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Hillside Cemetery
Poynette, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.390743, -89.393928

E Seward St & US 51
Poynette, WI 53955

Published: September 15, 2016
Total records: 3,053

Surnames A-H

Earlier transcription by Mr. & Mrs. William Donald Jellings. 2005 transcription by Joan Woodward, Pat Asmussen, Rachel Anderson & Joan Johnson. Typed by Anna Mae Axness. Some Veteran information from Betty Cook's files. Special Thank You to Ollie Mielke for use of the Record Book and copies of the maps.

Abel, Augusta M. Schultz (Leo E.)
, b. 12-04-1914, d. 03-12-1984, Plot 11-30C--#59B, --Mother, see obit
Abel, Charles C. (Inez Ruth Singleton), b. 05-04-1906, d. 06-23-1999, Plot 10-31N--#73B, --see obit
Abel, Inez Ruth Singleton (Charles C.), b. 06-12-1912, d. 08-22-1995, Plot 10-31N--#73B, --see obit
Abel, John A. (Mae/Mary E.), b. 1898, d. 01-31-1973, Plot 7-21N--#52, --see obit
Abel, Leo E. (Augusta M.), b. 1910, d. 07-30-1991, Plot 11-30C--#59B, --Father, burial date
Abel, Mae/Mary Ellen (John A.), b. 1906, d. 10-02-1973, Plot 7-21N--#52, --see obit
Adamac, Margaret Resler, #1Harry Johnson, #2Leonard Adamac), b. 1911, d. 09-16-2001, Plot 1-5N--#80A, --see obit
Adams, Cory Alan (Lindsay Marie Kruser), b. 08-02-1991, d. 05-07-2011, from obit, (m)04-10-2010, s/o Scott Adams & Tami Ramaker, car accident
Aitcheson, Robert John-Rev. (Sarah), b. 1865, d. 10-00-1934, Plot 3-9N--#84A, --see obit, Mason
Aitcheson, Sarah Ann (Rev. Robert), b. 1859, d. 1941, Plot 3-9N--#84A
Alford, Allison "Al", b. 01-29-1927, d. 04-16-1992, Plot 7-26N--#102A, --WW II, Korea, QM3 US Navy, on stone with Claudine H.Alford
Alford, Billie Freeman, b. 05-11-1933, d. 03-31-1997, Plot 7-26N--#102A, --Korea, ENFN US Navy
Alford, Claudine H. Hine (Duane W.), b. 1930, d. 02-03-1997, Plot 7-26N--#102A, --see obit. On stone with Allison Alford
Alford, Dean Michael (Debra Kyler), b. 08-23-1967, d. 08-08-2008, Plot 7-26N--#102A, --(m)12-03-1994, s/o Leon & Shirley Ferguson Alford, ashes
Alford, Debra L Kyler (Dean Michael), b. 07-25-1966, Plot 7-26N--#102A, --(m)12-03-1994
Alford, Forrest E. (Georgia P.), b. 08-10-1905, d. 12-10-1995, Plot 7-26N--#102A
Alford, Georgia P. (Forrest E.), b. 10-09-1906, d. 09-19-2000, Plot 7-26N--#102A
Allen, Alice M., b. 1897, d. 06-07-1990, Plot 3-6N--#70A, --burial date, ashes
Allen, Amanda Lee, b. 09-08-1976, d. 07-19-1984, Plot 9-18S--#11C, --Beloved daughter
Allen, C. Elaine (William Lewis-divorced), b. 02-24-1918, d. 12-15-2015, Plot 9-18S--#11C, --Mother, (m)08-24-1942, d/o Ernest Earl Sr. & Eva Amanda Perry Dutcher, see obit
Allen, Caroline, d. 1916, Plot 9-8S--#313, --burial date
Allen, Chessel E. (Jeanette I. Thompson), b. 08-03-1923, d. 04-11-2007, Plot 10-31N--#70B, --WW II, Sgt Us Army PH, DAV Stake, s/o George William & Harriet Fern Loomis Allen
Allen, Cornellius, b. 1936, d. 09-30-1916, Plot 9-8S--#313, --see obit
Allen, David Lee (Joanne Marie), b. 1946, Plot 9-18S, --(m)06-24-1967, not in record book
Allen, George William "Bill" (Harriet), b. 1889, d. 12-30-1967, Plot 4-11C--#230, --see obit
Allen, Harriet Fern (George William), b. 1891, d. 07-18-1967, Plot 4-11C--#230, --see obit
Allen, Hubert M., b. 08-11-1895, d. 10-06-1950, Plot 3-6N--#70A, --WW I, Wis 2nd Lt 846 Co Trans Corps
Allen, J. H. C., d. 1879, Plot 9-8S--#313, --burial date
Allen, James B. (Mamie), b. 1861, d. 08-20-1937, Plot 4-11C--#230, --Husband, accident, see obit
Allen, Jeanette I. Thompson (Chessel E.), b. 04-151925, d. 05-31-2000, Plot 10-31N--#70B, --ashes, see ssdi & obit
Allen, Joanne Marie (David Lee), b. 1945, Plot 9-18S--#321--(m)06-24-1967
Allen, Kenneth E. "Buddy", b. 1923, d. 1939, Plot 3-6N--#70A
Allen, Mamie (James B.), d. 03-04-1896, Plot 4-11C--#230, --Age 20 or 26yr 10mo old
Allen, Mollie, Plot 9-19S--#321, --gr.8, d/o Joanne M.& David Lee Allen
Allen, Percy H., b. 1884, d. 1907, Plot 5-17N--#66
Allyn, Clare L., b. 1913, Plot 2-3C--#88, --Maybe d.June 1986?, ashes
Allyn, Iva C. LaShure (Thuel N.), b. 1888, d. 08-29-1970, Plot 2-3C--#88, --see obit
Allyn, Thuel N. (Iva C. LaShure), b. 1880, d. 08-28-1948, Plot 2-3C--#88, --see obit
Ames, Elizabeth, b. 10-03-1901, d. 04-17-1927, Plot 2-1C--#135, --ashes, see Elizabeth Luther, obituary is for Elizabeth Luther Ames
Amyx, Hazel R. (Omar), b. 09-21-1905, d. 10-17-2005, Plot 10-28N--6D, --(m)06-02-1926, d/o Sebe & Emma Allen Muggleton,
Anderson, Andre Mark--infant, d. 10-06-1959, Plot 8-26C--#84, --s/o Rollin & June Ausman Anderson, in grandparents Ausman lot
Anderson, Bernice M. (Frederick A.), b. 1891, d. 03-29-1984, Plot 8-23C--#218, -- see obit
Anderson, Carl V. (Jeanne L. Raasch), b. 12-09-1921, d. 07-23-1989, Plot 10-31N--#75B, --WW II, US Army, see obit
Anderson, Carl "Charley" J. F. (Mary Ella Meadowcraft), b. 1879, d. 05-16-1961, Plot 9-18S, --see obit, husband
Anderson, Cecilia (John F.), b. 1857, d. 1929, Plot 4-10C--#147, --Mother
Anderson, Charles H. (Lavina Wilson), b. 1873, d. 07-14-1955, Plot 2-5C--#183, --burial date, see obit
Anderson, Frederick A. (Bernice M.), b. 1882, d. 07-24-1951, Plot 8-23C--#218, --burial date
Anderson, Harman, b. 1885, d. 1896, Plot 4-10C, --not in record book for #147, next to John F.& Cecilia Anderson
Anderson, Herman E., b. 12-07-1926, d. 02-24-1986, Plot 11-30C--#68B, --WW II, SI US Navy
Anderson, Jeanne L. Raasch (Carl V.), b. 12-21-1922, Plot 10-31N--#75B
Anderson, John F. Sr. (Cecilia), b. 1851, d. 09-00-1922, Plot 4-10C--#147, --see obit, Father
Anderson, John W. Jr., b. 1880, d. 1929, Plot 4-10C--#147, --Father
Anderson, June M. (Rollin Lawrence), b. 12-09-1925, d. 02-28-2003, Plot 8-26C--#85, --(m)06-07-1958, d/o Gust & Daisy Cross Ausman, see obit
Anderson, Lavina (Charles H.), b. 1875/1876, d. 1935, Plot 2-5C--#183, --stone dates 1875-1935
Anderson, Martin W., b. 09-06-1915, d. 09-09-1915, Plot 4-10C--#147, --s/o J.W.& V.M. Anderson
Anderson, Mary Ella Meadowcraft (Carl J. F.), b. 1884, d. 05-14-1968, Plot 9-18S--#322, -- see obit, wife
Anderson, Rollin Lawrence (June M.), b. 02-02-1929, d. 01-26-2003, Plot 8-26C--#85, --Korea, (m)06-07-1958, s/o Adolph P. & Minnie Hawkinson Anderson, see obit
Anderson, Violet M., b. 1886, d. 1968, Plot 4-10C--#147
Andrews, Ethel Clark-Mrs., b. 1888, d. 03-00-1917, Plot 2-4C--#132, --d/o Seth Watson Clark & Janet Clark, see obit
Arnold, Betty M. Jury (Vernon L.), b. 1932, d. 02-27-2002, Plot 10-34N--#135B, --(m)07-29-1950, Our CH: Linda, Cathy, Mary, Ruth, Eddy, see obit
Arnold, Eddy Dean (Cheryl Lynn), b. 06-19-1964, d. 10-27-2010, from obit, s/o Vernon & Betty Jury Arnold
Arnold, Vernon L. (Betty M. Jury), b. 08-12-1927, d. 08-07-2011, Plot 10-34N--#135B, --WW II, US Submarine Veterans, (m)07-29-1950, s/o Harold & Doris Arnold
Astle, Clara Schroder (John H.), b. 1894, d. 03-16-1961, Plot 3-9N--#17A, --see obit
Astle, John H. (Clara Schroder), b. 1895, d. 11-01-1979, Plot 3-9N--#17A, --see obit
Astle, Marie, b. 1918, d. 1927, Plot 3-9N--#17A, --d/o John & Clara Astle
Astle, Marie--Baby, d. no dates, Plot 3-9N--#17A
Ausman, Daisy Cross (Gust), b. 09-08-1898, d. 07-00-1993, Plot 8-26C--#84
Ausman, Gust (Daisy Cross), b. 1885, d. 07-03-1961, Plot 8-26C--#84, --see obit
Ausman, Julius, b. 1896, d. 10-20-1956, Plot 8-26C--#84, --burial date, brother to Gust?
Austin, Baby Son, b. 03-28-1887, d. 04-19-1887, Plot 8-26C--#84, --s/o Wm. & Sarah Austin, not in record book in #84
Axon, Aunt, d. no date, Plot 8-23C--#165, --buried in gr.#1
Axon, Janet (Robert), d. 05-03-1890, Plot 8-23C--#165, --Age 63yr old
Axon, Mary Ella, b. 1858, d. 1938, Plot 8-23C--#165, --d/o Robert & Janet Axon
Axon, Robert (Janet), d. 11-09-1873, Plot 8-23C--#165, --Age 52yr old
Ayer, Bion W. & Elmer, Plot 6-13C--#255, --Two children of J.H.& Mary L. Ayer/Ayriers
Ayer, Joseph H. (Mary L.), d. 01-09-1866, Plot 6-13C--#255, --Age 34yr old
Ayer, Mary L. (Joseph H.), d. 02-10-1866, Plot 6-13C--#255, --Age 32yr old
Ayrie, C. --Mrs., d. no date, Plot 6-16C--#205, --buried in gr.#1
Babcock, Ben L., b. 1871, d. 06-12-1962, Plot 3-11N--#86A, --see obit
Babcock, Gilbert Edward (Mary F.), b. 08-25-1895, d. 02-27-1969, Plot 11-28C--#33B, --WW I, Wis Pvt Btry B 122 Fld Arty
Babcock, Grace F. (Harry W.), b. 1897, d. 04-13-1972, Plot 3-8N--#38, --see obit
Babcock, Harry W. (Grace F.), b. 01-08-1894, d. 02-16-1951, Plot 3-8N--#38, --WW I, Co G 37Th Inf
Babcock, Mary F. (Gilbert Edward), b. 1899, d. 05-22-1984, Plot 11-28C--#33B, --nee Fuller, see obit
Babcock, Samuel J. (Zelphia A.), b. 1873, d. 06-18-1965, Plot 3-11N--#86A, --(m)04-29-1897, see obit
Babcock, Zelphia "Sophie" A. (Samuel), b. 09-25-1876, d. 11-19-1962, Plot 3-11N--#86A, --d/o Philander & Sarah E. Cartwright, (m)04-29-1897
Bacon, Irving, Plot 5-15N--#11A, --lot owner
Bacon, Marguerite Haley, Plot 5-15N--#11A, --lot owner
Baddeley, Charles Henry (Grace W.), b. 1859, d. 1915, Plot 6-16C--#153
Baddeley, Grace W. (Charles Henry), b. 1872, d. 02-28--1962, Plot 6-16C--#153, --see obit
Baer, Edward T., b. 1937, Plot 7-24N, --not in Record Book
Baerwald, Mary J., b. 12-11-1944, d. 04-06-1987, Plot 11-31C--#81B, --Nee Plenty, Mother
Baird, Lucy (#1Raymond Baird, #2Obie Offerdahl), b. 04-30-1916, d. 09-28-2013, Plot 4-10C--#252, --gr.6, --see obit for Lucy Offerdahl, d/o Frederick & Barbara Boomer Starks
Bakken, Darwin S. (Nancye York Ziegler), b. 05-29-1959, d. 09-23-2009, from obit, (m)09-26-1992, s/o Frederick & Shirley Hanson Bakken
Bakken, Nancye York Ziegler (Darwin S.), b. 1949, pictures, (m)09-26-1992
Ballantyn, Marion Selle (David), d. 10-30-1963, see obit, 62yr old
Barden, Elaine L. Bisbee (Gene S.), b. 05-15-1938, d. 07-15-1969, Plot 8-22C--#212, --see obit
Barden, Gene S. (Elaine L. Bisbee), b. 11-22-1938, d. 05-27-2002, Plot 8-22C--#212, --ashes on top of Elaine, see ssdi
Bargar, Dianne M. (Wayne S.), b. 01-11-1952, d. 11-23-2001, Plot 11-34C--#147B, --Nee Paske
Bargar, Wayne S. (Dianne M.), b. 03-25-1951, Plot 11-34C--#147B
Barger, Bert A. (Ellen Margaret Resler), b. 1906, d. 11-03-1958, Plot 7-21N--#5A, --burial date
Barger, Ellen Margaret Resler (Bert A.), b. 1908, d. 08-11-1997, Plot 7-21N--#5A, --see obit
Barger, Kathrine, d. 11-15-1956, Plot 7-21N--#5A, --a baby
Barger, Robert Lee (Roberta A. Stiemke), b. 07-23-1936, d. 08-08-2002, Plot 7-21N--#5A, --Korea, AIC US Air Force, (m)01-29-1955, ashes, s/o Albert A.& Ellen M.Reiser Barger, see obit
Barger, Roberta A. (Robert Lee), b. 05-02-1938, Plot 7-21N--#5A, --Nee Stiemke, (m)01-29-1955
Barnes, Agnes, d. 12-23-1892, Plot 8-20C--#168, --see Portage obit index, 5yr old d/o Willis & Mary Barnes
Barnes, Child, d. 10-21-1890, Plot 8-20C--#168, --see Portage obit index, Infant s/o Willis & Mary Barnes
Barnes, Hannah (James), d. 05-00-1898, Plot 8-20C--#168, --see Portage obit index
Barnes, James (Hannah), d. 02-06-1892, Plot 8-20C--#168, --see Portage obit index
Barnes, Willis Fletcher Jr. (Mary A. McKenzie), b. 1863, d. before 03-10-1927, Plot 8-20C--#168, --see obit
Barrett, David W. (2nd h/o Marie Ann Herold), b. 1939, d. 11-22-1998, Plot 9-13-S--#2C, --see obit
Barrett, Marie Ann H. (#1Melvin Youngs, #2David Barrett), b. 01-05-1930, d. 07-21-2006, Plot 9-13S--#2C, --d/o John & Elizabeth Trapp Herold
Bartholomew, Charles L. (Dorothy M.), b. 1901, d. 09-01-1961, Plot 5-19N--#49, --burial date
Bartholomew, Dorothy M. (Charles L.), b. 1910, d. 01-08-2001, Plot 5-19N--#49, --burial date
Bartholomew, Eugene D., b. 09-07-1948, Plot 10-33N--#121B, --on stone with Robert E Sr & Mary Jean Bartholomew
Bartholomew, Frances Krueger (Joseph), b. 1926, d. 11-06-1963, Plot 11-27C--#8B, --(m)09-25-1946, see obit
Bartholomew, James W., b. 1929, d. 10-17-1950, Plot 4-11C--#177, --s/o John R & Martha M Bartholomew, see obit
Bartholomew, John R. (Martha), b. 1890, d. 10-31--1951, Plot 4-11C--#177, --see obit
Bartholomew, Joseph (Frances Krueger), b. 10-18-1922, d. 11-25-1998, Plot 11-27C--#8B, --(m)09-25-1946, stone says he is buried in Mountain Home, TN
Bartholomew, Martha M. (John), b. 1895, d. 08-12-1969, Plot 4-11C--#177, --see obit
Bartholomew, Mary Jean (Robert E.), b. 02-21-1927, d. 07-30-2006, Plot 10-33N--#121B, --(m)02-09-1946, d/o Robert & Bernice Lafler
Bartholomew, Robert E. Sr. (Mary J.), b. 12-20-1925, Plot 10-33N--#121B
Barton, Ben Roe (Carol Ann Purdy), b. 04-28-1941, d. 12-10-2015, (m)12-14-1959, s/o Clive & Florence Truan Barton, is he buried here, his parents are here, see obit
Barton, Clive E. (Florence L.), b. 04-10-1883, d. 08-24-1957, Plot 5-16N--#91A, --WW I, Sgt Co G, 6 Inf, see obit
Barton, Florence L. (Clive E.), b. 1911, d. 11-05-1985, Plot 5-16N--#91A, --burial date, nee Truan
Barton, Mary Ida, b. 1939, d. 08-01-1997, Plot 5-16N--#91A, --burial date, on stone with Clive E. & Florence l Barton
Baukin, Sharon K. (Thomas L.), b. 06-22-1947, d. 10-28-2005, Plot 10-34N--#141B, --(m)06-03-1966, d/o Stanley & Ethel Scherrick Wood,
Baukin, Thomas L. (Sharon K.), b. 1944, Plot 10-34N--#141B, --(m)06-03-1966
Beaver, Gloria M., b. 1930, Plot 1-4N--#79N, --Nee Smith
Becraft, Delores R. (Floyd E.), b. 1948, d. 11-29-1980, Plot 10-29N--#38B, --see obit
