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Kahlotus Lakeview Cemetery
Kahlotus, Franklin County, Washington

Contributed by Bob Stallman [rwstallman@comcast.net]. Total records = 123.

Cemetery Records at:
Cemetery Board Member, Donald Joersz
PO Box 74
Kahlotus, WA 99335
Phone 509-282-3477

The Cemetery is located in Kahlotus, Washington at the intersection of State Highway 260, Pasco Kahlotus Road and Spokane Ave. go North on Spokane Ave. 2 tenths of a mile, the cemetery is at the top of the hill. When checking the records I found some very hard to read, about 56 unknown graves listed, they were assumed as early pioneers and railroad laborers from when they were building the railroad that goes through the town. The oldest death date says 1897 or 1899. Donald Joersz has collected many of the obituaries of the burials of the past 25 years. If you should see a name that you are looking for you could contact him for more information.

The cemetery and burial list of Kahlotus Lakeview Cemetery transcribed and submitted by Bob Stallman,  28 April 1999.

ANDERSON,  Charles,  b.18 Aug 1867, d.19 Jun 1939, Born in Sweden
BAHR,  Anna,  b.3 Mar 1852, d.4 Jul 1936, Born in Melma, Sweden
BAHR,  Edd,  b.1891, d.1976
BAHR,  Kathryn,  b.1899, d.1971
BAHR,  Michael R.,  b.13 Jul 1923, d.14 Dec 1993, Pfc Army WW II
BAHR,  Oscar,  b.14 Oct 1893, d.3 Oct 1967, Pvt Army WW I
BAHR,  Peter,  b.1889, d.1969
BAKER,  Byron J.,  b.1915
BAKER,  Vivian R.,  b.1917
BARNES,  James H.,  b.31 Oct 1861, d.16 Mar 1913, Born in Illinois
BARRY,  Charles R.,  b.15 Aug 1856, d.29 Jan 1932, Born in California
BLAIR,  David d. b.1908, d.1988, Marr 6 May 1935
BLAIR,  Margarette,  b.24 Mar 1903, d.21 Mar 1921, Born in France wife of Fred J Blair
BLAIR,  Ruby Lee (Rogers),  b.28 Nov 1895, d.18 Feb 1926
BLAIR,  Ruth L.,  b.1913
BYRD,  Erma R.,  b.3 Aug 1915, d., Marr 16 Sep 1936
BYRD,  James "Fred",  b.16 Jul 1912, d.28 Jun 1982, Marr 16 Sep 1936
CAMPBELL,  Fred d. b.11 Sep 1886, d.29 Apr 1970
CAMPBELL,  Violet A.,  b.30 Oct 1892, d.27 Dec 1976
CAMPBELL,  Wayne Bryce,  b.5 Apr 1928, d.12 Jul 1996
CASSIDAY,  James d.5 Apr 1909
CAROTHERS,  Albert Elmo,  b.17 Oct 1906, d.18 Mar 1929, Father Fred A. Mother Lillian Swagle
COCHRANE,  Kenneth Robert,  b.28 Oct 1934, d.15 May 1990
COCHRANE,  Lloyd K.,  b.1910, d.1982, Marr 20 Nov 1933
COCHRANE,  Norine W.,  b.1911, d.1994, Marr 20 Nov 1933
COCHRANE,  Scott Kenneth,  b.20 Mar 1955, d.21 Oct 1994
CRABB,  Catherin L.,  b.10 May 1862, d.5 Jun 1934, Iowa widow Fath David Shafer Moth Lora Lontel
