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Henry Prairie Cemetery
Franklin, Robertson County, Texas

Lat: 30° 57' 45"N, Lon: 96° 27' 31"W

In Franklin, from US Hwy 79, take Farm Rd. 46 south about 1 mile to the Franklin Cemetery on the right side of the road. From Farm Rd 46 turn right or south onto Henry Prairie Road (the dirt road that runs in front of Franklin Cemetery) and continue for about 5 miles to the second major left turn that does not enter someone's property, onto Henry Prairie Church Road. Henry Prairie Baptist Church and Henry Prairie Cemetery will be on your left, (both marked with signs) just down road on left. Cemetery enclosed by chain link fence.

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Jul 16, 2007. Total records = 42.

Contributor's Index:

Bishop, Blue Babe, d. 11 Jun 1914, child of O. M. Bishop, s/w Edgar and Eula Mae, [CM]
Bishop, Edgar, d. 25 Nov 1918, s/o O. M. Bishop, s/w Blue Babe & Eula, [CM]
Bishop, Eula Mae, d. 12 Sep 1920, d/o O. M. Bishop, s/w Edgar and Blue Babe, [CM]
Byrd, Abraham, b. 11 Dec 1847, d. 1 Jun 1944, CO A Cress LA Inf C.S A., hus. of Letha Byrd, [CM]
Byrd, Addie Mae, b. 4 Mar 1916, d. 11 Jan 1917, dau. of Alfred and Nannie Byrd, [CM]
Byrd, Alfred William, b. 9 Jan 1888, d. 10 Dec. 1994, hus. of Nannie Byrd, s/o Abraham and Letha Byrd, [CM]
Byrd, Alma, b. 9 Feb 1886, d. 29 Dec. 1903, dau. of Abraham and Letha Byrd, [CM]
Byrd, Arvil Lee, b. 18 Jun 1929, d. 9 Aug 1929, son of Alfred and Nannie Byrd, [CM]
Byrd, Auther, b. 23 Aug 1890, d. 27 Aug 1913, son of Abraham and Letha Byrd, [CM]
Byrd, Leeroy, b. 27 Apr 1911, d. 18 Apr 1912, son of Alfred aand Nannie Byrd, [CM]
Byrd, Letha, b. Jan 1857, d. 20 Apr 1926, wife of Abraham Byrd, [CM]
Byrd, Nannie Bishop, b. 14 Oct 1892, d. 25 Feb 1991, w/o Alfred Byrd, [CM]
Byrd, Odie W., b. 8 Mar 1913, d. 11 Jan 1975, m. 22 Jun 1938, hus. of Ruby Byrd, son of Alfred and Nannie Byrd, [CM]
Byrd, Onnie, b. 1 Jan 1921, d. 15 Dec 1994, son of Alfred and Nannie Byrd, [CM]
Byrd, Ruby M., b. 9 Feb 1918, wife of Odie Byrd, [CM]
Frost, Florence, b. 14 Mar 1900, d. 30 May 1949, [CM]
Frost, Frances, b. 12 Mar 1921, d. 18 Dec 1959, [CM]
Frost, Frank, b. 29 Oct 1887, d. 22 May 1956, [CM]
Frost, George A., b. 1892, d. 1974, [CM]
Frost, George P., b. 15 Feb 1849, d. 10 Dec 1913, husband of Mrs. N. C. Frost, [CM]
Frost, Ida E., b. 29 Oct 1879, d. 13 Dec 1954, wife of John Frost, [CM]
Frost, James M., b. 14 Dec 1846, d. 12 Mar 1922, h/o Martha Frost, [CM]
Frost, Jewell, b. 2 Jan 1905, d. 7 Aug 1981, [CM]
Frost, John M., b. 29 Sept 1876, d. 23 Mar 1946, hus.of Ida Frost, [CM]
Frost, Martha M., b. 20 Jan 1853, d. 6 Feb 1922, wife of James Frost, [CM]
Frost, Mrs. N. C., b. 2 May 1854, d. 19 Oct 1904, wife of George P.Frost, dau. of L.C. and Elizabeth Frost, [CM]
Judah, Lucille, no dates, Baby of Dudley & Pearl Judah, [JJ]
Judah, William B., Civil War Vet, d. 1919, [JJ]
McLeod, Carl, b. 11 Aug 1899, d. 26 May 1983, [CM]
McLeod, Ela C., b. 31 Jul 1892, d. 5 Sept 1973, wife of Robert McLeod, [CM]
McLeod, Robert D., b. 16 Jul 1886, d. 31 Mar 1969, hus.of Ela McLeod, [CM]
Sanders, Alfred Wesley, b. 3 Sept 1923, d. 28 Jul 1987, SGT. US Army WWII, hus.of Doris Sanders, [CM]
Sanders, Arthur A., b. 9 Feb 1883, d. 3 Jan 1967, hus. of Artie Sanders, [CM]
Sanders, Artie, b. 16 Dec 1891, d. 12 Nov 1968, w/o Arthur A Sanders, [CM]
Sanders, Author, b. 28 Nov 1931, d. 25 Apr 1994, SP3 US Army WWII, hus of Mattielene Sanders, son of Arthur and Artie Sanders, [CM]
Sanders, Baby Mark, b. 19 Apr 1963, d. 21 Apr 1963, [CM]
Sanders, Doris E., b. 23 Mar 1928, d. 19 Mar 1966, w/o Alfred Sanders, [CM]
Sanders, James M., b. 17 Apr 1920, d. 18 Aug 1969, hus.of Martha Sanders, son of Arthur and Artie Sanders, [CM]
Sanders, Kenneth Wesley, b. 25 Jan 1944, d. 24 Oct 1998, PV2 US Army Vietnam, son of Alfred and Doris Sanders, [CM]
Sanders, Martha L., b. 8 Aug 1923, wife of James Sanders, [CM]
Sanders, Mattielene, b. 30 Aug 1938, wife of Author Sanders, [CM]
Sanders, Shirley Nell, b. 7 Apr 1948, d. 21 Jan 1949, dau.of James and Martha Sanders, [CM]

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