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Knowles Eden Cemetery
Meadows of Dan, Patrick County, Virginia

2773 Bent Road, Meadows of Dan VA 24120

Lat: 36° 41' 23"N, Lon: 80° 24' 27"W

Contact: Carl Sehen
2774 Bent Road
Meadows of Dan VA 24120

Contributed by Patricia Wilson, Jun 09, 2010, last edited Jun 14, 2010 [bookwilson@yahoo.com]. Total records = 130.

From Meadows of Dan, drive west on Hwy 58 abpt 0.61 miles, turn south or left onto Hwy 614 (Squirrel Spur) and continue for 0.05 mile. Turn left or east onto State Hwy 601 (Bent Road) and continue for about 3mile. The cemetery will be on the right or west side of the road.

This appears to be a family cemetery, which is about 26 miles east of Hillsville VA. It was established in 1889.. There were some unmarked crosses. The cemetery has a fund for upkeep and is well kept.

I walked and collected this information Jun 01, 2010 from tombstone inscriptions. I have pictures of some of the graves.

- Patricia Wilson

Ayers, Mary Boyd, b. 5/26/1872, d. 10/15/1910
Beck, Carol Jean Vansutphen, b. 5/30/1941, d. 12/10/1994
Blevins, Mabel B, b. 10/29/1914, d. 4/6/1953
Booth, April M, b. 10/31/1974, d. 11/2/1974
Bowman, Bobby B, b. 3/10/1941, d. 9/17/1994
Bowman, Hazel M, b. 2/12/1917, d. 5/25/1971
Bowman, Julia M, b. 2/9/1937, d. no date, married 1/26/1954, s/w Ted Delano Bowman
Bowman, Ted D. Jr, b. 5/13/1958, d. 5/5/2000
Bowman, Ted Delano, b. 5/5/1933, d. 10/29/1987, Pvt Korea Married 1/26/1954, s/w Julia M Bowman
Bowman, Walter B, b. 8/16/1909, d. 11/4/1972
Boyd, Claudia B, b. 9/22/1915, d. 9/5/1973, s/w Harold Boyd
Boyd, David Arthur, b. 8/15/1884, d. 1/6/1973, s/w Lummie Handy Boyd
Boyd, Donald E, b. 11/4/1908, d. 8/5/1982
Boyd, Harold, b. 3/8/1909, d. 6/27/1986, s/w Claudia B Boyd
Boyd, Hoy Davis, b. 12/3/1897, d. 2/20/1968, s/w Pecora Boyd
Boyd, John H, b. 1869, d. 1945
Boyd, Larry S, b. 6/7/1915, d. 12/1/1995, s/w Myrtle P Boyd
Boyd, Lummie Handy, b. 12/28/1888, d. 11/29/1962, s/w David Arthur Boyd
boyd, Martha A, b. 1872, d. 1948
Boyd, Myrtle P, b. 4/14/1919, d. 12/11/2005, s/w Larry S Boyd
Boyd, Paul Wilson Sr, b. 2/29/1939, d. 9/12/2007
Boyd, Pecora, b. 5/21/1901, d. 4/20/1967, s/w Hoy Davis Boyd
Boyd, Wendell Q, b. 5/24/1946, d. 6/21/1991
Cassell, infant, b. , infant of Mack and Texas Cassell
Cassell, Rosa A, b. 2/22/1883, d. 2/9/1889, daughter of Mack and Texas Cassell
Cassell, Sarah E, b. 3/31/1881, d. 2/12/1890, daughter of Mack and Texas Cassell
Cochran, Geo W, b. 10/6/1884, d. 5/12/1914
Cockran, Jesse Carl, b. 1924, d. 1983, Father
Cockran, Lillian H, b. 1932, d. 1973, Mother
Crank, Edward "Buddy", b. 11/15/1940, d. no date, s/w Fay Harvey Crank
Crank, Elvie Blevins, b. 4/3/1921, d. 11/14/1970
Crank, Fay Harvey, b. 9/13/1948, d. no date, s/w Edward Crank
Crank, Simon, b. 8/13/1915, d. 8/9/1971, PFC 132 Evacuation Hosp WWII
Edens, Bashaba, b. Nov 27, 1833, d. 5/5/1911, wife of Clairborn Edens
Edens, Clairborn, b. 10/00/1834, d. 12/26/1910
Gillespie, Betty Harris, b. 6/29/1957, d. no date, s/w Daniel Mark Gillespie
