomner
Stomner, Charles/Carl O. (Mattie A.), b. 02-02-1855, d. 03-07-1908
Stomner, Christian O. (Augusta Evenson), b. 12-07-1847, d. 12-02-1934, Plot 2--12A, ---b.Norway, see obit
Stomner, Cora S. (Orville H.), b. 11-29-1891, d. 09-21-1979, ---age 87yr old
Stomner, Dorothy Jean, b. 04-02-1930, d. 09-21-2014, 84yr, d/o Orville & Cora Bartness Stomner, see obit
Stomner, Dorothy W. (Charles T.), b. 01-17-1914, d. 07-21-1990, Plot 2--12
Stomner, Emma, b. 1896, d. 1933, Plot 2--12A, ---b.Newport
Stomner, Frances, d. 1901, buried 08-31-1901, unmarked grave
Stomner, George W., b. 1898, d. 06-28-1957, Plot 2--12A, ---age 59yr old
Stomner, Ida, b. 1882, d. 06-20-1914, ---age 32yr old
Stomner, Mattie A. (Charles O.), b. 1882, d. 10-13-1952, Plot 2--12, ---90yr old
Stomner, Milton H., b. 09-14-1902, d. 04-04-1988, Plot 2--12A, ---s/o Christian & Augusta Evenson Stomner
Stomner, Ole Olson, b. 03-25-1822, d. 11-27-1887, ---age 64yr old, death date in book 11-27-1886, on stone with Anna M.Stomner
Stomner, Olive-Miss, b. 1887, d. 11-14-1960, Plot 2--12, ---age 72yr old, see obit
Stomner, Orville H. (Cora S.), b. 04-07-1892, d. 12-25-1980, ---age 88yr old
Stomner, Otto S., b. 07-15-1893, d. 01-21-1965, Plot 2--12, ---WW I, Wis Pfc US Army, 71yr old
Stowers, Bonnie J. (Timothy R.), b. 09-20-1967, d. 02-22-1997, Plot 3--21, ---(m)05-19-1990, Nee Ullrich, children: Kyle, Kassondra
Stowers, Timothy R. (Bonnie J.Ullrich), b. 03-19-1963, d. 08-18-2013, Plot 3--21, ---(m)05-19-1990, s/o Roger & Gaylene Roeker Stowers, see obit
Stumne, Peder Erickson, d. 06-20-1874, 3da, maybe d. July, unmarked grave
Sturdevant, Blanche Luella (Harold F.), b. 12-13-1931, d. 02-20-2014, Sm.Add., ---(m)10-1957, d/o Leonard & Bonita Rickert Thompson, see obit
Sturdevant, Clyde I. (Myrtle), b. 02-20-1890, d. 11-16-1973, Plot 1--3, ---WW I, Wis Pvt US Army, 83yr old
Sturdevant, Harold F. (Blanche L.Thompson), b. 09-21-1932, d. 01-18-2010, Sm.Add., ---(m)10-1957, s/o Clyde & Myrtle Ingelbretson Sturdevant, see obit
Sturdevant, Myrtle (Clyde I.), b. 1901, d. 12-03-1989, Plot 1--3, ---d/o Emil & Mary Jenson Ingebretson
Svendsdtr/Svenunjsdtr, Ingeborg, d. 11-00-1863, 4yr, unmarked grave
Svensby/Swensby, Anders, d. 08-21-1895, 57yr, unmarked grave
Swansby, Andrew B. (Emma S.), b. 1863, d. 10-13-1945, Plot 4--3, ---age 82+yr old
Swansby, Bord, b. Norway, d. 03-29-1908, See obit index--B.O.Swansby, unmarked grave
Swansby, Carl, b. 1903, d. 11-03-1927, Plot 4--3
Swansby, Christine, b. 03-22-1831, d. 11-16-1909, Plot 4--3
Swansby, Emma S. (Andrew B.), b. 1879, d. 02-01-1976, Plot 4--3, ---age 96yr old
Swansby, Ole, d. 12-29-1927, Plot 4--3, unmarked grave
Swenson, Axel, b. Sweden, d. 01-31-1935, Plot 4--8, 33yr 4mo 20da, unmarked grave
Swenson/Severson, Inger Elisa Kirkeba, d. 04-01-1885, Plot 1--18, 22¼yr, unmarked grave