Becraft, Floyd E. (Delores R.), b. 03-11-1931, d. 05-05-1993, Plot 10-29N--#38B, --Korea, Pfc US Army
Bell, Barbara Kaye/Kay, b. 1951, d. 08-27-1969, Plot 9-17S--#323, --d/o Clark A.& Wanda D.Bell, see obit
Bell, Clark A. (Wanda D.), b. 04-13-1927, d. 03-20-2009, Plot 9-17S--#323, --Veteran, VFW, (m)05-20-1950, s/o Lester & Hazel Newkirk Bell
Bell, Wanda Darlene (Clark A.), b. 11-20-1927, d. 12-20-2013, Plot 9-17S--#323, --(m)05-20-1950, d/o Vivian Culver & Lela Florence Longseth Olson, see obit
Bennett, George L. (Laura S.), b. 1868, d. 02-00-1946, Plot 1-4N--#22A, --see obit
Bennett, Helen M. (Harry A.), b. 1890, d. 05-16-1955, Plot 3-10N--#35A, --Nee Prien, burial date
Bennett, Laura S. (George L.), b. 1870, d. 11-00-1952, Plot 1-4N--#22A, --see obit
Bentley, Addie M., Plot 6-15C--#152, --Buried stone
Bentley, Dessa M. Wheeler (Albert D.), b. 1910, d. 11-13-1997, Plot 2-3C--#133, --see obit, ashes back of stone
Bentley, Ephriam, d. 03-09-1864, Plot 6-15C--#152, --Civil War, Co G 23 Regt Wis Vol, died Franklin LA, age 52yr
Bentley, Manore/Monroe, d. no date, Plot 6-15C--#152, --buried in gr.#1
Bentley, Philena G., Plot 6-15C--#152, --Civil War flag holder, stone half buried
Bentley, Van R., d. 09-17-1862, Plot 6-15C--#152, --24yr old, Co G 23 Regt Wis Vol, d.at Antietam
Bergeron, Nancy (Romeo), b. 1865, d. 02-00-1948, Plot 5-17N, --maybe lot #10, see obit
Bergeron, Romeo (Nancy), b. 1861, d. 1926, Plot 5-17N, --maybe lot #11
Berry, Mary Jamieson, d. 11-19-1959, Plot 6-14C--#173, --see obit
Berry, Melissa Marie, d. 08-02-1977, Plot 9-16S--#324, --d/o Dean Berry, see obit
Beske, Jane F. Tomlinson (Ronald L.), b. 1953, pictures
Beske, Ronald L. (Jane F. Tomlinson), b. 04-14-1946, d. 05-26-2014, Vietnam, SP4 US Army, (m)08-20-2005, s/o Carl & Evelyn Schoeffel Beske, see obit
Bilke, Helen Rose (Robert O.), b. 1912, d. 01-08-1975, Plot 10-28N--#23B, --see obit
Bilke, Robert O. (Helen Rose), b. 1912, d. 04-21-1974, Plot 10-28N--#23B, --see obit
Bilkey, Francisca Angelica (Warren J.), b. 09-18-1919, d. 04-25-2003, Plot 9-15S--#316, --(m)09-10-1949, d/o Angelica Beltre Leger & Eduardo Romero Matos
Bilkey, Joseph W. (Lena C.), b. 1887, d. 10-30-1973, Plot 9-15S--#316, --see obit
Bilkey, Lena C. (Joseph W.), b. 1895, d. 10-31-1973, Plot 9-15S--#316, --see obit
Bilkey, Lloyd (Minnie T. Wolff), b. 1901, d. 04-26-1988, Plot 11-29C--#45B, --see obit
Bilkey, Minnie T. Wolff (Lloyd), b. 1914, d. 01-28-1981, Plot 11-29C--#45B, --see obit
Bilkey, Warren J. (F. Angelica), b. 02-02-1920, d. 12-06-1991, Plot 9-15S--#316, --WW II, Capt US Army
Binicki, Helen Jo, b. 05-13-1952, d. 04-17-2010, from obit, d/o Stan & Shirley Priday Binicki
Binicki, Shirley L. Priday (Stanley F.), b. 04-15-1917, d. 01-29-1999, Plot 7-25N--#1A
Binicki, Stanley F. (Shirley L. Priday), b. 10-01-1914, d. 07-14-1981, Plot 7-25N--#1A, --WW II, see obit
Binnie, Brigetta (Dr. John), b. 1847, d. 01-02-1921, Plot 8-23C--#160, --mother, see obit
Binnie, Emma Axon (Dr. John), b. 1852, d. 1877, Plot 8-23C--#160, --Josephine Axon Binnie
Binnie, John-Dr. (Emma & Brigetta), b. 1844, d. 1918, Plot 8-23C--#160, --Father
Binnie, Nora Belle-Miss, b. 1885, d. 01-09-1974, Plot 8-23C--#160, --d/o Dr.John & Brigetta Binnie, see obit
Bird, Ella Frances- "Francis" on stone, d. 05-06-1885, Plot 6-16C--#225, --Age 5yr 11mo 26da old, d/o Levi Bird
Bird, Levi, d. 07-30-1898, Plot 6-16C--#225, --Age 58yr old
Birnbaum, Irma Anna (William), b. 06-06-1915, d. 03-03-2008, Plot 10-30N--#58B, --(m)08-07-1937, d/o Frank & Anna Broz Werner, see obit
Birnbaum, William J. Jr., b. 1947, Plot 10-30N--#58B
Birnbaum, William (Irma Anna), b. 1914, d. 03-07-1985, Plot 10-30N--#58B, --(m)08-07-1937, burial date
Bisbee, Ada J. (Clifford C.), b. 05-28-1886, d. 06-03-1975, Plot 2-4C--#89, --see obit & death certificate
Bisbee, Allen B. (Cora L.), b. 1879, d. 10-12-1962, Plot 2-4C--#89, --see obit
Bisbee, Allen R. (Leone D. Lucas), b. 1908, d. 03-13-1990, Plot 10-29N--#37B, --see obit
Bisbee, Child of Ira & Kittie, Plot 8-22C--#212
Bisbee, Clifford C. (Ada J.), b. 1883, d. 01-25-1964, Plot 2-4C--#89, --see obit
Bisbee, Cora L. (Allen B.), b. 1878, d. 05-26-1953, Plot 2-4C--#89, --burial date
Bisbee, Edward, b. 01-16-1913, d. 02-22-1913, Plot 2-4C--#89, --s/o CC & Ada Bisbee
Bisbee, Flora A. (Orrin D.), b. 1858, d. 1933, Plot 7-20N--#51, --mother
Bisbee, Helen R. (Marathon Clark), b. 1922, d. 07-23-1957, Plot 7-22N--#54A, --see obit
Bisbee, Ira E. (Kittie E. Loomis), b. 1881, d. 02-14-1955, Plot 8-22C--#212, --burial date
Bisbee, Kittie E. Loomis (Ira E.), b. 1885, d. 12-25-1953, Plot 8-22C, --#212, see obit
Bisbee, Leone D. Lucas (Allen R.), b. 1909, d. 04-26-2004, Plot 10-29N--#37B, --burial date
Bisbee, Luella M. Anderson (Milo B.), b. 1910, d. 01-29-1996, Plot 8-23C--#265, --see obit
Bisbee, Marathon Clark (Helen R.), b. 1918, d. 11-18-1970, Plot 7-22N--#54A, --WW II, obit says wife's name is Thelma M.
Bisbee, Milo B. (Luella M. Anderson), b. 12-01-1912, d. 12-14-1984, Plot 8-23C--#265, --WW II, PHM 3 US Navy
Bisbee, Orrin D. (Flora A.), b. 1858, d. 1929, Plot 7-20N--#51, --Father
Bisbee, Paula Marie-Miss, b. 1953, d. 12-24-1978, Plot 10-29N--#37B, --d/o Robert Bisbee, see obit
Bisbee, Russell L. (Frances), b. 10-27-1917, d. 10-30-1957, Plot 8-25C--#163, --WW II, Wis Sgt 32 Signal Corp, obit
Black, Bertha Elizabeth-nee Keebaugh (William C.), b. 02-21-1877, d. 1900, Plot 3-6C--#77, --Bertha Elizabeth Keebaugh on back of William & Catherine White Black stone, born in Dekorra Colulmbia Cty WI, also a foot stone Bertha E Black
Black, Catherine White (William), b. 07-15-1833, d. 02-23-1907, Plot 3-6C--#77, --b.Port Glasgow Scotland, Mother
Black, Irma M. (William Jr.), b. 01-25-1898, d. 05-29-1981, Plot 3-7N--#76, --d/o Fred & Catherine Clark, b.West Point Col. Co. Wis, see obit
Black, Violet A. -Miss, b. 1873, d. 11-13-1954, Plot 3-6C--#77, --burial date, see obit
Black, William Cook (Bertha Elizabeth Keebaugh), b. 1868, d. 02-07-1931, Plot 3-6C--#77, --see obit
Black, William Jr. (Irma M. Clark), b. 03-02-1898, d. 02-14-1990, Plot 3-7N--#76, --s/o W.C.& Bertha Black, b.Dekorra Col Co Wis, see obit
Black, William (Catherine White), b. 05-09-1830, d. 05-04-1909, Plot 3-6C--#77, --b.Cantire Iarcael Shire Scotland, Father
Blackley, Annie D. R. (William), b. 1863, d. 10-09-1959, Plot 1-2N--#27A, --see Ebert, burial date
Blackley, Daniel M., b. 1868, d. 02-23-1942, Plot 4-11C--#148, --burial date
Blackley, Daniel M. (Elizabeth H.), b. 10-11-1827, d. 06-07-1910, Plot 4-11C--#148
Blackley, Donald T., b. 04-15-1908, d. 09-08-1989, Plot 4-10C--#199, --see obit
Blackley, Doris M. -Miss, b. 1898, d. 01-12-1975, Plot 4-10C--#199, --sister of Harley D.Blackley, see obit
Blackley, Eliza Bell (Thomas), b. 11-24-1874, d. 07-12-1909, Plot 4-10C--#199
Blackley, Elizabeth H. (Daniel M.), d. 02-18-1896, Plot 4-11C--#148, --Age 63yr old
Blackley, Harley D., b. 1900, d. 06-06-1974, Plot 4-10C--#199, --brother of Doris M.Blackley, see obit
Blackley, James, b. 02-10-1857, d. 10-16-1914, Plot 4-11C--#148
Blackley, John (Mary), d. 06-14-1909, Plot 4-10C--#178, --Age 47yr 11mo 17da old
Blackley, Mary (John), d. 08-14-1896, Plot 4-10C--#178, --Age 32yr 11mo 10da old
Blackley, Thomas (Eliza Bell), b. 12-05-1865, d. 09-16-1915, Plot 4-10C--#199
Blackley, Viola E., b. 06-27-1896, d. 03-26-1898, Plot 4-10C--#199, --daughter
Blackley, William (Annie D. R.), b. 1860, d. 03-02-1944, Plot 1-2N--#27A, --see obit
Blanchard, G. David "Doc" (Eleanor), b. 10-07-1938, Plot 10-33N--#119B, --Children: Terese, Pamela, Catherine, Mary, Michael Blanchard
Blanchard-Herr, Eleanor "Ellie" (G. D.), b. 12-01-1935, Plot 10-33N--#119B, --Children: Gaylan, Sheri Herr
Blazek, Edward "Ed" J. (Elizabeth M. Smith), b. 11-20-1940, d. 07-22-2008, Plot 10-19N--#114A, --(m)08-11-1961, s/o Theodore"Red" & Mary Klobucar St.John Blazek, see obit
Blazek, Elizabeth M. (Edward J.), b. 1944, d. 03-23-1998, Plot 10-19N--#114A, --(m)08-11-1961, burial date
Blek, Lorraine M. Reudig (Lyle F.), b. 05-17-1923, d. 05-09-1997, Plot 10-30N--#54B, --
Blek, Lyle F. (Lorraine M. Reudig), b. 11-05-1918, d. 08-05-1983, Plot 10-30N--#54B, --WW II, US Army, see obit
Blood, Amelia E. (Harry A.), b. 1907, d. 05-06-2000, Plot 10-27N--#106A, --burial date
Blood, Harry A. (Amelia E.), b. 1907, d. 01-30-1992, Plot 10-27N--#106A, --burial date
Blundell, John, d. no dates, Plot 9-16S, --not in record book, half a broken stone
Blundell, Mary Jane, d. 04-13-1919, Plot 73yr, see obit & death certificate
Bogue, Allen/Alan (Ellen Stevenson), b. 1835, d. 08-00-1921, Plot 1-2N--#82, -- see obit, spelled Alan on stone
Bogue, David (Margaret Lyle), b. 1880, d. 05-20-1978, Plot 2-4C--#132, --burial date
Bogue, Ellen (Allen), b. 1842, d. 08-11-1933, Plot 1-2N--#82, --see obit
Bogue, George Douglas (Catherine McCarthy), b. 01-06-1922, d. 11-20-2009, Plot 2-4C--#132, --WW II, US Army Med Corps, Inf, 77th Div, 305 Reg't, PH, (m)07-21-1950, s/o David & Margaret Lyle Bogue
Bogue, James, b. 1873, d. 1875, Plot 1-2N--#82
Bogue, Margaret Clark, b. 1806, d. 1899, Plot 1-2N--#82
Bogue, Margaret Lyle (David), b. 1892, d. 05-21-1965, Plot 2-4C--#132, --see obit
Bohling, Cecil H. Sr. (Geneva A. Serstad), b. 1905, d. 02-24-1955, Plot 7-25N--#57, --burial date
Bohling, Ernest John (Ethel M.), b. 06-09-1886, d. 10-27-1976, Plot 6-17C--#224, --WW I, see obit
Bohling, Ethel M. (Ernest John), b. 1886, d. 08-12-1970, Plot 6-17C--#224, --Nee Fagan/Fagen, burial date
Bohling, Fred C. (Mary Binnie), b. 1879, d. 03-13-1952, Plot 7-20N--#6A, --burial date, see obit
Bohling, Geneva A. Serstad (Cecil H. Sr.), b. 12-30-1911, d. 02-09-1989, Plot 7-25N--#57, --see obit
Bohling, Grace M. (John T.), b. 1883, d. 01-16-1970, Plot 9-3S--#7C, --burial date
Bohling, John F. (Mary J.), b. 03-04-1853, d. 08-18-1926, Plot 6-17C--#224
Bohling, John T. (Grace M.), b. 1887, d. 12-27-1972, Plot 9-3S--#7C, --burial date
Bohling, Mary B. (Fredrick C.), b. 1879, d. 04-11-1966, Plot 7-20N--#6A, --see obit
Bohling, Mary J. (John F.), b. 04-17-1852, d. 03-15-1933, Plot 6-17C--#224
Bohling, Orla L. (Viola H. Bube), b. 1907, d. 10-09-1984, Plot 11-27C--#15B, --Father, burial date
Bohling, Viola H. Bube (Orla L.), b. 1916, d. 03-20-1966, Plot 11-27C--#15B, --mother, see obit
Bohling, Zita L., b. 1909, d. 07-06-1991, Plot 7-20N--#6A, --burial date
Bolte, Hannah (William), b. 03-14-1862, d. 09-14-1897, Plot 4-11C--#253, --or spelled Boldt? Bolte on stone
Bolte, William (Hannah), --Stone? Is he buried here? Not in Record Book
Bookhout, Grace M. Bennett (Fred), b. 1903, d. 03-00-1938, Plot 1-4N--#22A, gr.#7--mother, See obit
Borchardt, Albert J. (Emilie), b. 1864, d. 1955, Plot 2-2C--#244
Borchardt, Carl, b. 01-28-1923, d. 04-21-1923, Plot 2-2C--#244
Borchardt, Edward, b. 1899, d. 06-08-1949, Plot 2-2C--#244, --burial date
Borchardt, Emilie (Albert J.), b. 02-14-1864, d. 01-14-1916, Plot 2-2C--#244, --Mother, old stone erected by her daughter, two stones
Borgers, Albert L. (Ione Norton), b. 1867, d. 1921, Plot 8-23C--#108
Borgers, Ione Norton (Albert L.), b. 1873, d. 09-18-1949, Plot 8-23C--#108, --burial date, "Daisy"
Borgers, Maude I. Norton (H. E.), b. 1875, d. 10-20-1961, Plot 8-23C--#108, --burial date, see obit
Borgers, Sybil E., d. 1897, Plot 8-23C--#108, --a child
Bowie, Emeline E., d. 03-02-186?, Plot 9-18S--#305, --d/o H & M Bowie
Bowie, Frederick, d. 10-02-1867, Plot 9-18S--#305, --Age 3yr 4mo 22da old, s/o U.& M. Bowie, Stone?
Bowie, Hugh (Martha), d. 07-27-1883, Plot 9-18S--#305, --Age 56yr old, see obit index
Bowie, Hugh--Mrs., d. no date, Plot 9-18S--#305, --buried gr.#8
Boyce, Eugenie M. (M. W.), d. 03-25-1896, Plot 4-11C--#177, --Age 33yr 3mo 22da old, Nee Higley
Boyce, M. W. (Eugenie M.), --Stone? Is he buried here? Not in Record Book
Brabander, Albert F. (Martha Alice Earl), b. 1861, d. 1924, Plot 4-6C--#195, --not in record book, Maybe Father Gr#4
Brabander, Alice M. --Mrs., b. 1863, d. 1926, Plot 2-5C--#247
Brabander, J., Plot 4-6C--#195, --gr.#3, per care
Brabander, Lee "Albert Lee", b. 1885, d. 11-03-1943, Plot 4-6C--#195, --listed as Albert in Rec.Bk., see obit
Brabander, Lynn H. (Vere Earl), b. 12-21-1889, d. 01-29-1963, Plot 4-6C--#195, --see obit
Brabander, Vere Earl (Lynn H.), b. 02-15-1887, d. 03-26-1953, Plot 4-6C--#195, --WW I, spelled Vere on stone
Brabender, Father, d. no date, Plot 4-6C--#195, --buried gr.#4
Brabender, Martha Alice Earl (Albert), b. 1963, d. 12-25-1926, Plot 4-6C--#195, --buried gr.#8, Mother, see obit
Brabender, Mother, d. no date, Plot 4-6C--#195, --buried gr.#8
Brandenburg, Marie E. (Robert Roger), b. 05-06-1929, d. 04-28-2014, Plot 10-34N--#142B, --(m)10-14-1948, d/o Irvin & Evelyn Kerr Wincapaw, see obit
Brandenburg, Robert Roger (Marie E.), b. 04-27-1929, d. 03-30-1999, Plot 10-34N--#142B, --WW II, US Navy, (m)10-14-1948
Brandt, Emelia Marie (Simon J.), b. 11-01-1886, d. 01-04-1979, Plot 5-18N--#93A, --see obit & death certificate, spelled Brant in obituary
Brandt, Emma, Plot 5-18N--#93A, --d/o Simon J. & Emelia Brandt, stone?
