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Courtland Methodist Cemetery
Randolph, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.496516, -89.036240

County Rd G & County Rd DG
Randolph, WI 53956

Published: September 14, 2016
Total records: 431


About 1870, Courtland began holding meetings in the Bennett School. For a time they alternated Sunday services with services held at the Rust School. In 1894 a small church was erected across the road from the Bennett School. In January 1899, the church burned. In the spring of 1899 the church was rebuilt on the old foundation. In those days people put their horses in sheds on the grounds. The church has been associated with the Randolph Methodist church for pastoral services for many years.

Cemetery Records

Original transcription was done in 1974 by Mrs. Fern B. Korsgard & Mrs. Glen Parry. Updated transcription by Anna Mae Axness and Barb Ferguson, May 2006.

Achterberg, Eva May (Louis W.)
, b. 1909, d. 1941, Plot N9---52, Mother
Achterberg, Eva May (Louis W.), b. 1909, d. 1941, Plot N9---52, Mother
Ackerman, Louisa (G. H. W.), d. 03-02-1861, Plot N10---10, Age 39yr 9mo 10da
Alvord, Allen, b. 07-18-1854, d. 02-08-1878, Plot N9---22
Alvord, Andrew, b. 03-11-1852, d. 11-09-1930, Plot N9---22
Alvord, Anson, b. 09-17-1783, d. 11-26-1859, Plot N9---22, Hard to read in 2006
Alvord, Elizabeth, b. 03-15-1822, d. 08-11-1885, Plot N9---22
Andersen, Hans E. -Rev. (Holly B.), b. 1911, d. 1989, Plot N15---15, Mason
Andersen, Holly B. (Hans E.), b. 1911, d. 1974, Plot N15---15, Eastern Star
Anderson, Peter, b. 05-10-1858, d. 12-29-1897, Plot N6---36
Bancroft lot, Unknown, Plot N10---21, can't read
Bancroft lot, Unknown, Plot N10---21, can't read
Bancroft, Ann/Anne (John D.), b. 06-24-1836, d. 03-18-1906, Plot N10---21, Mother
Bancroft, Baby, d. 06-18-1934, Plot N10---40, Bancroft lot
Bancroft, Hattie, b. 02-07-1874, d. 10-30-1877, Plot N10---21, d/o John D. & Ann Bancroft
Bancroft, John D. (Ann/Anne), b. 07-23-1832, d. 06-10-1900, Plot N10---21, Father
Bancroft, Joseph S. (Sarah E.), b. 1861, d. 1931, Plot N10---40, Father
Bancroft, Sarah E. (Joseph S.), b. 1866, d. 07-00-1951, Plot N10---40, Mother, see obit
Bancroft, William J. (Genevieve "Gen" Richwaslski), b. 05-04-1932, d. 06-02-2008, (m)1954, s/o John Bancroft & Gladys Thompson, see obit
Bancroft, Zania Ann, d. 06-31-1896, Plot N10---40, d/o Joseph S.& Sarah E. Bancroft
Barstow, Albert F. (Grace H.), b. 1870, d. 1966, Plot N12---42
Barstow, Alexander "Ike" (Tamra J. Prell), b. 03-12-1941, (m)02-14-1992
Barstow, Alice L. (John E.), b. 01-07-1940, Plot N14---44, (m)08-22-1964, Nee Milarch
Barstow, Earl A. (Ellen J.), b. 1897, d. 1992, Plot N13---43
Barstow, Ellen J. Weston (Earl A.), b. 1904, d. 1996, Plot N13---43
Barstow, Emma, b. 11-22-1874, d. 11-08-1961, Plot N10---51, Mother, in Barstow lot, name assumed
Barstow, Ervin J. (Eva Grace), b. 04-25-1909, d. 08-16-2002, Plot N13---48, Father
Barstow, Eva Grace (Ervin J.), b. 03-12-1918, d. 01-21-2011, Plot N13---48, --(m)11-03-1937, d/o Roy & Ethel Mae Pate Chrislaw, see obit
Barstow, Gary Maurice, d. 11-19-1948, Plot N13---48, infant s/o Ervin J.& Eva Grace Barstow
Barstow, Grace H. (Albert F.), b. 1873, d. 1971, Plot N12---42
Barstow, James E. (Mary), b. 09-24-1866, d. 03-04-1932, Plot N10---51, Father
Barstow, James "Jim" E. (Mary Alice Huber), b. 03-19-1940, d. 04-25-2011, (m)08-10-1963, s/o Ervin J.& Eva Grace Chrislaw Barstow, see obit
Barstow, John E. (Alice L.), b. 02-17-1938, Plot N14---44, (m)08-22-1964
Barstow, Louise Ellen, d. 08-08-1947, Plot N13---43, in Cornford lot, infant d/o Earl, see obit
Barstow, Mary (James E.), b. 06-08-1867, d. 06-24-1905, Plot N10---51, Mother
Barstow, Roy A., d. 08-02-1941, Plot N13---48, s/o Ervin J.& Eva Grace Barstow
Barstow, Tamra J. Prell (Alexander "Ike"), b. 09-05-1946, (m)02-14-1993
Baxandall, Mima (William), b. 01-10-1844, d. 10-20-1924, Plot N11---41, Nee Cornford
Baxandall, William (Mima), b. 10-28-1849, d. 03-14-1915, Plot N11---41
Beebe, Jane H. (Zachariah L.), b. 10-16-1818, d. 12-20-1911, Plot S15---16
Beebe, Zachariah L. (Jane H.), b. 09-18-1819, d. 02-29-1896, Plot S15---16, Age 76yr 5mo
Bell, Cora R. or P. ?, b. 06-06-1865, d. 12-08-1881, Plot N13---13, In Bell lot, last name assumed
Bell, Frank E., b. 05-26-1873, d. 06-04-1932, Plot N13---13
Bell, George E., b. 09-11-1870, d. 01-06-1876, Plot N13---13, last name assumed, In Bell lot, s/o J.H. & S.P. Bell
Bell, James H., b. 09-14-1867, d. no date, Plot N13---13
Bell, James H. Sr. (Sarah P.), b. 11-15-1825, d. 01-29-1892, Plot N13---13, buried in Delton, name on Bell stone