Syljudalen, Anne O., b. 03-23-1807, d. 11-15-1890, ---hard to read dates on stone
Syvensen, Julia Olina/Oline, b. Newport, d. 09-06-1870, Plot 1--??, 3yr, unmarked grave
Tallakson, Theodore Oskar, d. 08-03-1892, Plot 1--8 2yr or 7½yr, unmarked grave
Taralson, Swen, Plot 1--16, unmarked grave
Thompson, Adalaine (Thomas), b. 09-26-1837, d. 11-28-1897, Plot 1--18, ---b.Norway
Thompson, Anlang/Anlarif Thorbjousdr, d. 02-00-1884, Plot 1--18, maybe June, unmarked grave
Thompson, Asbarg Oline Jensdtr, b. 05-31-1842, d. 02-12-1874, Plot 1--11, ---Aasbjor Oline, Police shield surrounds data
Thompson, Charles "Chuck" (Dianne Anderson), b. 11-29-1935, d. 10-23-2012, (m)07-09-1955, s/o Harold & Lila Anderson Thompson, see obit
Thompson, Christopher (Mary), b. 1821, d. 1907, Plot 1--15, ---GAR, b.Norway, death date in book is 1908
Thompson, Dianne C. (Charles), b. 03-04-1935, (m)07-09-1955, nee Anderson
Thompson, Elsa Marie (Hans), b. 1856, d. 12-15-1941, Plot 1--22, ---b.Newport, 81yr old
Thompson, Emma, d. 07-00-1903, unmarked grave
Thompson, Engri, b. 1814, d. 1893, ---Mother, on stone with Brother Thomas
Thompson, George C., b. 1851, d. 05-16-1927, Plot 1--15
Thompson, Hans (Elsa Marie), b. 1854, d. 04-28-1939, Plot 1--22
Thompson, Herman, b. 1877, d. 08-03-1961, Plot 1--6, ---age 83yr old
Thompson, Howard Fadness, b. 04-30-1932, d. 09-11-2003, Plot 1--22, ---Korea, Pfc US Army, s/o Oscar & Anna Fadness Thompson, see obit
Thompson, Infants, Plot 2--7
Thompson, Inger (Newton), b. 02-28-1859, d. 07-04-1926, Plot 2--7, ---Nee Uldrickson, mother
Thompson, Jacob, b. b.Norway 1821, d. 09-13-1856, Plot 2--12, ---Sept. 11, 1851 First Service of this congregation held in the log cabin home of Jacob Thompson,
Thompson, Jennie Nelson (Herman), b. 1877, d. 12-02-1962, Plot 1--6, ---age 85yr old
Thompson, Johanna Marie "Hannah", b. 11-11-1870, d. 05-02-1878, Plot 1--11
Thompson, John C. (Martha Caroline), b. 1855, d. 1930, Plot 4--24, ---Father
Thompson, Joseph Christopher, b. 1859, d. 1934, Plot 1--15, ---b.Newport
Thompson, Louise C., b. 1878, d. 06-20-1908, Plot 1--6
Thompson, Martha Caroline (John C.), b. 1874, d. 12-08-1952, Plot 4--24, ---Mother, 78yr old
Thompson, Mary/Marie (Christopher), b. 1817, d. 06-02-1890, Plot 1--15, ---age 72yr old, Marie Jorgenson Thompson
Thompson, Newton (Inger), b. 1846, d. 10-22-1928, Plot 2--7, ---Father
Thompson, Norman J. (Verna R.), b. 1887, d. 09-01-1946, Plot 1--2, ---Father, 63+yr old
Thompson, Oscar--see obit, b. 1886, d. 04-21-1950, Plot 1--22, ---no last name on stone, it is in book, 63+yr
Thompson, Peter C., b. 1861, d. 1887, Plot 1--15
Thompson, Svend, b. 1825, d. 10-30-1855, Plot 2--12, ---b.Norway, 30yr old, on stone with Jacob Thompson
Thompson, Thomas (Adalaine), b. 01-02-1842, d. 01-12-1892, Plot 1--18, ---age 50yr old