Brandt, Ernest N., b. 07-09-1918, d. 01-14-1997, Plot 5-18N--#93A, --s/o Simon J. & Emelia Brandt, see ssdi
Brandt, Gaylord W., b. 01-15-1916, d. 01-24-1993, Plot 5-18N--#93A, --s/o Simon J. & Emelia Brandt, see ssdi
Brandt, Oscar, Plot 5-18N--#??, --WW II, buried overseas, s/o Simon J. & Emelia Brandt, no stone, not in Record Book
Brandt, Simon J. (Emelia), b. 1887, d. 06-04-1976, Plot 5-18N--#93A, --see obit
Branton, Charles H. (Eliza & Maude), b. 1869, d. 12-18-1957, Plot 2-2C--#139, -- burial date
Branton, Eliza (Charles H.), b. 1874, d. 1918, Plot 2-2C--#139
Branton, Maude Bullen (Charles H.), b. 1869, d. 01-10-1964, Plot 2-5C--#131, --see obit
Brasda, Evidean M. (Mahlon J.), b. 10-11-1941, d. 03-14-2002, Plot 10-27N--#2B, --Mother
Brasda, Mahlon J. (Evidean M.), b. 05-30-1937, Plot 10-27N--#2B, --Father, "Mike"
Brasda, Maria J., b. 1959, Plot 10-27N--#2B
Brasda, Michael G., b. 1959, Plot 10-27N--#2B, --s/o Mahlon J.& Evidean M.Brasda
Brasda, Phillip James, b. 10-21-1985, d. 04-25-1986, Plot 10-27N--#2B, --Baby - Cross wise west end, s/o Michael Brasda, see obit
Brauer, Erma E. (Lewis E.), b. 1884, d. 12-31-1978, Plot 5-19N--#7A, --see obit
Brauer, Lewis E. (Erma E.), b. 1879, d. 04-12-1956, Plot 5-19N--#7A, --burial date
Breezer, Carrie Ann, b. 06-02-1977, d. 07-16-1977, Plot 10-28N--#20B, --d/o Kenneth A.Breezer, see obit
Breitenbach, Baby, Plot 3-9N--#39, --one of two Breitenbach babies
Breitenbach, Baby, Plot 3-9N--#74, Pfluehler lot, gr.1
Breitenbach, Bertha (Fred), b. 1870, d. 1944, Plot 3-9N--#39, --mother
Breitenbach, Cordula, b. 1913, d. 1915, Plot 3-9N--#74, --in Pfluehler lot
Breitenbach, Fred (Bertha), b. 1863, d. 1936, Plot 3-9N--#39, --Father
Brendel, Joseph S. (Roberta Florence McDonald), b. 1915, d. 10-24-1991, Plot 10-27N--#105A, --WW II, (m)12-28-1957, see obit
Brendel, Roberta Florence (Joseph S.), b. 03-31-1921, d. 02-25-2015, Plot 10-27N--#105A, --(m)12-28-1957, d/o Wayne L.& Florence E.McMillan McDonald, see obit
Breneman, Allen F., b. 1887, d. 11-13-1941, Plot 8-23C--#113, --WW I, Wis Pvt Vet Corps
Breneman, Alvin H. (Sarah E. Startin), b. 1909, d. 1991, Plot 11-30C--#59B, --(m)03-07-1938
Breneman, Carrie J. (Henry H.), b. 1849, d. 1935, Plot 8-23C--#113
Breneman, Cora C. (LeRoy), b. 12-25-1929, d. 08-18-2004, Plot 10-33N--#114B, --(m)06-11-1949, d/o George & Doris Wells Anderson, see obit
Breneman, EdDena M. (Lester F.), b. 10-25-1904, d. 10-11-1995, Plot 3-12N--#71, --nee Pribbenow, see obit
Breneman, George E., b. 1875, d. 05-20-1958, Plot 8-23C--#113, --burial date
Breneman, Henry H. (Carrie J.), b. 12-22-1840, d. 05-16-1918, Plot 8-23C--#113, --Civil War
Breneman, John E., b. 1872, d. 1937, Plot 8-23C--#113
Breneman, Lester F. (EdDena M.), b. 1901, d. 02-23-1966, Plot 3-12N--#71, --see obit
Breneman, Sarah E. Startin (Alvin H.), b. 01-02-1924, d. 10-18-1985, Plot 11-30C--#59B, --ashes, see ssdi, see obit
Brimmer, Clara V. (Wesley E.), b. 08-20-1901, d. 09-29-1997, Plot 7-23N--#3A, --(m)04-09-1945, Nee Portzen
Brimmer, Marguerite E. (Royce), b. 03-14-1913, d. 01-23-2001, Plot 10-29N--#36B
Brimmer, Royce A. (Marguerite), b. 02-06-1910, d. 06-17-1977, Plot 10-29N--#36B, --WW II, US Army
Brimmer, Wesley E. (Clara V. Portzen), b. 12-14-1903, d. 11-23-1993, Plot 7-23N--#3A, --(m)04-09-1945, s/o Frank E.& Lenore G.Johnson Brimmer
Brisky, Stacy Lynn, b. 06-24-1981, d. 04-10-2008, Plot 11-33C--126B, --d/o Randal & Patricia Elsing Brisky
Brodeur, Marlene C. "Mitzi", b. 11-05-1936, d. 09-14-2012, obit; d/o Carroll & Mary Moran Schultz
Brooks, Harvey (Lucinda), b. 06-03-1823, d. 09-21-1900, Plot 4-10C--#252
Brooks, Lucinda (Harvey), b. 09-22-1826, Plot 4-10C--#252
Brouwer, Aafje (Albert), b. 05-18-1920, d. 08-22-2014, (m)03-25-1943, d/o Nicolaas & Maria Scharff, obit
Brouwer, Albert (Aafje Scharff), b. 07-30-1915, d. 03-20-2012, (m)03-25-1943, s/o Arie & Willemina Brouwer, CH: Nico, twins Bert & Onno, Wilma, see obit
Brouwer, Nico Arie (Jan Hustad Mair) see obit, b. 08-05-1944, d. 05-22-2013, Vietnam, SP4 US Army, Air Nat'l Guard, Army Nat'l Guard, (m)02-10-1978, s/o Albert & Aafje Brouwer
Brown, A family stone, Plot 5-13N--#38A, --Ransom A, Eleanor D, Neal G, Clara H.
Brown, Bertha L., b. 1879, d. 1902, Plot 6-13C--#202
Brown, Caroline, b. 1836, d. 1907, Plot 6-13C--#202
Brown, Charlie, Plot 6-13C, --s/o F.A.Brown, Stone? Not in record book
Brown, Clara H., b. 10-02-1904, d. 03-04-1989, Plot 5-13N--#38A
Brown, Eleanor D. (Ransom A.), b. 1899, d. 02-10-1968, Plot 5-13N--#38A, --burial date
Brown, Frankie, d. 09-10-1872, Plot 6-13C--#202, --Civil War, 66y7m10d, s/o F.A.&??
Brown, Fredrick/Fredric A., b. 1834, d. 1898, Plot 6-13C--#202, --Civil War
Brown, George O., b. 12-18-1906, d. 05-27-1915, Plot 2-3C--#88, --s/o B.T. & H.F. Brown
Brown, Hugh O. (Isabel M.), b. 1892, d. 08-16-1968, Plot 10-28N--#23B, --see obit
Brown, Isabel M. (Hugh O.), b. 1899, d. 06-17-1975, Plot 10-28N--#23B, --burial date
Brown, Mary L., d. 12-30-1930, Plot 4-9C--#146, --baby?
Brown, Neal G., b. 1898, d. 10-16-1954, Plot 5-13N--#38A, --burial date
Brown, Polly F. (Samuel)--stone old and hard to read, data from Judy Arnold, d. 04-16-1865, Plot 8-20C--#273, --Age 47yr, Info from Judy Arnold--Mary Green Brown AKA Polly, (m)Samuel Brown 09-07-1834
Brown, Ransom A. (Eleanor D.), b. 1894, d. 07-07-1947, Plot 5-13N--#38A, --WW I
Brown, S. Keller (Polly F.), Plot 8-20C--#273, --Stone? buried here? No gr.#, per care
Brown, William, Plot 8-20C--#273, --s/o S.& Molly Brown
Bruder, Elizabeth A. "Betty" (#1Hathaway, #2Bruder), b. 1905, d. 01-01-1999, Plot 7-20N--#62, --Daughter, Nee Phelps, see obit
Brue, Anna Mae Portzen (Kenneth L.), b. 06-10-1933, d. 04-24-2015, Plot 10-27N, --(m)01-03-1953, d/o Nicholas & Loretta Hoffender Portzen, see obit
Brue, Cody James, b. 11-04-1987, d. 10-12-2015, s/o Jeff & Darci Jarvis Brue, see obit
Brue, Donald Julius (Martha Scherbert), b. 04-24-1924, d. 01-22-2012, (m)08-08-1953, s/o Julius & Florence Lee Brue, see obit, stone?
Brue, Jacklyn R. (1st w/o Nils M.), b. 10-14-1933, d. 12-29-1963, Plot 10-27N--#5B, --see obit
Brue, Kenneth L. (Anna Mae Portzen), b. 01-14-1932, d. 01-06-1984, Plot 10-27N--#5B, --Korea, CPL US Army, (m)01-03-1953, see obit
Brue, Martha "Peggy" (Donald), b. 10-30-1933, d. 11-10-2010, from obit, (m)08-08-1953, d/o Richard & Frieda Scherbert, not sure if she is buried here
Brue, Nils M. (#1Jacklyn & #2June), b. 05-12-1930, d. 01-27-2009, Plot 10-27N--#5B, --Korea, CPL U.S.Army, s/o Julius & Florence Lee Brue, see obit
Bublitz, Bernard K. (June D.), b. 05-19-1921, d. 07-30-1990, Plot 8-25C--#163, --WW II, Cpl US Army, ashes
Bublitz, June D. (Bernard K.), b. 06-06-1924, d. 06-25-1986, Plot 8-25C--#163, --Nee Bisbee
Buck, Benjamin S., d. 08-10-1855, Plot 6-19C--#261, --Age 67yr 5mo 5da old
Buck, Benjamin S. --Mrs., Plot 6-19C--#261, --gr.6
Buck, Henry Merritt, b. 10-03-1843, d. 05-10-1864, Plot 6-19C--#261, --Civil War, Co A 7th Reg Wis Vol, b. Albin Village Troy NY, died of wounds at Battle of Wilderness, not in record book, see stone
Buck, Mary Isabella, b. 04-22-1845, d. 05-22-1846, Plot 6-19C--#261, --not in record book, see stone
Buckley, Arthur (Gladys Hillier), b. 1881, d. 11-16-1950, Plot 5-14N--#62A, --burial date, see obit
Buckley, Doris Mary (#1Harold Buckley, #2Herb Manke), b. 01-18-1918, d. 03-26-2014, Plot 7-22N--#04, --(m1)11-29-1939, (m2)11-28-1987, d/o James Riley & Lucy M.Kearney Buzzell, see Doris Manke, see obit for Doris Manke
Buckley, Gladys A. Hillier (Arthur), b. 1888, d. 04-07-1978, Plot 5-14N--#62A, --see obit
Buckley, Harold A. (1st h/o Doris Buzzell), b. 01-25-1908, d. 09-26-1984, Plot 7-22N--#04, --WW II, US Navy, (m)11-29-1939, see obit
Budd, John C. (Lennie Evelyn), b. 1890, d. 09-24-1959, Plot 1-3N--#78A, --Father, burial date, see obit
Budd, Lennie Evelyn (John C.), b. 1905, d. 1986, Plot 1-3N--#78A, --Mother
Bullen, Baby, b. 1881, d. 1881, Plot 2-5C--#131
Bullen, David (Hannah), b. 04-07-1832, d. 03-22-1911, Plot 2-5C--#131, --Civil War, Co G 39th Reg ILL Inf, Mason
Bullen, Hannah (David), b. 1844, d. 06-00-1924, Plot 2-5C--#131, --Nee Hodgson, see obit
Burdick, Danny E. (Diane Ding), b. 08-20-1950, d. 04-12-2013, Vietnam, SSGT US Marine Corps
Burns, Caleb U., b. 08-09-1988, d. 06-28-1996, Plot 10-33N--#120B, --s/o Leland Lester Lee Burns
Burns, Carol J. Donner, d. 02-15-2006, Plot 10-33N--#120B, --burial date, see ssdi for real dates
Burns, Leland Lester Lee, b. 06-02-1956, d. 02-15-2006, Plot 10-33N--#120B, --Vietnam, BTFA US Navy, s/o Glen & Blanche Sopher Burns, ashes on top of son Caleb Burns
Burton, Delores, d. 06-01-1990, Plot 7-21N--#96A, --in Tomczak lot, see obit d.06-07-1990
Busch, Marion, b. 1919, d. 10-06-2003, Plot 10-31N--#70B, burial date, ashes on top of Lawrence Thiessen
Bushman, Raymond F., b. 1900, d. 08-25-1966, Plot 1-1N--#75A, --burial date, on stone with Geo.Thiessen, Sylvia C.Bushman
Bushman, Sylvia C., b. 1919, d. 2004, Plot 1-1N--#75A, --not in record book, on stone with Geo. Thiessen, Raymond F.Bushman
Butler, Blanche E. (Henry L.), b. 1875, d. 08-18-1964, Plot 8-25C--#267, --(m)1901, homemaker & Gardener, see obit
Butler, Charles M. (Nellie M.), b. 1866, d. 1948/1949, Plot 8-22C--#107, --Father, burial date 01-15-1949, stone dates are 1866-1949
Butler, Cyrus Harvey (Margaret J.), b. 07-24-1841, d. 03-30-1910, Plot 4-12C--#176, --Civil War, Co C 70th NY Inf; Co M 4th Wisc Cav, Father
Butler, Genevieve Evangeline-Miss, b. 07-28-1908, d. 07-07-2000, Plot 8-25C--#267, --Teacher and traveler, d/o Henry L.& Blanche E. Butler, data from Betty Cook's files, on stone with L.Nadine Butler, see obit
Butler, Gwendolyn, d. 01-05-1916, Plot 8-22C--#107, --Age 3yr 2mo 4da, s/o Charles & Nellie
Butler, Henry L. (Blanche E.), b. 1864, d. 05-00-1947, Plot 8-25C--#267, --(m)1901, Carpenter & Builder, obit
Butler, Kathleen A., b. 1917, d. 11-25-1951, Plot 8-25C--#267, --d/o Henry L. & Blanch E.Butler, burial date
Butler, L. Nadine, b. 1913, Plot 8-25C--#267, --Secretary and Writer, d/o H.& B, not in Record Book, on stone with Genevieve E Butler
Butler, Margaret Jane (Cyrus H.), b. 07-31-1843, d. 06-03-1919, Plot 4-12C--#176, --Mother
Butler, Minnie Aurelia, b. 1874, d. 1890, Plot 4-12C--#176, --d/o Cyrus Harvey & Margaret Jane Butler
Butler, Nellie M. (Charles M.), b. 1872, d. 05-13-1949, Plot 8-22C--#107, --mother, see obit
Buzzell, Evelyn L., b. 1917, d. 01-21-1996, Plot 8-26C--#240, --d/o S.Wright & Lillie A Buzzell, see obit
Buzzell, James R. (Lucy May Kearney), b. 1879, d. 04-08-1951, Plot 6-16C--#120, --see obit
Buzzell, Lillian/Lillie A. (S. Wright), b. 1892, d. 09-03-1978, Plot 8-26C--#240, --Age 86yr old
Buzzell, Lucy May (James R.), b. 1886, d. 06-27--1969, Plot 6-16C--#120, --see obit, nee Kearney
Buzzell, S. Wright (Lillian A.), b. 1888, d. 04-26-1960, Plot 8-26C--#241 & #242, --burial date
Caldwell, John L. (Mary Johnson), b. 09-01-1861, d. 04-06-1953, Plot 5-13N--#13A
Caldwell, Mary Johnson (John L.), b. 01-11-1862, d. 03-15-1924, Plot 5-13N--#13A, --, see obit
Calkins, Dellos L. (Donna M.), b. 02-25-1924, d. 02-18-1996, Plot 7-21N--#55A, --WW II, T Sgt US Army
Calkins, Dellos R. "Johnnie" Sr., b. 07-23-1900, d. 11-27-1970, Plot 4-9C--#284, --WW I, Tec 5 Btry C 916 FA BN WIS
Calkins, Dewey S., b. 1898, d. 09-25-1969, Plot 2-3C--#245, --burial date
Calkins, Donna M. (Dellos L.), b. 05-13-1928, d. 05-31-1986, Plot 7-21N--#55A
Calkins, Elmira, b. 1913, d. 1914, Plot 2-3C--#245
Calkins, Florence A., b. 1905, d. 1932, Plot 2-3C--#245
Calkins, Gareth V. "Gary", b. 01-14-1931, d. 07-17-1984, Plot 9-18S--#322, --Korea, SP 3 US Army, see obit
Calkins, Grace M. -Mrs., b. 08-31-1875, d. 02-04-1963, Plot 7-25N--#56, --see obit
Calkins, Harry J., b. 12-16-1889, d. 07-24-1929, Plot 7-25N--#56, --WW I, Wis Pvt QM Corp
Calkins, Hayes H. (Mary Etta), b. 1876, d. 08-24-1953, Plot 2-3C--#245, --burial date
Calkins, Mary Etta (Hayes H.), b. 1879, d. 06-20-1956, Plot 2-3C--#245, --burial date, see obit
Calkins, Myron W. (1st h/o Viola I. Anderson), b. 12-22-1907, d. 02-23-1964, Plot 2-3C--#245
Calkins, Oliver Huskey, b. 11-19-1903, d. 09-05-1951, Plot 2-3C--#245, --WW II, WI Pvt 134 Med Regt
Campbell, Agnes (John), b. 08-03-1827, d. 07-10-1869, Plot 9-17S--#318, --Age 42y 11m 21d old
Campbell, Bertie, d. 11-26-1869, Plot 9-17S--#318, --Age 11da or 11yr? old, s/o R.M. & A. Campbell
Campbell, Janet (John), b. 07-18-1829, d. 05-17-1898, Plot 9-17S--#318
Campbell, Janet (William), d. 08-11-1884, Plot 9-17S--#318, --Age 83yr old
Campbell, Jennie, d. 10-10-1873, Plot 9-17S--#318, --Age 1yr 8mo, d/o John & Janet Campbell
Campbell, John (Janet), b. 11-22-1819, d. 05-19-1898, Plot 9-17S--#318
Campbell, William (Janet), d. 11-13-1871, Plot 9-17S--#318, --Age 73yr old
Canfield, Dan W., b. 1854, d. 1929, Plot 5-15N--#68, --on Cross family stone
Carmichael, Archie (Mamie), b. 1851, d. 04-00-1941, Plot 8-21C--#158, --Mason, see obit
Carmichael, Lorena, b. 1908, d. 06-02-1993, Plot 8-21C--#158, --burial date, ashes
Carmichael, Mabel, b. 1892, d. 01-12-1963, Plot 8-21C--#158, --burial date
Carmichael, Mamie (Archie), b. 1867, d. 01-05-1952, Plot 8-21C--#158, --burial date
Carney, Bertha Hastie (Homer D.), b. 1883/1886, d. 1930, Plot 5-14N--#39A
Carney, Homer D. (Bertha Hastie), Plot 5-14N, --Stone? Is he buried here? Not in Rec.Bk.
Cartright, H., Plot 4-6C--#235, --gr. 7
Case, Betty Jane (Sherman Q.), b. 09-11-1931, d. 10-28-2007, Plot 10-34N--#139B, --(m)11-06-1955, d/o A.Montee & Ruth Kopling Phelps, see obit
Case, Sherman Q. (Betty Jane), pictures
Cave, Della, b. 1850, d. 1925, pictures, see Dell Newman
Cave, Lewis (Mother), b. 1811, d. 1896, Plot 6-13C--#175, --See obit index, Father, 84yr old
Cave, Lewis--Mrs., b. 1815, d. 1856, Plot 6-13C--#175, --Wife, Mother
Chambers, Mary J., b. 1851, d. 1920, Plot 1-4N--#24, --Nee Tomlinson, Mother, or Chamberlain
Charmley, Alice Bernice Anderson (#1Albert Roth, #2Charles E. Charmley), b. 1928, d. 10-23-2000, Plot 8-23C--#265, --see obit,
Charmley, Charles E. (2nd h/o Alice Bernice Anderson), b. 1927, Plot 8-23C--#265
Chipman, George (Martha A.), b. 09-13-1828, d. 02-09-1911, Plot 2-5C--#236
Chipman, Martha A. (George), b. 08-11-1833, d. 11-07-1914, Plot 2-5C--#236
Chouinard, Barbara J., b. 05-25-1941, d. 10-14-1997, Plot 10-30N--#54B, --Nee Blek
Christensen, Minnie Elizabeth Moungey (#1Walter Mack, #2Willilam Gray, #3Christian Christensen), d. 05-18-1933, Plot 6-19C--#208, --gr.#5, --see obit for Mrs.C.R. Christensen, 73yr old, buried under name Gray
Chuldt, Anton (Johanna), b. 1869, d. 1941, Plot 5-14N--#39A
Chuldt, Johanna (Anton), b. 1864, d. 07-20-1954, Plot 5-14N--#39A, --burial date, see obit
Clark, Edgar, d. 11-21-1881, Plot 2-4C--#132, --Age 3da, s/o Seth & Janet Clark
Clark, Gloria J. (James Francis), b. 03-26-1922, Plot 10-32N--#128A, --(m)10-07-1944, RN, Parents of James R, John T, Jeffrey P, & Cynthia A.
