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Issaquah Hillside Cemetery
Issaquah, King County, Washington

GPS: 47.529672, -122.045883

555 W Sunset Way
Issaquah, WA 98027

Date published: September 2, 2017
Total records: 3,603

Surnames I-N

Records published here were compiled by Suzanne Livingstone [livingstoneancestry@gmail.com] based on inscriptions of all visible tombstones during visits in July 2012 and again in July 2017. It is possible there may be other stones, some of which are no longer visible, either under grass or very weathered to where they are non-legible

ICKES, Mary Lorraine, birth: 1920, death: 1984
IDA, Moriye, birth: 1918, death: 1981
ISMAIL, Sadruddin, birth: 1934, death: 2001
ISOTALO, Eino E, birth: 3-Nov-1903, death: 29-Mar-1983
ISOTALO, Elias, birth: 1877, death: 1957
ISOTALO, John E, birth: 6-Aug-1905, death: 1-May-1931
ISOTALO, Sophia, birth: 1873, death: 1951
IWERKS, Ernest L, birth: 1890, death: 1961
JACKSON, Dorothy Jayne, no dates
JACOBSON, David B, birth: 1952, death: 1985
JACOBSON, J. Clyde, birth: 1922, death: 2008
JACOBSON, Lois A, birth: 1922, death: 2011
JACQUES, Robert Earl, birth: 1961, death: 1982
JAEKEL, Jean M, birth: 1920, death: 2013
JAEKEL, John H, birth: 1923, death: 1992
JAHNS, Diane Marie, birth: 1967, death: 2002
JAMES, Daniel, birth: 1924, death: 2014
JAMES, Theresa Ann, birth: 1968, death: 1979
JAMISON, Margaret, birth: 1911, death: 1978
JANES, Karen C, birth: 12-Dec-1957, death: 28-Jan-2009
JANES, Marcella N, birth: 1929, death: 2004
JANUS, Clem D, birth: 1904, death: 1990
JANUS, Emma D, birth: 1907, death: 1979
JANUS, Richard J, birth: 1936, death: 1964
JAQUES, Raymond LeRoy, birth: 1935, death: 2017
JARVELA, Esther, birth: 1899, death: 1993
JARVELA, John W, birth: 1894, death: 1957
JARVI, Aliina, birth: 1877, death: 1955
JARVI, John G, birth: 1877, death: 1946
JARVINEN, Edwin, birth: 14-Sep-1914, death: 5-Apr-1993
JARVINEN, George T, birth: 1907, death: 1925
JARVINEN, Hilda Mary, birth: 1879, death: 1934
JARVINEN, Louise A, birth: 28-Aug-1926, death: 31-Jul-1992
JARVINEN, Walter F, birth: 14-Jan-1913, death: 23-Mar-1968, WA Tec 4 Btry B 226 AAA Slt Bn WWII
JARVINEN, William D, birth: 15-Sep-1909, death: 25-Feb-1977
JARVINEN, Winifred M, birth: 13-Apr-1921, death: 30-Apr-2008
JAUHOLA, Hans A, birth: 11-Oct-1895, death: 31-Dec-1968, WA F3 US Navy WWI
JEAN, Mr, no dates or first name
JEAN, Mrs, no dates or first name
JENKINS, David Robert, birth: 25-Aug-1938, death: 25-May-2011
JENKINS, Mary Ann, birth: 22-Nov-1935, death: 9-Dec-2012
JENNINGS, Dorothy K, birth: 1917, death: 1993
JENSEN, Albert W, birth: 1888, death: 1966
JENSEN, Augusta M, birth: 1896, death: 1987
JENSEN, Hans C, birth: 9-Nov-1888, Denmark, death: 24-Jun-1957, Issaquah, WA
JEREMICA, Emelia Mariah, death: 10-Jun-2015
JEREMICA, Nicholas A, birth: 1977, death: 2006
JESSA, Zahra S, birth: 29-Sep-1985, death: 10-Jan-1996
JETHA, Abdulrasul Kassam, birth: 25-Nov-1919, death: 22-Jul-1999
JETT, Carl O Jr., birth: 22-Oct-1937, death: 1971
JOHNSEN, Alta A, birth: 1904, death: 1987
JOHNSEN, Karl W, birth: 1898, death: 1978
JOHNSON, Andrew A, death: 24-Oct-1926, age 55 years
JOHNSON, Andrew O, birth: 1-Mar-1883, death: 8-Jul-1968, masonic symbol
JOHNSON, Ann G, birth: 9-Nov-1913, death: 15-Jul-2003
JOHNSON, Anna, birth: 15-May-1840, death: 22-May-1903
JOHNSON, Anna, birth: 1877, death: 1951
JOHNSON, Anna, birth: 16-nov-1851, death: 21-May-1917
JOHNSON, Anna B, birth: 1872, death: 1962
JOHNSON, Anne E, birth: 1912, death: 2015
JOHNSON, Bertha, death: 6-Nov-1918, age 68 years
JOHNSON, Charles A, birth: 1872, death: 1931
JOHNSON, Charles E, birth: 1903, death: 1977
JOHNSON, Clara A, birth: 1880, death: 1919
JOHNSON, Dean A, birth: 1943, death: 1977
JOHNSON, Dorothy B, birth: 27-Jan-1920, death: 30-May-2001
JOHNSON, Dorothy M, birth: 7-Jul-1929, death: 27-Aug-2010
JOHNSON, Forrest S, birth: 1923, death: 2010, h/o Gunvor; married November 21, 1943
JOHNSON, Frank D, birth: 1870, death: 1945
JOHNSON, Gisli, birth: 23-Mar-1912, death: 10-Oct-1990, US Navy WWII
JOHNSON, Gladys, birth: 1915, death: 1997
JOHNSON, Gordon W, birth: 16-Oct-1939, death: 1-Nov-1990, US Navy
JOHNSON, Gunvor E, birth: 1924, death: 2000, w/o Forrest; married November 21, 1943
JOHNSON, Hannah S, birth: 1867, death: 19xx, year of death incomplete
JOHNSON, Hans A, birth: 1898, death: 1955
JOHNSON, Harry W, birth: 1898, death: 1974
JOHNSON, Henry M, birth: 1878, death: 1966
JOHNSON, Hugo G, birth: 1892, death: 1963
JOHNSON, Ingi, birth: 5-Oct-1917, death: 2-Nov-1979
JOHNSON, James E Sr., birth: 29-Jan-1926, death: 31-Jan-1986, Col US Army WWII Vietnam
JOHNSON, John Cornilius, birth: 1-Dec-1830, death: 23-Oct-1909
JOHNSON, Katherine, birth: 24-Feb-1871, death: 3-Dec-1950
JOHNSON, Kenneth, birth: 1924, death: 1949
JOHNSON, Leo E Jr., birth: 1918, death: 2004
JOHNSON, Leo Edwin, birth: 1892, death: 1981, masonic symbol
JOHNSON, Lina K, birth: 1888, death: 1991
JOHNSON, Lola Mae, birth: 1938, death: 1943
JOHNSON, Lorraine, birth: 1902, death: 1951
JOHNSON, Lura H, birth: 1910, death: 1977
JOHNSON, Marianna, birth: 5-Oct-1921, death: 10-May-1962
JOHNSON, Martha J, birth: 1900, death: 1976
JOHNSON, Mathilda, birth: 1875, death: 1931
JOHNSON, Matt, birth: 1865, death: 1959
JOHNSON, Nels J, death: 27-Jun-1924, age 73 years
JOHNSON, Ole, birth: 1913, death: 1991
