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Weathersfield Bow Graveyard
Weathersfield, Windsor County, Vermont

Contributed by Gary Allen Lull, Jan 09, 2001 [aunt_rain@mpdr0.detroit.mi.ameritech.net]. Total records = 243.

Cemetery location is Route 5 and 7 corners

?, Lena M., b. 1865, d. 1903
Bailey, Rhoda, d. Jun 9, 1903, 97y 4m, w/o Asahel W. Warren
Bartlett, Harriet, b. Feb 8, 1820, d. Apr 14, 1909, widow/o J. DeF. Richards, d/o Wm. & Ann B. Jarvis, born in Weathersfield, VT, died in Coronado, CA, "I shall be satisfied when I awake in his likeness."
Beal, Mart Alph, b. Aug 15, 1855, d. Mar 12, 1910, born at Southport Island, ME, died at Springfield, VT
Belknap, Joseph, d. Jun 14, 1821, 72y 2m, "Within this sacred bed of rest, A tender father lies, But he shall live among the just, When Christ shall bid him rise."
Belknap, Lucy, d. Nov 25, 1837, 12y
Belknap, Mary E. M., d. Oct 8, 1843, 36y 5m 10d, d/o Nahum & Olive Belknap
Belknap, Nancy P., d. Aug 18, 1841, 14y
Belknap, Nancy, d. Sep 5, 1864, 68y
Belknap, Olive, d. Mar 31, 1841, 87y, w/o Joseph Belknap
Billings, Amy M., d. Jul 2, 1879, 84y
Billings, Jeannette Courtenay, d. Aug 17, 1824, 2y
Billings, Thomas, Jr., d. Jun 1, 1847, 12y 2m 3d, s/o Thomas & Amy Billings, "Brother thou has left us bome by angels to the skies, Bleeding hearts could not detain thee thou has gained the immortal prize. Fondly we the hope had cherished that thy presence long would cheer As the spring flower thou hast perished to flourish in a brighter sphere."
Billings, Thomas, d. Oct 12, 1856, 70y
Blood, Ellen, no dates, wooden marker
Bond, Amy, d. Jan 13, 1829, 88y, w/o Thaddeus Bond, "In memory of"
Bronson, Austin, d. Feb 18, 1871, 52y
Bronson, Betsey A., d. Jul 4, 1876, 62y, w/o Simon Bronson, "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
Bronson, Simon, b. Apr 13, 1838, d. Mar 25, 1897, "Co. E 16th Vt. Vols."Butterfield, Thomas F., d. Apr 24, 1880, 49y 10m, "Weep not for the loved ones gone before for he standeth beckoning on the other shore"
Bronson, Simon, b. Jul 5, 1811, d. Oct 15, 1898
Butterfield, Eddie, d. Oct 6, 1881, 5m, s/o H. & C. J. Butterfield
Butterfield, Horace, d. May 31, 1891, 64y
Butterfield, Little Nellie, d. Sep 22, 1876, 1y 6m, d/o H. & C. J. Butterfield
Butterfield, Mary E., d. Apr 12, 1869, 12y 2m, d/o Horace & Cornelia J. Butterfield, "Fold her O Father in thy arms, And let her hencefottl7 be, A messenger of love between, Our human hearts and thee."
Butterfield, Melvin A., d. Dec 6, 1889, 29y 10m, s/o H. & C. J. Butterfield, "In memoriam"
Butterfield, Samuel, d. Nov 4, 1852, 53y
Chase, Cornelia A., b. 1843, "his wife"
Cone, Adah J., d. Feb 21, 1897, 37y, w/o Charles W. Streeter
Cowles, Bedy, d. Oct 18, 1841, 68y 11m, w/o Carlos Cowles Esq.
