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Bartholomew Pioneer Cemetery
Lodi, Columbia County, Wisconsin

GPS: 43.323005, -89.522430

700 Clark St
Lodi, WI 53555

Published: September 23, 2016
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Bartholomew Pioneer Cemetery is located in Lodi Township, extreme NE corner of Section 27, Columbia County, Wisconsin SE of Lodi. Good Samaritan Center (Nursing Home) on Clark St. Just off the parking lot. A Commemorative stone marks the spot.

The following notes were by Miss Emma Richmond, daughter of Edgar & Mary Van Ness Richmond of Lodi, Wisconsin. Notes are dated 06-02-1912...

"Mrs. Frances Moss, Mrs. Thelma Eastman & I went out to the old cemetery back of the old Job Mills place and back of the Fairgrounds. In the center or thereabouts was a high 'Witness Tree' about nine or ten feet in circumference. It was a burr oak. Mary (Mrs. James) Pollock said over a hundred were buried there. The land was given by her grandfather Bartholomew's brother, George McNaught Bartholomew and was registered with the Columbia County Register of deeds at Portage. Many were transferred to Mount Pleasant Cemetery on the west side of the village of Lodi when that area was consecrated for burial purposes, August, 1856. A few years ago, farmers owning land east of the Fairgrounds began encroaching on the Cemetery by plowing. This was quickly stopped by 'Mac' Bartholomew. Mrs. Pollock stated the first burial in this cemetery was the son of J.O. Eaton. The stones were more or less broken and down. I copied what I could" (End of Emma Richmond's notes.)

Original owner of property was George McNaught Bartholomew.

Facts learned from Vonda Schmidt on 05-23-2000 who lived there 32 years. They died from Cholera, pehaps a wagon train passing through. There were originally 20-30 tombstones. This was originally the Bartholomew's family cemetery. The developers cleared off all the tombstones and buried them underground. It was agreed that one tombstone (Orrin J. Duel) would be left as a memorial. In 1968 it was a weed patch. The neighbors cleaned it up. It is now owned by the township. A 'witness tree' is planted there. In 2005, for an Eagle Scout project, Kevin Beck erected a Memorial stone and benches.

Cemetery Records

Thanks to Barb Ferguson for gathering this information.

Bartholomew, Lydie Elvira
, d. 10-02-1849 3yr, 11mo 21 da old, d/o W.M. & F.M. Bartholomew
Bartholomew, Minerva/Manurva, d.. 09-06-1852 3yr 3mo old, d/o G.M. & S.D. Bartholomew, moved to Mount Pleasant Cemetery.
Bunker, Thomas, d. 06-17-1850, 56yr 8mo old
Cummings, Charlotte C. (D.P.), d. 09-18-1854, 22yr 3mo old
Dawson, Eben, d. 1849, 4da old, s/o J.E. & M.A. Dawson
Dawson, Mary Ann (J.E.), d. 01-02-1854, 29yr 3mo 2da old
Duel, Orrin J., d. 05-30-1862, 14mo old, s/o W.J. & S.B. Duel
Frisell/Friskil, Frank H., d. 09-18-1854, 14mo 3da old, s/o B.J.Frisell
Hopkins, Emmeline (John S.), d. 01-26-1851, 18yr 9mo old
Hopkins, John S. (Emmeline), d. 11-25-1851, 22yr old
Leary family, Lot was inclosed by chains. The remains were moved to the Catholic Cemetery after that had been consecrated.
Osborn, Daniel, d. 06-24-1854, 67 yr old
Osborn, Sarah, d. 11-28-1854, 12yr 9mo 7da old
Ray, Sarah Emma, d. 08-20-1854, 1yr 8mo 15da old, d/o J.& A. Ray

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