JOHNSON, Olga A, birth: 1890, death: 1986
JOHNSON, Orvald, birth: 1921, death: 1983
JOHNSON, Otto C, birth: 1874, death: 1922
JOHNSON, peter L, birth: 1890, death: 1967
JOHNSON, Selma B, birth: 1903, death: 1987
JOHNSON, Swan M, birth: 25-Feb-1852, death: 11-Nov-1925
JOHNSON, Thelma S, birth: 1901, death: 1985
JOHNSON, Victor, birth: 1886, death: 1969
JOHNSON, Violet S, birth: 1-Aug-1891, death: 14-Jan-1975
JOHNSON, Walter F, birth: 1914, death: 1964
JOHNSON, Walter V, birth: 13-Jun-1914, death: 9-Sep-1996, US Navy WWII
JOHNSON, William V, birth: 1901, death: 1986, US Navy
JOKINEN, Lauri S, birth: 1888, death: 1978
JOKINEN, Senja M, birth: 1889, death: 1974
JOKINEN, Tyyne, birth: 1892, death: 1969
JONES, Audrey, birth: 18-Apr-1928, death: 26-Jan-2015
JONES, Baby Boy, death: 4-Sep-1966
JONES, Carol Jean, birth: 1943, death: 1999
JONES, Clifford M, birth: 1911, death: 1976
JONES, Donald E, birth: 1946, death: 2001
JONES, Ernest Lester, birth: 29-Apr-1913, death: 15-Jun-1947, VA SK 1C USNR WWII
JONES, Howell Thomas, birth: 13-Dec-1846, death: 9-Apr-1920
JONES, Iva B, birth: 1889, death: 1988
JONES, Jacob, birth: 1825, death: 1905
JONES, Jacob, birth: 1881, death: 1959
JONES, Jean Rae, birth: 16-Jun-1964, death: 16-Jun-1964
JONES, John, birth: 1901, death: 1982
JONES, Joseph, birth: 1901, death: 1981
JONES, Leda, birth: 1887, death: 1959
JONES, Margaret, birth: 1902, death: 1973
JONES, Margaret M, birth: 1902, death: 1973
JONES, Marlyn , birth: 23-Jul-1926, death: 16-Mar-2008
JONES, Mary, birth: 1851, death: 1933
JONES, Matthew Evan, birth: 16-Jun-1964, death: 7-Apr-2009
JONES, Michael R, birth: 9-Sep-1962, death: 10-Sep-1962
JONES, Miriam L, birth: 20-Oct-1912, death: 10-Oct-2004
JONES, Nell G, birth: 1911, death: 1992
JONES, Robert H, birth: 14-Aug-1892, death: 9-Nov-1970, WA Pfc 815 Pioneer Inf WWI
JONES, Robert Leroy, birth: 1921, death: 2016
JONES, Samuel, birth: 1883, death: 1952
JONES, Sarah E, birth: 1-Jan-1845, death: 5-Dec-1911
JONES, Sylvia, birth: 1900, death: 1985
JONES, Thomas L, birth: 1909, death: 1967
JONES, Thomas Michael, birth: 13-Jan-1935, death: 24-Jul-2011
JONES, yvonne, birth: 1920, death: 1985
JORDAN, Carole Ann, birth: 29-Jan-1947, death: 13-Jan-1998
JUDGE, Jack L, birth: 4-Aug-1919, death: 20-Apr-1954, WA Pvt 363 Engineers WWII
JUDGE, John S, birth: 1-Oct-1895, death: 4-Apr-1965
JUDGE, Zoe, birth: 14-Nov-1899, death: 16-Jun-1970
JUNE, Orton E, birth: 1914, death: 1938
JUNE, Orton e, birth: 1890, death: 1958
JUNE, Pauline, birth: 1896, death: 1981
JUNGSTRUM, Hilda A, birth: 1881, death: 1966
JURICK, Nicholas, birth: 1868, death: 1962
JUSSILA, Martha Maria, birth: 15-Mar-1908, death: 25-Apr-1909
JUSTICE, Herbert H, birth: 30-Jun-1929, death: 20-Mar-1962, WA Sgt 6902 Area Svc Unit
KAHNE, Frank, birth: 1883, death: 1950
KAMM, Nancy Joan, birth: 29-Aug-1946, death: 25-Jun-1998
KAMP, Donald E, birth: 18-Nov-1931, death: 10-Jan-2001, US Army Korean Conflict
KAMP, Doris M, birth: 12-Aug-1933, death: 4-Dec-1984
KANANEN, Ida J, birth: 1885, death: 1975
KANANEN, Oliver, birth: 1919, death: 1935
KANANEN, Oscar, birth: 1879, death: 1932
KARMAN, Jean B, birth: 1876, death: 1959
KARMAN, Josephine, birth: 1879, death: 1939
KARVIA, Albert, birth: 1910, death: 1981
KARVIA, Elsie, birth: 1914, death: 1982
KARVIA, Frank G, birth: 7-Oct-1943, death: 3-Jan-1971, WA ATN 2 US Navy Vietnam
KARVIA, Gertrude W, birth: 1908, death: 1925
KARVIA, Joan, birth: 9-Jul-1914, death: 6-Mar-2001
KARVIA, Maria, birth: 1877, death: 1959
KARVIA, Nickolai, birth: 1871, death: 1935
KARVIA, Walter E, birth: 21-Jan-1912, death: 6-Aug-1993, US Navy WWII
KASIK, Peggy Lynn, birth: 8-Jul-1949, death: 14-Nov-2006
KASZUBA, Anton F, birth: 1879, death: 1962
KASZUBA, Wladzia, birth: 1889, death: 1988
KEATING, Rita Mae, birth: 7-Mar-1956, death: 21-Apr-2007
KELDERMAN, Nicholas, birth: 5-Sep-1934, death: 9-Apr-2013
KELLEY, Joseph, birth: 9-Mar-1946, death: 9-Jul-2010
KELLOGG, Robert R, birth: 30-Apr-1926, death: 31-Dec-1985, US Navy WWII
KELLY, Grace M, birth: 1912, death: 1957
KELSO, Frank, birth: 16-Dec-1901, death: 18-Apr-1986
KENNEDY, Charles, birth: 1893, death: 1961
KENNEDY, Frances, birth: 1906, death: 1992
KENNEDY, Hugh William, birth: 17-May-1915, death: 14-Sep-1998
KENNEDY, Miriam M, birth: 1941, death: 1985
KEOGH, Alfred H, birth: 7-Jul-1918, death: 10-Apr-1987, US Army WWII
KEOGH, Alfred M, birth: 1894, death: 1968, masonic symbol
KEOGH, Donald W, birth: 13-Aug-1919, death: 3-Apr-1993, US Army WWII
KEOGH, Jean, birth: 20-May-1927, death: 24-Jul-1995
KEOGH, John J, birth: 1898, death: 1921
KEOGH, M. J., birth: 1866, death: 1928
KEOGH, Mary Ann, birth: 1870, death: 1932
KEOGH, Nellie, birth: 1895, death: 1973
KEPHART, Emaline Campbell, birth: 1916, death: 1996
KERAWALA, Abdul Aziz, birth: 28-Dec-1930, death: 11-May-1998
KERN, Marylu, birth: 3-Aug-1937, death: 11-Oct-2012
KEROLA, Agnes M, birth: 1914, death: 1996
KEROLA, Alfred A, birth: 1874, death: 1923
KEROLA, Alvin A, birth: 1910, death: 1950
KERR, Archabald R, birth: 24-Nov-1897, death: 19-Sep-1972, WA Pfc 535 QM Salv Rep Co WWII
KHABANI, Bahadrundin P, birth: 1941, death: 1994
KHLEBOPROS, Joseph, birth: 12-Nov-1935, death: 16-Jan-2012
KIDNEY, Anna B, birth: 1876, death: 1944
KIDNEY, John P, birth: 1866, death: 1946
KIEBERT, William M, birth: 1899, death: 1949
