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Martin Cemetery
Tatum, Rusk County, Texas

Lat: 32°15'51"N, Lon: 94°32'22"W

This cemetery is located on Trammel Trace between Tatum and Pine Hill. It is on the Panola Rusk County line.

Contributed by Angela Weaver, Jul 05, 2001 [aweaver@cox-internet.com].
Total records = 424.

This listing was compiled in Aug 2000 from tombstone inscriptions. It was the family cemetery of the early settler, Daniel Martin. - Angela Weaver

Adams, Glenn H., b. 02-14-1921, d. 01-12-1965
Adams, Oder S., b. 01-10-1899, d. no date, h/o W. Paris
Adams, W. Paris, b. 02-17-1897, d. 12-22-1939, w/o Oder
Akins, Annie Mae, b. 1903, d. 1992
Aldridge, Archie D., b. 03-23-1913, d. no date, H/o Reba, US Navy
Aldridge, Reba J., b. 10-19-1907, d. 12-27-1996, w/o Archie
Allred, Bennie S., b. 12-24-1892, d. 01-30-1995, h/o Maudie, WWI US Army Pvt
Allred, Maudie Ann, b. 09-24-1906, d. 01-15-1992, w/o Bennie, m. 03-28-1925
Armstrong, Capitola B., b. 01-01-1912, d. 07-31-1978
Arnold, J. T., b. 01-30-1930, d. 05-31-1962, 'son
Arnold, Tony, b. 08-10-1906, d. 04-06-1983, 'Daddy
Arnold, Vera, b. 02-14-1908, d. 05-17-1971, 'Mother
Arnold, Wilma Abbie Gail, b. 11-04-1951, d. 11-04-1951, Grave is beside Tony & Vera Arnold
Bailey, Bobby Jack, b. 03-04-1933, d. 04-27-1933, S/O Jack & Gracie
Bailey, Burl P., b. 2-14-1877, d. 06-22-1958
Bailey, Ruby Aline, b. 10-17-1924, d. 02-21-1942
Bailey, Sam, b. 04-05-1901, d. 10-07-1979
Bailey, Viola, b. 03-25-1880, d. 06-02-1965, W/o Burl
Beall, Ara, b. 06-15-1891, d. 01-30-1974, w/o Millard
Beall, Lola, b. 12-04-1915, d. 03-10-1926, D/o Millard & Ara Beall
Beall, W. Millard, b. 09-07-1889, d. 02-15-1962, H/o Ara
Bell, Maggie, b. 02-13-1916, d. 02-02-1990, w/o Sammy Clifford
Bell, Sammy Clifford, b. 10-27-1910, d. 01-04-1975, h/o Maggie, CPL Army Air Force
Brightwell, Bertus Melton, b. 1924, d. 1924
Brightwell, Charles Henry, b. 1932, d. 1933
Brightwell, Felton Boyd, b. 1928, d. 1930
Brooks, John T., b. 10-18-1875, d. 07-17-1964, h/o Sarah
Brooks, Kathleen, b. 1920, d. 1989, w/o Theron, m. 05-28-1940
Brooks, Sarah A., b. 11-12-1882, d. 04-13-1988, W/o John
Brooks, Theron, b. 1915, d. 1972, w/o Kathleen
Brooks, Wall, b. 09-13-1905, d. 04-16-1985
Callahan, Charles A., b. 1860, d. 1926
Cammack, Infant Girl, b. 11-16-1970, d. 11-16-1970, 'only sleeping', D/o Charles & Jane (Weaver) Cammack
Campbell, Max, b. 1883, d. 1962, h/o Rosie
Campbell, May Elizabeth, b. 11-29-1911, d. 01-13-2000, LTJG US Navy WWII, Note: she died in 2000
Campbell, Ray R., b. 1917, d. 1953
Campbell, Rex M., b. 1921, d. 1946, 1st Lt. Inf. WWII
Campbell, Rosie, b. 1890, d. 1929, W/o Max
Caraway, Dora Nancy, b. 02-14-1889, d. 08-07-1929, w/o James
Caraway, James F., b. 03-26-1884, d. 08-13-1953, H/o Dora
Caraway, Kenneth Fredrick, b. 12-20-1954, d. 10-20-1994, 'Red', s/o Luther
Caraway, Luther Lynnwood, b. 10-24-1924, d. 02-14-1986
Chadwick, Alfonso B., b. 04-06-1924, d. 04-09-1980, Pvt US Army WWII
Cherry, W.M., b. 11-22-1856, d. 3-11-1883
Cone, Linne Ree, b. 08-30-1901, d. 10-31-1977, 'Mother
Cross, Earnest, b. 05-20-1903, d. 03-19-1994, h/o Onie Lee Sipes
Cross, Onie Lee Sipes, b. 02-27-1896, d. 11-25-1987, W/o Earnest, m. 01-11-1924
Dedon, , b. No Date, d. , Looks like a child's grave
Dillon, Eunice E., b. 02-11-1918, d. 02-09-1961
Dobbins, Mary A., b. 02-26-1824, d. 11-27-1878, W/o William
Dobbins, William T., b. 09-24-1863, d. 11-23-1878, S/o William & Mary
Dobbins, William, b. 03-09-1824, d. 11-29-1878, H/o Mary A
Dunn, Hattie Lue Martin, b. 01-12-1902, d. 01-24-1981, w/o James Floyd, m. 09-02-1918
Dunn, Infant, b. No Date, d. No Date, C/o Ruben & Laura Dunn
Dunn, James Floyd, b. 02-19-1900, d. 01-02-1965, h/o Hattie Lue Martin
Dyson, Fannie E., b. 01-27-1902, d. 10-09-1977, 'memaw', note: there is a picture of her on the stone.
