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Friesland Cemetery
Friesland, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.587176, -89.066751

County Rd EF & Central St
Friesland, WI 53935

Published: October 3, 2016
Total records: 1,635

Surnames L-S

Thank you to Marcia Dykstra for allowing access to records she made. Typed by Anna Mae Axness, 2006. Some Veteran info from Betty Cook's list. This list has been updated in 2010 from pictures taken by Char Sauer. An "X" in the Lot means there is a burial.

Lange, James
, Lot 1S---02 x
Lange, Unknown, Lot 1S---01 x
Lange, Unknown, Lot 1S---03 x
Lange, Unknown, Lot 1S---04 x
Lange, Unknown, Lot 1S---06 x
Larabee, John B., b. 1798, d. 1865, Lot 67N--04x
Larabee, Unknown, Lot 67N--01x, ---no stone, from records
Lauckhart, Elizabeth J. (Hendrick J.), b. 1815, d. 1893, Lot 69N--03x, ---Mother
Lauckhart, Hendrick J. (Elizabeth J.), b. 1804, d. 1881, Lot 69N--02x, ---father
Lester, Infant Son, b. 1889, d. 1889, Lot 36S--12x
Lester, Mary, b. 11-15-1827, d. 01-28-1897, Lot 36S--11x, ---maybe d. 06-28-1897
Lester, Unknown, Lot 62N--09x, ---no stone, from records
Lester, Unknown, Lot 62N--10x, ---no stone, from records
Lester, Unknown, Lot 62N--11x, ---no stone, from records
Lester, Unknown, Lot 62N--12x, ---no stone, from records
Levey, Bessie Alsum (John), b. 05-06-1903, d. 1929, Lot 10S--11x, ---
Levey, Clara (William), b. 08-22-1914, d. 09-02-2008, Lot 5N---06x, ---(m)09-21-1939, d/o Ryan & Flora Triemestra DeVries
Levey, Elsie Verdevelt (2nd w/o Gerrit), b. 11-16-1865, d. 04-26-1936, Lot 80N--04x, ---Nee Huizenga, bofts van Gerrit Levey
Levey, George (LaVerne M.), b. 05-10-1925, d. 12-30-1998, Lot 6N---03x, ---WW II, TEC 5 US Army
Levey, Gerrit, b. 01-09-1924, d. 11-03-1987, WW II, US Army, "In Memory Of", not buried here, Plaque on stone with George Levey
Levey, Gerrit Johannes (#1Winnie Kok, #2Elsie Verdevelt), b. 07-27-1867, d. 02-11-1938, Lot 80N--06x, ---also wife Wietske, see obit
Levey, John G. (Katie Sterk), b. 1896, d. 04-09-1979, Lot 6N---05x, ---see obit
Levey, John Sr., d. 1949, Lot 74S--07x, ---
Levey, John--Mrs., d. 1941, Lot 74S--08x
Levey, Katie Sterk (John G.), b. 03-10-1914, d. 01-24-2002, Lot 6N---06x, ---see obit
Levey, LaVerne M. (George), b. 1932, Lot 6N---04, ---Nee Cupery
Levey, William (Clara), b. 1907, d. 08-04-1991, Lot 5N---05x, ---(m)09-21-1939, see obit
Levey, Winnie/Wietske (Gerrit Johannes), b. 04-19-1873, d. 03-25-1919, Lot 80N--05x, ---1st w/o Gerrit, Nee Kok
Lewis, David E., Lot 48N--08x
Lewis, Edward, Lot 59N--11x, ---no stone, from records
Lewis, Thomas, d. 03-01-1878, Lot 48N--09x, ---82yr 5mo 6da old
Lewis, Unknown, Lot 48N--10x, ---no stone, from records
Leystra, Alan C. (Carol J. TeBeest), b. 05-23-1941, from pictures, (m)12-05-1964
Leystra, Carol J. TeBeest (Alan C.), b. 01-17-1946, from pictures, (m)12-05-1965
Leystra, Charles (Josie Stiemsma), b. 1916, d. 02-16-1996, Lot 82S--05x, ---(m)09-28-1938, see obit
Leystra, Dorothy Katsma (Frank), Lot 82S--09, --(m)06-28-1951
Leystra, Dorothy M. (#1Fred M. Leystra, #2Larry Reddeman), b. 1920, d. 07-15-2003, Lot 82S--02x, ---Nee Talsma, See obit for Dorothy Reddeman
Leystra, Frank (Dorothy Katsma), b. 08-30-1925, d. 01-27-2010, Lot 82S--08x, ---(m)06-28-1951, s/o Fred F.& Tena Hayma Leystra, see obit
Leystra, Fred F. (1st h/o Dorothy M. Talsma), b. 05-06-1915, d. 10-20-1973, Lot 82S--01x, ---WW II, Wis TEC 4 US Army, FVFD
Leystra, Fred F. Sr. (Tena), b. 1884, d. 10-20-1965, Lot 27N--09x, ---see obit
Leystra, Infants of Fred & Tena, Lot 27N--11x
Leystra, Josie (Charles), b. 12-20-1919, d. 09-08-2008, Lot 82S--06, ---(m)09-28-1938, d/o Carl & Agnes Oostra Stiemsma, see obit
Leystra, Steven F., b. 08-03-1952, d. 12-27-1991, Lot 82S--10x, ---s/o Frank & Dorothy Katsma Leystra
Leystra, Tena (Fred F. Sr.), b. 1888, d. 09-24-1966, Lot 27N--10x, ---see obit
Lieder, Anna, b. 1892, d. 1969, Lot 70N--08x
Lieder, Augusta, Lot 70N--09x, ---stone is here
Lieder, Augusta, b. 1850, d. 1945, Lot 70N--11x, ---no dates on stone
Lieder, Emma, b. 1880, d. 1962, Lot 70N--03x
