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Chalk Cemetery
Walker County, Texas

Chalk Cemetery is in the Kittrells Cut-Off area of Walker County on the east side of the Trinity River. Take Hwy 230 out of Trinity for about 6 miles to the location of the old town of Kittrell. Look for sign on the right side of the road. Cemetery is about one mile down the dirt road.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 18.

Contributor's Index:

Atkinson, John, b.1843, d.C1905, Confed. Veteran marker, s/o Wm. & Jane Atkinson, [GT]
Atkinson, Tempie, b.12-7-1848, d.12-6-1934, Temperance Rebecca Williamson w/o John Atkinson, [GT]
Cotton, Robert, F., b.8-31-1890, d.1-19-1922, Husband of Versie, [GT]
Cotton, Versie, b.7-4-1894, d.8-31-1981 Versie Williamson d/o Wm. & Martha, [GT]
Hawes, Nanaline, b.2-2-1921, d.11-7-1978, d/o Obadiah & Beulah, [GT]
Meeks, John T, b. c.1837 in Indiana, d. in late 1800s, m. to Ann Austin, [JG]
Reynolds, Jos. Raymond, b.11-30-1889, d.1959, Husband of Pearl, [GT]
Reynolds, Pearl Tempie, b.5-1891(1885), d.1978, d/o John & Timpie, w/o Josh Reynolds, [GT]
Williamson, Beulah B., b.1890, 1951, Beulah Beverley w/o Obadiah, [GT]
Williamson, Earl Livingston, b.7-16-1888, d.11-21-1952, s/o Wm. Manly & Martha H., [GT]
Williamson, John Judson, b.1860, d.3-19-1938, Brother of Tempie, s/o John Williamson & Rhoda Blakely, [GT]
Williamson, John T., b.1824, d.C1870, unmarked grave; assume in Chalk Father of Tempie Rebecca, [GT]
Williamson, Martha Harper, b.4-5-1858, d.4-3-1932, w/o Wm. Manly. Likely that birth date on marker in incorrect. Most data have birth as 11-1861, [GT]
Williamson, Obadiah, b.3-28-1897, d.1-21-1924, s/o Wm. & Martha, [GT]
Williamson, Rhoda, b.C1828, d.C1905, Rhoda Blakely w/o John T., [GT]
Williamson, unmarked grave. Assume in Chalk, [GT]
Williamson, Vivian Lucille, b.11-5-1892, d.6-27-1974, Vivian L. Mays, w/o Earl L., [GT]
Williamson, Wm. Manly, b.3-1859, d.6-3-1947, s/o John T. & Rhoda, [GT]

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