Clark, James Francis (Gloria J.), b. 08-28-1920, d. 10-04-2002, Plot 10-32N--#128A, --WW II, 1st Lt US Army Air Forces, (m)10-07-1944
Clark, Janet (Seth Watson), b. 1847, d. 1937, Plot 2-4C--#132, --Nee Stevenson
Clark, Richard Joseph Staupe, b. 1961, d. 10-22-1990, Plot 10-32N--#91B, --burial date
Clark, Seth Watson (Janet), b. 1850, d. 1912, Plot 2-4C--#132
Clemens, Delores A. (Stanley J.), b. 02-09-1937, Plot 10-31N--#74B
Clemens, Stanley J. (Delores A.), b. 09-09-1935, d. 08-13-1997, Plot 10-31N--#75B
Cline, C. H., d. 08-13-1880, Plot 8-24C--#112, --Age 78yr 8mo 28da old
Cline, Hannah, d. 10-09-1903, Plot 8-24C--#112, --see Hannah Williams, 73yr8mo 23da, listed as Hannah Cline in record book
Close, Ann, b. 1835, d. 1899, Plot 8-20C, --mother, can't find in record book
Clough, Edward, d. no date, Plot 8-24C--#214, --buried gr.#8
Collins, Ann (1st w/o James), d. 04-29-1859, Plot 9-16S--#??, --Age 18y 8m 8d, can't find in Rec.Bk., old hard to read stone
Collins, Anne (Joseph W.), d. 05-21-1876, Plot 6-18C--#260, --Age 32yr old
Collins, John Henry (Maggie Watson), b. 1858, d. 1883, Plot 9-7S--#293, --See obit index--John Collins d.1883
Collins, John (Sarah Bird), b. 1813, d. 1891, Plot 9-7S--#293
Collins, Joseph W. (Anne), b. 07-12-1828, d. 08-25-1904, Plot 6-18C--#260--two wives
Collins, Joseph W. --Mrs., d. no date, Plot 6-18C--#260, --one of two wives of Joseph
Collins, Joseph (Lizzie Strong), b. 1848, d. 01-00-1933, Plot 9-7S--#293, --on Collins family stone, see obit
Collins, Lizzie Strong (Joseph Collins), b. 1853, d. 1928, Plot 9-7S--#293
Collins, M. James (Ann), b. 12-03-1820, d. 05-04-1872, Plot 4-6C--#235, --erected by Brother William W. Collins
Collins, Maggie Watson (John Henry), b. 1861, d. 1881, Plot 9-7S--#293
Collins, Nancy Cartwright (Thomas), b. 1849, d. 1932, Plot 1-3N--#32, --see obit
Collins, Sarah A., b. 1841, d. 1913, Plot 9-7S--#293, --on back side of John & Sarah Bird Collins family stone with Elizabeth Collins, In record book
Collins, Sarah Bird (John), b. 1814, d. 1876, Plot 9-7S
Collins, Thomas (Nancy), b. 1847, d. 1920, Plot 1-3N--#32
Colstad, Lucy E. (William G.), b. 1913, d. 10-11-1997, Plot 10-32N--#92B, --Nee Bisbee, see obit
Colstad, William G. (Lucy E.), b. 1912, d. 10-09-2000, Plot 10-32N--#92B, --see obit
Connery, Dale, d. 1995, Plot 11-29C--#47B, --buried gr.#5
Contildes, Brandon R. (Courtney E. Andersen), b. 05-13-1985, d. 01-20-2015, (m)06-22-2013, s/o Robert Jr. & Rhonda Peterson Contildes, car accident
Coole, Kathryn A. "Kay" (William F. Sr.), b. 1916, d. 04-16-1991, Plot 7-20N--#62, --Nee Phelps (m)08-08-1953, see obit
Coole, William F. Sr. (Kathryn A.), b. 1907, d. 08-01-2000, Plot 7-20N--#62, --(m)08-08-1953, see obit
Cooper, Charles V., d. 08-04-1968, Plot 7-21N--#52, --He died as he lived, loving humanity, 89yr old, see obit
Cordiner, Helen, b. 1864, d. 1912, Plot 4-12C--#254
Cordiner, Isabella (James), b. 1827, d. 1903, Plot 4-12C--#254
Cordiner, James (Isabella), b. 1818, d. 1916, Plot 4-12C--#254
Cordiner, Mother, d. no date, Plot 4-12C--#254, --buried gr.#1
Cordiner, Rose (Sabin), b. 1870, d. 19--, Plot 4-12C--#254
Cordiner, Sabin (Rose), b. 1861, d. 1947, Plot 4-12C--#254
Corwin, Edith Wilson, b. 10-31-1898, d. 06-08-1990, Plot 3-9N--#84A, --Nee Aitcheson, see Edith Wilson * ssdi
Costa, Betty J., b. 1926, Plot 3-9N--#18, --Nee McQueen, ashes
Crapp, David Darell (Marilyn Traut), b. 09-10-1940, d. 10-25-1995, Plot 10-28N--#109A, --Vietnam, BUH 3 US Navy, Cuban Crisis, see obit
Crapp, Marilyn Traut (David Darell), b. 1938, Plot 10-28N--#109A
Crawford, Harold W. Sr. (Shirley R.), b. 03-03-1936, d. 12-18-2010, Plot 9-19S--#10C, --WW II, USAF, "Red", (m)12-13-1958, s/o Stonewall Jackson & Anna Kessling Crawford
Crawford, Melissa Ann, b. 06-15-1985, d. 10-15-1986, Plot 10-30N--#55B, --d/o Anthony Crawford, see obit
Crawford, Shirley R. (Harold W. Sr.), b. 01-01-1938, Plot 9-19S--#10C, --(m)12-13-1958, Nee Hanson, Children Michael, James, Dawn, Harold Jr, Denise, Brian
Crawley, Bertha G., b. 1904, d. 1919, Plot 5-19N--#49
Crawley, Isabel J. (William R.), b. 1882, d. 04-10-1967, Plot 5-19N--#49, --Nee Estabrooks, mother, see obit
Crawley, William R. (Isabel J. Estabrooks), b. 1871, d. 12-28-1946, Plot 5-19N--#49, --burial date, see obit
Cross, a family stone, Plot 5-15N--#68, --Sarah Cross, William A.Cross, Mary Canfield Cross, Dan W.Canfield, Anson H.Cross
Cross, Adeline C. (Thomas P.), b. 1885, d. 05-30-1956, Plot 4-12C--#201, --burial date
Cross, Alice E. (Edwin T.), b. 01-19-1861, d. 05-08-1947, Plot 5-15N--#45
Cross, Anson H., b. 1825, d. 1891, Plot 5-15N--#68
Cross, Bobby, Plot 5-18N--#48, --is this Robert Gile Jr.who died 04-02-1955?
Cross, Claude C. (Helen E. Simonds), b. 1896, d. 03-28-1976, Plot 5-18N--#48, --see obit
Cross, Edwin T. (Alice E.), b. 10-26-1853, d. 07-15-1929, Plot 5-15N--#45
Cross, Ellen Ida (Liberty Jr), b. 04-04-1888, d. 04-10-1914, Plot 2-3C--#192
Cross, Frank E. (Mary E. Breneman), b. 1871, d. 10-24-1966, Plot 8-25C--#111, --see obit
Cross, Frank P. (Mary), b. 1855, d. 1932, Plot 6-15C--#121, --Civil War
Cross, Fred H. (Mayme M.), b. 1880, d. 03-20-1945, Plot 5-16N--#46, --see obit
Cross, George E. (Inga C.), b. 1903, d. 05-08-1991, Plot 8-25C--#111, --burial date
Cross, Hannah--Mrs., d. no date, Plot 5-15N--#45, buried gr.#4
Cross, Harold, b. 02-13-1918, d. 11-06-1928, Plot 8-25C--#111, --No last name on stone, Son
Cross, Harriet G., b. 03-20-1914, d. 10-20-1914, Plot 2-3C--#192, --d/o Liberty Jr. & Ellen Ida Cross
Cross, Helen E. Simonds (Claude C.), b. 10-22-1899, d. 04-25-1989, Plot 5-18N--#48, --see obit
Cross, Henry L. (Vivian), b. 08-10-1905, d. 03-02-1968, Plot 6-16C--#277, --see obit
Cross, Hugh M. (Pearl M.), b. 1889, d. 08-07-1968, Plot 6-15C--#121, --see obit
Cross, Inga C. (George E), b. 1906, d. 11-17-1987, Plot 8-25C--#111
Cross, James A. (Lillie), b. 06-01-1862, d. 09-30-1938, Plot 5-18N--#48
Cross, Liberty Jr. (Ellen Ida), b. 01-03-1881, d. 01-17-1969, Plot 2-3C--#192
Cross, Lillie (James A.), b. 07-05-1885, d. 11-18-1921, Plot 5-18N--#48
Cross, Mary Canfield, b. 1860, d. 1932, Plot 5-15N--#68?
Cross, Mary E. (Frank E.), b. 1879, d. 12-27-1935, Plot 8-25C--#111, --mother, see obit
Cross, Mary (Frank P.), b. 1862, d. 1890, Plot 6-15C--#121 or 68?
Cross, Mayme M. (Fred H.), b. 1887, d. 1953, Plot 5-16N--#46, --burial date is 11-07-1953
Cross, Pearl M. (Hugh M.), b. 1891, d. 02-19-1968, Plot 6-15C--#121, --see obit
Cross, Sarah, b. 1825, d. 1900, Plot 5-15N--#68
Cross, Stanley LeRoy, b. 02-24-1927, d. 10-23-1999, Plot 8-25C--#111, --WW II
Cross, Thomas P. (Adeline C.), b. 1882, d. 06-30-1965, Plot 4-12C--#201, --see obit
Cross, William A., b. 1847, d. 1914, Plot 5-15N--#68
Currie, Sam, d. no date, Plot 5-16N--#10A, --buried gr.#6
Curtis, Aner--Anna in Rec. Bk., d. 04-13-1867, Plot 9-15S--#299, --Age 78yr old, In memory of, old stone hard to read
Curtis, Anna L., b. 02-17-1855, d. 05-31-1942, Plot 2-5C--#90
Curtis, Celeste Christine, d. 10-13-1976, Plot 7-23N--#3A, --baby d/o Ronald Curtis, see obit
Curtis, Edgar F. (Jennie E.), b. 1874, d. 07-00-1952, Plot 1-5N--#34, --see obit
Curtis, Harlan Robert (#1Diana L. Worthing, #2Carol Rae Prehn), b. 10-26-1937, d. 09-19-1989, Plot 10-28N--#19B, --A2C US Air Force, see obit
Curtis, Harold T. (Marie A. Jameson), b. 06-16-1900, d. 05-04-1993, Plot 11-29C--#44B, --see ssdi, see obit
Curtis, Jennie E. (Edgar F.), b. 1876, d. 06-22-1967, Plot 1-5N--#34, --Nee Teeter, see obit
Curtis, John (Statirg), b. 07-19-1830, d. 01-08-1912, Plot 2-5C--#90
Curtis, Marie A. Jameson (Harold T.), b. 1908, d. 12-12-1982, Plot 11-29C--#44B, --see obit
Curtis, Statirg/Statira (John), b. 06-20-1834, d. 12-19-1910, Plot 2-5C--#90, --Stantina
Cutler, Elmer, Plot 3-9N--#39, --per care for baby Cutler
Cutler, Minerva, b. 08-20-1913, d. 11-26-1915, Plot 3-9N--#39, --d/o F.B.& O.L. Cutler
Cutsforth, Alma Collins (Arthur Henry), b. 1874, d. 05-08-1957, Plot 1-3N--#32, --burial date, see obit
Cutsforth, Arthur Henry (Alma Collins), b. 1873, d. 01-26-1956, Plot 1-3N--#32, --see obit
Cutsforth, Charles I. (Jeannine "Frenchie" Denissoff), b. 08-18-1916, d. 05-06-1986, Plot 10-27N--#105A, --WW II, US Army
Cutsforth, Ella, Plot 1-1N--#26A?, --where is her stone?
Cutsforth, Ellis E. (Violet), b. 1897, d. 07-20-1963, Plot 1-1N--#26A, --see obit
Cutsforth, Emma D., d. 09-01-1888, Plot 6-18C--#260, --Age 13yr, d/o Watson & Mary W. Cutsforth, broken & repaired stone
Cutsforth, Irwin S. (Mable E. Raimer), b. 1880, d. 12-29-1958, Plot 7-20N--#95A, -- burial date
Cutsforth, Jeannine "Frenchie" Denissoff (Charles), b. 02-09-1925, d. 01-20-2000, Plot 10-27N--#105A, --see obit
Cutsforth, Mabel E. Raimer (Irwin S.), b. 1884, d. 01-17-1953, Plot 7-20N--#95A, --burial date, see obit
Cutsforth, Mary W. (Watson D.), --where is her stone?
Cutsforth, Myrtle E. (Preston Roy), b. 1887, d. 11-28-1971, Plot 1-1N--#26A, --see obit
Cutsforth, Norma J. (Ellis E.), b. 1914, d. 1943, Plot 1-1N, --couldn't find her in the record book, on stone with Ellis E.Cutsforth
Cutsforth, Preston Roy (Myrtle E.), b. 1893, d. 11-21-1950, Plot 1-1N--#26A, --burial date, see obit
Cutsforth, Watson D. (Mary W.), --Stone? Is he buried here?
Czajkowski, Marlene Kay (William John), b. 11-17-1955, d. 07-26-2004, Plot 11-28C--#27B, --(m)11-25-1978, d/o William & Jeanette Moorberg Boender
Czajkowski, William John (Marlene K.), b. 07-26-1955, Plot 11-28C--#27B, --(m)11-25-1978
Dahleen, Esther Pearl (Otto), b. 05-05-1884, d. 07-04-1972, Plot 2-4C--#132, --see obit
Dahnert, Richard C. (Shirley M.), b. 1943, d. 03-01-1989, Plot 10-31N--#72B, --(m)09-12-1964, burial date
Dahnert, Shirley M. (Richard C.), b. 1945, Plot 10-31N--#72B, --(m)09-12-1964
Dahnke, Dennis D., b. 02-13-1945, d. 05-14-2015, US Army, s/o Walter F.& Esther M.Dahnke, see obit
Dahnke, Esther M. (Walter F.), b. 1909, d. 07-28-1967, Plot 11-27C--#14B, -- see obit
Dahnke, Walter F. (Esther M.), b. 10-15-1906, d. 02-18-1970, Plot 11-27C--#14B, --WW II, see obit
Damaske, Mildred E. Bettin (Norbert), b. 1919, d. 04-02-1990, Plot 10-30N--#54B, --see obit
Damaske, Norbert E. (Mildred Bettin), b. 1919, d. 02-14-1983, Plot 10-30N--#54B, --WW II, "Nibbs", see obit
Daniels, Richard A., b. 12-01-1932, d. 10-23-2011, PSG US Army
Dann, Betty J. (Willis E.), b. 1926, Plot 11-31C--#79B
Dann, Willis E. (Betty J.), b. 04-07-1926, d. 10-24-1991, Plot 11-31C--#79B, --WW II, Cpl US Army Air Corps
Davidson, Arthur E. (E. Lucille Gabbei), b. 03-16-1912, d. 10-30-1991, Plot 10-30N--57B, --(m)10-16-1943
Davidson, E. Lucille Gabbei (Arthur E.), b. 1923, d. 09-24-2014, Plot 10-30N--57B, --(m)10-16-1943, see obit, stone & obit says E.Lucille Davidson
Davini, Thurston Heath (1922-2011) and William Joseph (1912-1960), WW II, stone is here. (m)08-11-1947, Buried at St.John's Cemetery in Worcester MA
Davis, Eliza W. (George W.), b. 01-04-1839, d. 03-16-1917, Plot 8-21C--#210
Davis, Ethel Lucille Keebaugh, b. 12-14-1907, d. 06-18-1997, Plot 1-2N--#74A, --ashes, see obit & ssdi
Davis, George W. (Eliza W.), b. 1836, d. 04-16-1892, Plot 8-21C--#210, --Civil War, 56yr old
Dayton, George E., d. 10-12-1867, Plot 9-15S--#308, --Age 19yr 8mo 22da old
Decorah, Carole J., b. 1953, d. 07-13-1991, Plot 10-27N--#106A, --Nee Dorn, burial date
Delaney, Anna, b. 1867, d. 08-11-1967, Plot 7-20N--#45A, --burial date, on stone with Harry M. Delaney, maybe location 6-19C--#169?
Delaney, Cora A. (Miles B.), b. 09-15-1855, d. 03-27-1921, Plot 6-18C--#170
Delaney, Hannah M. (Henry M.), d. 12-15-1903, Plot 6-18C--#170, --Age 80yr 9mo old
Delaney, Harry M., b. 1873, d. 1874, Plot 6-19C--#169, --s/o C.W. & Anne Delaney? On stone with Anna Delaney
Delaney, Henry M. (Hannah M.), d. 05-12-1892, Plot 6-18C--#170, --Age 79yr 7mo 20da old
Delaney, Jennie M., d. 08-14-1882, Plot 6-18C--#170, --Age 10m 5d old, d/o M.B.& Cora A. Delaney
Delaney, Miles B. (Cora A.), Plot 6-18C--#170, --Civil War, Stone? Gr.#6
Delaney, Myron H. (Flossie Butler), --Stone? Is he buried here? Not in Record Book
Delany, Charles W. (Hortense Duerst) Delany on stone & ssdi, b. 04-18-1910, d. 02-23-1989, Plot 6-19C--#169, --(m)07-20-1935, "Stub", see obit & ssdi
Delany, Flossie Butler (Myron H.), d. 04-19-1915, Plot 8-22C--#107, --Age 23yr 4mo 24da old,
Delany, Hortense Duerst (Charles W.), b. 1912, d. 04-05-1991, Plot 6-19C--#169, --(m)07-20-1935, see obit
Delany, James A., b. 1944, d. 09-05-1973, Plot 10-28N--#18B, --burial date, spelling on stone
Delany, John C. (Nancy B.), b. 1877, d. 02-20-1958, Plot 6-19C--#169, --see obit, spelling on stone
Delany, John Charles (Anna Bull), b. 05-30-1939, d. 02-08-2015, US Army, (m)07-25-1964, s/o Charles & Hortense Duerst Delany, is he buried here? Parents are here.
Delany, Nancy B. (John C.), b. 1884, d. 10-12-1965, Plot 6-19C--#169, --burial date, spelling on stone
Delany/Delaney, Anne/Annie, b. 1862/1967?, d. 1867, Plot 6-19C, --d/o C.W.& Anne Delany?