CRABB,  Clarence,  b.8 Jan 1900, d.8 Jan 1905
DAMAN,  Amos,  b.10 Sep 1856, d.26 Dec 1934, Wisconsin farmer
DEPEW,  Mary Joann,  b.19 Mar 1970, d.13 Jul 1988
DOLL,  J.J.,  d.7 Feb 1917, About 60 years
DUNN,  Mary?,  d.Apr 1911
EATON,  Benjamin,  b.15 Oct 1927, d.28 Jun 1909, New York widower
EKENBARGER,  DeLancey,  b.6 May 1914, d.25 Jan 1992
EKENBARGER,  Lavone M.,  b.18 Aug 1915, d.27 Dec 1991
ERICKSON,  Annie Beatrice,  b.5 Apr 1907, d.25 Aug 1909, Born North Dakota Parents John/Anna
FINLEY,  John,  b.15 Apr 1849, d.7 May 1928
FOSTER,  Guy (George?),  d.Apr 1913
GILLOCK,  Warder William,  b.28 Jan 1895, d.15 Feb 1905
GLAESEMANN,  Gilford M.,  b.5 Jun 1920, d., Marr 29 Oct 1941
GLAESEMANN,  Gladys,  b.5 Jul 1917, d.9 Sep 1998, Marr 29 Oct 1941
GOBIET,  Edward,  b.25 Jul 1917, d.23 Sep 1917, Born in Kahlotus Parents Antoine Gobiet and Lillie Pinon
HALE,  (Girl Edna?),  d.May 1909
HAMMER,  (Boy) 
HARTER,  Helen Marie,  b.28 Apr 1927, d.1 Feb 1928, Parents Harold George and Vera Truman
HENKEL,  Joseph,  b.1873, d.26 May 1928, Wife Ellinor
HERRON,  Catherine C.,  b.13 Jan 1896, d.2 Dec 1973, Marr 17 Aug 1919
HERRON,  Oren C.,  b.30 Jan 1895, d.20 Jun 1954, Marr 17 Aug 1919
HERRON,  Robert Wesley Sr.,  b.19 Apr 1920, d.23 Jul 1994, Sgt Army WW II,
HINKEL,  Joseph,  b.1873, d.1928
HOFFMAN,  Amanda C.,  b.1880, d.1908, Daugt. of Elizebeth Richardson
HOLIEN,  Beatrice V.,  b.1916, d.1994
HOLIEN,  Gerald, b.1919
HOPE,  Mary
JOERSZ,  Douglas Scott,  b.22 Nov 1963, d.28 Sep 1985
JOHNSON,  Alfred J.,  d.3 Jul 1907
JUVONAL,  Edna E.,  b.1869, d.8 May 1939, Born in Iowa
JUVONAL,  James Travis,  b.15 Jan 1860, d.9 Oct 1923, Wife Edna E. Par. James/Martha Allen
JUVONAL,  Lillian,  b.25 Mar 1907, d.5 Dec 1908
JOVONAL,  Richard H.,  b.14 Nov 1898, d.23 Oct 1918, Father James
KAISER, Martin,  d.18 Nov 1907
KELLY,  Harry Justin,  b.8 Mar 1909, d.23 Nov 1927, Parents Phillip Kelly and Jennie Bahr
LATIMER,  Allen James,  b.1877, d.1965
LEIFER,  Nixon L.,  b.1905, d.1966
LEWIS,  Archie J.,  b.1916, d.1988, T/sgt Army WW II
LOVE,  Dale,  d.26 Apr 1912
MARSHALL,  Elizabeth Lb.21 Dec 1847, d.2 Jul 1921, Born Pennsylvania Wife of George W.
MARSHALL,  George W.,  b.11 Apr 1843, d.7 Apr 1917, Born West Virginia
MARSHALL,  George Charles,  b.24 Apr 1883, d.15 May 1917, Born South Dakota
MATTORN,  Harry W.,  b.1867, d.1960
McCHEANCY,  John Henry,  b.16 Apr 1832, d.21 Jan 1919
McCHESNEY,  Zacccariah,  b.16 Jun 1844, d.21 Apr 1921
McKINNY,  Edna Pearl,  b.29 Oct 1880, d.13 Mar 1925, Wife of Robert S.