Bell, James H. T., b. 08-31-1860, d. 12-16-1882, Plot N13---13, buried Lake Delton, on the Bell stone
Bell, John T. --maybe b. 1860?, b. 08-31-1869, d. 11-18-1899, Plot N13---13, buried in Mexico, on the Bell stone
Bell, Margaret J. (A. T.), b. 09-05-1868, d. 10-23-1892, Plot N13---13, buried Allen MI, on the Bell stone
Bell, Sarah P. (James H. Sr.), b. 03-24-1835, d. 12-24-1906, Plot N13---13, died in Randolph
Bell, Unknown, Plot N13---13, old stone can't read
Bell, Unknown Son, d. 01-06-1876, Plot N13---13, s/o J.H. & S.P. Bell
Bell, William J., b. 02-11-1868, d. 09-16-1917, Plot N13---13 Buried Brooks WI, name on Bell stone
Bennett, Allison Elbert (Nellie Davis), b. 1864, d. 12-11-1934, Plot S4---27, Father, Mason, funeral date, see obit
Bennett, Charity (James), d. 03-17-1868, Plot S1---01, Age 56yr 6mo 25da
Bennett, Elizabeth (James), d. 06-29-1856, Plot S1---01, Age 51y 1mo 16da
Bennett, Florence M. (Jay A.), b. 1892, d. 06-00-1959, Plot S4---27, Nee Mohr, see obit
Bennett, George M. (Samantha R.), b. 08-20-1836, d. 10-01-1918, Plot S1---30
Bennett, Ira E., b. 11-01-1889, d. 04-27-1890, Plot S4---27, s/o A.E. & N. Bennett, 5mo 27da old
Bennett, James, d. 08-08-1885, Plot S1---01, Age 82yr 7mo 8da
Bennett, James W., d. 03-18-1863, Plot S1---30, GAR, Co E, 29th Reg Wis Vol, 30yr 11mo old, died at Jefferson Barracks
Bennett, Jay Allison (Florence M.), b. 1891, d. 11-12-1938, Plot S4---27, Mason, see obit
Bennett, Nellie (Allilson E.), b. 1865, d. 03-23-1937, Plot S4---27, Mother, see obit
Bennett, Samantha R. (George M.), d. 11-16-1887, Plot S1---30, Age 41yr 8mo 3da
Bentley, Abigail (David), d. 11-07-1884, Plot N4---04, Mother, 94yr 2mo 28da old
Bentley, David (Abigail), d. 05-11-1852, Plot N4---04, Father, 61yr 3mo 6da old
Bentley, Eunice A., d. 04-22-1891, Plot N4---04, d/o D.& A. Bentley, 69yr 18da old
Bolles, Charlotte R., b. 1823, d. 1887, Plot S11---11
Bolles, Emma Pierce (Fredrick O.), b. 08-04-1850, d. 11-13-1940, Plot S11---11
Bolles, Fredrick O. (Emma Pierce), b. 09-29-1833, d. 09-26-1912, Plot S11---11
Bolles, John (Minerva), d. 12-06-1864, Plot S11---11, Mason, 71yr old, cracked stone
Bolles, Mary, b. 1829, d. 1911, Plot S11---11
Bolles, Minerva (John)--name from map, d. 12-06-1879, Plot S11---11, old broken laying down stone, hard to read in 2006, see obit index, 76yr old
Bradley, Annie (John), b. 1863, d. 1953, Plot N10---10, Nee Bancroft
Bradley, Charles Albert, b. 10-20-1863, d. 10-14-1937, Plot N6---25
Bradley, Isabelle Anna (John Leroy), b. 1889, d. 03-06-1974, Plot N5---05, Nee Bradley-correct, see obit
Bradley, James (Rachel), b. 1824, d. 1870, Plot N6---25
Bradley, John Leroy (Isabella A.), b. 1888, d. 05-10-1964, Plot N5---05, --see obit
Bradley, John (Annie), b. 1862, d. 1950, Plot N10---10
Bradley, Melvin E. (Lydia Rupnow), b. 04-24-1889, d. 09-05-1948, Plot N10---10, next to John & Annie Bradley, see obit
Bradley, Rachel (James), b. 1823, d. 1903, Plot N6---25, Nee Marshall
Bradley, Thomas, b. 1822, d. 1868, Plot N6---25, on stone with James & Rachel Bradley
Brown, B. W. (Louise), b. 1841, d. 1921, Plot S9---09
Brown, Eliza, b. 1850, d. 1931, Plot S9---22
Brown, Elizabeth (Lewis), d. 11-08-1896, Plot S9---09, Age 85yr
Brown, Lewis (Elizabeth), d. 10-22-1887, Plot S9---09, Age 82yr 4mo 20da
Brown, Louise (B. W.), b. 1845, d. 1916, Plot S9---09, Nee Heath
Brown, Luzern, b. 1845, d. 1926, Plot S9---22, dates were underground in 2006
Chrislaw, Ethel Mae Pate (Roy Charles), b. 07-19-1890, d. 01-28-1990, Plot N14---44, --See obit
Chrislaw, Robert Bob, b. 10-23-1916, d. 10-31-2009, Plot s/o Roy & Ethel Pate Chrislaw, see obit
Chrislaw, Roy Charles (Ethel Mae Pate), b. 11-11-1888, d. 07-04-1958, Plot N14---44
Conklin, Charlotte Griffin (Samuel), d. 05-16-1864, Plot N8---23, Age 32y 5mo
Conklin, Frances, b. 11-05-1834, d. 12-13-1913, Plot N8---08, Mother, next to Jonas
Conklin, Frances Josephine-Miss, d. 03-16-1931, d/o Jonas, obit & death cert. says Brown's Cem. near Cambria, her parents are here in Courtland
Conklin, Jonas, b. 12-05-1824, d. 12-14-1913, Plot N8---08, Father, next to Frances
Conklin, Nettie R., b. 07-00-1863, d. 03-23-1866, Plot N8---23, 3yr 6mo old
Conklin, Samuel, b. 08-29-1797, d. 04-11-1863, Plot N8---08, broken stone hard to read, 65y7m12d old
Cornford, Alfred J., b. 1884, d. 1958, Plot N12---19
Cornford, Allen, b. 08-25-1924, d. 02-20-2011, Plot s/o Charles & Margaret Owens Cornford, see obit
Cornford, Anna Percilla Thrush (Walter J.), b. 1855, d. 03-11-1939, Plot N12---19
Cornford, Arthur E., b. 05-09-1921, d. 05-30-2005, Plot N11---20, WW II, Ssgt US Army 361st Inf. 91st Div, s/o Charles& Margaret Owens Cornford, see obit