Delany/Delaney, Anne/Annie (C. W.), b. 1845, d. 1924, Plot 6-19C--#169
Delany/Delaney, Charles W. (Anne/Annie Campbell), b. 02-07-1844, d. 02-11-1928, Plot 6-19C--#169, --Civil War, see obit, spelled Delany on stone
Delfosse, Edward J., b. 1912, d. 01-18-1966, Plot 7-21N--#46A, --Father, see obit
Demming, C., Plot 3-11--#72, --buried gr.#3, family stone but no single stone
Demming, C. -Mrs., Plot 3-11--#72, --buried gr.#4, family stone but no single stone
Devine, James P. (JoAnn M.), b. 02-06-1946, d. 05-01-1990, Plot 10-33N--#113B, --(m)10-30-1965
Devine, JoAnn M. (James P.), b. 10-17-1944, Plot 10-33N--#113B, --(m)10-30-1965
Dillingham family stone, Plot 10-33N--#91B, --Alice I, Henry Jr, Walter L
Dillingham, Alice I., b. 1958, Plot 10-32N, --not in record book
Dillingham, Claudette D. (Henry W.), b. 1938, Plot 10-32N--#91B, --(m)12-14-1955
Dillingham, Henry W. Jr., b. 04-27-1960, d. 12-21-1997, Plot 10-32N--#91B, --Vietnam, Peace, Alley
Dillingham, Henry Willis (Claudette D.), b. 0618-1936, d. 02-17-1994, Plot 10-32N--#91B, --Vietnam, A 1C US Airforce, Alley
Dillingham, Walter L. "Wally", b. 10-09-1962, d. 06-01-2000, Plot 10-32N--#91B, --see obit & ssdi
Dobney, Harold William (Jane Kellogg), b. 06-03-1915, d. 09-13-1998, Plot 8-22C--#271, --WW II, Lt Col US Air Force
Dobney, Jane Kellogg (Harold William), b. 03-28-1927, d. 01-27-2009, Plot 8-22C--#271, -- not in the record book, maybe listed as Helen? Died in Montana
Dodge, Burt J. (Margaret Bogue), b. 1867, d. 04-00-1941, Plot 5-16N--#67, --see obit, Mason
Dodge, Margaret Bogue (Burt J.), b. 1870, d. 12-00-1940, Plot 5-16N--#67, --see obit
Dodge, Son--infant, d. 02-05-1908, Plot 5-16N--#67, --s/o Burt J. & Margaret B. Dodge
Dole, A. O. (S. E.), b. 1816, d. 12-07-1876, Plot 6-16C--#277
Dole, Emma A. Earl, d. 05-09-1886, Plot 2-5C--#247, --d/o Dennis W.& Fayetta Earl, 19yr 1mo 3da old, see Emma Earl
Dole, Florence D., d. 05-11-1873, Plot 6-16C--#277, --21y 5m old, d/o A.O.& S.E. Dole, broken stone
Dole, Frank A. (Mary R.), b. 1855, d. 1929, Plot 6-16C--#277
Dole, Mary R. (Frank A.), b. 1859, d. 05-27-1944, Plot 6-16C--#277, --burial date
Dole, S. E. (A. O.), b. 1820, d. 1895, Plot 6-16C--#277
Donagh, Harold, b. 04-07-1896, d. 09-09-1980, Plot 11-30C--#68B, --WW I, Pvt US Army, burial date, see ssdi
Dorn, J. Frederick, b. 11-25-1963, d. 12-16-2008, from obit, s/o William Michael & LaVonne Theresa Berry, not in record book, stone leans against Wm.M.Dorn's military stone.
Dorn, LaVonne T. (William Michael), b. 11-01-1932, d. 01-28-2001, Plot 10-28N--#110A, --"Bonnie", Nee LaVonne Theresa Berry
Dorn, William Michael (LaVonne "Bonnie" T. Berry), b. 08-23-1934, d. 11-30-1997, Plot 10-28N--#110A, --Korea, PFC US Army,
Doty, Alma E. (#1Paul Willilam & #2 Edmond Doty), b. 01-19-1919, d. 02-26-2005, Plot 3-8N--#19, --d/o Preston & Myrtle Willard Cutsforth
Doudna, Frank I. (Lenore E.), b. 1878, d. 03-04-1959, Plot 5-19N--#64, --Spanish American War, burial date
Doudna, Lenore E. (Frank I.), b. 1879, d. 05-22-1969, Plot 5-19N--#64, --see obit
Douglas, Gertrude M. (John H.), b. 1880, d. 07-21-1964, Plot 9-18S--#319, --Nee Hansen, burial date
Douglas, Harold J., b. 1898, d. 01-07-1983, Plot 9-18S--#319, --see obit
Douglas, John H. (Gertrude M.), b. 1875, d. 09-24-1947, Plot 9-18S--#319, --see obit
Drake, Anna Mountford (Mark L.), b. 1874, d. 10-09-1922, Plot 7-22N--#53, --see obit
Drake, Clair A., b. 07-29-1920, d. 08-17-1981, Plot 11-30C--#68B, --WW II, Pvt US Army
Drake, Earl, Plot 4-6C--#130, --per care, buried gr.#8
Drake, Frances (Marian), d. no date, Plot 7-22N--#53, --buried gr.#8
Drake, Howard F. (Jenie McHone), b. 1911, d. 11-05-1980, Plot 11-29C--#48B, --Husband, see obit
Drake, Jennie E. Drake (#1Howard Drake, #2Rolland Wirts), b. 07-06-1916, d. 02-13-1997, Plot 11-29C, --#48B, --Wife, can't find in record book, see ssdi, see obit, see Jennie Wirts
Drake, Marian (Frances), d. no date, Plot 7-22N--#53, --buried gr.#7
Drake, Mark L. (Anna M.), b. 10-03-1871, d. 08-15-1959, Plot 7-22N--#53, --burial date, see obit, stone dates 1870-1959, see Rocky Run Protestan cemetery
Drake, Philip, b. 04-19-1900, d. 09-09-1902, Plot 4-6C--#130, --s/o Earl W. & M. Drake
Duerst, Leon H. (Lorraine), b. 08-20-1926, d. 03-27-1955, Plot 7-24--#02, --gr.#8, -- See obit
Dunlop, Elizabeth, b. 10-17-1853, d. 12-06-1928, Plot 1-3N--#81, --Nee Sommerville/Summerfield? Name on stone is Elizabeth Sommerville
Dunlop, Gabriel H. (Marion), b. 04-14-1865, d. 04-16-1948, Plot 1-3N--#81
Dunlop, Hugh S., b. 11-03-1893, d. 02-26-1919, Plot 1-3N--#81, --s/o Gabriel Dunlop, see obit
Dunlop, Janet Caldow (William), b. 12-08-1839, d. 02-27-1892, Plot 1-4N--#80
Dunlop, Janet Hamilton (William), b. 04-01-1856, d. 03-23-1945, Plot 1-4N--#80
Dunlop, Marion (Gabriel H.), b. 04-01-1865, d. 09-15-1947, Plot 1-3N--#81
Dunlop, Robbie J. P., b. 02-10-1879, d. 05-12-1887, Plot 1-4N--#80
Dunlop, William F., b. 04-27-1890, d. 10-24-1959, Plot 1-3N--#81
Dunlop, William R. (Janet Hamilton), b. 01-13-1840, d. 08-23-1923, Plot 1-4N--#80, --Also Janet Caldow is his wife
Dunning, Mother, d. no date, Plot 8-21C--#220, --buried gr.#4
Dunning, S. S., d. no date, Plot 8-21C--#220, --buried gr.#3
Dunse, Charlotte L., b. 1839, d. 1925, Plot 5-13N--#38A, --Grandmother in Saager plot
Dushek, Bernard M. (Mary Jean), b. 08-22-1927, Plot 7-25N--1A, --Children: Theresa, Connie, Tom, Kathy, John, Eileen, Dan
Dushek, Mary Jean (Bernard M.), b. 01-31-1927, Plot 7-25N--#1A, --Nee Duffy
Dyar, Delbert M. (Maria), b. 1903, d. 03-13-1978, Plot 11-30C--#68B, --see obit
Earl, Dennis W. (Fayetta L.), b. 10-03-1841, d. 01-15-1870, Plot 2-5C--#247, --Civil War, see obit index, stone dates are 1834-1870
Earl, Emma A. Dole, d. 05-09-1886, Plot 2-5C--#247, --d/o Dennis W.& Fayetta Earl, 19yr 1mo 3da old, see Emma Dole
Earl, Fayetta L. (Dennis W.), b. 1839, d. 1907, Plot 2-5C--#247
Earley, Bertha M. (Edwin C.), b. 04-24-1868, d. 08-28-1932, Plot 6-18C--#207, --Nee Wood
Earley, Edwin C. (Bertha M.), b. 08-17-1863, d. 11-28-1942, Plot 6-18C--#207
Ebert, Alice Blackley (Phillip), b. 1902, d. 04-03-1940, Plot 1-2N--#27A, --see obit
Ebert, Phil--Mrs., d. no date, Plot 1-2N--#27A, --per care, buried gr.#5
Ebert, Robert W. (Ilene Riese), b. 11-06-1932, d. 11-26-2015, (m)06-22-1957, s/o Phil & Alice Blackley Ebert, see obit, is he buried here with his parents?
Ebert, William L., b. 08-21-1939, d. 10-05-2008, Plot 1-2N--#27A, --s/o Phil & Alice Blackley Ebert, see obit
Ebner, Adeline R. Pulsfus (Wallace), b. 01-20-1927, d. 02-07-1959, Plot 1-4N--#29A, --Mother and baby, see obit
Ebner, Baby of Adeline, d. 04-13-1954, Plot 1-4N--#29A, --burial date
Edminster, Lewis A. (Mary), b. 01-16-1830, d. 01-28-1908, Plot 3-10N--#73
Edminster, Mary (Lewis A.), b. 04-04-1831, d. 02-26-1926, Plot 3-10N--#73
Egger, Jason L., b. 04-29-1982, d. 12-23-2013, s/o Mark S.& Ruth D.Arnold Egger, see obit
Egger, Joan C. (Melvin L.), b. 12-25-1928, d. 01-28-2006, Plot 6-16C--#172, --(m)06-1952, d/o Loren & Ella Krier Loomis, see obit
Egger, Mark S. (Ruth D. Arnold), b. 1957, s/o Melvin L.& Joan C.Egger
Egger, Melvin L. (Joan C.), b. 1929, Plot 6-16C--#172, --(m)06-1952
Egger, Ruth D. Arnold (Mark S.), b. 1960
Eichorst, Dale E. (Suzanne Delany), b. 1940, d. 12-02-1989, Plot 10-31N--#71B, --Peace Time Veteran, (m)02-08-1964, see obit
Eichorst, Suzanne Delany (Dale E.), b. 1941, Plot 10-31N--#71B, --(m)02-08-1964
Elphick, Janice E. (#1John Jay, #2Lee Mark McQueen), b. 01-08-1961, d. 01-25-2008, Plot 10-24N--#142B, --see Janice McQueen, (m2)11-24-1985, d/o James & Elinor Brew Elphick. See obit for Janice McQueen
Elsing, Benjamin W. (Emma A.), b. 08-04-1892, d. 09-20-1962, Plot 8-26C--#137, --WW I, Father
Elsing, Emma A. (Benjamin W.), b. 02-25-1900, d. 04-08-1983, Plot 8-26C--#137, --Mother, see ssdi, see obit
Elsing, Julia E. (Richard A.), b. 1934, d. 12-21-1992, Plot 10-33N--#113B, --(m)10-25-1952, see obit
Elsing, Michael James, b. 01-18-1951, d. 12-04-2002, Plot 11-34C--#148B
Elsing, Richard A. (Julie E.), b. 1932, Plot 10-33N--#113B, --(m)10-25-1952
Emerson, Evelyn M. (Warren E.), b. 1897, d. 12-29-1987, Plot 10-31N--#69B, --(m)10-10-1914, Nee Twiton, burial date
Emerson, Paul Warren-Dr. (Shirley A. Johnson), b. 03-10-1918, d. 02-28-2007, WW II, US Army finance div, (m)08-19-1940, s/o Dr.Warren E.& Evelyn Twiton Emerson
Emerson, Shirley A. (Paul W.), b. 10-28-1922, pictures
Emerson, Warren E. -DDS (Evelyn Twiton), b. 09-19-1893, d. 10-17-1985, Plot 10-31N--#69B, --WW I, US Army, (m)10-10-1914, see obit
Erickson, Amanda E. (William M.), b. 05-04-1907, d. 05-27-1995, Plot 5-14N--#12A, --, burial date
Erickson, Imo A. Morse (#1Harry Sawyer, #2Orton Erickson), b. 02-01-1916, d. 04-07-2001, Plot 5-14N--#89A, --see obit
Erickson, John (Mary), b. 1853, d. 1928, Plot 5-14N--#12A, --Father
Erickson, Mary (John), b. 1849, d. 1932, Plot 5-14N--#12A, --Mother
Erickson, Orton ( 2nd h/o Imo A. Morse Sawyer), b. 03-25-1910, d. 04-07-1982, Plot 5-14N--#89A
Erickson, William M. (Amanda E.), b. 09-14-1896, d. 10-23-1974, Plot 5-14N--#12A, --WW I, PVT US Army, father
Estabrooks, J. R., d. 07-25-1863, Plot 6-16C--#172, --Age 71yr 9mo old, old hard to read stone
Evans, Catherine E. Stewart (Frank), b. 12-19-1911, d. 11-19-2013, Plot 5-17N--#59A, --d/o Willliam & Florence Towers Stewart, see obit
Everson, Elizabeth L. (Lucius A.), b. 1861, d. 1937, Plot 4-9C--#146
Everson, Harold V., d. 05-31-1900, Plot 4-9C--#146, --s/o L.A.& E.L. Everson, 1mo 6da old
Everson, Jennie (Louis), b. 1882, d. 09-00-1956, Plot 6-18C--#103, --see obit
Everson, Louis (Jennie), b. 1869, d. 08-00-1933, Plot 6-18C--#103, --see obit
Everson, Lucius A. (Elizabeth L.), b. 1859, d. 1931, Plot 4-9C--#146
Everson, Roy Gale, b. 02-03-1894, d. 04-04-1961, Plot 4-9C--#146, --WW I, Pfc Co A 351 Inf 88 Div
Ewert, Claudia D. (Lonnie C.), b. 1942, Plot 11-33C--#122B, --(m)12-01-1990
Ewert, Lonnie C. (Claudia D.), b. 1950, d. 07-26-1991, Plot 11-33C--#122B, --(m)12-01-1990, see obit
Ewert, Minnie Schoolman (Myron), b. 05-03-1916, d. 02-24-1999, Plot 11-29C--#49B, -- see obit
Ewert, Myron (Minnie Schoolman), b. 04-05-1908, d. 01-14-1974, Plot 11-29C--#49B
Fait, Linda K. Schwantes (Mitchele L.), b. 1961, pictures, (m)05-08-1981
Fait, Mitchele L. (Linda K. Schwantes), b. 04-17-1963, d. 09-24-2010, from obit, (m)05-08-1981, s/o Vernon & Adeline Loss Fait
Falk, Agnes Hauge (Henry), b. 1900, d. 1944, Plot 1-4N--#29A, --Mother
Falk, Amelia (Charles), b. 1869, d. 1936, Plot 4-8C--#233
Falk, Charles F. Sr. (Delores F.), b. 1927, d. 06-23-1977, Plot 10-29N--#36B, --(m)06-04-1949, see obit
Falk, Charles (Amelia), b. 1863, d. 07-06-1953, Plot 4-8C--#233, --burial date
Falk, Delores F. (Charles F.), b. 01-03-1930, d. 12-11-1980, Plot 10-29N--#36B, --(m)06-04-1949, see obit
Falk, Edward W. -Jerry (Myrtle), d. 08-27-1978, --74yr old, Stone? Couldn't find in record book, see Zion EV. Lutheran cemetery
Falk, Henry (Agnes Hauge), b. 1896, d. 02-07-1939, Plot 1-4N--#29A, --Father, see obit
Falk, Ida, b. 03-16-1907, d. 03-25-1935, Plot 4-8C--#233, --Daughter of Charles & Amelia?
Falk, Jennifer, b. 03-02-1977, d. 04-07-1977, Plot 3-7N--#32A, --Baby
Falkenstein, Agnes J. (Dennis M.), b. 01-08-1914, d. 11-11-2011, Plot 7-25N--#50A, --(m)01-02-1935, d/o John & Pauline Kosak Hanny
Falkenstein, Dennis M. Sr. (Agnes J. Hanny), b. 05-02-1912, d. 09-24-1988, Plot 7-25N--#50A, --(m)01-02-1935, see ssdi, see obit
Falkenstein, Donald J., b. 04-17-1940, d. 10-14-1980, Plot 7-25N--#50A, --burial date, s/o Dennis & Agnes
Falkenstein, Miriam J. (George A.), b. 1931, d. 04-26-1964, Plot 3-7N--#37, --Nee Dunn, see obit
Fancher, Rufus W., d. 12-20-1866, Plot 9-17S--#301, --s/o Rev. R.& L.M, 14y11m16d old
Farrington, Mamie (Walter S.), b. 1893, d. 02-25-1967, Plot 2-1C--#138, --see obit
Farrington, Walter S. (Mamie), b. 1890, d. 10-18-1918, Plot 2-1C--#138, --burial date
Faultersack, Claire L. Sparks (Howard J.), b. 11-17-1919, d. 04-04-1997, Plot 10-30N--#56B, --(m)03-09-1943
Faultersack, Howard J. (Claire L. Sparks), b. 08-24-1919, d. 06-12-2002, Plot 10-30N--#56B, --WW II, RM2 US Coast Guard, (m)03-09-1943 , see ssdi sp.
Faultersack, Margaret S., b. 10-21-1890, d. 05-08-1970, Plot 10-27N--#1D
Faust, J., d. 12-31-1968, Plot 8-24C--#164, --gr.7, per care, burial date
Ferguson, Angelia, b. 1842, d. 07-01-1931, Plot 5-18N--#09, --Nee Jewett?, see obit
Ferguson, Mr., Plot 5-16N--#09, --gr.#8, listed in lot 10 in Record Book
Ferguson, Nancy, Plot 5-16N--#09, --gr.#7, listed in lot 10 in Record book
Fiedler, A. C. (Gertrude Russell), --Stone? Is he buried here? Not in Record Book
Fiedler, Gertrude E. Russell (A. C.), b. 1895, d. 1922, Plot 6-19C--#274
Finberg, Marlys D. "Marty" (Robert Lee), b. 11-07-1942, d. 02-13-2014, d/o Martell & Lynette Helgeson England, see obit
Finger, Gerturde M. (William A.), b. 1885, d. 08-29-1966, Plot 7-22N--#47A, --burial date
Finger, William A. (Gertrude M.), b. 1883, d. 05-28-1958, Plot 7-22N--#47A, --burial date
Fisk, Barbara J. (Robert M.), b. 02-14-1926, d. 08-28-2010, Plot 2-2C--#139, --(m)06-06-1945, Nee Mandeville
Fisk, Eula Mae (Harold R.), d. 10-21-1973, Plot 7-25N--#01, --see obit, no dates on stone
Fisk, Harold, Plot 7-25N--#01, --per care, no gr.#
Fisk, Robert M. (Barbara J.), b. 03-22-1922, d. 05-27-2003, Plot 2-2C--#139, --(m)06-06-1945, s/o Roy & Myrtle Fisk
Fiske, Allison "Al" (June Breneman), b. 04-02-1929, d. 01-23-2014, Korea, SSGT US Army Air Corp/Air Force, (m)03-29-1952, s/o Harry & Clara Clark Fiske
Fiske, June M. (Allison H.), b. 06-26-1931, pictures, (m)03-29-1952
Fisk-Silsby, --Family Stone?
Fitch, Donald, --Stone? Is he buried here? Can't find him in R.Bk.
Fitzgibbon, Marcella J. Huber (Robert D.), b. 03-19-1942, Pictures, (m)10-21-1961
Fitzgibbon, Patrick D, b. 04-02-1965, Pictures, s/o Robert D & Marcella J.Fitzgibbon?
Fitzgibbon, Robert D. (Marcella J. Huber), b. 10-15-1940, d. 03-20-1985, Pictures, (m)10-21-1961
Fitzgibbon, Robert J., b. 03-20-1963, d. 08-18-1989, Pictures, s/o Robert D & Marcella J.Fitzgibbon?