Lieder, Ernest H. --spelled Leider on stone, b. 1889, d. 1955, Lot 70N--06x, ---on stone with Cecil Schultz
Lieder, Ferdinand, Lot 70N--10x, ---stone is here
Lieder, Ferdinand, Lot 70N--12x, ---no dates on stone
Lieder, Meta Clara, b. 1887, d. 1930, Lot 70N--05x, ---spelled Leider on stone
Lightner, Suzann M., b. 01-03-1952, d. 01-22-1972, Lot 31N--10x, ---d/o M.& T. Elgersma
Lindert, Glenn (Ruth Douma), Lot 69N--10
Lindert, Ruth Douma (Glenn), Lot 69N--11
Lindert, Seth Michael, d. 01-25-1993, Lot 69N--10x, ---infant s/o Glenn & Ruth Lindert
Lintner, Edward, Lot 20S--07x
Lloyd, Pierce Richard (Shirley Smits Erdman), b. 04-14-1929, d. 01-17-1991, Lot 4S---10 x, ---Korea, SFC Us Army, see obit
Lloyd, Shirley (Pierce Richard), b. 06-30-1938, Lot 4S---09, ---Shirley Smits Erdman
Maier, Dolores Ann, b. 04-02-1936, d. 08-24-1999, Lot 53S--12x, ---Nee Tamminga
Mansur, John, b. 1800, d. 08-25-1857, Lot 47N--12x, ---57yr old
May, Ettie, Lot 62S--02x, ---rub
McConnell, Sharon, Lot 29N--06
McKee, Unknown, Lot 13N--08x, ---Stone in ground
McLeod, Donna DeYoung, b. 1941, Lot 6N---09
McLeod, John, b. 1940, Lot 6N---08
Meade, William, d. 01-12-1851, Lot 56S--01x, ---51yr old
Meekma, George Jr. (Henrietta), b. 05-07-1922, d. 05-23-1999, Lot 37S--03x
Meekma, Henrietta (George Jr.), b. 02-27-1924, d. 06-04-2003, Lot 37S--04x, ---Nee Zondag
Meyer, Anna, b. 1877, d. 1951, Lot 79N--02x, ---Mother
Miedema, Irene (Ralph), b. 09-21-1913, d. 01-13-1991, Lot 65N--06x
Miedema, Ralph (Irene), b. 02-09-1907, d. 02-08-1993, Lot 65N--05x
Mihlmire, John, d. 01-28-1875, Lot 32S--01x, ---63yr 11mo 20da old
Mihlmire, Louise, Lot 32S--02x
Mihlmire, Unknown, Lot 32S--03x, ---Not sure of last name
Minnema, Susie (Gerrit), b. 1903, d. 1937, Lot 80N--03x, ---Nee Levey, Levy on stone
Minnema, William, b. 1927, d. 1992, Lot 80N--01x, ---WW II, Son
Minnema, William, d. 1927, Lot 80N--02x
Moldenhauer, Caroline L. F. (Paul William), b. 02-08-1866, d. 04-18-1920, Lot 60S--10x, ---Nee Setzkorn
Moldenhauer, Johannes, d. 12-06-1903 , Lot 60S--08x, ---old stone, 7yr old, see obit index, s/o Paul & Caroline Moldenhauer
Moldenhauer, Paul William (Caroline L. F.), b. 04-22-1861, d. 04-14-1930, Lot 60S--09x
Morgan, Walter, d. 10-08-1855, Lot 22N--11x
Mulder, Hendrik, b. 10-29-1868, d. 1916, Lot 35N--01x
Murray Family Stone, Lot 11S--, Betsey, Manus, Harriette
Murray, Betsey (Manus), b. 1793, d. 1869, Lot 11S--11x
Murray, Harriette, b. 1837, d. 1858, Lot 11S--12x, ---d/o ?
Murray, Manus (Betsey), b. 1787, d. 1855, Lot 11S--10x
Oliver, Albert, b. 1857, d. 04-08-1861, Lot 60N--07x, ---4yr old
Oliver, Charles H., b. 1850, d. 12-30-1851, Lot 60N--11x, ---s/o Z.W.& P.C. Oliver, 1yr 2mo old, old hard to read stone
Oliver, Elizabeth, d. 04-29-1857, Lot 60N--08x, ---2da old, d/o Z.W.& P.C.Oliver, old hard to read stone
Oliver, Ezra, d. 09-28-1856, Lot 60N--02x, ---83yr old
Oliver, Frederick P., d. 04-18-1853, Lot 60N--09x, ---9yr old
Oliver, George W., b. 1840, d. 08-02-1852, Lot 60N--10x, ---12yr old
Oliver, Henry, Lot 28S--03
Oliver, Jessie Boomsma, b. 1922, d. 09-05-1992, Lot 28S--04, ---Disinterred, see obit
Oliver, Juliaette R., d. 1850, Lot 60N--12x, ---d/o Z.W.& P.C. Oliver
Oliver, Luther, d. 08-03-1851, ---from online pictures
Oliver, Unknown, Lot 60N--03x, ---no stone, from records
Oliver, Unknown, Lot 60N--04x, ---no stone, from records
Oliver, Zina W., b. 1854, d. 1875, Lot 60N--06x, ---21yr 2mo old
Olivier, Sarah, Lot 55N--01x
Olivier, Unknown, Lot 54N--10x, ---no stone, from records
Olivier, Unknown, Lot 54N--11x, ---no stone, from records
Olivier, Unknown, Lot 54N--12x, ---no stone, from records
Olivier, Unknown, Lot 55N--11x, ---no stone, from records
Olivier, Unknown, Lot 55N--12x, ---no stone, from records
Oosterhoff, Johnie, b. 10-15-1917, d. 08-27-1920, Lot 40N--06x, ---s/o Harry & Irene Oosterhoff
Oosterling, Gerrit T., b. 1863, d. 05-00-1939, Lot 28N--06x, ---c/o Mr.& Mrs. Sam Oosterling, see obit
Oosterling, Heneretta (Jess), b. 1889, d. 1956, Lot 72N--07x
Oosterling, Jess (Heneretta), b. 1888, d. 1969, Lot 72N--06x
Papenluer, Anje, b. 03-11-1844, d. 09-25-1909, Lot 64S--07x, ---Maybe Papenlier?