KIISKI, Liisa, birth: 1875, death: 1956
KIISKI, Matt, birth: 1876, death: 1935
KILDALL, Roger, birth: 1947, death: 1988
KILLORAM, Betty E, birth: 28-Feb-1931, death: 28-Aug-2014
KILLORAN, Alan R, birth: 1-Jul-1958, death: 13-Jul-1998
KILLORAN, Francis J, birth: 8-Feb-1920, death: 26-Nov-2000
KING, Arnold M, birth: 1904, death: 1981
KING, Bertha J, birth: 1882, death: 1952
KING, Donald R, birth: 1935, death: 1987
KING, Harry E. F., birth: 1870, death: 1949
KING, Mamie E, birth: 1906, death: 1969
KING, Phyllis A, birth: 1935, death: 1999
KINNUNE, Charles E, death: 13-Jan-1936, WA Sgt 20 Engrs
KINNUNE, Charles H, birth: 1861, death: 1943
KINNUNE, Charles H, birth: 30-Apr-1933, death: 16-Sep-2004
KINNUNE, Constance, birth: 1907, death: 1995
KINNUNE, Edith, birth: 19-Dec-1915, death: 8-Mar-1927
KINNUNE, Henry, birth: 1905, death: 1956
KINNUNE, Maria E, birth: 1868, death: 1954
KIRCHAN, Aaron Glenn, birth: 5-Sep-1969, death: 8-Oct-1969
KIRKMAN, Floyd, birth: 1902, death: 1985
KIRKMAN, Renate, birth: Apr 1940, death: Nov 1981
KIRTLAND, Ethel N, birth: 1886, death: 1966
KISKE, Jean, birth: 1904, death: 2003
KISKE, William, birth: 1898, death: 1977
KISTER, Ervin, birth: 1884, death: 1965
KITTLE, J curt, birth: 1942, death: 2004
KJELMYHR, Orrel, birth: 1917, death: 1984
KLEIN, Edward, birth: 1872, death: 1957
KLEIN, Frank, birth: 1881, death: 1950
KLEIN, Joshua Ryan, birth: 1975, death: 1991
KLEPACZYK, Frances, birth: 1913, death: 1993
KLEPACZYK, Raymond, birth: 1919, death: 2002
KLINEFELTER, Edna, birth: 1904, death: 2006
KLINEFELTER, Sam, birth: 1905, death: 1991, masonic symbol
KLOCK, Gertrude A, birth: 1908, death: 1990
KLOCK, John L, birth: 1903, death: 1973
KNOERNSCHILD, Alfred Harold, birth: 1909, death: 1910
KNOERNSCHILD, Hannah, birth: 1890, death: 1972
KNOERNSCHILD, Paul W, birth: 17-Aug-1915, death: 15-May-1966, WA MM1 US Navy WWII
KNOERNSCHILD, Paul W, birth: 1881, death: 1930
KNUDTSON, Orvall K, birth: 11-Jul-1915, death: 5-May-1992, US Army WWII
KNUDTSON, Vivian G, birth: 1-Jul-1922, death: 13-Mar-2001
KOCHEVAR, Jack, birth: 24-Jul-1906, death: 25-Jul-1943, ID MC5 Inf WWII
KOKKO, Isaac, birth: 1887, death: 1945
KOKKO, Jennie, birth: 1884, death: 1967
KOLAR, Carrie L, birth: 8-Jan-1940, death: 10-Jul-1998
KOLLENBORN, Frances L, birth: 24-Jul-1943, death: 5-Apr-1993
KOOHEVAR, Jacob, birth: 1877, death: 1951
KOONTZ, tony, birth: 23-Jul-1981, death: 25-Nov-1996
KOSKI, Hilma, birth: 1887, death: 1958
KOSKI, Hilna, birth: 1889, death: 1937
KOSKI, Joonas, birth: 27-Aug-1881, death: 18-Aug-1934
KOSKI, Oscar, birth: 1886, death: 1958
KOSS, Frank, birth: 1901, death: 1916
KOUKAL, Khan, birth: 29-Jul-1968, death: 3-May-1969
KOVACEVICH, George C, birth: 1902, death: 1979
KOVACEVICH, Violet L, birth: 1902, death: 1983
KRAFT, Mary T, birth: 1914, death: 1987
KRAFT, Raymond M, birth: 1900, death: 1976
KRAJEWSKI, Gerald R, birth: 11-Feb-1943, death: 27-Aug-1987, US Army Vietnam
KRAMER, Eleanor, birth: 1911, death: 1991
KRAMER, Frances, birth: 1891, death: 1973
KRAMER, Frank, birth: 1909, death: 1992
KRAMER, John, birth: 1875, death: 1967
KRAMER, John, birth: 1908, death: 1977
KRAMER, Walcie, birth: 1910, death: 1980
KRANICK, Annie, birth: 1863, death: 1947
KRANICK, George, birth: 1865, death: 1908
KRANICK, George, birth: 1887, death: 1945
KRANICK, John, birth: 20-Sep-1895, death: 6-Nov-1948, WA Pvt 13 Inf 8 Div WWI
KRANICK, Katie, birth: 1902, death: 1932
KRIKEN, Ivor John, birth: 21-Mar-1919, death: 13-Mar-1983, US Army
KRIKEN, Kathryn, birth: 1918, death: ?
KRONHOLM, Elizabeth, birth: 1839, death: 1914
KRUGER, Frances, birth: 5-Jul-1897, death: 6-Jul-1980
KRUGER, John F, birth: 21-Aug-1892, death: 13-Mar-1973, WA Pvt US Army WWI
KUEHL, Ella Vivian, birth: 1878, death: 1974
KUEHL, Peter, birth: 1876, death: 1966
KUHN, Annie, birth: 1882, death: 1943
KUHN, Fred, birth: 27_Jul-1890, death: 7-Oct-1954, WA Pvt Co D 305 Inf 77 Div WWI
KUKASZUK, Dariusz, birth: 1964, death: 1995
KULBEL, Merlyn d, birth: 10-Dec-1922, death: 25-Oct-1997, US Navy WWII
KURE, Rhadames Edward, birth: 3-Oct-1941, death: 1-Sep-2005
KUZEE, Charles M, birth: 12-Jul-1910, death: 4-May-1975, Cpl US Army WWII
LABUDA, Elizabeth A, birth: 1941, death: 1997
LACKEY, Norma, birth: 1932, death: 1968
LACKLAND, Louisa, birth: 1899, death: 1964
LAGGE-MUDD, Joan, birth: 1942, death: 2009
LAHTI, Einar, birth: 1901, death: 1954
LAHTINEN, John, birth: 1875, death: 1947
LAINE, Amanda K, birth: 22-Dec-1884, death: 5-May-1958
LAINE, Tolvo John, birth: 7-Apr-1884, death: 12-Feb-1949
LAITALA, Doreen M, birth: 1926, death: 1984
LAITALA, Harold M, birth: 1924, death: 2013
LALANI, Sakar Khanu, birth: 1924, death: 1999
LALANNE, Donald L, birth: 1911, death: 1972
LALANNE, Gladys M, birth: 1912, death: 1997
LALANNE, Richard V, birth: 1946, death: 2001
LAMARCHE, Elizabet, birth: 1882, death: 1974
LAMARCHE, George A, birth: 1881, death: 1966
LAMARCHE, Raymond J, birth: 1906, death: 1996
LAMARCHE, Zora A, birth: 1908, death: 2000
LAMB, Vera E, birth: 27-Apr-1948, death: 22-Jan-1981
LAMBE, John Joseph, birth: 1926, death: 2017
LAMBE, Patricia Ann (nee Job), birth: 26-Dec-1927, death: 12-Jun-2013
LANDDECK, Arthur Ellis, birth: 25-Apr-1921, death: 9-Mar-2003, h/o Beulah, married June 30, 1947
LANDDECK, Beulah Melvina, birth: 23-Sep-1924, death: 31-Oct-1997, w/o Arthur, married June 30, 1947
