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Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Skamania County, Washington

111 Marble Road
Washougal WA
(360) 835-1445

Lat: 45° 33' 47"N, Lon: 122° 13' 41"W
T1N R5E Sec 19

Contributed by Kris Gowan, Apr 09, 2002, last edited Jun 29, 2009 [tkgowan@earthlink.net]Total records = 74.

From Washougal takt Hwy. 14 East to mile post 23. Left turn onto Marble Road. See sign on left (west side of parking lot). Handicapped access from adjacent westerly lot, off driveway north end of garage.

Mount Pleasant Grange records and obituaries from 1889 to 1997. Also, previous transcriptions verified. I have the history, dating back to 1889, most of the obituaries, and some family information from folks looking for geneology "fill-ins".

Cemetery has had three owners. Originally part of a parcel homesteaded by Willaim and Hattie Woodruff, it was sectioned off and sold to the Mount Pleasant Grange in 1906, then sold to Ted and Kris Gowan in 1999.

It is now in very presentable (park-like) condition and accepting new burials. History can be provided.

- Kris Gowan

Adams, Louisa, b. Dec 25, 1872, d. Oct 20, 1908, wife of Charles, age 35y 10m 5d
Austrian Laborer, b. unknown, d. 1906 from a dynamite explosion, buried by the community
Bailey, Clyde E., b. Jun 10, 1883, d. Apr 5, 1899, son of Ida Mae and Emerson, age 5y
Bailey, Emerson A., b. Apr 5, 1854, d. Nov 1928, husband of Ida Mae, age 74y
Bailey, Ida Mae, b. May, 1863, d. Jan 22, 1887, wife of Emerson A., age 22y, first burial
Bailey, Victor L., b. Jul 25, 1886, d. Nov 7, 1893, son of Ida Mae and Emerson, age 7y
Barnes, Edith, b. 1896, d. 1901, age 5y
Barnes, Edward, b. 1898, d. 1901, age 3y
Benson, Icel, b. Aug 19, 1931, d. Apr 28, 1994, wife to William, age 62y
Benson, William, b. Jul 25, 1925, d. Jun 9, 1992, husband to Icel, age 67y
Burkhalter, Fred, b. 1899, d. Mar 20, 1940, age 40y 9m 17d, no marker or additional info.
Dally, Clara E., b. Nov 21, 1912 d. Oct 16, 2002, wife of James
Dally, James, b. Apr 9, 1905, d. Jan 12, 1981, husband to Clara (Still living), age 75y
Elliott, Ann, b. 1820 (England), d. Dec 30, 1895
Ferguson, Adele, b. unknown, d. 1920? No dates on marker or additional info
Fitzgerald, Neil, b. Mar 19, 1936, d. May 13, 1937, son of Dell & Beryl Fitzgerald, age 1y 2m
Foster, Fenner, b. Jul 30, 1823, d. Sept 13, 1907, Sgt. Co.G1st MO England, age 84y
Foster, Ira Isaac, b. 1859, d. May 5, 1919, son of Fenner, age 60y
Hayden, Peter, b. 1862, d. 1934, age 72y
Hudson, Donald, b. 1913, d. 1915, son of Joe and Bertha Hudson, age 2y
Jemtegaard, Larry L., b. Dec 13, 1942, d. Mar 19, 1943, brother of Marvin E., age 3m
Jemtegaard, Marvin E., b. Mar 19, 1939, d. Jun 11, 1950, brother to Larry L., age 11y 2m 22d
Johanson, Jean Elaine, no dates
Kruckman, Catherine T., b. 1848 (Ireland), d. Jan 27, 1905, age 57y
Kruckman, Charles A., b. Jul 13, 1877, d. Feb 11, 1904, age 26y 6m 28d
Kruckman, Eide Gustavus, b. 1845 (Hanover, Germany), d. May 10, 1914, age 64y
Kruckman, Ellen B., b. May 28, 1860, d. Feb 18, 1897, Wife of DL Marble, age 36y
Kruckman, Laura C., b. Jun 23, 1880, d. Sept 3, 1884, age 4y 2m 1d
Marble, Callie L., b. Mar 4, 1896, d. Jan 28, 1903, Dghtr of DL and Ellan (Kruckman) Marble, age 7y
