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Issaquah Hillside Cemetery
Issaquah, King County, Washington

GPS: 47.529672, -122.045883

555 W Sunset Way
Issaquah, WA 98027

Date published: September 2, 2017
Total records: 3,603

Surnames D-H

Records published here were compiled by Suzanne Livingstone [livingstoneancestry@gmail.com] based on inscriptions of all visible tombstones during visits in July 2012 and again in July 2017. It is possible there may be other stones, some of which are no longer visible, either under grass or very weathered to where they are non-legible

DAHL, Sylvia, birth: 22-Jun-1915, death: 4-Jan-1971
DALBOTTEN, Doreen, birth: 1918, death: 2004
DALBOTTEN, Irving, birth: 1914, death: 1999
DALE, Clarice M, birth: 1897, death: 1980
DALE, Ella M, birth: 13-Apr-1931, death: 31-Oct-2005
DALE, Helen J, birth: 1925, death: 1976
DALE, Lester E, birth: 1897, death: 1984
DALE, Lester E, birth: 5-Mar-1925, death: 27-Nov-1996
DANDEKAR, Indira C, death: 14-Nov-2011
DANENS, Karen Anne, birth: 26-Jan-1981, death: 2-Apr-1981
DANIELS, Bary Allen, birth: 24-Nov-1962, death: 24-Nov-1962
DANIELS, Joseph H, birth: 1908, death: 1965
DANIELS, Marcella, birth: 1917, death: 1945
DANIELS, Peggy, birth: 1911, death: 1979
DANIELS, Russell , birth: 1913, death: 1951
DARST, Andrew J, birth: 6-Jan-1916, death: 26-Mar-1962, WA 1st Lt 2537 Base Unit AAF WWII
DARST, Cyrus, birth: 1846, death: 1911
DARST, dallas, birth: 1894, death: 1978
DARST, Eli, birth: 1813, death: 1901
DARST, Emily, birth: 1860, death: 1947
DARST, Hannah, birth: 1820, death: 1905
DARST, Ivan R, birth: 13-Jan-1913, death: 2-Nov-1986
DARST, James Earl, birth: 25-Oct-1886, death: 14-Jul-1899
DARST, James R, birth: 1927, death: 2011
DARST, Rachel M, birth: 13-Sep-1914, death: 24-Jun-2009
DASALLA, Emilio E, birth: 1907, death: 1979
DAVEY, Darlene, birth: 22-Oct-1932, death: 24-Jan-2015
DAVEY, Robert, birth: 6-Sep-1933, death: 11-Nov-2016
DAVIDSON, Hans S, birth: 14-Apr-1911, death: 23-Sep-1994, Sgt US Air Force WWII
DAVIDSON, Zola M, birth: 17-Jun-1917, death: 2-Feb-1989, US Army WWII
DAVIES, Jane, birth: 1826, death: 1890
DAVIS, Gladys E, birth: 9-Jun-1897, death: 23-Oct-1980
DAVIS, Harold A, birth: 20-Mar-1894, death: 2-Jul-1979, US Army WWI
DAVIS, Josie Elizabeth, birth: 12-Sep-1916, death: 11-Mar-2003
DAVIS, William H, birth: 12-Feb-1927, death: 18-Sep-2010, PFC US Army WWII
DAY, Allen, birth: Oct 1831, death: 7-Nov-1902, Pvt Co K WI 43rd Inf
DAY, Edward, birth: 1870, death: 1937
DAY, Frances E, birth: 1845, death: 1919
DAY, Frank, birth: 1875, death: 1936
DAY, Frank E, birth: 1899, death: 1979
DAY, George, birth: 1880, death: 1909
DAY, James M, birth: 1878, death: 30-Jul-1926
DAY, Mary A, birth: 1844, death: 1898
DAY, Walter H, birth: 7-Dec-1900, death: 15-Oct-1918
DAY, William, birth: 1872, death: 1957
DAY, William, birth: 1905, death: 1968
DE BOER, Mary Lou B, birth: 20-Feb-1930, death: 19-Jun-2013
DECHARD, Carl, birth: 2-Jul-1901, death: 3-Dec-1983, US Army WWI
DEDMON, Virginia L, birth: 1903, death: 1980
DEETTE, Ashley, death: 19-Sep-1978
DEGROSSE, Nicholas, birth: 1877, death: 1962
DELGADO, Brandy Ann D'Aoust, birth: 1978, death: 2007
DEMARRE, Calista Mary, birth: 1-Aug-1930, death: 5-Jun-1992
DEMARRE, John M III, birth: 1975, death: 2002
DEMARTINI, Dan, birth: 1937, death: 1981
DEMARTINI, David J, birth: 1949, death: 2002
DEMPSEY, Marion Virginia, birth: 1916, death: 2008
DENGEL, Russell J, birth: 1961, death: 1986
DENGEL, Scott L, birth: 1963, death: 1981
DENMAN, James V, birth: 1953, death: 1986
DERANLEAU, Alfred O, birth: 1923, death: 2005, h/o Shirley; married July 6, 1946
DERANLEAU, Shirley L Brand, birth: 1926, death: 2005, w/o Alfred; married July 6, 1946
DERBY, Camille L, birth: 1904, death: 1987
DESALVO, Lucretia, birth: 1895, death: 1988
DESALVO, Pasquale, birth: 1885, death: 1960
DESMITH, Bernice A, birth: 11-Aug-1911, death: 13-Sep-1975
DESMITH, Charles, birth: 11-Aug-1880, death: 1-Jan-1953
DESMITH, Helen Marie, birth: 19-Apr-1909, death: 26-Oct-1955
DESMITH, Ralph A Jr., birth: 1932, death: 2006
DESMITH, Ralph Arthur, birth: 27-Jun-1905, death: 29-Apr-1985
DESMITH, Rosalia, birth: 8-Jan-1897, death: 30-Jun-1970
DEVEREUX, Ann, birth: 1906, death: 1997
DEVEREUX, Bernard, birth: 1902, death: 1989
DEXTER, Baby Girl, death: 30-Apr-1981
DHANJI, Abdul Mohamed Rai Premji, birth: 1925, death: 1991
DIAMOND, Charles, birth: 1879, death: 1934
DICKERSON, Joy Lee, birth: 20-Jun-1995, death: 20-Jul-1995
DICKINSON, Donald Marion, birth: 7-May-1901, death: 4-Dec-1963
DICKINSON, Gerald James, birth: 24-Feb-1930, death: 3-Apr-1942
DICKINSON, Martha Helen, birth: 30-May-1904, death: 10-Nov-1981
DICKINSON, Stanley watson, birth: 4-Oct-1904, death: 29-Jul-1988, US Coast Guard WWII
DICKSON, Gregory Scott, birth: 16-Jan-1958, death: 26-Jul-1958
DICKSON, Leon, birth: 1935, death: 1953
DICKSON, Leota C, birth: 1917, death: 1983
DICKSON, Marion, birth: 1913, death: 1976
DIDOMENICO, Joseph, birth: 1913, death: 1997
DIDOMENICO, Rose, birth: 1910, death: 2000
DIEDRICK, Donald K, birth: 1912, death: 1964
DIEDRICK, Dorothy V, birth: 1913, death: 1983
DIFAZIO, Daniel Jeffrey, birth: 31-Aug-2001, death: 9-Jan-2017
DILLEY, Ira M, birth: 1871, death: 1951
DILLEY, Ira M, birth: 1871, death: 1951
DILLEY, Louise c, birth: 1880, death: 1977
DILLEY, Otis, birth: 1913, death: 1955
DODD, Bernice, birth: 1906, death: 1992
DODGSON, Harold W, birth: 1916, death: 1996
DODGSON, Rose F, birth: 1919, death: 2007
DOHERTY, Margaret D, birth: 1909, death: 1979
DOHERTY, Marjorie H, birth: 1925, death: 2002
DOHERTY, Maxine F, birth: 1928, death: 2014
DOHERTY, Roy C, birth: 25-Jan-1920, death: 15-Dec-1977, Tec5 US Army WWII
DOHERTY, William, birth: 1897, death: 1953
