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Pleasant Valley Cemetery (aka Corfu Cemetery)
Corfu, Grant County, Washington

Corfu WA 99357
T17N R27E Sec 32
Lat: 46° 55' 38"N, Lon: 119° 27' 00"W

Contributed by Fred Pflugrath, Apr 10, 2002, edited Oct 22, 2006 [fpflug@nwi.net]. Total records = 43.

East from Royal City on highway 28, go approximately 7 1/2 miles and turn north on highway 26 (aka A), After 3 1/2 miles, turn East on 12 SE for one mile, then north on B SE for one mile, Cemetery located on the west side of the road.

The cemetery was organized in 1912 as Pleasant Valley Cemetery. The following is from the plaque at the cemetery, "Pioneer Memorial Cemetery"

"This cemetery was dedicated in 1912 by the Homesteaders who first settled in this area, These pioneers cleared the land of sagebrush and dry farmed, The spring winds and drouth of those early days forced many of the families to leave, and many of their loved ones were left behind here, Rededicated by the member of the Pleasant Valley Cemetery Association in 1973"

The cemetery is about 4 acres in size with graves in a cleared area of 1 1/2 acres, The cemetery is cleaned and cared for by the Cemetery Association. As of now, no grass, some sage brush.

There are some unmarked graves noted with funeral home markers that are unreadable, at least two wooden markers unreadable, plastic flowers, empty glass jars in the ground, etc. I walked this cemetery 11 Apr 2001. Any misspelling and wrong dates, please let me know.

- Fred Pflugrath

Anderson, Clinton E, b. 22 Dec 1913, d. 24 Jul 1967, S Sgt US Army WWII
Anderson, Ethel E, b. 1914, d. 1992
Booher, Cyrus Raymond, b. 17 May 1889 Des Moines, Iowa, d. 6 Feb 1947 Corfu, WA, homesteaded in Smyrna 1905, wed Catherine
Booher, Ellen Maria, b. 1855, d. 1924
Booher, James Daniel, b. 1843, d. 1922
Derting, Elta, no dates, in memory of - with Houghton Stones
Dunsire, Gladys, b. 4 Sep 1919 Corfu, WA, d. 4 Sep 2000 (wooden marker)
Harris, Floyd D, b, 1912, d. 1978, father
Harris, William G, b. 31 Aug 1869 Boscobel, WI, d. 27 Sep 1944 Moses Lake, WA, wed Lillie
Hosford, Mrs. B, 4 May ??, d. ????, 73y, (stone is broken)
Hosford, W.D., b. 13? Aug 1837, d. 14 Feb 1912, (very hard to read)
Houghton, Augustus, d. 1910
Houghton, Edith, b, 1875, d. 1920
Houghton, Ernest, b, 1869, d. 1910
Houghton, Lucy Wilson, no dates
Houghton, Wealthy, 1845
Hutchinson, Old Ben, b. 5 Jan 1854, d, 12 Feb 1925, I was young when I came here, Have lived with nature without a fear, We grew old,,,, and die and meet our end and from this earth we must ascend, I am prepared, said wise "Old Ben", Happy to,,,, have lived my three score n,,,, ten." Stone laid by LF Nelson & Gus Seeburger members of Grant County Historical Society.
Kapp, Gregg S, d. 3 Feb 1935, s/w James E
Kapp, James E, d. 13 Feb 1935, s/w Gregg S
Kapp, John, b, 15 Sep 1845, d. 7 Mar 1920
Kapp, Katie, b, 20 Nov 1878, d. 20 Mar 1920
Kapp, Margaret, b, 9 Apr 1916, d. 16 Mar 1920
Kapp, Rosa, b, 28 Dec 1871, d. 28 Jan 1919
Lawty, Christopher, b, 1890, d. 1975, father
Lawty, Douglas, b, 12 Oct 1912, d. 2? Feb 1917, (hand made stone)
Lawty, Elizabeth M, b. 13 May 1923, d. 7 Oct 2001
Lawty, Henry C, b. 9 Dec 1912, d. 7 Mar 2002
Lawty, Kathryn, b, 1 May 1893?, d. 26 Jan 1933, wife of Chris
Lewis, Anna F, b, 19 Mar 1865, d. 17 Oct 1946
Lewis, Edmond J, b, 3 Mar 1868, d. 7 Feb 1952
Lewis, James Otis, b, 16 May 1896, d. 26 Apr 1952, WA Wagoner 76 Inf13 Div WWI
Lewis, Nathan A, b, 1889, d. 1983
Mathews, Walter Nels, b. 4 Dec 1929, d. 22 Jun 1981
Putnam, Glenn L, b, 1897, d. 1982
Rasor, Evalean A, b, 1894, d. 1959
Rasor, William J, b, 1855, d. 1932
Robbins, Charles, b, 1854, d. 1914, (Also handmade "Charles Robbins At Rest")
Robbins, Orpha J, b, 1867, d. 1949
Scannon, Florence G, b, 1905, d. 1984
Truman, Clair T, b, 14 Dec 1926, d. 23 Apr 1987, ETI US Navy, Korea
Wanger, Guy Clifford, b. 11 Jan 1947, d. 15 Nov 1948
Wanger, Susan Marie, b. 20 Jun 1930, d. 15 Jun 1948
Woodall, Joan Mary, b. 29 Apr 1946, d. 3 Mar 2001

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