Cowles, Carlos C., d. Aug 19, 1824, 13y, s/o Carlos & Bedy Cowles (two rough stones)
Cowles, Carlos, Esq., d. Nov 20, 1846, 76y
Cowles, Lurenia, d. Jun 6, 1851, 49y, d/o Carlos & Bedy Cowles
Danforth, Charles, d. Feb 14, 1852, 30y 10m
Danforth, Father, d. Dec 30, 1870, 84y, no other name
Danforth, Franklin, d. Jul 16, 1858, 28y 9m
Danforth, James, d. Nov 27, 1850, 32y
Danforth, Joseph, d. Feb 12, 1833, 70y
Danforth, Louise C., d. May 20, 1908, 83y 3m 8d
Danforth, Lydia, d. Sep 3, 1842, 74y, s/w w/o Joseph Danforth
Danforth, Margaret, d. Sep 21, 1861, 26y 9m
Danforth, Mother, d. Jul 10, 1883, 90y 6m, no other names
Danforth, Sarah E., d. Nov 30, 1908, 81y 8m 16d, w/o, Joseph B. Richardson, "Blessed sleep"
Danforth, William H., b. Nov 2, 1831, d. Nov 28, 1843, 12y 26d
DeForest, Charlotte Jane, b. Jun 30, 1822, d. Jun 2, 1890, born in Staten Island NY, died in Stromsburg NE, "In memory of Charlotte Jane DeForest wife of Roswell Haskell, He giveth his beloved sleep.
Deane, Barnabas, d. Feb 6, 1865, 74y
Deane, Catherine, d. Jul 11, 1836, 3y 8m, d/o B. & I. W. Deane
Deane, Isabella W., d. Feb 22, 1838, 43y, w/o Barnabas Deane
Deane, Lucia P., d. J?n 8, 1844, 40y, month could be Jun or Jan, w/o Barnabas Deane
Deane, William, d. Mar 20, 1846, 15m 8d, s/o Wm. & L. Louisa Bassett
Deming, Pmily A., b. 1830, d. 1910, w/o s/w Edward P. Fellows, "his wife"
Divoll, Marguerite B., b. 1907, d. 1910, d/o E. P. & G. B. Divoll
Dunbar, Benson, d. Aug 8, 1813, 25y 9m 18d, "In memory of Benson Dunbar who was drowned August 8th 1813 aged 25 years 9 months & 18 days."
Eames, James, d. Aug 18, 1822, 32y, born in Boston
Eames, Laura, d. Aug 18, 1822, 2y
Fellows, Anna, d. Dec 27, 1844, 86y, w/o Varney Fellows
Fellows, Capt. John, d. Nov 14, 1858, 66y 4m, "There is rest for the weary in heaven."
Fellows, Edward P., b. 1834
Fellows, J. Henry, d. Aug 12, 1894, 68y 8m, "At rest"
Fellows, John H., d. Jun 17, 1866, 1y, s/o J. H. & A. B. Fellows
Fellows, Lura, d. Dec 16, 1879, 80y
Fellows, Paulina S., d. Feb 7, 1884, 79y, w/o John Fellows, "Weary, resting, waiting."
Fellows, Rebecca, d. Jun 13, 1852, 66y, d/o Varney & Anna Fellows
Fellows, Varney, d. Oct 17, 1828, 71y 11m, "Blessed be the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth, Yea, saith the Lord that they may rest from their labors and their works, do follow them."
Fellows, Varney, d. Oct 4, 1820, 97y
Fellows, infant, d. Apr 23, 1832, 5d, d/o John & Paulina Fellows
Fisher, Sophia A. R., no dates, w/o Ora Newton
Fitch, Maryiet, d. Jul 13, 1827, 4y 8m, d/o Hezekiah & Experience Fitch, "And Jesus said suffer little children to come unto me."
Fitch, Polly, d. Sep 2, 1820, 15y, d/o Zebediah & Olive Fitch
Fitch, Rhoda F., d. Aug 26, 1822, 21y, d/o Zebediah & Olive Fitch
Fitch, Thomas D., d. Sep 9, 1820, 16y, s/o Zebediah & Olive Fitch
Gill, Martha T., b. Jun 29, 1823, d. Feb 13, 1897, w/o Franklin Tolies
Goldsmith, James H., b. 1833, d. 1913, Co. H 10 Vt
Goldsmith, James W., d. Mar 14, 1888, 83y 5m, "Asleep in Jesus."