Eldridge , Emma A., b. 08-13-1862, d. 08-24-1937, W/o William M
Eldridge, Cardell, b. 10-06-1914, d. 04-19-1930, D/o Tom & Ida
Eldridge, Earl, b. 12-16-1916, d. 03-15-1998
Eldridge, Four graves no names , b. No Date, d. No Date, Cement enclosure
Eldridge, Ida Williams, b. 11-15-1891, d. 04-28-1975, W/o Tom
Eldridge, Infant Daughter, b. 08-14-1925, d. 08-14-1925, C/o Joe & Rosa
Eldridge, Joe B., b. 07-29-1893, d. 05-09-1962, h/o Rosa
Eldridge, Joe B., b. 8-13-1862, d. 08-24-1937
Eldridge, Joseph B., b. 11-20-1926, d. 01-15-1975, S2 US Navy WWII
Eldridge, May B., b. 12-14-1896, d. 04-07-1993, W/o William
Eldridge, Neal, b. 01-03-1917, d. 11-28-1977, h/o Nell
Eldridge, Nell, b. 03-20-1924, d. no date, w/o Neal
Eldridge, Odis Wendell, b. 02-14-1927, d. 01-05-1985
Eldridge, Rosa E., b. 01-02-1905, d. 05-19-1977, w/o Joe
Eldridge, Tom, b. 09-08-1889, d. 03-08-1973, W/o Ida
Eldridge, Tommie, b. 01-20-1925, d. 10-30-1936, D/o Tom & Ida
Eldridge, William G., b. 12-22-1891, d. 01-30-1974, H/o May B
Eldridge, William M., b. 01-14-1866, d. 11-16-1915, H/o Emma
Fowler, J.D., b. 1911, d. 1982, Pvt US Army WWII
Franz, Della Mae Selman, b. 08-29-1907, d. 10-04-1976, Born in Carthage, W/o Pual Franz
Franz, Paul Herman, b. 12-05-1904, d. 01-13-1982, Born in Galveston, h/o Della Mae Selman Franz
Freeland, Lenave Lynch, b. 01-12-1918, d. no date, w/o W. G. 'Buck' Freeland, m. 08-07-1943
Freeland, W. G. 'Buck', b. 12-13-1909, d. 06-27-1995, h/o Lenave Lynch Freeland
Freeman, Ellie Miller, b. 08-27-1915, d. no date, w/o Harvey Freeman, m. 10-09-1938
Freeman, Harvey A., b. 12-07-1916, d. 09-23-1988, 'Tad', h/o Ellie Miller Freeman,
Gathright, Betty Sue Milam, b. 12-25-1932, d. 05-26-1952
Gathright, Linda, b. 04-11-1950, d. 05-22-1959
Griffith, Alex, b. 12-08-1896, d. 10-08-1976
Grimes, Caesar C., b. 03-26-1907, d. 11-13-1983, 'Daddy', h/o Ruth Chadwick Grimes,
Grimes, Ruth Chadwick, b. 12-23-1915, d. 02-20-1996, 'Mother', w/o Caesar Grimes,
Harris, Abb, b. 10-28-1851, d. 12-23-1913
Harris, Addie, b. 09-16-1902, d. 01-01-1919
Harris, American, b. 01-13-1854, d. 12-04-1929, W/o W.A
Harris, Cansado Tompkins, b. 04-17-1877, d. 11-08-1964, W/o S. A., m. 02-16-1893
Harris, Effie, b. 1879, d. 05-08-1871, W/o Joe
Harris, Infant dau, b. 05-26-1881, d. 11-01-1882, D/o W.A. & 'Pony' Harris
Harris, Jesse Will, b. 02-03-1887, d. 04-01-1961, H/o Maud
Harris, Joe, b. 1873, d. 1942, H/o Effie
Harris, Maud Pearl, b. 08-27-1883, d. 06-17-1955, W/o Jesse
Harris, Stella Alfred, b. 11-25-1871, d. 07-16-1962, W/o Cansado
Harris, Steve W. A., b. 11-04-1884, d. 06-10-1981
Hayes, Odessa Robinson, b. 1911, d. No Date
Henry, Jimmy Dock 'JD', b. 07-04-1910, d. 03-16-1978
Hillin, C. Winifred, b. 03-11-1890, d. 08-26-1972, w/o J. Howard, D/o H.W. & S. J. Martin
Hillin, J. Howard, b. 10-17-1889, d. 10-26-1973, h/o C. Winifred Martin Hillin
Hollis, Alice White, b. 02-17-1866, d. 05-23-1939, W/o H.J. Hollis, 'Ma', 'At Rest
Hollis, H. J., b. 03-24-1846, d. 05-17-1918, H/o Alice White Hollis, 'Pa', 'At Rest
Hollis, Silas 'Jap', b. 08/27/1896, d. 05-08-1972
Hollis, Unmarked, b. No Date, d. No Date
Hollis, Unmarked, b. No Date, d. No Date
Hollis, Unmarked, b. No Date, d. No Date
Hollis, Unmarked, b. No Date, d. No Date
Hood, Elizabeth Kay, b. 11-28-1911, d. 03-31-1989
Hunt, Glenn A., b. 1904, d. 1956
Hunt, Juanita, b. 1910, d. 1998, W/o Glenn
Jackson, Annie Arzelle, b. 11-19-1910, d. 07-22-1990, Same Marker As Charlie Kenneth & Charlie Clifton
Jackson, Charlie Clifton, b. 11-13-1912, d. 12-30-1989, Same Marker As Annie & Charlie Kenneth
Jackson, Charlie Kenneth, b. 12-28-1933, d. 06-27-1968, Same Marker As Annie & Charlie Clifton