Cornford, Charles Edward (Margaret Jane Owens), b. 1876, d. 05-16-1969, Plot N11---20, see obit
Cornford, George W., d. 05-22-1878, Plot N11---20, Age 25yr 8mo 26da
Cornford, Harriet, b. 1856, d. 1885, Plot N12---19
Cornford, Margaret Jane Owens (Charles E.), b. 1883, d. 1945, Plot N11---20
Cornford, Merton John, b. 07-10-1915, d. 01-13-1997, Plot N11---20
Cornford, Orrin G., b. 06-27-1908, d. 12-14-1980, Plot N13---43, -s/o Charles & Margaret Owens Cornford
Cornford, Sydney, b. 1878, d. 1880, Plot N12---19
Cornford, Walter J. (Anna P.), b. 1856, d. 1948, Plot N12---19
Coulter, Charles H. (Lucinda B.), b. 1846, d. 1927, Plot S9---09
Coulter, Elizabeth, b. 05-14-1855, d. 06-27-1942, Plot S3---33
Coulter, Hugh S., b. 07-06-1836, d. 12-19-1914, Plot S3---33, GAR
Coulter, Hugh (Margaret), b. 1808, d. 1879, Plot S3---33, Father
Coulter, Lucinda Brown (Charles H.), b. 1848, d. 09-28-1932, Plot S9---09, --see obit
Coulter, Margaret (Hugh), b. 1816, d. 1903, Plot S3---33, Mother
Craig, Frank C. (Hattie G.), b. 1866, d. 1965, Plot S7---07
Craig, Hattie G. (Frank C.), b. 1866, d. 1940, Plot S7---07
Crowther, Benjamin (Mary), b. 12-03-1818, d. 08-16-1900, Plot N5---56
Crowther, Emanuel V., b. 12-16-1870, d. 01-21-1938, Plot N5---56, s/o Benjamin & Mary Crowther
Crowther, Mary (Benjamin), b. 05-01-1838, d. 09-03-1913, Plot N5---56
Crowther, Thomas W., b. 02-09-1878, d. 08-23-1878, Plot N5---56, s/o Benjamin & Mary Crowther
Dann, Catherine (2nd w/o Charles), b. 01-17-1821, d. 06-04-1895, Plot N6---06, hard to read in 2006
Dann, Charles B., b. 05-19-1856, d. 10-05-1864, Plot N6---06, child, s/o Charles & Lucy Dann
Dann, Charles (#1Lucy, #2Catherine), b. 05-31-1813, d. 12-10-1894, Plot N6---06, small stone
Dann, Deborah J., b. 09-09-1857, d. 03-02-1888, Plot N6---06, d/o Charles & Lucy Dann
Dann, Lucy (1st w/o Charles), b. 08-20-1816, d. 09-26-1862, Plot N6---06, --nee Maria Lucy Cornford, Lucy on stone
Dann, Ruth A., b. 04-16-1850, d. 07-02-1867, Plot N6---06, hard to read d.date, d/o Charles & Lucy
Dodd, Robert, b. 1816, d. 1865, Plot S1---60
Dodd, Sarah Penney, b. 1792, d. 1871, Plot S1---60, see Penny, not sure of last name
Durkson, Silas H. -or Harkson?, d. 10-07-1858, Plot S15---46, s/o P.or F.&E.?, in Gibson lot, 9mo 28da
Echorn/Ichborn, Catherine, d. 12-18-1858, Plot S10---21, old stone, w/o Jacob, 69yr 2mo old
Elsa, Henry/Henery, b. 1883, d. 1884, Plot N2---32, Brother, s/o T.& M.Elsa?
Elsa, Minnie (Theodore), b. 1860, d. 1921, Plot N2---32, Mother
Elsa, Theodore (Minnie), b. 1846, d. 1913, Plot N2---32, Father
Emerson, Calvin, b. 1778, d. 1864, Plot S7---07, on same stone with D.W, Julie & Lois
Emerson, D. W., b. 02-20-1821, d. 04-18-1888, Plot S7---07, on same stone with Julie, Calvin, & Lois
Emerson, Julie, b. 03-22-1835, d. 01-15-1914, Plot S7---07, on same stone with D.W, Calvin, & Lois
Emerson, Lois, b. 1822, d. 1858, Plot S7---07, on same stone with D.W, Julie & Calvin
Erickson, Emil O. (Sarah E.), b. 1875, d. 1954, Plot N14---17, Husband
Erickson, Sarah E. (Emil O.), b. 1882, d. 1976, Plot N14---17, Wife
Farchione, Pearl Wackett, b. 04-28-1916, d. 06-25-1984, Plot S11---41, Mother
Fuller, Asa F. (Jessie C.), b. 1871, d. 1957, Plot N2---59
Fuller, Irvin Asa (Henrietta Erickson), b. 10-26-1899, d. 11-22-1938, Plot N2---59, --see obit
Fuller, Jessie C. (Asa F.), b. 1878, d. 1964, Plot N2---59, Nee Coville
Fuller, Marjorie Ellen, b. 05-18-1945, d. 07-02-1979, Plot N2---59, d/o Fayette & Norma Fuller
Funnell, Frances (H.), d. 10-25-1860, Plot N5---05, Age 56yr
Funnell, H. (Frances), Plot N5---05, stone laying down & very hard to read
Funnell, William, d. 06-17-1858, Plot N5---05, s/o H. Funnell
Gibson, Sarah Ann (A. J.), d. 09-09-1858, Plot S15---46, Age 48yr, in the Gibson lot
Gildemeister, Arlene E. (August A.), b. 12-09-1936, d. 05-24-1985, Plot S15---45, Mother
Gildemeister, August A. (Arlene E.), b. 07-05-1932, d. 07-31-2001, Plot S15---45, Father
Gildemeister, Delroy W., b. 1955, d. 1975
Gildemeister, Marsha K. (Delroy), b. 1955, Plot N5---26
Gilmore, Aleston A., d. 06-27-1861, Plot S8---23, s/o Hiram & Helen Gilmore, 6mo old
Gilmore, Charles H. (Mary & Emma), b. 1855, d. 1911, Plot S8---53, Father
Gilmore, Emma J. (Charles H.), b. 1860, d. 1881, Plot S8---38
Gilmore, Harvey H., d. 1891, Plot S8---53, s/o C.H.& M.Gilmore, 6mo 2da old
Gilmore, Helen (Hiram), b. 07-08-1838, d. 11-08-1920, Plot S8---23
Gilmore, Hiram (Helen), b. 03-17-1819, d. 07-27-1911, Plot S8---23
Gilmore, Hiram (Jane), b. 10-26-1846, d. 05-19-1902, Plot S7---37, Father, GAR, Co M 1st WI Vol Art
Gilmore, J. A--from map & Obit Ind., b. can't read, d. 03-28-1897, Plot S8---38, old stone, maybe John A. who d.1897? 80yr 25da old, Married to Rachel M. Gilmore