Goldsmith, John W., d. Mar 10, 1864, 18y, s/o J. W. & P. M. Goldsmith
Goldsmith, Lizzie, d. Dec 12, 1864, 5y 1m 24d, d/o J. H. & S. J. Goldsmith
Goldsmith, Mary Augusta, d. Jul 27, 1844, 8y 1m 12d, d/o James W. & Palilina M. Goldsmith
Goldsmith, Mary, d. Feb 22, 1849, 77y
Goldsmith, Paulina M., d. Jan 26, 1899, 90y 26d, w/o James W. Goldsmith
Gould, Fanny R., d. Sep 28, 1838, 27y
Gould, John, d. Jun 23, 1853, 81y
Haskell, Adin H., d. Sep 10, 1876, 4y 6m, adopted s/o L. & M. H. Haskell
Haskell, Amy, d. Aug 20, 1854, 53y
Haskell, Amy, d. Dec 4, 1803, 37y, w/o John Haskell
Haskell, Charles H., d. Apr 8, 1833, 14m, s/o Wm. & Orinda Haskell
Haskell, Dea. Perry, d. Nov 13, 1886, 84y
Haskell, Dea. Wm. Haskell, d. Apr 21, 1884, 80y 2m 22d, "Mark the perfect man and, Behold the upright for the, End of that man is peace."
Haskell, Elijah H., d. May 16, 1833, 23y 1m 16d, "In memory of Elijah H. son of Roger & Hannah Haskell who died in Troy N.Y. May 16 1833 aged 23 years 1 month & 16 days. This stone shall distant ages show, Where sense & worth & Virtue sleep, When mourning friends oppressed with woe, Delight to wander and to weep.
Haskell, Elijah M., d. Dec 24, 1860, 64y
Haskell, George, d. Mar 2, 1871, 4y 1m 7d, s/o E. S. & S. K. Haskell
Haskell, Gideon, b. Nov 10, 1766, d. Feb 25, 1842, s/o Elijah & Sarah Reed Haskell
Haskell, Grace, d. Apr 27, 1832, 66y, w/o John Haskell
Haskell, Grace, d. Sep 5, 1831, 24y, d/o John & Grace Haskell
Haskell, Hobart C., b. Nov 19, 1868, d. May 16, 1869, infant s/o Leverett & Mary H. Haskell
Haskell, Irene H., d. Jun 9, 1893, 83y 6m, s/w w/o Nelson Mann
Haskell, John C., b. Apr 19, 1793, d. May 27, 1864
Haskell, John, d. Oct 22, 1845, 82y
Haskell, Leverett, d. May 16, 1886, 76y 6m
Haskell, Lorenzo C., d. Aug 28, 1814, 1y 5m 10d, s/o Roger & Hannah Haskell
Haskell, Lucy B., d. Oct 11, 1875, 59y, d/o Roger & Hannah Haskell
Haskell, Lydia, d. Sep 11, 1884, 84y, w/o Erastus Haskell
Haskell, Marilia H., d. Jul 10, 1878, 74y 3m 8d
Haskell, Marilla C. H., d. Mar 2, 1833, 24y 10m 17d, w/o Lucius Haskell, d/o C. & B. Cowles, "In memory of, With many charms of nature blest, In faith and peace she closed her eyes, Her relicks here have found a rest, Her soul a mansion in the skies."
Haskell, Mary J., d. Aug 14, 1848, 40y, w/o Leverett Haskell
Haskell, Mehitable, d. Jul 1, 1838, 70y, w/o Gideon Haskell
Haskell, Muriel Joy, b. Apr 19, 1896, d. Nov 25, 1900, d/o Wm. H. Jr. & M. L. Haskell
Haskell, Orinda S., d. Sep 5, 1886, 81y 1m 11d, w/o Dea. Wm. Haskell, "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
Haskell, Parthena, d. Jun 24, 1836, 38y, d/o John & Amy Haskell
Haskell, Persis, d. Sep 30, 1851, 62y
Haskell, Roger, d. Feb 9, 1938, 69y, "Wait O my soul thy maker's will, Tumultuous passions all be still, Nor let a murmuring thought arise, His ways are just his counsels wise."
Haskell, Roswell, b. Jul 2, 1808, d. Apr 17, 1883, "In memory of Roswell Haskell born July 2 1808 died April 17 1883. In the old churchyard of his native town and in the ancestral tomb, beside the wall, We laid him in the sleep that comes to all and left him to his rest and to his renoun."
