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Kummer Cemetery
Waterville, Douglas County, Washington

Waterville, WA 98858
T25N R22E Sect 23

Lat: 47°39'19"N, Lon: 120°01'48"W

Contributed by Fred Pflugrath, Sep 23, 2000 [fpflug@nwi.net].
Total records = 33.

location: Drive north from St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Waterville one mile, turn right (East) on 'M' NW and go 3 miles to the corner of 'M' NW and 3 NE. The cemetery is in the southeast of the crossing county roads. The cemetery is about 8 acres in size and is in the shape of a T, with the top of the T next to 'M' NW. .

There are some who no longer have a headstone, but were listed in an earlier reading of Kummer cemetery. Those have an asterisk * following the entry.

Allen, Ida, b. 26 Jan 1866, d. 7 Feb 1890, wife of George A.,Catholic Section
Archibald, Jennie, d. 5 Mar 1901, age 17, (very hard to read), Catholic Section
Breekman, Gertrude Agnes, b. 1 Aug 1888, d. 11 Jun 1904, age 15 yrs, 10m, 10 d, Catholic Section
Brownfield, J. J., b. 1816, d. Dec 1893, father, Protestant Section *
Christensen, Mary B., b. 8 Sep 1854 (1855) Denmark, d. after 4 Jul 1900 Farmer, Wa, or name could have been (5 Jul 1891) Bollette Marie, wife of S.C., Protestant Section *
Corbaley, Coral, b. 21 Aug 1898, d. 17 Sep 1899, Protestant Section
Corbaley, Florence H., b. 29 Apr 1894, d. 6 Jul 1898, Protestant Section
Corbaley, Mary A. Jefferson, d. 28 Oct 1896, age 72, God is Love, Protestant Section
Corbaley, Nellie M., b. 2 Mar 1861, d. 6 Mar 1903, Protestant Section
Eustus, Margret, b. 28 Jul 1822, d. 25 Jun 1901, Protestant Section
Eustus, Zella Pearl, b. 19 Feb 1894, d. 5 Mar 1908, dau of J.F. & S.M., Protestant Section
Gard, Eliza J., b. 27 Jan 1831, d. 16 Mar 1898, Blessed are the meek for they, Protestant Section
Gard, George W., b. 2 Jan 1826, d. 1 Oct 1894, shall inherit the earth, Protestant Section
Hardin, Smith, b. 3 Feb 1833, d. 22 May 1892, hus of M.A., Gone but not forgotten. He was Veteran, G.A.R., Civil War, Protestant Section
Jordan, William W., d. 6 Jan 1898, age 20 yrs, 4 days, son of, A.W. and M.E. Jordan, Protestant Section *
Lewis, Annie, b. 3 Feb 1856, d. Jun 1896, Protestant Section *
Lewis, Archie, b. 26 Aug 1874, d. 5 Aug 1895, Protestant Section *
Lewis, Levi, d. 4 Jun 1896, (moved to Waterville Cem.), Protestant Sect. *
Lewis, Maud, b. 17 Jan 1883, d. 9 Feb 1898, Protestant Section *
Libby, Garner C., b. 3 Jun 1892, d. 10 Feb 1893, son of O & Villa M., Protestant Section
Lovett, Archie J, b. 21 Nov 1882, d. 29 Apr 1903, Protestant Section
Lovett, George A., b. 11 Nov 1849, d. 27 Apr 1903, Protestant Section
Miles, H. A., b. 1825, d. 1888, Captain Company C 14th Iowa Infantry, Protestant Section
Miles, Jane, b. 1827, d. 1910, Protestant Section
Pierpoint, Frank, b. 1851, d. 1894, Coulee Plains, brother of A. A. died in snow storm on Coulee Plains, Protestant Section
Piper, Irene, b. 21 Nov 1892, d. 9 Mar 1894, dau of Wiley C & Odie, An angel visited the green earth & took our flower away., Protestant Section
Porter, A. C., d. 29 Dec 1891, age 41 years, Masonic Section
Rounds, John W., b. 11 Jan 1865, d. 9 Oct 1888, brother, Protestant Section
Rounds, Rodney B., b. 14 Feb 1830, d. 7 Aug 1893, father, Protestant Section
Scott, S. B., b. 16 Nov 1853 Pettis Co, Missouri, d. 5 Jan 1890, son of S.B. & Sarah, Masonic Section
Wallberg, Leanerd, b. 10 Mar 1897, d. 21 Apr 1897, baby son of E. & E., Protestant Section *
Walters, Ida May, b. 3 Feb 1889, d. Apr 1890, dau of W.M. & L., Our darling baby asleep in Jesus (stone is broken), Protestant Section
Wilson, Mary E., b. 16 Aug 1890, d. 22 May 1891, Protestant Section

Most of the above have obits on file at the WAGS library in Wenatchee. There are graves without stones, just some wild yellow roses. Fred Pflugrath finished walking the cemetery on 6 Nov 1998. From the appearance, the cemetery has not had an cleaning or visitors in some time. Any misspelling and wrong dates, please let Fred Pflugrath know. Thanks.

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