Gilmore, Jane (Hiram), b. 11-20-1847, d. 11-06-1926, Plot S7---37, Mother
Gilmore, John G., b. 07-30-1871, d. 07-24-1906, Plot S7---37, on stone with Hiram & Jane Gilmore
Gilmore, Mary Davis (Charles H.), b. 1863, d. 10-00-1932, Plot S8---53, Mother, see obit
Gilmore, Rachel M. (John A.), d. 02-19-1886, Plot S8---38, In Memory of, 62yr 11mo 17da old
Gilmore, Silas H., b. 12-13-1885, d. 09-12-1886, Plot S7---37, s/o Hiram & Jane Gilmore
Gossink, Edward A. (Mary E.), b. 06-26-1894, d. 07-03-1964, Plot S9---52, WW I, WI Pfc 255 Co MPC, Father, Mason
Gossink, Harold E., b. 1928, d. 1929, Plot S9---52, s/o Edward & Mary Gossink
Gossink, Mary E. "Minnie" (Edward A.), b. 1887, d. 01-15-1974, Plot S9---52, Mother, Nee Phillips, see obit
Gould, Allen (Alma), d. 04-11-1863, Plot S2---02, Age 37yr 4mo, d.1868 in obit index
Gould, Alma (Allen), d. 05-03-1884, Plot S2---02, Age 59yr
Gould, Frankie H., d. 04-22-1863, Plot S2---02, s/o A.& A. Gould, 3yr 10mo old
Gould, Jennie L., d. 04-28-1863, Plot S2---02, d/o A.& A. Gould, 1yr 4mo old
Gould, William, d. 09-03-1852, Plot S2---02, s/o A.& A. Gould, 9da old
Graville, Clark (#1Susannah Waterworth, #2Mrs. Lydia Edmondson), b. 1852, d. 03-25-1941, Plot N6---55, --see obit
Graville, Freeman H., b. 1887, d. 10-21-1964, Plot N14---17, Brother on stone with Grace A, see obit
Graville, Grace A. -Miss, b. 1884, d. 02-23-1958, Plot N14---17, Sister on stone with Freeman H., see obit
Graville, Lydia Edmondson (2nd w/o Clark), b. 1868, d. 19??, Plot N6---55
Graville, Prudence K. -Mrs., b. 1895, d. 09-17-1976, Plot N14---17, --see obit
Graville, Susannah Waterworth (1st w/o Clark), b. 02-19-1851, d. 11-28-1903, Plot N6---55
Graville, Thomas, b. 1891, d. 1952, Plot N14---17
Griffin, Albert M., d. 07-01-1899, Plot S10---10, Age 73yr
Griffin, Henry Clinton, d. 09-21-1849, Plot S10---10, Age 25yr
Griffin, John G. (Ursula), b. 10-30-1815, d. 09-13-1904, Plot S10---10
Griffin, Kate, b. 09-01-1844, d. 06-12-1882, Plot S10---10, d/o John G. & Ursula Griffin
Griffin, Nathan-Maj. (Sarah B. G.), d. 08-28-1850, Plot S10---10, Age 72yr
Griffin, Sarah Barber Gallup (Nathan), d. 06-02-1881, Plot S10---10, Age 88yr
Griffin, Ursula (John G.), b. 10-15-1824, d. 05-22-1901, Plot S10---10
Guildemeister, Delroy W. (Marsha), b. 1955, d. 11-15-1975, Plot N5---26, --see obit
Hall, Mildred Bennett (Val F.), b. 1908, d. 1999, Plot S4---27, in the Bennett lot
Hall, Val F. (Mildred Bennett), b. 1903, d. 1981, Plot S4---27, In Memory of, in the Bennett lot
Hardy, Mary Jane (M.), b. 05-08-1856, d. 04-05-1876, Plot N13---13, In Bell lot
Hodgson/Hodgeson, Emily, b. 07-05-1875, d. 09-04-1875, Plot N5---26, d/o T.& N. Hodgson/Hodgeson
Hodgson/Hodgeson, Nancy, d. 04-12-1876, Plot N5---26, Our mothers grave, 43y 6m 14d
Hodgson/Hodgeson, Sarah, b. 04-10-1868, d. 08-30-1868, Plot N5---26, d/o T.& N. Hodgson/Hodgeson
Hopkins, Alphon W. (Florence L.), b. 10-06-1854, d. 02-10-1906, Plot S15---15
Hopkins, Alzina M. (Gustavus G.), b. 1818, d. 1894, Plot S14---14
Hopkins, Betsey (Zenas), b. 1797, d. 1877, Plot S14---14
Hopkins, Ervin W., b. 08-01-1902, d. 11-02-1903, Plot S15---15
Hopkins, Florence L. (Alphon W.), b. 08-16-1860, d. 08-27-1919, Plot S15---15, Nee Murray, On Hopkins/Beebe stone
Hopkins, Francis A., b. 1837, d. 1909, Plot N14---14
Hopkins, Gustavus G. (Alzina M.), b. 1821, d. 1898, Plot S14---14
Hopkins, Infant---maybe Beebe, b. 10-08-1906, d. 10-10-1906, Plot S15---16, In the Beebe lot, s/o G.& B.
Hopkins, Son of A. W. & F. L. Hopkins, d. 11-02-1893, from 1976 transcription, 1yr 3mo old
Hopkins, Thomas, from 1976 transcription
Hopkins, Zenas (Betsey), b. 1790, d. 1875, Plot S14---14
Hudson, George, b. 08-02-1824, d. 08-21-1901, Plot N9---39
Huff, Alonza (Georgie), b. 09-24-1861, d. 11-11-1927, Plot N12---49
Huff, Caroline M. (Milo), b. 10-13-1830, d. 07-12-1900, Plot S6---06
Huff, Estella L., b. 11-12-1854, d. 12-03-1917, Plot S6---06
Huff, Georgie (Alonza), b. 03-16-1863, d. 07-26-1924, Plot N12---49
Huff, Irving E. (Nellie), b. 05-23-1873, d. 02-06-1965, Plot S6---06
Huff, Lillie L. (Stanley E.), b. 1885, d. 1960, Plot N12---49, Nee Heineck
Huff, Milo (Caroline M.), b. 06-02-1821, d. 12-26-1894, Plot S6---06
Huff, Nellie (Irving E.), b. 10-03-1877, d. 02-07-1958, Plot S6---06, Nee Foley
Huff, Stanley E. (Lillie L.), b. 1888, d. 1960, Plot N12---49
Ilsley, Hannah (W. N.), d. 06-06-1851, Plot S8---08, Age 30yr
Ilsley, Mary, Plot S8---08, d/o W.N. & Hannah Ilsley, 4yr old
Ilsley, Somervil--from map & hard to read stone, Plot S8---08, Age 2yr, spelling from obit index, s/o W.N. & H. Ilsley, maybe on ston with W.N.& H.