DOHERTY, William T, birth: 25-May-1918, death: 7-Aug-1998, US Army WWII
DOLESHAL, Clara M, birth: 1902, death: 1993
DOMBROWSKI, Katherine S, birth: 1953, death: 2012
DOMENICO, Joseph, birth: 1910, death: 2000
DOMSTAD, Evelyn M Anderson, birth: 23-Dec-1914, death: 6-May-1996
DONLAN, Ann R, birth: 1875, death: 1947
DONLAN, Daniel T, birth: 1918, death: 1974
DONLAN, Delia, birth: 12-Jul-1877, death: 21-Mar-1908
DONLAN, Evelyn M, birth: 1919, death: 2009
DONLAN, Gertrude, birth: 1890, death: 1919
DONLAN, Joseph, birth: 1908, death: 1959
DONLAN, Margaret, birth: 23-Dec-1909, death: 10-Oct-1911
DONLAN, Michael, birth: 1872, death: 1946
DONNER, Eris Lenore, birth: 1923, death: 2012
DOOLEY, Horace J, birth: 17-May-1925, death: 27-Oct-1977, S1 US Navy WWII
DOOLEY, June Lucille, birth: 6-Nov-1921, death: 15-Dec-2010
DOOLITTLE, Edith M, birth: 24-Nov-1903, death: 19-Jan-1988
DOOLITTLE, Nathan C, birth: 10-Sep-1900, death: 28-Jun-1989, US Navy WWI
DOONAN, Christopher Damien, birth: 1943, death: 1974
DOONAN, Harry W, birth: 1898, death: 1987
DOONAN, Mary H, birth: 1912, death: 2003
DOONAN, Thomas yates, birth: 1875, death: 1963
DOREY, Frances M, birth: 1921, death: 2012
DOREY, Ivan A, birth: 1919, death: 2011
DORMAN, Fern I, birth: 1908, death: 2001
DORMAN, Jacob, birth: 1877, death: 1948
DORMAN, Mary, birth: 1882, death: 1915
DORMAN, Sam M, birth: 1909, death: 1997
DORMAN, William, birth: 1913, death: 1916
DORRIS, timothy P, birth: 20-Jul-1969, death: 22-Sep-1989, US Army
DOUGLASS, A. Keith, birth: 1901, death: 1980
DOUGLASS, H. Irene, birth: 1902, death: 1989
DRAZIC, Bette M, birth: 1921, death: 1992, w/o John; married June 11, 1944
DRAZIC, John J, birth: 1921, death: 2001, h/o Betty; married June 11, 1944
DREWICZ, Alexander J, birth: 4-Dec-1907, death: 21-Apr-1962, Pfc 13 Attack Sq Air Svc
DRYLIE, Thomas F, birth: 14-Dec-1893, death: 29-May-1960, WA Sgt US Army WWI
DUERDEN, Bonnie, birth: 25-May-1925, death: 22-Apr-1993
DUISEN, Charles J, birth: 1915, death: 1954
DUKE, Donald Max, birth: 22-Oct-1954, death: 5-Jun-1965
DULANEY, John Earl, death: 9-Mar-1964
DULANEY, Terry W, birth: 1913, death: 1965
DUNAHEY, Geo. W, birth: 1840, death: 1910
DUNAHEY, Katie, death: 1900
DUNBAR, Austin L, birth: 1885, death: 1963
DUNBAR, Betty L, birth: 1942, death: 1988
DUNBAR, George A, birth: 2-Aug-1912, death: 21-Oct-1985
DUNBAR, James M, birth: 7-Jun-1945, death: 16-Apr-1980, US Army Vietnam
DUNBAR, Liberty B, birth: 1918, death: 1966
DUNBAR, Lois M, birth: 30-Oct-1916, death: 6-Jul-1972
DUNBAR, Ronald James, birth: 25-Mar-1943, death: 18-Feb-1963, WA SN US Navy
DUNBAR, W. Joseph, birth: 1946, death: 1993
DUNBAR, William L, birth: 1913, death: 1999
DUNLAP, Elizabeth, birth: 1890, death: 1970
DUNLAP, Samuel, birth: 1874, death: 1964
DUNMORE, anna Maria, birth: 2-May-1932, death: 29-Nov-2009
DUNN, Myrtle L, birth: 1890, death: 1955
DUNNETT, Edna, birth: 1892, death: 1988
DUNNETT, Joan, birth: 1936, death: 1975
DUNNING, Guy C, birth: 1894, death: 1972
DUNNING, Mary A, birth: 1919, death: 1999
DUNVELL, Sarah Jane, birth: 1862, death: 1910
DUPUIS, Frank, birth: 1851, death: 1943
DURAND, John B, birth: 1873, death: 1945
DURAND, Julie L, birth: 1872, death: 1946
DURYEE, Elizabeth Grace, death: 12-Jul-2014
DURYEE, Luke, death: 26-Apr-2016
DYER, Gladys D, birth: 1920, death: 2004
DYER, William C, birth: 1921, death: 2012
EAGLE, James A, birth: 14-Jul-1910, death: 3-Jan-1959, WA Sgt Army Air Corps WWII
EARLY, Dorothy, birth: 1908, death: 2002
EARLY, Frank Sr., birth: 1899, death: 1973
EARLYWIN, Nancy, birth: 1891, death: 1935
EARLYWINE, Clifford Lee, birth: 1-Jan-1926, death: 12-Sep-1978
EARLYWINE, Everett W, birth: 1914, death: 1976
EARLYWINE, Leaorpha, birth: 1916, death: 28-May-1976
EARLYWINE, T. delores, birth: 19-Mar-1931, death: 13-Jul-1998
EASTLICK, Carol June, birth: 1922, death: 2007
EASTLICK, H. Wayne, birth: 1906, death: 1997, masonic symbol
EASTLICK, John, birth: 1876, death: 1956, masonic symbol
EASTLICK, John Arne, birth: 1953, death: 1979
EASTLICK, John Milo, birth: 1908, death: 1989, h/o Marion; married June 17, 1938
EASTLICK, Marion Eve, birth: 1910, death: 2002, w/o John; married June 17, 1938
EASTLICK, Willa, birth: 1877, death: 1952
EK, Albert Leonard, death: 30-Mar-1937
EK, Alice M, birth: 10-Jun-1908, death: 17-Jan-1985
EK, Anton A, birth: 1851, death: 1917
EK, Charles T, birth: 1875, death: 1935
EK, George, birth: 1890, death: 1967, age 77 years
EK, Hazel Alexander, birth: 1897, death: 1984, age 86 years
EK, Martin A, birth: 1883, death: 1942
EK, Sarah C, birth: 1856, death: 1936
EK, Theodore Walter (MD), birth: 12-Jun-1940, death: 30-Aug-2004
EK, Victoria, birth: 1888, death: 1964
EK, Walter T, birth: 6-Jul-1895, death: 4-Jul-1958, WA SK2 USNRF WWI
ELDER, James C, birth: 1903, death: 1976, h/o Tatiana; married February 19, 1932
ELDER, Michael G, birth: 31-Jan-1942, death: 8-Oct-1992, US Army Vietnam
ELDER, Tatiana I, birth: 1913, death: 2003, w/o James; Married February 19, 1932
ELLIOTT, Barbara J, birth: 1930, death: 2002
ELLIOTT, Eddy W, birth: 1930, death: 1984, US Army Korea
ELLIS, Charles O, birth: 1870, death: 1956
ELLIS, Hubert M, birth: 1879, death: 1959
ELLIS, James, death: 1983
ELLIS, John, death: 1984
ELLIS, Laura b, birth: 1896, death: 1987
ELLIS, Lisa Cynthia, birth: 1955, death: 2015
ELLIS, Sarah, birth: 1-Jul-1845, death: 22-Dec-1918
ELLIS, Tex, birth: 1929, death: 2015
ELLIS, William Harrison, birth: 19-Dec-1842, death: 7-Oct-1921, Co E 33 Ill Inf
ELMER, Charles Harvey, birth: 20-Jan-1938, death: 5-Aug-2012
ELMER, David A, birth: 1891, death: 1961
ELMORE, Dorothea, birth: 1916, death: 1996
EMRICK, Martin B, birth: 15-Dec-1915, death: 19-Mar-2007
EMRICK, Nola E, birth: 7-Aug-1916, death: 27-Nov-1997