Parks, James, b. 1852, d. 1891, Lot 63S--12x
Patroville, Auke (Griet)-or August (Grace), b. 1885, d. 1967, Lot 38N--03x, ---spelled Patrouille on stone
Patroville, Griet (Auke)-or Grace (August), b. 1886, d. 1964, Lot 38N--04x, ---spelled Patrouille on stone, see obit
Pautzke, Harold (Sarah Dykstra), b. 1913, d. 10-13-1997, Lot 46S--04x, ---see obit
Pautzke, Sarah (Harold), b. 1912, d. 1992, Lot 46S--05x, ---Nee Dykstra
Peckham, Charles A. (Lorraine E. Bobholz, b. 04-14-1920, d. 11-27-2000, Lot 21S--07x, ---WW II, Tsgt US Army, (m)09-12-1992, s/o David Ray & Clara Fehrman Peckham, see obit
Peckham, Lorraine Bobholz (Charle A.), Lot 21S--08, ---(m)09-12-1992
Perry, E., Lot 27S--03x
Perry, Eliza (J. E.), d. 07-02-1868, Lot 27S--02x, ---25yr old
Perry, H., Lot 28S--01x
Perry, H., Lot 28S--02x
Perry, Job W. (Mary), d. 02-04-1853, Lot 28S--11x, ---52yr 5mo 25da old
Perry, Mary (Job W.), d. 12-17-1865, Lot 28S--10x, ---65yr 1mo 13da old
Phelps, Flora H., b. 1863, d. 09-30-1864, Lot 40S--03x, ---d/o H.E.& C.C. Phelps, 1yr 6mo 26da old, hard to read
Phelps, Lydia M. (Norman J.), b. 10-26-1843, d. 09-19-1916, Lot 35S--04x
Phelps, Myrtie, Lot 35S--02x, ---footstone no dates
Phelps, Nettie A., d. 1852, ---from online pictures, d/o H.E.& C.C. Phelps, old hard to read stone, 35S maybe
Phelps, Norman J. (Lydia M.), b. 05-12-1838, d. 12-02-1913, Lot 35S--03x
Phelps, Unknown, Lot 35S--05x, ---no stone, from records
Phelps, Unknown, Lot 35S--06x, ---no stone, from records
Phelps, Unknown, Lot 35S--07x, ---no stone, from records
Phelps, Unknown, Lot 35S--09x, ---no stone, from records
Phelps, Unknown, Lot 35S--12x, ---no stone, from records
Phelps, Vacant?, Lot 35S--08
Phelps, William, Lot 35S--01x, ---footstone no dates
Phinney, L. E. Agusta, Lot 64N--10x
Plank, Lyman?, Lot 55N--07x, ---no stone, from records
Plank, Mary Ann (L.), d. 1899, Lot 55N--08x, ---maybe d.06-22-1899 or 1890?, hard to read stone
Posthuma, Clara Hoffman (John E.), b. 1901, d. 07-06-1973, Lot 38N--10x, ---see obit
Posthuma, Della Cupery (Fred G.), b. 1896, d. 11-17-1970, Lot 15S--12x, ---see obit
Posthuma, Diane F., b. 06-07-1958, d. 08-18-1958, Lot 39N--09x, ---d/o Eli & Winnie Posthuma
Posthuma, Effie Visser (George H.), b. 07-06-1857, d. 12-10-1942, Lot 34N--10x, ---Nee Visser, Mother
Posthuma, Elaine Wanda, d. 03-10-1969, Lot 39N--09x, ---d/o Eli & Winnie Posthuma
Posthuma, Eli J. (Winnie DeVries), b. 03-04-1922, d. 09-15-1980, Lot 39N--07x, ---WW II, Pvt US Army, (m)1944
Posthuma, Elizabeth (George F.), b. 03-04-1932, Lot 6S---06, --- "Betty", Nee Cupery, (m)06-16-1950
Posthuma, Fred G. (Della Cupery), b. 1893, d. 03-23-1980, Lot 15S--11x, ---see obit
Posthuma, George F. (Elizabeth), b. 04-01-1926, Lot 6S---05 , ---(m)06-16-1950
Posthuma, George H. (Effie), b. 08-31-1861, d. 04-23-1938, Lot 34N--09x
Posthuma, Gertrude Byland Devries (Henry), b. 1886, d. 01-05-1966, Lot 78N--05x, ---see Gertrude DeVries, see obit
Posthuma, Henry G. (Winnie Syens), b. 12-31-1883, d. 04-12-1967, Lot 34N--07x, ---Father
Posthuma, Infants, d. 1918, Lot 79N--11x
Posthuma, Janet/Jeanette "Jane" (John H.), b. 07-29-1926, d. 08-01-2011, Lot 84N--09x, ---(m)08-02-1946, d/o Peter & Susie Kloostra Brandsma, see obit
Posthuma, John E. (Clara), b. 1895, d. 04-15-1970, Lot 38N--09x, ---see obit
Posthuma, John H. (Jeanette "Jane" Brandsma), b. 04-25-1922, d. 08-25-1993, Lot 84N--08x, ---WW II, US Air Force, (m)08-02-1946
Posthuma, Johnnie & Infants, d. 1918, Lot 79N--11x, ---s/o H.& W. Posthuma
Posthuma, Patricia S. -Miss, b. 04-23-1947, d. 04-28-1970, Lot 84N--10x, ---d/o John H. & Jeanette Posthuma, see obit
Posthuma, Winnie DeVries (Eli J.), b. 10-21-1925, d. 09-16-2013, Lot 39N--08x, ---(m)1944, d/o Peter & Jessie Levey DeVries, see obit
Posthuma, Winnie Syens (Henry G.), b. 09-06-1889, d. 01-23-1935, Lot 34N--08x, ---Mother
Presba, Charles, b. 1826, d. 07-12-1854, Lot 16N--08x, ---28yr old
Presby, J., Lot 42S--01x, ---no stone, from records
Presby, John, d. 08-19-1847, Lot 15S--01x, ---36yr old
Presby, Martha, d. 01-11-1861, Lot 16S--08x, ---old stone