Ilsley, W. N. (Hannah), d. 07-19-1851, Plot S8---08, Age 33yr
Kellar, Ann E. (Isaac), b. 1824, d. 1907, Plot S13---13, Nee Greeley
Kellar, Isaac (Ann E.), d. 07-15-1865, Plot S13---13, GAR, Co M 4 Regt WI Cav, 37yr old
Kendall, Hattie M., b. 1874, d. 1929, Plot S7---54
Kendall, Leslie L., b. 1873, d. 1943, Plot S7---54
Ketchum, Edith Griffin (George A.), b. 1850, d. 1928, Plot S2---59
Ketchum, George A. (Edith Griffin), b. 1849, d. 06-06-1933, Plot S2---59, --see obit
Ketchum, Inez, d. 08-31-1859, Plot S1---31, Our Little, 12mo 3da old, d/o S.& M.Ketchum
Ketchum, Jane (Nathaniel), b. 01-20-1826, d. 07-26-1902, Plot S1---60, Mother
Ketchum, Jennie E., b. 12-28-1862, d. 02-28-1864, Plot S1---60, d/o Nathaniel & Jane Ketchum
Ketchum, Kate, b. 01-19-1885, d. 09-16-1962, Plot S2---59, Daughter, on Ketchum stone
Ketchum, Lena, d. 12-04-1876, Plot S2---59, d/o G. & E. Ketchum, 5wk old
Ketchum, Lynn I., d. 11-18-1902, Plot S2---59, s/o G. & E. Ketchum, 21yr old
Ketchum, Nathaniel (Jane), b. 02-18-1816, d. 07-30-1897, Plot S1---60, Father
Ketchum, Orson, b. 11-04-1858, d. 06-27-1893, Plot S2---59
Ketchum, Roy E., d. 02-06-1895, Plot S2---59, s/o G. & E. Ketchum, 16yr old
Ketchum, Sarah M., b. 09-16-1856, d. 03-25-1857, Plot S1---60, d/o Nathaniel & Jane Ketchum
Kurth, John H. (Ruth I.), b. 06-26-1938, d. 05-27-2005, Plot S10---40
Kurth, Ruth I. (John H.), b. 04-27-1937, d. 12-03-1999, Plot S10---40, Nee Ely
Larson, Christian (Sophie), b. 1841, d. 1912, Plot S6---36, Father
Larson, Christine L., b. 1872, d. 1890, Plot S6---36, d/o Christian & Sophie Larson
Larson, Mary A., b. 1869, d. 1902, Plot S6---36, d/o Christian & Sophie Larson
Larson, Peter (Stella), b. 1876, d. 1940, Plot S6---55, Father
Larson, Sophie (Christian), b. 1846, d. 1915, Plot S6---36, Mother
Larson, Stella (Peter), b. 1883, d. 05-30-1963, Plot S6---55, Mother, see obit
Larson, Susan (L. Peter), b. 08-20-1879, d. 03-24-1914, Plot S6---55
Lee, Elizabeth (John W.), b. 01-05-1834, d. 05-28-1871, Plot S3---03, Mother
Lee, Henrietta "Etta" --Miss, b. 10-30-1858, d. 11-08-1938, Plot S3---03, on stone with John & Elizabeth Lee
Lee, Iola A., b. 08-23-1914, d. 04-18-1916, Plot S5---56, d/o Anthony & Katherine Lee
Lee, John W. (Elizabeth), b. 11-01-1831, d. 04-06-1904, Plot S3---03, Father
Lee, Katherine (Anthony), b. 05-04-1889, d. 04-03-1915, Plot S5---56
Lee, Silas H., b. 03-02-1860, d. 10-03-1863, Plot S3---03, on stone with John & Elizabeth Lee
Livingston, Amy, d. 11-05-1874, Plot S1---01, In Bennett Lot, 90yr 1mo 3da old
Livingston, C. Gordon--from stone, b. 04-19-1921, d. 08-21-1994, Plot N11---50, SSDI shows Gordon C.
Livingston, Carrie G. (Lester F.), b. 1878, d. 10-24-1971, Plot N11---50, Nee Cornford, see obit
Livingston, Edna Hall (Norman F.), b. 1911, d. 1975, Plot S2---32, on stone with James Michael
Livingston, Ervin C. (Nellie E.), b. 11-26-1871, d. 11-11-1945, Plot S2---32, Father
Livingston, Ethel E. (Maurice Bennett), b. 09-20-1905, d. 12-10-1995, Plot S2---29, --Nee Bradley
Livingston, Frank H. (Jessie M.), b. 1873, d. 1955, Plot N2---29
Livingston, G. Curtis (Jeanette Miller), b. 07-20-1914, d. 03-05-2004, Plot N13---18, --(m)03-25-1942, see obit for Curtis Livingston
Livingston, George, b. 04-11-1834, d. 10-02-1910, Plot N11---50
Livingston, James Michael, b. 1943, d. 1972, Plot S2---32, s/o Edna & Norman Livingstion
Livingston, Jeanette Elizabeth Miller (G. Curtis), b. 01-05-1923, d. 10-22-2015, Plot N13---18, --(m)03-25-1942, d/o Carl Otto & Elsie Affeldt Miller, see obit
Livingston, Jessie M. (Frank H.), b. 1885, d. 1958, Plot N2---29, Nee Leaman
Livingston, Joan T. (Marvin H.), b. 1935, d. 03-16-1998, Plot S10---40, Nee Wylesky, RNA, (m)1957, see obit
Livingston, Judith Kay, b. 01-05-1947, Plot N4---27, d/o Luella & Myron Livingston
Livingston, Kenneth G. (Yvonne M. Siegert), b. 1948, d. 04-26-2000, Plot N13---18, s/o G.Curtis & Jeanette Livingston, see obit
Livingston, Larry R., b. 1943, d. 1994, Plot N4---27, s/o Luella & Myron Livingston
Livingston, Lester F. (Carrie G.), b. 1876, d. 01-18-1967, Plot N11---50, --see obit
Livingston, Luella M. (Myron C.), b. 1914, d. 02-23-1963, Plot N4---27, Nee Bradley, see obit
Livingston, Lyman R., b. 04-25-1920, d. 11-11-1951, Plot N2---29, WW II, WI Cpl 128 Inf BSM
Livingston, Marvin H. (Joan T. Wylesky), b. 07-21-1917, d. 01-07-1986, Plot S10---40, (m)1957, info from obit.