Gillespie, Daniel Mark, b. 8/16/1952, d. no date, s/w Betty Harris Gillespie
Gregory, Myrtle F H, b. 10/23/1923, d. 11/24/2004
Hall, Bonnie B, b. 3/31/1938,
Handy, Burley N, b. 3/23/1905, d. 6/30/1966
Handy, Jack B, b. 8/25/1940, d. no date, s/w Juanita M Handy
Handy, Juanita M, b. 7/29/1945, d. 4/21/2004, s/w Jack B Handy
Harris, Elva H, b. 11/12/1921, d. 9/18/1989
Harris, Mildred G, b. 6/10/1931, d. 8/3/2003, wedding rings, s/w Robert E Harris
Harris, Robert E. Jr, b. 9/10/1953, d. 2/10/1954
Harris, Robert E, b. 3/5/1928, d. 7/10/1999, wedding rings, s/ w Mildred G Harris
Harris, Walter L, b. 1/24/1954, d. 7/28/1970, son
Helms, Annie Howell, b. 12/28/1934, d. 5/23/2010
Hopkins, Eva Lewis, b. 2/25/1940, d. 9/3/2009, Husband William
Howell, Emmett O, b. 11/10/1894, d. 12/16/1957, CPL Utilities BR Cons DIV QMC WWI
Howell, Roy Emmett, b. 10/7/1930, d. 9/26/1976, Pvt Army Korea
Hylton, Annie W, b. 3/10/1922, d. 3/22/2001, married 12/18/1945, s/w J Delmer Hylton
Hylton, J Delmer, b. 7/2/1910, d. 4/6/1987, Army WWII, married 12/18/1945, s/w Annie W Hylton
Hylton, Kenneth A, b. 8/28/1927, d. 9/23/1996, s/w Norma Jean Hylton
Hylton, Norma Jean, b. 5/15/1941, d. 10/22/1996, s/w Kenneth A Hylton
Kegley, "Toni" Joy Vansutphen", b. 1/16/1953, d. 7/9/2006
Knowles, Betsy, b. 1824, d. 1904
Knowles, C Reed, b. 8/9/1861, d. 4/12/1945
Knowles, D Early, b. 1893, d. 1957
Knowles, David B, b. 4/13/1949, d. 11/10/1985,,Alaska
Knowles, David E Jr, b. 2/11/1931, d. 4/15/1970
Knowles, Elisha J, b. May 10, 1898, d. 4/28/1942, Master Sgt HOCO 3rd Inf Div WWII
Knowles, Florence Mae, b. 5/1/1902, d. 5/16/1993
Knowles, Hassell G, b. 2/17/1930, d. 6/26/1992, s/w/ Illiam Boyd Knowles
Knowles, Hettie Harris, b. 1941, d. 2009
Knowles, Illian Boyd , b. 3/7/1900, d. 2/14/1978, s/w/ Hassell G Knowles
Knowles, James Herman, b. 1925, d. 1993, WWII
Knowles, Louemma P, b. 1893, d. 1959
Knowles, Roy E, b. 5/31/1918, d. 1/13/2010, PVT+WW II-Army-Mason
Knowles, Sarah West, b. Dec 27, 1868, d. 12/7/1908, wife of C R Knowles
Knowles, Taylor, b. 1907, d. 1939
Knowles, Wilson E, b. 1/30/1893, d. 1/5/1975
Layman, Linda Sue Martin, b. 8/25/1960, d. 6/9/2008
Lewis, Robert Vee, b. 10/1/1915, d. 12/7/1998, married 7/1/1939, s/w Thelma P Lewis
Lewis, Thelma P, b. 1/22/1921, d. no date, married 7/1/1939, s/w Robert V Lewis
Loh, Shirley Sehen, b. 1932, d. no date, s/w Wallis L Loh Sr
Loh, Wallis L Sr, b. 1920, d. 1989, s/w Shirley Sehen Loh
Martin, Charles Leon, b. 1/20/1962, d. 2/24/2001
Martin, Hazel Sehen, b. 7/24/1942, d. no date, s/w Jimmy Ray Martin
Martin, James G, b. 10/11/1875, d. 11/19/1915
Martin, Jimmy Ray, b. 1/11/1936, d. no date, s/w Hazel Sehen Martin
Millirones, Johnny W, b. 4/5/1950, d. no date, s/w Quilla F Lott Millirones
Millirones, Quilla F Lott, b. 12/14/1952, d. no date, s/w Johnny W Millirones
Pack, Sarah D, b. 5/1/1897, d. 10/11/1966
Patrevito, Hazel I, b. 7/23/1951, d. 1/7/2006, s/w Raymond A
Patrevito, Raymond A, b. 9/3/1949, d. no date, s/w Hazel I Patrevito