Presby, Martin V., d. 03-31-1872, Lot 16S--03x, ---s/o William & Elizabeth Presby
Presby, Unknown, Lot 16S--05x, ---no stone, from records
Presby, Unknown, Lot 16S--04x, ---no stone, from records
Quade, Cheryl C. Douma (Gary T.), b. 04-17-1948, Lot 15N--??, ---(m)04-23-1935
Quade, Gary T. (Cheryl C. Douma), b. 10-22-1942, Lot 15N--??, ---(m)04-23-1936
Quade, Infant boy, d. 01-27-1974, Lot 15N--07x, ---s/o Gary & Cheryl Quade
Rahn, Carl F. (Minnie Friedrich), b. 1890, d. 1970, Lot 65S--10x
Rahn, Minnie Friedrich (Carl F.), b. 1884, d. 1944, Lot 65S--09x
Rama, J., Lot 17S--04x, ---no stone, from records
Reddeman, Dorothy Talsma (#1Fred "Fritz" Leystra, #2Larry Reddeman), b. 1920, d. 07-15-2003, Lot 82S--02x, ---See Dorothy Leystra, Talsma, see obit for Dorothy Reddeman
Redeker, Bessie (Henry), b. 1898, d. 1964, Lot 40S--10x, ---Nee Alsum
Redeker, Henry (Bessie), b. 1893, d. 1984, Lot 40S--09x
Richmond, Ettie May, b. 10-01-1860, d. 09-09-1877, Lot 37N--09x
Richmond, Helen M., d. 07-13-1903, Lot 37N--11x, ---hard to read name
Richmond, J. T., Lot 37N--08x, ---no stone, from records
Richmond, Jessie "Our Jessie", b. 1862, d. 06-25-1863, Lot 37N--10x, --- d/o J.A.& H.M. Richmond, 11mo 3da old
Richmond, Joshua A., d. 04-21-1862, Lot 37N--12x, ---26yr old
Richmond, Lucy J. (Riley S.), b. 1834, d. 08-13-1856, Lot 41N--11x, ---21yr old
Richmond, Osborn--hard to read, d. 03-26-1863, Lot 41N--08x, ---s/o S.S.& Jane Richmond, 5yr 2da old
Robholz, Reinhold, b. 1905, d. 1986, Lot 48N--01x
Rogers, Unknown, Lot 54S--03x, ---last name? no stone, from records
Rudd, George--hard to read, d. 1854, Lot 46N--02x, ---d/o E.& ? Rudd, 9yr old
Ruh, August, b. 1868, d. 05-05-1872, Lot 33S--03x, ---s/o M.& M. Ruh
Ruh, Michael, d. 1881, Lot 33S--01x
Sanderson, Catherine, Lot 11N--09x, ---d/o T.&? Sanderson, hard to read dates
Sanderson, Frances (Thomas), d. 04-06-1853, Lot 11N--11x, ---52yr 11mo 16da old
Sanderson, Margaret, b. 1837, d. 1862, Lot 11N--02x, --- hard to read, d/o Thos? 25yr old
Sanderson, Mary, Lot 11N--10x, ---Can't read stone
Sanderson, Thomas (Frances), b. 1794, d. 09-14-1878, Lot 11N--12x, ---84yr 11mo 26da old
Satterlee, Amanda Bessac, b. 1824, d. 1861, Lot 10N--11x, ---on stone with Henry Louis Bessac
Satterlee, Amelia, d. 09-13-1857, Lot 10N--01x, ---d/o Amanda & ? Satterlee, Can't read
Sauer, Dena (Donald I.), b. 12-25-1920, d. 05-16-2004, Lot 50N--03x, ---Nee DeVries
Sauer, Donald I. (Dena), b. 1926, d. 1986, Lot 50N--02x
Sawyer, Unknown, Lot 56S--12x, ---Last name? no stone, from records
Schaalma, James S. (Rose M. Smits), b. 03-02-1947, d. 05-19-2008, Lot 17S--02x, --(m)09-22-1967, s/o Albert & Jennie Fisher Schaalma, see obit
Schaalma, Peter (Tena Tryntje), b. 02-26-1863, d. 07-18-1919, Lot 81N--10x, ---Father
Schaalma, Rose M. Smits (James S.), Lot 17S--03, --(m)09-22-1967
Schaalma, Tena Tryntje (Peter), b. 01-26-1863, d. 03-08-1953, Lot 81N--11x, ---Nee Medendorp, Mother
Schaalma, Unknown, Lot 81N--12x
Schaver, Shelly Ann Vander Velde, b. 12-02-1960, d. 11-19-1986, Lot 3N---08x
Schmaltz, Auguste (Fred), b. 10-10-1844, d. 04-07-1897, Lot 60S--02x
Schmaltz, Fred (Auguste), b. 1840, d. 01-03-1916, Lot 60S--01x
Schmaltz, Hattie, b. 06-15-1885, d. 07-21-1899, Lot 60S--03x, ---d/o F.& A, on stone with William
Schmaltz, William, b. 1871, d. 1946, Lot 60S--05x, ---on stone with Hattie & rest of family
Schmidt, Infant Daughter, b. 09-27-1896, d. 09-28-1896, Lot 66S--03x, ---d/o Jacob & Louisa Schmidt
Schregardus, Jake (Lucy Dekema), b. 1881, d. 1957, Lot 81N--03x
Schregardus, Lucy Dekema (Jake), b. 1883, d. 1956, Lot 81N--02x
Schreiber, Arthur H. C., b. 01-11-1901, d. 03-18-1901, Lot 65S--04x, ---s/o C.& P.Schreiber
Schreiber, Carl F. (Pauline), b. 1857, d. 1935, Lot 65S--02x
Schreiber, Charlotte E. (Karl M.), b. 03-19-1924, d. 06-12-2008, Lot 66S--05x, ---(m)11-04-1945, d/o William & Magdalena Christian Tessmann, see obit
Schreiber, Edward (Rena Cupery), b. 1910, d. 1981, Lot 7S--06 x, ---(m)04-08-1937
Schreiber, Ella, b. 1892, d. 1893, Lot 65S--05x, ---d/o C.& P. Schreiber
Schreiber, George, b. 1890, d. 1890, Lot 65S--06x, ---s/o C.& P. Schreiber, Dates?