Flentje, Marie L. Koch (George), b. 1920, d. 06-05-1995, Plot 11-31C--#78B, --see obit
Focke, Anna M. (Dr. William J.), b. 1895, d. 10-06-1981, Plot 7-25N--#100A, --see obit
Focke, William J. -M. D. (Anna M.), b. 06-16-1897, d. 01-03-1988, Plot 7-25N--#100A, --see ssdi
Folzmann, Albert J. (Wilhelmina F. Manthe), b. 1885, d. 10-05-1948, Plot 5-18N--#08A, --father, burial date, spelled Folzmann on stone
Folzmann, Wilhelmina F. Manthe (Albert J.), b. 07-28-1892, d. 07-06-1989, Plot 5-18N--#08A, --mother, see ssdi, see obit
Fornasiere, John Jr. (1st husband of Clara G. Fornasiere Lehman), b. 1911, d. 1947, Plot 1-3N--#78A, --on stone with Clara G.Fornasiere, see Clara G.Lehman.
Forrest, Agnes, b. 1855, d. 1933, Plot 6-17C--#276, --on stone with Jean Forrest
Forrest, Francis LeRoy, b. 1934, d. 1934, Plot 6-17C--#276, --s/o Wm. & Sarah Forrest Jr.
Forrest, J. Francis "Frank" (Mabel), b. 04-28-1863, d. 05-21-1938, Plot 2-5C--#236
Forrest, Jean, b. 1858, d. 1926, Plot 6-17C--#276, --on stone with Agnes Forrest
Forrest, Mabel I. (J. Francis "Frank"), b. 03-01-1867, d. 04-11-1937, Plot 2-5C--#236, --Nee Chipman
Forrest, Marion Brown Lee (William), d. 11-30-1892, Plot 6-17C--#276, --Age 76yr 3mo 17da old
Forrest, Sarah Adelia Hutchinson (William), b. 1907, d. 09-25-1990, Plot 6-17C--#276, --see obit, location in record book
Forrest, William C. Jr. (Sarah A.), b. 1901, d. 10-20-1979, Plot 2-5C--#236, --see obit
Forrest, William (Marion Brown Lee), d. 06-11-1894, Plot 6-17C--#276, --Age 77yr 10mo 29da old
Forrest, Wright, Plot 6-17C--#276, --gr.1
Forsyth, Wallace, b. 1891, d. 1909, Plot 8-20C--#209
Forsyth, William, Plot 8-20C--#209, --gr.#6, per care
Fosnot, Benjamin M., b. 1857, d. 07-00-1931, Plot 8-21C--#263, --b.Pennsylvania, see obit
Francis, George L. (Sally T.), b. 06-07-1830, d. 10-21-1902, Plot 4-11C--#96
Francis, Sally T. (George L.), b. 06-25-1827, d. 10-10-1905, Plot 4-11C--#96
Freeland, Hugh S. Jr., b. 1911, d. 02-25-1942, Plot 3-11N--#16, --burial date
Freeland, Hugh S. Sr. (Margaret), b. 1862, d. 09-04-1946, Plot 3-11N--#16, --burial date
Freeland, Margaret (Hugh S. Sr.), b. 1872, d. 06-19-1921, Plot 3-11N--#16, --see obit
Fritzsche, L. Margaret, b. 1899, d. 09-04-1976, Plot 2-1C--#135, --Nee Luther, ashes, burial date
Fuller, a family stone, Plot 1-1N--#27, --Walter P, Lewis M, Farest V.
Fuller, Curtis L., b. 1854, d. 1920, Plot 1-1N--#27
Fuller, Edwin Wayne (Thelma M.), b. 1918, d. 07-07-1984, Plot 11-29C--#46B, --WW II, see obit
Fuller, Eugene C. (Grace V.), b. 1883, d. 11-14-1960, Plot 8-26C-#241, --burial date
Fuller, Farest/Ferris R. or V. "Dud", b. 08-19-1901, d. 09-18-1961, Plot 1-1N--#27, --WW II, WI Pvt Btry B 134 Med Regt
Fuller, Floy J. (John M.), b. 1893, d. 08-29-1971, Plot 5-18N--#58A, --Nee Cross, see obit
Fuller, George Robert (Loretta), b. 05-11-1911, d. 01-29-1985, Plot 11-30C--#61B
Fuller, Grace V. (Eugene C.), b. 1889, d. 05-02-1962, Plot 8-26C--#241, --Nee Cross, burial date
Fuller, Jennie A., b. 1864, d. 03-03-1950, Plot 1-1N--#27, --burial date
Fuller, John M. (Floy J.), b. 1885, d. 10-13-1948, Plot 5-18N--#58A, --see obit
Fuller, Lauretta/Loretta Mathilda (G. Robert), b. 08-30-1922, d. 01-31-2014, Plot 11-30C--#61B, --(m)June 1938, d/o Frederick & Nettie Starks
Fuller, Lewis M., b. 10-23-1887, d. 03-15-1974, Plot 1-1N--#27, --Pink, dates from ssdi, obit d.03-31-1974
Fuller, Thelma M. (Edwin Wayne), b. 1921, d. 07-13-2002, Plot 11-29C--#46B, --nee Dunning, see obit
Fuller, Walter P., b. 08-09-1893, d. 11-10-1980, Plot 1-1N--#27, --see ssdi, burial date
Funk, Birdella "Birdie" (Lester C.), b. 07-20-1923, d. 10-05-2004, Plot 7-24N--#52A, -- 2nd w/o Lester
Funk, Genevieve C. (Lester C.), b. 1901, d. 01-13-1976, Plot 7-24N--#52A, --see obit, 1st w/o Lester C.Funk
Funk, Lester C. (#1Genevieve C, #2Birdella), b. 03-01-1903, d. 05-31-1993, Plot 7-24N--#52A
Gabbei, Albert (Louise), b. 1869, d. 1933, Plot 3-8N--#18A, --Father
Gabbei, Alwin (Florence), b. 12-25-1900, d. 05-07-1964, Plot 10-27N--#6B, --burial date, see ssdi
Gabbei, Arthur J. (Lillian S.), b. 02-26-1892, d. 07-14-1976, Plot 8-25C--#215, --see obit
Gabbei, Bertha (Frank), b. 1877, d. 04-28-1949, Plot 4-6C--#248, --Mother, burial date
Gabbei, Carl (Elizabeth), b. 01-22-1860, d. 01-10-1906, Plot 4-6C--#143
Gabbei, Darlene Sue, b. 10-08-1971, d. 10-09-1971, Plot 8-26C--#188, --d/o Donavan & Shirley J. Gabbei
Gabbei, Donavan A. (#1Grace, #2Shirley J. Thiessen), b. 1932, Plot 8-26--#188?, --on stone with Shirley J.Gabbei
Gabbei, Elisabeth (Carl), b. 07-11-1868, d. 09-21-1943, Plot 4-6C--#143
Gabbei, Elizabeth Ann---infant, d. 02-09-1954, Plot 5-19N--#94A, --d/o Lawrence A. & Wilma M. Gabbei
Gabbei, Florence (Alwin), b. 07-17-1903, d. 01-23-1981, Plot 10-27N--#6B, --see ssdi, see obit
Gabbei, Frank (Bertha), b. 1873, d. 10-06-1950, Plot 4-6C--#248, --Father
Gabbei, Grace (1st w/o Donavan A.), b. 1933, d. 01-16-1960, Plot 8-26C--#188, --Mother, see obit
Gabbei, Harry A. (Mayme), b. 1903, d. 03-16-1968, Plot 11-27C--#34B, --see obit
Gabbei, Harry Richard (Sandra R. Edwards), b. 02-04-1934, d. 04-25-2002, Plot 11-28C--#33B, --Korea, PFC US Army, - military Richard Harry, stone, ssdi & Obit Harry Richard, Peace, see obit
Gabbei, Helen F. (Rudolph M.), b. 1882, d. 10-21-1962, Plot 4-6C--#143, --see obit
Gabbei, Lawrence A. (Wilma M.), b. 1913, d. 09-18-1984, Plot 5-19N--#94A, --see obit
Gabbei, Lillian S. (Arthur J.), b. 1901, d. 12-24-1992, Plot 8-25C--#215, --see obit
Gabbei, Louise (Albert), b. 1869, d. 1926, Plot 3-8N--#18A, --Mother
Gabbei, Mayme (Harry A.), b. 1899, d. 06-06-1981, Plot 11-27C--#34B, --see obit
Gabbei, Rudolph M. (Helen F.), b. 08-23-1888, d. 10-26-1974, Plot 4-6C--#143, --WW I, Pvt US Army,
Gabbei, Sandra R. Edwards (Harry Richards), b. 1940, Plot 11-28C--#33B
Gabbei, Shirley J. "Ma" (2nd w/o Donavan), b. 06-03-1942, d. 05-11-2008, Plot 8-26C--#188, --(m)02-10-1961, d/o Harold & Volet Herschleb Thiessen, see obit
Gabbei, Wilma M. (Lawrence A.), b. 1924, d. 12-19-2002, Plot 5-19N--#94A, --nee Benninger, see obit
Gage, Mary E. (Melvin E.), b. 02-13-1943, d. 01-03-2012, Plot 11-29C--#49B, --(m)02-14-1976, d/o Sylvia Wopat Hunt
Gage, Melvin E. (Mary E.), b. 1929, d. 1982, Plot 11-29C--#49B, --(m)02-14-1976
Gallaw, Isabella, b. 1781, d. 1870, Plot 4-12C, --can't find in record book
Galloway, Alvin Wilson (Helene R.), b. 1882, d. 01-13-1959, Plot 1-1N--#83, --burial date
Galloway, Ann Jane (Rev. John B.), b. 1858, d. 1920, Plot 1-1N--#83, --mother
Galloway, Helene Rader (Alvin W.), b. 1890, d. 02-11-1956, Plot 1-1N--#83, --burial date
Galloway, John B. --Rev. (Ann Jane), b. 1843, d. 1921, Plot 1-1N--#83, --Civil War, Father
Garrett, Timothy John, b. 11-14-1853, d. 07-11-1986, Plot 8-22C--#271
Garrison, Francis M. "Frank", b. 12-17-1944, d. 10-09-2005, Plot 10-33N--#119B, --Age 60yr old
Gartman, Gaylord E (Judy E. Wells), b. 03-14-1943, pictures, (m)06-25-1966
Gartman, Judy E. Wells (Gaylord E.), b. 05-07-1944, pictures, (m)06-25-1966
Gastrow, Harold J. (Jean H. Waterworth), b. 1917, d. 07-17-1997, Plot 5-17N--#92A, --see obit
Gastrow, Herman F. (Mary M. "Lena"), b. 1883, d. 09-05-1951, Plot 5-17N--#92A, --burial date,
Gastrow, Jean H. Waterworth (Harold J.), b. 1908, d. 05-28-1994, Plot 5-17N--#92A, --see obit
Gastrow, Mary M. (Herman F.), b. 1886, d. 05-06-1963, Plot 5-17N--#92A, --see obit for "Lena" Gastrow
Gatling, Michael D., b. 1952, d. 11-09-1991, Plot 10-27N--#106A, --burial date
Gatzke, Evelyn L. (Harold E.), b. 09-28-1915, d. 02-26-2002, Plot 10-34N--#136B & 137B, --Nee Busse, (m)04-27-1935
Gatzke, Harold E. (Evelyn L.), b. 12-01-1912, d. 03-08-2009, Plot 10-34N--#136B & 137B, --(m)04-27-1935, s/o Emil & Anna Fleming Gatzke
Gatzke, Karen Ann, b. 08-25-1945, d. 08-31-1945, Plot 10-34N--#136B, --Infant d/o Harold E. & Evelyn L. Gatzke, transfered from ILL
Gatzke, Kenneth Harold, b. 09-09-1938, d. 08-29-2010, from obit, s/o Harold & Evelyn Gatzke
Gault, Elizabeth Collins (William C.), b. 1843, d. 07-00-1921, Plot 9-9S--#312, --see obit, also listed as Elizabeth Collins on stone with Sarah A.Collins
Gault, John H. (Ella Hovde), d. 08-13--1951, Plot 9-9S--#312, --ashes, see obit
Gault, William C. Sr. (Elizabeth Collins), b. 1843, d. 04-12-1929, Plot 9-9S--#312, --WW I, see obit
Gavinski, Andrea Lee Maier (Donald F. Sr.), b. 05-23-1943, pictures, (m)02-23-1963
Gavinski, Donald F. Sr. (Andrea Lee Maier), b. 12-09-1931, d. 01-05-2014, Korea, SP3 US Army, (m)02-23-1963, s/o Leo & Mary Lillian Wagner Gavinski, see obit
Gayan, Walter Carl Jr., b. 11-12-1963, d. 08-03-1996, Plot 10-28N--#109A, --Peace time veteran
Gehring, Joseph, b. 1876, d. 10-00-1948, Plot 3-6N--#21, --spelling from obit, see obit, spelled Gerring on stone
Geiger, Alvin, d. 1952, Plot 8-24C--#112, --Age 5mo old
Genrich, Kathy Lynn (Robert V.), b. 1948, Plot 11-27C, --not in record book, Nee Lovelace
Genrich, LaVerne F., b. 11-26-1922, d. 02-27-1967, Plot 11-27C--#16B, --WW II
Genrich, Robert V. (Kathy Lynn Lovelace), b. 01-01-1948, d. 08-11-2003, Plot 11-27C--#16B, --(m)09-09-1967, s/o LaVerne & Shirley Raymond Genrich, see obit
Gessner, Alvin J. (Eleanore Krakow), b. 1914, d. 03-05-1970, Plot 7-23N--#48A, --see obit
Gessner, Eleanore Krakow (Alvin J.), b. 1918, d. 01-12-1974, Plot 7-23N--#48A, --see obit
Gibbs, Emma L. Manke-Mrs., b. 08-09-1887, d. 08-09-1971, Plot 1-2N--#77A, --see ssdi, see obit
Gifford, Emily, d. 01-05-1896, Plot 6-16C--#258, --d/o Jane & Gardiner Gifford, see Emily Ingraham
Gifford, Jane A. V. (Gardiner), d. 01-24-1890, Plot 6-16C--#258, --Age 80yr old, Nee Ingraham
Gill, Cynthia Marie "Cindy" (Eric Louis), b. 04-18-1967, d. 02-24-2014, (m)03-09-1996, d/o Thomas & Sharon Wood Baukin, see obit
Gill, Eric Louis (Cynthia Marie "Cindy"), b. 09-21-1965, (m)03-09-1996
Gladem, Douglas A. "Digger" (Roberta R. "Bobbie" Klaila), b. 1944, Plot 10-32N--#99B
Gladem, Roberta R. "Bobbie" Klaila (Douglas A.), b. 1957, d. 01-08-2003, Plot 10-32N--#99B, --see obit
Gorman, Elizabeth Jeanette Knuteson (John Henry), b. 03-01-1898, d. 07-20-1986, Plot 10-29N--#35B, --see obit
Gorman, John Henry (Elizabeth J. Knuteson), b. 1898, d. 03-30--1975, Plot 10-29N--#35B, -- see obit
Gorman, John Roger "Jack" (Mary Louise Martin), b. 09-25-1936, d. 08-09-2010, (m)06-05-1959, s/o John Henry & Elizabeth Jeanette Knuteson Gorman, see obit
Gorman, Kareen K. Meske (Myron F.), b. 1936, Plot 10-33N--#115B, --(m)05-25-1954
Gorman, LaVerne K. (Vivian G. Babcock), b. 02-19-1923, d. 06-24-2015, (m)04-24-1947, s/o John & Elizabeth Knuteson Gorman, see obit
Gorman, Mary Louise Martin (John Roger "Jack"), b. 07-16-1941, (m)06-05-1959
Gorman, Myron F. (Kareen K. Meske), b. 12-29-1930, d. 10-20-1997, Plot 10-33N--#115B, --Korea, CPL US Army, (m)05-25-1954
Gorman, Vivian G. (LaVerne K.), b. 1922, (m)04-24-1947, nee Babcock
Grant, Daniel M., d. 05-25-1860, Plot 6-13C--#255, --Age 60yr old, old laying flat stone hard to read
Graves, Nola Jean (Robert), b. 1927, d. 02-04-1983, Plot 10-29N--#35B, --Wife, burial date
Graves, Robert (Nola Jean), Plot 10-29N--#35B
Gray, Frank T., b. 07-13-1981, d. 11-24-2003, Plot 10-34N--#137B, --s/o LeRoy Walter & Betsy Lee Clinger Gray
Gray, Minnie Elizabeth Moungey (#1Walter Mack, #2Willilam Gray, #2Christian Christensen), d. 05-18-1933, Plot 6-19C--#208, --gr.#5, --see obit for Mrs.C.R.Christensen, 73yr old
Gray, William B., b. 1862, d. 1918, Plot 6-19C--#208
Gray, William B. --Mrs., Plot 6-19C--#208, --gr.#5, Nee Christianson, lot owner
Green, Alfred C. (Hildred W.), b. 09-06-1894, d. 12-09-1966, Plot 8-21C--#167, --WW I
Green, F. Christina, b. 1886, d. 1947, Plot 8-21C--#115, --Daughter
Green, Fanny H. Curtis (William L.), b. 1851, d. 1906, Plot 8-21C--#115, --Mother
Green, Harriet, b. 1848, d. 1932, Plot 8-21C--#115, --Daughter, nee Weir
Green, Hildred W. (Alfred C.), b. 1908, d. 09-21-1981, Plot 8-21C--#167, --Nee Woodward, see obit
Green, William L. (Fanny H. Curtis), b. 1825, d. 07-28-1903, Plot 8-21C--#115, --Father
Greene, Blanche (Glenn M.), b. 04-21-1901, d. 12-25-1980, see obit & death certificate
Greenfield, Doris M. Kehn (Wilbur H.), b. 1913, d. 07-11-1987, Plot 10-30N--#55B, --burial date
Greenfield, Wilbur H. (Doris M. Kehn), b. 1909, d. 11-26-1986, Plot 10-30N--#55B, --see obit
Gromnicki, Stanley (Virginia Rae Reinke), b. 11-20-1913, d. 05-19-1996, Plot 7-24N--#49A, --WW II, Capt US Army, (m)08-08-1943
Gromnicki, Virginia Rae Reinke (Stanley), b. 07-11-1921, d. 02-26-1999, Plot 7-24N--#49A, --(m)08-08-1943
Grover, Ellen (Lyman), b. 1851, d. 1910, Plot 3-11N--#41
Grover, Irene M. (Nelson), d. 11-01-1909, Plot 3-11N--#41, --27yr 6mo 11da old
Grover, Lyman (Ellen), b. 1842, Plot 3-11N--#41, --Civil War, Co D 23 Regt ILL Vol, Co C 58 PH Regt ILL Vol
Grover, Nelson (Irene M.), Plot 3-11N--#41, --gr.#6, Stone?