Jackson, Charlie W., b. 08-01-1889, d. 03-15-1966, h/o Emma
Jackson, Emma L. , b. 12-26-1894, d. 03-20-1975, w/o Charlie, m. 02-26-1911
Jackson, Felton E., b. 02-27-1917, d. 11-11-1987, RM1 US Navy, H/o Leah, Children: Dixie Lee, Tatum Allen, and Raymond Todd,
Jackson, Leah G. Bishop, b. 07-04-1924, d. no date, w/o Felton
Jackson, Royce Alton, b. 10-17-1923, d. 06-19-1979, S/o Charlie & Emma
Jennings, Angus Willard, b. 12-12-1928, d. 08-14-1984, Born in Beckville, Died in Galveston, Sgt US Air Force WWII, S/o William Bryan Jennings & Inez Selman Jennings Moser
Jennings, George Delton, b. 05-09-1931, d. 06-10-1986, Born in Beckville, S/o William Bryan Jennings & Inez Selman Jennings Moser, Son-G. D. Jennings Jr born 09-25-1962, Granddaughter-Teresa Louise Jennings born 06-29-1983
Johnson, Claudine, b. 12-14-1917, d. 12-20-1917, C/o Thomas & Eddie
Johnson, Eddie, b. 12-13-1891, d. 08-28-1970, W/o Thomas
Johnson, Felix, b. 05-08-1932, d. 06-13-1932, C/o Thomas & Eddie
Johnson, J.W., b. 4-3-1860, d. 09-10-1932, H/o Janie
Johnson, Janie, b. 6-29-1859, d. 01-05-1936, W/o J.W
Johnson, Oman, b. 04-18-1922, d. 03-14-1930, C/o Thomas & Eddie
Johnson, Thomas, b. 10-17-1894, d. 10-23-1962, H/o Eddie
Jones, Avis Eldridge, b. 02-06-1912, d. no date, w/o Floyd J. Jones
Jones, Bessie, b. 8-7-1889, d. 1-22-1892
Jones, Betty Martin, b. 3-15-1867, d. 06-13-1957, W/o Charles
Jones, Charles L., b. 04-15-1909, d. no date, h/o Katherine, Married 12-24-1941
Jones, Charles Lucius, b. 3-7-1866, d. 10-11-1958
Jones, Evelyn T., b. 06-16-1926, d. 12-09-1996, w/o Hubert Paul
Jones, Floyd J., b. 08-03-1906, d. 01-08-1998, h/o Avis Eldridge Jones
Jones, Homer V., b. 7-7-1881, d. 07-05-1956, H/o Rachel
Jones, Hubert Paul, b. 09-09-1918, d. 12-16-1983, h/o Evelyn, US Navy WWII
Jones, James Ras, b. 06-04-1912, d. 06-03-1968, TX PFC US Army WWII
Jones, Josie Martin, b. 1898, d. Jan. 1919, 'Love Lives On
Jones, Katherine, b. 05-22-1926, d. 07-20-1973, w/o Charles L. Jones
Jones, Lilburn Dan, b. 05-10-1913, d. 09-30-1972, Born in Pine Bluff, Ark, Died in Dallas, Tx, S/o Ruth Francis Monk and Charles Sylvester Jones,
Jones, Nancy E. , b. 10-10-1891, d. 05-02-1995, w/o Robert
Jones, Rachel E., b. 10-27-1887, d. 07-06-1983, w/o Homer V
Jones, Robert D., b. 12-04-1893, d. 10-08-1974, H/o Nancy, S/o Charles & Betty
Jones, Wilburn Glassel, b. 04-18-1931, d. no date, Born in Houston, TX, S/o Lilburn Glassel,h/o Mary Elvia Seals, 06-20-1951(marriage date?)
Kelley, Linda Martin, b. 03-20-1946, d. 10-31-1996
Langley, Joe Nathan, b. 06-19-1937, d. 08-26-1972, h/o Mary
Langley, Mary Frances, b. 06-06-1938, d. no date, w/o Joe
Linton, Billy Lee, b. 07-20-1904, d. 08-02-1905
Linton, Bobby C., b. 01-24-1943, d. 02-10-1943, Beside Emma & Lloyd C. Linton
Linton, Charles Wesley, b. 06-11-1868, d. 02-16-1947, H/o Laura Miranda
Linton, Edna, b. 09-18-1909, d. 06-08-1946
Linton, Emma M., b. 10-31-1907, d. 01-24-1975
Linton, Jerry Don, b. 03-13-1938, d. 05-13-1955
Linton, Jerry Glynn, b. 11-25-1958, d. 04-01-1993
Linton, John, b. 03-25-1902, d. 10-09-1918
Linton, Larry, b. 04-14-1940, d. 04-14-1940, Beside Emma & Lloyd C. Linton
Linton, Laura Miranda, b. 01-29-1877, d. 12-29-1966, W/o Charles Wesley
Linton, Lloyd C., b. 06-18-1905, d. 02-15-1980
Linton, Lloyd W., b. 07-29-1926, d. 05-13-1955
Linton, Thelma D., b. 08-15-1925, d. no date, W/o Lloyd W
Linton, William T., b. 1832, d. 1919, Pvt Co I 15 Regt Ala Inf Confederate States Army
Livingston, Sybyl Jones, b. 04-16-1906, d. 04-07-1964
Martin , Bettie E., b. 09-03-1872, d. 05-12-1933, w/o Joe E. Martin
Martin , Infant, b. Can not read, d.