ENBERG, Alex Lars, birth: 1894, death: 1991
ENBERG, August, death: 26-Jan-1936, WA Pvt 1 Cl 13 Sn Tn 13 Div
ENBERG, Erick J, birth: 1881, death: 1912
ENBERG, Faye Thompson, birth: 1896, death: 1988
ENBERG, Lilly C, birth: 1890, death: 1960
ENBERG, William, birth: 1883, death: 1968
ENDRES, Dorothy E, birth: 26-Jul-1923, death: 23-Apr-1997, US Navy WWII
ENDRES, Leo J, birth: 1925, death: 1985, US Navy WWII
ENDRES, Leo J Sr., birth: 1904, death: 1974
ENDRES, Ruth L, birth: 1904, date of death missing
ENGER, Hazel, birth: 1914, death: 2008
ENGER, Richard N, birth: 1917, death: 1986
ENGLE, Frank Guy, birth: 1923, death: 2003
ENGLUND, Enfred, birth: 12-Mar-1898, death: 6-Nov-1960
ENGLUND, Fred, birth: 1899, death: 1936
ENGLUND, Virginia, birth: 9-Jul-1924, death: 30-Oct-2014
ENICH, Ella F, birth: 1912, death: 1996
ENICH, Stephen J, birth: 1943, death: 1969
ENICH, Steve, birth: 1909, death: 1973
ENRIGHT, Cynthia Carol, birth: 2-Aug-1944, death: 3-Nov-1972
EPPS, Charles, birth: 1923, death: 2011
EPPS, Florene, birth: 1927, death: 2007
ERICKSON, Andrew, birth: 30-Nov-1877, death: 2-Feb-1948
ERICKSON, Camilla, birth: 1918, death: 2012
ERICKSON, Carl A, birth: 1875, death: 1942
ERICKSON, Edward, birth: 1870, death: 1957
ERICKSON, Edward U, birth: 15-Oct-1905, death: 20-Apr-1985
ERICKSON, Elsie, birth: 1934, death: 2008
ERICKSON, Floyd, birth: 3-Aug-1910, death: 17-Jun-1987
ERICKSON, Frances A, birth: 3-Jun-1915, death: 10-Oct-1985
ERICKSON, Hannah, birth: 1875, death: 1957
ERICKSON, Harold A, birth: 1907, death: 1978
ERICKSON, Helen, birth: 8-Aug-1884, death: 9-Mar-1959
ERICKSON, Henry J, birth: 20-Feb-1927, death: 3-Sep-1974, Pvt US Army WWII
ERICKSON, Hilma S, birth: 1878, death: 1962
ERICKSON, James, birth: 1924, death: 1991
ERICKSON, jean Marie, birth: 6-Nov-1941, death: 11-Nov-2006
ERICKSON, Lilla, birth: 1908, death: 1927
ERICKSON, Magdalena S, birth: 1904, death: 1969
ERICKSON, Minnie, birth: 19-Nov-1900, death: 1-Jul-1969
ERICKSON, Rodney L, birth: 1931, death: 2003
ERICKSON, Tauno Ludvig, birth: 1914, death: 2004
EVANS, Bob, birth: 1909, death: 1983
EVANS, Bobbie J, birth: 5-Dec-1938, death: 8-Feb-2014
EVANS, Craig w, birth: 1951, death: 1999
EVANS, David J, birth: 29-Mar-1890, death: 19-Jun-1967, WA Sgt US Army WWI
EVANS, Elizabeth, birth: 1-May-1880, death: 13-Mar-1951
EVANS, Ella, birth: 1899, death: 1982
EVANS, Flora
EVANS, James T, birth: 3-May-1921, death: 28-Oct-1950, WA Sgt 147 AAF AACS Sq WWII
EVANS, Lancelot, birth: 1891, death: 1970
EVANS, Robert Lee, birth: 1939, death: 1956
EVANS, Rose, birth: 1899, death: 1984
EVANS, Sarah , birth: 1867, death: 1953
EVANS, Thomas, birth: 1862, death: 1938
EVANS, Thomas Germyn, death: 2-Jun-1927, WA Fireman 2 CL US Navy
EVANS, Timothy, birth: 1-Feb-1877, death: 29-Oct-1949
EVANS, William, birth: 1899, death: 1996
EVANS, William, birth: 1923, death: 2008
FAIR, Ann, birth: 1918, death: 2007
FALKENSTEIN, Helen H, birth: 1887, death: 1969
FALKENSTEIN, Myrtle Lewis, birth: 1915, death: 2001, w/o William; married Dec 1940
FALKENSTEIN, William, birth: 1913, death: 2001, h/o Myrtle; married Dec 1940
FALLERT, Baby, death: 1940
FALLSTROM, Charles M, birth: 1918, death: 1998
FALLSTROM, Marjorie J, birth: 1919, death: 1999
FARRELL, Kathleen L, birth: 17-Feb-1946, death: 10-Jan-1985
FARRINGTON, Lana, birth: 3-Aug-1943, death: 21-Sep-2013
FASANO, Jessie E, birth: 1896, death: 1987
FASANO, Nick, birth: 1894, death: 1972
FAVINI, Audrey B Clark, birth: 26-Jan-1922, death: 2-Feb-1990
FAVINI, August, birth: 2-Aug-1857, death: 29-Jan-1946
FAVINI, Beatrice, birth: 1894, death: 1977
FAVINI, Cecil V, birth: 10-Nov-1890, death: 29-Aug-1969
FAVINI, John O, birth: 16-Jul-1887, death: 13-Aug-1961, WA Pvt Co E 157 Inf WWI
FAVINI, Joseph A, birth: 23-Oct-1896, death: 14-Mar-1958, WA Coxswain US Navy WWI
FAVINI, Madaline, birth: 28-Oct-1863, death: 22-Oct-1953
FAVINI, Pete, birth: 1893, death: 1977, US Navy
FAVINI, Stanley P, birth: 7-Mar-1923, death: 25-Aug-1987, US Navy WWII
FAVINI-LONG, Molly, birth: 15-Jun-1956, death: 2-Jan-2008
FAY, Earl R, birth: 1891, death: 1979, masonic symbol
FAY, Sarah M, birth: 1895, death: 2000
FEENEY, Delores, birth: 8-Feb-1934, death: 12-Sep-2015
FERGUSON, Florence L, birth: 1915, death: 1962
FERGUSON, Joseph W, birth: 1915, death: 1967
FERGUSON, Nettie Lou Branson, birth: 11-Feb-1927, death: 3-Nov-2002
FERGUSON, Robert A, birth: 1915, death: 1991
FERGUSON, Robert E, birth: 1948, death: 2010
FERGUSON, Sophie Walen, birth: 1909, death: 1986
FERGUSON, William R, birth: 20-Aug-1937, death: 6-Aug-1997
FERN, Frances, birth: 1914, death: 1990
FERN, William A, birth: 1906, death: 1958
FEUCHT, Erich F, birth: 1938, death: 1996, h/o Ruth; married June 8, 1974
FEUCHT, Ruth D, birth: 1926, death: 2008, w/o Erich; married June 8, 1974
FILES, Jeffrey Theodore, birth: 30-Oct-1959, death: 12-Dec-2014
FILIPPI, E. Fern, birth: 18-Apr-1922, death: 27-Jun-1999
FILIPPI, Primo, birth: 16-Mar-1913, death: 24-Apr-1976, Csp US Navy WWII
FIMIANI, Marianne K, birth: 24-Aug-1955, death: 7-Sep-2010
FINNEY, Don, birth: 1923, death: 1999
FINNEY, Maxine, birth: 1923, death: 1968
FINSTROM, Ida, birth: 1897, death: 1913
FINSTROM, John, birth: 18-Sep-1866, Sweden, death: 21-Jan-1903
FIRPO, Baby Boy, death: 30-Aug-1976
FISCHER, Agnes, birth: 1892, death: 1978
FISCHER, Betty Rae Forster, birth: 1928, death: 2011
FISCHER, Carolyn, birth: 1934, death: 1995
FISCHER, Delta Johnson, birth: 1905, death: 1992
FISCHER, George, birth: 1929, death: 2012
FISCHER, Janice Joan, birth: 21-Feb-1959, death: 26-Feb-1959
FISCHER, John, birth: 1884, death: 1949, masonic symbol
FISCHER, John Joseph, birth: 21-Feb-1959, death: 22-Feb-1959
FISH, Frederick V, birth: 1934, death: 1989
