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Memorial Park Cemetery
Amarillo, Potter County, Texas

Memorial Park Cemetery
6969 E. I-40
Amarillo, TX

Lat: 35 11' 43"N, LOn: 101 45' 38"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 20.

Contributor's Index:

Burt, Virgil Dillard, b. 6/17/1919, d. 3/28/1987, [LC]
Elise Keely Carlton, b. 8/14/1981, d. 8/7/2001, [LC]
Faust, Arlys Arlene (Kennon), b. 2/24/1923, d. 9/29/1986, w/o Hershal Monroe Faust, [BF]
Faust, Ethel Phoebe (McGee), b. 6/27/1897, d. 7/28/1989, w/o Daniel Webster Frank Faust, [BF]
Faust, George William Baxter, b. 2/1/1917, d. 2/11/1997, [BF]
Finley, Andrew Barton, d. Jul 11 1953, s/o John Edmund & Annie E. Finley, [DF]
Hilliard, Dannie Marie (Faust), b. 7/26/1926, d. 4/17/1997, w/o Kenneth Hillard, [BF]
Maxwell, Richard Bradley, b. Jul 27, 1981, d. Mar 23, 2000, [LC]
Ramey, Brenda Nichole (Smith),7/23/1997, d. 12/13/1997, [LC]
Rollins, Floy Edith (Smith), b. 4/7/1911, d. 1/13/1977, [LC]
Rollins, John Hugh, b. 11/8/1909, d. 9/23/1991, [LC]
Shaw, Nina Charlene, b. 8/21/1948, d. 8/21/1990, [LC]
Sipes, Willie Oneida, b. Apr 19, 1927, d. Mar 24, 1992, [BS]
Smith, Donald Lavar, b. 7/23/1931, d. 2/4/1998, [LC]
Smith, Garland Lavar, b. 12/18/1909, d. 12/13/1997, [LC]
Smith, Jimmy Ray, b. 4/25/1938, d. 12/23/1979, [LC]
Smith, Willa Dean (Scott), b. 12/12/1920, d. 12/24/1986, [LC]
Smith, Winona (McMichael), b. 12/5/1910, d. 5/15/1997, [LC]
Williams, Albert R., b. 10-31-1899, d. 11-25-1977, [LW]
Williams, Edith Lee, b. 10-16-1907, d. 10-12-1997, [LW]


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