LANDON, Harvey D, birth: 14-Jan-1931, death: 10-Jun-1991, Sgt US Air Force Korea
LANE, Betty Jane, birth: 1926, death: 2002
LANE, Cooper Mathias, birth: 7-Dec-2007, death: 9-Dec-2007
LANE, Doris L, birth: 1928, death: 1997
LANE, Isaac B, birth: 1888, death: 1940
LANE, Robert L, birth: 31-May-1932, death: 7-Jun-1988, US Navy Korea
LANGLEY, Amy Marie, birth: 18-Jul-1984, death: 10-Aug-1984
LANTOW, ?, birth: 4-Sep-1905, death: 7-Jan-1992
LAPANSKY, Joseph, birth: 1877, death: 1921
LAPANSKY, Mother, birth: 1884, death: 1937
LAPSANSKY, Cleta T, birth: 1924, death: 2012
LAPSANSKY, Frank J, birth: 4-May-1919, death: 24-Jan-1992, US Army WWII
LAPSANSKY, John E, birth: 1917, death: 1985
LAPSANSKY, Terry A, birth: 1947, death: 1984
LAPSANSKY, Thomas J, birth: 24-Dec-1917, death: 16-Jan-1997, US Army WWII
LARSEN, Carl E, birth: 1910, death: 1982
LARSEN, Marjorie Gardner, birth: 1909, death: 1989
LARSEN, Selma T, birth: 1869, death: 1972
LARSON, Charles, birth: 1852, death: 1918
LARSON, Mary, birth: 1907, death: 1996
LARSON, O Al, birth: 1903, death: 1978
LARSON, Thelma, birth: 1910, death: 1974
LAW, Charles, birth: 1897, death: 1986
LAW, Ella, birth: 1904, death: 1985
LAWRENCE, Georgie M, birth: 1870, death: 1913
LAWRENCE, Tyyne M, birth: 1903, death: 1953
LAWS, Benjamin, death: 21-Aug-1900
LAX, Jacob, birth: 1852, death: 1945
LAYNE, Ethel V, birth: 1918, death: 1996
LAYNE, Walter L, birth: 1916, death: 1989, masonic symbol
LEAF, Arthur William, birth: 1915, death: 1941
LEAF, Charles August, birth: 1879, death: 1950
LEAF, Hilda Emelia, birth: 1881, death: 1938
LEAF, Vera Caroline, birth: 1919, death: 1938
LEE, Alting R, birth: 1913, death: 1992, US Navy WWII
LEE, Chul, birth: 15-Jun-1946, death: 20-Jul-1985
LEE, Lois S, birth: 1922, death: 1992
LEMIEUX, James A, birth: 21-Mar-1917, death: 11-Nov-1993
LEMIEUX, Joan G, birth: 27-May-1924, death: 3-Jan-1989, Y1 US Navy WWII
LESHER, Elsie C, birth: 1913, death: 1994
LESLIE, Claire F, birth: 1905, death: 1982
LESLIE, Edward E, birth: 1906, death: 1960
LETOURNEAU, Catherine E, birth: 1899, death: 1957
LEVIN, Irving, birth: 10-Mar-1924, death: 13-Feb-2015, Lt Col USAF WWII Korea Vietnam Purple Heart
LEVINE, Max, birth: 3-Sep-1918, death: 12-Jan-2007, US Army WWII
LEVINE, Rosena Ptitjean, birth: 19-Mar-1923, death: 10-Nov-2012
LEVY, Barbara, birth: 1933, death: 2005
LEVY, Daniel Robinson, birth: 4-Feb-1990, death: 13-Jun-1990
LEVY, Evon, birth: 1927, death: 2014
LEVY, Kenneth, birth: 1953, death: 1980
LEWIS, Andrew W, birth: 1911, death: 1971
LEWIS, Ann, death: 6-may-1890, w/o Thomas; 49 years
LEWIS, David A, birth: 1883, death: 1964
LEWIS, Donna Beverly, birth: 25-Sep-1925, death: 22-Apr-2008
LEWIS, Henrietta, birth: 3-Nov-1889, death: 10-Jan-1979
LEWIS, Jennie Carey, birth: 6-May-1896, death: 20-Sep-1957
LEWIS, Joseph J, birth: 1880, death: 1968
LEWIS, Lena F, birth: 1889, death: 1972
LEWIS, Louise A, birth: 1885, death: 1969
LEWIS, Margaret H, birth: 1890, death: 1962
LEWIS, Reada R, birth: 10-Mar-1952, death: 1991
LEWIS, Tom, birth: 1905, death: 1979
LEWIS, William, birth: 1891, death: 1974
LEWIS, William O, birth: 22-Nov-1891, death: 26-Dec-1966
LI, Pui Chun, birth: 24-Aug-1920, death: 8-Dec-2015
LI, Stila, death: 4-Sep-2009
LICHTY, Hallie, birth: 1927, death: 2011
LICHTY, Ray, birth: 1925, death: 1988
LIDMAN, John Emil, birth: 29-Jul-1881, death: 27-Mar-1909
LIN, Yi, birth: 7-Aug-1958, death: 15-Dec-2009
LIND, John F, birth: 28_Jul-1871, death: 21-Aug-1900
LINDMAN, Ernest, birth: 1881, death: 1958
LINDMAN, Ruby, birth: 1894, death: 1946
LINDO, Julie Ardila, birth: 1907, death: 1993
LINDQUIST, Chester R, birth: 1923, death: 2004, WWII
LINDQUIST, Elaine M, birth: 1925, death: 2007
LINDSAY, Earl W, birth: 30-Jan-1917, death: 24-Nov-1996, US Army WWII
LINDSAY, Elsie I, birth: 2-May-1917, death: 8-May-2003
LINDSAY, Mary L, birth: 1917, death: 1997
LINDSAY, Maude A, birth: 1887, death: 1945
LINDSAY, Myles w, birth: 7-Feb-1914, death: 13-Sep-1988, US Army WWII
LINDSAY, Robert W, birth: 1912, death: 1986, US Army WWII
LINDSAY, William D, birth: 1885, death: 1959
LING, Baoming, birth: 10-Nov-1937, death: 15-Mar-2014
LINVILLE, Baby Boy, death: 26-Dec-1965
LIS-SETTE, Ann, birth: 29-Aug-1898, death: 30-Sep-1979
LIS-SETTE, Anthony A, birth: 23-Apr-1915, death: 28-Jul-1979, Capt US Army WWII Korea
LIS-SETTE, Mary L, birth: 25-Sep-1922, death: 6-Dec-1989
LITTLE, Jack W, birth: 5-Mar-1912, death: 4-Mar-1968
LITTLE, Janice Denise, birth: 25-Jan-1916, death: 28-Mar-1977
LITTLE, Johnny McCuen, birth: 5-May-1945, death: 16-Jul-1950
LITTLE, R Courtland, birth: 12-Feb-1947, death: 25-Jul-1970
LITTLE, Raymond, birth: 1898, death: 1986
LITTLE, Thelma, birth: 1903, death: 1983
LIVINGSTONE, Alexander E, birth: 1864, death: 1949
LIVINGSTONE, Bertha J, birth: 1869, death: 1945
LIVINGSTONE, Leslie Stewart, birth: 17-Jan-1963, death: 2-Sep-1967
LOEFFLER, Donald Ray, birth: 17-Jul-1932, death: 26-Aug-2010, h/o Joyce, married December 10, 1952, masonic symbol
LOEFFLER, Joyce Raye, birth: 18-Nov-1936, death: 29-Nov-2000, w/o Donald, married December 10, 1952
LOFSVOLD, Louise, birth: 1881, death: 1957
LOFSVOLD, Oscar, birth: 1880, death: 1958
LOKOSH, Stephen Michael, birth: 28-Mar-1970, death: 12-Jul-1993
LONG, Kathryn Mae, birth: 14-Sep-1919, death: 29-Apr-2012
LONG, William M, birth: 13-Apr-1944, death: 23-Apr-1983