FISH, Joanne G, birth: 1940, death: 2009
FISHBURN, Hugh E Jr., birth: 1945, death: 2001
FISHER, Barbara Ann, birth: 1-Dec-1942, death: 17-Jun-2012
FISHER, Stacey Ann, death: Mar 1985
FITZGERALD, V. Michael R, birth: 1928, death: 1992
FITZPATRICK, Albert, birth: 1876, death: 1949
FITZPATRICK, Clara Frances, birth: 1878, death: 1952
FITZPATRICK, Kimberley Ann, birth: 3-Oct-1966, death: 26-Feb-1983
FLETCHER, J Eugene, birth: 6-Sep-1915, death: 16-Nov-1994, US Army WWII
FLETCHER, Violet, birth: 11-Aug-1919, death: 25-Apr-2014
FLINTOFT, Alberta, birth: 1913, death: 2002
FLINTOFT, James William, birth: 1908, death: 1972, masonic symbol
FLINTOFT, James William, birth: 1941, death: 1943
FLINTOFT, Michael John, birth: 1947, death: 1991
FLYNN, Florence (Lewis), birth: 1914, death: 2004
FLYNN, James N, birth: 1914, death: 1999
FLYNN, Sandra Jean, birth: 1951, death: 2015
FLYNN, Sharon L, birth: 1947, death: 2002
FLYNN, Thomas J, birth: 1946, death: 2002
FOLAND, Floyd D, birth: 13-Mar-1916, death: 6-Apr-1995, US Army WWII Korea
FOLAND, Helen L, birth: 25-Jan-1920, death: 22-Jul-1976
FOLEY, ?, birth: ?, death: 30-Nov-2010
FOLEY, James H , birth: 12-Jun-1925, death: 31-Aug-2004
FOLEY, Marilyn C, birth: 13-Dec-1926, death: 22-May-2004
FORBES, Gene LeRoy, birth: 27-Aug-1936, death: 26-Apr-2003
FORBES, Guy O, birth: 1909, death: 1997
FORBES, Johnny C, birth: 1919, death: 1993
FORBES, Ken, birth: 1946, death: 1984
FORBES, Lyola, birth: 1923, death: 2012
FORBES, Vivian E, birth: 1917, death: 1987
FORBES JONES, Katherine L, birth: 15-Aug-1961, death: 15-Jul-2015
FORCEY, Ethel E, birth: 1891, death: 1985
FORCEY, Lewis M, birth: 1886, death: 1963
FORD, Daniel James, birth: 20-Feb-1950, death: 25-Mar-2014
FORD, Mary M, birth: 1909, death: 1962
FORESMAN, James, birth: 27-Oct-1846, death: 18-Jul-1931, G.A.R
FORESMAN, Laurilla, birth: 6-Mar-1851, death: 27-May-1929
FORSTER, Evelyn V, birth: 1906, death: 1981
FORSTER, Hans J, birth: 1904, death: 1963
FORSTER, Hans R, birth: 26-Jul-1933, death: 6-Dec-2002
FORTIN, Damas, birth: 1900, death: 1993
FORTIN, Lois, birth: 1912, death: 1999
FORTNEY, David Karl, birth: 3-Mar-1970, death: 23-Jul-1984
FOSS, Grom, birth: 19-Feb-1915, death: 27-Apr-2014
FOSS, Gunvald R, birth: 20-Apr-1909, death: 21-May-2000
FOWLER, Lydia L, birth: 1875, death: 1956
FOWLER, William O, birth: 1874, death: 1944
FOX, Ephraim Marie , birth: 17-Nov-1923, death: 28-Oct-1992
FOX, Leander, birth: 12-Oct-1914, death: 4-Apr-2001
FRAAS, Robert J, birth: 6-Jun-1927, death: 7-Mar-1979, Tec4 US Army WWII
FRAKER, Helen, birth: 1919, death: 2004
FRAKER, Neal, birth: 1920, death: 1979
FRANCIS, Annie E, birth: 1879, death: 1949
FRANCIS, Floyd L, birth: 28-Jul-1911, death: 19-Jan-1912
FRANCIS, John W, birth: 1872, death: 1948
FRANCIS, Mamie Hoffmann, birth: 1876, death: 1912
FRANCIS, mary, death: 18-Jul-1916
FRANCIS, Mary, birth: 4-Dec-1891, death: 4-Jan-1919
FRANCIS, Thomas, birth: 21-Dec-1898, death: 19-Sep-1985, US Army WWI & WWII
FRANCIS, Thomas, death: 29-Dec-1898
FRANK, Allen E, birth: 1917, death: 2013
FRANK, Bonnie J, birth: 1918, death: 1986
FRANTILLA, Nick, birth: 1883, death: 1932
FREEBERG, Raymond H, birth: 18-Apr-1918, death: 17-Nov-1989, US Army
FREEGARD, James Dale, birth: 1956, death: 1973
FREIHEIT, Charlotte K, birth: 9-Nov-1919, death: 12-Apr-2006
FREIHEIT, Stanley B, birth: 1-Apr-1920, death: 6-Jan-1993, US Army Air Corps WWII
FREITAS, Antero E, birth: 3-Sep-1927, death: 27-Feb-2017
FRICKE, James L, birth: 15-May-1929, death: 5-Sep-1999
FRICKE, Steven Michael, birth: 15-Jan-1977, death: 24-Jun-1995
FRIEND, Linda Botty, birth: 1-May-1940, death: 24-May-2014
FUHRER, Frances L, birth: 1918, death: 2008
FUHRER, Marvin F, birth: 1919, death: 2005
FUJITO, Harve J, birth: 1944, death: 1999
FULLENWIDER, Mary M, birth: 13-Jul-1932, death: 26-Jan-1997
FURRER, Walter, birth: 1903, death: 1962
FURSMAN, Peggy M, birth: 1967, death: 2012
GAINNINI, Hattie, birth: 13-Oct-1898, death: 11-Apr-1901
GALBRAITH, Walter D, birth: 1892, death: 1985, US Army WWI
GAMBLE, Ashley Ann, birth: 31-Dec-1986, death: 1-Feb-1987
GAMBLE, Nellie M, birth: 1921, death: 2010
GAMBLE, Wilfred E, birth: 1909, death: 1979
GANINO, Rosario A, birth: 21-Jun-1908, death: 20-Apr-1968, WA T Sgt US Air Force WWII
GARDNER, Genevieve L, birth: 1908, death: 2000
GARNER, Al M, birth: 1915, death: 1983
GARNER, Anna M, birth: 1910, death: 1960
GARNER, Jack, birth: 6-Jun-1912, death: 2-Oct-1963, WA Cox US Navy WWII
GARNER, Josephine, birth: 1915, death: 2011
GARNER, Lee J, birth: 1894, death: 1971
GARNER, Mary A, birth: 1885, death: 1948
GARNER, Orval W, birth: 1908, death: 1987
GARNER, Shirley Louise, birth: 1942, death: 1942
GARNER, William L, birth: 1865, death: 1943
GARNETT, A Lorraine, birth: 1918, death: 1999
GARRISON, John R, birth: 12-Nov-1945, death: 11-Oct-1991, US Navy Vietnam
GARRISON TREMLIN, Ellen Ruth, birth: 18-Nov-1980, death: 27-May-2015
GARTNER, Otto Paul, birth: 1887, death: 1968
GARVEY, Arthur J, birth: 1911, death: 1966
GARVEY, Mary F, birth: 1910, death: 1987
GASTAGNO, Frances, birth: 1905, death: 1956
GEAHIGAN, David John, birth: 4-May-1955, death: 4-Jul-2015
GEISENHEIMER, Richard F, birth: 13-Jan-1922, death: 24-Jun-1976, A2C US Air Force WWII Korea
GEISENHEIMER, Shirley A, birth: 10-Oct-1921, death: 25-Aug-2004
GEISLER, Dorothy, birth: 1913, death: 1985
GEISLER, Walter, birth: 1908, death: 1987
GENETTI, Pete, birth: 1875, death: 1953
GENSLER, Mary, birth: 1882, death: 1971
GENSLER, Peter, birth: 1875, death: 1948
GENTRY, Bessie, birth: 1891, death: 1953
GENTRY, Francis S, birth: 18-May-1923, death: 13-Aug-1979, US Army WWII
GENTRY, Pamela Jo, birth: 10-Jun-1950, death: 9-Aug-1950
GERBER, Charlotte L, birth: 1920, death: 2000
