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Maple Grove Cemetery
Franklin, Franklin County, Vermont

Lat: 44° 59' 18"N, Lon: 72° 55' 05"W

To reach this cemetery from the village of Franklin drive north. At the intersection of Rt. 120 and Rt. 235, proceed north on Middle Rd. for about 200 yds. The cemetery is on the left.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Maple Grove Cemetery Association. Robert Gates is maintaining the cemetery in 2007.

This is not a complete listing of all burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited May 15, 2007. Total records = 109.

Contributor's Index:

Austin, Laura (Dassance), d. 5 Apr 1849, age: 26y 10m 15d, w/o Hiram Austin, [TJ]
Bascom, Elisabeth, b. 1817, d. 1901, [TJ]
Bascom, Elisha, d. 27 Dec 1846, age: 57y 10m 10d, [TJ]
Bascom, Hannah, d. 4 Jul 1838, age: 49y 2m 14d, w/o Elisha Bascom Esqr, [TJ]
Bascom, Jane, d. 31 Jan 1845, age: 30y 20d, w/o Benj. F. Cheny & d/o Elisha & Hannah Bascom, [TJ]
Bascom, Nancy T., d. 23 Apr 1843, age: 19y 9m 26d, d/o Elisha & Hannah Bascom, [TJ]
Bridge, Eunice, b. 1853, d. 1928, w/o Edgar Phillips, s/w Edgar Phillips, [TJ]
Bruno, Catherine Sawyer, b. 5 Jun 1820, d. 22 Mar 1897, s/w John, Chas, Martha and Hannah Sawyer, [TJ]
Burnor, Mary, b. 1843, d. 1918, w/o J. B. Wood, s/w J.B. Wood, [TJ]
Caler, Florence L., b. 1870, d. 1963, s/w Edgar J. Powers, [TJ]
Carr, Louisa M., d. ??, age: 74y 4m 3d, w/o James J. McDonald, stone broken across death date, [TJ]
Carr, Sarah, d. Jul 1845, age: 85 yrs, s/w Clark Rogers, [TJ]
Carroll, Mary, d. 26 Jan 1890, age: 61 y 5m 10d, w/o Fredrick Everson, [TJ]
Cheney, Benjamin F., d. 15 Apr 1876, age: 59y 19d, [TJ]
Cheney, Emma, no dates, child of Benj. F. & Martha Cheney, s/w Frankie Cheney, [TJ]
Cheney, Frankie, no dates, child of Benj. F. & Martha Cheney, s/w Emma Cheney, [TJ]
Cheny, Nelson, d. 25 Nov 1844, age: 4m 5d, s/o Benj. F. & Jane Cheny, [TJ]
Coburn, Abel, d. 15 Jan 1861, stone broken, partially buried, [TJ]
Coburn, Charles A., d. 6 Sep 1855, age: 2y 2m 19d, s/o Luther & Betsey Coburn, [TJ]
Coburn, Elizabeth, d. 5 May 1842, age: 12d, d/o Luther & Betsey Coburn, [TJ]
Coburn, Phebe D. (Dwinell), d. 24 Mar 1824, w/o Able Coburn, [TJ]
Coburn, Wm., d. 7 Mar 1857, age: 20y 9m, [TJ]
Crampton, Eliza A., b. 15 Aug 1808, d. 31 Mar 1901, w/o Ziba Dorson, s/w Ziba Dorson, [TJ]
Crook, Alevia, d. 31 Jan 1903, age: 70y 12d, w/o S.R. Crook, dau. of Z. & E.A. Dorson, s/w Sanford R. Crook, [TJ]
Crook, Etta S., b. 1882, d. 1927, Rev. 21st Ch. 3rd Vs., [TJ]
Crook, Sanford R., d. 4 Apr 1905, age: 65y 7m 5d, s/o R.D. and E.P. Crook, s/w Alevia Crook, [TJ]
Cull, Sarah, b. 1807, d. 1876, w/o J.H. Hubbard, s/w J.H, Henry M, Samuel, George, Mary and Martha Hubbard, [TJ]
Davis, Martha Hanna, d. 8 Apr 1866, age: 40y 5m 6d, w/o B. F. Cheney, [TJ]
Dawson, Experience (Keep), d. 30 Jul 1852, age: 74 yrs, w/o Ziba Dawson, [TJ]
Dawson, Ziba, d. 21 Aug 1859, age: 87 yrs, [TJ]
