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Leavenworth (Tumwater, Mission or Pioneer Cemetery)
Leavenworth, Chelan County, Washington

Leavenworth, Washington 98826

Lat: 47° 35' 25"N, Lon: 120° 40' 19"W
T24N R17E Sec 11

Contributed by Fred Pflugrath, Sep 23, 2000, last edited Jan 11, 2007 [fpflug@nwi.net]. Total records = 67.

The cemetery is located on the west side of the city of Leavenworth, north of Highway 2, west of the state highway department and across Highway 2 from the Icicle Inn.

The records of the cemetery have been lost, when the cemetery was walked in the spring of 1999, no stones were found, but there were a couple of bases still on the grounds.

The list of people below, have been gathered from old Wenatchee Repubic, Wenatchee Advance, and Wenatchee Daily World obit notices. The cemetery was on private land owned by the Great Northern Railroad. It is believed the cemetery was started in 1892 by the Great Northern Railroad.

The last addition to this list Jul 10, 2000
- Fred Pflugrath

Alberteen, Ted, no dates
Albright, George, d. 9 Mar 1907, age 35, s/o Charles Albright, body moved East
Archibald, Patrick, no dates, Katie Bailey's Grandfather, Civil War Veteran,
Barker, Clyde, no dates, (another source says Baker)
Barron, Mrs., no dates, gmother of Bertha Spencer Blaikey, m-in-law to Ernie Spencer
Brender, Leonora Jeffry, d. 16 Nov 1909, 53 years old, Chumstick, Methodist
Brewer, Mr., d. 3 Jan 1904, 68 years old
Broderick, Patrick, d. 13 Nov 1908, logging acc Nason Creek
Burgeson, John, d. 23 Oct 1903
Bush, Frank, d. 1 Aug 1906
Calder, Mrs., no dates
Castlebery, Katie (male), no dates, b/o Mrs. Harry Wall & Mrs. F.Lloyd Williams
Castleburg, Harrison D, d. 23 Oct 1903, b/o Mrs. Harry Wall & Mrs. F. Lloyd Williams, was murdered,
Chambers child, d. 15 Oct 1909, c/o M/M JH (Fox) Chambers Peshastin, scarlet fever
Chambers child, d. 4 Oct 1909, c/o LS Chambers, Peshastin, scarlet, fever
Chisholm Baby, d. 22 Jul 1906, c/o M/M GG Chishom
Clayton, John, d. 8 Feb 1904, Tunnel, WA, railroad accident app. 38 yrs old
Dean, Mrs., no dates
Dillon, Mrs. James, no dates, s/o Mary Kinscherf
Dunladey, Edward, d. 29 Feb 1909, GN fireman, RR accident
Elnroth, Henry, d. 20 Nov 1904, farm accident
Ewell, Francis Maron, b. 10 Feb 1854 Manassas Jt, VA, d. 6 Dec 1907 Peshastin, WA, farmer at River Glen
Geery, James, d. 7 Aug 1907, died at Chewaukum
Graham, Joseph, d. 21 Mar 1907, RR accident
Grant, J.A.S., d. 1902
Gwin, Grandma & Mother, no dates
Hegessdal, ___, d. 1 Dec 1907, TNT explosion
Hill, ___, d. 1 Dec 1907, TNT explosion
Hill, Joseph Thomas, d. Jan 1910, age 8, diphtheria
Hood, Noalna, no dates
Horize, K. "Tony", d. Sep 1997, Japanese
Horry, John, d. 24 Nov 1909, 37 years old, river log accident at Nason Creek (could be Chiwaukum Cemetery),
Humphries, Infant Son, d. 30 Dec 1930, s/o M/M Amos Humphries
Jacques, Child, d. 15 Jan 1907, d/o M/M CW Jacques, 3 yrs old
Jeffreys, Fred, no dates
Jergenson, d.
Johnson, Henry, no dates, crippled man, died of TB
Johnson, Nancy T, d. 29 Feb 1904, Grandmother, Leavenworth, 88 yrs old
Johnston, Henry, no dates, crippled man died of TB
Kelley, William B, d. 1894, body moved to Walla Walla in 1907
Kincherf baby, d. 1898, b/o Mary Kinscherf
Meeker, Herbert Edwin, b. 12 Feb 1907, d. 8 Jan 1909, s/o M/M CL Meeker, Peshastin
Mucgaekm Hanes /f, d. 6 Oct 1907, worked for GN was 28 yrs 8m 3d old
Moore, Marie, d. Aug 1905, suicide, Morphine, wed Edward "Teddy" Moore, mother in Portland
Morgan, Ira M, d. Feb 1916, 42 years old, wed Mable
Murphy, W.J., d. 17 Aug 1908, RR acc. in Tumwater Canyon
Murphy, d. 16 Apr 1904, 21 years old
Neimeyer child, d. 21 Feb 1909, youngest c/o M/M E Neimeyer, Peshastin
Nellie, Gertie, no dates
Noble, Infant daughter, d. c.23 Sep 1909, d/o M/M Lewis Noble
Noonan, James, d. 18 Sep 1906
Norwell, Mrs. Emil, d. 5 Jan 1908
Patrick, Archibald, no dates, Civil War Vet, 10th Missouri, Katie Bailey's ggrandfather
Phair, James B., no dates, could have been moved to Moyle, BC
Shell, Lizzie, d. Jan 1902, age 3 sister of Bretta Pendleton
Sherwood, E.W., b. Hazelwood Farm, Chennego Co, d. 6 Jul 1905, Chiwaukum, GAR
Solones, daughter, d. 20-Jun 1906, d/o M/M Charles Solones
Sprague, Frederick D, d. 1904, 14 years old, Diptheria, s/o EL & Mary J. Sprague
Stainey, boy, no dates, drowned in Wenatchee River
Straley, William, b. 4 Jun 1892, d. no date, s/o William J & Annie Straley
Taylor, Mrs. F.S., d. 24 Jan 1905, resident since 1892, from Glasgow, MT
Tholin, John, b. 10 Mar 1845 Karlsbad, Sweden, d. 19 Dec 1907, age 62, 9m, 9d, wed Mary Nelson
Tug, d. 29 Aug 1905, Japanese, railroad-bicycle accident
Tyman, Margaret, d. 9 Aug 1894, Our Baby, 6 months
??, Unknown two small babies, no dates, 4 Aug 1878
Williams, d. 7 Feb 1907, 3 mo old child-Theo Williams
Wilson, Mrs. J.F., d. 4 Jul 1905, local hospital, resident of Peshastin, husband & 6 children survive