Livingston, Maurice Bennett (Ethel E. Bradley), b. 08-18-1903, d. 05-25-1981, Plot S2---29, --see obit
Livingston, Myron C. (Luella M.), b. 1910, d. 1994, Plot N4---27
Livingston, Nellie E. (Ervin C.), b. 07-09-1874, d. 05-14-1962, Plot S2---32, Mother
Livingston, Norman F. (Edna Hall), b. 12-22-1913, d. 06-25-1945, Plot S2---32, last name assumed for Edna, James & Norman
Livingston, Sallie, b. 11-12-1838, d. 03-08-1921, Plot N11---50
Livingston, Yvonne M. (Kenneth G.), b. 1950, Plot N13---18, --nee Siegert
Luecht, George (Linda Ann), b. 1927, d. 1999, Plot S15---45, WW II, US Marine Corps
Luecht, Linda Ann (George), b. 09-25-1947, d. 10-27-2009, US Army, d/o Albert & Esther Suhaki Schultz, funeral home marker in 2011, see obit
Mallinson, David (Mary Ann), b. 01-31-1832, d. 04-07-1904, Plot N11---41
Mallinson, Mary Ann (David), b. 12-31-1835, d. 04-12-1904, Plot N11---41
Martin, M. J., b. 1820, d. 1889, Plot N1---30, Grandmother in Yunker lot
Masury, Adeline, b. 1924, d. 1988, Plot S12---49, on stone with William Masury
Masury, William, b. 1895, d. 1986, Plot S12---49, on stone with Adeline Masury
Mead, Clarence, Plot S5---05, from the church map
Mead, GAR Marker, Plot S5---05, one of the Meads has a GAR marker
Mead, George Sidney, b. 1857, d. 04-22-1937, Plot S5---05, Funeral marker, Mason, see obit
Mead, Hannah (Ransom H.), b. 1828, d. ;04-02-1922, Plot S5---05, see obit
Mead, Henry, b. 1859, d. 1860, Plot S5---05
Mead, Ransom H. (Hannah), b. 1821, d. 1903, Plot S5---05, stone very hard to read, GAR belongs here according to Betty Cook's file
Mead, Samuel Clarence-single, b. 02-20-1855, d. 05-02-1931, Plot S5---05, stone very hard to read, see obit
Morris, Willie--from map & stone, d. 02-28-1865, Plot S12---12, s/o Wm J.& C.E. Morris, 3mo old
Munro, Lena F. (Lloyd E.), b. 10-07-1914, d. 01-07-2002, Plot S9/10---51/52, --(m)03-31-1935, d/o Joseph & Eva Waldberger Harkner, see obit
Munro, Lloyd E. (Lena F.), b. 1910, d. 11-00-1985, Plot S9/10---51/52, (m)03-31-1935
Munro, Lloyd R., b. 07-21-1950, d. 04-02-1986, Plot S9/10---51/52, --s/o Lloyd E. & Lena F.Munro, father of Daniel & Kurtiss
Murray, Thomas L., b. 09-22-1871, d. 06-15-1944, Plot S15---15, on Hopkins/Beebe stone
Murray, Thomas L. -Mrs., d. 09-00-1919, see obit
Neitzel, Herbert W. (Martha), b. 1915, d. 1970, Plot S11---50
Neitzel, Martha (Herbert W.), b. 1918, d. 1980, Plot S11---50
Neyes/Noyes?, Rhoda (Jonathon), d. 09-17-1861, Plot N1---01, flat laying down stone, 70yr 1mo old
Nieman, Betty J. Iwert (Walter), b. 1923, d. 12-15-1998, Plot N14---47, --see obit
Nieman, Walter (Betty J. Iwert), b. 04-25-1919, d. 10-21-2011, Plot N14---47, --WW II, Army, Orphan, (m)09-28-1946
Ogden, Fanny (J.), d. 06-10-1863, Plot S8---23, My wifes grave, 49yr 1mo 4da old
Oleson, Lars---Grandpa, b. 1817, d. 1897, Plot S6---36 & S6---35, two stones, one name is on stone with Christian & Sophia Larson
Owens, Francis, d. 07-14-1877, Plot N4---27, Age 41yr 6mo 14da
Penney, Sarah, b. 1792, d. 1871, Plot S1---60, see Dodd, not sure of last name
Phillips, Frances A., b. 1888, d. 1965, Plot S9---39
Phillips, Grace (Joseph), b. 11-29-1841, d. 01-10-1929, Plot N12---42
Phillips, Jonathan (Martha), b. 1826, d. 1916, Plot S9---39, Father
Phillips, Joseph A., b. 1878, d. 1902, Plot S9---39, s/o Jonathan & Martha Phillips
Phillips, Joseph (Grace), b. 01-06-1821, d. 07-05-1906, Plot N12---42
Phillips, Lyndell/Lindell Whitney, b. 10-24-1905, d. 05-20-1906, Plot N9---52, s/o Andrew & Eva Phillips
Phillips, Margaret E., b. 1884, d. 1963, Plot S9---39
Phillips, Martha (Jonathan), b. 1847, d. 1905, Plot S9---39, Mother
Phillips, William A., b. 1876, d. 1956, Plot S9---39
Pierce Family Stone, Plot N1---60, Amanda A, Iva Mae, Solon W.
