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Arnold Cemetery
King George, King George County, Virginia

Kennedy Drive and Van Buren Drive, King George, Virginia

Lat: 38° 16' 03"N, Lon: 77° 11' 56"W

Contributed by Anne Braun Jan 14, 2012, last edited Jan 20, 2012 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 17.

In King George, from the intersection of Kings Highway (Highway 3) and Hoover Drive, turn south on Hoover Drive and go south/southwest for .3 miles until you reach Roosevelt Drive. Turn east onto Roosevelt Drive and go for .5 miles until you reach Kennedy Drive. Roosevelt Drive goes east and then it goes south. Turn west on Kennedy Drive and go west for .1 miles until you reach Van Buren Drive. The cemetery is on the southwest corner of the intersection of Kennedy Drive and Van Buren Drive.

This is a very small family cemetery that is fair shape. The cemetery once was owned by the Arnold Family who lived on a farm/manor called "Willow Hill". Today the cemetery sit on the property that is called The Presidential Lakes Subdivision.

The first burial took place in 1813 with the last burial taking place in 1921.

This includes only headstone readings from when I visited this cemetery on Jan 07, 2012.
- Anne Braun

Arnold, Frances B. Price, b. Apr 20, 1793, d. Apr 10, 1851
Arnold, James, b. Jan 4, 1847, d. Jul 7, 1847, s/o James and Sarah
Arnold, James, d. Sep 20, 1841, in the 9th year, s/o James and Sarah
Arnold, Jane Humphies, b.Jan 1780, d. Aug 7, 1819, w/o John
Arnold, John A., d. Apr 12, 1862, age 80 years, War of 1812 Veteran
Arnold, John H., b. 1807, d. 1866
Arnold, Lucy, d. May 21, 1872, age 14 mn and 11 da
Arnold, Mary Gray, b. Aug 24, 1876, d. Jul 23, 1921, d/o Thomas T. and Mary Randolph Brokenbrough
Arnold, Mary Randolph Brokenbrough, d. Jul 19, 1893, age 46 years, w/o Thomas T.,
Arnold, Minnie Blanche Goghill, b. Jul 10, 1893, d. Dec 23, 1896, d/o Thomas T. and Mary Randolph Brokenbrough
Arnold, Sarah Ann, d. Dec 22, 1848, In her 41st year, w/o James
Arnold, Thomas Thornton, b. Sep 23, 1835, d. Apr 25, 1917, Doctor, Civil War Veteran
Arnold, Thomas, d. Sep 26, 1840, In the 11th year, s/o James and Sarah
Arnold, William, b 1727, d. Jan 1813, In his 86th year
Montgomery, Elizabeth Frances, d. Sep 11, 1844, d/o Robert Hill and Sarah (Unmarked Grave)
Montgomery, Robert Hall, b. Aug 18, 1815, d. Apr 21, 1850
Montgomery, Sarah B., b. Feb 4, 1821, d. Feb 7, 1851, w/o Robert Hll

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