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Smyrna Cemetery
Sunset, Montague County, Texas

Turn east off of Hwy 287 onto Hwy 114 through Sunset, which becomes Hwy 1749, go for about 3miles, turn left at sign, go about l mile and cemetery is on the right.

Lat: 33°28'36"N, Lon: 97°43'58"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Sep 01, 2005. Total records = 51.

Contributor's Index:

Coats, Dulcenia (Burriss), b. 9/16/1849, d. 5/6/1933, [LC]
Coats, Georgey, b. 5/23/1901, d. 8/24/1902, [LC]
Coats, May Edith, b. 5/7/1904, d. 5/20/1905, [LC]
Coats, W M, b. 7/6/1835, d. 8/16/1922, [LC]
Fain, Mary Ann (Neece), b. 6/25/1882, d. 1/30/1957, [LC]
Fain, Mary Lee (Langford), b. 1/24/1917, d. 12/17/1976, [LC]
Fain, William Caswell, b. 3/1/1913, d. 8/20/1974, [LC]
Fain, William H., b. 1/30/1882, d. 2/21/1934, [LC]
Grayson, Bonnie B., b. 8/27/1905, d. 6/30/1971, [LC]
Grayson, Calvin, b. 1867, d. 1930, h/o Eva, [LC]
Grayson, Dorthula Roxanna Clemetine (Martin), b. 10/17/1828, d. 4/29/1918, w/o William Harvey Grayson, [LC]
Grayson, Eva, b. 1871, d. 1960, w/o Calvin, [LC]
Grayson, Floyd, b. 3/1897, d. 4/??, [LC]
Grayson, James Milton, b. 6/24/1910, d. 2/5/1983, [LC]
Grayson, William Harvey, b. 1/29/1830, d. 3/21/1906, h/o Dorthula Roxanna Clemetine Martin, [LC]
Lance, Bonnie B., b. 9/28/1911, d. 5/29/1992, [LC]
Lance, Charles, b. 2/24/1895, d. 3/18/1969, [LC]
Lance, Mattie Louana (Neece), b. 4/12/1894, d. 6/7/1978, [LC]
Lance, Minnie Lol Lee (Stevens), d. 1/30/1988, [LC]
Lewis, Fannie (Neece), b. 2/18/1902, d. 6/25/1964, [LC]
Mucciolo, Charles G., b. 8/28/1922, d. 3/7/1985, [LC]
Mucciolo, Greta Ann, b. 5/28/1961, d. 5/28/1961, [LC]
Neece, Albert Younger, b. 2/17/1853, d. 2/6/1932, [LC]
Neece, Alford Melvin, b. 3/26/1877, d. 9/26/1901, [LC]
Neece, Anna Lou (Foster), b. 12/19/1896, d. 7/17/1971, wife #1, [LC]
Neece, Benjamin Lafayette, b. 7/17/1881, d. 3/30/1947, [LC]
Neece, Ethel Mae, b. 5/29/1897, d. 8/2/1900, [LC]
Neece, John Andrew, b. 10/8/1875, d. 12/19/1949, [LC]
Neece, Luther Washington, b. 3/26/1879, d. 1/20/1932, [LC]
Neece, Martha Ann (Odom), b. 3/30/1854, d. 1/19/1913, [LC]
Neece, Mary (Garrett), d. 10/17/1937, [LC]
Neece, Mattie Espa (Foster), b. 2/23/1883, d. 2/12/1920, [LC]
Neece, William Caswell, b. 10/26/1873, d. 5/25/1947, [LC]
Rice, Maude Emelene, d. 12/11/1996, [LC]
Staats, Ann Lanell (Lance), b. 3/1/1920, d. 11/6/1996, [LC]
Staats, Arthur F., b. 28 Jun 1907, d. 1947 s/o Virgil & Hester Staats, [PA]
Staats, Curtis Rupert, b. Nov 5, 1894, d. Feb 2, 1941, h/o Claude Rich Staats, s/o Virgil Eldridge Staats, [PA]
Staats, Hester Catherine Tate, b. Dec 31, 1874, d. May 24, 1948, w/o Virgil Eldridge Staats, d/o Frances Marion Tate, [PA]
Staats, Marion Peter, b. 2/12/1904, d. 8/1979, [LC]
Staats, Virgil Eldridge, b. May 8, 1870, d. Jan 3, 1932, h/o Hester Catherine Tate Staats, s/o Peter Augustus Staats, [PA]
Walser, Benjamin Franklin, b. 1/2/1893, d. 6/28/1893, [LC]
Walser, George Washington, b. 2/8/1818, d. 6/23/1902, [LC]
Walser, Martha Mae Cornelia (Ingram), b. 5/9/1852, d. 10/9/1900, wife #1, [LC]
Walser, Sarah Jane (Blalock), b. 2/15/1851, d. ?/1905, wife #3, [LC]
White, Ehra C., b. 1905, d. no date, [LC]
White, Frances Lee (Walser), b. 1858, d. 2/26/1902 (grave unmarked), [LC]
White, James Alvin, b. 4/12/1895, d. 2/23/1966, [LC]
White, James D., b. 6/27/1904, d. 3/24/1970, [LC]
White, James H., b. 3/2/1875, d. 9/28/1927, [LC]
White, Nancy Vivian (Rice), b. 1/8/1878, d. 3/22/1943, [LC]
White, Nora Mae (Fain), b. 5/14/1907, d. 12/30/1989, [LC]
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