Haskell, Sarah, d. Aug 4, 1814, 85y
Haskell, Sarah, d. Sep 14, 1821, 24y, w/o Wm. Haskell
Haskell, Wm. Henry, b. 1834, d. 1905
Haskell, Zenas, d. Jan 10, 1827, 21y 4m 19d, "In memory of Zenas son of Roger & Hannah Haskell who died in Albany January 10 1827 aged 21 years 4 months & 19 days. This angel boy in rosy youth, Descended to the dark cold tomb, But now in realms of joy and truth, His spirit will forever bloom."
Hatch, Carlos F., b. Aug 19, 1840, d. Jul 7, 1911, "Co. C. 4th Reg. Vt. VOL."
Hatch, Christine L., d. Apr 25, 1874, d. Jun 8, 1898, w/o Charles F. Miller
Hatch, Edward J., d. Jan 22, 1886, 25y 10m, s/o Freeman & Evelina Hatch
Hatch, Eveline, d. Jun 27, 1891, 70y, w/o Freeman Hatch
Hatch, Freeman, d. Mar 26, 1895, 82y
Horn, Rosetta, d. Jan 13, 1906, 81y, w/o Austin Bronson, died in Washington, DC
Hunt, Leavitt, b. Feb 22, 1831, d. Feb 16, 1907
Hunt, Morris, d. Mar 29, 1871, infant s/o Leavitt & Katherine Hunt
Jackman, Hannah, d. Jul 5, 1854, 58y 11m, w/o James Jackman
Jackman, Judith M., d. Apr 6, 1856, 34y, w/o Thomas Butterfield
Jarvis, Ann Bailey, b. Aug 1787, d. Jan 1869. "Dignified and polite, faithful in every duty her noble and estimable qualities of heart and mind won the love and respect of all who knew her."
Jarvis, Benjamin, d. Mar 1816, 57y, born in Boston, "A man of truth honour and talents."
Jarvis, Catherine, b. Mar 16, 1830, d. Apr 11, 1830, "In memory of Catharine daughter of Wm. & Ann B. Jarvis, This lovely bud so young so fair, Called home by early doom, Just came to show how sweet a flower, In Paradise would bloom."
Jarvis, Louisa Bartlett, b. May 29, 1835, d. Jan 5, 1888, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."
Jarvis, Major Charles, b. Aug 21, 1821, d. Dec 1, 1863, "Mortally wounded near Newberne, NC, Civil War, A noble disinterested Christian patriot, exemplary in every duty, he took up his sword as a cross in the cause of his country and his God. I had rather be a martyr for my country than to remain at home in ease. For me to live is Christ and to die is gain."
Jarvis, Margaret, d. Jul 7, 1817, 21y, "departed this life 7 July 1817 aged 21 years. Of an amiable temper, cheerful and vivacious disposition, frank and conciliatory manner. She was a kind friend and the delight of the social circle but merit can not stay the fell shaft of death."
Jarvis, Sarah, d. Jul 3, 1857, 31y, d/o Wm. & Ann S. Jarvis, w/o Dr. Sam G. Jarvis "who lies here beside her twin sister died July 3 1857, aged 31 years. Leaving two promising sons William & Leonard. Her amiable disposition, principles of religion and virtue inspired for her the esteem and affectionate regard of a numerous circle of relations and friends."
Jarvis, William C., b. 1782, d. 1835, born at Boston, MA, died at Weathersfield, VT, An able advocate, an eloquent orator, a patriotic statesman and an honest man."
Jarvis, William, Jr., b. Sep 4, 1824, d. Jan 1, 1842, "A youth of amiable and cheerful temper of social, frank and conciliatory manners, generous, honorable and manly in his feelings. His morning of life afforded the bright prospect of future usefulness and a promise of his becoming an ornament to society."
