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Asotin Creek (Bracken) Cemetery
Asotin County, Washington

Contributed by Jill Nock [jjnock@fiberpipe.net]. Total records = 4.

Asotin Creek Cemetery (aka Bracken)
T9N R44E Section 3

This is a transcription of Robert Weatherly's work. Used with permission.

All signs of the small cemetery on Asotin Creek have long been gone. A stock feed lot, owned by Erb Blankinship and rented by Jake Schlee, includes the area where the graves are. It is located along the Asotin Creek Road on the west side, about 1/2 mile south of the mouth of Charley Fork Creek, and about 14 miles southwest of Asotin, and about 50 yards north of line fence between the Blankinship Ranch and the Asotin Creek Game Range. (SE 1/4 of SW 1/4, Sec 3, T9N, R44E, W.M.)

At the time the burials were made in the early 1900s, there was a school house, the first Charley Fork school, near the burial sites. The late Fannie Onstot taught school there, and verified the location of the cemetery a few years ago.

Claude Campbell, early resident of the area, now of Big Fork, Montana, helped bury Bob Bracken there May 15, 1906.

BRACKEN, Bob, Died 15 May 1906
MUNDELIEN, Mrs., (no dates)
PARKS, Mrs., (no dates)
SMITH, Wallace, Died 1901


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