Obits for most are in the WAGS library.
Additional information
Buried according to Mrs. Mary Kincherf in 1949 (The North Road Cemetery, known as the Old Leavenworth Cemetery, was purchased, surveyed in 1906. The above cemetery was continued to be used for some time.) According to a newspaper article in the Wenatchee Republic, Sep 13, 1905, "There are at the present time some 75 buried here." Here meaning the Leavenworth Cemetery. The article continues stating that there is a need for a new cemetery since the present cemetery in a coulee is filled and graves are being blasted into the sides of the coulee.

(Newspaper article dated Aug 1992, Leavenworth Echo, Lenard and Bertha Smith had records of at least 74 confirmed burials there, mostly through obituaries from in old copies of the Leavenworth Echo.

{In the book, STEVENS PASS by JoAnn Roe, page 104, The GNR (Great Northern Railroad) set aside a small cemetery just east of the entrance to Tumwater Canyon, and provided free interment for its deceased employees there. A pleasant plot with a picket fence, it is shown in certain photos of the area taken in the early 1930s. By 1966, only three headstones remained, marking the graves of children who died in 1893, 1894, and 1904. Stan Herald, the present day owner of the property offered to donate land in 1966 to restore the small cemetery, but no action was taken on his offer. Leavenworth residents have worked sporadically to clean up the brush-filled locale, in the process uncovering other markers. In 1992, there were five markers, but all the old headstones have vanished from the site. Any additions and/or corrections, please contact Fred Pflugrath. Thanks.

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