Schreiber, Karl M. --owner, Lot 66S--06
Schreiber, Karl M. T. (Charlotte E. Tessmann), b. 06-12-1920, d. 07-23-1956, Lot 66S--04x, ---WW II, Wis TSGT CO B 580 SIG AW BN, (m)11-04-1945, see obit
Schreiber, Lydia A. Duehring (Paul J.), b. 1891, d. 11-03-1982, Lot 66S--02x, ---see obit
Schreiber, Paul J. (Lydia A. Duehring), b. 1885, d. 07-18-1968, Lot 66S--01x, ---see obit
Schreiber, Pauline (Carl F.), b. 1864, d. 1949, Lot 65S--03x, ---Nee Steinich
Schreiber, Rena Cupery (#1Edward Schreiber, #2Cyril Vander Meer), b. 1913, d. 01-18-1999, Lot 7S--07x, from pictures, Nee Cupery, (m)04-08-1937, see obit for Rena Vander Meer
Schroeder, Ann, d. 05-06-1914, Lot 24S--03x, ---76yr old
Schroeder, John, Lot 24S--05x, ---6yr old, s/o J.C.Schroeder
Schroeder, John C., d. 1897, Lot 24S--02x
Schroeder, Unknown, Lot 24S--06x
Schuchardt, Elizabeth, b. 03-06-1888, d. 03-10-1888, Lot 63S--01x, ---d/o Henry & Minnie Schuchardt
Schuchardt, Henry (Minnie), b. 1844, d. 1911, Lot 63S--03x, ---Father
Schuchardt, Minnie, b. 01-27-1889, d. 10-04-1903, Lot 63S--02x, ---d/o Henry & Minnie Schuchardt
Schuchardt, Minnie (Henry), b. 1856, d. 1933, Lot 63S--04x, ---Mother
Schuchardt, Unknown, Lot 63S--05x, ---no stone, from records
Schultz, Cecil, b. 1900, Lot 70N--07, ---on stone with Ernest H. Leider
Sharp, Margaret (William), b. 1839, d. 1871, Lot 45N--??, ---on Thomas Hughes stone
Sharp, William (Margaret), b. 1834, d. 1856, Lot 45N--??, ---on Thomas Hughes stone
Sjoerdsma, Adrian (Anna), b. 1893, d. 10-23-1971, Lot 20N--09x, ---spelling from tombstone, see obit
Sjoerdsma, Anna (Adrian), b. 1896, d. 1981, Lot 20N--10x, ---Nee Kramer
Sjoerdsma, Clarence (Shirley D.), b. 1927, d. 1969, Lot 36N--08x
Sjoerdsma, Shirley D. (Clarence), b. 1932, Lot 36N--09, ---Nee VandeZande
Sjoerdsma, Theodore, WW II, buried in the Netherlands
Slager, Aaltje (Hendrik), b. 10-09-1871, d. 04-16-1945, Lot 38N--02x, ---Mother
Slager, Amy Jo, d. 09-21-1980, Lot 67N--09x, ---infant d/o D.& J.Slager, hard to read
Slager, Calvin, Lot 84S--02
Slager, Delmer (Julienne E.), b. 1942, Lot 67N--07
Slager, Dianne, Lot 29S--11
Slager, Donovan S. (Helen J. Elgersma), b. 10-04-1941, d. 04-28-2003, Lot 14S--05x, ---(m)01-11-1961, s/o George & Gertrude Katsma Slager, see obit
Slager, George (Gertie), b. 01-19-1920, d. 02-13-1970, Lot 21N--10x, ---WW II, Wisc. S2 US Navy
Slager, Gertie (George), b. 1922, d. 2000, Lot 21N--11x, ---Nee Katsma
Slager, Helen J. (Donovan S.), b. 01-08-1943, Lot 14S--06, ---(m)01-11-1961, Nee Elgersma
Slager, Hendrik (Aaltje), b. 12-23-1867, d. 06-01-1954, Lot 38N--01x, ---Father
Slager, Henry (Tena), b. 1918, d. 1993, Lot 20N--05x
Slager, Julienne E. (Delmer), b. 1946, Lot 67N--08, ---Nee Daye
Slager, Larry J., Lot 29S--10
Slager, Lorna, Lot 84S--03
Slager, Tena (Henry), b. 1918, d. 1968, Lot 20N--06x, ---Nee Alsum
Smedema, Alice Schregardus (Louis), b. 1904, d. 10-17-1987, Lot 81N--05x, ---see obit
Smedema, Anna E. (Tunis W.), b. 1933, Lot 63N--12, ---Nee Dykema
Smedema, Baby Boy, d. 02-20-1971, Lot 25S--05x, ---s/o Jack & Betty Smedema
Smedema, Beulah Viser (John J.), b. 1872, d. 11-26-1940, Lot 75S--04x, ---Mother, see obit
Smedema, Boukje (Kornelis), b. 1872, d. 1901, Lot 75S--05x
Smedema, Cornelius, b. 1906, d. 1910, Lot 47S--06x, ---s/o John J.& Mamie Tillema Smedema
Smedema, Edwin John (Jessie), b. 03-28-1914, d. 01-15-1994, Lot 47S--02x
Smedema, Elizabeth Lorraine (Jack), b. 02-20-1931, d. 09-13-2012, Lot 25S--04, ---(m)11-23-1951, d/o Loluis & Anna Tamminga Jansma, see obit
Smedema, Gene & Gloria, Lot 78N--06
Smedema, George (Mary Den Dekker), b. 1899, d. 05-21-1988, Lot 23N--03x, ---see obit
Smedema, Infant Son, d. 1954, Lot 81N--06x, ---s/o John & Connie Smedema
Smedema, Infant Son, d. 1926, Lot 81N--06x, ---s/o Louis & Alice Smedema
Smedema, Jan G., b. 1834, d. 1912, Lot 75S--01x
Smedema, Jessie (Edwin John), b. 03-07-1918, d. 07-10-1999, Lot 47S--01x, ---Nee Minnema