LONNING, Karol K, birth: 1937, death: 2004
LOO, Lee D, birth: 2-Feb-1896, death: 1-Apr-1963
LOOFBOUROW, John, death: 17-Jun-1903
LOPEZ, Julia I, birth: 1885, death: 1983
LORD, Beth, birth: 1893, death: 1973
LORD, Earl, birth: 1891, death: 1961
LORTIE, Ellen J, birth: 1895, death: 1986
LORTIE, Laurence L, birth: 1892, death: 1958
LOTT, Jake, birth: 1888, death: 1971
LOTT, Mary A, birth: 1903, death: 1975
LOTT, Milton Patrick, birth: 1957, death: 1975
LOTT, Milton S, birth: 5-Sep-1931, death: 21-Sep-1987, US Navy Korea
LOTTO, Andrew, birth: 1872, death: 1916
LOTTO, Andrew, birth: 1903, death: 1967
LOTTO, Ann L, birth: 1905, death: 1998
LOTTO, Anna, birth: 1877, death: 1957
LOUVIERE, James Ronald Jr., birth: 5-Jan-1968, death: 5-Mar-1996
LOVE, Christopher, birth: 1969, death: 1992
LOVE, Flora R, birth: 1912, death: 1996
LOVICK, Inez Marie, birth: 7-Feb-1902, death: 16-Jun-1969
LOVICK, Iver, birth: 6-May-1887, death: 28-Dec-1956, MT cook Sup Co 345 Fld arty WWI
LOVINGER, Arthur C, birth: 22-Sep-1914, death: 8-Jun-1953, MT T Sgt 242 Inf 42 Inf Div WWII BSM-PH
LOVINGER, Mary E, birth: 1887, death: 1947
LOVINGER, Mazie R, birth: 1906, death: 1982
LOW, Hope J, birth: 1919, death: 1979
LOW, James T, birth: 1917, death: 1985
LOWRY, John Vernon, birth: 14-Dec-1887, death: 27-Mar-1958, WA F1 USNRF WWI
LOWRY, Olive G, birth: 1893, death: 1987
LUCIER, Arthur J, birth: 1902, death: 1977
LUCIER, Dorothy A, birth: 1914, death: 1976
LUOMA, Irma, birth: 1913, death: 1934
LUOMA, Jacob W, birth: 1872, death: 1935
LUOMA, Maria, birth: 1874, death: 1950
LUOMA, Mary, birth: 1908, death: 1924
LUOMA, Ruth, birth: 1910, death: 1930
LUOMA, William, birth: 1903, death: 1980
MACARTHUR, James, birth: 1871, death: 1948
MACKE, Julie Watson, birth: 1961, death: 1996
MACKEY, John, birth: 1891, death: 1954
MACKEY, Matilda, birth: 1891, death: 1951
MACKINTOSH, William C, birth: 1927, death: 1984
MACNAIR, A. Kennedy, birth: 1961, death: 2007
MADIGAN, James S, birth: 1922, death: 1985
MADISON, Allen L, birth: 1890, death: 1974, h/o Laura; married December 7, 1912
MADISON, Dale L, birth: 1927, death: 2009
MADISON, Jeanne, birth: 1928, death: 1991
MADISON, Laura H, birth: 1887, death: 1974, w/o Allen; married December 7, 1912
MAERTINS, Carl F, birth: 18-Apr-1904, death: 24-Nov-1990, h/o Vera; married October 8, 1933
MAERTINS, Harold C, birth: 2-Apr-1938, death: 16-Jul-2003, h/o Llora; married May 21, 1977
MAERTINS, Vera M, birth: 9-Oct-1907, death: 12-Jan-2002, w/o Carl; married October 8, 1933
MAES, Vicente, death: 1975
MAGNUSSEN, Margaret P, birth: 1899, death: 1966
MAHONEY, Thomas Patrick, birth: 1-Sep-1952, death: 17-Sep-1979
MAIN, Anna E, birth: 2-Oct-1888, death: 10-Feb-1978
MAIN, theodore, birth: 26-Aug-1890, death: 12-Jan-1973
MAKY, Gust B, birth: 1878, death: 1954
MAKY, John R, birth: 1908, death: 1944
MAKY, Kristina, birth: 1880, death: 1950
MAKY, Marla Luoma, birth: 1874, death: 1950
MALLEIS, John H, birth: 1854, death: 1899
MALLONEE, Hester Caffey (BFA), birth: 7-Jul-1926, death: 9-Feb-1994
MALLONEE, Richard Carvel II (Ph D), birth: 15-Jun-1923, death: 7-Feb-2006, Lt Col US Army
MALMASSARI, Ledo J, birth: 21-Nov-1929, death: 25-Oct-1998, US Army Korea
MANNING, Marguerite Winfred, birth: 1915, death: 2012
MANNING, Vince, birth: ?, death: 1989
MARCHETTE, Allie M, birth: 1903, death: 1927
MARCHETTE, Angela L, birth: 1871, death: 1942
MARCHETTE, thomas P, birth: 1862, death: 1935
MARGULIS, Svetlana, birth: 30-Sep-1947, death: 9-Aug-2015
MARQUES, Scott, birth: 1982, death: 1987
MARR, Mary A, birth: 25-Jun-1881, death: 27-Apr-1914
MARTIN, Gertrude, birth: 1916, death: 2006
MARTIN, Harold, birth: 1903, death: 1944
MARTIN, Harold J, birth: 1913, death: 1986
MARTIN, John W, birth: 28-Aug-1938, death: 16-Jul-1990, US Army
MARTIN, Kevin E, birth: 10-Feb-1966, death: 21-Dec-1988
MARTIN, Madeline Malena, birth: 13-Mar-1989, death: 5-Nov-1990
MARTIN, Ruth, birth: 1909, death: 1959
MARTIN, Steve D, birth: 1903, death: 1968
MARTIN, William W, birth: 1919, death: 2007
MARTINEZ, Mario E, birth: ?, death: 11-Jul-2002
MASSETT, Felix, birth: 1902, death: 1984
MASSETT, Janet, birth: 1913, death: 1993
MATHENY, Donald Pete, birth: 1966, death: 2014
MATHENY, Donna J, birth: 1929, death: 1990
MATHENY, Floyd, birth: 1919, death: 2000
MATHEWS, Lillian C, birth: 1906, death: 1990
MATHEWS, Manuel, birth: 1905, death: 1957
MATHIESEN, Egil A, birth: 1927, death: 1993
MATSON, Clarence E, birth: 13-Apr-1912, death: 30-Mar-1969, WA Tec 5 US Army WWII
MATTHEWS, Frances E, birth: 22-Aug-1913, death: 8-May-2009
MATTILA, August E, birth: 1867, death: 1919
MATTILA, Einer J, birth: 1901, death: 1972
MATTILA, Hulda H, birth: 1873, death: 1951
MATTILA, Kreeta J, birth: 1867, death: 1941
MATTILA, Margaret L, birth: 1904, death: 1993
MATTILA, Matt, birth: 1897, death: 1919
MATTILA, William, birth: 1883, death: 1957
MAUNUS, Hilma, birth: 1884, death: 1976
MAUNUS, Irja S, birth: 1912, death: 1999
MAUNUS, William, birth: 1884, death: 1974
MAUPIN, Peter B, birth: 1937, death: 2003
MAVES, Eva, birth: 1916, death: 1983
MAVES, Orville W, birth: 1918, death: 1991
MAY, Norman S, birth: 1922, death: 1967
MAY, Robina A, birth: 1924, death: 1967
MAYNARD, Kenneth Sr., birth: 1926, death: 1975
MCALEER, Charles J, birth: 27-Oct-1925, death: 17-Oct-2013
MCALEER, Ellen J, birth: 29-Aug-1930, death: 7-Jul-2015