Thompson, Thomas, b. 1852, d. 1872, Plot 1--22?, ---Brother, on stone with Engri Thompson Mother
Thompson, Verna R. (Norman J.), b. 1909, d. 02-20-1946, Plot 1--2, ---Mother, 35+yr old, moved here from SLC
Thompson, William, Plot 2--7, unmarked grave
Thorbjormson, maybe Ole Thompson, d. 03-03-1882, 3yr 5mo, unmarked grave
Thorbsdr, Aslag, d. 09-15-1877, 9mo, unmarked grave
Thorsdatter, Mari/Marie Ann Viste, d. 04-23-1872, 7yr, unmarked grave
Thorsen, Ole, b. Newport, d. 04-24-1857, 3 mo, unmarked grave
Thorson, Anders or Thorson Anders?, b. Norway, d. 09-08-1856, Plot 1--13, 6yr maybe d. 1854?, unmarked grave
Todewdtr, Ingebor Kirsten, d. 04-26-1878, 24 or 74yr old?, unmarked grave
Tofson, Anna--Mrs., b. 06-12-1810, d. 11-01-1897, b. Norway, unmarked grave
Tofson, Anne Louise, b. 03-13-1866, d. 09-18-1882, ---on stone with Mary & Enger M.Tofson
Tofson, Anne Olson (Martin), b. 1854, d. 02-26-1945, Plot 2--11, ---age 90y12d, oldest member of this church
Tofson, Edith L. "Eda" Olette (Ole), b. 07-18-1882, d. 06-16-1917, Plot 5--8, ---Nee Gregerson
Tofson, Enger Martima Olesdtr, b. 01-19-1877, d. 02-10-1877, Plot 1--14, ---on stone with Mary & Anne L.Tofson, 22da old
Tofson, Hannah M. (Theodore J.), b. 1885, d. 01-29-1977, ---(m)02-01-1905, 91yr old, nee Erickson
Tofson, Helen D.Haralson (Otto), b. 1914, d. 03-03-1933, Plot 4--23, ---see obit
Tofson, Inez M. (Oliver N.), b. 02-20-1916, d. 04-01-2006, ---d/o Carl & Nettie Lueck Anderson, (m)11-1935
Tofson, Mabel (William John), b. 1887, d. 1920, Plot 4--22, ---maybe this is Mabel Hanson Tofson
Tofson, Martin (Anne), b. 1849, d. 11-29-1906, ---Father, killed by train
Tofson, Mary/Marie (Ole), b. 01-20-1838, d. 06-05-1907, Plot 1--14, ---b.Norway, on stone with Anne L. & Enger M.Tofson
Tofson, Ole (Mary), b. 05-19-1837, d. 10-10-1916, Plot 1--14
Tofson, Ole H., b. 01-04-1872, d. 04-09-1960, ---age 88yr old
Tofson, Oliver Norman (Inez M.), b. 11-10-1910, d. 03-10-2002, Plot 4--16, ---(m)Nov.1935, maybe Norman Oliver Tofson
Tofson, Robert Elmer, b. 04-07-1913, d. 01-03-1914, Plot 4--22, ---s/o William & Mabel Tofson
Tofson, Theodore J. (Hannah M.), b. 1881, d. 09-06-1976, ---(m)02-01-1905, 94yr old
Tofson, William John (Mabel), b. 01-03-1878, d. 11-25-1913, Plot 4--22
Toldness, Anna Issacsdr H., d. 01-13-1883, 53yr, unmarked grave
Tollackson, Carrie, b. Norway, d. 02-19-1932, Plot 1--8, 85yr, unmarked grave
Tolleth, Hale Robert (Vernice L.), b. 01-26-1890, d. 04-22-1964, Plot 2--6S½, ---WW I, Wis Cpl Co B 107 Supply Train, see Spring Grove Cemetery, veteran's stone is here
Tolleth, Vernice L. (Hale Robert), b. 05-28-1897, d. 09-13-1978, Plot 2--6S½, ---age 81yr old
Torgenson, Laura--can only read first name on stone, d. 10-20-1887, Plot 2--18, ---unreadable stone, no last name on stone, is this Laura Torgenson from the books who d.10-20-1887?