Martin, Abigail, b. 1827, d. 1852, Same Stone As Peter & Susann
Martin, Andrew M., b. 03-01-1902, d. 10-17-1963, H/o Reba
Martin, Archie Ray, b. No Date, d. No Date, Beside Gussie & Fannie
Martin, Beatrice F., b. 09-07-1912, d. 07-03-1998, w/o Beauford
Martin, Beauford H., b. 12-22-1914, d. no date, h/o Beatrice
Martin, Bertha Kirkley, b. 10-13-1891, d. 04-26-1993
Martin, Bonnie , b. 1902, d. 1990, w/o Ed
Martin, Brady O., b. 10-10-1906, d. 08-20-1907, W/o D.E. & S. E
Martin, Cleo H., b. 08-19-1920, d. 05-13-1993, w/o Sidney Travis, m. 04-28-1944
Martin, Cynthia Linton, b. 1841, d. 1921
Martin, Cynthia, b. 12-4-1830, d. 08-06-1910, W/o Daniel
Martin, Dan E., b. 8-31-1870, d. 05-30-1941
Martin, Daniel Sr., b. 1781 in NC, d. 1851 in Panola County, Pvt Creek War of Florida & War of 1812, h/o Eleanor Ayers Martin
Martin, Daniel Webster, b. 4-4-1861, d. 04-02-1940, H/o Cynthia
Martin, Daniel, b. 8-14-1826, d. 3-30-1890
Martin, Dessie R., b. 08-30-1910, d. 03-05-1947
Martin, Douglas Wayne, b. 08-08-1953, d. 05-12-1972
Martin, Ed, b. 1896, d. 1986, H/o Bonnie
Martin, Edith, b. 01-27-1913, d. 07-04-1998, w/o Horace Lee Martin
Martin, Elbert Oris, b. 09-14-1908, d. 03-15-1984, h/o Ona Lee Hill Martin
Martin, Eleanor Ayers, b. 1791 in NC, d. 1858 in Panola County, w/o Daniel Martin Sr
Martin, Fannie, b. 07/08/1881, d. 04-22-1936, W/o Gussie
Martin, Fern Ozelle, b. 01-11-1909, d. no date, w/o Lelon, m. 03-24-1927
Martin, G. B., b. 1861, d. 1930, 'Uncle Gus
Martin, Glassell, b. 08-02-1917, d. 08-28-1970, H/o Veta Fay
Martin, Gussie B., b. 10-27-1891, d. 03-24-1967, H/o Fannie
Martin, H. W. (Webb), b. 7-15-1871, d. 09-15-1929, Children: Pearley, Winifred, Jeff, Silas, Claud, John, Hattie, Homer, Maudie, Travis, Delmar
Martin, Homer L., b. 04-03-1904, d. 12-06-1994, h/o Lynn J. Martin
Martin, Horace Lee, b. 04-23-1910, d. 12-23-1978, h/o Edith
Martin, Inf son, b. 08-16-1945, d. 08-16-1945
Martin, Infant Clark, b. No Date, d. No Date, Beside Gussie & Fannie
Martin, Infant Son, b. 09-16-1934, d. 09-16-1934, S/o John & Ruby Martin
Martin, Jack, b. 06-02-1902, d. 03-18-1966, h/o Nona
Martin, James M., b. No Date, d. No Date, s/o Original
Martin, Jeff Ivy, b. 6-16-1892, d. 04-19-1948
Martin, Joe E., b. 03-06-1865, d. 01-23-1919, h/o Bettie
Martin, John Ann, b. 3-14-1867, d. No Date, W/o Daniel Webster Martin
Martin, John J., b. Born in 1828, d. No Date, s/o Original
Martin, John Jr., b. 05-31-1930, d. no date, h/o Judith Marsh Martin
Martin, John, b. 05-16-1899, d. 05-15-1979, h/o Ruby
Martin, Joseph R., b. 07-20-1893, d. 05-23-1982, h/o Sedonia, m. 05-20-1916
Martin, Judith Marsh, b. 12-14-1941, d. no date, w/o John Jr. Martin
Martin, Julius J., b. 03-07-1896, d. 01-20-1897, S/o D.E. & S. E
Martin, Lee E., b. 11-25-1889, d. 07-20-1971
Martin, Lelon Thomas, b. 10-14-1904, d. 04-21-1985, h/o Fern
Martin, Lynn J., b. 12-19-1912, d. 04-17-1992, w/o Homer L. Martin
Martin, Mary Ann, b. 1939, d. No Date
Martin, Mary, b. 9-12-1898, d. 2-15-1899, D/o D.E. & S.E
Martin, Mollie, b. 11-23-1861, d. 10-26-1928, 'Aunt
Martin, N. R., b. 9-23-1850, d. 11-13-1887, S/o D & SA Martin
Martin, Nancy, b. 1822, d. 1874
Martin, Nona, b. 07-16-1909, d. 07-24-1998, w/o Jack
Martin, Olen, b. 1895, d. 1895, Infant son of Joe & Bettie Martin
Martin, Ona Lee Hill, b. 10-23-1911, d. no date, w/o Elbert Oris Martin, D/o Robert F. Hill & Mary Applegate Hill
Martin, Ottie Harris, b. 1900, d. 1981, 'A Loving Mother
Martin, Peter C., b. 1824, d. 1899, Same Stone As Susann & Abigail
Martin, Pewee, b. 08-16-1945, d. 08-16-1945
