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Blaen Y Cae Cemetery
Randolph, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.611458, -89.011990

Blanecae Rd
Randolph, WI 53956

Published: October 2, 2016
Total records: 146


Blaen Y Cae Cemetery aka, "Engedi Cemetery Mach Pelah Blaen Y Cae", is located in Randolph Township, Columbia County, Wisconsin, Section 12. Originally founded by Welsh Calvinistic Methodist congregation. Blaen Y Cae is roughly translated as "foremost the Field." Cemetery is off of State Road 73 on Blaencae Road, near Dodge County line.

Cemetery Records

Copied August 1985 by Monna Aldrich, typed by Anna Mae Axness 2005. Thank you to Jay Williams for his help in obtaining copy.

Bennett, David Webster, d. 04-06-1863, 4yr 10mo old, s/o Bridget & Archabald
Breeze, Edward (Mary), d. 12-21-1883, 86yr old
Breeze, Mary (Edward), d. 04-13-1873, 67yr 5mo old
Daniel, Ellen (Rev. John R.), b. 1836, d. 04-01-1921, Mother, see obit
Daniel, Jane (John), d. 10-13-1872, 86yr old
Daniel, John R. --Rev. (Ellen), b. 11-24-1826, d. 03-23-1898, Father
Daniel, John (Jane), d. 07-04-1859, 68yr old
Daniel, Mary (John J., d. 12-08-1889, 28yr 7mo 17da old
Davies, Cathrin (John), d. 03-18-1857, Broken stone
Davis, John R., d. 06-25-1876, 20yr old
Ellis, Ellis W., d. 10-08-1891, 72yr 5mo 28da old
Evans, Sarah (Robert), d. 09-17-1876, 37yr old
Foulkes, Catherine, d. 05-15-1871, 83yr old, broken stone
Foulkes, Cathrine (Ellis D.), b. 08-22-1835, d. 05-12-1907
Foulkes, David, b. 1862, d. 1935
Foulkes, Ellis D. (Catherine), b. 07-27-1833, d. 04-29-1879,
Foulkes, Jane (John-d. 1910), d. 03-00-1921, 95yr, see obit
Foulkes, Rowland, d. 07-02-1868, 72yr old
Foulkes, William, d. 07-14-1872, 13yr 1mo old, s/o John & Jane Foulkes
Hughes, Charlotte (William), b. 03-24-1838, d. 05-26-1859, d/o Robert & Charlotte Williams
Hughes, Elizabeth, small stone
Hughes, Ellen (Evan W.), d. 02-22-1871, 63yr old
Hughes, Ellen (Griffith), d. 09-30-1891, 31y 8m 12d old, d/o David & Martha Thomas
Hughes, Evan W. (Ellen), d. 03-20-1899, 86yr old
Hughes, Margarette, b. 12-28-1857, d. 04-20-1864, d/o William & Charlotte Hughes
Jones, Ann (John W.), d. 06-10-1888, 84yr old
Jones, Ann (Owen W.), d. 06-17-1895, 60yr old, mother
Jones, Daniel A., b. 02-22-1871, d. 09-30-1927, Father
Jones, David R. --Rev. (Margaret), b. 03-31-1830, d. 02-25-1909, Father
Jones, E.E. (Margaret Evans), d. 12-07-1873, 65yr old
Jones, Eleanore (John J.), b. 06-20-1833, d. 06-15-1901
Jones, Eliza, d. 09-15-1872, 2mo old, d/o John & Ellen Jones
Jones, Elizabeth, d. 10-15-1878, 6yr 25da old, d/o John & Ellen Jones
Jones, Elizabeth Roberts, d. 09-24-1893, 74yr old
Jones, Ellen (John), b. 1837, d. 01-17-1915, Mother, see obit
Jones, Gladys?, d. 04-23-1899, 2mo 26da old, d/o D.R. & G. Jones, date?
Jones, Gwen, d. 05-27-1865, 37yr 5mo 22da old, d/o John W. Jones
Jones, Hannah E., b. 1869, d. 1938
Jones, Henry E., b. 09-03-1847, d. 12-31-1883, s/o Evan & Ann Jones, b. Richville NY
Jones, Henry T., d. 07-22-1879, 57yr old
Jones, Infant, b. 10-04-1900, d. 10-04-1900, c/o J.R. & E. Jones
Jones, Jane D. (William J.), b. 06-22-1849, d. 11-22-1915, Mother
Jones, John Canadoc, d. 08-09-1851, 2yr 5mo old, s/o F.D. & C. Jones