Dorson, Ziba, b. 22 Mar 1804, d. 15 May 1890, s/w Eliza A. Crampton, [TJ]
Elbick, Robert, d. 23 May 1841, age: 87 yrs, [TJ]
Elrick, Margaret, d. 12 Oct 1877, age: 78y 6m, w/o Samson S. Powers, [TJ]
Everson, George W., b. 4 Jul 1851, d. 4 Mar 1906, s/o F & Mary Everson, [TJ]
Everson, Lemuel L., b. 1861, d. 1935, [TJ]
French, Hannah Sawyer, b. 1 Apr 1831, d. 7 Dec 1881, s/w John, Chas, Catherine, and Martha Sawyer, [TJ]
French, Martha Sawyer, b. 28 Jun 1824, d. 13 Mar 1910, s/w John, Catherine, Chas, and Hannah Sawyer, [TJ]
Gates, Clark, d. 29 Oct 1800, age: 2y 4m, s/o Paul & Zeroiah Gates, [TJ]
Gates, Elizabeth W., d. 27 Sep 1832, age: 29 yrs, [TJ]
Gates, James, d. 18 May 1811, age: 2 yrs, s/o Paul & Zeroiah Gates, [TJ]
Gates, Martha R., d. 2 Dec 1844, age: 14 yrs, d/o Paul & Eunice Gates, [TJ]
Gates, Paul, d. 25 Jun 1826, age: 71y 6m, [TJ]
Gates, Zerviah, d. 3 Jan ??, age: 73y 8m 6d, widow of the late Paul Gates, [TJ]
Gladden, Edward, d. 5 May 1850, age: 36y 1m 3d, [TJ]
Gladden, Wm, d. 8 Nov 1856, age: 86 yrs, [TJ]
Gladen, Mercy, d. 28 May 1862, age: 90 yrs, w/o Wm. Gladen, [TJ]
Hefflin, Polly, d. 1 Oct 1848, age: 63y 5m 29d, w/o Silas N. Hefflin, [TJ]
Hefflin, Silas, d. 28 May 1842, age: 59y 2m 10d, [TJ]
Hefflin, Varnum, d. 19 Feb 1862, age: 53 yrs, [TJ]
Hefflon, Susannah D., d. 17 May 1840, age: 32y 6m, w/o Varnum Hefflon, [TJ]
Heflin, John B., d. 7 Nov 1846, age: 31y 5m 24d, [TJ]
Hogaboom, Lucy E., d. 10 Mar 1893, age: 40y 4m 4d, w/o Miles Phillips, s/w Miles Phillips, [TJ]
Hubbard, George, b. 1845, d. 1877, s/w J.H. Hubbard, Sarah Cull, Henry M., Samuel, Mary and Martha Hubbard, [TJ]
Hubbard, Henry M., b. 1838, d. 1839, s/w J.H. Hubbard, Sarah Cull, Samuel, George, Mary and Martha Hubbard, [TJ]
Hubbard, J.H., b. 1807, d. 1888, s/w Sarah Cull, Henry M. Hubbard, Samuel Hubbard, George Hubbard, Mary Hubbard, Martha Hubbard, [TJ]
Hubbard, Martha, b. 1842, d. 1921, s/w J.H. Hubbard, Sarah Cull, Henry M., Samuel, Geroge and Mary Hubbard, [TJ]
Hubbard, Mary, b. 1843, d. 1915, w/o Chas. Hurlbut, s/w J.H. Hubbard, Sarah Cull, Henry M., Samuel, George and Martha Hubbard, [TJ]
Hubbard, Samuel, b. 1840, d. 1841, s/w J.H. Hubbard, Sarah Cull, George, Mary and Martha Hubbard, [TJ]
Keep, Jabish, d. 26 Jan 1855, age: 74y 3m, [TJ]
Keep, Lua, d. , w/o Jabish Keep, [TJ]
Keep, Maj. Leonard, d. 29 Jan 1829, age: 89 yrs, [TJ]
Keep, Ruth (Stone), d. 18 Oct 1816, age: 73 yrs, w/o Maj. Leonard Keep, [TJ]
Lamphere, Rebekah, d. 17 Sep 1881, age: 79y 10m, w/o John Rogers, [TJ]
Louks, Simeon, d. 16 Dec 1867, age: 44y 8m, [TJ]
McDonald, James J., d. 19 Jul 1878, age: 72y 1m 18d, [TJ]
Morris, Elizabeth, d. 19 Apr 1900, age: 70 yrs, [TJ]
Nears, Lany M., d. 5 Jun 1888, age: 69y 7m 11d, w/o William Phillips, [TJ]
Olds, Aaron Burr, b. 8 Jul 1832, d. 11 Jan 1886, s/w Celina Temple, Chalie M. Olds, Freddie F. Olds, 2 stones, [TJ]
Olds, Charlie M., 1862, s/w Aaron Burr Olds, Celina Temple, Freddie F. Olds, [TJ]
Olds, Freddie F., 1865, s/w Aaron Burr Olds, Celina Temple, Charlie M. Olds, [TJ]