GERLACH, Fred H, birth: 18-Nov-1922, death: 14-Jan-1988, US Navy WWII Korea
GIANNINI, Teito, birth: 22-Aug-1860, death: 8-Nov-1900
GIANUII, Carlo, birth: 13-Oct-1862, death: 29-Dec-1903
GIBSON, Earl T, birth: 3-Aug-1911, death: 2-Jul-2000, Cmdr USNR WWII Korea; masonic symbol
GIBSON, Elizabeth, birth: 1839, death: 1921
GIBSON, Fannie, birth: 1863, death: 1942
GIBSON, Harry A, birth: 1913, death: 1917
GIBSON, Herbert Roy, birth: 2-Oct-1889, death: 28-May-1890
GIBSON, Isabel, birth: 1884, death: 1972
GIBSON, Ruth Helen, birth: 28-Oct-1916, death: 23-Apr-2005, w/o Warren; married October 6, 1937
GIBSON, Sussanna Heston, birth: 1855, death: 1923, w/o Thomas
GIBSON, Thomas, birth: 1846, death: 1933
GIBSON, thomas H, birth: 1888, death: 1947
GIBSON, Thomas M, birth: 2-Sep-1848, death: 25-Sep-1930, 105th Penn Vol GAR
GIBSON, Warren Evan, birth: 6-Jun-1914, death: 2-Jun-2008, masonic symbol; h/o Ruth, married October 6, 1937
GIBSON, Warren R, birth: 9-Dec-1887, death: 29-Jul-1974
GIBSON, William E (Dr), birth: 1859, death: 1945
GIBSON, William S, birth: 19-Jan-1822, Indiana Co, PA, death: 30-Mar-1909, Issaquah, WA
GILANI, Alysa, death: 5-Dec-2001
GILLIS, Allen j, birth: 1913, death: 1987
GILLIS, Hector F, birth: 3-Sep-1916, death: 26-Jan-1960, WA Pvt Co D 31 Engr Tng Bn WWII
GILMOUR, Beatrice, birth: 1918, death: 2009
GILMOUR, Harry, birth: 1919, death: 2005
GILMOUR, John, birth: 1944, death: 1985
GILPIN, Edna E, birth: 1955, death: 1989
GIMMESTAD, Gary L, birth: 28-May-1958, death: 12-Oct-2007
GIORDANO, Ernest R, birth: 18-Jan-1922, death: 12-May-1994, US Navy WWII
GIORDANO, Katherine, birth: 16-Jun-1922, death: 8-Nov-1993, US Navy WWII Korea
GISBORNE, Elinor, birth: 1896, death: 1975
GISBORNE, Frank, birth: 1895, death: 1973
GLANCY, Agnes G, birth: 1907, death: 1991
GLANCY, Tom, birth: 1910, death: 1994
GLEASON, Anna, birth: 1893, death: 1964, w/o Leo; married April 15, 1912
GLEASON, Catherine, death: 20-Jun-1894
GLEASON, Evelyn, birth: 26-Jun-1894, death: 9-Sep-1894
GLEASON, Francis, birth: 1889, death: 1951
GLEASON, Harold P, birth: 6-Feb-1916, death: 2-Mar-1945, WA Pfc 301 Inf WWII
GLEASON, Joseph, birth: 3-Sep-1885, death: 27-Sep-1911
GLEASON, Leo, birth: 1888, death: 1967, h/o Anna; married April 15, 1912
GLEASON, Martin, birth: 1851, death: 1925
GLEASON, Ruby, birth: 1893, death: 1988
GLEASON, Thomas, birth: 1881, death: 1951
GLICKMAN, Gertrude, birth: 16-Apr-1914, death: 25-Nov-1995
GLICKMAN, Michael Joshua, birth: 10-Jul-1976, death: 15-Sep-2001
GLOVER, Laura Leigh, birth: 27-Mar-1961, death: 7-Nov-1993
GODFREY, Amanda Lynn, birth: 26-Mar-1990, death: 8-May-1992
GODFREY, Betty L, birth: 1939, death: 2000
GODFREY, thomas M, birth: 1934, death: 2003
GOEBEL, Inez Mae, birth: 1891, death: 1985
GOEBEL, Lewis c, birth: 1905, death: 1972
GOEBEL, Lucy, birth: 1883, death: 1970
GOEBEL, Philip Charles, birth: 1906, death: 1981, US Army WWII
GOEBEL, Willam G, birth: 1844, death: 1904
GOEBEL, William C. j., birth: 1878, death: 1960
GOGGINS, William, death: 9-Feb-1910, age 58 years
GOLDBERG, Irving, birth: 1914, death: 2010
GOLDBERG, Ruth, birth: 1923, death: 2005
GOLDSMITH, Dorothy Marie, birth: 1913, death: 1989
GOLDSMITH, Gilbert Denham, birth: 1918, death: 2007
GOMEZ, Ernest, birth: 27-Nov-1908, death: 22-Aug-1992
GOMEZ, Fulvia, birth: 1-Nov-1919, death: 31-Aug-1993
GOMEZ, Josephine A, birth: 28-Apr-1908, death: 16-Jan-1998
GOODALL, Jerry G, birth: 1930, death: 1987
GOODWIN, Richard W, birth: 1909, death: 1993
GORR, Lynn Murray, birth: 1942, death: 2008, US Navy Vietnam
GOULD, Eugene E, birth: 7-Mar-1900, death: 10-May-1976, Lt JG US Navy WWI & WWII
GOULD, Henry Daniel, birth: 13-May-1933, death: 7-Mar-1985
GOULD, Rose S, birth: 15-May-1906, death: 11-Feb-1970
GOUTTS, Charles Mason, birth: 23-Jan-1850, Scotland, death: 23-Mar-1896
GOUTTS, David, birth: May 1878, death: 6-Nov-1904
GRAHAM, Emily Hoelschen Blancke, birth: 4-Nov-1921, death: 17-Feb-2012
GRAHAM, Gary Richard, birth: 17-Mar-1940, death: 17-Dec-2013
GRAHAM, Janet Hicks, birth: 25-Jun-1946, death: 23-Sep-1985
GRAHAM, Judith Jeanne, birth: 16-Feb-1942, death: 21-Oct-2011, w/o Gary; married August 29, 1964
GRAHAM, Marion, death: 9-Jan-1903, age 68 years
GRAHAM, Martha, birth: 1864, death: 1919
GRAHAM, Patricia Marlene, birth: 24-Feb-1940, death: 3-Apr-2015
GRAHAM, Thomas L, birth: 1858, death: 1936
GRATE, Stephen Michael, birth: 23-Oct-1957, death: 6-Aug-2010
GRAY, Marilyn A, birth: 1936, death: 1972
GRAZIER, Charles A, birth: 1-Mar-1934, death: 11-Sep-1996
GRAZIER, Darlene A, birth: 25-Aug-1933, death: 11-Dec-1997
GRAZIER, Michael R, birth: 2-Sep-1955, death: 9-Dec-1977
GREEN, C. Donald, birth: 1929, death: 1973
GREEN, Irene Artley, birth: 1929, death: 2011
GREEN, Irvin W, birth: 6-Sep-1903, death: 20-Jan-1993
GREEN, Merle A, birth: 1906, death: 1965
GREEN, Richard M, birth: 1956, death: 1973
GREEN, Ruth Anne, birth: 1905, death: 1989
GREEN, Thomas James, birth: 1903, death: 1980
GREENE, Emma Lu, birth: 30-May-1914, death: 2-Jul-1991
GREENER, Dennis, birth: 29-Dec-1940, death: 5-Mar-2008
GREENFIELD, Dolores F, birth: 25-Oct-1927, death: 23-Mar-2008
GREENFIELD, James A, birth: 1-Jan-1925, death: 9-Mar-1976, Pvt US Army WWII
GREENLAW, Alfred L, birth: 1911, death: 1996
GREENLAW, Elizabeth M, birth: 1916, death: 2004
GREGORY, James T, birth: 24-Jan-1923, death: 23-Aug-1960, WA Pfc Co C 112 Inf WWII BSM
GREGORY, James W, birth: 1883, death: 1968, masonic symbol
GREGORY, Katherine, birth: 1879, death: 1963
GRIFFITHS, Anne, birth: 1918, death: 2008
GRIFFITHS, Chris J, birth: 1912, death: 1988
GRIFFITHS, Minnie, birth: 1889, death: 1940
GRIFFITHS, Richard, birth: 1914, death: 1988
GRIFFITHS, William, birth: 1876, death: 1955