Smedema, John J. (Mamie), b. 1877, d. 07-00-1958, Lot 47S--04x, ---see obit
Smedema, John (Beulah), b. 1869, d. 1947, Lot 75S--03x, ---Father
Smedema, Jon G., b. 1834, d. 06-08-1912, Lot 25S--03, ---hard to read
Smedema, Kornelis (Boukje), b. 1867, d. 1901, Lot 75S--06x
Smedema, Louis (Alice Schregardus), b. 1902, d. 08-01-1987, Lot 81N--04x, ---see obit
Smedema, Mamie (John J.), b. 1876, d. 1958, Lot 46S--05x, ---Nee Tillema
Smedema, Mary (George), b. 1904, d. 1980, Lot 23N--04x, ---Nee Den Dekker
Smedema, Tunis "Toby" W. (Anna E.), b. 08-14-1931, d. 07-22-1987, Lot 63N--11x, ---Korea, A1C US Air Force
Smedema, Unknown, , Lot 47S--03x, ---rub
Smedema, Unknown, , Lot 75S--02x
Smit, Bonnie Lee Katsma, b. 10-11-1946, d. 10-19-2006, Lot 78S--12x, --
Smith, Abby, d. 04-27-1891, Lot 40N--12x, ---Mother
Smith, C., Lot 40N--10x, ---Large Stone
Smith, Charles A., d. 1894, Lot 40N--11x
Smith, Clarissa (John B.), b. 03-06-1834, d. 02-16-1918, Lot 39N--12x
Smith, Freddie, d. 18--, --from online pictures, s/o S.L.& ? Smith, can't read
Smith, John B., Lot 39N--10x, ---Large stone
Smith, John B. (Clarissa), b. 1825, d. 1882, Lot 39N--11x
Smits, Catheren (Rhiney), b. 1875, d. 1954, Lot 59S--08x
Smits, Ellen Jerred (Kenneth W.), b. 10-12-1945, Lot 63N--04, ---(m)04-26-1968
Smits, Elmer (Tracy Dykstra), b. 07-18-1934, d. 06-01-2015, US Army, (m)05-10-1957, s/o John & Jessie Stiemsma Smits, see obit, is he buried here? His parents are here.
Smits, Evelyn (1st w/o Nickolas), b. 1918, d. 08-29-1975, Lot 42S--05x, ---see obit
Smits, Jennie (Sam N.), b. 1900, d. 03-00-1973, Lot 53S--04x, ---Nee Braaksma, see obit
Smits, Jerry, b. 08-07-1950, d. 11-14-2015, Lot 13S--06x, ---Korea, US Army, s/o Nickolas & Evelyn VanderVelde Smits, see obit
Smits, Jessie Stiemsma (John N.), b. 1897, d. 04-04-1975, Lot 23S--08x, ---see obit
Smits, John N. (Jessie), b. 1893, d. 1980, Lot 23S--07x
Smits, John R. (Martha), b. 1908, d. 1990, Lot 53S--01x
Smits, Kenneth W. (Ellen Jerred), b. 02-05-1943, Lot 63N--03, ---(m)04-26-1968
Smits, Martha Cupery (John R.), b. 1910, d. 10-31-1993, Lot 53S--02x, ---see obit
Smits, Martha Dykstra (Sam R.), b. 1900, d. 04-16-1991, Lot 54S--05x, ---see obit
Smits, Nicholas (#1Evelyn Vander Velde, #2Betty Rogers Reff), b. 1917, d. 09-17-1985, Lot 42S--04x, ---see obit
Smits, Nick (Sadie), b. 1864, d. 1945, Lot 72S--02x
Smits, Nolan Michael, b. 04-21-1973, d. 05-19-1980, Lot 13S--08x, ---, s/o Jerry & Shirley Smits, picture on stone
Smits, Norman, b. 01-10-1897, d. 06-13-1918, Lot 72S--01x, ---on Nick & Sadie Smits Family stone
Smits, Owen (Susie), b. 1889, d. 12-21-1966, Lot 42S--08x, ---see obit
Smits, Rhiney (Catheren), b. 1868, d. 1951, Lot 59S--07x, ---
Smits, Sadie, b. 08-24-1925, d. 03-23-1930, Lot 23S--09x, ---d/o John & Jessie Smits
Smits, Sadie (Nick), b. 1866, d. 1941, Lot 72S--03x
Smits, Sam N. (Jennie), b. 1900, d. 09-20-1969, Lot 53S--03x, ---see obit
Smits, Sam R. (Martha), b. 1894, d. 05-02-1975, Lot 54S--04x, ---see obit
Smits, Shirley, Lot 13S--07
Smits, Susie Weirsma (Owen), b. 1892, d. 01-07-1989, Lot 42S--09x, ---see obit
Smits, Willie, d. 1910, Lot 59S--09x, ---14days old, brother to Clara Smits Crowley, on same stone
Snell, Adriana G. (Louis), b. 1885, d. 1950, Lot 81N--09x
Snell, Lena Catharine, b. 08-01-1905, d. 08-01-1919, Lot 81N--07x, ---"Our Darling", d/o L.& A. Snell
Snell, Leonard, b. 1920, d. 1942, Lot 81N--, WW II, on Snell family stone, "In Memory of", died in Philippines, buried in the Phillipines
Snell, Louis (Adriana G.), b. 1882, d. 1954, Lot 81N--08x
Sommers, Sara Anne Sterk, b. 03-12-1930, Lot 58S--04, ---
Soodsma, Franklin Peter (Betty Schaalma), b. 04-27-1951, d. 01-14-2014, Lot 19N--11x, --(m)08-31-1974, s/o Gerritt & Jeanette Soodsma, see obit
Soodsma, Gerrit (Jeanette), b. 12-13-1906, d. 12-15-1968, Lot 84N--11x, ---WW II, Pvt Co M, 125 Infantry