Puckett, Dora C, b. 2/2/1900, d. 12/16/1989, married 1/2/1916, s/w Samuel Puckett
Puckett, Samuel , b. 7/31/1896, d. 1/7/1983, marrried 1/2/1916, s/w Dora C Puckett
Ray, Eula K, b. 4/30/1927, d. 4/19/2002, s/w William A Ray
Ray, William A "Mutt", b. 6/5/1920, d. 12/8/2000, Sgt WWII, s/w/ Eula K Ray
Rose, Judith Vansutphen, b. 4/12/1946, d. no date, s/w Winston Delano Rose
Rose, Winston Delano, b. 5/26/1943, d. no date, s/w Judith Vansutphen Rose
Sapp, Leonia Handy, b. 7/21/1918, d. 9/28/1975
Scearce, Rosie, b. 1934, d. 1975
Sehen, Barbara, b. 4/26/1949,
Sehen, Berton Amfield, b. 12/26/1901, d. 8/28/1960, s/w Faye V Sehen
Sehen, Carl E, b. 4/13/1936, d. no date, s/w Norma Roman Sehen
Sehen, Carol C, b. 7/11/1936, d. no date, s/w Wesley B. Sehen
Sehen, Elemer Lee, b. 7/24/1938, d. 2/25/2008, Airforce SM Sgt Vietnam, s/w Joan Gerrett Sehen
Sehen, Etheleen Crowder, b. 11/11/1945, d. no date, s/w John Harding Sehen
Sehen, Faye V, b. 10/11/1908, d. 4/2/1985, s/w Berton Armfield Sehen
Sehen, Franklin L, b. 0/0/1939, d. 0/0/1978, Staff Sergeant USAF, married 12/20/1958, s/w Joanne L Sehen
Sehen, Fronia H, b. 8/16/1903, d. 2/6/1976, s/w Ivan B Sehen
Sehen, Harvey Blaine, b. 2/3/1928, d. 2/4/1968, WWII
Sehen, Ivan B, b. sept 15, 1896, d. 1/8/1968, s/w Fronia H Sehen
Sehen, Ivan Burton, b. 7/14/1959, d. 7/25/2004
Sehen, James Harding, b. 8/14/1920, d. 10/18/1970, WWII-USN
Sehen, James Thomas, b. 12/18/1960, d. 11/27/2007
Sehen, Janey L Thompson, b. 12/22/1958, d. no date, s/w John Blaine Sehen
Sehen, Joan Gerret, b. 5/25/1940, d. no date, s/w Elemer Lee Sehen
Sehen, Joanne L, b. 0/0/1941, d. no date, married 12/20/1958, s/w Franklin L Sehen
Sehen, John Blaine, b. 11/24/1959, d. 8/26/1995, s/w Janey L Thompson Sehen
Sehen, John Harding, b. 5/3/1944, d. no date, s/w Etheleen Crowder Sehen
Sehen, Norma Roman, b. 7/20/1939, d. no date, s/w Carl E Sehen
Sehen, Patsy M, b. 11/2/1935, d. no date, s/w William E Sehen
Sehen, Wesley B, b. 11/9/1933, d. 4/4/1995, s/w Carol C Sehen
Sehen, William E, b. 7/8/1931, d. 11/26/1996, s/w Patsy M Sehen
Service, Margaret L Corlett, b. 1/26/1927, d. 1/10/2006, married 5/12/1950, s/w Michael Joseph Service
Service, Michael Joseph, b. 5/30/1924, d. 7/30/2006, Married 5/12/1950 U S Navy WWII Korea, s/w Margaret L Corlett Service
Strader, Dora L Sehen, b. 12/28/1926, d. 10/10/1991
Vansutphen, Fred W, b. 0/0/1916, d. 0/0/1979, s/w Mamie S Vansutphen
Vansutphen, James Douglas "Doug", b. 9/9/1943,
Vansutphen, James Edward, b. 5/24/1914, d. 2.18/1970
Vansutphen, Mamie S, b. 0/0/1923, d. 0/0/1982, s/w Fred W Vansutphen
Vansutphen, Robert Blaine, b. 9/15/1947, d. 3/3/1999
Weeks, Margie Howell, b. 4/20/1929, d. 3/5/1981
Wise, Carrie H, b. 4/8/1906, d. 7/7/1975, s/w Tony C Wise
Wise, Tony C, b. 4/15/1888, d. 7/8/1875, s/w Carrie H Wise
Young, Eleandor Sehen, b. 6/17/1926, d. no date, Wife, s/w Marvin E Young
Young, Marvin E "Tom", b. 12/10/1915, d. 12/19/1992, Husband, s/w Eleandor Sehen Young

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