Marble, Carl L., b. Jul 6, 1893, d. Jan 28, 1903, age 10y
Marble, Clara F., b. 1860, d. 1925, age 65y
Marble, D. L., b. Dec 25, 1852, d. Nov 20, 1917, husband of Ellen (Kruckman) Marble, age 64y
Marble, Esther Ann, b. 1827, d. 1890, age 63y
Marble, Frank, b. 1850, d. 1921, age 71y
Marble, Hiram S., b. 1810 (Iowa), d. 1891, Civil War Vet
Marble, Iva Belle, b. Jul 10, 1891, d. May 11, 1892, age 8m
Marble, Milton H., b. Sept 6, 1888, d. Dec 8, 1908
McCray, Clayton, b. 1913, d. 1925, son of Clinton and Lydia Fern McCray, age 12y5m
McCray, Clinton, b. 1886, d. 1934, father of Clayton and Sylvan Dell, husband of Lydia Fern, age 48y
McCray, Sylvan Dell, b. May 3, 1915, d. Apr, 1918, son of Clinton and Lydia Fern McCray, age 2y11m
McDonald, Charles D., b. May 12, 1899, d. Apr 11, 1919, age 19y
McDonald, Clinda Mae, b. 1869, d. 1956, age 87y
McDonald, Duncan, b. Jun 29, 1849, d. Jun 27, 1919, age 71y
McNutt, Oscar, b. Nov 30, 1864, d. May 16, 1917, husband of Sarah A. (Strunk) McNutt), age 52y5m6d
Minton, Christina, b. 1864, d. 1932, age 68y
Minton, Elmer L., b. Jul 25, 1861, d. May 29, 1919, husband of Christine, age 57y 10m 6d
Piffer, Earl, b. Dec 16, 1914, d. Jul 24, 1953, WA Infantry-Pvt. WWII, age 38y
Piffer, Ernest F., b. Dec 15, 1867 (Germany), d. May 11, 1946, husband of Flora P., age 79y
Piffer, Flora P., b. 1884, d. Mar 27, 1934, wife of Ernest F., age 50y
Piontek, August, b. Jan 15, 1852 (Germany), d. Aug 7, 1939, age 87y 6m 23d
Powell, Rebecca, b. unknown, d. 1889,
Powell, Valentine, b. Nov 6, 1814, d. Jul 15, 1889, age 75y, marker is rock near Rebecca Powell.
Raether, Charles, b. May 8, 1851, d. Oct 28, 1906, age 55y
Sheway, Elaine A., b. Jan 10, 1910, d. Jan 11, 1992, age 82y1d
Strunk, D. H., b. Oct10, 1876, d. Jul 24, 1942, age 65y
Strunk, Sarah A. (McNutt), b. Feb 12, 1840, d. Oct 12, 1903, age 63y
Strunk, W. B., b. Jan 25, 1844, d. May 8, 1908, age 64y
Turk, Harry, b. 1897. d. 1901, son of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Turk, age 4y
Turk, Henry W. (H.W.), b. May 12, 1836 (England), d. Jul 10, 1914, CivilWar Vet, age 78y
Turk, Lucretia, b. 1869, d. 1897, age 28y
Turk, Richard Harry (R.H.), b. 1902, d. 1963, age 61y
Turk, Richard Ulysess, no information, markers says "Dick"
Turk, Vashi Viola, b. Aug 28, 1840, d. May 20, 1911, wife of H.W. Turk, age 71y 8m 2d
Turk, Vernice Marion, b. May 5, 1900, d. May, 1904, daughter of R.E. and Mabel Turk, age 4
Turk, Vivian, b. 1901, d. 1908, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Turk, age 7y
Venden, Christine, b. 1867, d. Aug 17, 1937, age 70y 7m 2d
Venden, Inga D., b. Feb 21, 1892, d. Sept 22, 1909, age 17y
Venden, Nels, b. Oct 6, 1866, d. Feb 10, 1911, 44y
Weberg, Harry, b. Sept 17, 1885, d. Jul 29, 1917, 32y
Wing, Any Pearl (Turk), b. Apr 26, 1883, d. Jun 12, 1904, wife of Lacy Wing, age 21y1m6d
Woodruff, Harriett (Hattie Chandler) J., b. 1847, d. 1932, wife of William Woodruff.
Woodruff, William, b. Sept 4, 1849, d. Sept 6, 1923, age 74y2d, original owner of cemetery property, husband of Harriett (Hattie) Woodruff
Wright, Loren, b. 1820, d. Feb 14, 1906, husband of Lucetta Wright, first Postmaster at Cape Horn, CoB25GT Infantry, age 85y
Wright, Lucetta, b. Jan 1, 1826, d. Oct 25, 1896, wife of Loren Wright, age 70y
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