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Mountain View Cemetery
Auburn, King County, Washington

2020 Mountain View Drive, Auburn WA
(253) 931 3028

Northbound on I-5: Take the 320th St exit. At the end of the ramp, turn left onto 320th. Continue on 320th, take a left at the light at 321st St (just east after crossing Military Road). Turn right onto 44th and continue as road winds around to S 331st and Mt. View Drive. The cemetery will be on the left as you head down the hill on Mountain View Drive. Southbound on I-5: Exit at South 272nd Street. Turn left at the end of the ramp. Turn Right on West Valley Highway and continue to Mt View Drive (West Main) there is a traffic light at this intersection. Turn right uphill to the Cemetery.

Mountain View Cemetery was established Nov 08, 1890, a full year before Slaughter was incorporated as a 4th class town. The name was changed to Auburn in 1893. At the instigation of social societies, including Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias, the Mountain View Cemetery Association was formed for the purpose of purchasing land well removed from White River's annual floods, which were damaging Slaughter Precinct Cemetery. Forty acres of land was purchased from Daniel Starr, and 92 citizens contributed $25.00 each for bonds which allowed them plot space and trusteeships.

During the depression years, the cemetery fell into a deplorable state because of water shortage and lack of supervision. In 1945, a group of businessmen formed the Thousand One Club, their first act for community betterment was a move to transfer the cemetery to the City of Auburn. This was completed in 1946 and the name was changed to Auburn City Cemetery. The following year county owned acreage adjoining the cemetery was purchased. The cemetery was endowed for perpetual care in January 1947. On Jun 06, 1967, the cemetery board formally voted to change the name back to Mountain View Cemetery. (by Douglas G. Taylor and Lois Almeda, Office Asst at Mt View Cemetery.)

This is not a complete listing of burials!  The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. last edited Jul 11, 2011 . Total records = 42.

