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Rosburg Cemetery Cemetery
Rosburg, Wahkiakum County, Washington

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 44.

Contributor's Index:

The town is called Rosburg and the cemetery is called "Rosburg Cemetery 1885" It is a small cemetery along the Columbia River in Washington State.

Acusta, Baby, d.1895,(maybe Agusta), [L]
Anderson, Arthur W., b.1885-1899, [L]
Anderson, Charles, b.1851-1920, [L]
Anderson, H. P., b.1842, d.1919, [L]
Anderson, Hazel E, b.1898-1898, [L]
Anderson, Hjalmar, b.1890, d.1932, Father, [L]
Anderson, Karolina, b.1863, d.1945, [L]
Anderson, Kitty, b.1929-1996, (newer stone), [L]
Anderson, Mary A, b.1886, d.1935, Mother, [L]
Anderson, Mary, b.Jan 21, 1878, d.Dec. 2, 1886, [L]
Anderson, Mildred C., b.1899, d.1985, MOM, Married Dec. 30 1923, shared stone with Walter, [L]
Anderson, Minni, b.1897, d.1982, Mother, [L]
Anderson, Mother, b.1883-1896, [L]
Anderson, Theodore, b.1897, d.1964, [L]
Anderson, Walter G, b.1892, d.1962, DAD, Married Dec. 30 1923, shared stone with Mildred, [L]
Haglund, Elita Katherine, b.1909, d.1978, [L]
Haglund, Niles John, b.1905, d.1967, [L]
Hansen, Luzern, No dates, Co. A 67 Ill Inf., [L]
Hansen, Martha, b.Aug 28, 1867, d.April 19, 1881, (badly worn), [L]
Kruse, Carl, b.1908, d.1981 "Dad" , [L]
Kruse, Milga H, b.1916, d.1978, "Mom", [L]
Leyendecker, Irene, b.1909, d.1998, [L]
Lindberg, Amelia, b.1879, d.1918, wife of Olof, "At Rest", [L]
Lindberg, Olaf, b.1878, d.1949, [L]
Miller, Vincent Edson, b.3-9-1954, d.6-29-1968, [L]
Moskovita, Maine E., b.July 24, 1912, d.June 2, 1956, [L]
Olson, Clarence H, b.Oct 22, 1907, d.Jan 30, 1986, [L]
Olson, Ida, b.1871, d.1948, [L]
Olson, Mrs. Serda, b.April 24, 1866-June 17, 1910, Born in Sweden, "Gone but not forgotten", [L]
Olson, O. Herbert, b.1901, d.1952, In Memory of Dad, [L]
Olson, Peter, b.June 3 1866, d.March 16, 1942, [L]
Olsund, Olaf, b.1869, d.1906, [L]
Peterson, Christina, b.1858, d.1944, Mother, [L]
Peterson, Edwin, b.March 1, 1900, d.March 14, 1973, [L]
Peterson, John, b.April 6, 1864, d.Sept. 21, 1904, Born in Sweden, [L]
Sanderson, Bertha U, b.1858, d.1933, Mother, [L]
Satterlund, Elaine, b.July 28, 1915, d.Feb. 11, 1916, [L]
Satterlund, Eleanor, b.Aug 12 1913, d.Sept. 19, 1913, [L]
Satterlund, Freda, b.1890, d.1944, shared stone with Peter, [L]
Satterlund, Peter Bertel, b.1918, d.1976, US Army WW11, [L]
Satterlund, Peter, b.1877, d.1967, shared stone with Freda, [L]
Sowa, Bill Lee, d.Nov. 14 1962, Our Baby, [L]
Stephan, Edson W. Jr., b.1905, d.1987, Beloved Husband and father, [L]
Wilson, James B., b.May 15 1884-Jan 4 1915, "At Rest", [L]

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