MEYOR,  Jennie Margaret,  b.3 Apr 1883, d.24 Mar 1926, Born in Oregon Husb/Marion Moyer
MILLER,  Alfred J.,  b.1909, d.1978, Marr 10 Oct 1933
MILLER,  Bernice M.,  b.1912, d.1996, Marr 10 Oct 1933
MONTGOMERY,  Monte L.,  b.1941, d.1996
MOORE,  Elizabeth E.,  b.1909, d.1993
MOORE,  Isaac L. Jr.,  b.5 Nov 1944, d.29 Apr 1945
MOORE,  Melvin M.,  b.1910, d.1993
MORRIS,  (Baby)
NORGARD,  Boy Baby,  d.1909
OWEN,  Edward,  b.18 Jun 1857, d.12 Mar 1922, Born in California
OVERMAN,  Orval,  b.10 Sep 1916, d.20 Feb 1922, Father Mathew Moth. Florence McCullmer
PECKHAM,  Donald James,  b.8 Dec 1928, d.9 Dec 1928, Par. Wallie Peckham and Lottie A. Johnson
PECKHAM,  William Hubert,  b.11 Jun 1918, d.11 Jun 1918, Par. Wallie Peckham and Lottie A. Johnson
PECKHAM,  Ida Dorothy,  b.24 Dec 1915, d.9 Sep 1917, Par. Wallie Peckham and Lottie A. Johnson
PECKHAM,  Edwin Leland Jr.,  b.3 Jan 1936, d.29 Oct 1936, Parents Edwin L. and Cordetia Carter
PECKHAM,  Walter Leland,  b.Nov 1874, d.Jan 1949
PHILLIPPAY,  Catherine (Barry),  b.5 Oct 1852, d.25 Jan 1933, Born in Ireland Sister of Chas Barry
PHILLIPPAY,  Georgetta Ward,  b.6 May 1910, d.10 Jan 1994, Marr 18 Jun 1942
PHILLIPPAY,  Rodney Benjamin,  b.14 May 1909, d.26 Nov 1995, Marr 18 Jun 1942
PINLAY,  John,  b.27 Jun 1840, d.7 May 1928
RABEL,  Ruth A.,  b.1924, d., Marr 22 May 1975
RABEL,  Valentine,  b.1918, d.1978, Marr 22 May 1975
REYNOLDS,  Boy Baby,  b.4 Feb 1931, d.4 Feb 1931
RICE,  Leander,  b.7 Jun 1854, d.17 Jan 1936
RICE,  Lilah May (Debrya),  b.3 Oct 1858, d.25 Feb 1929
RICE,  Mamie,  b.1886, d.1952
RICHARDSON,  Clem S.,  b.1883, d.1960
RICHARDSON,  Elizebeth,  b.17 Jun 1844, d.21 Jan 1931, Born Ohio Widow of John
RICHARDSON,  Perry,  b.16 Oct 1871, d.11 Jul 1959
ROACH,  Jean V.,  b.24 Jul 1931, d.13 Dec 1996
ROACH,  Robert,  b.21 Feb 1923
ROBBINS,  Doris A.,  b.21 Apr 1915, d.9 Jan 1980
ROBBINS,  Joe A.,  b.18 Dec 1917
RUSSELL,  Fred George,  b.29 Nov 1891, d.1 Aug 1969, Pvt WW I
RYAN,  Ila N.,  b.8 Mar 1918, d.8 Sep 1991
SCHARLAU,  William,  b.1884, d.8 May 1907
SCHMIDT,  Theodore,  b.2 Mar 1878, d.15 Mar 1923, Born in Germany
SCOTT,  Ruth
SHERRIFF,  Hila S.,  b.1906, d.1987
SHERRIFF,  Lester A.,  b.1905, d.1977
SMITH, N.W.,  d.3 Apr 1912
SMITH,  Sarah A.,  d.1897 or 1899
SMOLIE,  Dan,  d.2 Apr 1912
SOUTHWORTH,  Lloyd,  b.9 Feb 1891, d.8 Apr 1965, WW I
TETHROW,  Jane,  d.1907, Date Approx.
TOSHEF,  Theodore, b.1890, d.1968
TOWERS,  John,  b.1871, d.13 Jul 1907, Born in England
WATSON,  Bertha Jeanette,  b.4 Apr 1894, d.19 Oct 1924, Wife of Samuel J.

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