Martin, Reba, b. 01-28-1911, d. 07-12-1988, w/o Andrew M. Martin
Martin, Robert, b. 1859, d. No Date
Martin, Ruby Allien, b. 05-06-1909, d. 02-11-1983, w/o John
Martin, S.J. (Sid), b. 01-03-1854, d. 10-05-1936, W/o H.W.(Webb) Martin
Martin, Sarah E. 'Sallie', b. 06-08-1875, d. 02-10-1956, W/o Dan E. Martin
Martin, Sedonia E., b. 09-14-1897, d. 07-10-1982, w/o Joseph R. Martin
Martin, Sidney Travis, b. 01-04-1909, d. 01-21-1971, h/o Cleo H. Martin, TX TSgt 4530 Base Unit AAF WWII LM
Martin, Silas Daniel, b. 08-09-1894, d. 02-21-1969, TX Pvt Co C 142 Infantry WWI
Martin, Sintha J., b. 01-25-1868, d. 01-14-1881, D/o D & SA Martin
Martin, Susann, b. 1837, d. 1905, Same Stone As Peter & Abigail
Martin, Travis, b. No Date, d. 01-21-1971
Martin, Veta Fay, b. 09-27-1918, d. 04-24-1991, w/o Glassell
Matthews, Ethel, b. 10-24-1922, d. 06-19-1990
Matthews, William Rassie, b. 10-30-1958, d. 01-06-1986, 'Daddy of Shelly
May, Clyde Jerrill, b. 08-16-1932, d. no date, h/o Louise Harris
May, Louise Harris, b. 06-24-1924, d. 04-19-2000, w/o Clyde Jerrill
May, Willie Clyde, b. 10-31-1900, d. 12-01-1979
McDowell, Audie Gene, b. 04-22-1929, d. 11-23-1990, Pvt US Army, s/o Ruby & Richard McDowell
McDowell, Billy, b. 11-02-1925, d. 07-03-1928, s/o Ruby & Richard McDowell
McDowell, John E., b. 01-14-1939, d. 11-16-1995, Tsgt US Air Force Vietnam, Cindy & Tammy are his children according to the stone, s/o Ruby & Richard McDowell
McDowell, Richard, b. 1902, d. 1982, H/o Ruby, Children: Billy, Audie Gene, Lawrence Saye, John Edward, Gloria Faye, and Carol Sue
McDowell, Ruby, b. 1910, d. 1959, 'mother', W/o Richard
McNeil, Wanda Joyce, b. 1935, d. 2000, Funeral Home Marker
Metcalf, Walter , b. No Date, d. No Date
Milam, Alfred, b. No Date, d. No Date
Milam, Sue, b. No Date, d. No Date
Miles, Clarence, b. 09-13-1898, d. no date
Miles, Montie L., b. 10-07-1907, d. 07-04-1971, 'Mom', w/o Clarence
Mims, Howard B. Sr., b. 1915, d. 1974, 'George', h/o Lona, US Army
Mims, Lona June, b. 1923, d. 1998, w/o Howard 'George' Mims
Moser, Inez Selman Jennings, b. 07-04-1910, d. 01-11-1998, Born in Beckville, m. John Moser in 1940 in Galveston, 1st husband was William Bryan Jennings
Moser, John Benjamin, b. 02-26-1913, d. 11-20-1989, Born in Anthony, Florida, US Navy 1936-1940 Galveston & Texas City Machinist
Murry, J. P., b. 06-12-1866, d. 11-15-1953
Nimmo, Annie M., b. 12-31-1905, d. 01-28-1975, W/o James
Nimmo, James F., b. 01-17-1895, d. 08-04-1966
O'Brain, Heather Reann, b. 04-19-1995, d. 04-19-1995
Oswald, Seba, b. 1893, d. 1976, w/o Wilburn
Oswald, Wilburn, b. 1893, d. 1970, h/o Seba
Peavy, Emma Jean, b. 02-04-1931, d. 10-05-1990, w/o James Ray Peavy, m. 07-30-1947
Peavy, James Ray, b. 04-03-1921, d. no date, h/o Emma Jean Peavy
Peavy, James Russell, b. 06-19-1971, d. 08-07-1973, S/o Rayford & Janie Peavy
Pollard , Mavis Vice, b. 08-24-1917, d. no date, w/o Thomas Weldon, m. 12-05-1942
Pollard , Thomas Weldon, b. 04-19-1908, d. 04-02-1975, Mason, h/o Mavis Vice
Porter, Anna Maude, b. 11-07-1905, d. 02-04-1997, w/o C.B. Porter
Porter, Ardelia, b. 07-01-1915, d. fresh grave, w/o Buford
Porter, Bonnie Ida, b. 03-24-1893, d. 11-06-1986, W/o Charles
Porter, Buford, b. 07-10-1919, d. no date, h/o Ardelia
Porter, C. B. , b. 06-26-1912, d. 04-03-1986, h/o Anna, US Navy WWII
Porter, Charles Henry, b. 4-27-1886, d. 03-23-1951, H/o Bonnie
Porter, Henry Vaughn, b. 08-02-1921, d. 08-07-1994, CPO US Navy WWII, H/o Virginia
Porter, Jay R., b. 1915, d. 1980, US Navy WWII