Jarvis, William, b. Feb 4, 1770, d. Oct 21, 1859, s/o Dr. Charles Jarvis, born in Boston, "He was consul for Lisbon and acting Charge ??affairs of the United States for Portugal from 1802 to 1811. To have served nine years in a difficult situation, under such able and patriotic presidents as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison is alone a sufficient eulogy on his fidelity and capacity. He was the first large importer from Spain and distributor throughout the Union of that useful animal, the Merino sheep, which greatly contributed to lay the foundation of the woolen manufactures of this country. His early life was checkered by the vicissitudes of fortune but by industry, perseverance, intelligence and good faith, he made himself independent, and spent his latter years in tranquil retirement amidst a numerous family; his last aspiration of affection being gratified by laying his bones in peace amidst those whom he loved in life."
Jarvis, William, b. Mar 9, 1823, d. Aug 14, 1825, "His dawn of youth promised a bright day of manhood."
Jasper, George W., d. Jul 19, 1856, 62y
Jasper, Mary West, d. May 12, 1868, 77y, "He giveth his beloved sleep"
Johnson, Flora M., d. Jan 21, 1898, 31y 3m, w/o Reubin M. Pike, "At rest"
Knight, Charles H., d. Sep 13, 1853, 5y 8m, s/o A. & M. Knight
Lawrence, Melinda, d. Jun 24, 1899, 88y, w/o Ahira E. Litchfield
Litchfield, Ahira E., d. Jun 3, 1870, 68y
Littlefield, Betsey D., d. Nov 9, 1837, 65y 2m 26d, w/o Caleb Littlefield
Littlefield, Caleb, d. Jan 19, 1843, 82y 8m 11d
Mann, Nelson, d. Aug 13, 1882, 74y
Mason, Louis, d. Jul 26, 1840, 59y, w/o Russell Mason
Mason, Russell, d. Mar 5, 1841, 65y
Moore, George C., b. 1829, d. 1912
Morton, Eliza A., d. Jun 23, 1870, 38y 27d, w/o Cyrus C. Morton, "Jesus the thought of thee, With gladness filled my breast, But dearer far thy face to see, And in thy presence rest."
Morton, Henry C., d. Aug 6, 1866, 15y 7m, s/o Cyrus C. & Eliza Ann Morton, "Dearest Henry thou hast left us, It is God that has bereft us, When Jesus saw fit to take thee, No mortal hand could save thee."
Nelson, Margaret Angus, d. Dec 27, 1898, 28y, w/o Fred Nelson
Newton, Edward, II, d. Dec 15, 1815, 48y 10m 29d, Oh earth from whom all animate proceed, Thou art eager to receive as to breed, Stop my children view as in a glass, No age thou cri'st my awful month can pass." (2 rough stones)
Newton, Olive, d. Mar 10, 1872, 88y 7m, w/o Samuel Newton
Newton, Olive, d. May 3, 1821, 16y 3m 28d, d/o Samuel II & Olive Newton
Newton, Ora, d. Dec 18, 1887, 63y 8m
Newton, Samuel, d. Jan 16, 1840, 61y
Noyes, Betsey, d. Nov 25, 1850, 64y 7m, w/o James Noyes
Noyes, Caroline S., d. Sep 2, 1874, 52y, w/o Oliver Noyes
Noyes, Oliver, d. Sep 4, 1855, 34y 6m, "Within this sacred bed of rest, A tender father lies, But he shall live arnong the just, When Christ shall bid him rise."
Noyes, Samuel, d. Feb 5, 1869, 55y 6m, "Blessed are they who like thee fall asleep in Jesus."
Parker, Anna, d. Dec 23, 1892, 92y 8m 1d, "I shall be satisfied when I awake in thy likeness" (3 rough stones)
Parker, John, Esq., d. May 24, 1827, 52y
Parker, Lucy E., d. Apr 8, 1882, 40y, w/o Nelson Parker
Parker, Nancy, d. Sep 26, 1817, 18d, d/o John & Sally Parker
Parker, Sarah, d. Apr 15, 1827, 28y, w/o Oren Parker, "Be ye also ready."
Pike, Mary, d. Sep 4, 1884, 25y 10m 22d, w/o Horace F. Tolles, "She hath done what she could."