MCCALLUM, Joyce A, birth: 6-Feb-1952, death: 30-Sep-1999
MCCAULEY, William F, birth: 1915, death: 1973
MCCLELLAND, Baby Girl, birth: 12-Dec-1969, death: 12-Dec-1969
MCCLOSKEY, Elizabeth, birth: 1884, death: 1917
MCCLOSKEY, Elizabeth, birth: 1878, death: 1955
MCCLOSKEY, Marvin E, birth: 26-Apr-1913, death: 14-May-1935
MCCLOSKEY, Pearl Tibbetts, birth: 15-Apr-1884, death: 24-Jul-1969
MCCLOSKEY, Peter, birth: 1829, death: 1915
MCCLOSKEY, Peter J, birth: 2-Dec-1883, death: 21-Dec-1935
MCCLOSKEY, Tom, birth: 1876, death: 1908
MCCOMB, Burt, birth: 1881, death: 1965
MCCOMB, Lola, birth: 1886, death: 1949
MCCRERY, Martha Bland, birth: 21-May-1953, death: 3-Feb-1995
MCCRERY, Sharrel Cllinton Jr., birth: 25-Dec-1946, death: 9-Feb-2007
MCCUEN, Johnny, birth: 5-May-1945, death: 16-Jul-1950
MCCULLOCH, Pauline, birth: 27-Nov-1905, death: 10-Mar-1985
MCDONALD, Emmett R, birth: 25-Jul-1939, death: 11-Feb-1975, Maj US Air Force
MCDOWELL, Velda Ruth, birth: 1937, death: 1996
MCEACHEN, A. Christine, birth: 1898, death: 1981
MCEACHEN, James A, birth: 1898, death: 1979
MCEACHERN, John C, birth: 7-Jan-1905, death: 10-Jan-1947, WA Pfc 3830 service command unit WWII
MCEACHERN, Lida, death: 26-Sep-1896
MCEAGHERN, Alice, birth: 1873, death: 1941
MCEAGHERN, J.A., birth: 1861, death: 1961
MCGARVEY, Gertrude, birth: 1879, death: 1946
MCGARVEY, Howard L, birth: 1917, death: 1943
MCGARVEY, John E, birth: 1874, death: 1960
MCGARVEY, Manson, birth: 1889, death: 1958
MCGILL, Elizabeth, birth: 18-Mar-1926, death: 8-Nov-2011
MCGINN, Norris J, birth: 1909, death: 1972
MCGURY, William R, birth: 22-Mar-1932, death: 19-Mar-1986, US Air Force Korea
MCINTYRE, Willie E, birth: 4-Jan-1937, death: 19-Oct-1993
MCKIBBEN, Edward, birth: 1909, death: 1989
MCKIBBEN, Genevieve, birth: 1903, death: 1990
MCKIBBEN, Nellie J, birth: 1883, death: 1976
MCKINNEY, Douglas Lee, birth: 27-Nov-1963, death: 9-Dec-1989
MCKIVOR, Alice, death: 21-Jun-1899
MCLANE, Maye, birth: 1899, death: 1965
MCLANE, Robert, birth: 1891, death: 1954
MCLEAN, Alex, birth: 1898, death: 1983, masonic symbol
MCLEAN, Charlotte, birth: 1913, death: 1933
MCLEAN, Isabella, birth: 1902, death: 1975
MCLEAN, Lena, birth: 10-Sep-1895, death: 10-Apr-1913
MCLEAN, Norman W, birth: 5-May-1925, death: 21-Nov-1996, US Coast Guard WWII
MCLEAN, Thomas, birth: 1891, death: 1936, HQ Co 75th Inf
MCLEOD, Philip Wright, birth: 1848, death: 1902
MCLOUGHLIN, Agnes E, birth: 7-May-1891, death: 8-Oct-1891
MCLOUGHLIN, Ellen J.A, birth: 15-Aug-1857, death: 24-Dec-1895
MCLOUGHLIN, Maria j, birth: 4-Jan-1882, death: 7-Sep-1898
MCLOUGHLIN, Thomas, birth: Dec 1836, death: 19-Jan-1902
MCMANN, Bessie, birth: 1883, death: 1931
MCMANUS, Eleanor S, birth: 1918, death: 2007
MCMANUS, Richard O, birth: 1919, death: 2005
MCMILLAN, Jessie, birth: 1874, death: 1946
MCMULLEN, Thomas Edgar, birth: 8-May-1903, death: 22-Aug-1903
MCNAIR, A Kennedy, birth: 1961, death: 17-Aug-2007
MCNAMAR, Blanche D, birth: 1930, death: 1974
MCNEAL, Robert, death: 1953
MCNEIL, Charles Hanton, birth: 29-Nov-1907, death: 19-Jan-2001
MCNEIL, Edelweiss Wilson, birth: 24-Mar-1906, death: 6-Oct-2007
MCPHERSON, Katie, death: 17-Sep-1903
MCQUADE, Charles T, birth: 23-Jul-1894, death: 19-Jul-1971, WA F1 US Navy WWI
MCQUADE, Dolores, birth: 1929, death: 2011
MCQUADE, Howard, birth: 1924, death: 2005
MCQUADE, John L, birth: 28-Nov-1920, death: 18-Apr-1945, WA Pvt 481 AAF Air Service Sq WWII
MCQUADE, Myrtle S, birth: 25-Jul-1902, death: 31-Dec-1983
MCSWEENEY, Krystal Erin, birth: 28-May-1962, death: 28-Jun-1998
MEDALEN, Arthur M, birth: 1903, death: 1975
MEDALEN, Margaret M, birth: 1912, death: 2004
MEDINA, Jesus Raquel, birth: 1974, death: 2010
MELLON, David, birth: 1934, death: 2001
MELLON, Dolly D, birth: 1937, death: 1983
MELMS, Gregory E Sullivan, birth: 1954, death: 1967
MEMAN, Dessie, birth: 1888, death: 1931
MENK, Sophie L, birth: 28-Dec-1926, death: 27-May-2016
MERRILL, F William, birth: 4-Oct-1913, death: 6-Apr-2002
MERRILL, Genevieve Bondo, birth: 13-Jun-1915, death: 5-Jun-2007
MERRITT, Ed, birth: 1906, death: 1992
MERRITT, Isabelle, birth: 1908, death: 1993
MESSMORE, Aileen, birth: 1904, death: 1964
MESTROVICH, Joseph, birth: 1917, death: 1974, MMB US Coast Guard
MEULI, Albert L, birth: 31-Jul-1929, death: 19-Jul-1986
MEULI, Barbara A, birth: 13-Aug-1932, death: 1-May-2014
MEULI, Bessie M, birth: 1905, death: 1965
MEULI, Charles A, birth: 1911, death: 1966
MEYER, Fred R, birth: 10-Sep-1919, death: 30-Oct-1991, Cpl US Army WWII
MEYER, Irma D, birth: 22-Apr-1916, death: 27-May-2008
MICHALAK, Deborah A, birth: 1953, death: 2000
MICHALAK, John, birth: 1949, death: 2015
MIDDLETON, Bertha, birth: 1908, death: 1972
MILES, James H, birth: 1901, death: 1977
MILES, Leonard, birth: 16-Dec-1920, death: 2-Oct-2005, masonic symbol
MILES, Leonard, birth: 1891, death: 1943
MILES, Mabel M, birth: 1903, death: 1985
MILES, Mary E, birth: 1894, death: 1955
MILES, Richard Gene, birth: 1951, death: 1959
MILES, thomas H, birth: 1859, death: 1939
MILLARD, Anna E, birth: 1892, death: 1977
MILLARD, Glen W, birth: 1891, death: 1973
MILLER, Bryant Mark, birth: 1947, death: 1997
MILLER, Catherine L, birth: 18-Mar-1913, death: 7-Nov-1991
MILLER, Edna, birth: 1881, death: 1961
MILLER, Gerald Edwin Andrew (Dr), birth: 1940, death: 2004
MILLER, Jacqueline, birth: 1942, death: 2015