Peckham, Caroline E., d. 15Jun 1826, age: 17 yrs, d/o Samuel & Sophia, [TJ]
Peckham, Eunice, d. 19 Dec 1845, age: 85 yrs, w/o Samuel Peckham, [TJ]
Peckham, Samuel, Esq., d. 30 Apr 1826, age: 79y 26d, [TJ]
Peckham, Samuel, Jun., d. 20 Nov 1822, age: 44y 2m, [TJ]
Phillips, Edgar J., b. 1848, d. 1925, s/w Eunice Bridge, [TJ]
Phillips, Ira, b. 7 Apr 1901, d. 15 May 1920, s/o Miles & Mary Phillips, s/w Mary M. Powers, [TJ]
Phillips, Miles, b. 1851, d. 1920, s/w Lucy E. Hogaboom, [TJ]
Phillips, Sadie Marion, b. 10 Dec 1884, d. 26 Jan 1911, d/o Miles & Lucy Phillips, [TJ]
Phillips, Sarah J., d. 27 Mar 1877, age: 34 yrs, d/o Wm & L. C. Phillips, [TJ]
Phillips, Sidney, d. 6 Feb 1861, s/o Wm. & L. C. Phillips, [TJ]
Phillips, William, d. 11 Mar 1880, age: 59y 11m 17d, [TJ]
Pomeroy, Rosamond H., b. 25 Sep 1834, d. 23 Jul 1915, w/o Edgar J. Powers, s/w Edgar J. Powers, [TJ]
Powers, Charles E., d. 26 sep 1868, age: 26 yrs, s/o C. & L. Powers, A member of Co. K. 6 Regt. Vt Vol., [TJ]
Powers, Edgar J., b. 15 May 1828, d. 25 Jun 1913, s/w Rosamond H. Pomeroy, [TJ]
Powers, Edgar J., b. 1868, d. 1935, s/w Florence L. Caler, [TJ]
Powers, Joel, d. 22 Oct 1843, age: 77 yrs, [TJ]
Powers, Mary M., b. 18 Mar 1862, d. 31 May 1947, w/o Miles Phillips, s/w Ira Phillips, [TJ]
Powers, Smiley S., b. 1875, d. , [TJ]
Richard, Anna, d. 24 Feb 1863, age: 81 yrs, [TJ]
Richard, Philip, d. ??, broken stone, [TJ]
Rogers, Clark, d. Oct 1839, age: 78 yrs, s/w Sarah Carr, [TJ]
Rogers, John, d. 27 Oct 1871, age: 75 yrs, [TJ]
Sawyer, Chas., b. 22 Feb 1829, d. 6 Jun 1902, s/w John, Catharine, Martha and Hannah Sawyer, [TJ]
Sawyer, John, b. 2 Jul 1826, d. 6 Jul 1901, He was First Leut. Vt. Cavalry Co. B. in service from 1861 to the close of the war, s/w Chas., Catharine, Martha and Hannah Sawyer, [TJ]
Shedd, Edith M., b. 1883, d. 1970, s/w Irving V. Shedd, [TJ]
Shedd, Irving V., b. 1883, d. 1961, s/w Edith M. Shedd, [TJ]
Temple, Celina, b. 28 Apr 1837, d. 26 Dec 1913, s/w Aaron Burr Olds, Charlie M Olds, Freddie F. Olds, [TJ]
Towle, Hugh Miller, b. 1904, d. 1966, s/w Martha Hanna Towle, [TJ]
Towle, Martha Hanna, b. 1906, d. 1993, w/o Hugh Miller Towle, s/w Hugh Miller Towle, [TJ]
Town, Charlotte, b. 10 Sep 1819, d. 15 Oct 1876, age: 57y 1m 5d, w/o Eleazer Wright, [TJ]
Town, Orrice T., b. 23 Dec 1823, d. 9 Feb 1881, age: 57 yrs, [TJ]
White, Ediena, d. 14 Aug 1844, age: 22y 6m 14d, d/o John & Judah Phillips, [TJ]
Wood, Bell M., d. 8 Dec 1878, age: 6y 3m 8d, d/o J.B. & Mary Wood, [TJ]
Wood, Charles B., d. 9 Dec 878, age: 8y 11m 13d, s/o J.B. & Mary Wood, [TJ]
Wood, J. B., b. 1827, d. 1913, s/w Mary Burnor, [TJ]
Wood, Lucy C., d. 7 Dec 1878, age: 2y 9m 26d, d/o J.B. & Mary Wood, [TJ]
Wright, Eleazer, b. 27 Jul 1819, d. 27 May 1888, age: 68y 10m, [TJ]
Wright, Lyman H., d. 12 Mar 1869, age: 74y 8m, [TJ]
Wright, Sarah, d. 27 Aug 1864, age: 67y 10m, w/o Lyman H. Wright, [TJ]

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