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Beaverdam Cemetery
Beaverdam, Hanover County, Virginia

19338 Beaverdam Road (Route 715) Beaverdam, Virginia

Lat: 37° 56' 20"N, Lon: 77° 39' 00"W

Contributed by Anne Braun Jul 10, 2011, last edited Jul 20, 2011 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 9.

In Beaverdam, from the intersection of Beaverdam School Road (Route 739) and Beaverdam Road (Route 715), go south on Beaverdam Road for .2 miles until you reach Beaverdam United Methodist Church. Turn left and go into the parking lot is in on the side of the church. The cemetery is on the east side of the road next to the north parking lot.

This is a small well kept cemetery. The small cemetery sits on the property of the Beaverdam United Methodist Church. The burials took place between 1894 and 1985.

I walked and read this cemetery on Jul 08, 2011.

- Anne Braun

Blake, Nora Blanche O'Brien, b. May 31, 1899, d. Jan 13, 1977
Harris, Nora Ann O'Brien, b. Oct 6, 1867, d. Oct 24, 1894
Jones, Ella Hall, b. Apr 20, 1858, d. Jun 30, 1931
Jones, Mary Cassie, b. 1878, d. 1941
Jones, Sallie, b. 1893, d. 1972
O'Brien, Annie Louise, b. Oct 30, 1906, d. Jul 4, 1980
O'Brien, John William, b. Apr 27, 1871, d. Jan 20, 1907
O'Brien, Mary Virginia Jones, b. Sep 27, 1875, d. Oct 11, 1912
Scott, Eleanor Marie Wines, b. 1912, d. 1985

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