MILLER, James F, birth: 27-Oct-1960, death: 26-Apr-1980
MILLER, John, birth: 1932, death: 2000
MILLER, Julie Ann, birth: 1975, death: 1990
MILLER, Oliver, birth: 21-Jan-1891, death: 18-May-1949, WA GM1 US Navy WWI
MILLER, Paul K, birth: 2-Jun-1917, death: 15-Nov-1984, US Army WWII
MILLER, William, birth: 1871, death: 1951, masonic symbol
MILLPOINTER, David D, birth: 1952, death: 2013
MILLPOINTER, Elaine L, birth: 1929, death: 2001
MILLPOINTER, Robert F, birth: 1924, death: 2008
MILLS, Grace Kathleen, birth: 1921, death: 1981
MILRE, Frances, birth: 1911, death: 1966
MINAS, Edward C III, birth: 1929, death: 2012
MINER, Diane, death: 1946
MITCHELL, Alva, birth: 1912, death: 1953
MITCHELL, Cresson C, birth: 1905, death: 1968, US Navy WWII
MITCHELL, Forrest Preston, birth: 3-Sep-1917, death: 5-Nov-1972
MITCHELL, Genevieve C, birth: 1912, death: 2003
MITCHELL, George L, birth: 1910, death: 1985
MITCHELL, Gregory Ellis, birth: 12-Jul-1977, death: 2-May-1999
MITCHELL, Guylund Elmo, birth: 7-Aug-1987, death: 12-Aug-1987
MITCHELL, Lavera Pearl, birth: 4-May-1919, death: 11-Jun-2005
MITCHELL, Linda Lee, birth: 1952, death: 2017
MITCHELL, Lucile E, birth: 1912, death: 1992
MITCHELL, Meredith C, birth: 1928, death: 1980
MITCHELL, Myrna, birth: 7-Jan-1937, death: 28-Sep-1968
MITCHELL, Patrick G, birth: 14-Sep-1940, death: 17-Dec-1989, Capt US Marine Corps Vietnam
MITCHELL, Theodore F, birth: 1903, death: 1958, masonic symbol
MITCHELL, Willis, birth: 1912, death: 1953
MIZEN, John A, birth: 5-Oct-1949, death: 6-Jan-1992, US Air Force
MOCK, William George, birth: 1883, death: 1952
MOE, Bradley Leonard, birth: 29-Mar-1953, death: 22-Oct-1993
MOFFITT, Genevieve M, birth: 1919, death: 1995
MOFFITT, Thomas O, birth: 1916, death: 1994
MOFFITT, Thomas O, birth: 1952, death: 1995
MOHAMMAD, Shirin, birth: 1929, death: 1994
MOIR, Nancy, birth: 1927, death: 1992
MOIR, Roland, birth: 1926, death: 2012
MONROE, John D, birth: 1910, death: 1996
MONROE, Julia B, birth: 1912, death: 2010
MONSON, Kenneth A, birth: 24-Jun-1948, death: 23-Sep-1999
MONSON, Otto, birth: 1903, death: 1968
MONSON, Raymond L, birth: 1-Feb-1952, death: 9-Aug-1990
MONTGOMERY, Allie J, birth: 1900, death: 1977
MONTGOMERY, Mary, birth: 1904, death: 1970
MONTI, Albina, birth: 1885, death: 1966
MONTI, Elna S, birth: 1910, death: 1962
MONTI, Louis, birth: 1876, death: 1937
MONTI, Silvio C, birth: 1908, death: 1988
MONTLER, Russell R, birth: 29-Nov-1919, death: 23-Jan-1986, US Army WWII
MONTREUIL, Pauline M, birth: 1911, death: 2002
MONTREUIL, theodore O, birth: 1897, death: 1969
MOON, Claudia Jane, birth: 27-May-1952, death: 11-Jul-2000
MOORE, Alvamarie, birth: 29-Aug-1909, death: 6-Nov-2002
MOORE, George Robert, birth: 4-Jan-1926, death: 11-Nov-1998
MOORE, Jack P, birth: 26-Jul-1929, death: 15-Jul-1990
MOORE, Jeanette Thomasina, birth: 1-Jul-1922, death: 19-Oct-2016
MOORK, Miriam Ladell, birth: 20-Oct-1912, death: 10-Oct-2004
MORCK, Frances Hamby, birth: 2-Jun-1922, death: 6-Apr-2014
MORGAN, Adeline M, birth: 24-Aug-1921, death: 19-Mar-2010
MORGAN, Anna, birth: 1894, death: 1980
MORGAN, David, birth: 1890, death: 1974
MORGAN, Esther, birth: 1872, death: 1945
MORGAN, Glayds Wait, birth: 1-Feb-1905, death: 24-Sep-1970, WA S Sgt US Army WWII
MORGAN, John C, birth: 1923, death: 2002, US Navy WWII
MORGAN, Joseph, birth: 1867, death: 1946
MORIARTY, John M, birth: 1854, death: 1919
MORRIS, Linda P, birth: 1941, death: 1993
MORRISON, Edna Ida, birth: 1908, death: 2006
MORRISON, J. Archie, birth: 1904, death: 1971
MORRISON, James Kenneth, birth: 15-May-1937, death: 28-Sep-2010
MORRISON, John Kenneth, birth: 13-Apr-1928, death: 27-Jun-2006, US Navy WWII
MORRISON, William Archie, birth: 30-Dec-1959, death: 23-Feb-1960
MORRISON, Yvonne Marie, birth: 2-Jun-1935, death: 6-Nov-1994, w/o William; married April 9, 1955
MORVEE, Edna E, birth: 1891, death: 1965
MORVEE, John H, birth: 1881, death: 1966
MORVEE, Paul W, birth: 18-Oct-1924, death: 4-Jun-1989, US Army US Air Force WWII Korea
MORVEE, Ruby M, birth: 12-Jul-1924, death: 7-Dec-1999
MOSER, Alex, birth: 1884, death: 1965
MOSER, Cecil I, birth: 31-Mar-1923, death: 21-Nov-1994, PFC Us Army WWII
MOSER, Elva B, birth: 13-Jun-1897, death: 23-Mar-1971
MOSER, Harold A, birth: 7-Apr-1920, death: 29-Nov-1989, US Army WWII
MOSHER, Elsie M, birth: 1893, death: 1990
MOSHER, Horton A, birth: 1890, death: 1961
MOSS, Alice A, birth: 1902, death: 1965
MOSS, Bobbie, birth: 1928, death: 1983
MOSS, Larry L, birth: 1955, death: 1974
MOUNTAIN, Lyall M, birth: 1912, death: 1972
MUELLER, Laura R, birth: 1931, death: 1990
MUHRBECK, Johanna, birth: 1855, death: 1923
MUHRBECK, Julius, birth: 1866, death: 1950
MUI, Wong Kwai, birth: 27-Aug-1896, death: 2-Apr-1970
MULLIGAN, John, birth: 1938, death: 2016
MULLIGAN, Judy, birth: 1941, death: 2010
MUNGER, Dorothy D, birth: 1919, death: 1994
MUNGER, Harold C, birth: 22-Aug-1919, death: 24-Nov-1981, F1 US Navy WWII
MUNSON, Dorothy A, birth: 18-Nov-1912, death: 14-Feb-1977
MURDOCH, Floyd A, birth: 30-Oct-1924, death: 1-Jul-1992, Lt Col US Air Force WWII Korea
MURDOCH, James F, birth: Oct 1898, death: 1-Jun-1969
MURDOCH, Lillian N, birth: Nov 1897, death: 1-Jun-1978
MURPHY, James, birth: 1883, death: 1963
MURPHY, Lloyd, birth: 1890, death: 1961
MURPHY, Sarah, birth: 1891, death: 1957
MURPHY-HARRISON, James P, birth: 1908, death: 2000