Torgersen/Torgensen, Einer, d. 08-25-1862, 17yr, unmarked grave
Tyvan, Inger Hellena, d. 12-16-1887, 6yr , unmarked grave
Uldrickson, Inger Dorthea Nilsdatter, d. 08-16-1857, Plot 2--12, 3 mo, unmarked grave
Uldrikson, Ole Nelson, d. 10-07-1921, Plot 4--26, unmarked grave
Ullrich, Donna J. (Edwin A.), b. 08-10-1943, (m)05-22-1965, CH: Bonnie, Mark, grdch; Kyle Kassandra
Ullrich, Edwin A. (Donna J.), b. 05-01-1941, (m)05-22-1965, CH: Bonnie, Mark, grdch; Kyle Kassandra
Ulriksen/Uldrickson, Martha (Nils), b. 08-23-1834, d. 04-12-1920, Plot 2--4
Ulriksen/Uldrickson, Nils (Martha), b. 06-24-1828, d. 02-10-1889, Plot 2--4, ---age 60½yr old
Unknown, Henry, ---foot stone, no last name
Urberg, Anna Ottelia Pedersdtr, b. Newport, d. 04-13-1875, 3wk, unmarked grave
Urberg, Kristen Jorgensen, d. 02-25-1877, unmarked grave
VanAlstine, Helen A. (Walter C.), b. 1875, d. 12-26-1949, Plot 2--11, ---Mother, 73+yr old, nee Anna Hellen Tofson
VanAlstine, Walter C. (Helena A.Tofson), b. 1873, d. 08-18-1949, Plot 2--11, ---Father, 75+yr old, see obit
Vesterem, Andrew, d. 01-26-1893, 73½yr, unmarked grave
Vosje, Clara Rebekka, d. 11-23-1881, 3yr 6mo, unmarked grave
Vosje, Nils Christopherson, d. 03-31-1893, 84yr, unmarked grave
Vosje, Oske Theo Julius, d. 12-03-1881, 1yr, unmarked grave
Walters, Myrtle, b. 1896, d. 01-18-1994, Plot 2--1, ---d/o Albert D. & Julia J. Nelson
Weber, John Carl, b. 03-01-1947, d. 11-01-1995, Sm.Add., ---Vietman, SP4 US Army, s/o John M. & Phyllis Lunde Weber
Weber, John M. (Phyllis Lunde), b. 06-29-1918, d. 05-23-2010, Sm.Add., ---WW II, US Army Air Force, (m)11-03-1945, s/o Roy & Sadie Streiff Weber, ch: John C, David, Thomas & Jaclyn, see obit
Weber, Phyllis M.Lunde (John M.), b. 03-03-1928, d. 05-30-2010, Sm.Add., ---(m)11-03-1945, d/o James Carlyle & Clara Leege Lunde, ch:John C/David/Thomas & Jaclyn, see obit
Wegert, Bridgette Nicole, b. 02-12-1986, d. 08-13-2005, Plot 1--4, ---d/o Cynthia Borkowski & Howard Wegert, correction by Cynthia, see obit
Williamson, Karl Martin, d. 10-26-1864, Plot 1--23, 5yr, unmarked grave
Wimann, Anna Louise Nordbloom, b. 1891, d. 01-25-1950, Plot 5--9, ---Next to Carl Wimann, 58yr old
Wimann, Bruce (Theresa Danielson), b. 06-03-1951, d. 01-09-2014, (m)02-22-1992, s/o Fred & Esther Dale Wimann, Mason, see obit