Praeg, Leon Fred, d. Mar 18, 1856, 27y, born in Waldtham Germany
Prentice, Ruth, d. Dec 26, 1834, 64y, w/o John Gould
Putnam, Betsey Dodge, d. Oct 15, 1885, 91y 1m 24d, w/o Joel S. Putnam
Putnam, Joel S., d. Aug 9, 1851, 58y
Putnam, Mary D., d. Jul 9, 1903, 77y 9m 3d, w/o George W. Sheldon
Putnam, Sarah, b. 1832, s/w w/o James H. Goldsmith, "his wife"
Ranstead, Ann, d. Jan 9, 1840, 68y, w/o Rufus Ranstead
Ranstead, Ann, d. May 24, 1841, 41y, d/o Rufus & Ann Ranstead
Ranstead, George, d. May 14, 1826, 22y, s/o Rufus & Ann Ranstead, "Round thy tomb thy kindred mouming, Love to wonder and to weep, When thy dust to dust returning, They with thee must softly sleep."
Reed, Alonzo, d. Mar 26, 1845, 21y, s/o Asa & Lucinda Reed
Reed, Asa, d. Jul 29, 1848, 65y
Reed, Lucinda B., d. Dec 28, 1845, 48, w/o Asa Reed
Richards, Anna Bartlett, d. Mar 13, 1858, 9y
Richards, Rev. J. DeF., b. Dec 28, 1809, d. Dec 2, 1872, born in Hartford VT, died in Mobile, AL, "He was a useful minister of the Gospel, a successful teacher, a loving husband and father. His end was perfect peace. Thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
Richards, Wm. Jarvis, d. Oct 21, 1849, 5y
Richardson, Hattie E., d. Aug 4, 1861, 7y 3m 23d, d/o J. B. & S. E. Richardson
Richardson, Joseph B., d. Oct 28, 1891, 74y 2m
Robinson, James, d. Apr 19, 1828, 34y, "O'er the cold grave where thy pale relicks sleep, Shall fond remembrance oft repair to weep."
Row, Almira, d. Feb 25, 1823, 31y 16d, w/o Thomas Row M.D., "Shall I forget her silent soft address, Her posthumous advice & pious prayer."
Sargeant, Martha I. Sawyer, d. Feb 6, 1857, 34y 4m, w/o Albert Sargeant
Sargeant, Roxanna M., d. Nov 26, 1851, 35y, w/o Albert Sargeant
Sargeant, Walter F., d. Nov 12, 1854, 6y 9m, s/o Albert & Roxanna M. Sargeant
Schofield, Clarence W., d. Sep 5, 1876, 2y 9m 10d, s/o Geo. L. & Maria A. Schofield
Schofield, Cora H., d. Aug 29, 1876, 6y 7m 26d, d/o George L. & Maria Schofield
Schofield, George H., d. Jun 24, 1889, 9y 10m 6d, s/o Geo. L. & Maria A. Schofield
Schofield, Walter G., d. Sep 8, 1876, 5y 3m 23d, s/o Geo. L. & Maria A. Schofield
Sheldon, Eliza A., b. Apr 7, 1836, d. Jan 5, 1910, w/o Elias M. Taylor & Ryland Barrett, d/o William & Bedy Sheldon
Sheldon, Ella M., d. Aug 26, 1849, 2y, d/o George W. & Mary L. Sheldon
Sheldon, Frank, b. Aug 18, 1866, d. Jul 27, 1901
Sheldon, George W., d. Jun 20, 1895, 74y 1m 9d
Sheldon, Hattie E., d. Jun 17, 1858, 10m, d/o George W. & Mary L. Sheldon
Sheldon, Hiram O., d. May 14, 1840, 3y 8m
Sheldon, Horace, d. Apr 7, 1866, 89y 4m
Sheldon, James N., d. Aug 26, 1896, 82y 3m, s/o Horace & Roxana Sheldon
Sheldon, Mary E., d. Dec 5, 1858, 13y 3m, d/o George W. & Mary L. Sheldon
Sheldon, Roxana, d. Nov 4, 1857, 49y, d/o Horace & Roxana Sheldon
Sheldon, Roxana, d. Sep 14, 1857, 74y, w/o Horace Sheldon
Sheldon, William, d. Mar 15 1873, 63y 1m 6d, "God moves in a mysterious way"
Skinner, Harriet, b. 1840, d. 1911
Sparhawk, Nathaniel, b. 1769, d. Jul 1830, born in Salem MA, "Great grandson of General Sir Wm. Pepperell. In Jesus Christ is my salvation and my glory."