MURPHY-HARRISON, Laverne, birth: 1918, death: 2004
MURRAY, Jane, birth: 16-Dec-1835, death: 7-Jan-1892
MYERS, Aura Angeline, birth: 1808, death: 1909
MYERS, Nevaeh, death: 23-Apr-2012
NACHTMAN, Ethelyn L, birth: 27-Feb-1903, death: 7-Sep-1975
NALE, Jennifer A, death: 1975
NASH, Ammon, birth: 1905, death: 1976
NEEDHAM, Babe, birth: 1929, death: 2005
NEEDHAM, George D, birth: 1898, death: 1979
NEEDHAM, Madge E, birth: 1899, death: 1994
NEEDHAM, Terry, birth: 1926, death: 1999
NEER, Carole Margaret, birth: 1943, death: 2017
NEFF, Alvin L, birth: 28-Jul-1902, death: 23-Oct-1971, WA Pfc Co B 845 Engr Avn Bn WWII
NELSON, Beryl Helen, birth: 1915, death: 1997
NELSON, Bessie A, birth: 1882, death: 1951
NELSON, Dale Roger, birth: 1951, death: 1994
NELSON, Einar G, birth: 1896, death: 1949
NELSON, Helen F, birth: 21-Feb-1911, death: 16-Sep-1993
NELSON, Irvin P, birth: 14-Jul-1904, death: 17-Apr-1991, US Army WWII
NELSON, Lani Marie, birth: 15-Dec-1942, death: 3-Feb-1994
NELSON, Nancy L, birth: 1930, death: 2009
NELSON, Sharon Kay, birth: 1956, death: 1995
NESIS, Marcel Josue, birth: 19-Apr-1926, death: 13-Apr-2012
NEUER, Franziska Rosa, death: 1989
NEUKIRCHEN, Alice H, birth: 1875, death: 1958
NEUKIRCHEN, Ann Cobourn, birth: 1892, death: 1972
NEUKIRCHEN, Anna, birth: 1878, death: 1952
NEUKIRCHEN, Carolyn E, birth: 22-Nov-1914, death: 7-Jan-1990
NEUKIRCHEN, Edward P, birth: 1877, death: 1958
NEUKIRCHEN, Euniece C, birth: 1921, death: 1988
NEUKIRCHEN, John, death: 21-Nov-1938, age 77 years
NEUKIRCHEN, John, birth: 1912, death: 1996
NEUKIRCHEN, Joseph, death: 21-Sep-1915, age 87 yeares
NEUKIRCHEN, Joseph, birth: 1874, death: 1955
NEUKIRCHEN, Joseph Jr., birth: 1920, death: 1982, Capt US Army
NEUKIRCHEN, Rose, birth: 26-Jun-1878, death: 8-Jan-1920
NEURAUTER, A. Louise, birth: 1915, death: 1995
NEURAUTER, John W, birth: 1920, death: 1998
NEUWIRTH, Karl, birth: 1930, death: 2004
NEWTON, W. L., birth: 1851, death: 1908
NEYER, Anton, birth: 26-Oct-1894, death: 17-Jun-1907
NEYER, Elsie, birth: 18-Jun-1890, death: 17-Jun-1907
NEYER, Ida A, birth: 6-Dec-1882, death: 17-Jun-1907
NEYER, Mary, birth: 14-Oct-1853, death: 17-Jun-1907
NIBLE, Floyd H, birth: 1895, death: 1975
NIBLE, Lucy D, birth: 1901, death: 1999
NICKELL, Jeffrey K, birth: 1967, death: 2003
NICKELL, Mitzi, birth: 1960, death: 1961
NICKIE, Richard Chip, birth: 24-Oct-1960, death: 18-May-1980
NIELSEN, John, birth: 1894, death: 1968
NIEMI, David, birth: 1875, death: 1923
NIEMI, Donald, birth: 1905, death: 1984
NIEMI, Irma Bonomi, birth: 1904, death: 1964
NIEMI, Mary, birth: 1874, death: 1966
NIEMI, Olavi, birth: 1903, death: 1949
NIERENBERG, Edward A, birth: 1921, death: 2003
NIEVINSKI, Frank, birth: 1907, death: 1913
NIKKO, Arvo J, birth: 1913, death: 1927
NIKKO, Ed, birth: 1893, death: 1949
NIKKO, Eliina Maria, birth: 1883, death: 1940
NIKKO, Ellen, birth: 1913, death: 1998
NIKKO, Elsie A, birth: 1912, death: 1966
NIKKO, euhla M, birth: 11-Jun-1931, death: 16-Mar-2009
NIKKO, Floyd E, birth: 1922, death: 1971
NIKKO, Larry, birth: 1911, death: 1979
NIKKO, Maria L, birth: 1891, death: 1956
NIKKO, Matt, birth: 1882, death: 1954
NIKKO, Saima, birth: 1904, death: 1953
NIKKO, Toivo M, birth: 1911, death: 1986
NISHIZAKI, Stacy Joy, birth: 13-Jun-1965, death: 4-Apr-2015
NISSLEY, Harold H, birth: 26-Nov-1911, death: 30-May-1974
NISSLEY, Robert D, birth: 11-Aug-1941, death: 2-Dec-2012
NISSLEY, V. Frances, birth: 4-Feb-1916, death: 8-Dec-1999
NITZINGER, Michael J Chaudoin, birth: 26-Nov-1963, death: 26-Aug-1971
NJOS, Anna C, birth: 1910, death: 2010
NJOS, Edward O, birth: 1908, death: 1993
NJOS, Raymond A, birth: 1931, death: 2014
NJOS, Roy O, birth: 7-Feb-1922, death: 17-Mar-1970, ND SM2 US Navy WWII
NOLET, Joseph c, birth: 1876, death: 1951
NOON, Edna N, birth: 1898, death: 1980
NOON, Roy M, birth: 16-Nov-1891, death: 3-Sep-1969, WA Pvt Co D 318 Mg Bn WWI
NORDEN, August, birth: 1883, death: 1958
NORMAN, Clarence Alfred, birth: 6-Aug-1911, death: 16-May-1978
NORRIS, Kathryn W, birth: 4-Jan-1930, death: 16-Aug-2002
NORRIS, Melvin L, birth: 16-Apr-1930, death: 20-Jun-2010
NORSENG, Ole, birth: 1867, death: 1958
NORTHORP, Grant W, birth: 1892, death: 1975
NORTHRUP, Allan Robert, birth: 2-Jan-1941, death: 11-Nov-2011
NORTON, Charles John, death: 2-Jul-1892, s/o Charles & Annie
NORTON, Francis O, birth: 1917, death: 1991
NORTON, M Emaline, birth: 1910, death: 1998
NOTARO, Nancy M, birth: 12-Apr-1943, death: 2-Aug-1989
NOVARIA, Sabina, birth: 1881, death: 1966
NURMI, Leo E, birth: 1921, death: 2008
NURMI, Stella M, birth: 1922, death: 2012
NYBERG, Ashley DeEtte, death: 19-Sep-1978
NYBERG, Edward A, birth: 1921, death: 2003
NYBERG, Erick J, birth: 18-Jun-1890, death: 29-Oct-1972, WA Pvt US Army WWI
NYBERG, Ernie, birth: 23-Jan-1923, death: 12-Apr-2004
NYBERG, Gust H, birth: 25-Jan-1890, death: 11-Feb-1967, WA Pvt US Army WWI
NYBERG, Lorraine E, birth: 1930, death: 1976
NYBERG, Mabel, birth: 7-Feb-1921, death: 18-Jan-2009
NYBERG, Margaret H, birth: 8-Sep-1892, death: 29-Feb-1984
NYBERG, Oscar W, birth: 7-Aug-1887, death: 12-Aug-1985, US Army WWI
NYDELL, Stephanie Joy, birth: 1948, death: 2016
NYGREN, Harold O, birth: 18-Sep-1920, death: 25-Apr-1976, CQM US Coast Guard WWII
NYGREN, June V, birth: 1922, death: 2013

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