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Fairmount Cemetery - Burial Records
San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas

GPS: 31.442620, -100.449367

1100 W. Ave. N
San Angelo, TX 76901

Date published: November 22, 2017
Total records: 22,948

Visitor Submitted Records

Records published below were submitted by visitors of Interment.net.

Contributor's Index:

Anderson, James W., b. 1828, Illinois, d. 5 Apr 1903, San Angelo, TX, [BS]
Bishop, Floyd Odell, b. 11/9/1913, d. 2/8/1957, f/o Walton Ray Bishop and Hollis Jay Bishop, [DB]
Crawford, Dorothy Ardena "Cross", b. 12 Apr 1932, d. 7 Jul 1993, d/o Hugh Thomas and Sealy Ilene Cross, [PM]
Cross, Carl Wilton, b 14 Apr 1928, d. 15 Apr 1987, h/o Pauline Motl, s/o Hugh Thomas and Sealy Ilene Cross, [PM]
Cross, Everett Hugh, b. 25 Oct 1920, d. 14 Sep 1983, s/o Hugh Thomas and Sealy Ilene Cross, h/o Lela M. Bonnett, [PM]
Cross, Horace Thomas, b. 24 Jan 1924, d. 4 Sep 1944, s/o Hugh Thomas and Sealy Ilene Cross, [PM]
Cross, Hugh Thomas, b. 20 Aug 1899, d. 4 Dec 1985, h/o Sealy Ilene "Morris" Cross, [PM]
Cross, Sealy Ilene "Morris", b. 2 Aug 1904, d. 21 Oct 1980, w/o Hugh Thomas Cross, [PM]
Friebele, Mollie, b. 1868, d. 1932, [PC]
Lackey, Emma "Morris", b. 9 Mar 1894, d. 28 Oct 1964, w/o John Colvin Lackey, s/o Sealy Ilene "Morris" Cross, [PM]
Lackey, John Colvin, b. 21 Feb 1892, d. 6 Mar 1971, h/o Emma "Morris", [PM]
Luther, Horace Norman Jr., b. 18 Sep 1913 Whitebluff TN, d. 15 Mar 1989 Kerrville TX, s/o Horace and Nell, [JL]
Luther, Marjorie Elizabeth, b. 20 Mar 1916 Paris TX, d. 12 Mar 1984 San Antonio TX, d/o Benjamin and Marjorie Neal, w/o Horace, [JL]
Masters, Arther Ory "Jimmy", b. 5 Oct 1909, d. 15 Apr 1974, h/o Edna Leah "Maurine" Dixon, [BM]
Masters, Danielle Jettie, b. 11 Aug 1987, d. 11 Nov 1989, d/o Walter and Tammie Masters, [BM]
Masters, Edna Leah Maurine Dixon, b. 9 Aug 1910, d. 7 Jan 1977, w/o Arther Ory "Jimmy", [BM]
Masters, Robert Donald "Don", b. 25 Feb 1929, d. 29 Mar 1991, h/o Laura Ann Lentz, s/o Jimmy and Maurine, [BM]
McMillan, Ernest Alva Jr., b. 06 Dec 1924, d. 26 Jul 1925, bur. 27 Jul, 1925, s/o E. A. McMillan, Sr. and Katie F. Gossett, [DF]
McNair, R. R., d. Mar 7, 1896, age: 84yr, [PC]
Neal, Benjamin Culberson, b. 31 Aug 1895 Sherman TX; 24 Oct 1936 Kerrville TX, s/o James T and Mary Elizabeth, [JL]
Neal, James (Jim) Thomas, b. 12 Jan 1859 Monroe County KY, d. 8 October 1933 Abilene TX, s/o Thomas B. and Amanda, [JL]
Neal, Marjorie Fern, b. 17 Jan 1897 Kansas City MO, d. 21 Oct 1954 Kerrville TX, d/o Frank and Ada Ramsey, w/o Benjamin C., [JL]
Neal, Mary Elizabeth, b. 10 Sep 1864 Sherman TX, d. 10 Jan 1908, d/o Hugh and Martha Fuller, w/o James T, [JL]
Nix, J. D., b. Aug 20, 1883, d. Nov 3, 1918 (Woodsmen of the World), [BN]
Shuford, Claude Alexander,, b. 1875, d. 1929, mason (father), [DP]
Shurford, Sarah Emely Burchard,, b. Nov 4, 1880, d. Jan 1966 (mother), [DP]
Spears, Dora Lorena "Lackey", b. 30 Mar 1925, d. 13 Jun 1993, d/o John Colvin and Emma Lackey, [PM]
Walter, Sametta, b. Aug 27, 1868, d. Nov 1, 1924, w/o Thomas Morgan Walter, d/o James H. & Sarah (Jones) Moore, b. in MS, d. in San Angelo TX, m. Nov 14, 1887 in Alcorn County MS, [CC]
Walter, Thomas Morgan, b. Oct 11, 1862, d. Mar 10, 1953, h/o Sametta Moore, s/o George Cathey & Susan Evaline (Bishop) Walter, d. in San Angelo, TX, [CC]
Wester, Lois, b. Oct. 11, 1897, d. Nov. 1986 (wife), [DP]
Wester, Nellie Gladys Shuford, b. Mar 6, 1908, d. Jan 10, 1935 (daughter), [DP]
Wester, R.V., (mother of Tom), b. May 14, 1859, d. Dec. 29, 1938, [DP]
Wester, Tom, b. Mar 3, 1896, d. Jun 1980 (husband), [DP]
Wheless, Don Ray, b. 19 Jun 1941, d. 15 Jul 1973, s/o Mitchel and Elsie Wheless, [SL]
Wheless, Jimmy Ray, b. 17 Jul 1948, d. 9 May 1968, s/o Mitchel and Elsie Wheless, [SL]
Wheless, Mitchel, b. 6 Jul 1921, d. 23 Aug 2000, h/o Elsie Dunn Wheless, [SL]

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