Wimann, Carl Sigword, b. 1881, d. 08-22-1965, Plot 5--9, ---Next to Anna Wimann, 84yr old
Wimann, Esther (Fred George), b. 1920, d. 08-16-1997, Plot 5--9, ---Nee Dale, (m)1948
Wimann, Fred George (Esther), b. 06-01-1919, d. 1992, Plot 5--9, ---s/o Carl & Anna Wimann, (m)1948
Wimann, Jayne Marie (Paul Alan), b. 1964, Plot 3--22, ---Nee Erickson, Children: Anna & Katie
Wimann, Paul Alan (Jayne Marie Erickson), b. 08-01-1956, d. 05-14-2005, Plot 3--22, ---Vietnam, HTFN US Navy, (m)06-08-1996, s/o Walter John & Catherine Geraldine Murray Wimann, see obit
Wimann, Theresa Danielson (Bruce), b. 11-16-1958, pictures
Wittig, Marjorie Cordelia (Donald), b. 04-29-1932, d. 12-23-1948, Plot 5--4, ---Nee Halverson
Zeitz, Clarence Anton (Ellen A.), b. 03-08-1913, d. 08-22-2003, Plot 2--8, ---(m)07-10-1938
Zeitz, Ellen Annabelle (Clarence A.), b. 12-07-1919, d. 09-11-1998, Plot 2--8, ---(m)07-10-1938
Zietlow, Luke Russel, b. 05-14-1992, d. 11-16-2007, s/o Troy & Lori Johnson Zietlow, car accident
Zinke, Alice E., b. 08-14-1924, d. 08-21-1924, Plot 4--11
Zinke, Carolyn Ann--Carolyn Ann Zinke Murphy, b. 03-18-1946, sister, on stone with brother Donald Gene Zinke, d/o Fred & Emma Nelson Zinke
Zinke, Donald Gene, b. 03-06-1942, d. 09-08-2013, brother, on stone with sister Carolyn Ann Zinke Murphy, s/o Fred & Emma Nelson Zinke, see obit
Zinke, Emma Louise (Fred A.), b. 04-12-1899, d. 10-31-1969, ---age 82yr old, divorced, nee Nelson
Zinke, Emma Louise (William Otto), b. 1885, d. 01-31-1967, Plot 2--17
Zinke, Fred A. (Emma L.Nelson), b. 03-17-1899, d. 10-12-1979, ---age 80yr old, divorced, see obit
Zinke, Geraldine L Johnston, b. 08-23-1926, d. 03-10-1995, Plot 4--14
Zinke, James Roland/Russell, d. 02-18-1948, Plot 4--14, ---death date in book is 02-02-1948
Zinke, Jeannine R. (Kenneth Roy), b. 05-04-1930, nee Lambkin
Zinke, Kenneth Roy (Jeannine Lambkin), b. 04-24-1929, d. 08-20-2010, US Air Force retired, SMSGT, Am.Leg, (m)11-25-1951, s/o Fred & Emma Nelson Zinke, see obit
Zinke, Melvin W., b. 1904, d. 07-04-1977, Plot 2--17
Zinke, Milton E., b. 1905, d. 12-10-1986, Plot 2--17, ---s/o William & Emma Zinke, 81yr old
Zinke, William Otto (Emma Louise), b. 1879, d. 01-21-1959, Plot 2--17

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