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Obituary Index, Alexandria Gazette (1916-1946)
Alexandria City, Virginia

Published: February 27, 2020
Total records: 42,387

Compiled by: Alexandria Public Library, Local History Special Collections

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The Alexandria Gazette was the primary newspaper serving the City of Alexandria, VA from 1834 to 1974. Prior to that, the newspaper of record in Alexandria had been the "Virginia Journal". The Alexandria Gazette had also been published under other names including, "Alexandria Daily Gazette Commercial & Political" and the "Alexandria Gazette & Daily Advertiser"

Index to Obituaries, (1916-1946)

This index picks up where Obituary Notices from the Alexandria Gazette, 1784-1915. Rev. ed., published by Willow Bend Books ended.

This index ranging from publication years 1916-1946 was compiled by Alexandria Public Library staff, and was originally published on the library's website in the form of a Microsoft Excel file. We converte the Excel file into PDF for persons who do not possess a copy of Microsoft Excel.

The staff indexed obituaries for all persons mentioned in these newspaper editions, even if they were not from the Alexandria area. This would include important figures such as, Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Warren G. Harding, the perennial presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan, the late revolutionary, Leon Trotsky, as well as the Queen Mother Alexandra, among others.

In many cases, the same person was listed several times, due to the fact that the paper had first published their death notice first, then followed up with details of the funeral, and in some cases, more information as it became available. With the group of obituaries published from 1926, the newspaper began publish memorials in succeeding years, which explains what might appear to be a confusing set of publication dates...

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