Guernsey, George W. (Helen M.), b. 04-08-1893, d. 05-29-1980, Plot 8-25C--#162, --WW I, see ssdi, see obit, two wives
Guernsey, Helen M. (George W.), b. 1880, d. 09-22-1972, Plot 8-25C--#162, --burial date
Guernsey, Sara E., b. 09-25-1906, d. 05-15-1992, Plot 2-2C--#139, --burial date, daughter
Guitzkow, Gary M. (Shirley Kruchten), b. 05-03-1963, d. 04-05-2009, (m)02-17-2006, s/o Duane & Marilyn Paar Guitzkow, see obit & Pictures
Guitzkow, Shirley Kurchten (Gary M.), b. 06-29-1958, (m)02-17-2006, Pictures
Gunderson, Bernice M. (Buell H.), b. 12-13-1922, Plot 11-33C--#123B, -- (m)09-20-1952, Nee Ghinazzi, Our children: Alan, Teresa, Gordon
Gunderson, Buell H. (Bernice M.), b. 09-01-1924, d. 12-27-2006, Plot 11-33C--#123B, --Korea SGT, US Army, s/o Arthur H.& Florence Egery Gunderson, (m)09-20-1952
Gunderson, Dorothy M. (Oluf L.), b. 11-07-1926, d. 02-11-2004, Plot 11-27C--#13B, --(m)11-27-1948, d/o Rudolph & Dorothea Munk
Gunderson, Olin D., b. 1952, d. 02-14-1966, Plot 11-27C--#13B, --Son/husband/father/friend, burial date, s/o Oluf L.& Dorothy M.Gunderson
Gunderson, Oluf L. (Dorothy M. Munk), b. 01-19-1924, d. 08-15-2006, Plot 11-27C--#13B, --WW II, SGT US Army Air Force, (m)11-27-1948, s/o Oluf & Laura Homman Gunderson, see obit
Gunderson, Rozella Jane Babcock (Willard J.), b. 05-23-1922, d. 07-04-2012, Plot 5-17N--#66, --(m)03-21-1942, or Rosella, d/o Jess & Rena Abel Babcock, see obit
Gunderson, Wesley Jacob, b. 06-01-1952, d. 10-14-2009, s/o Rosie Babcock & Willard Gunderson, see obit
Gunderson, Willard J. (Rozella Jane Babcock), b. 02-28-1921, d. 05-17-1996, Plot 5-17N--#66, --(m)03-21-1942, s/o Oluf & Laura Homman Gunderson, see obit
Gundlach, Helen (Herman), b. 1875, d. 04-07-1970, Plot 8-25C--#268, --burial date
Gundlach, Herman (Helen), b. 1873, d. 12-18-1960, Plot 8-25C--#268, --burial date
Gustin, Diane J., b. 1978, d. 11-04-2002, Plot 11-29C--#45B, --Ashes on top of Minnie Bilkey, see obit
Haas, Marilyn M. (Marvin Arthur Sr.), b. 06-16-1934, d. 05-28-2014, Plot 10-30N--#53B, --(m)01-22-1955, d/o Alex & Helen Browbender Krier
Haas, Marvin Arthur Sr. (Marilyn M.), b. 03-20-1928, d. 02-17-1992, Plot 10-30N--#53B, --Korea, Cpl US Army, (m)01-22-1955
Haas, Robert George (Veda B.), b. 12-21-1919, d. 07-11-1991, Plot 10-31N--#70B, --WW II, Tec 5 US Army, (m)01-27-1940
Haas, Travis Allan, b. stillborn, d. 09-15-1982, Plot 10-30N--#53B, --NW Corner, s/o Marvin Haas Jr., obit
Haas, Veda B. (Robert George), b. 1921, d. 10-08-2002, Plot 10-31N--#70B, --(m)01-27-1940, burial date
Hackbart, Emma (Herman A.), b. 05-25-1869, d. 12-02-1912, Plot 4-6C--#287, --Mother
Hackbart, Herman A. (Emma), b. 10-23-1870, d. 09-20-1919, Plot 4-6C--#287, --Father
Hackbart, Robert H. (Susan Teeter), d. 10-24-1974, Plot 5-15N--#12, --see obit
Hackbart, Roy A. Sr. (Verna M.), b. 1907, d. 12-00-1958, Plot 3-7N--#37, --see obit
Hackbart, Susan Teeter (Robert H.), b. 08-28-1904, d. 12-05-1995, Plot 5-15N--#12, --see obit, see ssdi
Hackbart, Verna M. (#1Roy A. Sr, #2Mr. Johnson), b. 05-28-1910, d. 10-29-2001, Plot 3-7N, --#37, --see Verna M.Johnson, ssdi Johnson, on stone as Verna Hackbart & Roy A Hackbart
Hackbert, Arthur C. (Clara E.), b. 1895, d. 02-00-1946, Plot 5-16N--#41A, --buried in February, see obit
Hackbert, Avis D., b. 03-01-1930, d. 01-02-1999, Plot 5-16N--#41A, --see ssdi
Hackbert, Clara E. (Arthur C.), b. 01-19-1896, d. 03-04-1967, Plot 5-16N--#41A, --see obit
Hackbert, Elaine L., b. 11-22-1926, d. 12-27-2000, Plot 5-16N--#41A, --see ssdi
Hackbert, Elmer William-single, b. 08-17-1906, d. 04-27-1990, Plot 4-6C--#287, --WW II, PFC US Army Air Corps
Hackbert, Gladys H. (Irvin F.), b. 08-01-1926, d. 10-24-1998, Plot 5-16N--#41A, --see ssdi
Hackbert, Irvin F. (Gladys H.), b. 11-23-1918, d. 08-05-2007, Plot 5-16N--#41A, --see ssdi
Hadden, Kittie R. (Roscoe J.), b. 05-07-1885, d. 02-06-1975, Plot 3-12N--#87A, --Nee McDonald
Hadden, Mark W. (Sadie E.), b. 1892, d. 03-26-1949, Plot 5-14N--#89A, --burial date
Hadden, Roscoe J. (Kittie R.), b. 03-15-1887, d. 02-21-1970, Plot 3-12N--#87A, --see obit
Hadden, Sadie E. (Mark W.), b. 1894, d. 06-04-1970, Plot 5-14N--#89A, --see obit
Hahn, Caroline Manke (William John), b. 02-26-1853, d. 01-24-1916, Plot 4-7C--#286, --Mother
Hahn, Gary R. (Judith M.), b. 07-28-1941, Plot 3-8N--#68A, --(m)10-28-1961
Hahn, Ida, b. 02-16-1886, d. 07-18-1907, Plot 4-7C--#286, --d/o William John & C. Hahn, also a footstone with an inscription in German
Hahn, Judith M. (Gary R.), b. 06-14-1942, Plot 3-8N--#68A, --Nee Johnson, CH: Timothy, Heidi
Hahn, Larry R. (Sharon A. Stewart), b. 07-26--1939, Pictures
Hahn, Sharon A. Stewart (Larry R.), b. 06-09-1939, Pictures
Hahn, William, b. 08-16-1884, d. 09-20-1911, Plot 4-7C--#286, --s/o William John & C. Hahn
Hahn, William John (Caroline Manke), b. 09-23-1853, d. 02-02-1945, Plot 4-7C--#286, --Father, maybe William Frederick, obit,
Haley, Agnes Norlin (Richard J.), b. 11-24-1923, d. 02-26-2001, Plot 5-15N, --#11A--b.Newport RI, (m)12-27-1948
Haley, John (Mary), b. 1863, d. 1941, Plot 5-15N--#11A
Haley, Marguerite Ann "Margie", b. 12-27-1951, d. 03-28-2010, d/o Richard & Agnes Norlin Haley, see obit
Haley, Mary (John), b. 1862, d. 04-16-1943, Plot 5-15N--#11A, --burial date
Haley, Richard John "Dick" (Agnes Norlin), b. 12-27-1927, d. 10-09-2010, Plot 5-15N--#11A, --US Navy, (m)12-27-1948,
Hall, Adam (Rebecca), Plot 06-18C--#103, --Civil War, gr.#7, Stone?
Hall, Arthur L. (Blanche R. McComb), b. 05-20-1902, d. 12-26-1962, Plot 10-27N--#6B
Hall, Blanche R. McComb (Arthur L.), b. 03-03-1905, d. 03-16-1988, Plot 10-27N--#6B, --d.Janesville, see obit
Hall, Dorothy (Eldon G.), b. 04-11-1924, Plot 3-10N--#66A, --Children: Marbury, Alison, Tracy, (m)06-07-1947
Hall, Durward J. (Louise E. Schoephoester), b. 1906, d. 08-27-1972, Plot 11-28C--#26B, --see obit
Hall, Eldon G. (Dorothy), b. 09-30-1924, d. 08-17-2001, Plot 3-10N--#66A, --WW II, F2 US Navy, (m)06-07-1947, s/o Gordon E.& Flossie M.Hall
Hall, Elizabeth W. (James), b. 01-17-1841, d. 09-27-1911, Plot 4-8C--#180
Hall, Flossie M. (Gordon E.), b. 12-09-1907, d. 02-10-2008, Plot 1-2N--#24A, --(m)03-29-1924, d/o Dennis A.& Mary Ann Faust Newman
Hall, Gladys M. Breneman (Wayne C.), b. 1907, d. 03-30-1973, Plot 10-28N--#22B, --see obit
Hall, Gordon E. (Flossie M. Newman), b. 1905, d. 06-04-1963, Plot 1-2N--#24A, --(m)03-29-1924, burial date, see obit
Hall, Harold R. (Ruth J. Singleton), b. 1930, d. 06-06-1984, Plot 1-2N--#24A, --s/o Gordon E.& Flossie M. Hall, see obit
Hall, James (Elizabeth W.), b. 10-08-1837, d. 08-16-1907, Plot 4-8C--#180
Hall, Louise E. Schoephoester (Durward J.), b. 06-20-1911, d. 03-05-2003, Plot 11-28C--#26B, --see obit
Hall, Louise Arlene, b. 1937, d. 1937, Plot 1-2N--#24A, --infant d/o Gordon E.& Flossie M.Hall
Hall, Rebecca (Adam), d. 02-25-1899, Plot 6-18C--#103, --Age 55yr 5mo 24da old
Hall, Robert---baby, b. 1908, d. 1909, Plot 2-5C--#183, --s/o J. M. & E.W. Hall
Hall, Ruth J. Singleton (Harold R.), b. 1931, pictures
Hall, Wayne C. (Gladys M. Breneman), b. 1905, d. 10-24-1978, Plot 10-28N--#22B, --see obit
Halverson, Hans (Mary E.), b. 1866, d. 01-22-1956, Plot 8-24C--#164, --burial date
Halverson, Infants--Harry Jr. & a son, d. no dates, Plot 8-24C--#164, --c/o Hans & Mary Halverson
Halverson, Mary E. (Hans), b. 1873, d. 08-04-1941, Plot 8-24C--#164, --burial date
Halvorsen, Carl J. (Elsie), b. 1899, d. 04-14-1977, Plot 10-28N--#19B, --see obit
Halvorsen, Elsie (Carl J.), b. 1911, d. 11-17-1994, Plot 10-28N--#19B, --burial date
Halvorson, Bertha M. (Harry C.), b. 11-01-1912, d. 01-18-2007, Plot 1-4N--#79A, --WW II, d/o Daniel Richard(b.07-18-1888) & Martha Johanna Zechel(b.04-17-1890) Smith, (m)1945, see obit
Halvorson, Harry, d. 01-01-1949, Plot 1-4N--#79A, --s/o Harry C. & Bertha M.Halvorson
Halvorson, Harry C. (Bertha M.), b. 03-19-1911, d. 05-29-1979, Plot 1-4N--#79A, --WW II, Cpl US Army, (m)1945, obit
Halvorson, Harry--infant, d. 01-18-1947, Plot 1-4N--#79A, --s/o Harry C. & Bertha M.Halvorson
Halvorson, Kaye, d. 01-18-1947, Plot 1-4N--#79A, --d/o Harry C. & Bertha M.Halvorson
Hamilton, Elmore J. (Mary Ann Thompson), b. 08-06-1905, d. 01-09-1987, Plot 10-28N--#22B, --"Pete", see obit
Hamilton, Mary Ann Thompson (Elmore J.), b. 1913, d. 12-12-1985, Plot 10-28N--#22B, --see obit
Hammond, Clarence Atwood (Wanda Ellen McDonald), b. 01-02-1924, d. 09-22-1998, Plot 10-29N--#41B, --WW II, EM2 US Navy, (m)08-25-1956
Hammond, Marie A. --Mrs., b. 03-25-1894, d. 07-28-1975, Plot 10-29N--#41B, --Mother
Hammond, Wanda Ellen (Clarence A.), b. 08-10-1929, Plot 10-29N--#41B, --(m)08-25-1956, Nee McDonald, Children: Heather, Christopher
Hampshire, Allison K., b. 05-04-1948, d. 08-03-2000, Plot 9-16S--#13C, --Nee Teeter
Haney, Karolyn S. (Martin W.), b. 05-12-1939, d. 12-29-2013, d/o Henry & Evelyn Curtis Foltz, see obit
Haney, Martin D., b. 1960, d. 10-30-1981, Plot 11-29C--#50B, -- Korea, s/o Martin W.& Karolyn S. Haney, obit
Haney, Martin W. (Karolyn S.), b. 1940, Pictures
Hansen, Donald C. (Kathryn B.), b. 1910, d. 1984, Plot 4-9C--#251, --ashes burial date is 07-13-1985
Hansen, Eugene C. (Evelyn M.), b. 1915, d. 12-30-1989, Plot 11-28C--#29B, --burial date
Hansen, Evelyn M. LaSage (Eugene C.), b. 1919, d. 07-07-2001, Plot 11-28C--#29B, --burial date, nee Kreier? Brother is Marvin Kreier, double entry-also in 11-30C--#64B
Hansen, Gertrude Minnie (G. M.), d. 07-18-1964, see obit and death certificate, 84yr old
Hansen, Hans (Thelma Morse), b. 1911, d. 08-24-2002, Plot 11-30C--#62B, --see obit
Hansen, Herbert A. (Leonora Callaway), b. 11-07-1924, d. 12-02-1971, Plot 4-9C--#251, --not in record book
Hansen, John Ray (Susan-divorced), b. 02-07-1945, d. 12-21-2013, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, US Air Force, s/o Don C.& Kathryn B.Connor Hansen, see obit
Hansen, Kathryn B. Connor (Donald C.), b. 1910, d. 06-09-1956, Plot 4-9C--#251, --burial date, see obit
Hansen, Leonora Callaway (Herbert A.), b. 11-04-1926, Plot 4-9C--#251, --not in record book
Hansen, Linda L., b. 12-18-1957, Plot 4-9C--#251, --not in record book, d/o Herbert & Leonora Hansen
Hansen, Mae E. Thiessen (Ray W.), b. 1885, d. 01-28-1952, Plot 4-8C--#197, --Mother, see obit
Hansen, Mary Buchacek, b. 07-11-1908, d. 09-30-1991, Plot 4-9C--#251, --Behind stone - Cremated
Hansen, Ray W. Jr. ---son, b. 1930, d. 09-00-1946, Plot 4-8C--#197, -- see obit
Hansen, Ray W. (Mae E.), b. 1878, d. 12-07-1958, Plot 4-8C--#197, --Father, see obit
Hansen, Rolland R. (Sophia L.), b. 1909, d. 1940, Plot 4-8C--#197, --Son
Hansen, Rollanda R. --daughter, b. 1933, d. 1940, Plot 4-8C--#197, -- d/o Rolland R.& Sophia L.Hansen
Hansen, Sophia L. (Rolland R.), b. 1913, d. 1940, Plot 4-8C--#197, --Wife
Hansen, Thelma Morse (Hans), b. 1914, d. 07-21-1985, Plot 11-30C--#62B, --(m)02-27-1941, see obit
Hansen, William L. ---son, b. 1912, d. 1932, Plot 4-8C--#197
Hanson, Adeline Mary (William L.), b. 08-12-1845, d. 01-15-1893, Plot 6-18C--#155, --buried gr.#3, see Mary Adaline Hanson
Hanson, Alma H. (William L.), b. 11-??-1848, d. 05-??-1910, Plot 6-18C--#155, --gr.#7
Hanson, Carrie (Stanley), b. 1893, d. 07-31-1965, Plot 11-27C--10B, --Mother, see obit
Hanson, Dorothy (#1Riley D. York, #2Herman G. Hanson), b. 02-24-1915, d. 05-11-1988, Plot 5-19N--#57A, --dates from ssdi, see stone for Dorothy York
Hanson, Herman G. (Dorothy), b. 04-25-1907, d. 10-00-1983, Plot 5-19N--#57A
Hanson, Iva (#1Charles McQueen, #2Stansmore Hanson "Stan"), b. 03-09-1894, d. 06-27-1986, Plot 8-21C--#263, --Nee Tomkins, see obit, also listed in 11-20C--#44B gr.1, no date listed in 44B, see obit
Hanson, Mary Adaline (William L.), b. 08-12-1845, d. 01-15-1893, Plot 6-18C--#155, --Mary A.on big stone, Adaline M. on footstone
Hanson, Norman L., b. 01-01-1866, d. 03-07-1932, Plot 6-18C--#155
Hanson, Stanley A. (Carrie), b. 1894, d. 05-24-1974, Plot 11-27C--#10B, --Father, see obit
Hanson, Stansmore "Stan" (2nd h/o Iva Tompkins McQueen), b. 1899, d. 11-05-1987, Plot 8-21C--#263, --WW I, burial date
Hanson, Stansmore "Stan" (2nd h/o Iva Tompkins McQueen), b. 1899, d. 11-01-1987, Plot 8-21C--#263, --WW I, see obit
Hanson, William L. (Mary Adaline), b. 09-14-1834, d. 05-21-1916, Plot 6-18C--#155, --Civil War
Harbers, David J. "Foggy" (Deborah "Debbie" Wirts), b. 12-05-1953, d. 05-27-2002, Plot 11-30C--#65B, --Son, Husband, Father, Friend Children: Jennifer, Tracy, Emily, see obit
Hardy, Clara Brandt (Verlin), b. 1896, d. 02-02-1960, Plot 8-26C--#136, --Mother, see obit
Harris, Vicky Lee, b. 04-22-1958, d. 05-10-1958, Plot 7-24C--#58, --d/o Lee & Kenlyn Harris
Harrison, Lucy (Lyman), b. 1902, d. 04-21-1967, Plot 9-8S--#313, --burial date
Harrison, Lyman (Lucy), b. 1910, d. 12-26-1972, Plot 9-8S--#313, --WW II, Cpl US Army, burial date
Hartigan, Sheila, b. 07-27-1939, d. 12-31-1983, Plot 3-9N--#84A, --Nee Wilson, maybe in Wilson lot
Harwell, Alfred J. (Helen), b. 1905, d. 04-29-1972, Plot 7-23N--#48A, --burial date
Harwell, Helen (Alfred J.), b. 1905, d. 03-19-1990, Plot 7-23N--#48A, --burial date
Hastie, Clyde C. (Nancy D.), b. 1885, d. 05-20-1966, Plot 2-2C--#239, --WW I, see obit
Hastie, Nancy D. (Clyde C.), b. 1876, d. 07-07-1953, Plot 2-2C--#239, --see obit
Hathaway, Alfred D. (Margaret E.), b. 07-16-1907, d. 05-11-1994, Plot 3-9N--#67A, --Ashes
Hathaway, Baby, d. 1937, Plot 3-9N--#67A
Hathaway, Eugene "Gene" Melvin, b. 03-01-1931, d. 10-27-2010, s/o Elizabeth Phelps Hathaway Bruder & Lloyd Hathaway, see pictures & obit
Hathaway, Margaret E. (Alfred D.), b. 1909, d. 12-27-1966, Plot 3-9N--#67A, --burial date
Haupt, Bertha (Charles), b. 1863, d. 03-00-1926, Plot 1-5N--#23, --see obit
Haupt, Charles (#1Bertha Hackbert, #2Emma Kutz), b. 1860, d. 06-29-1940, Plot 1-5N--#23, --Father, see obit
Haupt, Delores H. (Elmer Oscar), b. 1926, Plot 1-5N--#23, --(m)08-18-1949, nee Lanzendorf
Haupt, Elmer Oscar (Delores H. Lanzendorf), b. 10-27-1918, d. 09-03-2004, Plot 1-5N--#23, --WW II, T SGT US Army, PH, 361st Inf, (m)08-18-1949, see obit
Haupt, Esther M. Hollatz (Oscar), b. 10-17-1898, d. 05-27-1988, Plot 11-28C--#28B, --see obit
Haupt, Infant twins of E. O. & D. H., d. 09-08-1954, Plot 1-5N--#23, --burial date
Haupt, Oscar H. (Esther M.), b. 1894, d. 01-12-1977, Plot 11-28C--#28B, --see obit
Hawley, Anna Maria (#1Gustave Seemann, #2Glen Hawley), b. 1907, d. 11-14-1996, Plot 1-1N--#27, --see obit, in Fuller Lot
Hayes, Byron (Eda B.), b. 1889, d. 12-04-1936, Plot 3-9N--#17A, --Daddy, burial date
Hayes, David H., b. 1928, d. 2005, Plot 3-9N--#17A, --s/o Byron & Eda Hayes
Hayes, Edith/Eda B. (Byron), b. 1893, d. 06-11-1990, Plot 3-9N--#17A, --Mother, burial date
Hayes, M. Elnora, b. 1926, Plot 3-9N--#17A, --d/o Byron & Eda Hayes
Healy, J. Donald (Maude "Mona"), b. 1907, d. 09-19-1992, Plot 5-19N--#67 & #64, --burial date
Healy, Maude "Mona" (J. Donald), b. 1909, d. 05-20-1992, Plot 5-19N--#64, --burial date
Hebel, Caroline H. "Carrie" (Theodore R.), b. 06-10-1935, d. 12-07-2013, Plot 11-32C--#101B, --(m)04-16-1955, d/o Henry & Emma Maass Wolter, CH: Dennis/Dawn/MaryBeth/Barbara
Hebel, Clarence A. (Lillith I. Curtis), b. 06-03-1916, d. 06-15-1993, Plot 11-30C--#62B, --see obit
Hebel, Dennis L. --see obit, b. 1957, d. 03-05-1989, Plot 11-32C--#101B, --s/o Theodore R.& Caroline H.Hebel
Hebel, Donavan Theodore (Margaret J. Stoltenberg), b. 11-20-1930, d. 10-26-1997, Plot 10-32N--#94B, --Korea, Cpl US Marine Corps, (m)08-22-1953
Hebel, Lillith I. Curtis (Clarence A.), b. 1916, d. 05-08-1999, Plot 11-30C--#62B, --see obit
Hebel, Margaret J. Stoltenberg (Donavan T.), b. 08-25-1932, Plot 10-32N--#94B, --(m)08-22-1953, Ch:Larry and Steven
Hebel, Theodore R. "Ted" (Caroline H.), b. 12-07-1934, d. 12-05-2009, Plot 11-32C--#101B, --from obit, (m)04-16-1955, s/o Theodore & Myrtle Schultz Hebel
Heebner, Eleanora E. Nagel (Oran B.), b. 1908, d. 04-06-1989, Plot 8-25C--#216, --see obit
Heebner, Oran B. (Eleanora E. Nagel), b. 1907, d. 02-23-1981, Plot 8-25C--#216, --see obit
Heiman, Adolph (Hedwig), b. 1904, d. 1945, Plot 1-1N--#76A, --Father
Heiman, Hedwig (Adolph), b. 1918, d. 2013, Plot 1-1N--#76A, --Mother, not in record book, buried under this name but maybe died under a different name
Heintz, Lois E. Schweppe (Raymond W.), b. 07-11-1916, d. 02-06-2005, Plot 10-33N--#121B, --(m)06-08-1939
Heintz, Raymond W. (Lois E. Schweppe), b. 10-26-1916, d. 06-13-2005, Plot 10-33N--#121B, --s/o August & Anna Marie Redders Heintz, Our children: Marvin, Ralph, Barbara, Harlow
Heisig, Shirley E., b. 12-30-1924, d. 01-16-1996, Plot 11-27C--#16B, --see ssdi, burial date, Genrich lot
Henderson, Edna M. -Mrs., b. 11-04-1872, d. 09-21-1956, Plot 7-25N--#56, --in Calkin's plot, see obit
Hendrickson, a family stone, Plot 2-3C--#140, --John K, Minnie M, H.Elzora, Ira H.