Pierce, Amanda Ada Waterworth (Solon), b. 1881, d. 06-11-1978, Plot N1---60, --see obit
Pierce, Iva Mae, b. 1913, d. 1987, Plot N1---60
Pierce, Solon W., b. 1883, d. 1949, Plot N1---60
Price, Mary Amanda Crowther (William), b. 1875, d. 09-12-1931, Plot N3---58, Mother, see obit
Price, William (Mary Crowther), b. 1869, d. 1950, Plot N3---58, Father
Randall, Almira G. (John S.), b. 02-22-1804, d. 03-25-1888, Plot S7---24
Randall, Emeline (Joseph H.), d. 04-01-1869, Plot S7---24, Age 19yr
Randall, John S. (Almira G.), b. 05-17-1799, d. 07-20-1878, Plot S7---24
Randall, Joseph H. (Emeline), b. 06-12-1843, d. 12-04-1898, Plot S7---24
Reak, Frank W. (Jane), b. 1862, d. 1945, Plot N5---35
Reak, Jane (Frank W.), b. 1858, d. 1937, Plot N5---35
Richards, David (Ruth), b. 08-14-1815, d. 11-13-1896, Plot N3---28, Father
Richards, Elizabeth, d. 06-11-1819, Plot N2---29, d/o S.R.& H, 1yr 11mo old, maybe d.Jan.1819?
Richards, Evan (Mary E.), d. 10-22-1862, Plot N3---03, Age 84yr
Richards, Hannah (Seaman), d. 03-02-1888, Plot N2---29, Age 67yr 6mo
Richards, Hattie L., b. old stone, d. can't read, Plot N3---03, d/o C.H.& L.J. Richards
Richards, Herbie, d. 07-16-1868, Plot N3---03, s/o M.T.& M.A. Richards, 2y 10m old
Richards, Lucy M., d. 07-29-1864, Plot N3---28, d/o David & Ruth Richards, 1yr 10mo old
Richards, Mary E. (Evan), d. 12-22-1862, Plot N3---03, Age 61/64yr
Richards, Ruth (David), b. 01-23-1827, d. 04-10-1900, Plot N3---28, Mother, Obit Index d. 04-03-1900
Richards, Seaman (Hannah), d. 05-10-1903, Plot N2---29, Age 83yr 9mo 20da
Schreiber, Hazel I. (William), b. 02-23-1896, d. 03-17-1965, Plot N4---57, Nee Waterworth
Schreiber, William (Hazel I.), b. 06-09-1882, d. 08-28-1976, Plot N4---57
Shaw Family Stone, Plot N8---38, Grace, Harley, Sarah, Viola
Shaw, Grace I., b. 1899, d. 1901, Plot N8---38, d/o Sarah & Harley Shaw?
Shaw, Harley (Sarah Jane), b. 1869, d. 1958, Plot N8---38
Shaw, Sarah Jane (Harley), b. 1868, d. 1962, Plot N8---38
Shaw, Viola I., b. 1897, d. 1901, Plot N8---38, d/o Sarah & Harley Shaw?
Sheffer, Adam, d. 10-25-1856, Plot S2---29, Age 73yr old
Sheffer, Henry/Henery, d. 07-12-1851, Plot S2---29, maybe spelled Shaffer, 32yr 9mo old
Shilston, Great Grandmother, Plot N1---31, sm. stone in front of Yunker headstone
Smith, Gabriel (Mary), d. 02-17-1864, Plot N11---11, Age 69yr 2mo 23da
Smith, Lanah, d. 08-09-1854, Plot N11---11, d/o Gabriel & Mary Smith, 17yr 1m 1da
Smith, Martha (Samuel S.), d. 12-21-1873, Plot N2---02, Stone leans, 75yr? Hard to read stone
Smith, Mary (Gabriel), d. 09-13-1878, Plot N11---11, Age 76yr 6mo 8da
Smith, Samuel S. (Martha), d. 05-25-1863, Plot N2---02, hard to read dates, old stone
Sugden, Alice (William R.), b. 1864, d. 1949, Plot N7---24
Sugden, Ann Jennet, d. 12-20-1885, Plot N7---37, d/o William & Ellen Sugden, 13y1m old
Sugden, Ella (James M.), b. 09-17-1918, d. 09-26-2004, Plot N7---54
Sugden, Ellen (William), d. 11-28-1917, Plot N7---37, Mother 72yr, 8mo 19da old
Sugden, Hannah Jane Alice, d. 02-14-1891, Plot N7---37, d/o William & Ellen Sugden, 11y 3m 4d
Sugden, Hannah W., d. 1867?, Plot N7---07, wife, laying down stone can't read, stone was hard to read in 1976 and in 2006
Sugden, Harley O., d. 04-13-1901, Plot N7---54, s/o Ralph & Olive Sugden, 3mo 5da old
Sugden, Infant, d. 1867, Plot N7---07, Age 2yr 16da, on stone with Hannah Sugden, buried flat stone
Sugden, James Henry, d. 10-23-1877, Plot N7---07, laying down stone hard to read
Sugden, James M. (Ella), b. 11-16-1916, d. 05-10-2004, Plot N7---54, WW II, Pfc US Army, SSDI b.11-11-1916
Sugden, Mary Ellen, d. 07-00-1878, Plot N7---07, laying down stone hard to read, 1yr 8mo 28da old, on stone with James Henry
Sugden, Olive Sarah Waterworth (Ralph P.), b. 1873, d. 09-15-1971, Plot N7---54, Mother, Eastern Star, see obit for Sarah
Sugden, Ralph P. (Olive Sarah Waterworth), b. 1871, d. 1960, Plot N7---54, Father, Mason
Sugden, Sarah E., d. 10-11-1879, Plot N7---37, d/o W.& S. Sugden, 26yr 2mo 5da old
Sugden, Susannah--hard to read, d. 01-11-1861, Plot N7---07, d/o W.& S. Sugden, 1yr 3mo old
Sugden, Susey (William), d. 10-29-1865, Plot N7---07, Age 44yr
Sugden, Unknown in Sugden lot, d. 10-18-1877, Plot N7---07, laying down stone hard to read in 2006, 16yr 11mo old, d/o W.& S. Sugden
Sugden, William --hard to read 2006, d. 01-17-1861, Plot N7---07, s/o W.& S. Sugden, 1yr 3mo old
Sugden, William R. (Alice), b. 1869, d. 03-13-1939, Plot N7---24, see obit
Sugden, William (Ellen), d. 12-30-1892, Plot N7---37, Father, 68yr 1mo 12da old
Thomas, Hannibal H. (Sarah E.), b. 1853, d. 1932, Plot S9---22
Thomas, Sarah E. (Hannibal H.), b. 1855, d. 1943, Plot S9---22
Tobey, Alice (1st w/o Charles O.), b. 1853, d. 1917, Plot S5---26
Tobey, Charles O. (#1Alice, #2Mrs. Gilmore Ganske), b. 1853, d. 05-07-1919, Plot S5---26, --burial date, see obit
Tobey, Franklin C. (Maryette), d. 10-21-1863, Plot S5---26, My husband, 37yr old
Tobey, Louesa M., d. 09-01-1858, Plot S6---25, old stone can't read in 2006, see map, d/o J.P.& Mary Hellen Tobey, 3yr 5mo old
Tobey, Margaret, d. 12-23-1878, Plot S5---26, old stone hard to read, see map, 4wk old, d/o C.O. & A.S. Tobey
Tobey, Maryette (Franklin C.), b. 53y 4m old, Plot S5---26, old stone can't read, info from map
Tobey, Nettie L., d. 08-22-18??, Plot S5---26, cracked stone, d/o F.C.& M, 3y 1m old
Tobey, Nettie L. --on stone, d. 12-25-1878, from 1976 transcript, 4wk old d/o C.O.& A. Tobey
Townsend, Abel B. & Geo. & E. L., Plot N15---15, on Mary Townsend stone, all are buried elsewhere
Townsend, Mary M., b. 03-06-1811, d. 03-27-1897, Plot N15---15, on stone with Abel B. Townsend
Townshend, Joel A. (Theresa E.), d. 10-09-1883, Plot N9---09, Father 47yr old
Townshend, Mary E., d. 10-03-1865, Plot N9---09, infant d/o J.A.& T.E. Townsend, 6mo2da
Townshend, Theresa E. (Joel A.), b. 03-17-1842, d. 11-27-1908, Plot N9---09, Mother
Townshend, Wallace R. or B. ?, b. 1yr 6mo 1da, d. 03-27-1862, Plot N9---09, infant s/o J.A.& T.E. Townsend
Trask, Alden, d. 01-11-1888, Plot N14---14, Age 78yr 6mo 19da, d.1883?