Porter, John Rassie , b. 09-18-1895, d. 04-28-1965, h/o Mattie
Porter, Mattie Jane Sipes, b. 10-07-1901, d. 03-21-1971, w/o John, Children: Inez, Buford, Hubert, and Doris
Porter, Mills F. 'Boots', b. 02-01-1918, d. 01-11-1948, WWII, Texas Staff SGT 395 Inf
Porter, Virginia Marie, b. 01-20-1918, d. no date, w/o Henry Vaughn Porter
Porter, William Elmo, b. 02-26-1914, d. 12-02-1914
Ramsey, Jessie Helen, b. No Date, d. No Date, w/o Velma 'Bo'
Ramsey, Velma L. 'Bo', b. 03-19-1918, d. 12-09-1979, h/o Jessie Helen
Reel, Fannie M., b. 01-18-1932, d. no date
Reel, John C. Jr, b. 01-22-1923, d. 02-06-1999, AM3 US Navy WWII
Reel, Mary Polly, b. Born in 1822, d. No Date, d/o Original
Rhodes, Ara Kay, b. 10-12-1904, d. 02-01-1905, D/o J. W. & Frances Leola
Rhodes, Carl David, b. 07-13-1941, d. 07-04-1964, S/o Carl Manuel & Velma Lorene Rhodes
Rhodes, Carl Manuel, b. 04-14-1916, d. 09-11-1994, h/o Velma Lorene
Rhodes, Frances Leola, b. 04-06-1875, d. 06-19-1932, W/o J.W
Rhodes, Joseph Washington, b. 05-13-1871, d. 11-20-1944, H/o Frances Leola
Rhodes, Velma Lorene, b. 06-08-1927, d. 06-03-1991, w/o Carl Manuel
Richardson, Mary Olevia, b. 1890, d. 1942
Robertson, Carolyn E., b. 08-28-1943, d. no date, w/o Tommie, m. 03/12/1969
Robertson, Tommie Wayne, b. 04-19-1935, d. 08-04-1976, SSgt. US Air Force, h/o Carolyn
Robinson, Allie , b. 1883, d. 1923, W/o Amon
Robinson, Amon, b. 1877, d. 1962
Robinson, Dave , b. 09-24-1880, d. 01-17-1964
Robinson, Dorris Porter, b. 03-14-1930, d. no date, W/o Elmer Wain Robinson
Robinson, Elbert G., b. 07-13-1911, d. 10-31-1927
Robinson, Elmer Wain, b. 10-08-1914, d. 03-14-1979, H/o Dorris (Porter) Robinson
Robinson, Grady, b. 1904, d. 1921
Robinson, Infant Daughter, b. 01-06-1919, d. 01-06-1919, D/o Dave and Nola
Robinson, Nola Selman, b. 02-14-1888, d. 12-11-1969
Roussel, Joseph Henry, b. 11-21-1929, d. 06-18-1997, 'Joe', h/o Scharmel 'Pat' Roussel
Roussel, Scharmel Hunt, b. 06-01-1935, d. no date, 'Pat', w/o Joseph 'Joe' Roussel
Rucker, Benjamin B., b. 04-03-1907, d. 07-28-1990, h/o Delmar G., m. 11-01-1935
Rucker, Delmar G., b. 11-26-1911, d. 08-19-1998, w/o Benjamin B
Sanderford, Kansas Isabell, b. Mar. 1838, d. Oct. 1926, 'Aunt Kan
Sanders, 'Little Lee", b. 03-13-1907, d. 06-06-1907, S/o C.L. & E. B
Sanders, 'Little: Will", b. 03-13-1907, d. 09-13-1911, S/o C.L. & E. B
Sanders, C. C. 'Buddy', b. 03-28-1894, d. 04-05-1968, h/o Maud Harris, m. 02-17-1919
Sanders, Cicero L., b. 9-18-1874, d. 07-14-1943, h/o Lit Harris
Sanders, Effie Susan, b. 03-07-1892, d. --, w/o Harry K
Sanders, Harry K., b. 01-01-1881, d. 01-08-1976
Sanders, Haskell J., b. 03-22-1921, d. no date, Infant
Sanders, Ida, b. 1-20-1894, d. 4-16-1899, D/o I.L. & M. G. Sanders
Sanders, Ivy Lee, b. 1849, d. 1918
Sanders, Jerry M., b. 03-11-1889, d. 09-20-1976, 'Pete', h/o Pearl, m. 01-01-1911
Sanders, K. C., b. 11-16-1913, d. 08-12-1940
Sanders, Lit Harris , b. 11-18-1878, d. 04-22-1971, w/o Cicero
Sanders, Lloyd George, b. 03-07-1915, d. 03-27-1915
Sanders, Lovenia Hickman, b. 1855, d. 1928, W/o Ivy
Sanders, Maud Harris, b. 01-25-1896, d. 01-19-1987, w/o C.C. 'Buddy' Sanders,
Sanders, Pearl S., b. 09-10-1895, d. 02-28-1986, W/o Jerry, m. 01-11-1911
Selman, Aaron Guy, b. 05-02-1921, d. 06-30-1993, Vet WWII US Army/Air Force
Selman, Agnes G., b. 04-28-1884, d. 01-04-1969, w/o Silas A. Selman
Selman, Angus Graves, b. 8-20-1879, d. 04-24-1947
Selman, Chalia Anelle, b. 06-20-1962, d. No Date, D/o Aaron Guy Selman
Selman, Decatur Graves (D.G.), b. 2-15-1848, d. 04-15-1921, H/o Sarah