Soodsma, Infant Boy-Lucas John, d. 1978, Lot 19N--09x, ---s/o Franklin & Betty Schaalma Soodsma
Soodsma, Jeanette (Gerrit), b. 1917, d. 1980, Lot 84N--12x, ---Nee Fisher
Speidel, Stephen F., b. 1923, d. 1988, Lot 16S--07x, ---WW II, Music symbols on stone, father
Spencer, Unknown, Lot 52S--03x, ---last name? no stone, from records
Spencer, Unknown, Lot 52S--04x, ---no stone, from records
Spencer, Unknown, Lot 52S--05x, ---no stone, from records
Spencer, Unknown, Lot 52S--06x, ---no stone, from records
Spencer, Unknown, Lot 52S--11x, ---rub
Spencer, Unknown, Lot 52S--12x, ---rub
Sterk, Annie Westra-Mrs., b. 1893, d. 03-14-1970, Lot 78N--11x, ---see Annie VanderMellon Westra, see obit for Annie Westra Sterk
Sterk, Anthony, b. 1930, d. 1936, Lot 58S--10x, ---s/o J.& A. Sterk, on stone with Jacob
Sterk, Cornelius, b. 07-15-1887, d. 02-09-1919, Lot 58S--09x
Sterk, Dean R., b. 1948, d. 1975, Lot 10N--06x, ---a twin
Sterk, Della Haima (Sam), b. 1892, d. 07-17-1966, Lot 58S--06x, ---see obit
Sterk, Duane S., b. 1939, d. 1940, Lot 9N---08x, ---s/o J.& J. Sterk
Sterk, Froukje Boerman (Jacob), b. 1854, d. 1936, Lot 58S--08x
Sterk, J., Lot 58S--12x, ---no stone, from records
Sterk, Jacob, b. 1912, d. 1916, Lot 58S--11x, ---s/o J.& A. Sterk, on stone with Anthony
Sterk, Jacob (Froukje Boerman), b. 1856, d. 1927, Lot 58S--07x
Sterk, Jacob (Jeanette Vander Velde), b. 09-19-1918, d. 06-04-2015, Lot 10N--07x, ---WW II, US Army, PH, (m)01-24-1939, s/o Samuel & Della Haima Sterk, see obit
Sterk, Jeanette V. (Jacob), b. 1919, d. 07-02-2002, Lot 10N--08x, ---(m)01-24-1939, nee Vander Velde, d.FL, see obit
Sterk, Maesel J. "Mae" (Watson), b. 1923, d. 07-03-2008, Lot 55S--12x, ---Nee Westra, d.MI, see obit
Sterk, Sam (Della), b. 1890, d. 07-01-1967, Lot 58S--05x, ---obit says wife's name is Annie
Sterk, Watson (Maesel J. "Mae" Westra), b. 1921, d. 12-00-2004, Lot 55S--11x
Stiemsma, Agnes Oostra (Carl), b. 1892, d. 06-19-1980, Lot 20S--02x, ---see obit
Stiemsma, Barbara, Lot 41S--12
Stiemsma, Boujke (Gerrit), b. 1877, d. 1948, Lot 39S--08x, ---Mother, spelled Boukje on stone
Stiemsma, Carl (Agnes), b. 1891, d. 1980, Lot 20S--01x
Stiemsma, Gerrit (Helena Streekstra), b. 01-09-1927, d. 01-15-2011, Lot 62N--07x, --US Army, (m)09-12-1950, s/o Richard & Sarah Alsum Stiemsma, see obit
Stiemsma, Gerrit (Boujke), b. 1875, d. 1958, Lot 39S--07x, ---Father
Stiemsma, Helena Streekstra, Lot 62N--08
Stiemsma, Infant, d. 1945, Lot 40S--06x
Stiemsma, Jeanette (Nicholas G.), b. 1912, d. 1990, Lot 40S--05x, ---(m)06-14-1938, "Janet", Nee Kuik
Stiemsma, Judith A. (Raymond), b. 11-04-1940, Lot 62N--02, ---(m)11-27-1959, Nee Weidman
Stiemsma, Julia F. (Louis), b. 08-21-1926, d. 05-17-2010, Lot 65N--12, ---(m)06-14-1945, d/o George & Winnie Alsum Eisenga, see obit
Stiemsma, Louis (Julia F.), b. 1918, d. 1991, Lot 65N--11x, ---(m)06-14-1945
Stiemsma, Nicholas G. (Jeanette Kuik), b. 07-06-1909, d. 07-17-2000, Lot 40S--04x, ---(m)06-14-1938, s/o Gerrit Stiemsma & Baukje Juizinga, "Nick", see obit
Stiemsma, Raymond (Judith A.), b. 03-26-1938, Lot 62N--01, ---(m)11-27-1959
Stiemsma, Richard (Sarah Alsum), b. 1902, d. 05-28-1977, Lot 50N--05x, ---see obit
Stiemsma, Ronald D. (#1Barbara Heeringa, #2Jill Klotz Wolff, & friend Margaret Chester), b. 08-26-1936, d. 11-05-2013, Lot 20S--1-2x--(m1)1959, (m2)1980, s/o Carl & Agnes Oastra Stiemsma, ashes between his parents vaults, see obit
Stiemsma, Sarah Alsum (Richard), b. 1908, d. 12-21-1986, Lot 50N--06x, ---see obit
Stiemsma, Sjlewke (Ulke "Eli"), b. 09-10-1868, d. 02-02-1946, Lot 22S--08x, ---Mother
Stiemsma, Ulke "Eli" (Sjlewke), b. 08-30-1863, d. 07-08-1935, Lot 22S--07x, ---Father
Still, Elsie Vredevelde, b. 1920, d. 1985, Lot 16N--03x
Stone over two graves, Lot 67S--03x
Stone over two graves, Lot 67S--04x
Stone over two graves, Lot 68S--01x
Stone over two graves, Lot 68S--02x