Streeter, Charles Westcott, d. May 25, 1892, 71y 5m 25d
Tenney, Mary, d. Oct 23, 1848, 79y, w/o Moses Tenney
Tenney, Moses, d. Feb 21, 1844, 75y
Tolies, Bedy A., d. Oct 20, 1870, 54y 5m 20d, w/o William Sheldon, "Rest sweetly rest life's duties, Are all faithfully done, The cross of care and pain, Laid down the crown is won."
Tolies, Clark, d. Oct 4, 1869, 82y
Tolies, Franklin, b. Jan 9, 1818, d. Jul 1, 1895
Tolies, Ira F., d. Jun 1, 1820, 6y 8m 7d, s/o Henry & Azubah Tolies, "In memory of David N. son of Henry & Azubah Tolies who died March 20 1827 aged 18 years."
Tolies, Jane T., d. Mar 3, 1878, 13m, d/o Franklin & Martha T. Tolies
Tolies, Martha D., d. May 1, 1889, 88y 6m 19d
Tolies, Nancy, d. Jan 1, 1840, 44y, w/o Clark Tolies, d/o Carlos & Bedy Cowles
Tolies, Wallace T., d. Jun 19, 1845, 15d, s/o Franklin & Martha T. Tolies
Tower, Clorinda H., d. Nov 25, 1880, 74y, wife of Abraham Tower
Tucker, Charity, d. Feb 3, 1864, 59y 11m, w/o Samuel Butterfield
Tuttle, John H., no dates, s/o Zophar & Huldah A. Tuttle
Upham, Sarah, d. Sep 15, 1860, 83y 5m, w/o Caleb Upham, formerly w/o John Parker Esq., "She was a member of the Congregational Church twenty eight years having a strong faith in Christ."
Warren, Asahel W., d. Jun 2, 1870, 62y 8m
Warren, Asahel, d. Feb 19, 1835, 56y, "When God commands the soul away, No mortal power shall bid it stay, So at his word the dead shall rise, And dwell with him beyond the skies."
Warren, Dea. Isaac, d. Mar 10, 1863, 92y
Warren, Dea. Nathaniel, d. Apr 7, 1869, 70y 1m 4d
Warren, Ebenezer, b. Dec 4, 1832, d. Feb 1, 1894
Warren, Fanny H., d. Feb 20, 1852, 23y, d/o Nathaniel & Fanny Warren
Warren, Fanny, d. Oct 4, 1838, 40y, w/o Nathaniel Warren
Warren, Harriet N., d. Jan 5, 1845, 27y, w/o Nathaniel Warren
Warren, Henry, d. Nov 30, 1851, 19y 8m 2d, s/o Isaac & Mercy Warren
Warren, Huldah, d. Jul 21, 1861, 87y, w/o Asahel Warren, "Gone to a nobler rest"
Warren, Louisa E., d. Mar 5, 1850, 30y, w/o Nathaniel Warren
Warren, Mary, d. Apr 20, 1837, 55y, w/o Isaac Warren
Warren, Rhoda A., b. Dec 10, 1836, d. Apr 2, 1890, "his wife"
Warren, Sarah Jane, b. Nov 3, 1838, d. Mar 31, 1877, "his wife"
Warren, William, d. Jul 14, 1840, 7m 2d, s/o N. & N. H. Warren, "This lovely bud so young so fair, Called home by early dawn, Just came to show how sweet a flower, In paradise would bloom."
Warren, infant daughter, no dates, d/o N. & L. E. Warren
Warren, infant son, no dates, s/o N. & L. E. Warren
Weed, Almira J., b. 1832, d. 1898, "his wife"
White, Hannah, b. Jun 20, 1778, d. Nov 25, 1856, 78y 5m 5d, w/o Roger Haskell
Wilber, Asahel, d. Jul 14, 1890, 73y 9m
Wilber, Philena, d. Nov 5, 1854, 40y 6m, w/o Asahel Wilber
Wilbur, Infants, May 29 1893
Wilson, P. Mary, d. Nov 17, 1853, 36y, w/o Andrew Wilson

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