GRIGAS, Joseph S, birth: 28-Oct-1913, death: 11-Dec-2004, Sgt US Army WWII
GRINOLS, Willis J III, birth: 3-May-1947, death: 1-Feb-2006
GROOM, Annette Joan, birth: 4-Aug-1962, death: 8-Jul-1968
GROVE, Karen B, birth: 1940, death: 2001
GUIN, Anna C, birth: 1925, death: 2008, Married October 11, 1946; w/o Ora
GUIN, Ora A, birth: 1914, death: 1996, Married October 11, 1946; h/o Anna
GUIN, Richard, birth: 5-Aug-1968, death: 11-Dec-2010
GUNDERSON, Inez, birth: 1877, death: 1963
GUNDERSON, Marcus, birth: 1868, death: 1941
GUTSCHE, Dorothy Helen Philomena, birth: 1-Dec-1910, death: 26-Jul-2005
GUTSCHMIDT, Carol Bonita, birth: 1943, death: 1991
GUTSCHMIDT, Edward, birth: 1901, death: 1992
GUTSCHMIDT, Pearl C, birth: 1903, death: 1986
GUZILAK, Alice, birth: 1920, death: 1988
GUZILAK, Michael, birth: 1915, death: 1972, USN WWII
HACKETT, Alice M, birth: 1878, death: 1941
HACKETT, George, birth: 1877, death: 1912
HACKETT, John O, birth: 1891, death: 1891
HACKETT, John O, birth: 1865, death: 1900
HAGEN, Clayton O, birth: 1918, death: 1997
HAGEN, Nyla J, birth: 1930, death: 2000
HAGGARD, Lyle W, birth: 29-Aug-1918, death: 15-Apr-1976, Pfc US Army WWII
HAGGART, Frances Mary, birth: 9-Jun-1920, death: 30-Jan-1994
HAGGART, Jack P, birth: 13-Aug-1915, death: 3-Oct-1965, WA Capt Inf WWII Korea BSM-PH
HAGLAND, Anna, birth: 1896, death: 1917
HAGLAND, Charles, birth: 1861, death: 1924
HAGLAND, Herman Jr., birth: 1893, death: 1951, masonic symbol
HAGLAND, Mary, birth: 1863, death: 1922
HAGLAND, Mary, birth: 1900, death: 1928
HAGLAND, Robert, birth: 1930, death: 1942
HAGLAND, William, birth: 1897, death: 1942, masonic symbol
HAGLUND, Herman, birth: 1865, death: 1950
HAGLUND, Kusti, birth: 1899, death: 1955
HAGLUND, Lilio, birth: 23-Jul-1911, death: 1-Aug-1911
HAGLUND, Maria, birth: 1860, death: 1935
HAGY, Tracia Brook, birth: 23-Feb-1960, death: 6-Nov-1993
HAILSTONE, Alex W, birth: 1892, death: 1976
HAILSTONE, Andrew, birth: 1879, death: 1969
HAILSTONE, Christina, birth: 1895, death: 1967
HAILSTONE, David, birth: 1883, death: 1956
HAILSTONE, Emma, birth: 1895, death: 1987
HAILSTONE, Frank, birth: 1880, death: 1953
HAILSTONE, Jim, birth: 1898, death: 1986
HAILSTONE, Nellie W, birth: 1870, death: 1954
HAILSTONE, Violet, birth: 1896, death: 1975
HALIN, John T, birth: 14-Dec-1932, death: 31-Mar-2007
HALIN, Nancy J, birth: 26-Sep-1936, death: 30-Sep-2016
HALL, Buck, birth: 1908, death: 1988
HALL, Donald James, birth: 1924, death: 1995, h/o Grace; married April 17, 1948
HALL, Grace Margaret, birth: 1918, death: 1998, w/o Donald; married April 17, 1948
HALL, Nadine, birth: 1910, death: 1999
HALL, Robert D, birth: 1932, death: 1997
HALL, Sophia Goebel, birth: 1851, death: 1922
HALLAK, Antoun Elias, birth: 1910, death: 1990
HALLAK, Rosine Hadi, birth: 1923, death: 1984
HALLISSEY, Edward F, birth: 1914, death: 1990, h/o Lucille; married June 17, 1941 in Hartford CT
HALLISSEY, Lucille J, birth: 1918, death: 1989, w/o Edward; married June 17, 1941 in Hartford CT
HALLWORTH, Ann, birth: 1831, death: 1919
HALLWORTH, George, birth: 1869, death: 1916
HALLWORTH, Joe, birth: 1874, death: 1954
HALLWORTH, John, birth: 1843, death: 1897
HALLWORTH, Katie, birth: 1883, death: 1969
HAMAN, Bruce R, birth: 3-Mar-1967, death: 25-May-2003
HAMMERSBERG, Ella J, birth: 1880, death: 1973
HAMMERSBERG, Evelyn J, birth: 20-Jul-1919, death: 10-Jun-2016
HAMPTON, Audrey P, birth: 1913, death: 2008
HAMPTON, Greg C, birth: 1958, death: 2003
HAMPTON, Lawrence S, birth: 1901, death: 2000
HAMPTON, Lee B, birth: 1875, death: 1953
HAMPTON, Lydia M, birth: 1905, death: 1976
HAMPTON, Mary L, birth: 1877, death: 1966
HAMPTON, Paul W, birth: 1909, death: 1987
HANCOCK, Alice, birth: 1910, death: 1990
HANCOCK, Harold, birth: 1904, death: 1967
HANKINS, Elza A, birth: 3-Sep-1924, death: 7-Nov-1997
HANKINS, Nathalee R, birth: 2-May-1924, death: 14-Nov-1989
HANLEY, Clara, birth: 2-Dec-1885, death: 2-Jan-1967
HANLEY, James, birth: 28-Mar-1875, death: 13-Mar-1966
HANNA, Kayla Therese, birth: Nov 1992, death: Aug 1993
HANNISON, John E, death: 17-May-1939
HANON, Gene C, birth: 1925, death: 1995
HANON, Ronald C, birth: 4-Apr-1968, death: 27-Apr-1992
HANSEN, Angell A, birth: 1898, death: 1927
HANSEN, Enoch M, birth: 12-Sep-1892, death: 6-May-1972, WA Pfc US Army WWI
HANSEN, Gary R, birth: 1949, death: 2002
HANSEN, Hiram Arthur, birth: 1940, death: 1988
HANSEN, John A, birth: 1903, death: 1977
HANSEN, John T, birth: 1913, death: 1986
HANSEN, Lorraine V Fischer, birth: 1920, death: 2017
HANSEN, Mabel A, birth: 9-Feb-1900, death: 12-Feb-1979
HANSEN, Robert W, birth: 1921, death: 1982, US Army
HANSEN, Roger Dale, birth: 26-May-1933, death: 26-Nov-2011, US Army
HANSON, Elizabeth, birth: 1887, death: 1980
HANSON, Ernest M, birth: 1907, death: 1990
HANSON, Harry C, birth: 8-Mar-1914, death: 21-Sep-1995, US Army WWII
HANSON, John H, birth: 1881, death: 1953
HAOYUE, Yingyong, birth: 6-Jun-2000, death: 1-Feb-2017
HARKEY, Debra K, birth: 1952, death: 2000
HARO, Edwin A, birth: 2-Jun-1918, death: 10-Oct-1961, WA Tec5 336 Engineers WWII
HARO, Elmer W, birth: 4-Sep-1920, death: 7-Aug-1989, US Army WWII
HARO, Hannah, birth: 1886, death: 1967
HARO, Patricia L, birth: 20-Aug-1919, death: 28-Jan-1984
HARO, thomas, birth: 1885, death: 1960
HARPER, Isaac L, birth: 1906, death: 1979
HARPER, Kathryn F, birth: 1907, death: 1993
HARPER, Richard E, birth: 1912, death: 1972
HARPER, Ruth L, birth: 1911, death: 1992
HARPER, William H, birth: 1935, death: 2004
HARRINGTON, Albert L, birth: 1861, death: 1932
HARRINGTON, Eunice, birth: 1899, death: 1982
HARRINGTON, Ida M, birth: 1864, death: 1925
HARRINGTON, Lester D, birth: 14-Apr-1889, death: 27-Aug-1969, WA Pvt Co H 13 Sup Tn 13 Div WWI
HARRIS, Belle, birth: 1889, death: 1964
