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Welsh Cemetery
Hanson Station, Grant County, Washington

Lat: 47° 42' 50"N, Lon: 119° 02' 41"W
T26N R30E Sec 28

Contributed by Pat Rice, Mar 12, 2000, last edited Apr 18, 2009 [rcrice@centurytel.net]. Total records = 23.

To reach the cemetery, go about 5 miles west from Almira on Hanson Station Road which becomes Road 44 NE once in Grant Co. Follow it to Road U NE, go south on it 1 mile to a dirt road which goes up a slight hill to where the fenced cemetery lies just to the north, about 100 feet into a wheat field.

At one time there was a church at that site, but it was torn down in the 1940s after years of dwindling membership.

The cemetery is surrounded by private property. Within the cemetery are six grave areas with decorative metal fencing. Two of those areas have no graves marked within, but the fencing remains.

The Welsh Cemetery was formed in 1892 when George and Esther Roberts deeded two acres of the SE 1/4 Section 28 T26N R30E to the "Zion Welsh Calvinistic Church" for the sum of $1. It's location was in Douglas County until 1909, then Grant. This area about 4 miles west of Almira once had a high population of people originally from Wales, with more than half the settlers in Townships 26 in both R29 and R30 being of Welsh extraction.

The cemetery was walked in May 1999 by Pat Rice. The stones found (with their translations, Welsh will be within brackets) are as follows, with translations by Jane Richards of Tanygrisiau, N. Wales

When Welsh Cemetery north and west of Almira was revisited in June of 2003, measurements of the existing cemetery were 142 feet east and west and 110 feet north and south. Measurements were taken along the fence line. The fence is netting on steel posts and is a bit wobbly. Corners have been nicked by implements as they cut the corner a bit short, but so far, the fence still stands. Farming is right up to the fence line. Welsh is full of weeds and badger holes as well as holes from burials that were moved to either Almira or Hartline years ago. There are five 'cages' with four of those of a decorative design.

Davis, Owen H., d. 19 Dec 1890, aged 27 years
Hughes, Baby Boy, no dates, 'In Memory of our baby boy, G. & M.J. Hughes
Hughes, Baby, no dates, 'In Memory of our baby, G. & M.J. Hughes
Hughes, Lizzie, d. 2 Feb 1894, 'In Memory of Lizzie, dear wife of J.J.Hughes who died Feb. 2, 1894' [Er Cof Am Lizzie ANWYL Briod JJ Hughes YR HONAFUFARW CHAWE 2 AIL 1894]
Hughes, Richard John, b. 17 Oct 1897, d. 8 Jan 1898, 'Our Darling Richard John Hughes, son of John and Jane Hughes
Humphreys, Jane, b. 1832, d. 1920, Shared stone with Owen
Humphreys, Owen, d. 26 Jan 1903, 74y 6m 22 d, Shared stone with Jane
Humphreys, William O., b. 1858, d. 1919
Jones, Griffith O., d. 26 Apr 1897, aged 28y 10m 1d and Anna G. Jones
Jones, John Albert, b. Oct 5, 1894, d. Jan 19, 1898, s/o Hugh M. & Anna C.
Jones, Thomas G., d. 26 Mar 1904, 56y [Ir Cog Am Thomas G. Jones Un Hw A FuFarw Mawrth 26, 1904 Zny 56 Miwund Oed]
Powell, M. G., d. 28 Jan 1894, 45y, 'In Memory of the Rev. M. G. Powell' [Ef Gof Am Y Pargh M. G. Powell Yr Hwn A Fu FARW ION. 28 1894 YN 45]
Pugh, John Hugh, b. 19 Jan 1900, d. 22 Aug 1900, 'Son of H.M. and Jane Pugh
Roberts, Baby, b. 1 Jan 1902, d. 31 Aug 1902, 'Son of Hugh and Bessie Roberts
Roberts, Jane E., b. Aug 11, 1851, d. Jan 26, 1898
Thomas, Ann, d. 23 Jul 1896, 'In Memory of Ann Thomas, dear wife of W. R. Thomas at 40 years of age
Twining, Ann, b. 17 Jan 1859, d. 31 Jan 1903,Shared stone with Dan
Twining, Dan, b. 20 Oct 1854, d. 27 May 1916,Shared stone with Ann
Williams, Benjamin, b. Aug 1829, d. 24 Jul 1907, 'born in Blanpient, Cardeganshire, S. Wales
Williams, David, b. 20 Apr 1854, d. 15 Sep 1909
Williams, Elizabeth, b. 20 Oct 1852, d. 4 Aug 1908, 'born Llanarmon, N. Wales', Shared stone with John E., across the cemetery from the Williams's above
Williams, John E., b. 16 Dec 1835, d. 25 Jul 1907, 'born Anglesey, N. Wales', shared stone with Elizabeth, across the cemetery from the Williams's above
Williams, Mary, b. 1826, d. 1901, 'In Memory of our Mother

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