Selman, Dever, b. No dates, d. , Infant of S.A. & Agnes Selman
Selman, Dollie, b. 02-11-1904, d. no date, w/o Elzie, m. 07-02-1925
Selman, Dorothy, No dates, Infant of S.A. & Agnes Selman
Selman, Elzie, b. 08-14-1903, d. 04-30-1990, h/o Dollie
Selman, Eunice, b. 06-02-1921, d. 10-04-1928
Selman, Fotch, b. No dates, d. , Infant of S.A. & Agnes Selman
Selman, Harvie, b. 06-19-1904, d. 05-05-1905, Son of S.A. & Agnes Selman
Selman, Lawrence Aaron, b. 03-31-1949, d. 01-26-1995
Selman, Mary Oretta, b. 02/16/1913, d. 06/10/1916, D/o Angus & Zora
Selman, Sarah Frances (Sis), b. 08/23/1856, d. 12/19/1944, W/o Decatur Graves
Selman, Silas A., b. 01/13/1886, d. 04-13-1959, h/o Agnes, 'Children: Ruth, Harvie, Everett, Dever, Dorothy, & Fotch
Selman, Zora Grant, b. 07/06/1885, d. 03/05/1948, W/o Angus
Selmon, Inf son, b. 01/22/1932, d. 01/22/1932, S/o F.E. Selmon
Selmon, Infant son, b. 02/31/1930, d. 02/21/1930, S/o F.E. Selmon
Simmons, Prudie, b. 1876, d. 1960, 'Mother
Simpson, Bertha Lane, b. 01/25/1904, d. 08/22/1955
Simpson, Fermie, b. 03-08-1893, d. 04-27-1968, 'Father', Texas Pvt Co M 359 Infantry WWI
Simpson, Fern 'Tommie', b. 01-16-1935, d. 01-26-1991, 'Daughter', d/o Fermie & Lola
Simpson, Lola, b. 03-21-1903, d. no date, 'Mother', w/o Fermie
Sims, Jenny Williamson, b. 09-08-1849, d. 12-19-1876
Sipes, Alice Jackson, b. 1880, d. 1903, Mother of Mattie Sipes Porter
Sipes, Archie Marie, b. 12-06-1929, d. no date, 'Beloved Wife', w/o Charlie
Sipes, Audrey, b. 03-03-1933, d. 11-12-1997, w/o Marion, Footmarker 'Dene
Sipes, Charlie H., b. 7-15-1869, d. 05-11-1954, H/o Rosa
Sipes, Charlie, b. 08-31-1925, d. 08-22-1988, CM3 US Navy WWII, h/o Archie Marie, s/o Charlie H. Sipes
Sipes, Elizabeth O., b. 02-11-1932, d. July 2000, w/o Walter, 'Our Children: Jerry, Ted, Ronnie, Terry, Ray, Elizabeth, Wallace, John, Beverly, Mandy, Judy'
Sipes, Marion, b. 11-08-1929, d. no date, H/o Audrey, 'Our Children: Butch, Sonny, David, Linda Pepper, Audrey Johnson
Sipes, Rosa, b. 12-16-1889, d. 06-24-1953, W/o Charlie
Sipes, Walter Henry, b. 07-17-1915, d. 01-29-1986, h/o Elizabeth, Mason, Pvt US Army WWII
Smith, Infant Son, b. 08-10-1916, d. 08-10-1916, C/o Mr. & Mrs. Austin Smith
Smith, Phala Lucile, b. 05-03-1921, d. No Date
Smith, William Austin, b. 10-10-1919, d. No Date
Sons, Anna L., b. 03-12-1937, d. 01-05-1997, 'Nannie', w/o Melvin
Sons, Melvin, b. 06-11-1942, d. no date, H/o Anna
Steffy, Adam Eric, b. 12-22-1904, d. 01-26-1966, h/o Maggie Selman Steffy
Steffy, Maggie Selman, b. 04-13-1916, d. no date, w/o Adam Eric Steffy
Stracener, Jack Brown Sr., b. 09-26-1915, d. 09-17-1996
Talkington, Charlcy D., b. 10-25-1932, d. no date, w/o Vernon, m. 09-12-1964
Talkington, Vernon L. Jr., b. 09-14-1924, d. 12-11-1989, h/o Charlcy, US Army Air Corps WWII
Thompson Twins, , b. No Date, d. No Date
Thornton, Alfred, b. 1908, d. 1981, h/o Lavada, TEC4 US Army WWII
Thornton, Lavada Martin, b. 1911, d. no date, W/o Alfred, 'Vada
Turner, Daphne, b. 10-05-1925, d. 09-14-1976, w/o Ishmel, m. 09-29-1946
Turner, Ishmel, b. 03-31-1923, d. no date, h/o Daphne
Van Sickle, Effie Pearl, b. 03/03/1919, d. 10/17/1924
Varner, Robert L., b. 07/16/1894, d. 06-28-1967, Married Dora Yandle--11-19-1962, Buried beside Dora Yandle
Vice, Henry Thomas, b. 06/15/1896, d. 07-10-1980, h/o Una Kinard Vice
Vice, Infant Son, b. 08-03-1929, d. 08-03-1929, s/o Henry & Una Vice
Vice, Una Kinard, b. 11/10/1895, d. 12-05-1985, w/o Henry Thomas Vice
Waldrop, Pearly Hollis, b. 02/17/1888, d. 09-14-1984, W/o Robert, 'at rest