Trask, Lucinda D., d. 04-08-1895, Plot N14---14, hard to read date, 78yr 4mo 15da old
Turner, Christina S., d. 10-29-1866, Plot N7---24, d/o Wm.T. & A. Turner, 1yr 22da old
Ufer, Harvey F. (Mae J.), b. 06-26-1897, d. 04-09-1968, Plot S12---12, WW I
Ufer, Mae J. (Harvey F.), b. 03-06-1901, d. 07-24-1991, Plot S12---12, Nee Waterworth
Unknown, Unknown, There are maybe 24 unmarked graves, see map
Wackett, Alice (Joseph), b. 04-24-1846, d. 01-17-1909, Plot S11---20
Wackett, Edna L. (Fred T.), b. 1886, d. 1979, Plot S11---20, Nee Louden
Wackett, Esther R. (Floyd E.), b. 1916, d. 10-22-1996, Plot S11---20, maybe husband is Floyd Edgar, see obit
Wackett, Floyd E. (Esther R.), b. 1914, d. 1991, Plot S11---20
Wackett, Floyd V. Sr., b. 10-29-1939, d. 05-06-2005, father
Wackett, Fred T. (Edna L.), b. 1870, d. 1952, Plot S11---20
Wackett, Joseph (Alice), b. 07-00-1838, d. 09-14-1921, Plot S11---20
Waterworth, Dorothea (Merlin), b. 07-31-1914, d. 08-08-1995, Plot N12---12
Waterworth, Edna I. Cornford (John F.), b. 1880, d. 06-26-1963, Plot N12---12, --see obit
Waterworth, Eliza Bennett, b. 06-11-1851, d. 03-12-1943, Plot N3---33
Waterworth, Guy L. (Luella A.), b. 05-09-1892, d. 02-13-1942, Plot N4---57
Waterworth, Helen May (William G.), b. 1862, d. 01-23-1934, Plot N4---34, Mother, Nee Alvord, see obit
Waterworth, John F. (Edna I.), b. 1878, d. 01-26-1971, Plot N12---12, --see obit
Waterworth, Lucy (Thomas A.), b. 05-30-1853, d. 10-09-1898, Plot N3---33, Mother
Waterworth, Luella A. (Guy L.), b. 09-12-1891, d. 01-05-1990, Plot N4---57, Nee Macheel
Waterworth, Merlin (Dorothea Wrede), b. 02-11-1910, d. 12-16-1978, Plot N12---12, --see obit
Waterworth, Rodney Merlin (wife), b. 02-29-1940, d. 05-30-2010, funeral marker in 2011, twin s/o Merlin & Dorothea Wrede Waterworth, see obit
Waterworth, Sarah G. (Thomas), b. 10-29-1814, d. 01-11-1894, Plot N4---34, Mother
Waterworth, Thomas A. (Lucy), b. 03-21-1847, d. 08-27-1911, Plot N3---33, Father
Waterworth, Thomas (Sarah G.), b. 02-02-1815, d. 02-22-1898, Plot N4---34
Waterworth, William G. (Helen), b. 1856, d. 1943, Plot N4---34, Father
Weisensel, Helen A. (Lyle R.), b. 10-12-1938, Plot N13---48, (m)05-10-1958
Weisensel, Lyle R. (Helen A.), b. 04-01-1937, d. 11-16-1997, Plot N13---48, (m)05-10-1958
Wilcox, Juliett (William), d. 01-24-1855, Plot S1---31, Age 22yr 17da
Wilcox, William (Juliett), d. 12-25-1854, Plot S1---31, Age 29yr 9mo 27da
Willard, George A., b. 05-16-1846, d. 05-08-1911, Plot S4---04, on stone with Sarah J. Willard
Willard, George (Lydia C.), b. 12-06-1811, d. 06-17-1903, Plot S4---04
Willard, Lydia C. (George), b. 01-01-1809, d. 02-24-1877, Plot S4---04
Willard, Sarah J., b. 10-23-1840, d. 05-11-1930, Plot S4---04, on stone with George A. Willard
Williams, Andrew, d. 02-19-1860, Plot S4---34, Age 68yr 1mo 19da
Williams, Harriet C. (John), b. 02-22-1792, d. 04-13-1867, Plot S5---05, church map says Willard not Williams
Williams, John (Harriet C.), b. 69yr old, d. 08-09-1851, Plot S5---05, church map says Willard not Williams
Yunker, Anna B. (Fred), b. 07-21-1859, d. 02-10-1932, Plot N1---30, Wife, see obit
Yunker, F. A. Headstone, Plot N1---31
Yunker, Ferdinand A., b. 03-23-1845, d. 06-19-1923, Plot N1---30
Yunker, Freddie, Plot N1---30, 3mo old
Yunker, Mary Ada, b. 07-24-1851, d. 09-09-1878, Plot N1---30, Wife

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