Jones, John J. (Eleanore), b. 02-18-1829, d. 06-28-1909
Jones, John S., d. 03-05-1889, 34yr 1mo 6da old, s/o John & Ellen Jones
Jones, John W. (Ann), d. 09-24-1882, 86yr old
Jones, John (Ellen), b. 1830, d. 1908, Father
Jones, Katie E., d. 01-15-1891, 25yr old, d/o John J. & Ellen Jones
Jones, Margaret Evans (E.E.), b. 1812?, d. 1898
Jones, Margaret (Rev. David R.), b. 10-19-1831, d. 09-20-1898, Mother
Jones, Mary, d. 02-02-1886, 10mo 25da old, d/o Owen W. & Ann Jones
Jones, Mary Ann, d. 04-18-1852, 2yr 4mo old, d/o Ebenezer E.& Margaret
Jones, Owen J., d. 06-03-1874, 43yr old
Jones, Owen W. (Ann), d. 06-17-1889, 59yr old, father
Jones, R. Emerys, d. 03-29-1873, 66yr old
Jones, Robert, d. 08-06-1851, 5wk old, s/o F.D. & C. Jones
Jones, Unknown, last name? Stone broken and half gone
Jones, William E., b. 09-28-1882, d. 06-30-1898
Jones, William J. (Jane D.), d. 10-13-1895, 48yr 6mo 13da old, father
Jones, Willie, d. 05-03-1884, 3yr 9mo old, s/o William J. & Jane D. Jones
Lewis, David L., d. 12-04-1854, 19yr old, s/o David & Jane of Cwmcau Blainpenal Cardiganshire South Wales.
Morris, Elizabeth A., d. 09-25-1855, 18mo old, d/o Henry & Jane Morris
Morris, Henry O. (Jane), d. 03-21-1895, 82yr old
Morris, Jane (Henry), d. 10-30-1875, 50yr old
Owen, Johnie W., d. 07-12-1880, 3yr 14da old, s/o W.E. & A.J. Owen
Owen, Katie (R.W.), d. 07-03-1894, 27yr old
Owens, Elizabeth, d. 06-23-1888, 43yr old
Owens, John S., d. 04-02-1880, 22yr 11mo 22da old, s/o S.& E. Owens
Owens, Llewelyn J., d. 03-19-1880, 19yr 8mo 16da old, s/o S.& E. Owens
Parry, Edwin, d. 09-11-1864, 14mo old, broken stone, s/o Margaret & W.T?
Parry, Elizabeth Jane, d. 09-02-1861, 15mo old, d/o W.T. & Margaret Parry
Parry, Margaret (W.T.), d. 06-28-1866?, 30yr 6mo old
Pritchard, Annie E., d. 06-07-1867, 7yr 8mo old, d/o J.M. & M.A. Pritchard
Pritchard, Cathrine E., d. 10-08-1881, 26yr 4mo old, d/o J.M & M.A. Pritchard
Pritchard, John M., d. 03-01-1867, 42yr old, husband
Pritchard, Robert J., d. 06-05-1869, 5yr 3mo old, s/o J.M. & M.A. Pritchard
Pritchard, William D., d. 02-12-1879, 21yr 8mo 10da old, s/o J.M. & M.A. Pritchard
Roberts, Anne, d. 02-02-1861, 18yr 5mo 23da old, d/o John Roberts
Roberts, Catharine (John J.), b. 08-21-1810, d. 02-08-1899, Mother
Roberts, Catherine (Foulk R.), d. 06-17-1902, 81yr 9mo old, mother
Roberts, Catherine (RowlandV.), d. 08-15-1891, 58yr old, Nee Lloyd
Roberts, Cathrine Foulkes, b. 1788, d. 1871, Grandma
Roberts, David J., d. 05-09-1880, s/o John & Catharine Roberts, 44yr 1mo.
Roberts, Elizabeth A. (Robert L.), d. 03-12-1892, 34yr old
Roberts, Ellen (Wm. W.), b. 1855, d. 1927
Roberts, Ellen-Miss, b. 1848, d. 12-00-1930, d/o John & Catherine Roberts, see obit
Roberts, Foulk R. (Catherine), d. 01-12-1908, 87yr 11mo old, father
Roberts, Jane, d. 01-08-1877, 23mo old, d/o J. & C. Roberts
Roberts, Jane, d. 05-11-1886, 57yr old
Roberts, Jane, not sure of last name, small stone, no dates
Roberts, Jane (John P.), d. 01-16-1893, 84yr old
Roberts, John G. (Mary), d. 08-02-1874, 65yr old
Roberts, John P. (Jane), b. 01-31-1799, d. 01-26-1891, Inscription in Welsh, s/o John & Catherine
Roberts, John R., small stone, no dates
Roberts, Lizzie, d. 10-08-1876, 9mo old, d/o John J.& Ellin Roberts
