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Old Catholic Cemetery
Enosburgh Falls, Franklin County, Vermont

Lat: 44°54'16"N, Lon: 72°47'57"W

Contributed by Ted Hemenway Sr, Apr 25, 2003 [enosbird@yahoo.com]. Total records = 77.

This cemetery is located at the intersection of School and Pleasant Streets in Enosburgh Falls Village.

This Old Catholic Cemetery was the first Catholic Cemetery in Enosburgh Falls, Vermont. The Parish Hall stands between the St. John Catholic Church and the cemetery.

The cemetery is in good condition and is maintained by the church.

I walked and read this cemetery in the fall of 2002, with help from Margarett Jones. This is the full listing as according to the stones in the cemetery.

- Ted Hemenway Sr

??, d. 5 Jul 1865, age: 16y 21d (Partial stone)
Antwine, Lucia, d. 21 Jun 1881, age: 62y
Bachant, Marie, d. 18 Feb 1881, age: 71y, wife of Toussanint Bachant
Bachant, Toussaint, d. 11 Jan 1878, age: 69y
Beniot, Betsey Archambault, d. 29 Dec 1910, age: 89y, wife of Jacques Beniot
Beniot, Jacques, d. 9 Feb 1888, age: 67y 6m 2d
Beniot, James J., no dates, son of Joseph & Mattie Beniot
Beniot, John, no dates, son of Joseph & Mattie Beniot
Beniot, Mattie Murphy, d. 17 Dec 1879, wife of Joseph Beniot
Blodah, Maria, d. 6 Dec 1869, dau of F. & M. Blodah
Blondain, John, b. 1810, d. 1857
Blondain, Mary Burgor, b. 1813, d. 1894, wife of John Blondain
Casavant, Peter, b. 1832, d. 1900 *
Collins, John, d. 10 Aug 1845
Collins, Lora, b. 15 Dec 1872, d. 27 Dec 1887, dau of John & Sarah J. Collins
Collins, Margaret J. Howie, d. 10 May 1888, age: 65y 11m, wife of Roger Collins
Collins, Roger, d. 18 Apr 1895, age: 80y
Collins, Sarah J. Mills, b. 19 Sep 1853, d. 28 May 1889, wife of John Collins
Donci, Frankie O, d. 19 Oct 1891, age: 22y 8m 10d, son of Moses & Jane Donci
Drinkwine, Frank, d. 17 Oct 1874
Duso, Mary Sharron, d. 27 Apr 1881, age: 61y, wife of Ellick Duso
Enright, (Son), b. 1852, d. 1872, son of Jeremiah & Mary Enright
Enright, Jeremiah, d. 29 Oct 1881, age: 68y
Erwin, Susan, b. 25 Jun 1814, d. 29 Aug 1892
Fontaine, Olivier, d. 2 Dec 1881, son of Agathe Touchette
Goweyte, Peter, d. 9 Apr 1890, age: 36y
Grassett, Charles, d. 24 Sep 1892, age: 37y
Green, James, d. 6 Sep 1867, son of Michael & Ann Green
Guilmette, Emmie A., d. 28 May 1865, dau of F. & M. Guilmette
Guilmette, Maria I, no dates, age: 1m 28d, dau of F & M. Guilmette
Guilmette, Matilda, d. 6 Apr 1868, age: 25y 3m 4d, wife of Frank Guilmette
Hart, Peter, b. 1830, d. 1886
Hoilstoil, Susan, d. 14 May 1881, age: 65y, wife of Patrick Hoilstoil
Houston, Catharine, d. 17 Mar 1875, age: 42y
Jasmin, Irene M., no dates, dau of D. & E.M. Jasmin
Laden, Lusey Lavery, d. 10 Oct 1891, age: 69y, wife of Michael Laden
Laden, Michael, d. 2 Oct 1879, age: 63y
Lafley, Christopher, d. 7 Nov 1886, age: 88y
Lafley, Leolota, b. 28 Apr 1890, d. 1891, son of Charles & L. Lafley
Lafley, Louise, b. 8 Dec 1885, d. 8 Dec 1885, dau of Charles & L. Lafley
Lafley, Margaret Longley, d. 14 May 1874, age: 41y, wife of Christopher Lafley
Lecuyer, Loren, d. 30 Dec 1908, age: 61y
Lecuyer, Matilda, d. 12 Feb 1871, age: 21y 8m, wife of Loren Leuyer
Lizzie, M., b. 1868, d. 1872
Longey, Eneas, d. 6 Oct 1885
Longey, Georgi Josephine, d. 26 May 1856, wife of Eneas Longey
Longey, Thomas, d. 15 Oct 1880, son of Ely E. Longey
Lucia, Frankie A., d. 16 Feb 1872, age: 26d, son of A. & C.R. Lucia
Lynch, Murty, no dates
Marquette, Isreal, b. 10 May 1839, d. 14 Dec 1902
Marquette, Lewie B., d. 14 May 1879, age: 46y, Veteran
Marquette, Louie, d. 5 Jun 1871, age: 76y
Marquette, Susan Blodah, b. 26 Sep 1823, d. 16 Oct 1897, wife of Isreal Marquette
Meyette, Louie E., d. 14 Mar 1881, age: 29y 5m 15d, son of James & Norcace Meyette
Pattaw, Julia, d. 22 Mar 1872, age: 22m, dau of F. & M. Pattaw
Pauquette, Andrew, b. 1818, d. 1883
Pricour, Mouique, d. 13 Jun 1876, age: 75y
Randall, Eliza Gaberie, d. 12 Jun 1889, age: 66y, wife of Francis Randall
Randall, Francis M., d. 13 Oct 1890, age: 72y 1m 13d
Richard, Angeline, b. 1781, d. 1887
Rushlow, Joseph, d. 14 Apr 1881, age: 29y, Veteran
Rushlow, Lucinda, d. 9 Jan 1870, age: 13y, dau of N. & J. Rushlow
Shallow, Charlotte Busky, d. 20 Jul 1880, age: 96y, wife of J. Shallow
Shammon, Katherine Harvey, b. 1838, d. 1875
Shannon, James D. Monsignor, b. 1861, d. 1936, Ordained 22 Dec 1888
Shannon, Mathew, b. 1822, d. 1884
Spears, James, d. 13 Sep 1878, age: 76y
Spears, Mary Slone, d. 5 Feb 1896, age: 92y, wife of James Spears
Spears, Nellie M., d. 13 Jan 1896, age: 21y 2m 22d, dau of Barney & Mary Spears
St. Amour, Sarah J., d. 25 Jan 1890, age: 36y 30d, wife of C.E. LaFlame
St. John, Lenora Labounty, d. 6 Aug 1885, wife of Gabriel L. St. John
Tatro, Joseph, no dates, Col. 2nd Vt. Inf, Veteran
Tatro, Lybia S., d. 3 Aug 1892, dau of Wilfred & Phebe Tatro
Touchette, Lucy, d. 30 Sep 1892, age: 4m 9d, dau of Geo. & T.C. Touchette
Trainer, Bridget Sloan, d. 18 May 1893, age: 87y, wife of Owen Trainer
White, Jeb, d. 17 Aug 1827, age: 33y 9m
Woods, Catharine, d. 8 Jan 1891, age: 76y
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