HARRIS, Clark, Co B 15 U S C I Mus*N
HARRIS, Douglas E, birth: 30-Jan-1949, death: 16-Feb-1989, Sgt US Marine Corps
HARRIS, Edith, birth: 6-Apr-1920, death: 10-Jan-1975
HARRIS, Edward C, birth: 1883, death: 1927
HARRIS, Edward F, birth: 13-Apr-1916, death: 19-Mar-1974, WA T Sgt Army Air Force WWII
HARRIS, Georgina, birth: 3-Apr-1882, death: 12-Nov-1967
HARRIS, Helen M, birth: 1894, death: 1985
HARRIS, John, birth: 22-Jun-1845, death: 24-Nov-1923
HARRIS, John D, birth: 1903, death: 1959
HARRIS, Lawrence J, birth: 1872, death: 1949
HARRIS, Lois M, birth: 18-Dec-1933, death: 15-Jul-1997
HARRIS, Mary, birth: 26-Feb-1850, death: 22-Sep-1921
HARRIS, May Stephenson, birth: 1902, death: 1997
HARRIS, Nannie Lou B, birth: 7-May-1899, death: 1-Mar-1997
HARRIS, Victoria Denise, birth: 21-Sep-1910, death: 29-Aug-1994
HARRIS, William Erik, birth: 1-Feb-1943, death: 13-Jun-1995, US Army
HART, Dorothy, birth: 1911, death: 2000
HART, James, birth: 1930, death: 1972
HART, Jule Harvey, birth: 1933, death: 2012
HARTLEY, Maxine H, birth: 1924, death: 1969
HARTLEY, Olive Margaret, birth: 1903, death: 1981
HARTSTROM, Felix, birth: 1906, death: 1990
HARTSTROM, Nellie M, birth: 1911, death: 1978
HASHAM, Khatija Bai, birth: 10-Nov-1923, death: 21-Jan-2000
HASS, Earl, birth: 1896, death: 1954
HASS, Hazel, birth: 1898, death: 1981
HAUSMAN, Jacob F, birth: 1886, death: 1974
HAVARD, Emma, birth: 1882, death: 1978
HAVARD, William, birth: 1888, death: 1951
HAWKINS, Janice Fannye, birth: 1950, death: 1986
HAYES, John Agustis, birth: 1904, death: 1976
HAYES, Mary Georgina, birth: 1909, death: 1990
HAYES, Oma, birth: 1909, death: 1999
HAYS, Florence G, birth: 1909, death: 1974
HAYS, Peggy, birth: 30-Mar-1931, death: 11-Aug-2004
HAYS, William L, birth: 1910, death: 1967
HEALAM, R. Mae, birth: 1917, death: 1980
HEATH, Frank Jr., birth: 21-Apr-1930, death: 30-Oct-1969, WA BT3 US Navy Korea
HEATH, Robin S, birth: 4-Oct-1982, death: 13-Mar-2008
HEBERT, Millie, birth: 1869, death: 1951
HEBERT, Theopile, birth: 1864, death: 1951
HEFFERLINE, Floyd E, birth: 22-Feb-1934, death: 26-Jul-2006, h/o Arline; married August 19, 1955
HEFFERN, Marie Olbu, birth: 1904, date of death missing
HEFFERN, Patrick J, birth: 25-Jun-1938, death: 17-Oct-1972, WA A2C US Air Force
HEFFERN, William J, birth: 4-Jan-1902, death: 9-Oct-1975, CEM US Navy WWII
HEFFRON, John N, birth: 1952, death: 2017
HEILBRUN, Daniel, birth: 22-Feb-1919, death: 31-Jan-1993
HEILBRUN, Opal, birth: 26-May-1926, death: 27-Oct-1996
HEINO, Richard A, birth: 1940, death: 2014
HELLSTRAND, Ida, birth: 1896, death: 1983
HELMINSKI, Christine Josephine, birth: 18-Dec-1953, death: 2-Jan-2010
HEMMEN, Kimberly Anne, birth: 10-Feb-1976, death: 7-Oct-1995
HENDERSON, Paula Diane, birth: 15-Apr-1968, death: 23-May-2014
HENDRICKS, Alpha, birth: 1905, death: 1984
HENDRICKS, Andrew, birth: 1865, death: 1939
HENDRICKS, Jennie E, birth: 1911, death: 1996
HENDRICKS, Minnie W, birth: 1867, death: 1956
HENDRICKSON, Aaron Victor, birth: 21-Sep-1928, death: 21-Sep-2006
HENDRICKSON, Agnes Marie, birth: 9-Aug-1916, death: 1-Jul-1995
HENDRICKSON, Andrew, birth: 1886, death: 1966
HENDRICKSON, Edwin J, birth: 8-May-1910, death: 13-Mar-1975
HENDRICKSON, Florence, birth: 1917, death: 2011
HENDRICKSON, Florin Johannes, birth: 26-Nov-1910, death: 28-Nov-1910
HENDRICKSON, Gloria Rose, birth: 25-May-1922, death: 21-Sep-1998
HENDRICKSON, Lennard, birth: 1911, death: 2005
HENDRICKSON, Selma, birth: 1891, death: 1973
HENKE, Irma Garner, birth: 1920, death: 2008
HENNING, Charlotte Ammerman, birth: 7-Oct-1917, death: 11-Dec-2011
HENRY, Elizabeth, birth: 1882, death: 1958
HENRY, Michael, birth: 1877, death: 1955
HENRY, Thomas, birth: 1905, death: 1921
HENSEN, Nancy Lee (Backman), birth: 12-Dec-1954, death: 26-Feb-2013
HENSHAW, Mattie L, birth: 24-Feb-1871, death: 26-Dec-1961
HEPPERLE, John Louis, death: 2-Jan-2000
HERIC, Ethel A, birth: 1889, death: 1984
HERIC, Fred, birth: 1938, death: 1938
HERIC, Raella, birth: 1937, death: 1944
HERIC, Roy, birth: 1920, death: 1940
HERMAN, Fred E, birth: 20-Oct-1921, death: 8-Oct-1992, US Army Air Corps WWII
HERMAN, Ruth M, birth: 30-Mar-1923, death: 11-Dec-2006
HERMANSON, Alma C, birth: 1884, death: 1964
HERMANSON, Anton, birth: 1870, death: 1963
HERMANSON, Arlo W, birth: 1906, death: 1959
HERMANSON, Arthur, birth: 1878, death: 1957
HERMANSON, Helen T, birth: 1913, death: 2003
HERMANSON, John H, birth: 1908, death: 1987
HEROLD, Beatrice M, birth: 17-May-1911, death: 7-Nov-1994
HERR, Eileen Elizabeth, birth: 30-Sep-1935, death: 2-Mar-2008
HERR, George Ernest, birth: 5-Jun-1936, death: 29-Aug-2008
HERRON, Leo, birth: 1912, death: 1983
HERRON, Luella, birth: 1914, death: 1978
HESS, Jean M, birth: 1920, death: 2000
HETTEL, Libby Arlene, birth: 1955, death: 2006
HIATT, Daniel C, birth: 1958, death: 1985
HIGASHIYAMA, Kazumi, birth: 25-Nov-1933, death: 20-Mar-2015
HILDEN, Marvey E, birth: 1929, death: 1930
HILL, Arvid, birth: 1883, death: 1971
HILL, August, birth: 1860, death: 1951
HILL, Bronwyn Joy, birth: 1968, death: 1976
HILL, Carl L II, birth: 10-Dec-1949, death: 21-Oct-2008
HILL, Carl L Sr., birth: 26-Jan-1924, death: 9-May-1984, US Army WWII
HILL, Earl A, birth: 1910, death: 1983
HILL, Eino A, birth: 7-Dec-1895, death: 12-Mar-1975, Pvt US Army
HILL, Emery C, birth: 19-Nov-1915, death: 5-Nov-1990, US Army WWII
HILL, Evelan G, birth: 6-Sep-1914, death: 7-Nov-1915
HILL, Frank A, birth: 29-Dec-1892, death: 23-Sep-1965, WA 1st LT CE-RES WWI
HILL, Johanna, birth: 1855, death: 1926
HILL, Sophia, birth: 1883, death: 1966
HILL, Spencer H, birth: 1918, death: 1983, M Sgt US Army WWII
HILLERY, Dana R (Dr), birth: 1904, death: 1985
HILLERY, E. Audrey, birth: 1900, death: 1985
HILLERY, Grace (Dr), birth: 1877, death: 1961