Submitters' Index

Adamson, Franklin Arista, b. 9 Mar 1864 Muscatine, Iowa, d. 3 Feb 1927 Kent WA, (h/o Samantha m. 1 Jan 1884 Milo, Warren IA), [LS]
Adamson, Samantha Belle (Glenn), b. 29 Feb 1864 Pleasantville IA, d. 6 Jul 1947 Seattle WA, (w/o Franklin m. 1 Jan 1884 Milo IA), [LS]
Alf, Bradley Allen, b. 21 Feb 1962, d. 21 Feb 1962 (s/o Janet Ellen Alf), [LS]
Alf, Daniel Kenneth, b. 24 Aug 1934 Seattle WA, d. 10 Mar 1973 Seattle WA (s/o Kenneth and Viola), [LS]
Alf, Harvey A., b. 14 Feb 1891 MO, d. 22 Aug 1963 Mason County WA (h/o Mary Ann), [LS]
Alf, Kenneth Ray, b. 14 Feb 1909 Seattle WA, d. 9 May 1985 Federal Way WA (h/o Viola m. 10 May 1933 Everett WA, h/o Wanda m. about 1958 Kent WA), [LS]
Alf, Linda Lou, b. 14 Mar 1946 Tacoma WA, d. 18 Mar 1946 Tacoma WA, (d/o Kenneth and Viola), [LS]
Alf, Mary Ann C. (Hankins), b. about 1892, d. 11 Oct 1971 Renton WA, (2nd w/o Harvey), [LS]
Alf, Mary Belle (Adamson), b. 28 May 1884 Milo IA, d. 23 Feb 1912 Seattle WA, m. George Andrew Alf 13 Jan 1902 Alva OK, [LS]
Alf, Viola Leora (Callaham), b. 1 Apr 1914 Bremerton WA, d. 9 Feb 1953 Seattle WA (1st w/o Kenneth m. 10 May 1933 Everett WA), [LS]
Alf, Wanda (Kroll), b. 4 May 1927 Vancouver WA, d. 19 Jan 1993 (2nd w/o Kenneth, cremated, [LS]
Asher, Charles Monroe, b. 12 Nov 1878 MO, d. 19 May 1962 Seattle, [LM]
Asher, Henry Frank, b. 25 Jun 1888 MN, d. 13 Apr 1979, [LM]
Beckham, Shannon Kathleen (Paquin), b. 15 Jul 1939 Tacoma WA, d. 25 Nov 1996 Tacoma WA , [LS]
Brechbiel, Amy Anna (Adamson), b. 25 Aug 1888 Colby KS, d. 12 Mar 1965 Seattle WA (w/o Jonas m. 2 Jul 1908), [LS]
Brechbiel, Jonas Clifford, b. 2 Jul 1882, d. 23 Aug 1941 Waynesboro PA (h/o Amy m. 2 Jul 1908), [LS]
Brown, Elaine Ida, b. 1921 d. 1987, d/o Earl T. and Hilda Holste Watson, w/o Roger, [LC]
Brown, Roger Willard, b. 1915, d. 1977, s/o Alva A. and Edna Mabel Hersom Brown, [LC]
Gill, Francis Oliver, b. 24 Oct 1910 OR, d. 13 Oct 1955, [LM]
Gill, Margaret Lenora Asher, b. 1 Sep 1881 MN, d. 25 Nov 1969, [LM]
Gill, Thomas Edward, b. 19 Jul 1862 OH, d. 6 Jun 1931 Seattle, [LM]
King, Hazel Erma, b. 28 Nov 1902 OR, d. 30 Nov 1935, Los Angeles, CA, w/o Otis Alvin King, [LM]
Miller, Thomas Jensen, b. 14 Jul 1885 Denmark, d. 18 May 1933, h/o Anna Louise Miller, [CW]
Reed, Bertha, b. Aug 23, 1876 Goderic, Ont Canada, m. Adney Reed on May 11, 1898, d. Mar 15, 1969 Renton WA, d/o John Bloe and Mary A. Snell, [KC]
Smith, Coy Michael, b. 20 Nov 1946 Renton/Burien WA, d. 20 May 1985, ashes bur/w mother, Frances, [LS]
Smith, Frances Annice (Jones), b. 14 Jun 1918 Malta MT, d. 22 Jul 1974, (1st w/o George m. 11 Mar 1939 Tacoma WA), bur/w Coy Michael, [LS]
Smith, Robert Dean, b. 28 Mar 1940, Rosco CA, d. 11 Jan 1982, [LS]
Taylor, Charles L, b. 16 Jun 1879, d. 15 May 1898, age: 18 yrs, s/o Washington and Esther Taylor, bur. 1st Ed., Blk 9, Lot 3, S 1/2 of SW 1/4, [DT]
Taylor, Esther Z. (Tuttle), b. 5 Nov 1857 Jones County, IA, d. 1931, w/o Washington Taylor, bur. 1st Ed., Blk 9, Lot 3, S 1/2 of NW 1/4, [DT]
Taylor, Washington, b. 1849 Jones County, IA, d. 1929, bur. 1st Ed., Blk 9, Lot 3, N 1/2 of NW 1/4, [DT]
Tuttle, John Lewis, b. 10 Jul 1866 Madison IA, d. 19 Dec 1912, bur. 1st Ed., Blk 9, Lot 3, S 1/2 of SE 1/4, [DT]
Van Winkle, Barak S., b. 18 Sep 1830 Kentucky, d. 5 May 1899, Father, , bur. 1st Ed., Blk 9, Lot 4, S 1/2 of SW 1/4, [DT]
Van Winkle, Cecil, b. 12 Jun 1904, d. 10 Sep 1904, bur. 1st Ed., Blk 9, Lot 4, S 1/2 of NW 1/4, [DT]
Van Winkle, Edwin D., b. 7 Feb 1886 Greenfield KS, d. 21 Oct 1968, s/o Barak S. and Myra A. Van Winkle, bur. 1st Ed., Blk 9, Lot 4, S 1/2 of NE 1/4, [DT]
Van Winkle, Ernest J., b. 5 Apr 1877 Iowa, d. Oct 1971, s/o Barak S. and Myra A. Van Winkle, bur. 1st Ed., Blk 9, Lot 4, S 1/2 of SE 1/4, [DT]
Van Winkle, Lawrence E., b. 28 May 1915, d. 2 Nov 1983, age: 67 yrs, Beloved Husband and Father, s/o Edwin D. and Margaret E. Van Winkle, bur. 1st Ed., Blk 9, Lot 3, N 1/2 of SE 1/4, [DT]
Van Winkle, Margaret E. (Wilder), b. 24 May 1891 North Dakota, d. 31 May 1988, w/o Edwin D. Van Winkle, bur. 1st Ed., Blk 9, Lot 4, N 1/2 of NE 1/4, [DT]
Van Winkle, Myra A. (Tuttle), b. 22 Dec 1847 Canada, d. 2 Aug 1926, Mother, w/o Barak S. Van Winkle (actual given name is Almira), bur. 1st Ed., Blk 9, Lot 4, N 1/2 of SW 1/4, [DT]
Van Winkle, Myrtle F., b. 1880 Kansas, d. 1931, w/o Ernest J. Van Winkle, bur. 1st Ed., Blk 9, Lot 4, N 1/2 of SE 1/4, [DT]
Van Winkle, Pauline V., b. 19 Nov 1915, d. 12 Dec 1984, age: 69 yrs, Beloved Wife and Mother, w/o Lawrence E. Van Winkle, bur. 1st Ed., Blk 9, Lot 3, S 1/2 of NE 1/4, [DT]
Vetter, Lois Katherine, b. 27 Oct 1901 Modale IA, w/o Karl Edward Vetter, m. 29 Mar 1926 Havre MT, d. 8 Jun 1978, d/o Herschel Weston Field and Minnie May Olmstead, [DE]
Walder, Francis "Lucky" Paul, b. 13 Aug 1935, d. 29 Mar 1980, h/o Judith Carol Alf, m. 6 Sep 1961, bur. 2 Apr 1980 in Lot 24, Block 3, 4th Add., [LS]

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