Roberts, Mary (John G.), d. 01-31-1878, 66yr old
Roberts, Owen J., d. 09-17-1867, 7yr old, s/o John J. & Ellin Roberts
Roberts, Robert, d. 01-30-1877, 34yr 7mo old, s/o John & Catherine Roberts
Roberts, Robert, d. 02-10-1874, 58yr old, broken stone
Roberts, Robert D., d. 10-03-1862, GAR, Veteran lost in Battle of Corinth, Co C 16th Wis Inf, d. date from Betty Cook's file
Roberts, Robert L. (Elizabeth A.), b. 08-08-1852, d. can't read?
Roberts, Rowland V. (Catherine), d. 05-01-1881, 58yr 9mo old
Roberts, Thomas R., b. 02-14-1826, d. 01-26-1912, Blaen Y Cae, Uncle
Roberts, Wm.W. (Ellen), b. 01-01-1843, d. 08-27-1909
Strauch, Albert, d. 03-24-1897, 18yr 7mo old
Strauch, Albert, d. 04-12-1882, 34yr 2mo old, father
Strauch, Catherine, b. 02-11-1845, d. 08-22-1922
Strauch, Robert, d. 04-10-1898, 20yr 11mo old
Thomas, David, b. 1886, d. 1887, Son--s/o Henry H & Margaret Thomas?
Thomas, David G., b. 1888, d. 1892, Son--s/o Henry H & Margaret Thomas?
Thomas, Henry H. (Margaret), b. 1857, d. 1944, Father
Thomas, Margaret (Henry H.), b. 1859, d. 1907, Mother
Unknown, illegible stone
Unknown, base but no stone
Unknown,, Three small markers
Williams, Ann (Richard), d. 02-07-1876, 80yr old, broken stone
Williams, Baby, Our baby, 2wk old, c/o G. & C. Williams
Williams, Catharine (William R.), b. 1825, d. 08-16-1862, 37yr old
Williams, Charlotte (Roger), b. 10-07-1807, d. 05-30-1890
Williams, David, b. 02-25-1850, d. 02-22-1859, s/o Roger & Charlotte Williams
Williams, David Richard, d. 03-21-1863, s/o William R. & Rachel Williams
Williams, Eleanor Roberts (Richard J.), b. 1855, d. 05-01-1930, d/o Foulk & Catherine Roberts, see obit
Williams, Eliza (William R.), b. 10-22-1835, d. 05-29-1924, 2nd w/o William R. Williams
Williams, Ellen, d. 04-16-1882, 53yr old d/o R.T. & Margaret Williams
Williams, Ellen Ann, d. 09-06-1865, d/o William & Miriam Williams, 3mo 21da old
Williams, H------? W., d. 11-06-1866, 12mo old, broken stone
Williams, Johny, d. 10-16-1867, 2wk old, s/o G. & C. Williams
Williams, Laura, d. 04-14-1876, 7yr 3mo 20da old, d/o G. & C. Williams
Williams, Llewelyn Samuel, b. 02-00-1852, d. 01-00-1860, grandson of Roger & Charlotte Williams
Williams, Lorette, 6mo old , d/o G. & C. Williams
Williams, Margaret (R.T.), d. 03-18-1860, 63yr 4mo old
Williams, Mary (Thomas), d. 06-01-1903, 68yr old
Williams, Miriam (William AP), d. 04-18-1882, 41yr old
Williams, R.T. (Margaret), d. 02-23-1890, 94yr old
Williams, Richard, d. 12-31-1863 or 1862?, GAR, died in hospital in Danville KY, s/o Richard & Ann Williams, 20yr 6mo old
Williams, Richard J. (Eleanor), b. 1857, d. 1937
Williams, Richard (Ann), d. 09-18-1868, 72yr old, broken stone
Williams, Robert, d. 07-23-1867, 2yr 8mo old, s/o G. & C. Williams
Williams, Roger (Charlotte), b. 04-25-1796, d. 09-23-1871
Williams, Thomas (Mary), d. 07-19-1890, 68yr old
Williams, W. Watkin, d. 08-14-1898, 20yr old, s/o G. & C. Williams
Williams, Watkin, d. 08-30-1879, 6mo old, Little Watkin, s/o G. & C. Williams
Williams, William AP (Miriam), b. 1838, d. 1902
Williams, William E., d. 11-25-1880, 43yr 7mo old
Williams, William R. (Catharine), b. 1823, d. 10-29-1905, Also h/o Eliza
Wynne, Sarah (R.P.), d. 04-08-1899, 47yr old

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