Waldrop, Robert Coker, b. 02/24/1890, d. 05-10-1969, Pvt Vet Corps WWI, h/o Pearly
Waters, Dessie , b. 02-12-1920, d. no date
Weaver, Carlton Ray, b. 07-10-1947, d. 01-05-1988, H/o Elaine Miller Weaver, m. 01-04-1968
Weaver, Clara, b. 06-10-1888, d. 04-29-1966, w/o John
Weaver, Clifford A., b. 11-26-1911, d. 03-01-1977, H/o Inez
Weaver, Inez O., b. 03-15-1917, d. no date, W/o Clifford, 'Our Children: Larry, June, Phillip, Hershel, Jane
Weaver, Irvin Carlton, b. 11-18-1912, d. 04-01-1980, H/o Minnie Bell Sipes Weaver
Weaver, Irvin Wylie, b. 02-03-1946, d. 02-04-1946, S/o I.C. & M. B. Weaver
Weaver, John, b. 01-19-1884, d. 07-03-1968, h/o Clara
Weaver, Minnie Bell Sipes, b. 07-29-1920, d. no date, W/o Irvin Carlton, 'Our Children: Irvin Wylie, Carlton Ray, Judy Ann, Sandra Gail' 'Our Grandchildren: Jeffrey Allen, Judith (Joey), Christopher Slade, Damon Ray, Holly Gail, Andrea Wayne (Andi)', d/o Charlie & Rosa Sipes
Webb, Arnold Lee, b. 03-19-1978, d. 10-10-1993, 'Bubba Lee
Webb, Elizabeth Ruth, b. 10-22-1963, d. 01-19-1981, 'Lizzie
Weisser, Artie Mae, b. 1907, d. 1997, 'A Loving Aunt', Same Stone As Lora Lou Williams
Williams, Ada Martin, b. 10-12-1911, d. 03-05-1992, w/o Audie Williams, Twin sister to Lavada Thornton
Williams, Annie , b. 12-29-1900, d. 09-22-1985, w/o Oliver
Williams, Audie E., b. 02-23-1908, d. 09-26-1967, h/o Ada Martin Williams
Williams, Delbert Clarence, b. 05-18-1907, d. 05-02-1971, h/o Lida, TX Sgt Army/Air Force WWII
Williams, Essie, b. 10-14-1892, d. 07-15-1922, W/o Oliver
Williams, Hazel Lavenia, b. 03-20-1928, d. no date, w/o Lloyd Clifford Williams, m. 11-01-1962
Williams, Hubert, b. 03-05-1925, d. 10-19-1991
Williams, Lida Selman, b. 02-04-1919, d. no date, w/o Delbert Clarence, m. 10-10-1936
Williams, Lloyd Clifford, b. 06-01-1918, d. 04-19-1995, h/o Hazel Lavenia Williams
Williams, Lora Lou, b. 1926, d. 1997, 'A Loving Mother', Same Stone As Artie Mae Weisser,
Williams, Oliver, b. 03-14-1895, d. 01-18-1973, H/o Essie and Annie, 'Ira Oliver', TX Pvt US Army WWI
Williamson, 'Little' Corbon", b. 06-25-1910, d. 12-27-1910, S/o T. E. & M.K
Williamson, Alma A., b. 07-15-1869, d. 08-20-1938, W/o John
Williamson, David Keith, b. 01-31-1953, d. 12-20-1976, S/o Ralph & Mary Williamson
Williamson, Forrest, b. 05-05-1895, d. 05-21-1974, h/o Nell, m. 12-05-1925
Williamson, Infants, b. No dates, d. , Of J.C. & A.A
Williamson, Jewel, b. 03/04/1883, d. 09/01/1883
Williamson, Joe, b. 08/10/1823, d. 04-17-1900, H/o Rachel
Williamson, John C., b. 1-13-1865, d. 05-24-1946
Williamson, Mary Kay, b. 12-15-1874, d. 12-20-1935, W/o Thomas
Williamson, Mikey, b. 01/01/1882, d. 08/23/1883
Williamson, Milzie M., b. 01-26-1896, d. 03-24-1988
Williamson, Nell S., b. 03-30-1906, d. 05-03-1982, w/o Forrest
Williamson, Oliver, b. 5-24-1893, d. 02-17-1906
Williamson, Rachel, b. 5-18-1828, d. 01-31-1900, H/o Joe
Williamson, Thomas E., b. 9-12-1867, d. 01-13-1931, H/o Mary Kay
Williamson, William Martin, b. 05-15-1855, d. 10-29-1857, Beside Rachel Williamson
Willis, Althea C., b. 12-27-1843, d. 12-07-1932
Willis, Curtis Simpson, b. 10/30/1886, d. 10-22-1914
Willis, William Ira, b. 4-19-1870, d. 04-28-163
Wilson, Opal Ree, b. 03-17-1920, d. no date, w/o Richard, Married 08-02-1942
Wilson, Richard S., b. 05-28-1913, d. 12-06-1992, h/o Opal, US Army WWII
Yandle, Dora M., b. 1-30-1899, d. 10-05-1975, Married to Thomas Yandle and then Robert Varner
Yandle, Thomas Lee, b. 9-18-1891, d. 02-25-1958, PVT WWI 75 Depot Svc Co ASC Texas
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