Streekstra Family Stone, Lot 17N--, Annette, Elsie, George
Streekstra Family Stone, Lot 43S--, Anna Marie, Cornelia, Henry
Streekstra, Anna Marie Vanden Bos, b. 1892, d. 1965, Lot 43S--04x, ---Nee Dijkstra, on Streekstra stone
Streekstra, Annette Vredevelde, b. 1918, d. 1943, Lot 17N--02x
Streekstra, Bernice (Henry L.), b. 07-17-1931, Lot 62N--06, ---Nee Stiemsma
Streekstra, Cornelia, b. 1885, d. 1946, Lot 43S--06x, ---Nee Schaalma
Streekstra, Elsie Edna (George), b. 08-26-1919, d. 08-04-2013, Lot 17N--04, x---(m)08-08-1945, d/oHarry & Katherine "Kate" Navis Elgersma, see obit
Streekstra, Emma (Harry H.), b. 1908, d. 1966, Lot 65S--12x, ---Nee Bandsma
Streekstra, George (#1Annette, #2Elsie Edna Elgersma)--see obit, b. 08-08-1916, d. 04-19-2002, Lot 17N--03x, ---(m1)02-20-1939, (m2)08-08-1945, s/o Henry & Cornelia Schaalma Streekstra, Friesland VFD
Streekstra, Grietje (Harm), b. 1865, d. 1947, Lot 43S--09x
Streekstra, Harm (Grietje), b. 1863, d. 1940, Lot 43S--08x
Streekstra, Harry H. (Emma), b. 1908, d. 1992, Lot 65S--11x
Streekstra, Henry, b. 1885, d. 1964, Lot 43S--05x
Streekstra, Henry L. (Bernice), b. 02-05-1933, Lot 62N--05, from pictures
Streekstra, Tena Smits (Harry), b. 02-18-1914, d. 06-28-2003, Lot 27N--02x, ---see Tena Smits Elgersma(Milton), see obit for Tena Smits Streekstra
Swaagman, Benny, b. 12-11-1919, d. 04-24-1925, Lot 76N--12x, ---s/o H.& E. Swaagman
Swaagman, Elberta (2nd w/o Henry), b. 01-06-1925, d. 12-05-2011, Lot 76N--10x, ---(m)05-18-1951, d/o Clarence & Gertie Proper Mol, see obit
Swaagman, Etta Slager (Harry), b. 1899, d. 05-22-1970, Lot 76N--08x, ---see obit
Swaagman, Harry (Etta Slager), b. 1893, d. 12-05-1978, Lot 76N--07x, ---see obit
Swaagman, Henry "Hank" (#1Kathryn Bos, #2Elberta Mol), b. 04-07-1923, d. 11-26-2014, Lot 76N--09x, ---(m1)04-12-1944, (m2)05-18-1951, s/o Harry & Etta Slager Swaagman, see obit
Swaagman, Kathryn Bos (1st w/o Henry), b. 09-10-1922, d. 03-02-1950, Lot 76N--11x, ---(m)04-12-1944
Syens, Clifford, b. 01-03-1923, d. 11-25-1923, Lot 25N--04x, ---s/o Lambert & Ella Syens
Syens, Daughter of John & Susie, d. 1913, Lot 29N--07x
Syens, Eldred Ann (Gerald Alfred), b. 02-11-1926, d. 03-00-2004, Lot 21N--08x, ---d/o Ted Sytsma, see Family Tree
Syens, Ella (Lambert), b. 1894, d. 11-09-1974, Lot 25N--03x, ---see obit
Syens, Elsie (Peter J.), b. 05-21-1917, d. 02-09-2011, Lot 44N--04x, ---(m)12-01-1937, d/o Louis & Jessie Bosma Gaastra, see obit
Syens, Emma (Peter), b. 10-25-1863, d. 08-13-1950, Lot 25N--06x, ---Mother
Syens, Evelyn H. (Peter L.), b. 09-03-1920, d. 10-12-2009, Lot 83S--04x, ---(m)10-11-1940, Nee Klausch, d.ILL,
Syens, Gerald Alfred (Eldred Ann), b. 06-04-1922, d. 08-31-2003, Lot 21N--07x, ---WW II, Sgt US Army, s/o Anna Koistra & Martin Syens, FVFD, see Family Tree
Syens, Jennie (John M. "Jack"), b. 12-22-1924, d. 07-19-2009, Lot 49N--10x, ---(m)01-25-1946, d/o Ray & Sadie Stiemsma Alsum, American Legion Aux., see obit
Syens, John --Infant, d. 1949, Lot 29N--12x
Syens, John M. "Jack" (Jennie Alsum)-obit, b. 06-28-1924, d. 09-26-1989, Lot 49N--09x, ---WW II, Pfc US Army, (m)01-25-1946
Syens, John (Susie), b. 1887, d. 1966, Lot 29N--08x
Syens, Lambert (Ella), b. 1894, d. 1948, Lot 25N--02x
Syens, Peter J. (Elsie), b. 1914, d. 1986, Lot 44N--03x, ---(m)12-01-1937
Syens, Peter L. (Evelyn H. Klausch), b. 1917, d. 07-01-1983, Lot 83S--03x
Syens, Peter (Emma), b. 07-28-1864, d. 04-01-1939, Lot 25N--05x, ---Father
Syens, Son of John & Susie, d. 1916, Lot 29N--07x
Syens, Susie (John), b. 1891, d. 1982, Lot 29N--09x, ---Nee DeJong
Sytsma, Anna (Ted), b. 05-13-1899, d. 06-18-1926, Lot 21N--09x, ---Nee Cupery
Sytsma, Annie (L.), b. 1897, d. 1930, Lot 31S--09x
Sytsma, Garrit/Geart, b. 08-04-1926, d. 05-15-1952, Lot 42N--03x, ---spelled Systma on stone, see obit
Sytsma, George & Sadie, Lot 32N--07x, ---Children, Can't read this stone

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