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Cummings Cemetery
Lewiston, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.605329, -89.564360

Intersection of Cummings, Anacker, and Adney Roads
Lewiston, WI 53901

Published: September 21, 2016
Total records: 29


Cummings Cemetery is located in Lewiston Township, State Road 127 West of Portage, to Cummings Rd., North on Cummings Rd. to intersection of Cummings, Adney and Anacker Roads. The cemetery is overseen by the township and there are no known records. The land came from the Cummings farm. It is a triangle formed by Anacker Rd on the East, Cummings Rd on the North, and the third side by the Adney Rd. in Lewiston township Columbia County Wisconsin. This cemetery is closed to further burials.

Cemetery Records

This data is from the cemetery file at the Portage Public Library and was compiled by Velma Wakershauser, typed by Anna Mae Axness.

Anderson, Anna M.
, d. 10-??-1871
Anderson, Johanna N., d. 10-??-1876, First name hard to read on stone
Isaacson, Emma (Lars P.), b. 06-13-1841, d. 04-26-1893
Isaacson, John A. -single, b. 07-02-1864, d. 08-01-1940, see obit
Isaacson, Lars P. (Emma), b. 02-29-1818, d. 06-12-1896
Mael, Lena Simonson (Thomas), b. 1853, d. 03-21-1935, see obit
Mael, Thomas (Lena S.), b. 12-09-1851, d. 01-15-1891
Male, Brita (Elling), b. 08-??-1822, d. 11-18-1877
Male, Elisabeth, b. 10-??-1853, d. 12-??-1880
Male, Elling (Brita), b. 10-14-1821, d. 11-10-1874, Civil War
Male, George Edward, b. 11-06-1880, d. 11-07-1880
Male, Herman, b. 08-21-1868, d. 05-29-1891
Male, Lot, one stone, one little stone engraved with "son"
Nelson, Annie (Nels), b. 08-29-1831, d. 08-06-1886
Nelson, Nels (Annie), b. 10-15-1818, d. 11-07-1890
Olson, Gunilda (Daniel), b. 04-01-1812, d. 06-28-1886
Paulson, Lena M. Dahl (Paul A.), b. 05-24-1856, d. 07-13-1926
Paulson, Lester, b. 10-??-1891, d. 10-23-1896, s/o Paul A.& Lena M.
Paulson, Paul A. (Lena M. Dahl), b. 06-24-1856, d. 07-05-1938, obit says Peter A.Paulson
Simonson, Elizabeth-Miss, b. 1857, d. 03-30-1946, d/o Ole Simonson, see obit
Simonson, Gjertine (Ole), b. 12-10-1822, d. 11-14-1876
Simonson, Hansine, b. 1886, d. 12-15-1945, Mrs. Hansine Nordin Simonson
Simonson, Jonas (Sophia), b. 01-10-1870, d. 05-06-1892
Simonson, Ole J. (Gjertine/Tina Gunderson), b. 01-16-1816, d. 10-11-1915, Veteran, s/o Jonas & Sophia, see obit
Simonson, Sophia (Jonas), b. 09-28-1862, d. 04-15-1889
Tollagson, Cornelius (Gonel Marie), b. 08-18-1848, d. 08-00-1919, see obit, maybe spelled Tollackson
Tollagson, Gonel Maria (Cornelius), b. 07-15-1855, d. 08-31-1885
Tollagson, John Gustav, b. 05-21-1882, d. 09-09-1893, s/o Cornelius & Gonel Marie
Unknown, Unknown, one stone not readable, too damaged

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