HILLERY, John Dana, birth: 1939, death: 1940
HILLERY, Othur W (Dr), birth: 1877, death: 1965
HILSENDAGER, Vicki M, birth: 1957, death: 1972
HINCHCLIFFE, William W, birth: 28-Feb-1909, death: 8-Nov-1980, M Sgt US Army WWII
HINES, John, birth: 1836, death: 1963
HINES, Lois M, birth: 10-Apr-1906, death: 22-Dec-1999
HINES, Martin J, birth: 24-Jul-1893, death: 20-Oct-1973, WA Pfc US Army WWI
HIRCKO, John J, birth: 17-Jun-1908, death: 27-Dec-1983, US Navy WWII
HIRD, John E, birth: 1940, death: 1972
HJELM, Lonnie Dean, birth: 1939, death: 2015
HJORT, Eric, birth: 1912, death: 1974
HJORT, Kristina, birth: 1895, death: 1983
HJORT, Nels, birth: 1894, death: 1966
HJORT, Nels Jr., birth: 9-Dec-1933, death: 15-Sep-1981, Cpl US Marine Corps Korea
HOBBS, Kenneth, birth: 28-Aug-1963, death: 11-Sep-1964
HODGES, Betty M, birth: 16-Sep-1923, death: 20-May-2017
HODGES, Robert, birth: 8-Oct-1922, death: 3-Sep-2009, Sgt US Army Air Forces WWII
HOEFSMIT, Harry J, birth: 1917, death: 1994
HOEFSMIT, Margaret C, birth: 1919, death: 2009
HOFFMAN, John F, death: 10-Nov-1910
HOFFMAN, Mary, birth: 19-Dec-1852, death: 31-Mar-1910
HOFFMAN, Nicholas, birth: 28-Jul-1848, death: 17-Oct-1897
HOGENHOUT, Christina, birth: 18-Oct-1914, death: 9-Feb-2007
HOGENHOUT, franciscus, birth: 1915, death: 1995
HOIALMEN, Esther, birth: 1913, death: 1988
HOIALMEN, Robert N, birth: 1906, death: 1982
HOLDER, George, birth: 1895, death: 1957
HOLDER, Herb, birth: 1931, death: 1988
HOLDER, Herbert J, birth: 9-Feb-1901, death: 30-Sep-1935
HOLDER, James, birth: 1857, death: 1923
HOLDER, James J, birth: 1893, death: 1964
HOLDER, June Florence, birth: 25-Apr-1918, death: 3-Aug-2011
HOLDER, Martha M, birth: 1859, death: 1922
HOLDER, Mary, birth: 1894, death: 1970
HOLDER, Pearl, birth: 1898, death: 1959
HOLDER, Richard James, birth: 28-Dec-1918, death: 13-Nov-2010, US Navy WWII USS Bismarck Sea
HOLLAND, Mattie E, birth: 25-Oct-1861, death: 20-Dec-1926
HOLMES, Christene Mae Brolio Barker, birth: 21-Feb-1932, death: 9-Dec-1991
HOLMES, Hilma, birth: 29-Sep-1884, death: 5-Jan-1917
HOLMGREN, Marjorie A, birth: 22-Dec-1925, death: 26-Dec-1992
HOLMGREN, Neal F, birth: 2-Dec-1915, death: 5-Jul-1993, US Army WWII
HOLSTEN, Andrew, birth: 1867, death: 1949
HOLSTEN, Earl M, birth: 1911, death: 1968
HOLSTEN, Robert K, birth: 9-Jun-1917, death: 7-Aug-1988, US Army WWII
HOLSTEN, Selma, birth: 1879, death: 1966
HOLT, Scott M Irwin, birth: 10-Jan-1963, death: 17-Jan-1982
HOLTE, Esther Helen, birth: 16-Mar-1911, death: 11-May-2000
HORROCKS, David J, birth: 1884, death: 1962
HORROCKS, David J, birth: 1929, death: 1999
HORROCKS, James, birth: 7-Apr-1849, death: 9-Aug-1911, Badcliffe Lancashire Eng
HORROCKS, Molly, birth: 16-Feb-1853, death: 7-Apr-1914
HORROCKS, Myrtle M, birth: 1888, death: 1980
HORSTMAN, Thomas B, birth: 1960, death: 1996
HOSKING, Joseph, birth: 21-Jan-1872, death: 3-Jan-1947
HOSKING, Lore H, birth: 1922, death: 2009
HOSKING, Morton, birth: 11-Jan-1870, death: 22-Sep-1945
HOSKING, Richard A, birth: 1923, death: 2002
HOSKING, Ruth, birth: 4-Mar-1872, death: 16-Sep-1942
HOSKING, Samuel John, birth: 2-Nov-1894, death: 20-Mar-1954, WA Pfc Co I 361 Inf WWI SS
HOSKINS, Robert E, birth: 14-Sep-1949, death: 25-Nov-1968, WA L Cpl H&S Co 5 Mar 1 Mar Div Vietnam PH
HOSKO, Elizabeth, birth: 25-Jun-1860, death: 22-Aug-1932
HOSKO, Fred T, birth: 1896, death: 1946
HOSKO, Joseph, birth: 21-Mar-1853, death: 23-Dec-1926
HOSKO, Stephan, birth: 1884, death: 1914
HOUCK, A. Merrill, birth: 1920, death: 1990
HOUCK, Montie M, birth: 1919, death: 1992
HOUGH, Catherine A, birth: 8-Sep-1844, death: 8-Jun-1914
HOVLAND, Arthur S, birth: 1879, death: 1970
HOVLAND, Elmer G, birth: 29-Feb-1916, death: 11-Apr-1970, WA Pfc 1040 Base Unit AAF WWII
HOVLAND, Martha H, birth: 1882, death: 1960
HOWARD, Ina S, birth: 1907, death: 1984
HOWATSON, Alice J, birth: 1929, death: 1945
HOWATSON, Elsie Peck, birth: 20-Oct-1888, death: 15-Aug-1949
HOWATSON, Helen M, birth: 1915, death: 1994
HOWATSON, T. Edwin, birth: 4-Jul-1883, death: 3-Jan-1974
HOWELL, Alice I, birth: 1911, death: 2006, w/o Victor, married June 2, 1946
HOWELL, C. Victor, birth: 1919, death: 1997, h/o Alice, married June 2, 1946
HOWELL, Loren L, birth: 1947, death: 1965
HOYE, Bert, birth: 1886, death: 1952
HOYE, Blanche H, birth: 1893, death: 1971
HSU, Hom, birth: 17-Oct-1958, death: 26-Jul-2013
HUANG, Li Fang, birth: 1933, death: 2005
HUARD, Suzanne Dorothy, birth: 26-Mar-1962, death: 28-Aug-2013
HUGHES, Elizabeth, birth: 1851, death: 19-Nov-1903
HUGHES, Kenneth N, birth: 27-Oct-1932, death: 5-Mar-1990, US Army
HUGHES, Nancy A, birth: 12-Jun-1940, death: 6-Jul-2001
HUGHES, Richard R, birth: 2-Oct-1934, death: 28-Jun-1984, US Navy
HUMBLEY, Elva, birth: 1878, death: 1950
HUMBLEY, Frederick, birth: 1862, death: 1942
HUME, Annie, birth: 1875, death: 1954
HUME, David W, birth: 1877, death: 1958
HUNG, Sun Chin, birth: 1927, death: 1994
HUNT, Paul F, birth: 26-May-1967, death: 25-Oct-2011
HUNT, Paul Freeman, birth: 1907, death: 1965
HUNT, Robert S, birth: 1889, death: 1959
HUNT-EVANS, Genevieve, birth: 1910, death: 2000
HUPPRICH, Sylvia A, birth: 13-Apr-1932, death: 9-Apr-2013
HUSBY, Edward J, birth: 1885, death: 1977
HUVINEN, Einer, birth: 1905, death: 1982
HUVINEN, Elmer, birth: 28-Jul-1878, death: 1-Jul-1927
HUVINEN, Emelia, birth: 1881, death: 1964
HUVINEN, Harold A, birth: 1904, death: 1929
HUVINEN, John A, birth: 1873, death: 1946
HUVINEN, Marie, birth: 1906, death: 1980
HUVINEN, Mary Ellen, birth: 1910, death: 1938
HYNDS, Helen E, birth: 1899, death: 1987
HYNDS, James Irven, birth: 6-Dec-1894, death: 14-Oct-1969, WA S2 US Navy WWI
HYNES, Lucille, birth: 1898, death: 1985

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