Hendrickson, Brad (Gail), Plot 11-29C--#46B, --(m)1977
Hendrickson, Gail (Brad), Plot 11-29C--#46B, --(m)1978
Hendrickson, H. Elzora (Ira H.), b. 1908, d. 01-27-1992, Plot 2-3C--#140, --see obit
Hendrickson, Ira H. (H. Elzora), b. 1901, d. 04-24-1976, Plot 2-3C--#140, --see obit
Hendrickson, John K. (Minnie Loomis), b. 01-08-1865, d. 09-08-1931, Plot 2-3C--#140, --(m)05-16-1900, b.Norway, see obit
Hendrickson, Minnie M. Harrison, b. 1882, d. 10-26-1961, Plot 2-3C--#140, --see obit for Minnie Harrison
Hendrickson, Natalie R. (Roger D.), b. 1927, Plot 11-28C--#26B, --Pictures
Hendrickson, Roger D. (Natalie E.), b. 1927, Plot 11-28C--#26B, --Pictures
Hendrickson, Trenton Ira, b. 12-09-1980, d. 03-05-1981, Plot 11-29C--#46B, --Son of Brad & Gail Hendrickson
Henke, Helen M. Wolff (1st w/o Herbert G.), b. 10-18-1925, d. 11-04-1988, Plot 10-31N--#69B, --Our Children: Diane M. & Mark S., see obit
Henke, Herbert G. (#1Helen M. Wolff, #2Alice), b. 05-13-1916, d. 11-16-2008, Plot 10-31N--#69B, --s/o Herman & Anna Markowski Henke, see obit
Hennings, Bertice Leo (Lucille M.), b. 06-11-1919, d. 06-09-1991, Plot 8-26C--#136, --WW II, Cpl US Army "Purple Heart"
Hennings, Glenn C., b. 03-01-1945, d. 01-30-2006, Plot 8-26C--#136, --s/o Bertice Leo & Lucille Minnie Brandt Hennings, not in record book
Hennings, Lucille Minnie Brandt (Bertice L.), b. 08-16-1916, d. 08-20-1996, Plot 8-26C--#136, --Wife, Mother, Grandmother, see obit
Herman, Arlein B. (Elwood I.), b. 1923, Plot 10-28N--#17B, --Mother
Herman, Elwood I. (Arlein B.), b. 1922, d. 08-21-1980, Plot 10-28N--#17B, --Father, see obit
Herman, Harland E. (Jeannie R.), b. 1948, Plot 11-34C--#156B, --(m)04-27-1974
Herman, Jeannie R. (Harland E.), b. 01-13-1955, d. 08-30-2004, Plot 11-34C--#156B, --(m)04-27-1974
Hermann, Johanna F. (Raymond M), b. 12-03-1899, d. 03-06-1987, Plot 9-9S--#6C
Hermans, Raymond M. (Johanna F.), b. 12-13-1894, d. 03-09-1960, Plot 9-9S--#6C, --WW I, Pfc US Army Co A. Machine gun BN
Herschleb, Dessa V. (Herbert C.), b. 1911, d. 04-10-1963, Plot 8-26C--#189, --see obit
Herschleb, Gary J., b. 1945, d. 1946, Plot 3-8N--#83A, --s/o Jean E. & Margaret C. Herschleb
Herschleb, H. James (Marijean L.), b. 1942, Plot 8-26C--#189, --gr.#2
Herschleb, Herbert C. (Dessa V.), b. 1903, d. 09-29-1959, Plot 8-26C--#189, --Veteran, burial date
Herschleb, Jean Emil (Margaret C.), b. 06-23-1923, d. 04-13-1995, Plot 3-8N--#83A, --WW II, PFC US Marine Corps, ashes
Herschleb, Margaret C. (Jean Emil), b. 1923, d. 1997, Plot 3-8N--#83A?, --not in record book
Herschleb, Marijean L. (H. James), b. 1943, Plot 8-26C--#189, --gr.#1
Hersey, Merilee G., b. 07-27-1957, d. 07-30-1957, on stone with mother Delores M.Hersey Robbins
Hewitt, James D. (Kelly L. Kortman), b. 05-09-1967, d. 03-23-1996, Plot 10-28N--#109A, --Loving father of Katelyn
Higley, Alice "Lettie", b. 1914, d. 07-18-1994, Plot 9-19S--#320, --see obit
Higley, Burton C. (Leah L.), b. 1906, d. 01-05-1966, Plot 6-15C--#152, --see obit
Higley, Charles P. (Mary), b. 1967, d. 08-00-1944, Plot 2-1C--#138, --see obit
Higley, H. L., d. no dates, Plot 4-11C--#177, --per care, buried gr.#7
Higley, Hannah L., b. 09-02-1833, d. 01-17-1902, Plot 4-11C--#177, --gr.#8
Higley, Harold "Pete", b. 1897, d. 08-05-1962, Plot 9-19S--#320, --see obit
Higley, Kathy---twin, d. 06-18-1951, Plot 6-15C--#152, --d/o Burton Higley, see obit
Higley, Leah L. (Burton C.), b. 1914, d. 02-22-1985, Plot 6-15C--#152, --"Ma", see obit
Higley, Mary (Charles P.), b. 1871, d. 03-04-1951, Plot 2-1C--#138, --burial date
Hilgenberg, Sara R. -Miss, b. 1953, d. 09-03-1982, Plot 10-30N--#53B, --Teacher and Artist, see obit
Hilgendorf, Charles R. (Jessie M.), b. 1927, Plot 10-29N--#39B
Hilgendorf, Jessie M. (Charles R.), b. 1926, d. 02-19-1981, Plot 10-29N--#39B, --nee Rustad, see obit
Hill, Donald Ray (Wilberta Ann), b. 09-13-1933, d. 02-16-2010, Plot 10-31N--#74B, --Vietnam, MSGT US Air Force
Hill, Wilberta Ann (Donald Ray), b. 10-01-1937, d. 05-10-1992, Plot 10-31N--#74B, --PeaceTime Veteran, A3C US Air Force, Nee Greenfield, see ssdi
Hillier, Capitol A. (1st w/o William H.), b. 1859, d. 1880, Plot 6-14C--#227
Hillier, DeLos W. (Florence E. Eagan), b. 1890, d. 05-27-1962, Plot 7-22N--#54A, --see obit
Hillier, Florence E. Eagan (DeLos W.), b. 1891, d. 06-24-1976, Plot 7-22N--#54A, --see obit
Hillier, Mary F. (2nd w/o William H. J.), b. 1859, d. 1928, Plot 6-14C--#227
Hillier, William H. J. (#1Capitol A, #2Mary F.), b. 12-25-1846, d. 12-30-1931, Plot 6-14C--#227, --Civil War, Co K 37Th WI Inf
Hinkson, Edgar E. (Janet Jamieson), b. 1856, d. 04-19-1950, Plot 3-12N--#37A, --burial date
Hinkson, Elijah (Sallie R.), b. 1831, d. 1915, Plot 6-15C--#278, --Father
Hinkson, Elmie Elmer, b. 02-15-1864, d. 12-09-1870, Plot 6-15C--#278, --d/o Elijah & Sallie R. Hinkson
Hinkson, Janet Samantha Jamieson (Edgar E, ), b. 1860, d. 12-30-1950, Plot 3-12N--#37A, --burial date, "Aunt Nett", see obit
Hinkson, Orla E. (Verda A.), b. 1884, d. 07-06-1964, Plot 6-15C--#278, --see obit
Hinkson, Orlando E., b. 01-31-1852, d. 11-23-1883, Plot 6-15C--#278, --s/o Elijah & Sallie R. Hinkson
Hinkson, Sallie R. (Elijah), b. 1832, d. 1913, Plot 6-15C--#278, --Mother
Hinkson, Verda A. (Orla E.), b. 1892, d. 02-24-1962, Plot 6-15C--#278, --Nee Vanderpol, see obit
Hogan, Arvilla R., b. 1890, d. 01-19-1972, Plot 4-11C--#253, --burial date from record book
Hogan, James A., b. 1886, d. 04-12-1965, Plot 4-11C--#253, --burial date from record book
Hogeboon, Clayton, Plot 8-24C--#109
Hohlstein, Clifford A. (Dorene Mae Holl), b. 03-14-1930, Plot 10-31N--#72B, --(m)06-23-1951
Hohlstein, Dorene Mae Holl (Clifford A.), b. 08-13-1931, d. 03-01-1989, Plot 10-31N--#72B, --(m)06-23-1951, see obit
Holger, Harold----son, b. 1915, d. 1921, Plot 2-1C--#240
Holger, Horace R. (Mabel E.), b. 1875, d. 1928, Plot 2-1C--#240
Holger, Mabel E. (Horace R.), b. 1887, d. 1951, Plot 2-1C--#240
Holl, Aleata Moulton (Lawrence H.), b. 1906, d. 07-02-1974, Plot 10-29N--#11D, --(m)11-29-1924, see obit
Holl, Lawrence H. (Aleta M.), b. 1901, d. 02-20-1981, Plot 10-29N--#11D, --(m)11-29-1924, obit says wife's name is Ella
Holl, Ronald Joseph (Sandra K.), b. 06-03-1945, d. 03-30-2006, Plot 10-34N--139B, --s/o Lawrence & Aleata Moulton Holl, (m)Sandra MacLeish 08-21-1965, see obit
Holl, Sandra K. (Ronald Joseph), b. 10-22-1944, Plot 10-34N--#139B, --Nee Macleish
Hollander, Effie Loomis (#1Julius E. Iverson), b. 1902, d. 11-05-1984, Plot 8-24C--#217, -- this is Effie Loomis Hollander. See Effie Iverson, see obit for Effie Hollander
Holt, Ernest (Helen N. Horton), b. 02-17-1890, d. 06-22-1930, Plot 8-21C--#106, --WW I
Holt, Helen N. Horton (Ernest), b. 1885, d. 05-15-1962, Plot 8-21C--#106, --see obit
Holverson, David John, b. 06-17-1962, d. 08-25-1987, Plot 11-32C--#100B, burial date
Holznagel, Christiana J. Hummel (Robert T.), b. 1903, d. 12-31-1938, Plot 1-3N--#28A, --Mother, see obit
Holznagel, Navolah F. (Robert H. Jr.), b. 1923, d. 07-31-1967, Plot 1-3N--#28A, --burial date
Holznagel, Robert H. Jr. (Navolah F.), b. 1928, d. 07-03-1970, Plot 1-3N--#28A, --s/o Robert T. & Christiana J. Holznagel, burial date
Holznagel, Robert T. (Christiana J. Hummel), b. 1893, d. 12-17-1958, Plot 1-3N--#28A, --Father, burial date
Hopkins, Frank (#1Sarah, #2Ora Hinkson), b. 1885, d. 04-23-1952, Plot 3-10N--#85A, --burial date, see obit
Hopkins, Ora Hinkson (2nd w/o Frank), b. 04-08-1891, d. 09-25-1981, Plot 3-10N--#85A, --see obit
Hopkins, Sarah (1st w/o Frank), b. 1874, d. 09-19-1941, Plot 3-10N--#85A, --see obit
Horning, Donald W., b. 01-06-1924, d. 05-23-2007, Plot 11-34C--#147B, --see ssdi
Hornung, Donald E. (Theresa Ferrie), b. 03-03-1921, d. 05-07-2009, metal marker in 2014, dates from obituary
Horton, Bonnie E. (Dale J.), b. 1951, (m)09-13-1969, pictures
Horton, Dale J. (Bonnie R.), b. 1949, (m)09-13-1969, pictures
Horton, Darryl D. (Laureen C.), b. 1950, Plot 8-25C--#215
Horton, Laureen C. (Darryl D.), b. 1957, d. 09-12-1991, Plot 8-25C--#215, --see obit
Houghton, Cornelia (M.), b. 06-27-1854, d. 06-27-1897, Plot 5-13N--#43
Houghton, Harry E. Sr. (Roberta B.), b. 1879, d. 07-23-1953, Plot 5-13N--#43, --see obit
Houghton, M. (Cornelia), --Stone? Not in book
Houghton, Roberta B. (Harry E. Sr.), b. 1874, d. 05-12-1965, Plot 5-13N--#43, --burial date
Howard, Carol Marie Rose, b. 09-01-1925, d. 01-30-1999, Plot 11-30C--#64B, --Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife
Howe, Eva M., b. 1898, d. 1945, Plot 3-7N--#20, --in McAusland Plot
Howie, Esther (William), b. 02-21-1863, d. 06-21-1900, Plot 6-17C--#102
Howie, Gavin (Jeanie), b. 07-16-1823, d. 01-19-1895, Plot 6-17C--#102
Howie, Grace-Miss, b. 25yr old, d. 03-00-1923, Plot 6-17C--#102, --not in record book, see obit for dates
Howie, Jean, b. 1859, d. 1952, Plot 6-17C--#102
Howie, Jeanie (Gavin), b. 10-07-1822, d. 03-23-1901, Plot 6-17C--#102
Howie, Norman W. ---infant, d. no dates, Plot 6-17C--#102, --s/o Wm. & Esther Howie, not in R.Bk.
Howie, William (Esther), b. 1856, d. 1941, Plot 6-17C--#102
Hubbard, Chas. H. (Edna), --Stone? Not in Record book
Hubbard, Child, Plot 3-10N--#17, --is this John LeRoy who died April 1934?
Hubbard, Christine (LeRoy L.), b. 11-19-1856, d. 12-12-1946, Plot 3-10N--#17
Hubbard, Edna (Chas. H.), b. 1870, d. 1920, Plot 4-8C--#250
Hubbard, Florence T., b. 1936, d. 02-26-1988, Plot 3-10N--#17, --burial date
Hubbard, Fred W. (Marjorie Caldwell), b. 1888, d. 12-27-1979, Plot 3-10N--#17 & 4-8C--#250, --see obit
Hubbard, Grover C., b. 1892, d. 02-21-1974, Plot 3-10N--#17, --see obit
Hubbard, John LeRoy, b. 07-??-1930, d. 04-00-1934, Plot 3-10N--#17 & 4-8C--#250, --double entry, see obit
Hubbard, LeRoy L. (Christine), b. 06-??-1862, d. 12-00-1921, Plot 3-10N, --not in record book, see obit
Hubbard, Marjorie T. Caldwell (Fred), b. 1895, d. 05-18-1972, Plot 3-10N--#17, --Is this Elizabeth in R.Bk? See obit
Hubred, Dorothy R. (Kenneth A.), b. 1929, d. 08-01-1985, Plot 11-28C--#30B, --burial date
Hubred, Kenneth A. (Dorothy R.), b. 1923, d. 02-18-1995, Plot 11-28C--#30B, --WW II, burial date
Hudson, Elizabeth (William O.), b. 10-29-1821, d. 09-18-1892, Plot 9-10S--#311, --Nee Tomlinson
Hudson, William O. (Elizabeth), b. 03-15-1814, d. 12-18-1881, Plot 9-10S--#311
Hughes, Edna-Miss, b. 1895, d. 06-25-1960, Plot 4-6C--#130, --burial date, see obit
Hughes, Sylvia-Mrs., b. 1869, d. 06-25-1956, Plot 4-6C--#130, --burial date, see obit
Hummel, Elizabeth M. (Henry E.), b. 1882, d. 02-17-1974, Plot 2-3C--#192, --Mother, see obit
Hummel, Henry E. (Elizabeth M.), b. 1872, d. 12-12-1941, Plot 2-3C--#192, --Father, burial date
Hummel, Herbert D., b. 10-04-1907, d. 10-26-1981, Plot 3-6N--#20A, --see obit
Hummel, Violet M., b. 1914, d. 02-15-1983, Plot 2-3C--#192, --burial date
Humphrey, Laura Jamieson (#1Cleve Tomlinson, #2John Humphrey), b. 1884, d. 02-16-1980, Plot 4-9C--#127, --d/o John S. & Henrietta L.Jamieson, see obit
Hunt, Jabez, d. 09-15-1872, Plot 4-12C--#229, --in the York & Van Fleet lot, on stone with Annette M.Van Vleet
Hunt, Judson--child, Plot 8-23C--#213
Hutchinson, Jean, b. 1915, d. 11-20-2004, Plot 1-2N--#31, --burial date
Hutchinson, Mary Agnes (Dr. Riley), b. 1881, d. 1932, Plot 1-2N--#31, --nee Leonard
Hutchinson, Riley-DDS (Mary Agnes Leonard), b. 1872, d. 07-00-1921, Plot 1-2N--#31, --see obit

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